A Girl's Wet Skiing Adventure

I had a fantasy about skiing in a nappy ages ago. It took me a while to come up with an idea however.

A Girl’s Wet Skiing Adventure

Your first day skiing had been fun, until, well…

Mama and mum had led you to this place at the top of the ski lifts for lunch on the first day. It was like a restaurant in some parts, but the other parts were just tables and chairs in a large, heated room. Some people were barefoot while their ski boots were left upside down on holes in the floors emitting hot air to dry them, while most people discarded their heavy outer jackets.

“Why can’t we have food there?” you little sister asked, pointing at the restaurant.

“We’ll have a special lunch some time during the week,” mum replied.

For today, you had some sandwiches and a packet of chips to share. Mum reminded you and your sister to drink plenty of water because of how easy it apparently was to dehydrate yourself on the snow. As you finished eating, everyone went to the loo.

Though your jacket was back at your table, you still have a few extra layers to remove to sit on the toilet. Firstly, you were weaking ski pants which were sort of like farmers overalls except made of something waterproof. Then it was some thick, warm leggings and then your undies. All the while you had to stop any of them from dropping onto the wet floor. You hoped it was just water, but you didn’t really know .

You had other layers too, like this top that was more like leggings for your top half and a warm vest as well.

Done, you now had to wipe (while still holding everyone off the floor) and then it was back on in the reverse. In a way, all the extra clothes were kind of nice; they made you feel a bit poofy all over. Weird, but nice.

“All ready to go?” asked mama as she returned with Lucy from the loo.

Some people were super weird about you have two mums, and the first question was usually what do you call them then? But that was easy: mama and mum.

Your sister was little enough that mama still took her to the loo. You on the other hand were big . You didn’t need to have your hand held. So, while Lucy stayed close to mama and mum as the four of you took an easy green run, you were a bit more adventurous; you went a little on ahead and tried to treat little hills of snow as jumps.

Mum caught up with you at the bottom.

“You seem pretty keen, kiddo,” she commented as mama and Lucy appeared in the distance. “How about the two of us do the next run together?”

It sounded fun, and you’d be able to go fast. It was a bit scary, but in a good way. Like you knew you would be okay, but some part of you did not.

“Okay!” you reply enthusiastically.

They manage to squeeze four of you on the chair lift for the ride back up.

“We’re going to go on ahead,” said mum, jerking her head at me on her other side.

The chair lift was really cool too. It was high, and that was a little scary too, but you could see for ages! Like, you could see other mountains covered in snow and tiny little specks going down their sides. You wondered if you could ski those too some day.

“On the same run?” mama asked.

“Yeah, I think it will be a pretty good warmup.”

You didn’t realise then, but when you got to the top — only slightly shakily getting off the ski lift — Lucy looked slightly put out by the fact you and mum were going to go ahead. She doesn’t say anything, but you can see it on her face, under her oversized goggles. You’re not sure what to do about it before mum heads off, taking the decision out of your hands.

Still, now is the time to show off how fast you can go. You start only a little behind mum before her gives you a look, then she’s down the slope.

Except, catching up to her is hard . Like, you’re sure you’ll have to go straight down the hill to catch up. But that seems like a terrifying idea; you’re supposed to go side to side… slowing yourself. But mum does not care. When she stops at the first bend, she looks kind of proud of herself.

“Too slow, kiddo.”

You pout. Is this what Lucy felt?

Mum doesn’t go full tilt on the next stretch, but as you’re racing to go as fast as you can bear, she skis down to slope almost lazily.

Reaching the ski lift with mum, you both get on and head up to the top. Rather than wait for mama and Lucy, you head down again. At the bottom, you spot your sister and then mama in the line.

“Can you slip ahead and ask mama to wait at the top?” asks mum.

“Okay,” you reply as you try to go around the queue.

Someone says you’re not allowed cut in as you go by, but you’re not doing that.

“Having fun?” mama asks.


“How fast did you go?” Lucy asks.

You shrug.

“I dunno. Mum’s way faster though.”

Lucy giggles at your slightly put out expression.

They were only a lift of two away though.

“Mum wants to meet at the top,” you tell mama before they get onto the lift and you head back to mum. You wave at Lucy as she looks back from the lift.


The next run is a blue run. Mama is telling Lucy it’s the easiest blue run on the mountain and that she’ll be fine. The words seem to work as Lucy smiles.

“Don’t go off ahead this time,” mum tells you as she glides over. “It gets steep just before the end and if you lose control you might run into someone. There’s always a lot of people at the bottom.”

On one hand you just want to ski to your heart’s content, but on the other hand you’ve never gone down this run before and as much as you don’t want to admit it, you can feel you’re a little bit scared. You try not to think about it as the four of you glide over from the chair lift, as you’re a big girl.

You’re less sure about that as you reach the top of the slope.

The first thing you realise is that it’s really wide, like five times wider than the slope you practiced on with mum. The second is that even here at the top, you’re pretty sure it’s steeper — or maybe the fact it’s wide that makes it look steep. There are loads of skiers about, but because it is huge it’s not crowded. In the distance the slop disappears behind a dip and you wonder if that is the steep bit mum was talking about.

As a group you ski down the slope, going from one side to the other. By the time you’re about halfway, you’re beginning to feel a bit more confident, but Lucy is looking worried, holding mama’s hand as she slides down the slope, mama doing most of the braking.

“Want to go on ahead?” mum asks.

Now more confident, you nod and readjust your ski goggles. Still going from side to side, but much faster now, you feel slightly uncomfortable at the fact some people just shoot by. Then you eclipse the crest. It’s steep.

Some people are shooting down, but there are loads of other people slowly zig zagging their way down the steep bit. It’s not long, maybe a tenth the length of the rest of the slope, but it really is steep. Nervousness overtakes you.

“You wanna head down?” mum asks as she pulls up next to you.

You look up at her, worry evident on your face. She smiles back reassuringly.

“Yeah,” you reply, only slightly tightly.

At low speed, mum takes the lead.

“Don’t worry about the people up the slope; they have to give way for you. Okay?” she says, looking over her shoulder.

You nod, averting your eyes from someone racing down. You can see they nimbly dodged around other skiers before you do.

As you get closer to the bottom, you feel a bit more confident and pick up some speed, knowing that if you lose control there’s only a little way to go to flat ground. There’s a large crowd at the bottom. Some people are in line for the lifts while others are standing around talking. Some are waiting with cameras for friends and family to come down the slope.

“Come on, lets go around again,” says mum.

It turns out to be the best idea, as when you reach the steep bit again, you find Lucy and mama waiting there at the top. Mama looks very slightly exasperated at Lucy stubbornly waiting at the top. An idea seems to cross her face as you and mum come to a stop nearby.

“Why don’t we go down as a group, again?”

Lucy looks at you nervously.

“Did you… already go down?” she asks quietly.

“Yep,” you say with a reassuring smile.

Lucy seems hesitant, however.

“Mama goes too fast.”

“Hmm,” you hum. “Do you want to go down together?”


After about three runs down, Lucy is feeling a lot more confident. So much so that you can mum and mama send her worried looks when she goes straight down.

“You’ve got to be careful, sweetheart,” mum warns her after almost clipping another skier.

Lucy doesn’t seem to be paying much attention, however. In fact, she seems almost…

Lucy yawns, blinking up at mum.


Mum looks at her with concern.

“Are you tired, kiddo?”

Lucy shakes her head, but the effect is ruined when she yawns again. It is getting a bit late and you feel a bit tired yourself, but not enough that you want to stop. Besides, it’s still light and you’re still allowed to ski.

“You sure?” mama asks, chiming in.

Lucy looks unhappy at the accusation. She’s less likely to lie to both of them.


Mama makes a sympathetic noise.

“How about the two of us head back and get some food, and we’ll see if you want to do some more skiing after?”

“O-okay,” Lucy grumbles.

On the lift back up, Lucy looks like she’s about to fall asleep into mama’s side. Mama seems worried that might actually happen and seems to be holding onto Lucy more tightly than usual.

“You want to do a few more runs?” mum asks you.

“Yeah,” you immediately reply.

Lucy does not stir and you’re certain she is asleep.

“Hmm — how about a harder blue run?”

“Okay, that sounds fun!”

Mum smiles as mama wakes Lucy. You’re near the top now and Lucy needs to be awake to get off the lift. When she does, Lucy seems slightly off balance and mama holds her upright. You wave at them as they take the easy green run back into town.

You squirm slightly, suddenly noticing your bladder. But mum is already beginning to move towards the other slope and there’s not loads of light left, so you decide to wait, knowing you can hold out. Mum comes to a halt near a corpse of snow-covered gum trees.

“Now, you’ve got to be careful; this slope is narrow like that easy green one, but it’s a lot steeper,” mum explains. “So, you’ve got to be careful. I’ll go ahead and don’t go faster than me. Okay?”

“Okay,” you reply.

The run is a bit hard, but also really pretty. It’s about as steep as the other blue run, but there’s not a lot of space to turn, so you can’t easily zig zag your way down — or you can, but you do a lot of zig zagging. It is incredible though, and you are reminded of snow-covered landscapes in fairy tales and stories.

At the bottom, you realise this is a different part of the mountain. There are two chair lifts here, going two different ways. You can see one lift goes up a really steep slope with skiers racing down it at crazy speeds. The other lift seems to go back the way you came.

“How was that?” mum asks.

“It was great!” you reply.

Next time, you think you could go a bit faster.

“Alright, lets go again.”

This lift gives you a different view as you ascend. You can tell you really need to go to the loo, however. You squirm in your seat, thinking about mentioning it, but mum sounds really keen to go again so you don’t mention it. Maybe once you stand up off the lift you’ll decide you can wait?

When you glide off the ski lift however, the first thing you notice is that you don’t recognise this place. You expected to end up near the restaurant at the summit, because that’s where all the ski lifts seem to go, but you’re not there. Instead, you’re some place unfamiliar. To make things worse, standing up your bladder feels way worse.

You’re about to tell mum you really need to find a toilet when you see her skiing off. Uncomfortably clenching, you ski after her.

“Mum!” you call out.

She looks back, waving you to follow as she starts going down hill. You begin to worry. Your skiing slows too as you focus on not peeing yourself. The trail is unfamiliar for a few minutes before you meet the trail of the last run, near the corpse of snow-covered gums. Mum is waiting for you with a curious expression on her face.

“Something the matter?” she asks with concern.

“I — I need to pee,” you say, your voice laced with embarrassment.

Big girls don’t end up like you, you tell yourself. They know to go to the loo before they get like this.

“Oh,” she says, frowning. “I’m sorry, but we’re below the restaurant now. It would take ages to get up the hill with skis. We’d be better off going down and then taking the lift up.”

You squirm uncomfortably and send another worried glance at mum.

“Can you wait that long?”

You’re not sure, but you can’t really say no , can you?

“I — guess,” you reply uncertainly.

Mum hums in concern before looking around. There’s nothing, but she’s trying.

“I guess we’ve got to move fast then,” mum comments, looking down the narrow slope. “Not too fast though; hitting a tree will be way worse. Okay?”

You stiffly nod and begin to follow.

It’s immediately apparent that it’s going to be hard though, for each turn requires you to bend your knees and that makes holding even harder. You’re almost certain you’re going slower than last time. Mum looks like she’s about to ask if you want to stop, but you shake your head, a grim expression o on your face. You have to make it, it’s your only choice.

Then, the worst happens: another skier races by, and then another. You’ve got to make a turn to slow down, but worried about someone else shooting down, you look back. It’s a poor choice however as while you’re looking back you hit a small bump. You don’t fall, but you do stumble, your legs going wide.

You can feel the warm liquid run down the inside your legs as you try to keep yourself upright. It takes a few seconds for you to come to a halt, your eyes wet with tears. In vain, your try to press your thighs together, but it just seems to hurt and doesn’t really stop the flow. Holding yourself upright with your ski poles, you lose all composure and start to freely pee your pants.

As mum pulls up, it’s immediately obvious what the problem is. Despite the risk of getting doused, mum holds you as you bawl your eyes out. You can feel the wetness going down both legs and even in your socks. Humiliatingly, it actually feels like a relief to give in to your bladder.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” mum says reassuringly. She rubs your back, pulling you into her chest.

All you can do is sob, shaking your head. It can’t be okay.

You’re not sure how long it is when you can finally talk. While you were crying, you were distantly aware of someone stopping to ask if you needed help but mum waved them off.

“Ready to head back?” mum asks kindly.

Looking up, you shake your head. Your goggles are foggy from the tears. You can make out mum’s sad smile.

“No one is going to be able to tell,” she says.

That’s… crazy you think. There’s no way people will miss your obviously wet pants.

“Really, no one will e able to tell.”

Mum takes a step back so you can look down. You have to push your goggles up to see. It’s disorientating for a second to see the world in unfiltered light.

“Your ski pants are waterproof; nobody will be able to tell.”

You squirm, feeling your wet underwear between your legs. You can almost believe it, unable to make out a wet stain on your pants. It doesn’t really compute though, through the shame an embarrassment you can feel.

“I — um,” you say before sniffling. You’re not entirely sure what to say.

“Really, no one will know,” mum say reassuringly again.

Looking down again, you can barely make out the slight discolouration on the snow. Mum tugs at your goggles, carefully pulling them over your helmet before digging into one of her pockets. She pulls a small packet of tissues out and wipes the fog off the inside of your goggles before fitting them back on your head.

“We’ll have to get some more anti-fog on those,” she says.

They’re a little bit streaky, but way better than they were before.

“T-thanks,” you say.

Mum pulls you into a hug.

“Come on, lets get to the ski lift.”

Shakily, you nod, following mum down.

When you don’t like about your wet undies and wet socks, it’s not so bad. Your bladder doesn’t hurt any more so you can actually ski. Despite the little sniffle, you give mum a small smile as you get to the bottom.

It’s beginning to get dark and the queue for the lift is mercifully short.

“A few more minutes and we’d be packing up for the night,” says the lady running the lift.

“Sorry about that,” replies mum. “We just got a bit stuck on a steep section.”

The lady gives you a sympathetic look. You’re glad mum didn’t say the real reason why. Taking a seat on the lift as it sweeps under you, you’re surprised nothing squelches as you sit on your wet bum. It feels a little bit colder than last time, but not unbearably so. It’s just you and mum on the lift.

“You know, I had an accident when I was older than you,” says mum.

You give her a surprised look. It’s hard to imagine mum not being grown up, so it’s unthinkable that she could have had an accident.

Mum laughs.

“Why do you look like you don’t believe me?”

You blush, looking away.

“I dunno,” you say weakly.

“It went all over grandma’s car seat,” mum explains to your disbelief. You know when mum says grandma , she’s talking about her mum. “It wasn’t that far a trip and we were in a hurry, so I told myself I could wait until we got there. Then we got stuck in some road works.”

Surprisingly, mum doesn’t look embarrassed when she says what predictably happened. Hearing it makes you feel embarrassed though.

“I managed to hold it all the way there, and then I tried to get out of my seat before the car stopped. Getting up was the mistake, and I couldn’t get out because we were still moving. I think about half of it went on my cousin’s driveway, and the rest was on the car seat.”


Because of where the lift ends, mum takes you on a different route back to the town. It’s a pretty easy run, but the views are amazing. So amazing, that you almost managed to forget your accident. But you begin to worry again as you reach the edge of the village and take off your skis.

First, you’ve got to go to the locker your parents rented and get your shoes with your rented skis and poles going in the locker for the night. Then, with your normal shoes on you had to walk back to the little apartment that your family rented for the week.

Taking a seat on the bench, you sniff the air cautiously before pulling up your trouser legs and undoing your ski boots with a snap. You cautiously look around, worried someone might notice your pee-soaked socks, but the shelter is mostly empty. Mum catches your eyes though and gives you a reassuring smile. You pull off your boot and quickly get your shoes one, tying them up.

You’ve now got to take your boots back to the apartment to dry, and you worry suddenly spikes; what are you to do about getting pee on your boots? Mum takes a seat next you you.

“Worrying again, kiddo?”

You can’t exactly hide the feeling from mum; she knows you too well.

“My boots,” you say, explaining all.

“Hmm,” she hums. To your surprise, mum takes one. “You know, I don’t think this will be a huge problem,” she says to your disbelief. “Because of how tight these were on I doubt you got any inside. It will just be the top that’s wet.”

It… makes sense, you reluctantly agree. You fidget nervously, wondering if that will weird you out too much.

“Besides, we can wash then and they probably already smelt bad from feet. “Mum gives you a slightly cheeky look. You press your lips together, refusing to show a hint of a smile. “They’ll go on the drying rack and by dry by the morning. Same with your ski pants”

So, clutching the boots to your chest, you follow mum back to where you were staying. It was a three-story place on stilts that according to mama stopped the snow from blocking the door. The door even had a metal mesh ramp going up that snow fell through. There’s a girl rugged up in a scarf and beanie at the concierge, reading a book. She gives you a small smile as mum leads you in.

You’re about to put your boots in the drying room when mum says, “Come on, lets get up stairs so you can get all clean, then we can get your stuff washed.”

The mention of upstairs sends another fear through you: what will Lucy think? She was younger than you, but not wetting herself younger. She didn’t even need pullups at night anymore.

When you get to your second-floor apartment however, Lucy is mercifully asleep on the sofa, the TV on mute. Mama quickly notices that something is up however, quietly walking over. She gives mum a concerned look.

“Just had an accident on the slopes,” mum explains. Mama still looks worried, however. “Not the injury kind,” she further explains.

Mama crouches down to your level.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?”

You nod, even though you can feel your eyes wetting again. But the fact you peed yourself doesn’t stop mama from pulling you into a hug. As mama hugs you, you can feel mum rub your back soothingly.

Soon you’re having a hot shower and can get into your warm, soft PJs. Your wet clothes are in the wash and both your parents reassure you everything will be dry by morning.


Great to finally see an ABDL story with Australian themes! Interested to see where it goes, hope you continue!


I admit, I’m surprised you got that from what little I wrote. I think “snow covered gum trees” was the only hint. That, or you recognised the location lol.

If you want more Australian themed stories, check out my other stories, because they are (so far) all Australian.

A Girl’s Wet Skiing Adventure

Chapter 2

Mum had been right about your ski boots, or at least they didn’t smell like pee. Today though you would be going with mama while Lucy goes with mum, then in the afternoon hopefully everyone will be comfortable enough that you can ski as a group again.

Before putting on you ski boots, you made sure you went to the loo. Though mum doesn’t say anything, you can tell what she’s thinking as she glances up from helping Lucy get her skiing stuff on. When you step outside with your ski boots in hand, you smile in amazement at the pure white snow on everything.

A few steps behind you, Lucy simply goes, “Wow,” in a quiet voice.

“I know, right?” you say with a laugh.

Stepping out, the snow makes an almost crunch sound under your feet.


“Lets do a warmup,” says mama as she and you break off after getting off the lift. “An easy blue, I think.”

Lucy and mum seem to be heading for the easy green run. Today is a bit foggy and seems to be snowing so they quickly vanish from view.


It’s surprising how easily you had taken to the snow. Yesterday you had started off terrified just sliding about on almost flat snow and by the end of the day you were doing blue runs. At the same time, Lucy was only doing easy blues. It makes you wonder.

“Do people normally do blue runs by the end of the first day?” you ask.

Mama shrugs slightly uncertainly, clearly thinking.

“Sometimes. My first time on the slopes was in high school,” she admits. “We were doing easy blues by the end of the day and some of us wanted to go on harder slopes, but our teachers had to supervise us and probably didn’t want to risk it with so many students.”

Mama laughs as you reach to top of the slope. There’s a snowboarder a short way away who seems to be struggling.

“I’m glad we talked you out of snowboarding. I’m sure it’s fun, but it has a much higher leaning curve,” mama explains. “When I was on ski trip as a kid, snowboarders were lucky to be doing blue runs by the end of the week.”

You frown; surely it’s not that hard? Then again, you can see the girl who’s quite a bit older than you struggling a short distance away.

“Come on,” says mama cheerfully, putting a hand on your shoulder.

As you push away, you’re worried for a moment that you would forget everything you learnt yesterday, but it comes back to you almost immediately. Strangely it’s the snow that’s weirdest. It’s fresh and unmarked by other skiers, and something feels different about it as you zig zag down the hill.

As you get back on the lift, mama pulls a water bottle out of her bag and undoes the lid on it.

“Drink up,” she says.

You look at the bottle dubiously for a moment.

“I know you’re probably thinking about drinking less, but I assure you that getting sick because you got dehydrated won’t be nice.”

“O-okay,” you reply, to which mama puts an arm around you, pulling you into a sideways hug.

“Don’t worry, we’re not thinking badly of you for what happened yesterday.”

Mama lets you nurse the drink as she gets the map out.

“Want to try skiing over here?” she asks you, pointing at the spot on the map.

You recognise it, up the far end of the frozen lake. It’s where you had ended up after your accident.

“I was thinking we’d go down through here.”

She’s pointing at the trail where you had your accident. It was a nice trail…

“That’s where — um…” you say, trailing off.

You look away from mama, trying to enjoy the view.

“Oh — well, maybe —”

“It’s okay,” you cut in. You sigh. “It was… it was nice skiing there.”

Uncomfortable at the topic, mama puts her arm around you again.

“Ah — and here I was hoping I’d get to show that trail off to you. It is very pretty over there.”

The lift is nearing the top now, so mama shuffles away from you slightly so you don’t run into each other when you get off.

Strangely, it’s hard to pin down where you had your accident yesterday. You had been so distraught by it that you hadn’t been paying attention to where you had been exactly. The fog and the fresh snow make it even more difficult.

“How are you doing?” mama asks about half-way down.

“I’m good,” you reply.

You can’t do the same speed as mama can and it is hard work — you actually have to think way ahead so you don’t plough into something making turns to slow down! — but you’re enjoying yourself.

Suddenly, mama shoots of ahead. You’re about to call out and ask her to wait or slow down when she makes a sharp turn and stops. Mama pulls out her camera.

“Say cheese!” she calls out.

Slightly red faced from the cold, you make a few turns and come to a stop in front of mama.

“Wow, looking pretty good there,” she comments.


“Oh — wow, are those jumps?” you ask excitedly.

“They sure are!” mama replies.

They’re huge and mostly seem to be below and around the ski lift. They’re so huge you can’t imagine every actually going over one, however. Actually, you can’t imagine anyone going over them, and that seems to be panning out as there doesn’t seem to be anyone on them. There’s more than jumps though, and seems to be things that would not look out of place at a skate park, except made from snow.

On both sides of them, however, is a number of steep looking slopes with quite a few skiers on them. Obviously, the jumps and stuff are a bit too extreme for most people. As you near the top however you are surprised to spot a snowboarder begin to make their way down. Picking up speed, they enter a half pipe and sail up the side, then they make a sharp turn that’s almost on the nose of their snowboard, and then it’ back down again.

Turning in your seat, you only spot them for a moment as then go over a smaller jump and they soon disappear into the fog.

“They’re pretty good, aren’t they?”

“Yeah,” you agree.

For a moment you imagine yourself actually doing those things and then you reach the top. Getting off, you come to a stop a few dozen metres from the lift and wait for mama’s directions.

“If we go left there’s a big sweeping blue run that sort of loops around,” mama explains. “We might want to work our way up to the other blue runs over here; they’re hard blue runs.”

“Okay,” you agree.

You’re sort of curious to try one out, but maybe later. They did look really steep on the way up.

It’s a pretty gentle slope to the left, but you do a double take at one of the signs marked with a black diamond. You pause to stare at it a moment.

“Yep, that one’s a black run,” says mama, pulling up next to you.

You don’t recall seeing any black runs yesterday.

“It hugs right up against the terrain park and gets really steep in a few sections. I’d say it’s an easy black, though.”

“Are there many here?” you ask curiously.

“Yep. They’re mostly on the other side of the mountain. A few are just really steep but a few are steep and windy through the trees.” So like the run you were just on, but a lot steeper. “There’s a really long blue run out that way too, but you need a good snow year to ski it.”

“How come?” you ask.

Mama shrugs.

“I’m not entirely sure. It’s on the far end of the resort so maybe it doesn’t get as much snow.”


The run is different and very scenic. On one side are lots of skiers going down the slopes and on the other is untouched fields of snow going off into the national park. You’re slightly curious to ski it and wonder if it’s possible.

When you get to the bottom, however, you find yourself worrying about the toilet. You don’t really need to go right now, but remembering yesterday you are acutely aware of it. As much as you hated to admit it, you were a little bit scared of having another accident. Once looked like an accident, but two times might be too much. You care scarcely imagine it, but for some reason the fear of your parents thinking it was deliberate reared its head. It was a silly idea, but the fear gnawed at you.

“How was that?” mama asked as you came to a stop.

You put on a smile and replied, “It was great!” but something tripped mama up.

“Something the matter, sweetheart?” she asked.

You didn’t really want to voice the fear, but now mama knew something was up you had to say it.

“Just worrying about the toilet.”

You can see mama’s eyebrows raise curiously despite her ski goggles.

“It can’t have been more than an hour ago we left the apartment.”

“I know,” you admit, worry lacing your voice. “I just…” you trail off, as actually putting it to words makes it seem even lamer.

Mama surprises you however by putting an arm around you comfortingly.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. We can head back that way,” she says reassuringly.

It’s embarrassing, but it’s nice to know mama isn’t bothered by it.

So, going up the other lift, you find yourself where it all started with mum yesterday. Lost in your thoughts, you don’t notice the water bottle until mama pressed it to your hands. She gives you a small smile.

“If you’re going to the loo soon there’s no reason to not stay hydrated.”

You give mama an embarrassed smile and take a long sip, leaning into her side. It’s comforting to have mama there. Soon you’re disembarking.

This time you head more to the left, down a gentle slope marked in green. There aren’t many people going this way, probably because it’s so early in the morning still. Lunch is still hours away. You unclip your skis at the entrance to the shelter next to the restaurant and after stacking your skis on the rack, clumsily walk in in your ski boots. They’re a bit hard to walk in, but unlike the ice you were warned about in the village, the floor here is carpet. Though it is wet with melted snow.

Even the bathrooms are carpeted here.

When you get your jacket off and push down your snow pants, it feels a little bit ridiculous how little pee leaves you. It’s silly you worried about this much of all things — embarrassing actually. Clumsily walking up to mama where she is refilling your drink bottle from a sink, you wonder if she knows you made a fuss out of nothing.

“All done?” she asks, her voice not betraying anything.

You silently nod to which mama gives you slightly sad smile. She takes your hand as you head back out. If anyone asks, it’s to prevent slips, but it’s a nice gesture all the same.


It doesn’t feel like even an hour when you notice your bladder again. Part of you wants to say your worrying over nothing, but another part is wondering if maybe you do need to go this time. You did drink most of the bottle, you realise. Still, it doesn’t seem fair to mama that you’d drag her off to the loo again.

Waiting in line for the lift, mama surprises you by nudging your shoulder.

“Ready?” she asks as the people in front get on.

You nod and move up. Glancing over your shoulder, there’s a group of three behind you. Given the growing queue, one of the lift attendants try to fill the empty spot on the three-person lift, but the lift sweeps under you and mama before anyone moves up. Mama puts an arm over your shoulder and leans in. It’s getting a bit windy now so she needs to do that or speak louder so you can hear.

“Worrying again?” she asks kindly.

Rather thank speak, you nod against her shoulder. Mama laughs softly.

“I wish I had something to sooth your worry,” she says with a touch of sadness. “I hate seeing you and Lucy sad.”

A strange thought crosses your mind.

“What about mum?” you ask, knowing the answer.

Mama laughs.

“I hate seeing her sad too, but I hate seeing you and Lucy sad more.”

As you hug her side, mama is silent until your reach the top. Coming to a stop not far from the lift, mama pulls out the map.

“You know those black runs on the far side?” mama asks. You nod. “There’s a couple of blue runs in between them. Do you want to try those?” It sounds interesting. Before you can ask about the loo, however, mama continues, “They end at the village so we can find you’re a toilet there, or go back to the apartment.”

“Okay,” you agree.

“First, we have to go into the village and then take the lift up to the top of those runs.”

The run is pretty easy. It’s mostly green, but there are a couple shortcuts that are blue. At the end is two ski lifts going up the hill, and — strangely — another lift that ends here. It’s the other end of the village from the apartment so you’re not familiar with it. Mama directs you to the loo, coming in with you.

This time you have the opposite problem. Last time you knew you hadn’t really needed to go, but this time you kept telling yourself you were just worrying about nothing, only to find you really did need to go once your sat on the loo. It was embarrassing to think that you couldn’t properly figure this out, that you really needed to go when you thought you didn’t. You were supposed to be a big girl and this did not feel like it.

Mama knows something is wrong as you go up the lift, but sharing it with someone else, she doesn’t ask about it, instead she puts her arm around you, giving you a side hug. The worries swirled in you mind, however and you can feel your eyes wet. Mama puts a hand under your arm as you get off the lift and leads you to a bench. A little bit unsure about everything, it soon clicks that your skis can go under it, letting you sit with your skis on.

You lean into her side.

“Want to talk about it?” mama asks.

You shake your head. You don’t really want to and really want to delay the inevitable, but after a few minutes start to speak.

“I — I kept telling myself I was worrying over n-nothing, but when I went to the loo I…” You swallow nervously. “… I realised I really needed to go,” you explain, tears welling in your eyes.

“Oh sweetie,” says mama, turning towards you to hug you properly.

“I — I — I should know . It’s b- babies that don’t know they need to go to the t-toilet,” you stutter out.

Mama rubs your back soothingly.

After a few minutes you finally pull away. Mama pushes up her goggles and wipes her wet eyes. It makes you feel worse to see that you made mama sad as well.

“Don’t worry about me,” she says, spotting your guilty look before hugging you again.

“Your mum and I don’t think you’re a baby,” mama whispers in your ear. “Even big girls have accidents, sometimes.”

Sniffling, you nod into mama’s chest.

“Did mum tell you about what happened to her?” You nod again, remembering what mum had told you. “She was a lot bigger than you are now and she was super embarrassed about it too. Neither of us are going to think badly about it.”

Pulling back, you give mama a wet smile. She carefully lifts you goggles up onto your helmet and wipes the tears away. Blinking slightly at the sudden change of colours, mama is smiling slightly humorously at you.

“Do you remember when you were four?” she asks.

Slightly dreading the question, you stiffly nod. But mama smiles kindly, even if there’s a slightly humorous edge to it.

“Even when you were telling your mum and I that you wanted to keep wearing nappies, we didn’t think you were a baby.”

You blush and cringe at the reminder. You remember being angry being told you couldn’t wear nappies anymore, especially as Lucy was still in them. You had toilet trained like you were supposed to, but you didn’t want to stop wearing them. The mindset didn’t last very long.

Mama pokes you on the nose to your surprise.

“Really , we knew you were a big girl, even if you wanted to still be in nappies.” It seemed like a crazy idea to you, that your parents could have thought anything else when you cried about having to wear undies. Mama’s look is knowing, however. “Your mum and I were pretty sure you just liked being looked after.”

Mama’s words make you blush furiously. That was pretty close to how you felt, though there had been a bit more to it.

“That was ages ago,” you say thickly.

Mama giggles.

“Not for me, that was only a few years ago.” Mama’s smile is sincere. A few years ago sounds like ages to you. “Your mum and I actually felt a little bit guilty about it.” She looks thoughtful a moment. “I remember you suddenly did a one-eighty about it though.”

You shrink slightly, remembering it. It was so nice to not worry about the potty and so nice to be looked after like that and then one day…

“I — I told some of the girls at kindy about it,” you admit with dread. It had been an awful few weeks. “They —” you swallow nervously, remembering it, even though it felt like ages ago. “They made fun of me for it. They called me a baby.”

Mama looks sad at your words before hugging you again.

“I forget how cruel some people can be,” she says, rubbing your back soothingly.

Sniffling, you realise you did miss it. It really was nice to get looked after. It was nice to not have to worry about accidents. That time in kindergarten was when you realised what other people said about you did hurt, and you suddenly cared about not having people say things about you.

To think mama had not thought you were a baby despite wanting a nappy. Despite the tears.

You sniffle, pulling back from mama’s hug.

“Did you —” you swallow. “Did you really think… that?” you cautiously ask.

“Yep, we sure did. We knew you weren’t a baby.”

“Both of you?”

“Yep, your mum and I.” Mama smiles sincerely at you. He words make your heart swell.

After a few moments of feeling happy, you notice mama looks thoughtful, like she’s considering something.

“Sweetheart, how would you…” Mama seems to be considering her words. “Would like to be in nappies again? Just for this trip?”

Your heart seems to freeze as two sides fight it out. On one hand that was a terrible embarrassing idea and your mind goes back to that time in kindergarten where that girl whose name you couldn’t even remember called you a baby for weeks, of the crying and the tears at her hurtful words. But, she wasn’t here, and mama was making this offer, and mama didn’t think you were a little baby…

It was so tempting.

You seem to choke as you ask, “R-really?” Your breath shudders. It seems really nice, too nice. So nice it didn’t seem possible.

“Yep,” mama says, taking you hand. “And then you won’t have to worry about any accidents on the slope. All you’ll have to do is have fun skiing.”

Without even thinking about it, you’re nodding. You want this, but…

“W-what about Lucy?” you ask, fear tinging your voice.

Mama gives you a comforting smile.

“We won’t have to tell her if you don’t want to.”

That sounds good, but…

“What — what if someone notices?”

Mama quietly laughs.

“Don’t you worry about that, no one will notice your nappy in your ski gear.”

You did sort of agree with mama’s words; it was pretty bulky and padded. The fear was there though.

“No one will recognise you with all your ski gear on,” she continues reassuringly.

The words break down the last wall you had put up.

“O-okay,” you stutter out.


The blue run really was in between loads of black runs. Mama had told you to stick close and follow her as you made your way down the long, circular route. You managed to count at least four black run turn offs as you went down, your heart hammering in anticipation.

Four-year-old you before the bulling would have been ecstatic at this, but afterwards, the wounds still raw, you would have cried at the suggestion. Now though the wound had had times to heal. It sounded amazing, and no longer would you have to worry about having an accident on the mountain.

Still, you were nervous. Nervous about Lucy finding out, or anyone else really.

When mama stopped to take another photo, you were sure you looked slightly embarrassed for no reason. Still, the view was amazing. Mama then asked you to take a photo of her. Not long after you reached the bottom of the slope and from there it’s an easy green around the back of the village to near where your shoes are stored. With the skis put away for the moment and in some much more slip-safe shoes, mama takes your hand and guides you towards the apartment.

“Now, I’ve got to pop into the pharmacist and get you nappies,” she says, the word nappy causing you to look around worried that someone was listening it. Thankfully, mama understands your worry and there’s no one nearby. “So, while I’m doing that I thought you might want to wait at the apartment. It will only be five minutes.”

That was something you hadn’t thought about, but in hindsight would be really embarrassing. What would people think if they saw you with mama buying nappies? Especially nappies for a bigger girl.

“O-okay, sounds good.”

Mama gives you a comforting smile. When you enter the lobby a boy at the front desk gives you a wave before going back to his phone and then it’s up to the apartment. Mama unlocks the door and lets you in. She gives you a hug before heading off to the pharmacists.

Squirmingly nervously, you sit on the couch. For a moment you think about turning on the TV, but you’re not really interested. Besides the fact it was a weekday so there would mostly be soap operas on, mama said she would only be gone a bit. So instead, you try to relax occasionally looking up at the ticking clock on the wall. There’s easily an hour and a half before lunch, so after getting you… you know , you’d be skiing again.

Suddenly you giggle, thinking about how silly it will be skiing on those hard runs in a nappy. Maybe by the end of the end of the week you’ll go down a black run in one. Maybe mama was right when she said you weren’t a baby for wanting a nappy; babies didn’t ski down black runs… or blues runs probably.

Suddenly you jump at the door clicks. Standing up, you spot mama as she pokes her head through. She gives you a smile as a blush creeps up your face. You can feel your heart racing in anticipation and a slight amount of fear for what was to come. Mama is holding a pink and white plastic packet in one hand.

“All ready?” she asks.

You’re not sure what there is to get ready, but you give her a nervous smile and a nod all the same. Mama looks around thoughtfully for a moment before going to the door of your shared room with Lucy and peeks in.

“Hmm — this might be hard on the bunk bed.” You’re not exactly sure what mama means. “Lets do this on mum and I’s bed,” she says, opening the door.

While you and Lucy were in a bunk bed, mum and mama share a bigger bed. The room is only slightly bigger, though, and your room isn’t very big to begin with. The apartment is quite compact, and even the combined lounge and kitchen was about the same size as your lounge at home.

Mama nods to the bed as she rips over the top of the packet of nappies. You take a seat on it, not sure where to begin. Looking you over, she gives you a humorous smile.

“You’ll have to get your shoes off, sweetie. For changes I can get you in a clean nappy without taking your pants off, but you do need to get your undies off.”


You’re about to reach down and undo your laces when mama puts the packet next to you on the bed and crouches down. She gives you an unbothered smile as she undoes them before pulling your shoes off your feet. As you wait, you glance at the nappy packet.

There’s a cute girl a bit younger than Lucy on the front along with the Size 6, 16kg+ . You suddenly feel tearful, but not unhappy tearful. It just seems really nice to not have to worry, to have mama and mama look after you, to be safe and protected.

In your distraction, you’re surprised when mama undoes the straps on your ski pants. You stand up, letting mama pull them down, then you step out of them.

“Lie down, sweetie,” she tells you as she reaches for the packet.

You’re confused slightly as to why, simply taking a seat, when mama pulls the nappy out and unfolds it. The nappy is the second surprise.

“Something the matter?” mama asks with a hint of worry.

“N-no, I just thought it… would be a pullup.”

“Is it a problem?”

You shake your head to which mama smiles comfortingly. You didn’t mean a bedwetter’s pullup because you never actually used those. No, you meant a pullup nappy.

“I think getting you changed in a pullup would be a bit hard. You’d have to get your ski boots and your pants off each time. Tape up nappies will be way easier, ad then we can get back to having fun sooner. Besides, I’m not sure they’d stay up very well when you’re skiing.”

That makes a lot of sense. You do vaguely remember tape up nappies occasionally, but by the time you stop wearing them it was mostly pullups with mum or mama helping you step into them. You nod.

“Okay,” you reply as you shuffle back slightly and lie down.

There’s some slight nervousness again as you realise mama is going to see your bottom bit, but you don’t say anything because that would make it embarrassing. Instead, you just let mama get to work.

You lift your bum as she pulls off your undies before she slides the soft nappy under you, then she pulls it up between your legs. Mama seems to know what she’s doing as she holds the front of the nappy against you and tapes up first your left side and then your right. It feels snug and secure as she checks the waist and around the legs.

“Feel okay?” she asks as she holds her hand out for you.

Sitting up, you squirm slightly in your nappy. It just feels right. Nodding, you can feel your eyes wetting. As you stand up you squirm again before throwing your arms around mama in a hug. Standing there in just your nappy and your warm top, mama hugs you back.

“T-thank you,” you say thickly, happy tears streaking your face.

Mama just smiles down at you.

“No need to thank me, sweetheart. I just want you to be happy.”

Squirming slightly again and feeling the soft nappy around your waist, mama wipes off the tears before helping you get back into your ski pants. You hold onto her shoulders as you step into the offered holes before she does up the straps over your shoulders. Looking down, you don’t see any evidence of your protection.

“Nope, nothing to see there,” mama says slightly teasingly.

You give her a smile before she encourages you to sit again. It’s nice that mama wants to do up your shoes too.

Once she’s done, mama leads you to the bathroom. Looking over yourself in the mirror you look just like you did this morning, with no evidence of your nappy. It’s a nice gesture for mama to show you how no one will notice. When you head back into the lounge at get your jacket back on, mama is topping up the water bottles again.

Putting several extra nappies in her backpack, mama says, “I’ll put these in mum and I’s room so you don’t have to worry about Lucy seeing them.”

AN: Chapter 3 is basically done as well. All thanks to the power of procrastination! I personally see it as evidence of not being an adult like my driver’s licence tries to claim.

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I love it. Thank you very much littlenappygirl!

A Girl’s Wet Skiing Adventure

Chapter 3

The first difference you notice is that the ski lift chairs seem less cold. They weren’t super cold before, but the difference is noticeable. You also tried listening for the sound of your nappy crinkling, but it had been too noisy around all the other people queuing for the lift. Besides, after stomping through the snow to get you skis, you thought it also sounded a bit like snow crushing underfoot.

You weren’t alone on the lift though, sharing it with two others. As they chatted away, mum pulled out the map. You had just gotten on the lift at the bottom of easy green.

“Lets try these three a few times before lunch,” mama said, pointing at a few blues near easy green.

While easy green winded it’s way down, these three (which had owl related names) went mostly straight down. Two went through the forest and one went under the ski lift. They all started at the same place and finished at the same too. You agreed.

“Wow, you must be pretty good to ski those,” commented the teenage girl next to mama.

“Which ones?” the older boy next to her asked.

His friend named the runs.

“They’re pretty good,” he said. “How long have you been skiing?”

“A while,” replied mama humorously. “But today is only the second day for my daughter here.”

“Wow, you are pretty good,” complimented the girl. Her friend nodded. “We weren’t comfortable on blue runs until the end of my first week.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” he friend grumbled.

Her friend looked uncomfortable at the topic and you wondered how truthful he was. When you all got off at the top, she wishes you and mama good luck before you followed mama to the top of the run.

“Don’t forget to keep drinking,” says mama as she got the water bottle out.

You look at the bottle uncomfortably for a moment before mum quietly laughs.

“If you’re in a nappy, you can definitely keep hydrated, sweetie.”

It was a fair argument, you though as you take a long drink. Mum pulls you into a sideways hug as you do. A few people shoot past and down the mountain. As you hand the bottle back, two girls who look to be about you age come to a stop by an older girl. You’re not sure if she’s a way older sister or their mum.

Still, you mind turns to if other people your age wished to be back in nappies. perhaps they wanted to, but embarrassed like you are about wanting it. For a moment you imagine those two girls are your friends, and you’re all playing togethering in the snow. Under your snow clothes are secure nappies — just girls who didn’t have to worry about those sorts of things, because someone like mama wants to look after you.

You wonder if any of your friends back home could understand, or even be willing to listen long enough that you could explain it. Maybe, you hope.

“Ready?” mama asks.

You nod.

“Uh huh,” you hum.

It’s another pretty run, covered in snow. It’s almost fairy tale like. It’s about as steep as the slope you had your accident on, but not as narrow or winding. About a third of the way down it splits into two and mama takes you right, and then about halfway down it splits again and mama goes right again. For the last fifty metres it joins easy green, then it’s back up top. Next time, mama leads you down the first left.

Skiing under the lift most of the way down is a bit strange. Then mama comes to a sudden stop in a spray of snow. Thankfully you’re not too close, letting you come to a slightly hard but not too hard stop next to her

“Hey down there!” someone calls.

You look up, realising it’s mum. She’s got her camera out and snaps a photo of you and mama. Lucy calls out your name and waves, and you wave back.

“You two look really short from up here,” says mum.

Lucy giggles at mum’s comment while mama tries not to smile.

“Only time you will be,” mama calls back smartly.

Mum visibly snorts as she and Lucy pass overhead. Lucy waves back again, turning in her seat to do so. Mum has a firm grip of Lucy’s other arm as she does.

Smiling, you and mama wave back.


Having taken the three different runs, you, mama and two others get into the ski lift and head up the hill. Mama checks the time before pulling her map out. In your seat you squirm slightly, the water having gone straight through you. You should just go and use your nappy, but suddenly you have doubts.

For one, you can sort of feel that your body won’t cooperate. You’re not sure if it’s the fact you’re sitting down with the chair lift pressing against you bum, or something else. After that, it’s a silly fear: what if you misunderstood? What if the nappy was for accidents and you were still supposed to ask to go to the loo? Mama never said it, and you’re pretty sure she meant for you to use your nappy, but the small fear you misunderstood is there. You also can’t ask her with two others in the lift.

“I think we can do one more run before lunch,” says mama. She points at a blue run on the other side of the mountain. “Why don’t we go this one?” You can see the blue line goes through a wide ski slope, then through some trees and back onto another wide slope. “It even has a poma lift. You haven’t used that yet, have you?”

“What’s that?” you ask.

Mama thinks for a moment.

“It’s a bit like a ski lift, but instead of a chair, it’s got a rope with a rubber disk on the end. You put it between your legs and it pulls you up the mountain while you’re on your skis.”

That sounds pretty weird.

“So, does it only do one person?” you ask.

You can’t think of how it could do multiple people like a ski lift.

“Yep, one at a time,” mama confirms. “Don’t worry, you can go first and I’ll help you get on it right.”

When you get off the lift at the top you can tell you need to go. If not for your nappy, you’d be going to the loo right now. Following mama, she pauses for a second at the top. Deciding to get it over with, you come to a stop near her and try to go, but you can’t seem to relax properly. You try pushing too, but that doesn’t work. Then as you relax again, you get a single squirt.

It’s the sort of spurt that would have been humiliating to experience in an unnappied state, but then it stops as you freeze, your muscles clenching. Then you realise mama is pushing off. So, despite the discomfort, you follow her down the slope.

Hugging the tree line, you go about a quarter of the way down before there’s an arrow marked with a blue square pointing into the trees. Mama ducks in and you follow. Coming around a bend, you spot mama with her camera out for a photo.

“Something the matter?” she asks, inspecting the photo in the view screen.

Coming to a halt in front of her, you visibly squirm, your bladder aching.

“I — I need to go,” you explain.

A sad smile on her, mama shuffles over. She puts an arm around you.

“Can’t go in your nappy?”

You glance around again to find the trail deserted.

“No,” you admit quietly, your face going red in embarrassment.

You’re beginning to understand why it’s so hard, but it’s difficult to put into normal sounding words that your brain is screaming at you that you can’t pee here, that you can’t pee while clothed, that your bum is supposed to be parked over the loo first.

“Hmm,” mama hums thoughtfully.

Then she smiles slightly cheekily.

“Maybe you need a good tickle?”

You blink dumbly at mama for a moment before what she just said clicks. But before you can get away (and you’re not really sure how to get away), mama leaves here poles stuck in the snow and puts her hands under your jacket.

“No! Nope!” you cry.

Tickling is great when you do it to Lucy, but less so when it’s you. Or at least, at the moment; it’s usually funny afterwards. But that doesn’t deter mama.

“I’ll pee!” you cry again, but after you say it, you realise the words were both silly and absolutely would not deter mama.

As she begins to tickle you, you squirm and laugh. Then the damn breaks, and it starts to fill your nappy. It’s a strange shock, so much so that you suddenly sag against mama, your bladder crying out in relief. Mama hugs you comfortingly you as wet your nappy. You close your eyes as the flow keeps going, as you feel the warmth sucked up by the soft padding wet your front and bum.

“All better?” mama asks.

You shake your head as you relax again and a bit more comes out. You sigh comfortably.

“See? That wasn’t so bad.”

It wasn’t bad at all. The wet warmth was actually… nice. The hard part had been starting, and you had wanted to go earlier. You had wet your nappy for the first time since you were little, surrounded by snow.


You wet nappy has swelled between your legs. The bulk is a bit comforting in a way, a reminder that your nappy is there to protect you from any accidents. Supported by your ski pants, it doesn’t feel heavy either. You feel giddy as you follow mama down the slope, happy in your nappy.

At the bottom, the queue for the poma is pretty short, and seeing the device, what mama explained to you suddenly makes more sense.

Like a ski lift it has a continuous cable going up and down the mountain, but instead of chairs there are there poles with black rubber disks on them. The lady running the poma grabs one before it gets to the skier and pulls on it. The pole then seems to stretch with that scratching metallic sound of a big spring before the skier slips it between their legs. Then they’re off up the hill.

Looking up the mountain, you realise the weather is clearing and you can see blue sky.

“First time?” the lady asks.

“Yeah,” you admit.

“You’ve got to be quick getting on,” she explains as she grabs the pole for a person in front of you. “Hold on tight to the pole and keep your skis straight up the mountain — and if you come off, don’t try to get back on; just ski back down here and try again.”

You nod, committing it to memory.

You watch the next person get on carefully, then it’s your turn.

There’s a slight slope, letting you gain a little bit of speed. The lady holds the poma out for you as you get on, then there’s a tug as it’s suddenly pulling you. Your wet nappy squishing, you hold on tight while trying to keep your skis straight and suddenly you’re going up.

The poma seems to stutter in its own way, suddenly tugging you up the slope and then slowing slightly, before repeating the process. You wonder if this feels different in a dry nappy — or no nappy at all — before looking over your shoulder. Mama waves, looking quite comfortable with the choice in conveyance. You don’t dare wave back over fear of losing your grip.

What’s stranger is that people are skiing past you as you go up. Sure, there had been a conveyer belt thing in the mostly flat area where you had first puttered back and forth, but here people coming the other way were going fast.

At the top you stumble slightly from the motion needed to let the poma go. You’ve got to spread you legs slightly and slip off. But suddenly free, the poma springs out of your grip. The surprise combined with the awkward stance gets you. But you stay upright and come to a stop to wait for mama. She crests the mountain a few moments later.

“You want a change now?” she asks quietly as you glide the short distance to the shelter.

You’re not sure. Your nappy doesn’t feel bad, but you do know nappies will leak if you use them too much.


You make up your mind as you get inside, however, because the place is packed. Most of the tables seem to be full and there’s simply a sea of noise as everyone talks about their morning and people clunk about in their ski boots. The queue for the loos is visible too. You don’t know how changes will work, but you’re sure the change rooms are part of the visible queue.

Mama can’t find mum and Lucy so she pulls out her phone and calls. With a hand over her other ear and after having to speak a lot louder than normal, mama hangs up and guides you by the hand to a table at the back.

Lucy immediately regales to mama her morning as mama takes the seat next to her, leaving you to take the seat next to mum. Undoing you jacket a bit and taking off your helmet, you wince slightly as your cold, frosty pigtails touch your bare neck. You can see mum noticed when she tries not to laugh before she gives you a sideways hug.

“Good morning?”

“Um —" you say smartly as you think about it. Squirming happily in your wet nappy, you go with, “Yeah, it was good.” You shrug, not sure you want to admit you troubles, and certainly not with other people about. So, you avoid that topic and regale your own tale about your morning.


Your skis back on you putter about out the front of the restaurant. Mama and Lucy are in the loo (the line got a little bit shorter over lunch) while mum is waiting by the door.

You can feel the need to go again and quickly decide it’s better out than in. So, after glancing around, you try to relax and go. Thinking about the warm wetness of your nappy, you manage to relax and go almost immediately. Your nappy seems to swell more but you can’t hear a sound over the breeze. When you’re done you squirm, feeling the swollen nappy between your thighs. You’re not sure how much more the nappy can take.

As you look back at the restaurant hoping to see mama and Lucy strolling out, you are instead greeted by mum coming to a stop.

“All good?” she asks.

“Yep!” you reply with a nod, your face flushed.

Mum looks at you curiously for a moment before side hugging you.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better after yesterday.”

You are too. You smile widely.

“Do you need a change, yet?”

You freeze. You hadn’t told mum about that yet, and you don’t know how mama could have told her. You find yourself worrying your nappy might be visible now.

“Don’t panic, sweetie,” mum reassures you. “Your mama and I did talk about this last night. We hoped you’d be okay, but we did think about ways to make your feel happy and safe if you still worried.”

Slightly wet eyed, you nod before hugging mum thankfully.

“N-not yet,” you stutter out.

Mum looks down at you with a kind smile.

“After a run or two I’m sure the lunchtime rush will be gone and we can get you changed then.”


The first run as a group is easy green. The four of you — even Lucy — seem to shoot down the slope. It’s actually surprising how far Lucy is along. When you get to the bottom, mum is trying not to smile. When she spots your surprised look, she shakes her head good naturedly and comes to a stop besides you.

“Lucy just needed some more confidence,” mum explains in a low voice. “That’s the biggest hurdle to skiing. The techniques for going down a slope are basically the same regardless of steep it is. But the steeper it is, the scarier it is at first, then you panic and have trouble.”

You tried to think how that might be wrong, because it didn’t really sound right, but thinking it through you had to concede mum was right — at least on slopes that are open. You weren’t sure about winding narrow slopes that took lots of care and thinking ahead. You weren’t exactly going fast on those.

Still, it sounded like Lucy could join the rest of you now. But on the next run you learnt why your parents were worried.

“Lucy, slow down!” mama called out.

This blue slope cut through a scenic green slope about halfway down. There were big signs telling people on the blue slope to slow down and watch out for other skiers, but Lucy cut straight through, narrowly passing a boy about your age.

“Sorry!” mama called out as she passed the now crying boy’s angry parents.

Mum looked pained at the scene as she and you skied carefully after mama and Lucy.

“She’s gotten a bit too confident,” commented mum. “I’m worried she’ll get hurt.”

When you catch up, you can see mama is a mixture of angry and worried. She almost never shouts, unless you did something really dangerous. It gets even better for Lucy once you get to the bottom when mama spots the boy with his parents.

“Come on, lets get you changed,” says mum quietly as mama shrugs off her backpack, letting mum take it.

“You are going to apologise to him,” mama tells Lucy flatly.

Stacking your skis in sight of mama, mum takes you hand in search of some place to change you. Thankfully, no one is watching you as mum leads you to the changing room. You don’t think about the baby sign on the door as mum leads you in and locks the door.

“I’ll make this quick and painless, sweetie,” mum tells you with a reassuring smile.

The fold out changing table is a bit high, so mum lifts you up under your arms, setting you down on your bottom with a wet squelch. Setting aside mama’s bag, she helps you unzip you jacket and undo the shoulder straps on your ski pants. Then she helps you get your pants down. You shuffle your bum slightly to get them under your nappy.

Well insulated, your nappy is still warm, but you can now feel the cool air. But with your ski boots still on, your pants only go past your knees. Mum opens the bag and pulls out a fresh nappy and unfolds it, setting it aside with some wet wipes.

It’s embarrassing but still nice for mum to look after you. As you hold up your legs, she deftly untapes your wet nappy and wipes you down with a cool wet wipe. Then she pulls the wet nappy out and replaces it with a dry one. There’s not much space on the changing table, so she rolls it up and uses the tapes to secure it before putting it in the bin, then she folds the clean nappy over you.

“Seems I haven’t forgotten how to look after you,” says mum jovially as she does up the tapes.

Mum helps you down when she decides it’s easier to get your pants back up if you are standing, and then does up the shoulder straps. She zips up for jacket and then she plants a kiss on your forehead.

“There, all done.”

You give her an embarrassed but happy smile before she pulls you into a hug.


“I was really scared, you know,” murmurs mama as she gives Lucy a sideways hug.

On the lift up the mountain, both mama and Lucy look hurt at Lucy’s telling off.

“I don’t want to see you hurt, sweetheart,” she continues. “Neither does your mum or you sister.”

At Lucy’s sideways glance at you, you give her a small smile and a nod.

“That’s right; we don’t want to see you get hurt, and what you did was very dangerous,” adds mum. Her voice isn’t happy, but it’s not cruel either. She just sounds concerned.

Lucy nods against mama’s side. There seems to be tears under her snow goggles.

“I — I’m sorry,” she says smally.

“I know,” replies mama. “So please don’t do it again and listen when we tell you to be more careful.”

Lucy sniffles, nodding again.

After everyone unloads at the top, you huddle together as mama pulls out her map.

“So, we were thinking of trying this run next,” she says, mostly for Lucy’s benefit as she points at the trail you wet yourself on. “Your big sis has already gone down it, and she can tell you how careful you have to be because it’s really narrow.”

“Yep. It is fun though,” you say. “It’s really pretty.”

Lucy seems to perk up slightly at the idea of the trail being pretty.

“Now, I’ll be going first, so no one go ahead of me,” mama says to mum’s nod.

“Okay,” you agree.

“O-okay,” agrees Lucy after a second.

“And after that we can try some of the blue runs you that way.”

“You should see the snow park ,” you add. “It’s crazy! They’ve got huge jumps people actually use. Like, way taller than mama!”

Lucy blinks in surprise at your description.

“Really?” she asks in amazement.

“Yeah, they’re big all right,” mum adds in agreement.


Going down the slope, Lucy looks nervous. It’s not skiing nervous as she’s skiing fine, so you have to assume she’s just nervous after doing the wrong thing. She’s going just a little bit slow however, so as you get close to the trees you overtake her.

Mum glances over her shoulder at you before disappearing around a bend. When she reappears, she is waiting and getting her camera ready. She doesn’t have time to get a photo of you, but she does get a few of Lucy and then of mum.

As you wait, you realise there’s a little bit of pee in you, so you decide to try going. It’s difficult again, but not as much so as your first time wetting your nappy. First there’s a little spurt which suddenly stops, and a few moments later you manage another. Your breath shaking slightly, you soon manage to go properly. Your nappy feels warm, but the warmth doesn’t go much further than between your legs.

But before everyone sets off again, two people come around the bend. They slow a bit before mama asks, “Would either of you be willing to take a photo of us?”

“No problem,” says one of the men.

“Thank you,” replies mama gratefully, holding out her camera.

The four of you quickly shuffle together. Mum and mama slip their arms around each other’s waists while you stand in front of mum on the left and Lucy stands on the right in front of mama. Both mum and mama slip their free arms around you and Lucy, hugging you both.

“Smile!” calls the man before the camera clicks. He takes several follows in quick succession before inspecting the images. “Looks good,” he says, shuffling on his skis over and handing the camera back.

“Thanks again,” says mum.

“No problem,” he replies. “Have fun.”

He and his friend ski off.


A Girl’s Wet Skiing Adventure

Chapter 4

“Are we… doing that?” Lucy asks in fear and awe.

Mama laughs.


As the lift carries your up the mountain and over the snow park, you decide it would be really scary to go over those jumps. Like, really really scary. Still, the people that do are amazing. You too watched in awe as the woman went over a huge jump, flew through the air and then landed in a spray of snow.

As you disembark and feeling secure in your nappy, you unprompted get your water bottle from mama’s bag and take a healthy drink from it. Your nappy is still dry, for now. Mama gives you a small smile as you do and then stands still so you can put it back in her bag.

“Head to the left,” says mama, mostly towards Lucy, pointing as she does. “The slope at the far end, the blue slope.”

As a group you pass the black slope that was notable because it as the first black slope you ever saw, and head for the slightly curving slope at the end. You had skied this slope before, but it and every other slope in the area was a first for Lucy.

“All ready?” mum asked.

“Yep!” you and Lucy both reply at the same time.

You share a glance with your sister, giggling at your timing, before mama pushes off.

It’s nice to have the breeze racing by as your glide side to side, trying not to build up too much speed as you go down the snow-covered mountain. The slope is wide and relatively smooth, and there’s lots of space so you aren’t going to run into anyone else on the slope.

“Now, that was fun, wasn’t it kids?” mum asks as you get to the bottom.

“Yep!” says Lucy, having seemed to perk up after earlier.

You nod along.

“How about I record all of us going down the slope next run?” suggests mum. “My camera does video.”

An immediate thought comes to mind.

“But how will you use your ski poles?” you ask.

Mum smiles, clearly unconcerned about that.

“They’re useful, but I don’t need them to ski. Certainly not on this slope.”

You feel slightly uncertain about that idea. Sure, some of the kids your age didn’t use them, but you could only remember that on the green slopes. This might only be blue, but it’s a lot steeper than a green run. Still, mama isn’t objecting either.

“We’ll go right this time,” says mum as you ascend the slop again.

Coming to a halt not far from the lifts, mum takes off her own backpack before rigidly securing her ski poles to the back using the compression straps. Her poles tucked away, you headed as a group to the top of the run.

“Now, I’ll start at the back, but I might try to overtake to film everyone. So, when I do, don’t try to speed up,” mum explained.

You and your sister agreed to mum’s request, and off you went again.

It was different being filmed. You felt like you should do things for the camera, so grabbing some courage, you turned your eyes off the slopes of a moment to look back and wave. Tou your surprise, mum speeds up, but rather than going straight past she seems to effortlessly film and ski at the same time. You’re not sure how mum can do it.

“So, how have you enjoyed the holidays so far?” mum asks.

You smile widely.

“It’s great! It’s been loads of fun,” you say unhesitatingly. The other thing comes you the forefront of your mind though. You hope your blush isn’t visible under your cold-flushed face as you think about how nice the other thing is, your smile turning slightly embarrassed. It’s good embarrassed though, knowing that mum and mama are looking after you, thinking about how to make your feel safe and happy.

Suddenly feeling close to happy tears, you say, “Thank you — f-for everything,” slightly thickly.

You can see your words make mum happy too from the way her smile grows.

“You’re my daughter; I’m always going to want to see your smiling and happy.”

Your eyes slightly wet, mum takes off to catch up with Lucy, leaving you to effortlessly glide across the snow, zig-zagging your way down in wide arcs.


You can tell Lucy is getting tired. It’s nearish to the end of the day, maybe two hours of skiing left, so it’s not super surprising, but you’re not sure what will happen. Will everyone pack up for the day? You can’t imagine Lucy being allowed to stay at the apartment herself; mum and mama wouldn’t let even you stay alone at home for very long. So, mum or mama would have to look after her, which seems bad for your parents.

“How are you feeling, Lucy?” mum asks as you reach the bottom of another run.

“I’m good,” Lucy replies a bit too quickly.

Mum gives her a smiling but dubious look.

“Hmm — well, why don’t we try some blue runs on the other side of the mountain?”

“What runs were you thinking?” mama asks as she retrieves her map.

Mum names a run you’re familiar with. It’s the run on that side of the mountain you had done this morning. But mama suggests taking a different route as halfway down it splits into two runs; one going to the back of the village and the other to the bottom. To get back up from the bottom you had to take two lifts.

“You skied this run this morning, didn’t you?” mum asks you.

“Yep, but we went the other way.”

“Yeah, we did,” confirms mama.

So, it was agreed to try a blue run on the other side.

First you would have to go up the lift to near where the restaurant is, then down a green run, cut through a blue run and then green again to behind the village before going up to the summit. Waiting in line for the lift, you easily wet your slightly damp nappy some more. You didn’t really need to go, but you don’t see why you should hold if you’re taped up in a nappy.

Within a few minutes you are in the chair lift to ascend the summit. Having not gone up this way before, Lucy is looking about at all the new things to see. You are too, until you realise that soon you’ll have to do some other business in your nappy.

Neither mum or mama had said anything about messing your nappy and you’re not sure you’d want to do it. Besides holding a poop is a lot easier than not trying to pee, so you can probably hold until the end of skiing — and you’d prefer not to have to go find a loo to go poop while there’s still skiing.

Soon your’re disembarking at the top.

“I told your sister this this morning,” mama begins to explain, “but there are lots of black runs around here and you don’t want to go down those. So, you must either follow mum or me. Okay?”

“Okay,” Lucy agrees.

Catching your eye, you give mama a nod in response, and off you go.


Lucy had lots of fun, but now she’s definitely tired. Leaning against mama as it’s up the first lift, she looks like she might fall asleep. In fact, she might be asleep. There was a poma straight up to the summit from the very bottom, but besides the fact it’s a really long way to go by poma, your have some idea what your parents have in mind.

“Are you ready?” mama asks her as you get read to get off the lift.

Lucy grumbles something, and once your get off the lift, you turn to find mama hold Lucy’s hand.

“I think we might have to end it here, today,” says mama.

“Nooo!” Lucy whines.

Mama gives her a sad smile as you hope it won’t be everyone packing up. Yesterday mama had gone back to the apartment with Lucy while you skied on with mum. Thankfully, mum steps in, sharing a look with mama.

“How about we get you some food and you have a short nap, and once you’re recharged, I’ll take you skiing some more?” mum suggests.

You’re not sure there will be any skiing to do after food and a nap, but you can see mum is trying to make this as painless as possible. Looking unhappy about it, Lucy gives a nod.

“Okay,” she says tiredly.

Taking the back route around the village, Lucy leaves with mum. You turn to mama expectantly.

“We’ve got about ninety minutes before the last trip up the mountain,” says mama. “What do you want to do, sweetheart?”

You’re not sure, besides the obvious which was keep skiing .

“What is there to do?” you ask.

“Well, we could go back over the mountain and do some runs over there. There’s also one or two blue runs you’ve not done over here.”

Remembering what mum had said from yesterday, you ask, “Isn’t there a really long blue run on this side?”

Mama looked thoughtful.

“There is, but I’ll have to ask what the run is like at the moment; it gets really patchy near the bottom if there’s not been enough snow. I’ve actually never skied it because it’s been closed every other time I’ve skied here.”

“Oh — okay.” That’s a little bit surprising. You were sure mama had been skiing loads of times, thought maybe it wasn’t often here?

“How about we head to the other side and do some blue runs you’ve not done there. Then I’ll ask about, and if it’s good, we’ll do the really long run at the end of the day?”

You perk up; that sounds fun.


As you wait in the queue for the lifts, you realise that with a loo nearby that maybe you should use it. But you’re already in the queue and there’s not that long to go in the day. It’s not super uncomfortable anyway, and you do have a nappy, even if you’re not sure how mama will react to you using it for that.


It wasn’t uncomfortable when you forgot about it and just enjoyed the snow. But after a few minutes of not thinking about it, you would inevitably feel your mess trying to creep its way out. Then it was uncomfortable.

Still, you enjoyed the few runs and were going backup for some more. Having your bottom planted flat on the seat helped a lot.

“Something that matter, sweetie?” mama asks, noticing your discomfort.

Squirming slightly, you have to remind yourself that you and mama are the only ones on the lift. Still, it’s embarrassing to talk about. You momentarily wonder if there’s something else you can say to explain it before conceding that you should probably just say it.

“I — um — I need to poop,” you admit quietly, your face heating despite the cold.

“Oh — do you want to go find a loo?”

Frowning, you knew you really didn’t. After getting out of your skis, the inevitable line, figuring out how your nappy will work in this; it will take too long. You know there’s not much skiing left and you wanted to enjoy it all. You swallow nervously, preparing to ask the embarrassing question.

“D-do I have to?” you asked in a very small voice.

Mama gives you a soft smile, putting her arm around you.

“You know, if you want to get changed straight after, we should probably find a loo; it will be way easier to clean up that way.”

You told yourself you wanted to keep skiing, but having mentioned it, you wonder if you could, or if you’d want to get changed straight away. Squirming again, you try to think.

“How come, sweetheart?” mama asks before you’ve thought of an answer.

It sounds like something Lucy would say.

“I just want to keep skiing,” you say quietly.

Mama quietly laughs.

“Well, I can understand that bit — and it would probably end skiing for the day to go to the loo.”

Mama probably didn’t mean it, but her words help you make your choice.

“So… it would be okay?”

“I’ve cleaned up your messy bottom loads of times,” mama replies with laughter tinging her voice. She squeezes you gently. “I’m a bit surprised you’d be okay with messing your nappy, but I don’t mind cleaning you up, sweetie.”

You give mama an embarrassed smile before cuddling into her. You only get a few moments to do so, however, before the lift reaches the top. You ski a short distance from the lift and turn, expecting to find mama right behind you, but mama seems to be talking to the man running the lift.

You barely wonder why when your gut clenches uncomfortably. Mama said it was okay to use your nappy… but you’re not sure if you could here, with so many people about. Four lifts terminated here, plus there was the main shelter and the restaurant. So, lots of people were coming and going, and what if they notice?

It occurs to you that you probably couldn’t poop standing like this. Trying to remember back, you think you might have to squat, and that would be strange to anyone watching… and what if they smelled it? Suddenly, this seemed like a bad idea, that maybe you should have gone to the loo.

“Seems we’re in luck,” says mama, surprising you slightly. You turn to her. “They’ve had good snow on that side. The guy running the lift said he skied it just yesterday.”

“Oh! Cool!” you reply.

You’re not sure if your nappy is on mama’s mind, but she doesn’t mention it.

“So we’ll ski down to behind the village and then up to the summit.”


You haven’t gone far when you make up your mind. There are people about, sure, but this is really uncomfortable now. So, you decide that you’ll slow next to a tree and just go. Hopefully no one will think to much about you squatting in the snow this close to the village given you can see the buildings.

Mama might ne be happy though, but you can’t tell her. Having someone watch — even mama — will make this even more embarrassing. So, when mama leads you down a blue-marked shortcut, you come to a stop near some trees.

Your bowels are uncomfortable as you wonder what to do, before deciding to try and squat. You step, spreading your legs slightly and then squat. The position is surprisingly natural and your mess comes surprisingly easily.

Your eyes water in embarrassment as you feel the first log push past your cheeks and then to your surprise you can feel yourself suddenly peeing. The mess then encounters your nappy and with an encouraging push it begins to pile up, spreading up and down, the pressure pushing your cheeks open slightly.

It’s embarrassing, but at the same time a wonderful relief. Whining slightly, you push again and more mess escapes you as more wetness spurts into your nappy. The warm, sticky mess goes sideways now, coating your bottom. Then, with a final push to be sure everything is out, you sign in relief.

Your legs shaking, you stand upright. Your messy nappy doesn’t feel bad — in fact, it’s sort of warm on your bottom — but it is embarrassing. Surprisingly though, you don’t smell much.

Squirming slightly which makes the mess move a bit, you wonder what mama is going to say. Actually, mama is probably worried; it’s only been a minute, but still, you don’t want mama to worry about it. So, eyes slightly wet, you tentatively push off.

Skiing with a packed, messy nappy is a new experience, but not a bad one. At least not because of the mess.

As you round the bend, mama is waiting. She looks worried and you try to smile apologetically as you pull up besides her, squirming mostly because of embarrassment and guilt.

“Are you okay?” mama asks concerned.

Your eyes are still slightly wet as you nod.

“Ah-huh,” you hum. “I just — um —” You look away, your face flushed.

Surprisingly, mama hugs you tightly.

“Oh — sweetie. Do you want to get changed then?”

You’ve gone this far…

You shake your head against her chest.

“I — I just want to ski some more.”

Mama looks down at you with a kind, reassuring smile. Then a worry occurs to you.

“Do you — do you think people will notice?” you ask nervously.

Mama shakes her head.

“Nope — there’s a bit of a breeze at the moment.”

You wonder if that’s why you couldn’t easily smell it.

Just to be sure, mama lets you sit on the end on the lift with her between you and anyone else. Only one person else gets on the four people lift and they sit on the opposite side. Still, your mess squishes and moves as you sit on it. A bit like a wet nappy, it feels okay to squirm in it.


Besides the fact your poopy nappy moulded itself to the flat seat of the ski lift, your nappy doesn’t bother you. In fact, you barely think about it as you enjoy the long, circular route. In fact, it’s not really like any run you’d ever done before. It’s not really a run with a clear path, rather there just seems to be a general direction to go, interspaced with signs telling you you’re going the right way.

From the end of the top bit, you can see most of the valley the village is in, with more snow-covered mountains opposite. It would be really neat to ski down those mountains, you think. Further down, it turns more trail like, going through the trees. You’re tired by the end of it and ready for dinner. Mama leads you to a bench out of the way and you sit down next to her, your nappied mess moving again.

“Want to be changed yet?” mama asks as she puts an arm around you.

You shrug, not super bothered by it. Mama lightly chuckles.

“You didn’t normally mess your nappy when you were little — by the end, anyway.”

“Oh,” you say, thinking about it.

You wonder why; it seems convenient to just use your nappy.

“Rather than walk all the way to the locker in our ski boots, I think I’ll call mum and ask if she can grab our shoes for us.”

“Is it far?”

“A bit,” mama replies. “But there’s lots of icy pavement between here and the locker, and a slip would end out skiing for the week.”

“That would be bad.”

Mama laughs.

“It would,” she says. “You wouldn’t even be able to enjoy the helicopter.”

You blink at mama, wondering what she means.


“Yep,” she says with a chuckle. “Most people who have to go to the hospital are flown out. It’s about four hours drive to the nearest hospital.”

“Wow — that sounds like ages ,” you agree.

Making an agreeable noise, mama slips off her backpack and pulls out her phone, calling mum.

“We’re down at the bottom…” mama says. “We were hoping you could deliver us our shoes … Yep, at the bottom of the summit poma.” Watching mama’s face, you spot her widely smile. “I love you too.”

The words make you smile widely as well as you lean into mama’s side. Suddenly mama says, “come on, get your skis off.”

You’re not sure why she wants them off, but do it anyway as she gets her own off. Then, mama surprises you by putting her hands under your armpits and lifting you, placing you in her lap. She puts her arms comfortingly around your front, hugging you.

“Oops — I think I can smell your mess bottom now.”

You flush, squirming in mama’s lap. Mama quietly laughs.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’re very cute like this, and smelly bottoms are just part of being a mama.” Mama pauses a moment. “Well — actually, you’re always cute. I’ve got two very cute daughters.”

You squirm pleasurably in mama’s lap.

“And you’re really pretty mama,” you reply.

“Ooh — you think so?”

How could that ever be in question, you wonder.

“Of course.”

Mama laughs. “And what about mum?”

You nod resolutely.

“Yep, mum is really pretty too.”

Mama makes an agreeable noise. “Yep, I have a very pretty wife.”

You sit comfortably in mama’s lap for several minutes before mum appears with yours and mama’s shoes.

“Mum!” you call out.

Mum smiles at both of you.

“Lucy’s asleep on the couch,” mum tells mama.

“I’m not surprised — I am surprised it’s not two daughters, however.”

Mum laughs

“You had a good day, sweetie?”

“Yep!” you say with a nod.

“Well, we’ve got spaghetti for dinner, so how about we get your shoes on so we can get on home?”

That sounds delicious. You’re surprised though when mum lifts you off mama’s lap and sets you besides mama. Mum then starts unbuckling your ski boots for you, and after some jiggling to get your feet out of the tight boots, helps you put your shoes on.


“Hmm,” hums mum as you climb the stairs with her, holding her hand. “I was beginning to wonder…” she says, trailing off.

Blushing, you realise she’s talking about your messy nappy. Mum glances back at mama. You don’t look back, a bit too embarrassed, but you hear mama quietly laugh.

“Well, someone chose between one last run for the day, or the potty.”

Mum laughs.

You don’t say anything though as mum leads you to the apartment door. This bit is what you dreaded: would Lucy find out? The first thing you notice is the smell of bolognaise cooking on the small stove. The TV is on mute again, Lucy fast asleep. You relax a fraction.

“Do you want out of your mess nappy and a shower?” mum asks.

A bit… but dinner smelt really good.

“Can… can I have some food first?”

Mum shrugs.

“I guess.”

Another thought occurs to you.

“Will you wake Lucy?”

Mum glances at your sister, when she looks back, she have a knowing expression.

“Do you think Lucy would be asleep right now if she was hungry?”

You blink before giggling.


Smiling, mama undoes your helmet for you as mama sets yours and hers boots to dry. Then she helps you get your jacket off.

“No leaks?” mum asks.

It takes a moment to realise what mum is referring to.

“I don’t think so,” you say with a frown. You hope not.

As mama inspects the food and starts serving some up for you and her, mum gets your ski pants off and inspects them.

“Nope, all good,” she declares.

You’re wondering if you should put something else on; at the moment you were just in a thermal top and your messy nappy. But mama quietly tells you your food is ready and in the warm apartment you don’t feel cold, so you take a seat next to mama and dig in. By the end, you feel like you could just fall asleep, but mama reminds you.

“Come on, lets get your nappy changed, poopy bum.”

You blush and smile at the name.


After a shower, you get into your PJs for bed. It’s been an amazing, happy day and you can’t wait for tomorrow. There’s one dark spot, however.

You just wish mama had put you in a fresh, clean nappy before bed, so you could fall asleep safe and protected. You almost asked for it as mum and mama kissed you goodnight and tucked you in, but that smidgen of fear of what Lucy would say if she found out made you hesitate just long enough for mama to turn the lights off and close the door.

Laying in bed, you worry if mum or mama would put their foot down at being in nappies all trip. That they might decide to stop this and tell you to be a big girl. So, you instead settle for just having what you’ve been given, even if it hurt just a little.


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can’t wait to read more

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Brilliant chapter as always! Your stories always are great :ok_hand:

A Girl’s Wet Skiing Adventure

Chapter 5

You wake to a full bladder. It was nice to not have to worry about that and just —

You freeze as you realise you aren’t in a nappy, as nice as that dream was, and that you almost wet the bed just then. It’s uncomfortable, both because you have to go to the loo and the fact you have to bother with that sort of stuff at all.

Reluctantly getting out of bed, you can see Lucy’s bed is empty. You say good morning to mum before going to the loo.

“Want your nappy?” mum asks as you get out. “Mama and Lucy are outside playing in the snow.”

You nod, giving her a small smile. Mum leads you to her bedroom and you lay down on the bed. She helps you get your PJ bottoms on before putting your nappy under you and pulling it up between your legs.

Laying there as she tapes you up securely, you think back to what you thought only ten minutes ago and wonder if you should voice the question. Part of you is worried that mum and mama are okay with this because it’s just a temporary thing, so you can enjoy skiing. That maybe if you were in a nappy all the time that they might decide to stop it all together. But it also seems a little bit silly, that you’re already wearing a nappy most of the day, and you’re even messing it.

You try to build up the courage to ask.

“Are you okay, kiddo?” mum asks.

You blink at her, surprised she picked up something is wrong. Mum looked down at you with a concerned smile.

“I — um,” you try to start, not really sure what to say.

“You know, you should just say what you want to say. I’m not going to be unhappy because you asked a question.”

You squirm slightly, taking in mum’s reassuring words.

“Would it — would it be okay to be in a nappy for the whole trip?” you nervously ask.

Mum looks at you curiously a moment, before humming thoughtfully.

“Hmm,” she goes. “I think I’ll have to speak to your mama first.”

You pout slightly at not getting an answer, fidgeting slight as you do.


Mum smiles widely before pulling you upright and into a hug.

“I’ve got to speak to mama as that’s a really big thing to ask for,” mum explains, slowly rubbing your back. “I know you really like being back in your nappy, but we can’t make this forever because you’ve got to get back to school in a few weeks, and you might get so used to your nappy that you have an accident at school.”

It makes lots of sense you think as you nod into mum’s chest. Pulling back, you blink up at her with slightly wet eyes. Mum takes a moment to wipe your face dry.

“Come on, lets get you into your skiing clothes.”


You’ve got your ski pants and your thermal top on when mama and Lucy come back for breakfast. Mum has made pancakes, the delicious smell filling the apartment.

“Morning, sweetheart,” mama says as she passes, leaning down to kiss you on the cheek.

Lucy takes the seat next to you, her face flushed from the cold. You can see a bit of snow in her hair which you pick out to shared giggles. Soon, both you and Lucy are stuffing your faces with pancakes, butter and maple syrup.

“How would you two like to ski in the dark?” mama asks.

“Hmm?” Lucy hums behind a mouth full of food.

You swallow your own pancakes.

“You can ski in the dark?” you ask.

“Yep!” mama replies. “Twice a week they do night skiing. They even have lights set up so you can see where you are going.”

“Wow,” Lucy replies.

You nod enthusiastically as you eat another bit of pancake. It sounds really cool and you wonder what it’s like.

“If we do night skiing tonight, we’ll have to stop normal skiing early so we can organise dinner,” mum adds. “We don’t want you two falling asleep before it gets dark, do we?”

“Nope!” Lucy agrees with a shake of her head.

Soon the four of you are shrugging skiing jackets on and doing up helmets, before stepping out into the snow. Then, after grabbing the skis from the locket, you’re ascending the mountain. The sky today is overcast and clouds obscure the mountain peak.

It’s strange to ride the ski lift into the clouds. One moment you can look back at the village, and the next it goes white. You can see the ski lift ahead of you and you think you can make out the lift ahead of that — maybe — but not much else.

At the top as mum and mama look at the map, you can’t hear the tinkle as you wet your nappy over the wind. Thankfully, you’re all rugged up, and you don’t even have to get bits off to go to the loo!


After a few warmup runs, your parents decide to give that really long run on the other side of the mountain a go. So, after reaching the top, it’s down the other side, past the spot you recognise where you messed you nappy and then to the bottom of the ski lift that carries you to the other summit.

As mama hands you and Lucy a bottle of water each to drink, you further wet your damp nappy. It’s easier to go now, the wet warmth hugging you as you go up the ski lift. It would be nice to be in nappies forever, or at least until the holidays are over, you think.

“Same as yesterday,” mum explains at the top. “There are lots of black runs around, so make sure you follow either mama or I. Okay?”

“Ah-huh,” you hum in agreement as Lucy nods.

The clouds seem to have gotten even lower, but it’s still a really weird feeling to be skiing in what mum and mama call whiteout and then all of a sudden, you burst out of the clouds and can see the village below.

Mama comes to a stop and you follow suit, turning to look up at the clouds. It’s not long before mum and Lucy appear. Mama gets a photo of the two of them before turning the camera on you. She takes one photo before reaching out to tug your balaclava down slightly to reveal your smile for a second photo.

“Need a change, yet?” she asks before Lucy comes into earshot.

You didn’t think so. You’d only done two little wees in it.

“Nope,” you say with a shake of your head.

“Do you want to try out the little terrain park?” mum asks as the four of you reach the bottom.

“What’s that?” Lucy asks before you do.

“It’s like those jumps we saw yesterday, but it’s a lot smaller for beginners.” Mum shrugs. “Mostly; there are some bits you won’t be able to do without lots of practice.”

“Oooh — what things are there?” you ask.

Mum looked thoughtful.

“Well, there’s a half-pipe and lots of jumps. You can’t do the bigger jumps, but there’s lots of small one.”

“Sounds like fun,” mama says, even thought you’re sure mama and mum already discussed it.

It turns out, it really was fun.

At first, even the small jumps were scary, but it was that sort of fun scary. When you felt you weren’t about to fall and clear the jump it feels exhilarating — at least, that was the word mum used. Still, the bugger jumps here were still huge, like small jumps at the big park.

You watched as people raced down the mountain to take the jumps, then easily going through the half pipe, going up the sides and seeming to jump before landing back in the half pipe and doing it again on the other side.

“You don’t want to go all the way up — at least, not at first,” mum explained. “It’s easier with special skis for it too, as you do a lot of sideways sliding.”

“Remember what they explained at the hire place?” mama said. “How the skis have edges on them so you don’t go sideways.”

“Oh,” you say, nodding as it suddenly makes sense.

“Yep, and the snowboarders don’t have that problem — I think. I’m not exactly sure.”

You end up going down the slope and over the small jumps until mama says it’s time for lunch.


“Huh?” you ask when mum and mama don’t lead you to the big shelter area for lunch.

Mum and mama share a look. It’s an early lunch because you’re having an early dinner, so there’s less people about than yesterday.

“Surprise!” they say at the same time.

It’s not a super over the top surprise like a birthday surprise, which makes it seem funny. Both you and Lucy giggle.

“Are we having hot food?” you ask, picking up one what’s happening.

“Sure are!”

After having sandwiches and stuff for lunch, hot food sounds really good.

“Can we go to the toilet?” Lucy asks, tugging at mama’s jacket.

“Do you need to go right now?” she asks. “Because if we order and then go, it might ready when we get back.”

Lucy thinks a moment.

“I can wait.”

You take a seat in your wet nappy as mum and mama quickly scan the menu.

“I think we should all get wedges,” says mum. “They’re really good here.”

As mama hums in agreement, you recall mum and mama saying that before. It doesn’t take long for Lucy to agree as well.

“Now, I think your sister and your mama are going to watch our table, so lets go find a loo,” mum said to Lucy.

As they get up, mama slips out of her chair and takes mum’s chair next to you. You don’t give it much thought until mama gives you a sideways hug.

“So, you asked mum about something this morning?” You look up at mama and squirm nervously. “Mum didn’t get a chance to explain because Lucy could overhear, so I can guess it’s about your protection?”

Mama is smiling kindly at you, but your nervousness is still there. You chew you lip, thinking about the words. It was silly because mum and mama never told you off for asking questions, but you still worried. It was silly, but you couldn’t help it.

“I — C-can I be in a nappy all the time?” you ask, avoiding mama’s eyes.

“Oh — you mean for the holiday?”

Blushing, your eyes meet hers for a moment. You nod.

“Hmm,” mama hums in a way that sounds just like mum this morning. “Why do you want to, sweetie?”

You squirm, trying to come up with something better than “I want to” or “it’s nice”.

“I — I like you looking after me,” you admit quietly.

Mama softly smiles.

“You won’t need to be in a nappy to get extra hugs or cuddles, you know?”

You nod. You knew that.

“Aren’t you worried about Lucy knowing?” Mama asks with concern. “She’ll probably know you’re in a nappy if you’re wearing one around the apartment.”

It did scare you a little bit… but Lucy has never been really mean — or at least not for long. Sometimes she said things, but she usually soon apologised for them. And maybe Lucy would like to be in a nappy too?

“A bit,” you admit.

Mama pulls you into a hug. She sighs quietly.

“I don’t want you to be sad because you’re worrying about your nappy,” mama explains. She slips out of the hug and looks down fondly at you. “The whole point was so you are worry free.”

Your eyes slightly wet, you nod at mama with a thankful smile.

“— And,” she adds. “You’re going to have to work really hard when we get back home to show us you won’t have accidents when you get back to school. Okay?”

You nod, unable to keep the smile off your face as you realise mama and mum both said yes. You squirm happily.

“Thank you.”

Mama laughs quietly.

“I hope you keep being this affectionate when you’re back at school. It’s very sweet.”

Mama leans in and plants a kiss on your forehead as you smile brightly up at her.


When mum and Lucy get back, mama takes you to get changed.

“Do you need to go to the loo?” mama asks before untapping your wet nappy.

With only a moment’s hesitation, you shake your head.

“Is that okay?” you ask quietly, unable to completely hide your worry.

“It’s all good, sweetie,” mama replies as she starts untapping your nappy. As she wipes you down with a wet wipe, she explains, “You’re a lot easier to change now; when you were little you hardly laid still, even when your mum and I had to clean up your messes.”

You blush slightly at the thought as mama slips a dry nappy under you. You couldn’t really remember it.

“Hmm,” mama hums as she tapes you up. “If you’re in a nappy all the time, we’ll have to get you some powder too.”

Your nappy all secure, mama helps you to the ground before pulling your skiing pants up over your nappy for you and doing up the shoulder straps. It was something she normally only did if the crowds were big or you crossed a road, but it makes you feel warm and fuzzy when mama takes your hand and leads you back to your table.

Lucy catches the fact your eyes are wet, all the emotions getting too much for you, even though they’re happy.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

Giving her a wet smile, you nod.

“Your sister was just having a bit of a hard time with some things,” mama offers as explanation.

Lucy gets out of her chairs and hugs you.

“I hope you’re okay.”

Hugging her back, you reply, “I’m lots better now.”


“Is it snowing?” you asked as you make it back to the top for another run.

“It sure seems like it,” mum replies, holding a hand out.

She watches as the tiny white speck lands in her hand, prompting Lucy to stop and try do the same. Despite snow being everywhere, it had so far only snowed a little bit when you were asleep. This was your first-time seeing snow actually fall.

“Wow!” Lucy exclaims.

It really was cool, you thought, just being able to make out the tiny geometric shape of the snowflake with your eyes. As always, mama gets her camera out, snapping a few photos.

A few runs later and it’s time to head back to the apartment.

“Really?” Lucy asks, for once not tired near the end of the day.

“Yep. We’ve got to have some dinner before night skiing,” says mum.

Getting back to the apartment, mama suggests the three of you go and play in the snow while mum makes dinner. Lucy is enthusiastic, quickly getting some snow boots on. Once done, she’s looking at you, wondering why you haven’t done so too.

“Just got to go to the loo,” you say quietly as explanation.

Catching on, mama encourages Lucy to come outside with her.

“Just a second,” mum says as the door closes.

You wait a moment as mum lays all the things she needs out on the bench. You had asked why before, and mum had explained how she had started cooking enough times only to find she was missing something half-way through that she always laid everything out first now.

Surveying everything, mum soon proclaimed, “All good. Now, lets get you changed.”

Mum is quick and efficient, getting you in a dry nappy in no time. Then you can get your sneakers off and your boots on. The boots were really just ugg boots with lots of spray on waterproofer. Mum had explained how they’d be comfy and that they were good enough for just playing around in the snow. If you were going to go on proper walks through the snow, you needed proper snow boots, and sneakers were fine around the village when it wasn’t snowing.

Outside, you find mama explaining to Lucy how to roll snowballs bigger in the fresh snow. You crouch down next to them.

“This fresh snow is really sticky,” mama explains. “So, your snowball picks it up really easily.”

You watch as mama guides Lucy through the process, their snowballs leaving little trails in the snow. From this position, you are suddenly aware of the movements in your bowels, how you would soon have to mess your nappy.

“Come on, give it a try!” mama says encouragingly to you.

Pushing that thought away, you grab some snow and start to form a ball.


Mama catches Lucy’s first yawn. The distraction doesn’t stop your snowball from hitting her in the chest, spraying her chin and mouth with snow. Lucy sputters, wiping the snow off herself.

“That doesn’t count!” she declares. “I was yawning.”

Mama is hiding her laugh behind her hand as she walks over.

“Maybe it’s time to head inside then? It might be worth having a short nap.”

Lucy pouts.

“I’m not tired,” she declares, as you try not to giggle, before suddenly tensing as you remember your pressing need.

Mama smiles kindly at Lucy.

“You really should try and have a nap, sweetie,” mama explains. “You don’t want to be too tired for night skiing.”

Lucy looks unsure. You know she doesn’t want to miss it, but she turns to you.

“Only me?” she asks.

“Well, I’ve got to get some things from the shop, and I thought I would bring you big sister with me.”

That seems to mollify Lucy slightly.

“Okay,” she agrees, letting mama lead her inside.

As mama disappears inside, you wonder what she needs to get from the shops. You know it’s not dinner stuff, but don’t come up with any ideas before being rudely reminded about the waiting mess as you felt your insides move slightly.

You knew you really should just go, but then you would need to be changed. Lucy was upstairs and would surely notice you in your messy nappy, but perhaps mama could take you to a change room? You’re not sure, but it’s beginning to get uncomfortable.

It strangely occurred to you that this nappy was almost clean. You’d only wet it a little bit, and soon you would need to mess it. So, you’d be changed twice in a really short amount of time. It was a strange thing to worry about, however.

The real worry was Lucy and her finding out… but that was silly too. You couldn’t actually imagine Lucy being mean about it, but even then, you still worried.

But still, you did need to go. You decided that you would ask to get changed elsewhere, but would risk it. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad Lucy knowing?

Carefully, you squat down, pretending to enlarge you small pile of snowballs, and taking a deep breath, begin to push. The mess is a bit firm and doesn’t spread so much as it pushes against the soft insides of your nappy. At the same time, you’re suddenly peeing, wetting your nappy. It seems to swell as your mess spreads.

You’re about to push again when you realise someone is approaching. Turning your head to spot mama heading towards you, you suddenly lose your balance, and land on your messy bottom. The mess suddenly squishes and your eyes start to water.

“All done, sweetie?”

Blinking up at mama with wet eyes, she notices your distress before pulling you into a hug. You shake your head.

“N-not done,” you say, your words muffled by mama’s jacket.

It’s uncomfortable as more mess is still trying to leave you. Mama separates from you, looking at you with a small, kind smile, before pulling you to your feet. Unsure what mama is doing, you waddle awkwardly as she leads you to a bench. Mama brushes the snow off before taking a seat.

“Come, sit in my lap, sweetie.”

Not sure exactly what she means, you let mama half lift you and soon you are straddling her lap. The position is surprisingly natural as mama hugs you. Cuddling into mama’s chest and her hands soothingly running down your back, you have no trouble pushing the rest of the mess out.

It makes you feel really small to be in this position. Your mama soothing you as you pooped your nappy, all while sitting in her lap. You felt like a really little girl — like a baby — but that felt okay. You feel incredibly safe in mama’s arms, with a snug and secure nappy around you to take care of all the little problems… the only thing missing was a dummy to suckle on.

As you relaxed in mama’s arms, almost about to drift off the sleep, mama pats your packed nappy.

“Want to get changed right now?” mama asked.

Shyly, you lift your head and give it a small shake.

“Worried about Lucy?”

You chew your lip a moment before giving a small shrug. Partly because of Lucy, but you also felt happy like this.

“Well, how about we go to the shops and then we get you changed?”

“Will people notice?” you quietly ask.

Mama shrugs easily.

“Maybe, but there will be lots of people around and it’s not like they are going to go looking for a messy nappy now, is it?”

You squirm, wondering. Mama makes a lot of sense.

“Also, I think you’ll want to come with me,” mama continues, a small smile on her face. “If we’re keeping your bum in nappies all holidays, we’re going to have to get some more. Your mum and I thought we should get you some night-time nappies too.”

You blink at mama in confusion.

“Night-time nappies?” you ask, not sure what those are.

“Yep,” mama says. “I got you some nappies designed for moving about. But some nappies are better for night-time.”

That made sense, you thought, as mama smiled kindly.

“I also thought that you might like to pick out a design. There’s a few choices and I thought you might like to choose.”

You blush, realising what that meant. It sounded really nice and it suddenly occurred to you that the designs might be really cute, but what will people think? You agonise over the idea, not sure what to do.

Mama hugs you before whispering into your ear, “Let me tell you a secret: no one cares about what other people are looking at or buying in the shops. No one is going to think about the fact you’re with your mama getting some more nappies.” Mama pulls back, looking at you with a reassuring smile. “And no one here knows you, even if they did care. I think you’ll have lots of fun picking a nappy design.”

Nervously, but suddenly feeling more confident, you give mama a nod.


Mama holds your hand the whole way there, and it turns out everything she needed to buy was for you.

Mama seemed to be right, as no one was even looking your way. Under all the layers, you can barely smell your poopy nappy as mama leads you into the pharmacy. Grabbing a basket, you head to the baby section where mama first grabs some more wet wipes along with baby powder and a packet of disposable changing mats.

“You can’t always have a shower after a messy nappy,” mama whispered after catching your curious expression. “It’s a lot easier to clean you up if I don’t have to worry about making a mess.”

Then it was the nappies.

“Would you like pull ups for night-time?”

You really didn’t, so you shake your head. Something in mama’s smile quirks slightly at that.

“So, we’ve got dinosaurs, cars, fish aaand princesses in your size,” mama explains as she scans the shelves.

You’re not really sure what you want. Probably not cars and probably not fish, but dinosaurs and princesses both sound nice. Slightly nervously, you look around to see no one nearby before asking, “Can I look?”

Mama pulls two packets of nappies off the shelves before crouching down to your level to show you them. She hands one to you to look at and holds the other up for you. They’re both really nice and you can imagine wearing both. You squirm, knowing you don’t want to choose.

“So, which one do you want?”

You make an uncertain noise.

“I dunno,” you admit.

The seconds count down before mama glances back at the shelves. She looks like she is thinking.

“Hmm — you know why, why don’t we get both?” mama says to your surprise. “You’ll probably use most of them by the end of the trip anyway.”

“Really?” you ask, you voice hopeful.


Your worries forgotten; you squirm happily know mama will get you both.

You barely think about your messy nappy or that people might think it’s strange mama is buying nappies for you, that you completely forget about it until you are walking back with mama. It seems she was right: nobody cared you needed a nappy.


The worry about other people now forgotten, you did worry a little bit about Lucy. Mama crouched down and gave you a small hug before opening the apartment door and then you followed her in. Mum gave you a smile and a wave as she started setting dinner things out and Lucy was playing games. Looking up from the handheld, she smiled at you and mama before returning to her game.

Opening the door to her room, you follow mama in, completely ignored by Lucy. She sets the bags down before pulling open the packet of disposable changing mats and laying it neatly on the floor.

“Lets get your pants and boots off; it will make cleaning you up a bit easier.”

Sitting on the bed, mama pulls your boots off for you as you shrug off your jacket. Then you stand up and drop your pants. Mama then helps you lay down on the changing mat, your mess nappy squishing slightly under you.

You don’t worry about changes any more, instead just relaxing as mama cleans you up.

“Bum up.”

And then she slips a clean nappy under you. Grabbing the container of powder, she then powders you up, before folding the nappy over you and taping you up securely. A few minutes later, your ready for dinner, Lucy none-the-wiser.

Eating dinner, you wonder if you should tell your sister, or maybe you should just stop caring, telling her when she realises. That might be tonight, or it might be never if she doesn’t notice. You’re not sure and wonder if you should ask your parents.

As the sun goes down, the four of you head out. It’s strange to put you skis on as it gets dark, the effect made more strange by the fog and snow falling from the sky.

“It’s supposed to snow loads later tonight,” mum says as you ascend the mountain. “Everything looks different after a good night’s snow.”

You suspect you imagination isn’t doing it justice.

“Will it snow loads while we’re skiing?” Lucy asks, partly in worry and partly in awe.

“Probably not,” mum replies. “But if it gets too much, they’ll stop everything early.”

“I’m sure it will look incredible, but we should probably hope it only happens right at the end,” mama adds.

The first time going down the run in the dark, it’s this sort of pretty eeriness. The whole slope is lit up with lights, but off to the side it’s dark. It’s also really quiet with so few people on the slope. You can hear the sound of the snow under your skis as you go down the slope.

It’s really fun, so you’re surprised when time runs out and it gets really late.


Mama is piggybacking Lucy home when you finish. She’s half asleep, with mama saying she had been running on fumes , whatever that meant. You’re slightly jealous to not get the same treatment, but mum isn’t as big as mama and she can’t carry you that far. But she senses your sadness and takes your hand instead as the four of your head back to the apartment.

“She’ll just have to have a bath in the morning,” mama comments after trying to wake Lucy.

Groggily, mama helps Lucy get changed into her PJs and puts her to bed.

“Come on, lets get you ready, too,” says mum.

Quickly familiarising herself with what mama bought, mum grabs both of the new nappy packets and holds them up.

“Dinosaurs or fairies?” mum asks.

You pout at mum getting it wrong.

“They’re princesses , mum!” you correct her.

There’s a moment of surprise before mum inspects the package more carefully.

“So they are,” she agrees to your satisfied smile. “Lets me guess, princesses then?”

You nod happily before mum opens the packet, and with plenty of powder, gets you in a clean nappy for bed.

“Oops, forgot you PJs,” say mum as she finishes.

She gets up and heads out, probably to go to yours and Lucy’s room to grab them. After a moment, you decide to follow, wearing just your nappy and thermal top. Cautiously peaking in, Lucy looks fast sleep. Mum and mama spot you and as one, give you a reassuring smile.

“Here we go,” mum says in the lounge, holding open your PJ pants for you. You step into them and mum pulls them up over your nappy. Then you let mum pull your thermals up over your head and you PJ top down over you. She pulls you into a hug.

“Ready for bed, kiddo?” she asks.

You shake your head as best you can against her. She waits patiently for you explain why.

“Can I cuddle with you and mama?” you ask her.

“Sure you can!” she replies quietly.

To your surprise, mum lifts you up, and with a small bounce, slips an arm under you padded bottom. It’s not far, but she carries you to the couch before placing you down next to mama. Mum then takes the spot next to you.

Comfortable, safe and secure, you soon slip into a deep sleep.

AN: This took a while. I sometimes go through phases where I barely touch my ABDL stuff, and then it hits me and I write thousands of words in a single sitting lol.

I’ve almost got the next Nappy in Time chapter done too.


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