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2017 Summer Contest Guess The Authors

Yeah, we’re doing this again. The first person to get all the authors right (or comes closest) will get a special badge added to the profile after the end of voting :slight_smile:

Now I’m going to make this a bit more a challenge than the Halloween Contest because you will only get the following hints:

At least one story is by someone who did not participate in the Halloween Contest.
Only two staff members submitted stories.
I am not one of them (didn’t finish writing in time)
At least 3 entries are by authors who participated in the Halloween Contest as well.

Good luck with your guesses with only those hints :wink:

Re: Guess The Authors!

I’m formulating a few guesses. Not enough to say one way or another yet though. I’m very excited by the turn out. Lots of good stories to read! :3 It looks like all the authors worked hard on their fics to bring their A-game. It’s going to be a tough competition for them!. :smiley:

Re: Guess The Authors!

OK. I’m officially going to be evil. Since I can’t partake in the guessing, I’m going to potentially make your job guessing harder. I took a list of 28 potential authors from staff, Halloween contestants, and the first several pages of Board Member Stories, and randomly assigned seven of them to the seven stories. I warrant nothing more except this: the below list meets the specified criteria for the real list. In order not to be supremely evil I have hidden the list as a spoiler.

You Have Been Warned

“Guesses” listed in order of public posting:
Dreaming of a Dark Winter - SashaButters
Just One More Day of Summer - Savage
Back Seat Driver - diapersnpaws
My Summer in Hell - Kita Sparkles
The Man in the Gray Suit - Relddot
A Day at the Farm - WBDaddy
The Edge of Nowhere - Kerry

Re: Guess The Authors!

My guesses so far…

My Summer In Hell- WB Daddy
Just One More Day of Summer- Kerry
Dreaming of A Dark Winter- Ally

Re: Guess The Authors!

It was recently brought to my attention that not all the author’s got the email that was sent about this, so authors: Feel free post your guesses as to who wrote what. Just pick a random user to assign to your own story. The hints I gave are vague enough that it should be easy to find a user who qualifies :wink:

For the purpose of the first to guess all the authors correctly it will be assumed you knew which story was your own and the “wrong” guess won’t count against you :slight_smile:

Re: Guess The Authors!

At the behest of ClawdiaWolf:
(Okay, maybe not quite)

Dreaming of a Dark Winter - Ally
My Summer In Hell - WBDaddy
Back Seat Driver - Les Lea
The Man In The Gray Suit - CuteKitten
Just One More Day Of Summer - GummyBear
A Day At The Farm - Kerry
The Edge Of Nowhere - SolenoidSandwich

Re: Guess The Authors!

Well, reveals are incoming, so with the only person to both guess all the stories and get them 100% correct (Remember I said authors would be assumed to get their own story right with a substitution :P) the winner of the guessing is Vearynope :slight_smile: