A question on The Diaper Dimension

Are the Littles really little, or are the Amazons just freakishly huge?

That’s a matter of perspective. Littles are the size of average humans, so…

Since it’s a shared universe open to interpretation, if you’re writing a DD story, do whatever you wish.

Cool, hope you like the new chapter.

Yes. Usually, Littles are the size of standard humans, but everything in the diaper dimension is sized for bigs.

Humans that enter the dimension are the size of Littles but stories that give Littles a height measurement usually say they’re about 3 feet tall. This is sometimes explained as people shrinking upon entering the portal but could also mean the Amazons use a different measurement system than we do.

If amazons are huge, it would make sense that their measure of a foot would be correspondingly large. So if the DD-foot (for lack of a better name) is twice as long as ours, the average person would be about three feet tall.