A Poem for Everyone by The Diapered Dandy

I will post more stories and poetry on my site (http://www.geocities.com/diapereddandy) soon. I’m just getting started.


Little Diaper Boy
By The Diapered Dandy

My girl, she keeps me going
I’ve never felt loving like hers.
I might call her my baby,
But I am the one in diapers.

She’s been a baby sitter
So I know she is not upset
To deal with dirty diapers
And a boyfriend who’s soaking wet.

She uses the best technique;
Can change my diapers in a flash.
She uses baby powder
So that I don’t get diaper rash.

I wear pants out in public
So I keep our secret hidden.
She think I look cute in them
So at home pants are forbidden.

It wasn’t my idea
I wore them at her suggestion.
Now when posed, “boxers or briefs?”
I think ‘what a silly question!’

I don’t mind playing along
And being her ‘lil diaper guy’.
But now I can’t hold it in
Regardless of how hard I try.

Now I guess I have no choice
Other than get used to wearing Depends.
I wonder how I’ll tell her,
I just hope she won’t tell my friends!