A College Girl's Dilemma

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A College Girl’s Dilemma

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. All
characters mentioned herein are the property of their
creator. This story is not to be posted or archived
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meaning Nighthawk (Me). This story may contain themes or
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Chapter One

In the mind of Jamie Thompson, there wasn’t much to
consider except the cold, harsh reality of her
situation. Here she was, an attractive young college
student with a sudden inability to not wet her bed at
night. It was embarrassing, to say the least.
Thankfully, she lived in a dorm that had separate
bedrooms for the students; her roommate didn’t know of
her problem and Jamie wasn’t planning on telling her
either. While she got along with Rachel (her roommate),
they weren’t really good friends and infrequently
But what Jamie knew for certain was that she couldn’t go
on living like this. She needed help. Her class schedule
wasn’t very hectic, just the subject matter itself.
Jamie was an arts major, and the classes themselves were
fairly demanding in terms of the workload. Too, her
non-art related classes were demanding as well. She had
a huge paper due the next week for English and another
for history class the week after, not to mention her art
project for Drawing 210 was also due the same week as
her English paper.
It was mid-afternoon on Wednesday. Jamie was in her room
taking something of a break and watching some TV while
trying to organize the elements she’d thus far gathered
for her English paper. A commercial for pull-ups caught
her attention and she found herself watching it
intently. Another thought occurred to her: didn’t they
make pull-ups for bigger kids? Sure they did… Jamie had
seen them before in various stores while shopping.
Setting aside her homework, Jamie thought about it a
little bit. Well, wearing a pull-up to bed would
probably be less embarrassing than waking up to a wet
bed every morning… what if Rachel found out? She thought
about that for a few moments more before deciding that
if she didn’t do something soon, Rachel would probably
find out when Jamie took her sheets down to wash them.
When all the elements were considered, pull-ups weren’t
a bad alternative. Jamie decided to go and check them
Right at that moment, she didn’t have anywhere to be for
basically the rest of the day. Since now was as good a
time as any, Jamie grabbed her purse and departed the
campus for a local store. It wasn’t that bad of a walk,
but Jamie decided to drive instead. It was better for
discretion, and she really didn’t want to be seen buying
pull-ups by anyone she knew. There was a Walgreens right
by campus and Jamie decided to stop there first. After
some browsing of the periodicals isle, she made her way
over to the diaper isle. As she perused the various
brands of diapers and pull-ups, she couldn’t help but
wonder what it would be like to try a baby’s diaper.
Jamie shook that thought from her head. What was she
thinking? A twenty-year old college student wearing baby
diapers? She scoffed at the notion for a moment before
moving on to the Goodnights.
Jamie looked over the sizes for several minutes before
deciding that the large size would probably be best. She
wasn’t a big girl, but she wasn’t small either. At about
five feet and five inches tall, she was right around the
average height for women. She moved a lock of her brown
hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear and then
grabbed a bag of the Goodnights and made a beeline for
the checkout. Purchasing the Goodnights wasn’t as bad as
she had thought, but it was bad enough. Her cheeks were
a touch red from the transaction, but now it was done.
Off she went back to her dorm.
Jamie—afraid to be caught by anyone on her floor—escaped
into the still-empty dorm. Rachel was either out and
about or attending classes, so Jamie was alone, likely
until the evening. Deciding not to invite embarrassment
upon herself, Jamie quickly hid the Goodnights in her
bedroom where she was fairly well certain that no one
would find them. Once she felt satisfied with their
concealment, she went back to her homework.

Author’s Note: This might seem rushed, and in a sense it
is. I’ve been pondering another story for quite some
time, and another short one seems like a good idea to
me. For all the readers of P&GM, fret not: that remains
my primary work.

Chapter Two

Roundabout five that evening after Jamie had eaten
dinner at the campus cafeteria, she decided to spend
some time working on her art project. Her easel was set
up in her bedroom as well, so she put on some music that
always helped her with art projects and sat before it.
Nothing was coming to mind on her assignment. The
criteria for it were rather simple: black and white
drawing, either pencil or charcoal with a focus on an
element of the artist’s life. Jamie was having a hard
time settling on something that was personal enough for
her to draw. Briefly she contemplated drawing the bag of
Goodnights she had just bought, but decided against that
almost immediately. That would be embarrassing, and
would invite a certain scrutiny upon her private life
during critiques that she didn’t want.
However, her mind lingered on the pull-ups. What did
they feel like? Were they comfortable? Were they
uncomfortable? Were they thick? Were they thin? These
and more questions plagued her mind and wouldn’t let her
a moment’s peace. Curiosity finally got the better of
her, so she dug the package out of her closet and opened
it. Involuntarily, her heart began to race and
adrenaline coursed through her body as she took out a
brief. The garment itself was simple; plain white
interior and exterior. The only color on it was
lettering on the back of the waistband that labeled it
as the rear of the pull-up. Jamie shrugged a bit and
took a breath to calm herself. It was just a pull-up,
not a diaper. She didn’t really need them, she just
didn’t want to wet the bed anymore.
A moment later she was out of her pants and panties and
pulling the Goodnight up. The feeling of the soft
exterior gently brushing against her legs was new and
different, but at the same time it was very exciting.
She got the brief pulled up all the way and found that
it fit snugly, but in such a way that was comfortable.
The padding was something she wasn’t used to, but it
wasn’t unpleasant, either. In all actuality, it was
rather nice. Making sure that her bedroom door was
closed, Jamie decided to leave her pants off and get
used to the pull-up for a while. Turning back to her art
project, she picked up her stereo’s remote, brought the
volume up a bit and set to work with some sketching.
Her peace only lasted for about an hour before an urge
to pee struck. Jamie wasn’t really tempted to use the
pull-up, so she went to the bathroom. As she walked the
short distance between her room and the bathroom, she
giggled a bit at how naughty it felt to be walking
around in a pull-up instead of panties and something
over them like a regular person. Maybe wearing
Goodnights wouldn’t be so bad after all. Right now it
was kind of fun. Her Goodnight was certainly
comfortable, too, and Jamie could see herself wearing
them frequently instead of just at night.
But, what her Goodnights couldn’t help with at the
moment was her art project. What was she going to draw?
Thus far, her current sheet of paper had a variety of
doodles and sketches on it that were nothing close to
resembling a real art project. Her music wasn’t helping
either, for a change. With a sigh, Jamie abandoned any
further attempts at crafting her project for the moment
and went back to her English paper. At least with that,
Jamie made some progress and was able to get quite a bit
done in the hour or so between her cessation of work on
her art project and the time Rachel came back. “Hello?
Jamie, are you here?” she called.
“Yeah, I’m here!” Jamie called back.
“'Kay,” Rachel said. A moment later Jamie heard
footsteps and then Rachel’s door as it shut. Silence
reigned for a moment, and then Jamie decided to put her
pants back on. Better safe than sorry.


Gozer does not dwell in my refrigerator.

There is a fine line between adult and adolescent
mindsets; I choose to walk on it, occasionally wavering
to and fro.


Re: A College Girl’s Dilemma

This is all there is because this is likely all I posted; I abandoned this story shortly after. If there is anything more to this story, it’s probably on the Network54 board circa 2004-2005, unless later responses moved it up… which I doubt, because we transitioned to the xsorbit board in 2005, I think… or maybe the end of 2004. I don’t recall. I do not have an archived copy of this story in its entirety, or if I do, it is logged in my non-functioning computer. Since I lack the funds and the willpower to restore (or have that computer restored) to operational status, resolving that question will likely happen a long time from now.

I do, however, appreciate the zeal you guys have for retrieving some of this old stuff. Makes me feel relevant to the community even though I rarely contribute these days. Keep up the good work.

Re: A College Girl’s Dilemma

I have the rest! There is more!

I just have to search for it! I’ve got it on a data DVD somewhere!

I’ll get back to you …


Re: A College Girl’s Dilemma

Found it! :wink:

Here is Chapter 3 until 14 (which I think was as far as it ever went.

Chapter Three

Also to be on the safe side, Jamie re-hid the bag of Goodnights in her closet, buried under shoeboxes and other unimportant things. She heard Rachel moving around in the dorm every so often, but Jamie ignored it. She had work to do.
However, only a few minutes later Rachel was knocking on Jamie’s door. “Come in,” she said. Rachel entered. “Hey, are you busy?”
“Just doing some stuff for my English paper. Why?” Jamie replied.
“Just wondering if you wanted to go somewhere with a couple of friends for dinner or something,” Rachel said casually.
“That sounds like fun. When are you guys leaving?”
“In about half an hour or so,” Rachel replied.
“Cool. Sure I’ll tag along with you,” Jamie said.
Rachel smiled. “Awesome,” she said, and then left Jamie’s room. Jamie smiled to herself and resumed her work.
Half an hour later, the two girls were walking towards a pre-determined meeting place. Jamie had decided to have some fun and still had her Goodnight on. Her pants weren’t super tight and her shirt was fairly long. She had little fear of being discovered. Rachel went over and greeted the other two girls, Hanna and Erin. Together they walked towards an Italian restaurant just off campus that actually had really good food. Fortunately for them, the restaurant wasn’t very busy and they got a table right off.
“So Jamie, you’re an arts major, right?” Erin asked.
Jamie nodded. “Yeah. I’m considering art education or fashion design at this point; the classes I can take next semester will pretty much determine which course I take.”
“That’s cool. I’m a pysch major right now, probably going to try to get a job as a counselor at a hospital or with a private practice,” Erin said.
“Wow, that’s awesome,” Jamie said, sincere about her comment. “I’ve heard that the medical majors are extremely difficult.”
Erin nodded. “You don’t know the half of it. There’s like, a million different bio courses you have to take.”
“Thankfully the arts are so much easier.”
“Yeah, but I’m not really an artsy person, so I went into the medical field,” Erin went on. “The courses aren’t super hard, there’s just a lot of them. I was so stressed my first year here.”
Stress. Jamie’s mind seized upon the word and began working to apply it to her situation. Could stress be a factor behind her bedwetting? It would be a reasonable explanation. “I know what you mean,” she said. “Sometimes, my art teachers will give out a drawing assignment one day and expect it done by next class period. It’s not as easy as writing an essay or a paper.”
“That’s pretty crazy,” Erin said sympathetically. Jamie didn’t get a chance to respond, as the waiter came by, collected their drink orders and tarried off to fill them. All four girls chattered about random things until the waiter came back with their drinks, took their food orders and then vanished again. Dinner itself was fairly quick and largely
silent. The girls were there scarcely an hour before they were on their way back to campus. Rachel and Jamie split off to head back to their dorm while Hanna and Erin—who were going to come by later—headed back to their respective dorms.
Once back in their room, Jamie went back to work on her English paper, wanting to get it done and out of the way so she could focus on her art project. Her history paper was blessedly easy in terms of the subject matter; gathering the resources for it and then writing the paper itself would be the hard part. While she was working, Jamie felt the urge to pee again, but instead of going to the bathroom, she stood up, took off her pants—she didn’t know if her Goodnight would leak or not—and tried to wet. It took some doing, since she had never done it before, but after a few minutes of conscious trying, she started to pee in the pull-up. Immediately a rush of new feelings assailed her mind. The heat between her legs was totally unfamiliar, but it felt good at the same time.
Jamie had barely pulled her pants up after deciding to get used to a wet pull-up when Hanna and Erin knocked on the door. Rachel let them in, but Jamie momentarily panicked. She looked herself over to make sure she didn’t have a diaper bulge or anything, then casually went into the main room to greet them. “Hi Jamie,” Erin greeted. here were some paper bgs by the door that hadn’t been there before, and Jamie momentarily wondered what was in them.
“Hey guys,” Jamie greeted in return, smiling.
There was a moment of uneasiness, and then Rachel turned to Jamie. “Look… the reason they come tonight is because of your bedwetting,” she said, sounding apologetic. “Erin has an idea that might help you.”

Chapter Four

Jamie froze for a moment, long enough for her insides to cool to roughly the temperature of dry ice. Pretty fast moment, too. She looked at Rachel and knew instantly that somehow Rachel had noticed her problem and had told Erin and Hanna. “Why?” she asked her roommate, on the verge of tears.
Rachel looked to be between a rock and a hard place. “Well… I sort of noticed you carrying your sheets down to the laundry room two days in a row… then I smelled a faint odor of pee wafting out of your room one day…” she trailed off. “Look, I’m really sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to tell anyone else… it just sort of happened.”
“Rachel’s telling the truth, Jamie,” Erin said. “Actually, it was mostly my fault. I brought the subject up and Rachel said too much. But, you have to believe us when we say we’re here to help you.”
Jamie glanced at each girl in turn. “Why should I believe you? How do I know you aren’t setting me up to embarrass me?” she asked bitterly, causing Rachel to flinch slightly.
Erin was unperturbed. “Because that wouldn’t do you any good. You have a legitimate problem, Jamie, but I recently did a study about this problem and similar ones in psychology class. I think this… well, for lack of a better word, treatment, can help you.”
Jamie was still skeptical. “So I become a lab rat for a few days? Weeks?” she scoffed. “No thanks.”
“It’s not what you think; it’s actually far simpler than that,” Hanna said, speaking up for the first time.
Jamie looked at her. “Why am I supposed to believe this?”
“Because it can help you stop wetting the bed at night,” Erin put in, suddenly looking uncomfortable. Jamie almost felt a glimmer of hope. She heard a sincerity in Erin’s voice that was laying to rest all of her fears.
Coupled with the fact that Rachel looked ashamed to have revealed Jamie’s problem to her friends on accident, Jamie was starting to believe that they really were trying to help. “What’s this treatment, then?”
Erin went and picked up one of the paper bags and took out a bag of adult diapers. The sight of the package was nearly enough to make Jamie laugh. She was still wearing her wet pull-up, and that sudden realization did prompt her to laugh. Utter confusion possessed the expressions of Rachel, Hanna, and Erin. “What’s so funny?” Rachel asked.
Unable to stop laughing, Jamie went back to her room and emerged a few moments later, still giggling, with the package of Goodnights. “I beat you to the punch,” she said, almost triumphantly.
All three girls were shocked. “So you’re wearing those full time, then?” Erin asked.
Jamie looked at her oddly. “No, only at night. I just bought them today.”
“Then why is the package open?” Hanna asked.
Jamie flushed red. “Because I tried one on.” She looked at Erin again. “Why would you think I would wear them all the time? I only need them at night.”
Erin looked uncomfortable again and fidgeted mildly. “Well, that’s another part of the treatment. The ‘patient’ wears protection full time and then once the treatment is complete, the person is back to normal.”
Jamie felt a rush of anger. “So in order to kick this, I have to wear diapers full time? Screw that.”
“It’s not as bad as it seems,” Hanna said soothingly.
“Maybe not to you, but you aren’t the one with the bedwetting problem, here,” Jamie countered sharply.
Rachel interjected before someone else could respond. “Whoa, lets all calm down for a second.” They took a moment to breathe, and then Rachel spoke again. “Obviously you don’t want to wear diapers all the time, right?” Jamie nodded. “Well, what if you tried it for a week or so, and if you don’t like it, you stop and simply wear the pull-ups to bed?”
Jamie thought about it. “That may not be so bad,” she said after a few moments.
Erin smiled. “Cool. Do you want to get started right now?”
Jamie arched an eyebrow at Erin. “Thanks but no thanks,” she said. Remembering her wet pull-up, she went about trying to think of a way to escape from the other girls.
“You might as well, Jamie. No time like the present,” Rachel said.
“Okay, so I find the idea of wearing a real for real diaper ludicrous at the moment. What’s the big deal?”
“Well, you tried on a pull-up earlier,” Hanna pointed out. “What happened to it?”
Jamie flushed red again. “Um… I’m still wearing it.”
“Then what’s so bad about changing into a diaper?” Erin asked.
Jamie felt like she was being ganged up on. “I just don’t want to!”
Her outburst brought a tense silence to the room, and it was several moments before anyone spoke up. “Look, maybe I should talk to Jamie about this in private,” Erin suggested. “Besides, I’m the psychology major here. This is going to be my job after college.”
Rachel nodded. “Sounds good.” She caught Hanna’s eye and the two girls made for the door. “We’ll be down at the cafeteria or something. Give us a call if you need us,” Rachel went on and then they were gone.

Chapter Five

Erin took a moment to compose herself. It was a necessary moment, lest her excitement show through her carefully maintained façade. It was bad enough that she couldn’t keep a slight tinge of embarrassment from her expression or to keep her from fidgeting every now and then. She desperately wanted Jamie to see things her way and start wearing diapers.
Most of all, Erin wanted to take charge of Jamie’s diapering under the guise of helping her get rid of her bedwetting…but also so she could explore regression therapy. It was part experiment; part helping hand. Erin liked her view of it; she just hoped that Jamie would too, especially when Erin finally leveled with her about it.
It was over two hours later before Jamie finally acquiesced to wearing diapers. Erin reassured the poor girl that she was making the right decision and that the regression therapy would take care of her bedwetting. Jamie didn’t know any better, especially since Erin constantly told her that she had read several papers on it, detailing implementation,
execution, effects, all that and more. Towards the end of the second hour, Erin saw that she was getting through to Jamie.
By the time two and a half hours had gone by, Jamie gave in. Erin was overjoyed—but didn’t show it. Rather, she simply turned over the two bags of diapers she had bought for Jamie and asked her if she wanted any help. Of course, Jamie declined.
This didn’t deter Erin, and she pressed on with a variety of medical-based arguments. But, Erin couldn’t budge Jamie one bit, not even after deducing the fact that Jamie was wearing a very wet Goodnight under her pants. Erin briefly considered trying to force the issue again, but (wisely) decided against it. Besides, she had made considerable leaps and bounds even in convincing Jamie to wear adult diapers. A little more pressure every so often and Jamie would likely submit to being diapered, as well.
After Erin left, Jamie heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, no more talk of having some other person diaper her. But, instead of leaving the bags of diapers and Goodnights out for all to see, Jamie gathered them up and took them into her room. The pull-up she was wearing was near bursting from all the urine she had expelled into it. She wanted nothing more than to change out of it and put on some regular panties.
But something was holding her back. Aside from two bags of adult diapers, Erin had also bought changing supplies, including wipes and powder. Her eyes traced over the bags of diapers, her curiosity mounting with every moment. What would it be like? Jamie shook her head and banished those thoughts. No, she would save the diapers for later, like during the night. Better to just change out of the pull-up she was wearing and be done with it. With that, she grabbed a pair of clean panties out of her dresser and took off her pants to change. Jamie was just about to take off the pull-up when she stopped. Her hands traced over the outside of the soaked garment. Would a diaper really be that bad?
Moving almost on autopilot, Jamie went over to one of the bags of diapers and opened it. She took out one of the diapers and examined it for a moment before setting it on the bed. Why not, she thought to herself. It probably wouldn’t be any different than her pull-ups, except for the fact that the diaper had a plastic outer shell. Jamie also opened the container of baby wipes, and after she had taken off the Goodnight she cleaned herself with one of them. Jamie dropped the baby wipe into the pull-up and then looked at the diaper.
“Curiosity finally got to you?”
Jamie squeaked and spun around to see Rachel standing in her doorway with a bemused expression on her face.
“Holy crap! You scared me half to death!” Jamie said, blushing fiercely. A moment later she remembered she had nothing on below her waist and quickly covered herself with the still-folded diaper to preserve her modesty.
Rachel appeared to want not to laugh. “I’m sorry, Jamie,” she said, moving deeper into the room. “Do you want any help?”
Jamie blushed even more fiercely. “Um… no, thanks. I think I can handle it.”
“Have you ever changed diapers, much less put one on yourself?” Rachel asked.
“Not for years and never, respectively,” Jamie answered.
“It’s not as easy as it looks,” Rachel said. “Besides, we’re roommates. I’m sure you’d rather have me do this for you than Erin or Hanna.”
Jamie had to concede that Rachel’s logic was sound. “But…”
“But what?” Rachel asked. “Look, it’s not a big deal. So you wet the bed and now you’re wearing diapers to keep your bed dry. What’s so special about that?” Jamie had no answer. “Come on, I promise to be quick,” Rachel said and took the diaper from Jamie’s hands. “Lay down on the floor,” she commanded, but said it gently. Jamie wordlessly complied.
Now it was Rachel’s turn to blush as she started to diaper Jamie, much to Jamie’s satisfaction. It would have been weird if Rachel weren’t embarrassed. “Lift up,” she said, and Jamie did so. Rachel unfolded the diaper and slid it under Jamie’s bottom, then Jamie set herself down on it. Rachel didn’t bother with powder; she adhered to her promise and kept it quick by pulled the front of the diaper between her legs and taping it closed. Just like that, Jamie’s diapering was complete.

Chapter Six

It was hard for Rachel to comprehend what she had just done. She wasn’t even remotely bisexual or homosexual; she was completely straight. But, just moments ago she had unceremoniously put a diaper on her roommate, without closing her eyes or appearing any more embarrassed than the reddening of her cheeks. In a sense, Rachel had just been operating in two mindsets simultaneously: one active and the other passive. The active mindset was the one she had relied upon countless times when babysitting for boys and girls who wore diapers during her high school years. The passive mindset was the one that quietly nagged at the back of her consciousness while she diapered Jamie. It was the mindset that told her what she had just done was wrong and weird beyond all imagination.
But Rachel didn’t feel weird about what she had just done. She only felt a little uncomfortable. The diapering had been a routine action for her, but the person to be diapered was the weird part about it. Rachel was actually only a couple of weeks older than Jamie. Physically they weren’t far apart except that Rachel had blue eyes and blond hair that was cut short; it fell almost a couple of inches short of her shoulders. Rachel was also just barely taller, but not enough for there to be a clear distinction. She was just as pretty as Jamie, if not a little prettier. Rachel reflected on their similarity while both girls held their positions in a slight state of shock. Perhaps it was that similarity—one person had actually thought they were sisters once—that made Rachel feel slightly uncomfortable. But, now the deed was done. Jamie was diapered and Rachel had diapered her.
Jamie snapped out of it first. “Thanks Rachel,” she said meekly as she got up into a sitting position.
Rachel came around. “Um… yeah. You’re welcome,” she said, also in a meek tone. Both girls were still blushing fiercely; one might have thought they had overdone it with the rouge.
“So… how does it feel?” Rachel asked, desperately wanting to avoid another awkward silence.
“Um…” Jamie experimented with them for a moment by moving her legs and pressing the front of the diaper against her skin. “Well… it doesn’t feel too bad,” she admitted sheepishly. A moment later she began to laugh.
Rachel looked at Jamie in confusion. “Why are you laughing?”
Jamie was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe for several moments and her whole upper body shook. After a few moments she managed to catch enough of a breath to speak. “I’m twenty, and I’m wearing a diaper.” Laughter consumed her again.
Rachel was still confused. “What’s so funny about that?”
Jamie calmed again, but it was still almost a minute before she could speak coherently. “Just the fact that I’m wearing a diaper. I don’t actually need it—well, during the day. But I’m wearing one anyway. And my roommate just diapered me.”
Now it began to make sense to Rachel, and soon enough she started laughing too. Before too long, both girls were again red in the face, but from laughter instead of embarrassment. Once they had calmed again, Rachel wrapped her arms around Jamie and gave her a hug, a hug that Jamie returned. They sat there for a few moments, their friendship having just deepened considerably. The bonds between them were now stronger than they ever had been, and only to become stronger. The moments passed, and then they parted.
“You know, I’m glad we’re roommates, Rachel,” Jamie said. “I don’t think I could trust anyone else to be so understanding.”
Rachel smiled and felt tears stinging her eyes, but she held them back. “Thanks Jamie,” she said. “I’m glad we’re roommates too. You’ve been so cool about this the entire time; anyone else would have freaked out by now.”
Jamie giggled a bit. “Yeah, probably.”
Clear memories of diapering Jamie returned to the forefront of Rachel’s mind without warning. It wasn’t so much the action of diapering her roommate, more the diaper than anything else. “Hey Jamie,” Rachel began, her cheeks reddening once more. “Would you… um… would you diaper me too?”
The request just about floored Jamie, but she managed to avoid falling over or gaping like a fish. Well, she thought, Rachel did diaper me… I guess it’d be okay to diaper her, too. “Why do you want to wear diapers?” she asked instead.
Rachel looked meek and abashed. “Well… now I’m curious.”
Jamie had to suppress a giggle. “Well, okay then,” Jamie said and got up. When she again had her focus on Rachel, she had a diaper in her hand. “Lay back,” she said to her roommate and new best friend. Rachel complied, but when she did lay back she unfastened her pants and pushed them down far enough to reveal her panties. Jamie did the rest and set them aside. Jamie took down Rachel’s panties and left her bare below the waist for a moment while she set the pair of panties on Rachel’s pants and then unfolded the diaper. She repeated the process that Rachel had used on her, and also bypassed the powder. Jamie pulled the diaper between Rachel’s legs and taped it closed as securely as she could.
“Not bad,” Rachel said. “For a novice.”
Both girls began to laugh again.

Chapter Seven

Jamie still had a hard time believing it, even after spending two hours in diapers with Rachel. Not only had her roommate diapered her, but also she had diapered her roommate. It was perplexing, to say the least. Jamie didn’t let it get to her, though. She and Rachel had a grand time messing around wearing just shirts and diapers. Jamie had far less difficulty wetting hers than Rachel; Jamie actually had to tickle her to help her pee. They changed each other and all was more or less well, except for the fact that it took a few minutes for each girl’s cheeks to return to a normal pigment.
Of course, when Hanna dropped in, things became a bit awkward. Jamie and Rachel each had to scramble to get their pants on. For Rachel it was a bit of a chore; her pants were tighter than Jamie’s and she ended up racing to put on a pair of shorts and a longer shirt. “Hey Hanna,” Rachel greeted somewhat breathlessly.
“Hi,” Hanna said in return as she came into the dorm room. “What’s up?”
“Nothing,” Rachel said. “Just random things… you know how it is.”
“I see. Anyway, Erin asked me to stop by and talk to Jamie about the diapers,” Hanna said.
“Gee, that’s awfully nice, but I don’t need any more talk about diapers,” Jamie said matter-of-factly.
“That’s not what Erin thinks,” Hanna said.
Hanna’s statement got under Jamie’s skin. “Erin isn’t an expert, Hanna. She’s still a student.”
“So? She still knows more about it than you do,” Hanna said, getting a bit too imperious for her own good. Thankfully for her, Rachel intervened.
“Whoa, slow down, Hanna. It’s been a long day on this subject for everyone. Maybe we should just leave it alone for now, okay?” Rachel suggested.
Much to her relief, Hanna acquiesced. “I guess. I’ll see you later,” she said and then unceremoniously left, leaving Jamie and Rachel very confused.
“What was that all about?” Jamie asked.
Rachel shrugged. “I have no idea.” But now she was curious as to Erin’s motives. What was her plan, anyway?
Erin wasn’t exactly pleased when Hanna came back empty-handed in terms of information. She wanted to know whether or not Jamie was wearing the diapers, but Rachel had vexed her in that respect. Neither Erin nor Hanna knew that both girls were wearing diapers when Hanna came to check on them. But, that didn’t mean anything to Erin since she didn’t have her goal within her grasp yet. She needed Jamie to be wearing diapers, and to be wearing them often. Then Erin would have her baby girl in the works. Then she would be happy, and be able to write one hell of a dissertation. No one would be able to turn her down then.
But, before all of that could come to pass, Jamie had to wear diapers willingly, all the time, and use them without recourse whenever she needed to. Near-total regression to the point of dependence on diapers. That’s what Erin wanted to see, and if she could help it, that’s what she was going to get. With that in mind, she began doing some research on diuretics and laxatives. Several powerful ones came to her at first, but they acted too quickly. She wanted a more natural switch from control to lack of control. She dug deeper.
Ah, there it was. A natural herbal remedy that was near-100 percent effective over a time span of two to four weeks. Just the amount of time Erin needed. She quickly ordered some, and requested express delivery. Now, she would really have Jamie right where she wanted her. The trouble was she had no idea that Rachel—who had been a chief conspirator in getting Jamie into diapers in the first place—was just beginning to turn against her in favor of Jamie.

Chapter Eight

The rest of the night was marked by homework, pizza, and more diaper changes. Rachel disliked the idea of sitting in her own pee and prevailed upon Jamie to change her immediately after wetting. Jamie, on the other hand, wet her diaper and didn’t get changed until after she had wet it at least once more. She had been drinking a lot of water to experiment with how much the diaper would hold, just in case she wanted to wear one during the regular day. Little did she know she was falling right into Erin’s plan.
But, instead of concerning herself with diapers, Jamie was concerning herself with her art project. Nothing was coming to mind yet, and she was reduced to sketching in a largely vain attempt at ferreting out a viable idea to pursue. Nothing was working for her. Dejectedly, she sat back from her easel and paper and stared at the various doodles and halfway decent sketches she had done. She drew her knees up to her chest and hugged them, her diaper rustling gently as she moved.
Jamie paid it little heed, though. She had more important things to worry about.
In her bedroom, Rachel was busily studying for her next exam. It was a time consuming process, but nonetheless necessary. It felt odd to be studying while at the same time wearing a diaper, but Rachel dealt with that fact by simply putting it out of her mind for the moment. It could be thought about when there were less pressing concerns around. For now, it was important that she study. While it was important, it didn’t mean she was making much progress. Her diaper—it was weird to think of it that way since they were actually for Jamie—felt so odd compared to the panties she usually wore that all of her senses seemed to be focused on what was around her waist. Every time she moved she felt it brush against her skin to some extent and heard it rustle.
It was also then that she came to a decision about diapers and her involvement with them. In a sense, she enjoyed changing Jamie’s diapers—she was a friend helping a friend in a difficult time with a difficult thing. But, at the same time they weren’t for her.
Diapers weren’t her thing; they were an occasional amusement, or at least that’s what they were about to become. No, she was going back to panties first thing in the morning. Besides, Rachel didn’t want to use up all of Jamie’s diapers.
Jamie on the other hand wasn’t really troubled by her diaper. She was still trying to get on track for her art project, and two pages of doodles and sketches hadn’t helped much. With a sigh, she sat back from her easel and looked at her digital alarm clock. It read 11:30. Wow, where had all the time gone? She wondered. She had a class at ten the next morning, and needed to sleep soon. Best to just get ready for bed now.
It was the work of a few minutes to prepare for bed, but Jamie snuggled down with few cares in the world, despite the fact that she was wearing a diaper. In her room, Rachel was doing the same and also still wearing a diaper. In the morning, though, that was going to change.
An incessant buzzing roused Jamie from a pleasant dream full of chocolate and gorgeous men. Irritably she shut off her alarm clock and stretched. Two things made themselves apparent to her a moment later. First, her bed was dry and second, her diaper was wet. Well, at least it had done the job, she thought. She trudged to the bathroom with some clean clothes under her arm and took a long shower. Jamie emerged feeling refreshed and stepped out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around her body and her hair. “Morning, Jamie,” Rachel said from the small kitchen where she was eating her breakfast.
“Morning,” Jamie said in return.
“Do you want help with your diaper?” Rachel asked.
Diaper? What did Rachel mean… oh yeah, that’s right. Jamie was wearing diapers during the day. “Um… I guess,” Jamie said noncommittally.
“'Kay. Just call me when you need me,” Rachel said.
“Sure.” Jamie disappeared into her room. The bags of diapers sat by her closet, as well as her pull-ups. Her eyes lingered on the pull-ups for a moment longer. Maybe it would be better to ease into this, she thought. Diapers did seem a little extreme to her. Besides, it wasn’t like the diapers were going anywhere anyway; she could always put one on later or have Rachel do it for her. With that in mind, Jamie reached into the bag of Goodnights and pulled one out.

Chapter Nine

Just before Jamie was going to walk out the door to get to her first class, Rachel intercepted her. “Did you put on a diaper?” she asked.
Jamie looked a little abashed. “No, I decided to wear one of my pull-ups instead.”
Rachel shrugged. “Okay, I guess it’s still your choice,” she said.
“How about you?” Jamie asked. “Are you going to wear a diaper today?”
Rachel hesitated before answering. Now that Jamie mentioned it, she was sort of tempted to. Besides, if anyone noticed and said something, she could always say she was helping a friend of hers with a psychology research project or something like that. But… “No, not today… well, not yet anyway,” she amended. “Maybe later.”
Jamie shrugged and said goodbye and walked out the door. Her first class was a history discussion that was made up predominately of questions about the paper that was due in two weeks and a review of the week’s lectures. Jamie took some notes when she felt it was appropriate, and when the class ended she went along to the commons and grabbed a bottle of Mountain Dew from a vending machine. Rather than dallying around, Jamie headed for her next class, which was one of the elective classes she took just to round out her schedule and give her credits. It was a small history course that dealt with the medieval period of England and the topic interested her enough to take it, as well as the far more broad history course she was also taking.
While she was sitting in class, she felt the urge to pee, but didn’t relax and wet her pull-up. It wasn’t a strong urge; it was just her body making known to her the future need to attend to that situation. Nonetheless, she found herself focusing on it more than she was the lecture. Jamie found herself wondering what it would be like to wet during class. Should she try it? She was certainly tempted… but not sure if she wanted to risk a leak. Having only bought the pull-ups the day before, she wasn’t yet aware of how much she could use them before there was a risk of leakage. At the moment, Jamie wasn’t inclined to find out. She returned her attention to the professor and her notes, pushing thoughts of wetting, pull-ups and diapers to the back of her mind. It could wait until later.
The class ended, and Jamie was now on her lunch break. The commons had a small variety of fast food restaurants, and she decided to hit one of them for a bite. As she walked to the commons, she found her need to pee had become more pressing, especially since she had more or less polished off her soda during her history class. Jamie contemplated finding a women’s restroom—she knew there were several within easy distance of her present location—but decided against it. A smug little smile crept onto her features as she decided to wet her pull-up. First, she wanted food. Smug smile firmly in place, she went to one of the restaurants and ordered a meal, then found herself a place to sit, no small feat considering that it was lunch hour. Rachel was still in class right now; otherwise she might have met up with her as they infrequently did.
Up until recently, Jamie and Rachel were more or less co-habitants instead of friends. Yesterday’s diaper escapades had more or less cemented their relationship into a lasting friendship, which was probably the only positive aspect to come out of her diaper situation besides that her bed had been dry that morning.
At present, it was still too early for Jamie and Rachel to realize they were being manipulated by Erin. Both thought that she was trying to help out in her own way, and respected that. They didn’t know that Erin had an ulterior motive that might or might not be harmful to Jamie in the long run. It was a circumstance that Erin herself was trying to keep from the front of her mind as much as possible. The Hippocratic Oath nagged at her occasionally, and since she intended to become a full-fledged doctor in her field, it was something she was going to have to take and then adhere to for the entirety of her career.
Fortunately for both Jamie and Rachel, the specialty herbal remedy that Erin had ordered that would more or less begin to weaken Jamie’s bladder muscles to the point of near-total incontinence in roughly a month’s time had yet to arrive.
Erin already had a story worked up for Jamie’s benefit; she was going to tell her that they were diuretics that were meant to allow her to empty her bladder before she went to sleep—provided they were taken early enough in the evening—so the risk of wetting at night was reduced, if not completely negated. What she wasn’t going to tell her was that the remedy would also weaken her daytime control as well, especially if taken consistently, which Erin knew Jamie would. If they were taken more than once a day something Erin doubted Jamie would do—the pills would work their magic even faster.
Just to be on the safe side, Erin had also done a good bit of homework on the remedy. In almost every case when the patient became incontinent, he or she was able to recover from that incontinence by first of all stopping the use of the remedy and also undergoing a sort of reconditioning. The mind was once again trained to regulate the body’s function and limit expulsion of waste until said expulsion could occur in a controlled circumstance, like into a toilet. The item was also a hot seller among hardcore infantilists who wanted to experience diaper dependency. There was also a formula that would cause a gradual loss of bowel control, but it wasn’t potent enough to induce complete bowel incontinence like the diuretic could induce with the bladder. One had to take the laxative at least four times a week to ensure near-total loss of bowel control.
In any event, Erin’s plan was moving along more or less just as she wanted it to. Jamie was wearing diapers at night and—as far as she knew—during the day as well. It would take a bit of time and a little bit of appropriately applied pressure, but she knew that eventually Jamie would cave and accept being babied, at least for a little while. That little while was all Erin wanted, and in truth it was a rather innocent wish. The methods by which Erin had decided to use in order to facilitate her wish was the unorthodox parts.

Chapter Ten

By the time Jamie was through with classes for the day and back in her dorm room, her pull-up was soaked almost to the point of leaking. She needed to change and change quickly. As soon as she got into her room, she stripped out of her pants and started to change. She used the baby wipes and once she thought she was clean enough, she put on a clean pull-up and put her pants back on. Jamie finished up by bagging the used pull-up and burying it in the trash with the rest of the diapers and pull-ups that had thus far been used.
Once again, she found herself sitting before her easel doodling and trying to come up with her project idea for art class. It was really annoying her that she couldn’t figure out what to do. She knew that eventually she’d come up with something, but she wasn’t sure if she’d like it when all was said and done. Jamie didn’t like to just slap out a drawing and add tone to it; she liked it to have personal meaning and depth to it. While she was thinking about her project, Jamie felt the urge to pee and—knowing that she was wearing a pull-up–she simply relaxed and let it flow into the garment.
Must be the rest of that pop, she thought to herself as she resumed working.
One of the doodles began to stand out at her. Jamie focused on it for several moments before absently realizing that it looked kind of like a butterfly. That was interesting… where had that come from? Regardless of where it came from, Jamie now felt she had a focus for her project and immediately flipped to a fresh piece of paper. On it she began to sketch out butterflies, occasionally adding detail to one or another.
“Having fun?” a voice said from behind her. Jamie jumped and jerked her head around to see who it was. Rachel was standing in her doorway with a slightly bemused expression on her face. Jamie took a breath and let it out as she calmed down.
“You scared me,” she muttered as she turned her body to face Rachel.
Her roommate giggled a bit. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist.” Jamie rolled her eyes. “So, how’re things?”
Jamie shrugged. “Pretty good. How about for you?”
“Dandy,” Rachel replied and moved to sit on the end of Jamie’s bed. “How are you feeling?”
Jamie looked at Rachel oddly. “I’m feeling fine,” she said. “Why do you ask?”
“Your pull-up is wet,” Rachel pointed out.
Jamie glanced down at it. It was indeed visibly wet. “Yeah, so?”
“That doesn’t bother you?”
Now Jamie was confused. It hadn’t bothered Rachel very much yesterday; then she was being a friend trying to help another friend. “Not really. It’s not like I’m starting to have daytime accidents; I just didn’t want to get up.”
“Oh,” Rachel flushed a little bit. “I’m sorry… it just seemed a little weird to me for a moment there.”
Jamie shrugged. “Don’t worry about it.” That was more like it, she thought. Rachel probably hadn’t completely adjusted to the fact that her roommate was a bedwetter. No big deal.
“So, do you need to be changed?” Jamie shrugged a bit. Rachel shifted gears. “Do you want to be changed?” Jamie shrugged again, fighting to keep her smile hidden. It was a childish game she was playing, but it was amusing enough for Jamie to play it, especially since Rachel was becoming motherly all of a sudden.
Rachel also caught on to the game and stood up. “I think someone needs to be changed,” she said. “And wants to be changed.”
“Maybe,” Jamie said coyly.
Rachel smiled and got out the changing supplies as well as a fresh diaper. “Come on over here and lie down.”
Jamie mulled over it for a brief moment and then acquiesced. Rachel had already changed her a couple of times; it wasn’t that big of a deal to her anymore. After she was lying down, Rachel took a pair of scissors to the sides of Jamie’s pull-up and cut them open. “Easier this way,” she explained. Jamie offered no argument, except to complain that the scissors were cold. Rachel only smiled and kept working. She cleaned her friend’s diaper area with a baby wipe and after Jamie raised her bottom she swapped wet pull-up with dry diaper. Rachel sprinkled powder on Jamie’s skin and pulled the diaper up between her legs and quickly closed it with the tapes. “There, how does that feel?”
Jamie sat up. “Pretty good,” she said. “How about you? Do you want a diaper?”
Rachel shook her head. “Maybe later,” she said evasively.
“Suit yourself,” she said as she stood up and went back to her easel to draw. Rachel watched Jamie walk and for a moment was completely enamored by how cute Jamie looked with only a diaper and a shirt on. Rachel thought about the decision she had made about diapers last night, about how they weren’t for her, and more of an occasional amusement. Well, she’d have to think about it a little more… maybe they weren’t just for Jamie.

Chapter Eleven

Days went by. Rachel and Jamie had settled into a fairly comfortable routine that had Jamie wearing diapers twenty-four hours a day. Rachel assumed the not-so-tedious role of caretaker, and whenever Jamie was wet, Rachel would change her diaper. Jamie, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure it would help her with her night wetting, but she didn’t complain. Erin had said that it would take a while for results to manifest, and Jamie saw the logic of it, or at least part of it. What she couldn’t understand was exactly why she had to wear diapers at night when the pull-ups were supposed to be able to do just as good a job. Jamie herself had reasoned that a diaper would be far more absorbent than a pull-up and had further acquiesced to wearing diapers long after she had started, but now her confidence in them was beginning to flag.
At least, though, her art project and the rest of her papers that were due were done and ready to be turned in. Her drawing project had blossomed into the hands of a child reaching up as if to try to catch a butterfly in mid-flight. The child’s face was absent, a detail that Jamie thought gave the piece more of a punch, since the child was anonymous with no clear face—thus it could be anyone. So now she sat before her desk randomly surfing the Internet in her dorm wearing a shirt and a diaper, attire that had become her custom since moving into a diapered lifestyle. For the moment her diaper was dry, but Jamie knew that would change eventually, and then Rachel would eventually change her.
There was a knock at the door, and Rachel answered it. Jamie quickly put on a pair of pants that would conceal her diapered state and returned to surfing the Internet. Through her door she could hear Rachel and some other girl chattering about something, and then after a few minutes there was a knock at Jamie’s door. She looked around quickly to make sure all of her diaper stuff was hidden, and it was. “Come in,” she said. The door opened and in walked Rachel followed closely by a smiling Erin.
“Hi Jamie, how’re you?” she chirped.
Jamie was immediately put on her guard by Erin’s demeanor. “Fine, thanks. You?”
“Dandy,” she replied. Erin walked over and handed Jamie a brown paper bag.
“This is an herbal remedy that will help with your bedwetting,” she said. Jamie took the bag and opened it, then pulled out a bottle of pills and looked at it. They seemed innocent enough.
“What do they do?” Jamie asked cautiously.
“Well, they’re more or less similar to diuretics. They’re designed to increase bladder activity for a certain time, meaning you’ll want to pee more. If taken a few hours before you normally go to bed, you’ll probably have an empty bladder by the time you wake up,” Erin explained.
“Oh,” Jamie said, scrutinizing the bottle. “Well, that’ll be cool, then. Thanks a lot, Erin. I really appreciate it,” Jamie said sincerely.
Erin’s smile widened. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just trying to help.” She glanced at her watch. “Oh, crap. I’ve got to be going. I’ll see you two later,” she said and then quickly vanished, almost as quickly as she had come.
“So, what do you think?” Rachel asked.
“About what?”
“The pills, goof,” Rachel said.
“Oh. Well, I just hope they work,” Jamie said.
“Same here, for your sake,” Rachel said and then let the silence hang for a moment. “Do you need to be changed?”
Jamie shook her head. “Not yet. How about you? Do you want a diaper?”
Rachel took a moment to think about it. “Sure, why not.” Jamie smiled, then expertly changed her friend and roommate into a diaper. “Thanks J,” Rachel said and then picked up her pants and walked out of Jamie’s bedroom.
“Any time,” Jamie said and turned back to her computer, setting the pills aside on her desk. She would worry about them later.

Chapter Twelve

Erin walked away from Jamie and Rachel’s residence hall reviewing the conversation in her mind. Crap! She thought. I made a mistake when I was telling Jamie about the pills… I said she’d have an empty bladder by the time she woke up instead of before she went to bed! Erin swore under her breath. That could be bad for her future plans, but chances were good that Jamie hadn’t noticed the slip and would take the pills without a second thought about whatever alternate effects they could have. Still, the fact that she had slipped up back there annoyed her, and Erin worried that her plans would be foiled before they could really get off the ground. She would just have to hope and pray.
Meanwhile, Jamie and Rachel were spending another evening in diapered bliss, doing homework and randomly snacking on chips and dip while mulling over what they could grab for dinner. Rachel was all for ordering out and Jamie didn’t raise any objection. Rachel called for a pizza and Jamie went back to studying. The bottle of pills caught her eye and she picked it up and looked at the label again. “I sure hope these work,” Jamie said aloud.
“You and me both,” Rachel said from behind her.
Jamie jumped, startled. “Don’t do that!” she complained.
Rachel giggled. “So, these are the pills?” she asked with a gesture to the bottle.
“Yep,” Jamie affirmed.
Rachel took the bottle and looked it over. “Seem simple enough,” she mused. “What do they do again?”
“Erin said they increase bladder activity and that I should take one long before bed so I won’t wake up wet,” Jamie answered, having indeed forgotten Erin’s slip.
“Cool. Think they’ll help you break yourself of night wetting?” Rachel asked.
“I certainly hope so,” Jamie said. “It’ll probably take a while, though.”
Rachel nodded. “We may want to consider buying more diapers before then.”
Jamie looked at her quizzically. “Why?”
“Well, you and I are sort of using them,” Rachel reminded her, pulling up her shirt to reveal her diaper for emphasis. “We’ll need to make sure we have enough.”
“Oh,” Jamie said, feeling slightly embarrassed. “Right. How about we go later this week and get a few bags?”
Rachel shrugged and let her shirt drop. “Works for me. Pizza should be here in about half an hour. You might want to consider taking one of those pills pretty soon.”
“Yeah, probably not a bad idea,” Jamie agreed. Rachel turned and left Jamie’s room and Jamie herself went back to her history book. It really didn’t bother her anymore that she was wearing diapers practically full time. Sure it wasn’t the most glamorous of solutions to her bedwetting problems, but it was a practical one.
Then again… so were her pull-ups. Pull-ups. Jamie turned to her closet where the diapers were kept and went over to it. She opened the door and amongst the bags of diapers was the bag of pull-ups she had bought. Why didn’t she use them? Certainly they would be sufficient for her night wetting episodes. Rather suddenly, Jamie was going over the sequence of events that had led up to her being in diapers. Some of them were odd—like Rachel, Erin and Hanna showing up with bags of diapers for her—or Erin ordering a bottle of pills for her that was supposed to help. Suddenly, something didn’t feel right about the whole situation.
Jamie went back to her desk and impatiently slapped at the spacebar key on her keyboard to wake her computer up. Once the screen had come back to life, she brought up Internet Explorer and went to Google. She entered the name on the pill bottle into the search bar and when the results came up, she started going through them. One of the results was a consumer report by some guy who apparently had great fondness for them. His rating of the product in question was five out of five stars. She read his review… and froze. “Once the pills have had the proper effect, I found myself in a state of near total incontinence, which was just as I’d hoped! These pills are the ultimate dream come true for adult babies everywhere! I highly recommend them,” one line of text said.
Now Jamie was curious. She entered a search for adult baby, not quite certain she had read the text right. Sure enough, faithful Google yielded hundreds of thousands of results on the subject. She clicked on a link that had a handy description and read the page thoroughly. “Adult babies are people who like to age-play as an infant or toddler, becoming totally dependant on someone else while wearing diapers and having their diapers changed by a caretaker, usually played by either a spouse, friend, or volunteer third party.” The page also had some links to picture galleries that Jamie clicked on and browsed through. “Oh my God,” she breathed as she looked at pictures of men and women wearing diapers, some of them wet, others quite messy.
There were other links on the page, and Jamie spent some time going through them. One of the links was a description of infantilism, which included adult baby roleplay. Among the sub-classes of the fetish/lifestyle was diaper lover, teen baby, and adult baby, the last of which Jamie had already explored. She clicked on diaper lover first. “Diaper lovers are people merely like to wear diapers, not necessarily for their intended purpose, either. For some diaper lovers, wearing diapers is a comfort thing or merely an intriguing hobby that he or she might engage in from time to time.” Jamie didn’t bother with the rest of the page and went next to teen baby. “Teen babies are people between the ages of thirteen and nineteen who enjoy age play as an infant or toddler and being cared for as such by either a parent, other relative, friend, or volunteer third party. Teen babies, like adult babies, enjoy wearing and using diapers and having a caretaker change them and generally treat them as a baby.”
Jamie sat back in her chair, her mind afire with thoughts and postulation. First off, the pills were probably a bad idea. If the product review that guy had written was accurate, she might be worse off in the long run. Secondly, diapers. Jamie suddenly wondered if she was classifiable as a diaper lover or an adult baby. Yes, she did enjoy it when Rachel changed her diaper and lovingly rediapered her using the baby powder and sometimes the lotion. Did that make her an adult baby? When Rachel occasionally wore diapers, she usually wet in them as well, and more often than not would be changed by Jamie. Did that make Rachel a diaper lover, or also an adult baby? Like Jamie, Rachel was also twenty years old; their birthdays being mere weeks apart. It was an interesting concept to think about.
Jamie’s eyes fell on the bottle of pills as she closed the browser window. No, she thought to herself. I am not going to take those pills. “Jamie, pizza’s here,” Rachel called from the other room. Jamie’s mind was so incensed with diaper-related things that she idly wondered if Rachel had even bothered to put on a pair of shorts or pants or something to hide her diaper.
“Coming,” Jamie said. No matter what, this whole thing was something Rachel needed to know about. What better way to talk about such things than over a pizza?

Chapter Thirteen

Minutes later, they were sitting in front of the TV eating pizza and drinking pop. Both girls were still diapered as they traded off with the remote to find something interesting to watch. Jamie was still distracted by what her research had turned up, and eventually it reached a breaking point. With a disgusted sound she thumbed the power button and the TV winked out. Rachel turned to look at her. “Something wrong?”
Jamie was silent for a moment, then finally, “Yeah, something’s wrong.”
“Well, what is it?” Rachel prodded, turning her body to face Jamie, an attentive expression on her face.
Jamie sighed. Where to begin, she wondered. Well, might as well start with the pills, she thought. So, step by step Jamie took Rachel through everything she had discovered, about the pills, infantilism, teen babies and adult babies, diaper lovers, age play roleplay, all of it. By the time she was done, Rachel was evidently shocked, and found it impossible to speak for several moments. Jamie wondered if she’d given Rachel too much to process.
“So… those pills will like, make you into a baby?” Rachel asked.
Jamie laughed. “No, but basically you’ll crap your pants like one.”
Rachel nodded a bit, somewhat absently. “You aren’t going to take them, are you?” she asked hesitantly.
“Not only no, but hell no,” Jamie said with conviction. “I’d rather have to wear diapers to bed than become totally dependent on them.”
“Yeah, same here,” Rachel said. “I mean, diapers are fun and all, but I don’t want you to need them all the time, either.”
That surprised Jamie. “Wait… you mean you aren’t upset about the whole infantilism thing?”
Rachel looked at her blankly. “Infantilism?”
“Yeah, you know, the whole liking to wear diapers thing?”
“Oh yeah.” Rachel paused. “Well… I guess not. I mean… I like to wear diapers and all, and I like it when you change me, but… I don’t know. Maybe I kinda am one of those adult baby people, or maybe I’m just a diaper lover.”
Jamie smiled. “Well, if it makes you feel better, I’m at least a diaper lover,” she said. “I like it when you change me, too.”
Rachel leaned back a little bit. “You aren’t going lesbian on me, are you?”
Jamie burst out laughing. “No!” she said when she was calm enough to speak. Rachel was also laughing. Both girls were basically straight-up heterosexual, and even though they routinely were cleaning the other’s most intimate regions with baby wipes, that mindset hadn’t changed, and wasn’t likely to change either. In the minds of both, each girl was just doing the other a favor. Besides, they both had the same physiological makeup due to gender and could be more mature about it than guys could.
Jamie grabbed another piece of pizza and started eating, and Rachel did the same, shifting to the point where her shirt road up and her diaper was on full view. She didn’t care though; her expression didn’t register any embarrassment. Jamie glanced at her a couple of times, and then down at her own diaper. It was also pretty much on full display, and she didn’t much care either. There they sat and ate, just a couple of regular college girls wearing diapers. No big deal. That’s how it was for the rest of the night, too.
Later they were sprawled out over the floor with their heads on pillows as they watched a movie. Their diapers were wet and out on display, which had apparently become a newly established tradition for the two. It just wasn’t as big a deal as someone might think it was. Diapers. So what? Big freakin’ deal. It wasn’t like they were dependent on them or anything; they just liked to wear them as someone else might like to wear sweatshirts as opposed to a hoodie, or khaki as opposed to denim. Personal preference, that’s all it was.
Just as Jamie was, Rachel was growing to appreciate diapers more and more. However, while Jamie had been daring and was wearing pull-ups or diapers to her various classes, Rachel had yet to do that. The more she wore diapers, the more she wanted to, though. It seemed like it was a lot of fun, and as yet Jamie hadn’t had any problems with it. Rachel wanted to experience that as well. Later, when she was changing Jamie’s diaper and then having her diaper changed by Jamie she decided that she was going to give it a try. She went to bed wearing a diaper, and awoke with the firm conviction not to be out of diapers unless she was changing or being changed. When she told Jamie as much, she received a boisterous hug from her best friend, and when she got out of the shower Jamie gleefully rediapered her—Rachel returned the favor for Jamie and both girls went off to their respective classes.
Rachel couldn’t stop smiling all the while.

Chapter Fourteen

As classes went along, Rachel adjusted to the fact that she was wearing a diaper without becoming a giggly mess. It remained dry until after her second class, where she took great pleasure in wetting it in public. If nothing else, her diapered status had worked wonders for her confidence. She just stood off to the side of an intersection and fiddled with her cellphone while her diaper gradually filled. When she was done, she put her cellphone away and resumed walking.
Rachel worried about smelling like pee, but figured the scent of powder would overpower it, and the fabric of her pants would also work to hold it back as well. She was safe.
Rachel met up with Hanna later and chilled in the commons with her. They gossiped, talked about the latest MTV video, reality show, sitcom with sexy stars, and whatever else suited their interests. Hanna never once suspected that Rachel was diapered, nor did the subject of Jamie’s diapers come up. For once, Rachel was actually glad they didn’t; last night’s revelations about the true purpose of the pills Erin had given to Jamie was enough to keep the subject from the forefront of her consciousness.
Wearing them for fun was as far as she wanted to go, and even though Jamie needed them at night, wearing them for fun (during the day) was as far as she wanted Jamie to go as well. The only reason that Jamie was wearing them during the day was because she liked them—Rachel knew it even though Jamie might be given to deny it.
She and Hanna went their separate ways and Rachel went on to her last class of the day. Her wet diaper made its presence known to her with each step but she paid it little mind. She knew it was wet and knew it would need to be replaced soon. For now it was fine, and she was in no danger of leaking. Her last class went off without a hitch and she made her way back to the dorm. When she arrived, Jamie wasn’t home yet and Rachel had a few minutes to herself.
She undressed to the point where she was once again only in her shirt and diaper and, rather than procrastinating about it, started on some of her homework.
Rachel heard the door open and close, footsteps, and then Jamie’s door closed for a few moments. She heard it open, more footsteps, and then Jamie was in her room.
“Hey, Rach,” she said, sounding cheerful. She was also similarly attired in just a shirt and diaper. “What’s up?”
Rachel smiled. “About the same as you, I think.” She looked at Jamie’s sagging diaper. “And I’d say you need to be changed.”
Jamie smiled cattishly and gestured to Rachel’s diaper. “You too.”
Rachel glanced down at her diaper and blushed just a tiny bit, then smiled again. “Yep. I’ll be there in a minute to change you, just gotta finish up this last question.” She picked up her pencil again.
“Who said I’m going first?” Rachel looked up at Jamie, who was still smiling. “I think you should go first this time.”
“Oh really?” Rachel said. Jamie nodded. “And who’s going to make me?”
“Why, I am, of course,” Jamie said.
“And if I refuse?” Rachel asked.
Jamie heaved a sigh of mock-exasperation. “Fine, we’ll be civil about it. Rock, Paper, Scissors, best two out of three. Agreed?”
“Three out of five.”
They shook on it.
They threw all five times, with the battle having been two and two up until Jamie won the last round when Rachel—hoping that Jamie would throw a rock—had thrown paper and Jamie had scissors. “No fair,” Rachel protested childishly, even though she was smiling.
“It was too fair!” Jamie said and grabbed two fresh diapers. “Now come on, you agreed to it and you lost. You get changed first.”
Rachel grumbled good-naturedly and finally acquiesced. She laid down on the floor in their living room and Jamie gleefully began to change her. Rachel laid there docilely and let Jamie work. She lifted Rachel’s legs and swapped wet diaper for clean diaper after cleaning her with a baby wipe, then sprinkled powder on her. A few moments later the front of the diaper was up between her legs and Jamie was finishing the last couple of tapes.
After she was pronounced done, Rachel got up and traded places with Jamie and began to change her diaper. She cleaned Jamie with a wipe and lifted her legs, removing the wet diaper and putting the dry one under her bottom.
She set Jamie down on it and sprinkled powder on her, then pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped it. Once done, Jamie got up with a thank you for Rachel and then went off to her own room to do her homework.
Rachel watched her go for a moment before getting up and going into her own room to finish her homework. Before she got back into it, Rachel reflected on the whole diaper situation and decided once and for all that it was something she could live with, especially more of. After all, it was just another form of underwear.

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Re: A College Girl’s Dilemma

Unless my memory is wrong there were at least 2 more chapters.

I will look and see what I can find and make sure this is right

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Re: A College Girl’s Dilemma

is there more to this story?