A Lamb in Sheep's Cloting

(This story is part of an art trade with Patricktricks on DA, so credit to them for the base idea. I don’t normally do furry stuff so it was a bit of a challenge. I hope it works well for you anyway)

“I don’t belong in here, I don’t belong in here,” the former assistant mayor said as she hugged her legs and rocked back and forth. “They are the savages, not me. I don’t belong here…”

It was a mantra that had become common to her since she was first put into the small, grey cell that was now her home. “I was in the right, it was the right thing to do, better for all of us…” she continued as she began to suck at the end of her own hoof.

It was a train of thought she knew she shouldn’t go down. It never ended well when she went there, and she knew soon she’d be sniffling and crying on her bed, looking as pathetic as they all thought she was from the beginning. However, she also told herself it was right, and when her mood was in the wrong place, she couldn’t help.

“I don’t belong here, they do. I…”

A loud clang came from the door to her cell. She jumped up and looked at a tall feline in a guard’s uniform. “Miss Bellwether, talking to ourselves again, are we?”

Bellwether snarled. “That’s MAYOR Bellwether to you.”

The guard laughed. “Not anymore. It’s prisoner Dawn Bellwether to me, and you don’t make much of an impressive mayor crying in your bed like that.”

The sheep kept glaring at her. “I still got further then you. I was at the top- second in the city! And that was with all the hurdles that comes with being a sheep in a city run by predators.” She made a look of disgust. “Unlike you. All the advantages, and here you are, a prison guard! Seems fitting for a savage creature.”

“Mhmmm,” the guard replied. “You know we aren’t all just mindlessly violent. We can be kind and caring as well.”

“As if! No savage predator could take care of anything. They are all just destroy, destroy, destroy. Dumb beasts. That is why I was right to try to take control.”

She smiled. “Ohhh I think you’d be surprised about that.” She cocked her head to the side and hit the bars with her baton again. “Anyway, once again I came to offer to take you out of solitary. You’ve been in here long enough, and are able to go back into general.”

Bellwether’s look of superiority turned to one of fear. “Out there… with them!? No! Are you insane! You don’t know how cruely they would treat me! They just hate anyone like me no matter what I do!”

The guard leaned in closer. “Oh do they? You mean all those animals you called violent savages and looked down on? Those are the ones who are mean to you no matter what.”

Bellwether gulped and nodded.

The guard continued. “You know, maybe I should bring you out anyway. We are basically doing you a favor by letting you stay in here. We don’t have to, this isn’t your assigned cell. We could just put you back in with the rest of them, see what they think of your opinions. Perhaps we could even tell them about all the things you’ve been saying…”

“No! No! Please no! I… AAA!” Bellwether looked down at her prison jumper, and noticed a damp spot. “No no no,” she said again for an entirely different reason. She put both hands to her waist as she wet herself out of fear. She looked up pleadingly at the guard. “Please don’t do that. Please let me stay here where its safe from those beasts. You have no idea how savage…” she stopped, remembering the person she was speaking to was one of the “predators” as well. “Please don’t,” she whimpered, and finished.

The guard laughed again. “Awww I’m sorry little sheep, didn’t mean to scare you that much. Tell you what, I’ll go get you a clean jumper, and we will let you stay in here a bit longer, ok? Nice and safe. A poor cute widdle lamb like you can’t handle it out there with the mean savages.” She turned to walk away.

“Don’t talk to me like…!” She began, then stopped herself. “Alright, thank you.”

Bellwether woke up slowly, feeling the family softness of her blanket and footed pajamas.

“Mph,” she said and rolled over to her side, feeling her diaper crinkle as she did. It sloshed a bit, she could feel that she had wet herself overnight, but it didn’t feel like it had leaked.

There was a stuffed sheep doll beside her. She grabbed a hold of it and pulled it close, then suckled a bit on her pacifier. Though she was awake, her mommy wasn’t there yet, so she knew it wasn’t time to get up. No issue as she was still relaxing, and there was no way out of the crib anyway.

“Hi there sweetie! What a good little lamb, sleeping all through the night!” Her mommy said, filling Bellwether’s heart with glee.

Her mommy turned on her light and came to the crib. Bellwether felt hands grabbing her on either side. “Lets check that diaper of yours sweetie, to see if you had an accident! Then we can have breakfast, ok?”

“Yes mommy,” she said through her pacifier. She nodded enthusiastically, then looked up.

She started back. The face staring back at her wasn’t what she expected. It didn’t look like her mommy. In fact, it wasn’t a sheep at all. Instead, it was a giant cat. Was it a lynx? A tiger? Bellwether hadn’t learned all the animals yet, but she knew it was a predator, and those were to be feared.

Except… she wasn’t scared. Not at all. Instead, she felt the same comforting feeling she always wanted to feel with her parents. She tried to think, and couldn’t put any other face to the name “mommy,” all the kept coming up was this same cat. She knew she recognized the cat, but couldn’t think of any other name then that. Of course she told herself, that is my mommy. She smiled, and let herself be lifted.

“Uh oh, looks like someone wet her diaper! Well, we can get you changed, but I don’t think you are quite ready to try pull ups yet anyway, are you?”

She shook her head. “No mommy,” she said. Of course not, she thought, I’m just a little baby, and this is my mommy, here to take care of me. This cat, my mommy… she is my mommy… she is my mommy… Strange colors swirled at the edge of her vision.

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Bellwether woke up with a gasp to a dark cell. She heard something fall and land on the sheets as she gasped, but her mind was too distracted to think of what it was.

What a strange dream, she thought, and wondered what it meant. It wasn’t just strange, it was humiliating. Why would she dream of herself as a baby with that… that mommy.

She shook her head at the intrusive thought. That savage beast mom… that abused her took care of her… in that awful cell…home. She shook her head. Why were these thoughts coming up?

She tried to remember what had happened before she slept. Of course, she thought. She had wet herself, and her mommy GUARD had given her new clothes. Of course she had that dream, with an experience as humiliating as that it would be expected. It wasn’t her fault of course, that guard… mommy… had tormented her and tried to frighten her. It was her mommy’s

She shouted in disgust. Why did that thought keep coming up in her head? It was her mom… GUARD’s fault. Not hers. Savage, wild predators loved to terrify innocent sheep.

She breathed heavily to calm herself. After that she had been given dinner, then… She cocked her head to the side. She couldn’t remember. She decided she must be more tiered then she thought and rolled over to try to get back to sleep.

Were the jail bars always that close? She thought. They were inches from her face. She reached out to touch them, then started back.

They weren’t her normal prison bars. Those had been made out of steel, these were made out of wood, and they were right at the side of her bed. She looked around herself. There were large headboards at the foot and head, with tall wooden bars right on either side of her…

Crib. The thought came into her head without even trying for it. This wasn’t her normal bed, this was a crib. It seemed to be sized for a baby elephant. Or a full grown sheep, she thought.

She gulped. Was this another strange dream? She pinched herself and yelped. No, it was real. She began to panic.

She ran a hand over her clothes. Yesterday she had been given a new outfit after she wet herself, but these couldn’t be it. She wore full pajamas, blue with pictures of toys on them, and made out of a soft cotton. She put a hand on either side of herself to sit up, and stopped when one hit something small and plastic. She lifted it up slowly and stopped to see a large pacifier, and realized it had been what had fallen from her mouth when she first gasped that morning.

“No, no no! what’s going on?!” she said out loud. She had woken up in a new room, sleeping in a crib, suckling a pacifier, and dressed as a…

A baby. The thought popped into her head again. Then she remembered the dream. Waking up as a baby, sucking a pacifier, wearing footed pajamas and a soaking wet- She closed her eyes and reached down. To her horror, she confirmed her fear. Whoever had put her here had made her wear a diaper, though thankfully it was dry.

Her stomach turned. As her mind went down that track, she realized she had no idea how long she had been asleep for, or vitally, how long it had been she she had gone to the bathroom, and she had another urgent problem growing. The last time was… she blushed. The last time she could remember going was when she wet herself. Now, however much longer later, if she didn’t find a way out she’d do the same thing, but inside the diaper.

“Help!” she shouted out loud, then stopped. Whoever did this to her was probably nearby, and might be the only one. Calling for help would do nothing except alert them to the fact she was awake. She needed to take stock of her surroundings and think of a plan to escape.

She looked around the room. In the dim light she saw toys, a diaper changing table, a bouncer, and a plastic potty. Much as she expected, it was giant nursery, or more, a regular sized nursery for a larger breed of animal that managed to fit the adult sheep just fine. More importantly, there was one door, and a window with a blind over it, from which the light came in.

The first thing she had to do was get out of the crib. After that, she could try either the door or the window. The window made more sense, as the door probably ran back into the house where her kidnapper stood.

She looked around the crib. There was a blanket, a pillow, and multiple stuffed animals. To get out, she needed to get as close to the top of the giant crib bars as she could, climb the rest, then find a way down.

She threw the stuffed animals into one corner and stood on them. That brought her about half way up the crib bars, making the top almost in reach. Satisfied with herself, she walked back down, grabbed the blanket with both hands, and pulled. It gave some resistance, but she walked around the corners and yanked them.

Soon the blanket was free, and she twisted it into a rope. Finally, she grabbed her pillow and threw it over the top of the bars, watching where it landed.

“Yes!” She said, then covered her mouth. “Yes,” she repeated in a whisper. The pillow had landed exactly where she wanted, where she’d land if she fell.

She grabbed the blanket rope and slung it over her shoulder, then climbed up the stuffed animals. She grabbed hold of the bars with her hooves and pulled herself up. When she was over the top she tied the rope around it and lowered herself down, then dropped the last few feet onto the pillow. She landed as softly as she could and smiled to herself. One problem down.

She grunted and doubled over. To her dismay, a slow, quiet fart escaped into her diaper. Her stomach was still turning, and the drop had jolted it around enough to make it worse. If she didn’t get out soon, she would have a far bigger problem.

She looked at the window to see if she could use it as an escape route. It was just above the changing table, and there were shelves beneath it for diapers and toys that made a convenient ladder. She climbed it, then lifted the blinds.

The sun had just begun to rise, and she could see for miles. The building was on the side of a hill, and there was a drop off beneath the window the lead to miles of forest, and beyond that, mountains. Any hope of signaling for help was gone. Worse still, though it didn’t seem difficult to pull the window down, the other side and a series of steel bars.

She tsked. That was out. She climbed back down and ran to the door.

The handle was well above her head. She raised her hands up up and jumped, but couldn’t reach it. She tsked again, and looked around the room. She spotted a toy box, grabbed it, and put it under. She climbed up and turned.

There was a click, but nothing happened.

“Goddamn it…” she said. No way out. Whoever had trapped her here had planned ahead. She knew she should have expected that, but was never sure with predators, who, she thought, acted mainly on instinct.

So someone wanted her here, locked in a nursery, dressed as a baby. Why? Some kind of revenge plan? Were they just insane, and confused her because of her size?

Either way, she was trapped in here until they came. Which meant that other problem was going to come into play soon. She looked down at her stomach, which was getting worse.

She began pacing around the room and rubbing her stomach. Maybe this was part of their plan. Put her in a diaper, lock her in nursery, and wait. Maybe they even fed her something. What were her options there?

In the center of the room was a small, plastic potty, the kind normally used for toilet training toddlers. She cringed at the thought- out there in the open, nothing covering it, no flush. However, the only other option was the diaper, and that was even further out.

Her stomach grumbled. It was getting close, she’d have to make a decision soon or she’d be stuck with a messy diaper. She walked over to the potty and gave it a disgusted look.

“Hello!” She shouted in desperation. She knew whoever was there was probably the captor, but at least they might give her another option. “Is anyone out there!?”

No answer. She waited a minute, then called again, with less confidence. Still no response.

She sighed, pulled down her pants and diapers, and contemplated the next step. She blushed furiously at what she was about to do, but she had no other option. Her stomach grumbled again, and she felt tears forming. With a sob, she sat down, and began.

The humiliating ordeal was even worse then she expected. She began crying at the thought almost immediately after she began and felt like gagging every moment.

“Ah so you made it to the potty?” a voice said.

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Bellwether screamed and looked over.

It took her a second to recognize the cat without her uniform. Instead, she was wearing a long green dress and had her hands on her hips in a motherly pose. “Awww sweetie, have you been crying?”

“Mommy?” Bellwether said, then gasped and covered her mouth. Where had THAT come from?

The cat smiled and walked toward her. “Its ok sweetie, you can call me that. My names actually Sarah but you never cared to learn it, and Mommy works better. You are my baby after all.”

“Well yeah…” the thought slid into her mind as if it was natural, and it took her a second to react to it. “What? No I’m not!”

“Oh no? You used that little potty like one,” she grabbed Bellwether from her sides and lifted her up.

“HEY! WHAT?! Put me down!”

“No no little baby, someone needs to clean you,” she said in an obnoxiously happy voice.

“Where are you taking me?” Bellwether said, though she was scared that she already knew the answer. She struggled and squirmed, but found herself helpless in the far larger cats hands. She took her to the changing table and lay her down.

“NO!” Bellwether said. “You can’t do this! This is so wrong!”

“Well someone needs to clean that little butt of yours after the mess you made!” She lay Bellwether on the table and tied her hands to the side of it.

“Please, I can do it! Don’t do this its so… AAA!” Bellwether screamed as Sarah wiped her bottom.

“Well someone has to! A little baby like you always needs someone.”

Bellwether cringed. “Eww no please don’t. Its so gross!” she whimpered.

“Thats ok sweetie. A good mommy like me can take care of a baby no matter what.”

“No savage predator could take care of anything. They are all just destroy, destroy, destroy. Dumb beast!” The memory came back to her. “Is that what this is about? Please! I’m sorry! Predators can take care of people! Let me go and I’ll never say that again!” She continued to struggle but found herself helpless as the cat wiped her like a baby.

“Awww whiny baby. Here,” she took a pacifier and shoved it in Bellwether’s mouth, then went back to cleaning. “Suckle that and be a good baby. It will help keep you calm.”

“OHHH NO NO NO!” Bellwether moaned from behind her pacifier. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself elsewhere. I’m still in the prison and this is all a dream… wait no I’m still mayor and prison is a dream! I never had to go to prison with those dangerous predators because I was always safe with my Mom… NO! I’m in control and mayor and mommy doesn’t need to change my diapers because I’m a big enough girl to… NO! I don’t wear diapers and she isn’t my mommy!

As soon as it begun, the ordeal was over. Sarah took out another diaper, decorated with colorful pacifiers and bottles, and lay it underneath her. She covered her with powder and taped the diaper on, then buttoned the flap of her onesie up, effectively trapping her in the humiliating plastic prison.

She untied Bellwether and picked her up.

“What are you going to do to me?” Bellwether asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Bellwether shook her head.

“I’m going to take care of you! Keep you diapered, change you, spank you if you are naughty and tuck you in at night. Then you’ll learn that us predators can be gentle and take care of things, and perhaps lose some of your sense of superiority.” She held Bellwether at arms length and swung her around like a doll.

“NO! Please I’m sorry!”

“Ah ah ah, its ok baby girl. Lets go have some num nums, ok? Breakie time!” She carried the diapered sheep out of the nursery.