A Diaper In The Office? Part Seven

Fiona dozed off, and started dreaming. She had just been transformed into a baby by her boss, who had also done the same to her husband. Her dreams were unusually similar. She could see herself and David/Davina, all babied and being looked after by Margaret. She could hear Margaret asking her little girl to open her mouth for feeding, and she opened wide. It was at that moment that Fiona woke up, lying back in the crib, in a heavily soiled diaper.

Fiona began to think about the recent developments that she had just encountered. She had been forced into using a diaper, when necessity meant the worst. While initially rather unsure, she was now starting to enjoy it. Her boss had just been responsible for the transformation, including her latest into the role of a baby girl. Was she an adult baby? Someone who loved diapers? What was the label for someone like this? She wasn’t really sure, but she knew that she was enjoying this. It made a change from lonely nights watching television, or nights with drunken students trying to be oh so unfunny. This was much more exciting than being chased online by people who barely spoke English, or any language for that matter, aside from “marry” and “passport”.

So, she knew that the diapers were one thing, but how about Margaret’s talent? She had been transformed from an adult called Fiona, to young baby Fifi. Margaret took the time to care, and she was so welcoming, accommodating, and motherly. Margaret’s motherly love and affection was something that she’d been missing for so long, since she left her own mother. Latterly though, her own mother was busy enough with other things, so it was nothing like this. She was realising that she really loved Margaret’s performance as her mommy, and she would want to have it again, if she got the chance.

Then there was the matter of the dirty diaper. She initially thought Mommy Margaret would be angry at the mess in the diaper, before she went into her bottom. She had been getting sore back there, but had just overlooked it. She had, after all, been seriously deep in thought. But no, Mommy Margaret enjoyed the moment. She encouraged her baby to mess herself, on the first babying. OK, she maybe needed the relief, but there was something about the release, for Fiona. It was almost the last thing needed to complete her change to a baby. Margaret had encouraged and supported her, when all she had to do was poop herself. That was it, and Margaret was pleased as punch. She had a dirty diaper to clean up, what was she getting out of it? Fiona could not understand it. Then there was Margaret playing with the vibrator, that made her so happy that she drifted off to sleep. Fiona could see Margaret finishing off with David, and then she came over to see “how her baby Fif is???”

“Good, erm, Marga…”

“No, Fifi, please, call me Mommy, or Momma.”

“Right, Marg, I mean Mommy… I have had such a good time this evening, and I feel I owe you a huge thank-you for everything you’ve done. I mean, look at all this work I’ve created for you. I’ve dragged you away from your husband, I’ve made a mess, I’ve…”

“Fifi, let me stop you there. Firstly, I invited you here, and I offered you all this. I don’t want you to be unhappy…”

“Thanks Mommy… but, what do you get out of all this, I mean, all that mess, at the back as well, and you were pleased like a proud mother”

“Yes – and I was very proud of you, my lovely baby Fifi”.

“Thanks, but what do you get out of all this”?

“Well, I get to be a mother with my babies, and I enjoy looking after babies. Adult babies, diaper lovers, whatever you feel you are, even if you just want to wear them”.

“Okay Momma, but what am I? I don’t understand it?”

“Baby Fifi, you are momma’s special baby girl. As far as I am concerned, you can be my baby any time you want to, for as long as you enjoy it. I get enough diapers for all of us, and some occasional guests. Some wee, mess, and anything else, isn’t a problem for me. I’ve been cleaning up my own, as well as my children’s, for long enough. Now, if you want to stay the night, you are welcome to stay here, I will get you into a new diaper, and get you ready for bed… baby Fifi… and, can I just stay… you were such a good baby when you let go into that diaper earlier on…”

“Yes but Mommy, I pooped myself, right in front of you, and you seemed to be happy, you were encouraging me to do it! Surely this can’t be pleasant for you mommy?”

“Of course I was, I’ve always encouraged my babies, and if you want to be one of my babies, you can be. I just enjoy mothering, diapering, feeding, changing, caring, and everything else that comes with motherhood. I know it’s not always going to be easy, but you’ve been such a lovely, polite, baby for momma. Now, momma will help you over to the changing table, momma will get you cleaned up, then you can try and fall asleep in some thick cloth diapers, and momma will get baby Fifi a bottle before bedtime. How does that sound darling?”

“Sounds wonderful, mommy”.

Both ladies hearts melted at that precise moment.