A Nappy in Time

I’ve hesitated slightly posting diaper fanfic here, but this is divorced enough from the original work that I feel okay about it.

It’s A Hat in Time fic, second person POV. It’s based on the “it was all a child’s fantasy” post credits scene. It’s also up on AO3

A thing that bothers me in fics is it not being realistic in the setting. My other diaper fanfics involve either an outrageous setting or magic. So I hope this is a realistic progression to diaper wearing.

I won’t gush like I did on AO3, but Bow Kid is so heart-meltingly cute.

A Nappy in Time

Chapter 1

You survey your handiwork with a satisfied smile.

“Does it look okay?” she asked slightly timidly.

She was adorable.

“Yep!” you reply with a firm nod. “It’s perfect . I dub thee Bow Kid!” You raise your hands over your head enthusiastically.

The title got a small smile out of the newly christened Bow Kid . Turning towards your other sleepover buddy, seeing her doing up her red cloak (made from an old bedsheet) with her gold star pin reminded you of the other descriptive name. You slide off the bed towards your shelf and look through your art box for a marker.

“Your moustache, Moustache Girl,” you pronounce, holding the marker out for her.

Moustache Girl shook her head.

“Nope, I’ve got a moustache with real hair and everything now.”

You blink back in confusion as she slips off the bed as well and goes to her backpack. It’s the same backpack she carries at school. She come back with a little thing of blond hair.

“Mummy didn’t like it that I used a marker last time, but she let me save some hair when I got a hair cut and helped me stick it to a sticky bit.” She held it out for you and Bow Kid to see more closely. It looked just as flamboyant as the moustache you had drawn on Moustache Girl’s face last sleepover.

“Cool,” you reply. It was well made and looked really cool.

“Ah!” you exclaim, remembering your own attire.

Going to your wardrobe where your several hats were stored, you reach for your special hat, a big purple top hat with a yellow stripe. Then you grab your yellow cape and put that on as well (because heroes wear capes). Done, you sit cross legged on your bed facing Bow Kid and Moustache Girl. You share a look with Bow Kid; Moustache Girl’s moustache is ridiculous — which is cool, but also funny.

“So — um — Hat Kid , how do we play?” Bow Kid asks.


“My ship has a huge pile of pillows in it,” you explain as Bow Kid helps you gather up every pillow you can in the house.

Your mum gives you a slightly exacerbated roll of her eyes and a fond smile as you pilfer every pillow from the lounge room.

“Don’t take the pillows from my bed,” she reminds you.

“Okay, Hat Kid’s mummy,” Bow Kid says.

Mum’s smile widens at Bow Kid’s words.

There are so many pillows it takes you and Bow Kid two trips to gather up all the ones in the lounge room. When you get back to your room you find Moustache Girl isn’t there, so you drop to your knees and reach under your bed as Bow Kid watches curiously. You pull out a cardboard box, your safe.

“Take a look at this,” you say. Bow Kid leans in slower to inspect your show box. “See, it’s got a lock on it.” You point at the spinny safe dial thing and the handle drawn on it.

“Wow,” she replies, a look of anticipation on her face. “What’s in it?”

You’re glad to have found another friend that likes playing dress up and having adventures.

“This is where we keep our time pieces,” you explain. “It makes the ship move.”

Bow Kid nods along enthusiastically.

“So those are important then?”

“Yep!” you reply. “We’ve got to keep them safe.”

You don’t hint at the story you and Moustache Girl have mostly worked out from last time because it will be fun for Bow Kid to get to act it out as well. You open the box to let Bow Kid see all the sand timers you drew on cardboard and cut out.

“I’ve got pillows!” announces Moustache Girl from the doorway.

You fumble with the box as you try to hide it from her, but with a glance you can see she isn’t paying attention, carrying the stack of pillows over and dropping them on the huge pile. So, you quickly hide it back under the bed as Bow Kid gives you a curious look. It will make sense soon.


It makes sense now.

You and Moustache Girl are fighting on top of the bed. Moustache Girl is punching your umbrella away (that mum taped a sponge to the end of for safety) as you try to strike her down and reclaim your time pieces. It takes a little bit for Bow Kid to get into the swing of it, but soon she is throwing pillows at Moustache Girl.

“I got you!” you declare as your umbrella makes contact with her arm.

“Nuh ah!” she says back. “I’ve got more health than that.”

You weren’t really keeping track of that, but you’re having too much fun to care right now as you bounce on your bed.

“Hat!” Bow Kid cries just as you turn to see the pillow sailing your way.

You react instinctively, swatting the pillow before it its you, and then it sails through the air towards the now open door, hitting mum in the face.

Bow Kid looks horrified.

“I’m sorry!” she quickly cries.

You start giggling as mum smiles, the pillow having done the invincible mum no harm.

“It’s fine, sweetie,” says mum.

Bow Kid still looks worried, so you jump off the bed and walk over to her.

“No harm,” you tell her, your shoulder touching hers.

The comfort you offer gets a small, slightly nervous smile in return.

“It’s fine, really,” mum ads. “As long as you’re throwing pillows in here where nothing can get broken.”

You give mum a small, embarrassed smile as you decide you’ll tell Bow Kid that story later.

“So, I know you’ve been having fun, but I think you three should get into your pyjamas for bed.”

“Aww,” you say.

Mum giggles.

“You can stay up,” she replies, “but I would like you to get into your PJs.”

“We’re going stay up all night,” Moustache Girl declares.

You nod in agreement.

“Suure,” mum says like she doesn’t believe you will.

You look to Bow Kid for further agreement but she’s staring at your mum nervously. Mum looks back.

“Sweetie, you want to call mum now?”

Bow Kid nods stiffly and heads out of the room, mum following her. You stare curiously, your head titled as she does. As mum gives you a smile and closes the door, you snap out of it and get changed into your PJs, Moustache Girl doing the same. Both of you get your cloaks and capes back on once you’re done.

It’s not long before Bow Kid comes back into your room, closing the door behind her. She has a faint blush on her cheeks and is standing there awkwardly. You give her a wide smile, patting the spot next to you on the bed. Glancing at Moustache Girl, she’s not paying attention as with a slight stiffness to her movements, Bow Kid sits next to you.

Her jammies are super cute, being a one-piece, lime green jumpsuit with a hood. The hood has cat ears and is super adorable. All you’ve got are black trackies and an oversized purple t-shirt the same colour as your hat. You like the t-shirt, but the animal eared jumpsuit is really cool.

“I like your jammies,” you gush. “It’s really cute.”

Blushing more firmly, Bow Kid looks at you in surprise.

“Thanks,” she says quietly.

You take her hand as you bump shoulders with her.


You mind seemed to be playing tricks on you. You swore for a moment that Bow Kid’s PJs had a tail, but now the both of you lay on your bed on your stomachs, your legs swinging in the air, it was really obvious she didn’t have a tail. Still, ten minutes later you looked again and yep, still no tail. Just the bottom of her PJ’s zipper.

Your eyes moved onto other things for just a second before coming back to Bow Kid’s bottom. You weren’t supposed to stare at bottoms, but something caught your eye: her bum was sorta flat-like and now you were looking closely you could make out a faint outline of a…

You looked away, your cheeks beginning to feel warm. You glance at Bow Kid’s face next and find she’s still animating your chef plush doll (who is also a mafia strongman) through the most recent scene concocted, none the wiser. Your eyes turn back to her bottom.

As her legs swing in the air, the movement of her jammies causes the outline of a nappy to get more and less distinct. Bow Kid is in a nappy? Maybe?

You’re not sure what to think about this as your eyes break off from the sight again. Moustache Girl is still awake… barely, having exhausted herself enacting her fifth fight (after the first, she had fought both you and Bow Kid two times each), she looked ready to fall asleep, so your adventure had turned less from paly fighting to pantomiming some of the characters as the three of you did the voices.

Still, the thought of the nappy reminds you of your own need.

“Going to the loo,” you say as you slip off the bed.

Bow Kid strangely averts her eyes as Moustache Girl gives you a tired glance.

“’Kay,” Moustache Girl says.

As you sit on the loo doing your business, your mind wanders until you start thinking what it would be like to wear nappies again. How different would it be from sitting on the toilet like you were now? Would it be wet and warm? Would that be nasty? … or could it be nice?

Then your mind turns back to Bow Kid and wonder why she’s in nappies. You’re pretty sure she wasn’t wearing them until she was in her jammies, so maybe she had trouble at night? You don’t remember bedwetting; it wasn’t long ago, but you still didn’t remember it.

It occurs to you then that your mum probably knows and you begin to doubt there was a phone call given Bow Kid came back in her jammies. It suddenly makes sense why she was stiff and so worried; she’s scared.

Having finish your business and washed your hands, you go past the kitchen and get a cup of water. Done, you go through the lounge room, coming to a halt when you see Bow Kid’s backpack on the couch. She hadn’t brought it into your room like Moustache Girl had with hers and a curiosity begins to build. Walking over, you find the top hasn’t been done up properly and peer in.

In between some clothes stuffed into the backpack, you spot the clear white and pastel coloured, plastic folded nappy in her bag. You suddenly feel guilty for nosing about in your friend’s bag. As you head back to your room you vow to yourself to be supportive of your friend, to make her feel happy and safe.


When you get back to your room you immediately spot Bow Kid on her back, her head backwards over the side of your bed, a small smile on her face as you return. Your smile widely back. Slowly, Bow Kid raises a hand, pointing at the sleeping form of Moustache Girl. When your eye meet Bow Kid’s again, both of you silently break out in giggles.

As you take a seat on the bed again, Bow Kid shuffles back onto the bed and sits up, moving back into a cross legged position. Now aware of it, you can make out the faint crinkling sound of her nappy. Your heart aches slightly as the fear Bow Kid no doubt felt hits you.

“You alright?” you ask.

There’s a moment before she nods back with a small smile.

“Yeah. I was worried because this is my first sleepover,” she admits.

Wordlessly you put your arms around Bow Kid and pull her into a hug. You can hear the crinkle again as she reciprocates and you try not to laugh as you realise it’s actually super cute. Part of you wants to tell her you know and it’s okay, because nappy or not, she’s your friend. Another part is embarrassed about how you pried and how you stared, and the only reason you know is because you were nosey.

You’re not sure what to do when you slip out of the hug.

Moustache Girl is stirring however, having been woken by the motion of the bed. She yawns as she sits upright.

“Is it morning yet?” she mumbles.

You and Bow Kid share a look before breaking out in giggles.

“Maybe we should get to sleep?” Bow Kid suggests.

You hum in agreement as Moustache Girl looks on conflicted.

“I guess I’ll go to the toilet then,” Moustache Girl says, getting up.

She stretches a moment before heading out the door.

You turn back to your pondering, wondering if you should tell Bow Kid. How will she react to you knowing, even if you promise you’re still friends? After a moment of silence, she looks at you curiously and you begin to feel further guilt for prying. You decide to confess.

Shuffling backwards, you sit against the headboard before patting the spot next to you. Bow Kid takes the seat, sitting close enough that your sides and legs make contact. As you try to come up with the words, you take her hand in yours.

“You’re my friend, no matter what — right?”

She looks slightly alarmed at the question.

“Yeah,” she replies, an edge to her voice.

“It doesn’t… change anything,” you start. “It doesn’t make you any less my friend.” Bow Kid’s eyebrows almost reach her hair line in alarm. “But I know about… you know?” you say, losing your train of thought.

Bow Kid’s face goes through several emotions before settling on panic. You try to give her a reassuring smile, but it feels tainted by guilt and seems to give Bow Kid the wrong impression.

“It’s okay,” you say, leaning your head on her shoulder. “I’m — I’m not going to make fun of your or treat you differently.”

Bow Kid is stiff besides you, but as the seconds pass, she relaxes somewhat, her breathing ragged.

“Really?” she asks, her voice strained on the verge of a sob.

You finally muster the courage to look her in her wet eyes, and the guilt returns. You feel like you might burst into tears yourself so all your can do is nod with a small smile. Bow Kid’s lip trembles as you pull her into another hug.


Bow Kid is under your blankets and firmly avoiding Moustache Girl’s eyes as she comes back into the room. You try to act cool, slipping into bed next to Bow Kid.

“We didn’t even make it past midnight,” Moustache Girl grouches.

As she gets into your bed too, she plants her face onto the pillow and groans.

“Night,” you say mirthfully.

When she turns her head, her stick-on moustache is hanging on by a slither. You can’t help but giggle. Moustache Girl pouts back.

“Night,” she grumbles back.

Then there is a soft giggle behind you. Bow Kid has dared to look up from her borrowed pillow and has seen the same moustache problem. Her eyes are tinged red but Moustache Girl is distracted enough that she doesn’t notice, instead opting to remove the moustache and leave it at the food of your lamp next to your bed.

Turning back to Bow Kid, you share a small smile with her before sliding deeper into your covers. Your bed is a tight squeeze with three girls, but that’s okay. Glancing the other way, Moustache Girl is already asleep.

“Good night,” you tell Bow Kid, turning back to her.

She gives you a thankful smile in return and you doze off to sleep deciding she’s even more adorable in a nappy.


Something wakes you a few hours later. It’s warm and soft and it takes you a moment to realise it’s Bow Kid, her pretty blue bow slightly askew. She’s on her side leaning slightly on you, one of her arms between you. It’s what woke you. It’s no uncomfortable, but the contact on your belly is a new experience.

After a few moments you lift her hand and Bow Kid lets you drape it over your waist. She makes a pleasant sigh as she snuggles in closer. I seemed right, so you put your own arm over her and snuggled even closer. You notice how the fabric of Bow Kid’s pyjamas seems to glide under you hand though and you realise it’s the plastic of her nappy.

It’s a strange feeling under you fingers before you remember you should be prying, let alone with your fingers. But you can’t back out of this, you’re cuddling Bow Kid and she would like you to keep cuddling her, so you move you hand slightly higher and settle in to go back to sleep.

As you do so you notice the second thing: Bow Kid is bulging slightly. You can feel the soft mass at hip level pressing against you; Bow Kid’s nappy is bulging .

She seems relaxed and comfortable enough to hug you in her sleep, but despite that her nappy is soaked. Instead of disgust though, you mind turns to… jealousy? You realise then that it sounds nice; Bow Kid doesn’t have to worry about the loo at night, she doesn’t have to be woken by her bladder telling her to get out of her warm bed and head to the toilet, and…

You remember earlier and wonder if your mum put the nappy on Bow Kid. Was it like a baby nappy that needed to be taped up, or was it a pullup that she could do herself? Would it… be nice for mummy to look after you like that?

There’s a small hesitancy as you ask yourself your next question: would you… like to be in a nappy too?

There’s a mixture of fear and happiness inside you. It sounded nice to not have to worry about the loo anymore, to be able to keep playing adventures as long as you liked without potty breaks, to be looked after by mummy. At the other end, what would mummy think of you if you still wore nappies? Would she treat you like a baby? Tell you you can’t have adventures? What would Moustache Girl think of you?

Then another thing occurred to you: did Bow Kid like it? Maybe Bow Kid liked being in nappies at night and looked after, or maybe she hated it? Did she wish she didn’t need them?

It was getting hard to think, so you closed your eyes for just a moment, and the next think your realised was it was light outside.


“Your dad will be here soon,” your heard you mum say quietly.

Blearily looking over, you see your mum prodding Moustache Girl awake. You remember yesterday mum saying Moustache girl had to be leaving really early for some holiday thing with her family. Bow Kid is firmly attached to you now and once again you rest your eyes for just a moment to see a dressed Moustache Girl wave a goodbye at you as she leaves with her backpack.

Maybe you fall asleep again, or maybe you don’t, but you soon find yourself just watching Bow Kid. She seems peaceful and happy, and heartachingly cute with a small smile on her lips. It’s also really nice to have her cuddling you.

Your thoughts drifting, seeing Bow Kid’s eyes staring back at you is pleasant surprise.

“Morning,” you greet.

“M—” Bow Kid yawns. Once she finishes, she’s blushing. “Morning,” she said smally.

You giggle, cuddling into her more.

“Sleep well?” you ask.

She nods back nervously and you begin to wrestle with what to say. Telling her to know she’s wet and don’t care might put her at ease, but that might also be too weird a thing to say. Instead, you reiterate what you said last night.

“I’m — I’m really okay with you wearing a… a nappy,” you tell her again.

Her embarrassed blush intensifies as she gives you a nod with a thankful smile on her face.

“Thank you,” she replies quietly.

You smile brightly back.

“You’re super cute,” you blurt out, saying the first thing that comes to mind.

She smiles back for a moment before suddenly looking dejected.

“Not in a nappy, though.”

“Nu uh,” you disagree back. “You’re so cute I just want to hug you all the time.”

There’s a look of doubt for a moment before you snake an arm under her and over her, hugging Bow Kid again. You can’t help but giggle as you hug her tightly and after a moment she reciprocates. You really do want to cuddle her all the time and the thought makes your heart pleasantly soar. So, you’re somewhat surprised when her breathing hitches, prompting you to separate slightly. You’re sure you look concerned, but despite her now wet eyes, Bow Kid is smiling.

“Thanks,” she says again. “I—I was worried. Worried about a sleepover, and someone finding out. I’ve never had a sleepover before, I was always so worried about it.”

You nod sympathetically.

“At your old school?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Well, I’m glad you moved schools ‘cus it means I met you.” Hat Kid moved to yours and Moustache Girl’s school near the end of the year. “I’ve got two friends now.”

Bow Kid looked slightly alarmed before relaxing her expression.

Most of the other kids at school thought you and Moustache Girl were weird, but that didn’t bother you; they were just boring . None of them appreciated the adventures you and Moustache Girl had together, until Bow Kid came to your school. The teacher put her next to you because there was a space there and then you had the opportunity to see her drawing. They were really cool and she happily talked about them. You weren’t much of a drawer yourself, preferring to write stories, but that didn’t stop your from becoming friends with Bow Kid.

“So am I.”

“Yep,” you happily reply. “Wet nappies or not, you’re still my super cute, super awesome friend.”

She turns a mixture of embarrassed and thankful at the words before snuggling up to you again. Noticing her bow, you take a moment to readjust it, putting it on more securely. It’s comfortable for several minutes before there’s a knock at the door. Mum pokes her head in.

“You two awake?” she asks.

There’s a round of yeps .

“All good for now?” she asks next.

“Yep,” Bow Kid replies as you realise mum was directing her question at your friend.

“Uh huh,” you add.

“Good to hear. I’ll have breakfast ready in about fifteen, so you’ll have to get up soon.”

She disappears again.

“Um — what should I tell mum?” you ask. “Does she know?”

Bow Kid nods as you lie there silently, wondering. Eventually you ask cautiously, “It is okay if I ask some questions?”

There’s a slight hesitancy before she replies, “Yeah, it’s okay.”

You smile reassuringly as you pick your first.

“Do you need them all the time?”

There’s a flash of panic.

No ,” she quickly replies. “Just at night.”

You blink back at her for a moment before it clicks.

“Oh — I didn’t mean like that,” you tell her apologetically. “I meant if it was every night.”

While you didn’t exactly check, you’re pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a nappy under her skirt yesterday.

“Oh — yeah,” she replied quietly.

You nodded, thinking of your next question.

“Are they comfy?”

“Yeah — well, when they’re not cold.”

“Oh, are they now?”

She shook her head.

“N-no, under the covers and my PJs they’re okay. They stay warm.”

That was nice to hear. You certainly didn’t want your friend to be uncomfortable. The next question was more personal so you hesitate a moment. Eventually you decide to prefix the question with, “You can tell me to stop asking if you want.”

Bow Kid chewed her lip nervously before shaking her head.

“No, it’s okay. It’s — um — actually nice to talk about it with someone.”

“Oh,” you reply, giving her a small smile. It’s nice to know she trusts you like that. “Have you… ever gone on purpose?” you ask, not being able to keep the caution out of your voice.

She blushes back, averting her eyes.

“Sometimes,” she says, clearly embarrassed. “Not very often.”

You snuggle close to show her it’s okay.


You can feel her freeze for just a moment, before her slow breathing resumes.

“It’s… nice to not have to get up and — um,” she pauses, “— it’s h-hard to get the nappy back on myself. It’s easier to just go, and not have to wake mum, or — or,” she falters.

You catch on to what she means.

“So, my mum helped you? Nappied you, I mean?” She gives you an embarrassed nod. “It sounds nice,” you comment idly before realising what you said, a blush crossing your cheeks.

“It is,” Bow Kid breaths back.

A ridiculous smile on your face, your heart swells for some reason. It’s so incredibly cute to imagine your friend like that, and you can imagine yourself at her side, just the same.

“Like last night?” you ask.

She freezes again, blushing furiously, before nodding.

“I — I didn’t want to wake your mum.”

You can’t help but giggle and pull her into a hug.

“It’s cute,” you saw into her ear. “It’s super cute.”

“Really?” she asks as you break apart.

“Yep,” you say, nodding enthusiastically.

As Bow kid fidgets beside you, a pleasurable but embarrassed smile on her face, you almost admit that you wish you could wear them too, but change tract instead.

“So, they’re like, tape up nappies?”

She shrugs slightly, as best she can, laying on her side.

“Yeah,” she admits before looking uncertain. “The — the pullup ones leak really easily.”

You didn’t know that but the fact they tape up makes them seems even cuter, and they are secure.

“Do you want to see them?” Bow Kid asks you with a small amount of hesitancy. “I mean, I have a spare in my bag.”

You panic a fraction of a second, and you decide you can’t lie to her.

“I — um — I know, I saw them last night,” you admit dejectedly. “I shouldn’t have peeked.”

She presses her lips together, looking uncertain.

“Is that how you know?” she asked.

You shake your head.

“No, I — um — I thought your jammies had a tail,” you try to explain, fidgeting nervously. “So I was looking and then I could sort of see something and I guessed.”

She suddenly looks worried.

“I don’t think Moustache Girl noticed… I-I only noticed because I was…” you pause nervously. “I was looking at your bottom for a tail. I thought your jammies had a tail.”

It’s a strange, sad giggle that escapes Bow Kid’s mouth. It was a bit ridiculous you think as you join her in laughing.

“I would like to see though,” you add. “I didn’t go through your bag or anything, I just peeked in as I walked past and saw a bit.”

She nods understandably.


She begins to shuffle out of bed and you join her, the pair of you standing up. Now free of the covers, you can’t help but look up and down your friend. Maybe it’s because you are aware of it, but the nappy seems a bit obvious now, or maybe that’s because it’s wet.

“Can you notice it?” she timidly asks.

You shrug back.

“Well, yeah,” you admit. “But everyone knows, and it is cute.”

She brightens slightly at your answer as you take her hand and lead her out of your room. Looking back Bow Kid seems to waddle slightly as she follows you. You smile brightly, trying not to giggle. You can hear mum in the kitchen and smell breakfast as you and Bow Kid go to her bag on the couch. With a nervous glance she pulls the spare nappy out of bag and holds it up.

Like you guessed last night, it’s white and pastel colours. But unlike last night, you can see the cute pattern on it of cartoon figures.

“Can — can I touch it?”

She looks surprised before nodding and handing it to you.

It’s neatly folded, the outside plastic is smooth under your fingers. Carefully, you open it up a bit, seeing the tapes and the soft lining. Its smell is nice, familiar . You suddenly try to imagine the feeling of it around you securely as you play and have adventures without a care in the world. The fantasy is brought back to reality by a shout.

“Kids, breakfast!” mum calls.

Bow Kid panics, snatching it back and stuffing it in her bag.


“Is it like, a bit poofy?” you quietly ask.

Bow Kid gives you a small nod as you mum comes into the room and lays out the breakfast.

It’s delicious and you easily make small talk with Bow Kid, with mum occasionally querying about what the three of you got up to last night.

Your mum gives Bow Kid another look before asking, “Everything holding up?”

Your friend nods back emphatically.


When you finish your mind turns to what to do next. You could make things, or draw things, or try and have an adventure that does require Moustache Girl. You offer your suggestions to Bow Kid.

“We could try drawing,” she suggests.

“Okay then,” you reply, getting up from the table.

Bow Kid mimics you. As she turns to push her chair in though, you notice her bum again and start giggling. Bow Kid looks at you curiously.

“You bum,” you start with as you muffle the giggles. “it’s all flat .”

Bow Kid blushes faintly as she tries to look over her shoulder. Not able to see it though, she reaches behind and traces the outline of her wet nappy where it was flattened against you seat. Look pensive for just a moment, she wiggles her bum a bit and removing the flatness.

“All better!” she pronounces mirthfully, to your renewed giggling.

You notice mum’s expression. It’s faintly surprised but otherwise school.

“So — uh — you know, sweetie?”

Bow Kid blinks before her blush intensifies.

“Hat Kid figured it out.”

You shrug in acceptance from her side.

“Oh — well I hope everything went okay?” mum continued with some concern.

“Uh huh,” Bow kid replied.

“Yep,” you add, stepping closer to your friend’s side. “She’s my friend,” you say as if it’s obvious.

Like, why wouldn’t it be okay?

Your mum smiles widely.

“I was looking for a moment to get you out of your protection ,” said mum, “but if you’re both in the know I think you could both do with a bath. Don’t you think?”

A thought occurred to you.

“With bubbles?”

Mum chuckles.

“I’m sure we can use some bubble bath.” You glance at Bow Kid encouragingly who smiles back. “How about you two carry the plates into the kitchen while I get the hot water going?”


You take a quick trip to the loo once you and Bow Kid have put the dishes in the kitchen and then head to the bathroom and wash your hands. Mum is turning off the taps as you enter and from the bubbles you can see she’s already added the bubble bath. Meanwhile Bow Kid is standing there, waiting.

“Do you two need any help?” mum asks.

You glance at Bow Kid who gives a small shake of her head.

“Alrighty then, I’ll leave you two to it” Mum steps out and closes the door but before you can start pulling your PJs off, she opens it again and sticks her head in. “And sweetheart, you can just leave your protection on the floor and I’ll bin it later. Okay?”

“Thank you,” your friend quietly replies to your mum’s reassuring smile.

You pull your top off and are about to get rid of your trackies when Bow Kid speaks up.

“Um — can you help me?” she asks, turning around and pointing over her shoulder.

“Yep,” you say, stepping over to grab the back zipper for her.

After pulling it down you spot a little bit of white nappy before helping Bow Kid shrug the shoulders off. Once she gets her arms out of the sleeves, she does another wiggle and soon her PJs slip over her nappy and pool on the floor. Her nappy is obviously wet as she bends down to pull the elastic leg cuffs over her feet. Getting up, she cautiously turns to you, red faced. You smile widely back.

“All good?”

She gives you a small smile and nods.

“Yeah, just a bit embarrassing.”

You roll yours eyes affectionately and hug your friend.

“You’re cute when you blush too, you know?” you comment.

Bow Kid giggles over your shoulder.

“Thank you,” she says earnestly. “For being my friend, and for being okay — okay with everything.”

Stepping back, you help your friend get her bow off.


You wave goodbye to your friend as she drives away. When she vanishes into the distance you follow mum back into the house.

“I’m proud to have you as a daughter,” your mum tells you. “Despite her little problem you didn’t let that get in the way of being friends.”

It seems strange to think it would be a problem.

“It was nothing,” you say, brushing it off with a shrug.

Your mother’s smile widens.

“Well, regardless, I am proud of you, sweetie.” You’re blushing faintly at the praise. “ow about I get you a bowl of ice cream as a treat?”

“Really?” you ask excitedly.


Mum has her own bowl as you sit next to her on the couch, watching some Saturday morning cartoons and eating your ice cream.

“I just wanted her to be happy,” you say as the credits roll at the end of the show about a family of talking dogs. “She was really worried about her nappy and what I thought about her when she knew I knew.”

Isn’t that the point of friends? To make them happy? Making Bow Kid happy made your heart soar.

Strangely, your mind turns to nappies again, to the idea of also wearing them. You wouldn’t have to get out of bed if you had too much to drink before bed, and you and Bow Kid would look so cute together. It seemed safe and secure… it seemed comforting.

You and Bow Kid, together in nappies.

“What was that, sweetie?” you mum asks with a small amount of bewilderment.

You freeze, your mind reeling as you realise you said it out loud . You mentally panic, looking for an excuse.

“I — uh — I mean, so she’s not embarrassed,” you add, grasping for the first thing that comes to mind.

Mum looks pensively at you as what you said actually processes. It… is actually not a bad idea, you did want to make Bow Kid happy, and both being in nappies would make her less embarrassed, you’re sure.

“You want to wear a nappy as well?” mum asks cautiously.

You blush furiously as what that actually means hits you.

I-I just thoughts if we’re… both in nappies, she w-wouldn’t worry.”

Mum sighs neutrally before pulling you into a hug.

“You don’t have too, sweetie,” she says. “I know it could be embarrassing. I’m sure your friend will understand.”

You’re not sure what to say. Mum seems to think you don’t want to because you’re embarrassed, but you do, even if you are embarrassed a bit by it. But it occurs to you that this might not be something you should voice.

“I’ll do it,” is your muffled reply from mum’s top.

Your mum brushes your hair with her hands for a few moments.

“You really are a good friend,” she comments. “I’m glad she’s got a friend as good as you.” You wait in anticipation, hope for the next words. “So yes, we can do that.”


I absolutely love this!!! I’ll admit I had never heard of A Hat in Time before reading the first part of your story, but after adoring what you did with the characters, I HAD to look it up. And suffice it to say, I was not disappointed.

Overall a wonderful first part of what’ sure to be a great story to come. Keep up the great work!

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This is my very first ever comment on here
I just felt that giving a heart was not enough to show how much this wonderful story has touched my heart and memory
How I wish I could have been “Bow Kid” and not me at the sleepover when my “little secret” was discovered. Lets just say I didn’t find a Hat kid, in my 3rd grade class and that first/last sleepover outside family was not so much fun

This is pretty wholesome and cute.

Gotta admit, I know nothing of the fiction it’s based on, but it’s an interesting setup.
Second person stories are few and far between, and difficult to manage, so it’s nice that this has worked so well.

Do carry on.