A Haunting We Will Go

My latest story is posted in the donor lounge and updated. I’m posting this with permission to let readers know what’s inside the donor’s lounge. :smiley:



[spoiler] [LEFT]“Are we gonna give the fleshies a good scare?”[/LEFT]


“What? Why? It’s Halloween! We always go haunting on Halloween! It’s been our tradition for over a century.”

[LEFT]“I know, but this year is different. I planned to get rid of the mortals squatting in my house, but then I met the boy. I changed my mind.”

Corey gasped at the sudden, unexpected impact. Vicky never hit him before. Her upper cut drove right into his stomach and squishy organs. He crumpled to the ground, clutching his midsection. His skirt pushed up, puffy, soggy diaper exposed. Soft, warm mush filled the seat of his diaper. The force of the painful blow pushed the mess right out of him; he was helpless to stop himself from pooping himself. He whimpered in pain, tears gathered in the corner of his closed eyes. [/LEFT]

Victoria snorted. “Ghosts aren’t real. Quit acting like such a freak. Maybe then I’ll admit to being related to you.” She stormed out of the room.

Hex looked at Hatty and grinned a very sharp, silvery grin. “We’re going haunting after all.”


I think you need to actually explain about the donors lounge, and how it even works (including how one would access it through donation)

You have mentioned it a few times now, but most of us have never even known that it existed or how to donate to access.

Are there many authors who are posting there, or adding exclusive stories not found in the standard forums?

This just seems like an area that is barely advertised ,but could be beneficial

See the post from Penguin at https://abdlstoryforum.info/forum/general/general-aa/121491-critical-information-regarding-the-future-of-the-site?p=121629#post121629

I don’t think the Donor’s Lounge has enough unique content to be a “Subscribe for unique content” type thing. Penguin’s never asked anybody to paywall their stories, and everybody that’s posted there has also posted new material into the normal parts of the forum too. I think it just offers a small amount of bonus content for the people already willing to help financially support the site.

It’s also still very new, so I think the regular story writing donors are still trying to find the best way to reward other donors without cutting off the far larger audience with whom authors want to share. But ‘A Haunting We Will Go’ was fun :slight_smile:

Everything BabyAnna said. My stories are donor-lounge only because I’m only releasing them on patreon and amazon. I’m putting them here because I appreciate this site, and donations help keep the site up. I wanna be very clear- Penguin didn’t ask me to do any of this. I posted my stuff there on my own as a way to thank people who donated. I asked her for permission to post a notice about my story here in the main incase people were wondering what kind of stories, etc were in the donor lounge.

A few authors have posted stories/ updates to stories in the donor lounge earlier before posting them here and releasing them to the public.

Part 3 added today in the donor’s lounge. Part 2 was added a few weeks ago.