A Room with a View by BoTox (Sequel to By Court Order)

Chapter 1

A Room with a View

by Bo Tox

My name is Grace Littlebear. I am a graduate of a special program designed to deter women such as myself from becoming repeat offenders. I was in the program for a whole year and they retrained me to be a productive citizen. It was this program that got me on track. Unfortunately for myself and my other two roommates, Nikki and Maria, it has left us functionally incontinent. We need diapers or some form of protection at all times.

There really isn’t anything wrong with me or my roommates but we were court ordered into diapers for a full year. Not only was there a court order, there was a physical restraint imposed on us. We had no way to use the toilet. It was diapers. Period. We sort of became lazy with no other options. You eventually learn to accept it since you can’t hold it forever. It took a year to get this way. I suspect it will take a year to get it back.

Now that I’m out of the program, I have a good job and I make decent money. That’s how we got a nice apartment for the three of us. I work for a very successful woman, Liz, that went through the earlier version of the program. She, too, is pretty much incontinent. She wasn’t force into diapers by a judge, she was injected with botox. If she didn’t wear diapers she would have left a puddle every where she went. Her recovery is different than mine but she, too, still wears diapers after more than a year out of the program.

I’ve just stayed the first night in my new apartment. The freedom of not living in a halfway house may be my undoing, though. At this time in my life, I’m now a bed wetter. This morning, I again woke up soaked. It must have been all the cola I drank last night. Maybe I should hold off so late at night. Thank goodness for thick, absorbent overnight diapers!

I showered and got ready for work. It was relaxing to have the shower all to myself. No rush to get in and out by a stop watch. To know that putting on a diaper was my choice and at my liesure rather than a legal requirement. Best of all, to know I was only 10 minutes from work on foot!

As I had been doing most days since I was released from the dreaded confinement belt, I reluctantly wore a pullup to work. The progress was slow. Thirty minutes was about all I could hold it and I could sense Liz’s frustration when I suddenly needed to use the bathroom. It was a bit embarrassing with others in a meeting. After all, she was in the same boat but it didn’t make her run out and have a wee.

That night, Maria and Nikki both came over to the new apartment for a few hours before heading back to the house. Both were moving in tomorrow. They had been to the grocery and were stocking the fridge and pantry with food. Maria agreed to do most of the cooking since I was a lousy cook and was rarely home early enough to make dinner. Nikki brought home a pizza every few nights as something different. She often brought home other things as well. She’d been stocking her personal toy box with adult toys.

“I can’t help it,” she always said, “I’d have something up my ass all the time if I could get away with it!”

Nikki was, after all, very anal erotic. You could always tell when she bought a new toy because she’d go straight to her room without so much as a ‘hi’ and close the door. She’d be in there for half an hour before she’d come out and speak to us. Sometimes we’d hear a muffled moan. We suspected she still had her toy inserted since she would not sit or ever so gently rested her behind on the edge of a chair.

Sometimes Maria would come out of her room in the morning wearing nothing but a half shirt and her very soggy diaper. Her long, wavy black hair and dark eyes made the image surreal. She acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a grown woman to wear a diaper around the house. Well, maybe for this house it was perfectly normal. Then again, this was not a normal house.

Maria, Nikki and I went shopping with our vouchers for some supplies. Since the program made us incontinent, they provide vouchers to purchase products at local medical supply stores. This was the first time we were sure what Nikki was doing since being released from her diaper and belts. She’d never explicitly said she was still wearing diapers or had managed to kick the habit.

Nikki went straight up to the counter, “I need velcro closure adult cloth diapers and plastic pants, size medium. Do you stock those?”

The nice, older gentleman behind the registered pulled up his glasses and said, “Several kinds, young lady. If you don’t mind, for you or someone else?”

“Me,” she said without flinching, “Bed wetter. Very heavy bed wetter.”

I watched intently as the man smiled and walked over to a back shelf to show her the merchandise. I followed, curious about the nature of reusable products. I saw him hand her several thicknesses of garments before moving to waterproof pants.

“Being a bed wetter is nothing to be ashamed of. Glad to see you taking some responsible action for yourself. These are our thickest velcro diapers,” he said, “A soaker can be inserted to increase the capacity. The only thing we have that is more absorbent is these pullons and you can still use soaker in them, too.”

“I’ll take two of each,” said Nikki, “and a half dozen soakers.”

“These are the lightweight plastic pants,” said the gentleman, “They are good for light incontinence or even over a disposable for added insurance but I’d recommend a pullon in urethane over a snapon anything for heavy wetting.”

Nikki looked at the panties he showed her, held several up to her waist, “I’ll take one in blue and one in pink. Let me have a pair of the snapon in black just to mix it up.”

“I think you’ll be quite happy with your selection for both comfort and effectiveness,” said the fellow, “Do you need anything else?”

“Yes, I need something disposable for everyday use,” said Nikki, “Something quiet.”

“We have just the thing,” he said pointing to the next aisle, “These have good absorbency and a cloth-like backing to keep them very discrete. They should work well alone or with waterproof panties.”

She looked at the sample he showed her, “I’ll take a bag of these in medium as well.”

He rounded up her order and she paid for it with her vouchers without incident, “Can I help your friends as well?”

“They are a little shy,” said Nikki when she pointed to me, “Especially, that one.”

“Don’t worry, young lady,” he said as he approached me, “We get all kinds in here. Everyone needs a little help now and again.”

Chapter 2

I stammered every so quietly, “I, uhm, I’d like one of the velcro diapers like she got, a few soakers and a pair of pullon white panties. I’m just not sure they are right for me.”

“No worries, yound lady,” he said, reassuring me, “You won’t be sorry. If you aren’t happy, I’ll give you a discount on your next order. Anything else?”

I sheepishly whispered to him, “Something in a heavy disposable, too!”

He winked and showed me a bag of diapers, “There are only 14 in a bag but they will hold all night.”

“Some decent pullups for daytime, too, please,” I finished with a bit more confidence.

I nodded as he rang up my purchases and accepted my vouchers. Next was Maria, who didn’t need help. She’d already selected her products while he was helping us. She picked out two pair of pink ruffled plastic panties and several types of cloth diapers. She also had a bag of thinner diapers than I or Nikki had selected. She piled them on the counter for him to ring up.

“I pretty much know what I need,” said Maria.

Now came the most embarrassing part. We had to walk two blocks carrying various diapers and plastic panties, concealed only by very thin shopping bags. I think I had a harder time of it than Maria or Nikki.

Once inside, I asked Nikki, “You still having a hard time holding it, too?”

Nikki grinned, “Yeah, some. I think I like them as much as anything. I got used to just letting go whenever while I was being punished. Why hold it when you can keep going without a worry. Plus, a very thick diaper holds my toys in really well.”

That night was the first night I’d worn anything besides disposables in my whole living memory. Maria knocked on my door as I was laying them out to inspect my purchases more closely. I wasn’t wearing one yet and was just standing there in a soggy pullup and old t-shirt after having stripped off my clothes in contemplation.

“Grace, can I come in,” asked Maria.

I opened the door, “Sure, just trying to decide, cloth or disposable.”

Maria twirled around in her newly purchased diapers and fancy panties, “Yeah, I already did that.”

She was wearing just a delicately laced pink bra with a very thick cloth diaper and two soakers under her frilly laced pink panties. It looked extremely large compared to the disposables we’d been wearing before now. It did look unbearably cute on her, though.

She pointed to my cloth diaper and plastic pants, “It isn’t a hard decision. They are great!”

I put them in a pile, “OK, I’ll try this.”

“Come out when you’re done,” she said, “Nikki and I want to see it and you can see ours.”

I could not believe it. Three grown women, sharing an apartment and all in cloth diapers with waterproof panties like big babies. No place else could this happen except here.

I laid out my velcro diaper, placed both soakers in the middle and sat in it. It felt comfy. So soft and so much thicker than any disposable I had ever used. I pulled it all up and snugged it with the velcro closures. Then I slipped on my plastic panties. It felt strangely relaxing despite the weight and awkwardness of having so much bulk around your middle.

I looked at myself in the mirror. From the front it was just a bit puffy. From the rear, it was huge! I no longer had butt cheeks. It was now just one big, rounded behind, like a globe where my rear used to be.

I walked out with my robe on and saw Nikki and Maria sitting on the couch. They stood up and I removed my robe. I turned for them and posed. When I turned back to look at them, I spied a figure in the apartment across the street. It was a guy and he was getting a surprise eye full. He was slack jawed with wide eyes and a laundry basket in his hands.

“OH MY GOD!” I yelled, “Close the curtains!”

I immediately put my robe back on and Maria closed the curtains. She peeked out and saw the dark haired young man with funny grin on his face.

“I guess he got a free show,” said Maria as she winked at him.

Nikki laughed as she looked out the window and waved to him, “This is the big city. You can see anything here. He’ll have a good story to tell tomorrow! At least he waved back and was smiling.”

That night I had the best sleep of my adult life. I woke up to my alarm in a dry bed and but a very soaked cloth diaper. It was so heavy it drooped when I stood up. I went to get a cup of coffee before my shower. Maria was already making a pot and still wore her very soggy, sagging diaper, too. Nikki was on the couch with a bowl of cold cereal, also in a cloth diaper and plastic panties.

“Morning, Sunshine,” said Maria, “Looks like you slept well and wet.”

“Oh! It was so comforting. I didn’t even worry about leaking and just slept the whole night through. How about you, Nikki?” I asked.

“Well, I was up late with my toys,” she said, “But this thing, with two soakers, holds so much. I give it a 10!”

“Don’t forget to rinse them out,” said Maria, “Or they will stink. Hand wash your panties. Leave them to dry in the air.”

Meanwhile, in the following days at work, Liz was becoming more annoyed at my less-than-stellar potty habits. She finally decided to address it one night when we were working late.

“Grace, you know I want you to succeed but your retraining is getting in the way of your work,” she said with authority, “I have the same issues but I do not let it interfere with my career. If you want this to be more a career instead of a job you will have to take steps. Do you understand?”

Reluctantly, I knew what she was saying was correct and I agreed, “Yes, Liz, it has been so very slow. I think I know now what you’ve been going through. What would you have me do?”

Chapter 3

She put her arm around my shoulder, “I know you don’t want to hear this but it might be best if you just used your diaper some of the time. Not always but you have to admit, every 30 to 40 minutes is really distracting. I do the same thing. If I can go to the bathroom and it is convenient, I try. If we are busy, I hold it as long as possible then use my diaper. No hesitation.”

I nodded my head in agreement, “You’re right. You’ve been so good to me. How about just one potty break before lunch and one after lunch?”

“That’s very commendable, Grace,” said Liz with a smile, “That’s the way to be a team player!”

Even though I thought I was sliding backwards in my toileting skills, my job seemed to smooth out. Liz was impressed with my willpower and rewarded me with an out of town trip the following week.

“We have a client in Dallas that wants to have us give them a pitch,” said Liz, “Are you ready to travel for an overnight trip?”

Was I, “Certainly! When do we leave?”

She gave me the details, “We catch a late flight out to Dallas next Thursday, stay at the Hyatt near the airport and then drive in to meet the client.”

“I’m a little nervous,” I said, “This is big!”

“Be sure to pack enough protection,” she added, “We don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the clients.”

I reluctantly shook my head in agreement. I went home to a nice meal of fajitas and fixings Maria had prepared. Her job never ran late and she was always here when I got home. I guess it wasn’t that challenging to make photocopies. She got a new job when she finished the program. It paid the bills was what she always said. Nikki was looking for a more regular job instead of something a college kid would do.

I told them about my overnight trip and they were excited. I’d never flown on a big plane before so I was a bit worried about it. Maria just told me to wear a good diaper and not freak out.

I was now settled enough in my place that I wanted more than just girls around. It all started when I was putting my clothes away after work and I found Mitchell Gray’s card from the night out at the club. On a whim, I called the number to see if he was in town. I got his voice mail and left a message.

The next day, promptly at 5:30PM my phone rang with a number I did not recognize, “Grace, talk to me.”

“Grace, so lovely to hear your voice,” said a voice that could only be Mitchell’s, “I was afraid you’d forgotten about me.”

“No, I was just in transition,” I said without being too far off, “I have an apartment in the city with a couple of girlfriends and we are pretty much settled in now.”

“That is wonderful. I’ve only got tonight in town before I fly off to where ever the client needs me next,” said Mitchell, “Would you like to share my last civilized meal with me? I’m thinking steaks at Tony’s.”

“I’d love to,” I said, “That’s only a block from here. When?”

Mitchell paused, probably looking at his watch, “Seven sound good?”

I agreed and he promised to spoil me rotten. A girl could get used to that. I changed out of my jeans and t-shirt for something a bit more elegant. Just a nice skirt and blouse with my pullup underneath to insure comfort and confidence. I primped for a few minutes, put on a little bit of makeup and started walking to Tony’s. I actually ran into Mitchell on the way. He had just crossed the street and we hugged.

“My, you look lovely this evening,” said Mitchell, “I’m so glad you could join me.”

“Why, thank you, Mitchell,” I said with a mock southern drawl, “You are too kind. You look dashing yourself. Where are you off to next?”

He looked at the paper in his pocket, “I have reservations at a Hilton in Nigeria. Its an oil job. I’ll be back in three weeks.”

“Nigeria? Is that in Africa?” I asked.

“Yes, it is,” he said, “I’ll bring you back something if you promise we can have a proper date.”

I was floored, “I promise. Here’s my number.”

We walked hand in hand the rest of the way to Tony’s. The place was pretty crowded and I was afraid we’d have to wait but the maitre’d recognized him and called him by name.

“Ah, Mr Gray. I see you and your lovely companion will be joining us this evening,” said the maitre’d, “I’m afraid your regular table is taken but I have a lovely table by the window?”

“Excellent, Claude, that would be grand,” said Mitchell.

We were shown to a darling table with fresh flowers and a gorgeous view of the sidewalk. I’ve always enjoyed seeing people and this was wonderful. While I looked around, Mitchell stared at me with a silly little grin on his face.

“Surprise me,” I said, “Order me something I’ll like.”

The waiter arrived and Mitchell ordered himself a beer and with my nod, one for me, too, “Not the designated driver tonight, are you?”

The waitress brought our drinks and took our dinner order. Mitchell ordered two filet mignons with salad and baked potatoes. He promised I wouldn’t want to eat for days after this. He was right. The salad was crisp, the bread was hot and the potato was not too dry. Then there was the steak. I normally put sauce all over mine but Mitchell convinced me to try the first bite without anything. It was the most delicious thing I’ve had in my mouth in my life!

By the end of the meal, I was stuff and soaked. I hadn’t counted on having a few beers and they went right through me. I was way past what a pullup should hold and was afraid there would be a wet spot in my seat.

I begged Mitchell to not get desert as it was already 10 O’clock and I had to be at work early. He relented and paid the check. I just wanted to run home and get out of this wet pullup but he insisted on walking me home.

Re: A Room with a View by BoTox (Sequel to By Court Order)

Chapter 4

“It is the least I can do after keeping you out so late,” he said, “I absolutely could not live with myself if anything happened to you.”

In my former line of work, being out on the street after dark was my second home. He didn’t know and that suited me just fine. The two blocks went slowly with me ever fearful of a leak. We paused in the lobby and he looked me in the eyes.

“I really enjoyed this evening,” he said, “I’ll call you in three weeks!”

I leaned in and gave him a big wet kiss on the lips at the instant I felt a trickle run down my inner thigh! OOPS! I quickly ran upstairs before it became a steady stream. Dating in diapers was going to be a real challenge.

I had to tell the girls all about my date and they were not surprised I leaked. I should have known better and I did. I just wanted to be sexier in a pullup instead of a full diaper.

Days later, it was the morning of the trip. When I went to work, I had my luggage with me. Liz looked at me and smiled. The day flew by and dragged on forever. One minute seemed like hours and then hours seemed to be gone without me noticing.

Liz stepped out of her office and locked the door, “Ready to go to the airport?”

I thought for second and replied, “I need to hit the ladies room and change.”

“Go right ahead,” said Liz, “I was just there. Take one of the good ones for tomorrow’s presentation, too!”

That was a good idea. I’m glad Liz remembered as I would have forgotten. I changed and put a couple of extra night diapers in my diaper purse. It was a large purse that doubled as a diaper bag. Girls like me have to make it work for us.

Going through security was stressful. The line was long and I was ever so glad I didn’t have to leave the line to relieve myself a bit. Then my mind went wild. What if they found my diapers? What if they asked questions? It was unfounded, though. Once through, Liz said it never happens to her. We sat together on the plane and she assured me the hundreds of times she’s flown, nothing ever happened. I was so tense I kept spurting pee every time we hit an air pocket or turbulence.

Once on the ground I felt much better. Liz used the company credit card to pay for our rooms and we met back in the restaurant for dinner. Liz had a glass of wine. For the first time in over a year I had a beer. It wasn’t as good as I remember.

“That’ll make you wet the bed,” said Liz teasing.

After the second one I replied, “You mean worse!”

She tugged at her waistband, “Yeah, me too! I’m heading up. We meet down at the front desk at 7:00 AM sharp, OK?”

I agreed and rose to leave with her. Despite my intentions to hold my water, I had obviously used my travel diaper much more than I had intended. I wasn’t even drunk. I must be getting lazy again.

That night I slept like a log. Beer does that to me. My wake up call finally got me roused out of a deep sleep and I had to rush to get ready. My thick presentation diaper was on and I dressed over it in a bit of a hurry. I rode the elevator down with a group that was already on. I got the sense one of them behind me was giggling but I didn’t know why until I met up with Liz.

“Dear, let me help you,” she said as she pulled the back of my blouse out of my diaper and tucked it back into my skirt.

“OH NO!” I gasped, “That’s why the lady was giggling at me on the elevator.”

“Don’t worry,” said Liz, “You’ll never see them again and they’ll forget about it in 10 minutes. Just relax and concentrate on the proposal we are presenting.”

I took a deep breath and tried to relax. It worked and I drenched my diaper! At least I was calmer and able to think straight. Who’d have thought of diapers as a relaxation technique?

We arrived right on time for our presentation and, despite my previous butterflies, handled several questions that Liz directed to me.

One of the clients asked, “What are the projected numbers for this campaign?”

Liz pointed to me since I’d done all of the market research, “Similar programs have seen numbers as high as 90% although I would expect something more like 75% for your particular case. Viewers already have high brand recognition for your label. The change from this program will be backed by your planned coupon roll out for a synergistic effect.”

There were smiles and Liz clapped silently behind their backs as a sign of praise. I felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Unfortunately, it was now hanging in my diaper. While it was a relief to not be burdened with bodily urges, it was another chore I had to deal with.

When the meeting was over, Liz went with an executive VP to negotiate a few minor details. I was left with one of their internal marketing people and we talked about the business. He was quite cute and very easy to talk to. He asked if I wanted to get a bite to eat with him.

I was about to accept when Liz stuck her head into his office and mentioned we had to catch a flight back. I asked him for a rain check and we left the office.

We didn’t have time for a proper lunch so we grabbed a couple of sandwiches from one of those airport vendors along the concourse. About half way through I thought mine tasted funny.

“Liz, is your sandwich OK?” I questioned, “Mine tastes a little funny.”

“I thought it was the mustard,” replied Liz, “But now that you mention it, mine has a wang to it.”

After that we both tossed them and waited until it was time to board the plane. The flight home was much easier. All the tension was released and the meeting had been a success. The only thing left was to go home. Thankfully, my diaper would hold for the flight home.

After six hours in the same seat, I was ready to be on the ground and heading home. As we stood, I heard a gurgling in my tummy. It sounded like bubbles in balloon. I retrieved my bag from the overhead compartment and walked down the aisle. Liz was right behind me. Half way up the jet way I heard Liz gasp.

“What’s the matter,” I asked, concerned.

“I’ve got a terrible stomach cramp,” she said, “I think that sandwich was bad.”

My belly gurgled loud enough for Liz to hear it, “I think mine was tainted as well. Are you OK?”

She nodded and continued on, “I think I’ll be OK. It�€[emoji769]s gone now.”

I hailed us a taxi back to the office where her car was parked. On the ride over, Liz seemed to get worse. It was after 6PM now and the office would be deserted. I was going to have the cab take us to the emergency room but Liz had me call her boyfriend, James.

“Hello, James,” I started, “This is Grace, Liz’s assistant. I think she is sick. Too sick to drive home.”

“Oh, what are her symptoms?” asked James as he shifted into physician mode, “Any vomiting or fever?”

“She is a little warm but mostly her stomach is cramping. I think we had bad sandwiches,” I said, “My tummy hurts too but she’s a lot worse. Should I take her to a hospital?”

“If she faints or develops a fever, yes, otherwise just tell me where you are and I’ll come get her,” said James with all seriousness.

“We are in a cab but almost to my apartment,” I replied and gave him the address.

I hung up and helped Liz out of the cab. I paid for the ride and the cabbie took our bags to the building and set them inside the door. Liz looked like she was fine one minute and in terrible pain the next. I didn’t know what to do. Our apartment was on the third floor and we didn’t have an elevator so I helped her up best I could.

Somewhere on the first turn she doubled over in pain and her bowels erupted, “AHHH! NO!”

I felt sorry for her and we continued up the steps. We finally reached my apartment and Maria let us in.

“Whoa! One of you stinks!” complained Maria with her hand on her nose.

“Shh, Liz is sick,” I said, “Her boyfriend is on his way to pick her up.”

“Well, you better clean her up first,” said Maria, “That’s noxious!”

I took her to the largest bathroom and laid her down on our changing bench. She didn’t need to see James with a nasty diaper. She was sort of out of it but definitely conscious. She kept thanking me for helping her. Unfortunately, my head was starting to hurt now and my tummy was growling and churning. I finally got her cleaned up and put her in my bed until James could arrive.

I was so wiped out I laid down on the couch to catch my breath. I felt hot and my guts felt like they were on fire. Then there was a ring at the door and I stood to answer it. Bad move on my part. The world shifted and my colon exploded all over my diaper! I was mortified!

Chapter 5

Nikki finally answered the door while I just stood there, leaning against the wall in my awful, full and stinking diaper. James came in, took one look at me and told Nikki to get me a cold, damp cloth for my forehead and to get me cleaned up. He asked were Liz was and Nikki directed him to her. He quickly went to her to check her condition.

Liz, her ever present sense of humor, told him, “Today has been a crappy day!”

He felt her forehead and pressed on her stomach, “Does this hurt?”

She nodded no and hugged him, “I’m so glad you are here. I think Grace is getting sicker now. I feel a little better after getting it out of my system.”

“Yes, you would,” said James, “You need to drink something and I’ll take you home as soon as I check on Grace.”

I remember getting changed by Nikki and seeing a strange man looking down on me but it is all a bit foggy. Apparently, we had a touch of food poisoning combined with dehydration from a long flight and some jet lag. Nothing fatal, just draining. I would formally meet James a few days later under near normal circumstances.

I woke up the next morning, week and wet but no more diarrhea and little recollection of how I got in my own bed. Nikki brought me some toast and jelly along with a message from Liz to not come in to work today.

I was thankful for that. I might have been able to get up and go but it would have been at half speed. After my second glass of orange juice and a bagel, I tried to get up and go change. Maria intercepted me before she left for work.

“Where do you think you are goin?” she scolded me.

“I need to change. I’m soaked and it feels cold,” I shot back.

“Lay back down,” said the smaller of the two women, “I’ll get you changed before I leave.”

“You don’t have to do this,” I offered, “I can do this myself.”

“Sure, you can but you shouldn’t have to in your weakened state,” said Maria with a giggle, “Besides, Nikki did the really stinky one yesterday. We are all pros at diaper changes by now.”

She went to retrieve some supplies and changed my soaking diaper. I was relieved to be clean again and fell asleep shortly afterwards. Nikki didn’t have to deliver pizzas for a few more hours and stayed with me. I was glad of that. She kept bringing me ginger ale, water and juice to keep me hydrated. James told them to make sure I kept fluids going in and coming out.

By the time Nikki had to leave, I was just tired and perpetually wet. She changed me one last time and I thanked her.

“If you get bored, I keep the toys in the box in the bottom of my closet,” she giggled, “Just clean them up when you are done with them.”

“I don’t have the energy,” I said and promptly fell asleep as soon as she left.

When I’d fully recovered the next day, I went to work with a new appreciation for diapers. Wearing one had saved Liz and me from extreme embarrassment. That evening I just went home and crashed again. It wasn’t until Monday of the next week I felt normal.

On the following Wednesday, Liz invited me out to dinner with her and James as a thank you for taking care of her when she was sickest. I graciously accepted and marked it on my calendar.

On the appointed day, Liz and James picked me up in his BMW SUV. It had a spacious back seat and did not feel cramped at all. I’ve lived in smaller apartments than this back seat!

“So, Grace,” said James as he took my hand, “I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced. Dr James as Liz calls me. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” I replied, “Grace Littlebear, Assistant to the talented Elizabeth.”

We rode out a ways to one of the suburbs and pulled into a very nice place. They had valet parking and a very elegant facade. The host recognized James and greeted him by name. He showed us right to a large, centrally located and fully prepared table.

“The shrimp cocktail is excellent and the desserts are all to die for,” said James.

Liz looked at me, “There is not a bad thing on the menu. I’m having the veal.”

While we waited for the meal, Liz and I had a glass of wine while James had ginger ale. I did not know it then as I just thought he was the designated driver but he was a recovering alcoholic. He did through sheer willpower what I had to be forced to give up. He was quite charming and very well spoken.

Liz tapped me on the shoulder, “There’s the VP from Davidson that had his eye on you. He’s at the bar all alone. His name’s Harmon or Harwood or something like that.”

I looked around, “Oh my gosh! It is. He won’t remember me.”

Liz prodded me, “Get up, go to the bathroom and see. I’ll bet you he does.”

I worked up my courage before dessert to do it. I headed to the bathroom, even though I was only slightly wet and had no intentions of changing, to see if I would catch his eye. On the way back, his head snapped around like a whip. He stood up and approached me.

“Grace, right?” he said at first, “Dennis Harper, Davidson and Associates. You were with Liz for the presentation earlier this year.”

I was both impressed and a little frightened, “Wow, you have an excellent memory, Dennis.”

“Can I buy you a drink?” said Dennis nearly pleading.

“I’m afraid I’m here with friends,” I said apologetically, but I could see Liz motioning me to bring him over, “Would you like to join us for dessert?”

“Oh, I don’t want to intrude,” said Dennis.

“Nonsense,” I said as I pointed to our table, “It is Liz and her boyfriend.”

“In that case, I accept,” said Dennis.

The four of us had some delicious sweets. Dennis had a key lime pie and I tasted it. It was heaven. I had the seven layer chocolate cake. I was stuffed and somewhat wet.

Dennis and James talked a bit about strong women and the merits of it. The evening was winding down to a close. I was really liking Dennis and it appeared he was enamored with me as well.

“Grace, if it won’t offend your hosts, may I give you a ride home?” asked Dennis.

Chapter 6

I looked at James and Liz as both smiled and Liz winked, “I’d be delighted.”

I thanked James and Liz for dinner and left with Dennis. His car was brought around and I was stunned to see that a powerful VP still drove a plain old Toyota Camry.

“Wow, a secure man,” I said, “I’d have thought you’d have a Beemer or a Bendz.”

“Disappointed?” he asked, “I have been thinking of upgrading.”

“No, not at all,” I replied, “I like that you don’t think you have to impress anyone.”

He opened my door and held my hand as I sat down. Thankfully, I was well below capacity. We took the long way to my apartment and he asked for my number. I gave it to him and he promised we’d go dancing next time. I was looking forward to it.

The next day Liz grilled me like a thick steak, “So, how’d it go? Did he kiss you?”

I had to break the news to here that it was just a ride home but the promise of more was made by him. I thought he was a great guy. A few weeks ago I was without a guy and now I had two very good prospects. I was a little scared when I thought about getting physical but I did want the touch of a man.

Mitchell called on Tuesday to say he was in town for two days before he was off to Mexico for a multinational mining concern. He wanted go out tomorrow. A movie he wanted to see was on. He thought a dinner and a movie would be great. I agreed and we set the time he would pick me up.

I was a little distracted during the next day as I counted the hours and then the minutes until my date with Mitchell. I’d all but forgotten about Dennis, as bad as that sounds. I wore a full daytime diaper with a spare in my purse as insurance against what happened last time.

Mitchell picked me up promptly at 7PM in his Cadillac XLR. It was a sleek car and he was proud of it. He was so different from Dennis, it was really hard to compare them other than they were cute guys.

He put the top down and we drove to the little place out by the cinema to have a pasta meal. I love Italian food and they had the best ravioli and bread. I was stuffed, as was my diaper. I was going to have to stop drinking beer on dates. It was going to be my downfall. I decided not to change until we got to the theater. If I changed now, I might not make it back to the apartment without leaking.

I was dribbling all the way to the theater and knew it was time to change when I sat down. I felt the distinct squish of wetness being forced out. I tried to lean back a bit to let it soak into the back of my diaper but wound up heading to the ladies room when the previews started. At least it was dark if there was any wetness to show through. Thankfully, dark clothes conceal it quite well.

I returned and sat down just as the beginning titles were shown. Mitchell held my hand and I leaned my head on his shoulder. The large drink and popcorn he bought for me was a nice gesture but I didn’t want to flood my diaper with all the caffeine and carbonation.

The movie was funny and we hardly said a word during the whole thing. When it was over, we stood up and walked out into the cool night air. He put his jacket around me.

“I think we’ll leave the top up on the way home,” said Mitchell, “unless you’d rather not go home just yet.”

I leaned into him, plucking up my nerve, “I could stand a drive with the top down.”

He held my door open, helped me into the car and off we went into the hills. We pulled into a secluded road that overlooked the city. The night sky was a random twinkling canopy above use and the city streets laid out a sparkling lattice of illumination below us.

“I like you, Grace,” said Mitchell, “I think you like me, too!”

I slid my hand behind his neck and kissed him, “I really do.”

I felt his hands on my back as we awkwardly tried to get closer in a two-seater sports car. We kissed and fondled each other for nearly half an hour before it became frustrating.

“Would you like to go back to my place?” asked Mitchell with excitement.

“I’d love to,” I cooed, “I’d love to be there right now!”

Mitchell drove quickly but safely to his house in the suburbs. It was a very large house for just one person. He said he liked his space. We parked the Cadillac in the garage next to his Lexus SUV and his old Jeep. We walked through the kitchen where he fixed us a couple of glasses of wine. He kissed me and started to pull his jacket off my shoulders. I unbuttoned his shirt as we made our way toward the bedroom.

“I hope you don’t think me too forward,” he said as he nuzzled my neck and fondled my breasts.

“Not at all,” I said breathlessly, “Just don’t take too long!”

When his shirt was off and my blouse was on the floor, I had to stop him. My diaper was soggy but I wanted to reveal it to him on my own terms and not with him undressing me to find his girl in her own piss.

I backed up from him and stood there in my skirt and bra. I could see he was quite excited. I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my skirt. Slowly, I lowered the skirt to reveal my white diaper with writing down the middle of the front except where I was wet. His smile turned to a look of puzzlement.

“I wanted to tell you but things went so fast,” I said, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“What is it,” asked Mitchell as he came closer to examine my undergarment, “Is that a diaper? OH MY GOD! Is it wet? Is this some sort of sick joke?”

I was suddenly feeling very vulnerable, standing there in my bra and diaper, “I’m the same person, Mitchell. Does the fact that I need protection make me a monster?”

Mitchell was putting his shirt back on, “I’ll call you a cab, OK. I just can’t deal with this right now. I’m a good looking, successful guy and I don’t need this.”

Re: A Room with a View by BoTox (Sequel to By Court Order)

Chapter 7

As I put my clothes on in silence, trying not to cry, I thought to myself that he may be handsome on the outside but he was a dead, cold ugly rock on the inside. I walked myself down to the front door and waited in the entry alcove. Nothing made me feel more worthless and like a cheap hooker than just now. I cried all the way back to the apartment. Luckily, Maria was asleep and Nikki was still out delivering pizzas. I changed and went to bed, more alone than I’d been in over a year.

The next day Maria asked me about the date over breakfast. She could tell something was wrong and finally pried it out of me.

“He’s scum!” said Maria with fire in her eyes, “I can have a couple of my homies from the neighborhood teach him a lesson. Maybe he’d like to pee in his own diapers for a while!”

“No, Maria, stop talking like that,” I pleaded with her, “I should have told him sooner. I screwed up.”

“Don’t worry, Chica,” said Maria, “There’s more men in the world. Not all of them are narcissistic, low-life bastards. Most johns treated me better than that crap.”

Deep down inside, I knew she was right. I didn’t need a man that was stuck up on physical things. I would not make the same mistake next time. If Dennis ever called back and we went out, I would break it to him long before we got to the point of no return.

As luck would have it, Dennis called Friday evening of the following week to see if I wanted to go out to a club on Saturday. He appologized for taking so long but he had been visiting the divisions all over the southeast. I nearly turned him down after the experience with Mitchell. He pleaded and I reluctantly agreed to join him. We set a time and place.

I had not been clubbing in a while and was not sure what to wear. Nikki assured me anything I wore would be great. I worried about after the dancing, though. What did he expect? I was still wearing diapers all the time. I’d almost given up on trying to get out of them since they were so darned convenient. I worried about it all day. I worried about a repeat of the terrible Mitchell experience.

While talking to Liz about it over lunch she told me like it was, “Look, some guys are hung up on looks. They don’t want a mate or a friend, they want a receptacle. Take my James. He is an educated man, secure enough in his own body to not have any hang ups about my short comings.”

“But, he’s a doctor,” I retorted, “He knows about medical things. Guys like Mitchell aren’t as informed. To them I’m just damaged goods.”

“Tell Dennis after you have had a laugh and he’s in a good mood,” said Liz, “Make a joke of it. Let him know you accept it and it is just like eye glasses or a brace. It is a medically necessary means to live your life. If he is half the man I think he is, he’ll accept it.”

By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, I was a nervous wreck. Only a few dates I’d had with a man since the program ended and I was a still a mental case. I finally decided to wear my slinkiest dress and my thinnest diaper and put two spares in my purse. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened with Mitchell.

Dennis picked me up promptly. I invited him in to meet my roommates, Nikki and Maria. They were all polite and were on their best behavior not to let the diaper out of the bag. That was my burden and I was going to see it through.

“You have a great view here,” said Dennis, “I don’t have this view.”

“It came with the apartment,” I said jokingly and we left.

I knew right away I was wearing a very thin diaper. I had barely leaked any into it and it already felt damp. I was a little worried it wouldn’t hold for half the night. Then, I’d be in trouble since I only brought a few spares.

We went to a nice place. It was loud but they all are. It wasn’t full of kids and all that bass, though. It was more laid back and mellow. They even played a few jazz songs and some oldies while the band was taking five.

Dennis was a good dancer, better than me but that’s not saying much. We were on the floor when a slow song came on and we fell together. I in his arms, slowly shuffling around the floor. Everything around me faded away and there was only me and him left in the world. I didn’t want it to end.

“You smell nice,” said Dennis, “What is that perfume?”

I really wasn’t wearing any so it must have been the baby lotion and my shampoo, “Just something I had around home.”

His hand had slid dangerously low on my waist. I was living in fear he would find my diaper or worse, my wet diaper! He’d been buying me drinks all night long even if they weren’t all alcoholic. After that song, it was time I went to the bathroom to change. It was crowded and I had to wait a fair bit for a stall. Thankfully, I still had a little capacity left in this one.

Changing in a stall is nothing like changing on a padded bench in your own home. It was a challenge. Thankfully, it was so noisy that nobody could have heard the tapes being removed. For that, I was eternally grateful. The next problem was disposal of the wet one. I balled it up and held it between my purse and my body. As I exited the stall and passed the trash can, I dropped it in one slick motion.

After midnight, I was finally feeling worn down. Dennis asked me if I was ready to go. I was, despite the fact that I really liked him. Dennis was a near perfect gentleman, though, and it was a lovely evening. I hated for it to end. When we arrived at my building, Dennis turned the car off. He started to get out and I stopped him.

“Dennis,” I said, “You’ve been wonderful. I thank you for a lovely evening.”

I pecked him on the cheek and he smiled, “May I call upon you again, Grace Littlebear?”

I again kissed him but this time square on the lips for the longest time, “Yes, you may and I hope it is sooner than later.”

He walked me to the door and up the stairs. I leaned against the wall and he leaned in for one more kiss. This guy was willing to take his time. He wasn’t here with a wad of bills and a negotiation plan. I did not want him to leave but I needed to get inside and change my very soggy diaper before something worse happened.

Trying to elude a gentleman with a wet diaper on reminded me that I didn’t want to make what had become ‘The Mitchell Mistake’ again. For a solid year, I dared not think about a man and now I’m here with a wonderful man. I couldn’t bear to break his heart. I would tell him on our next date, face to face.

Chapter 8

Maria was fast asleep but Nikki was up, goofing off on the internet. She was waddling, and not just from a diaper, when she went to the kitchen. She was playing with a toy from what I could tell. It seemed quite large from the way she was gingerly stepping.

“Hey, Grace,” she said, “How was the date?”

“Nice. He’s a real gentleman,” I said, “I think we are going out again. He even kisses pretty good.”

“I’ve got to get a boyfriend and soon,” said Nikki, “I’m getting bored with my toys.”

“You look like you’re walking funny,” I mentioned.

She blushed a bit and smiled, “Yeah, I’ve been expanding my horizons. I’ve got the monster in right now.”

The monster! OH MY GOSH! She’d shown it it to Maria and me when she got it. It looked like it was as big as a softball at the widest part. The smallest part was wider than I could imagine fitting inside a human orifice. I didn’t want near it when she showed it to me. My butt just hurt thinking about it. I would have been afraid if someone had even threatened me with it but this girl was a certified butt freak.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” I winced.

“No, not after it is in,” she replied, “You have to work up to it. It took all night to get up to this level. I’m going to try sleeping in it.”

“Yeah, you need a boyfriend in the worst way!” I laughed.

After that exchange, I was ready for bed and hoped I didn’t have nightmares about someone attacking my rear. I had resisted most backdoor play when I was in the life and steered clear of guys I knew were likely to ask for it.

I put on my cloth diaper with soakers and plastic panties. After I’d had a few drinks I usually soaked myself overnight. So much for ever getting out of diapers.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee. It must have been Maria because Nikki wouldn’t get up this early on a Sunday. Maria usually went to church and cooked us breakfast before she left.

I got up to see and discovered my diaper was massively heavy. As soon as I stood up, it shifted half way to my knees, dragging the plastic panties with it. Well, that would have to be changed before I could even walk. I put on a pullup to hold me through breakfast until I could get a shower.

“Mmm, that smells wonderful,” I said as I drifted into the kitchen.

“Help yourself,” offered Maria, “I made enough for you, me, Nikki and your boyfriend.”

“He didn’t stay over,” I said as I swatted her behind to discover it was so wet it sloshed.

“Careful! One more drop and this one is gonna blow!” kidded Maria.

Just then we heard something from Nikki’s room. Both of us ran to see. Her door was locked.

“Nikki!” I yelled, “Are you OK?”

We waited a second and heard her moving around before the door opened, “Sorry, it was just a surprise.”

“What was a surprise,” I asked.

She turned red and looked away, “When I took the monster out, my bottom was still gaped open.”

“Girl, you are a sick puppy!” said Maria, “You keep this up and you’ll need those diapers for more than just pissing in.”

“She needs a boyfriend,” I echoed, “Really!”

Something interesting happened a few days later. Nikki, while delivering pizzas, delivered one to a guy across the street from our building. It was the very same guy that had seen us all dancing and prancing in diapers. He didn’t realize it was Nikki but she could see our curtains from his hallway. She confronted him about it.

“So, you are the guy that was watching us the other day?” she said aggressively.

“What? I don’t watch people,” he said, “I’m not one of those freaks with a telescope pointed across to another building.”

“That’s my apartment, right there, the moon and earth curtains,” she said pointing across the street.

“That was you!” he sounded surprised as the realization sunk in, “I wasn’t looking. I just had my window open and heard a ruckus. When I looked over I saw a bunch of girls in weird clothes. What was that stuff?”

She softened a bit, “Oh, we just moved in and were celebrating. Those were our pajamas.”

“Well, that’s not what they looked like to me,” he snorted back, “looked like big baby diapers to me.”

“Maybe they were,” said Nikki, “You got a problem with that?”

“Nope,” he said, “But you should close your blinds before you do that. You girls look kinky and you are putting on a show for everyone on this side of the building. What a view.”

Nikki paused, “OH! Sorry about that.”

“It wasn’t a problem,” he said, “But I am curious, if you don’t mind me asking.”

Nikki candidly told him the truth, “We’re bed wetters.”

“That’s cool. I’m Kyle, your across-the-street neighbor,” he said.

“Nice to meet you, Kyle. I’m Nikki. Bed wetter and kinky gal,” she said, “Got a girlfriend?”

He laughed, “No. You need a boyfriend? I have to warn you. I’ve already seen your diapers.”

Chapter 9

“How do you feel about bondage?” queried Nikki, “And anal sex?”

“Damn, you are kinky and direct,” said Kyle, “Do you like beer?”

She responded, “Yes, but I’m on duty. That’ll be $17.50 and here’s your receipt.”

With that Nikki turned and left him smiling. Her number was on the back of his receipt. Two days later he called her and they went out. They must have hit it off because Nikki didn’t come home that night. Instead, we got a call at 7AM.

“Nikki? Are you OK?” I asked.

“Sure, look out the window,” she said.

I did and saw someone waving at me from across the street, “Nikki, are you at that guys place?”

“Yep, and he’s a freak!” she said, “I think I’m in love. Oops, got to go. He’s getting out of the shower.”

She hung up and we didn’t see her until that night. When we did, she had a story to tell. It was a doozy. She told us all about Kyle and her.

“Kyle is great. I didn’t suggest one thing he wouldn’t try and he suggested a few things I’ve never done. Did you know you can have sex with the soles of your feet touching?” said Nikki with delight.

“Goodness, Nikki,” Maria asked, “Are you sure you can trust him.”

“Look, I wasn’t going to stay the night but he had diapers he bought just for me,” she said, “He gave me an enema, diapered me, spanked me for not holding the enema and plugged me for the night in a locking pair of plastic panties. We didn’t sleep a wink all night and I’m exhausted. I can’t want to do it all again!”

“There are no secrets with you, are there?” I said.

“Nope. I think I’ve found my soul mate or at least a reliable fuckbuddy,” said Nikki, “Next time it is my turn to have my way with him. I may have to buy more toys!”

We both laughed at her. At least she found someone to experiment with. Maria was the only one without a boyfriend. It didn’t seem to bother her much. I didn’t mention it if she didn’t.

Mitchell called once but I would not talk to him. I didn’t even answer the phone and let the machine get it. Maria wanted to give him a piece of her mind but I just deleted his messages. He sounded sorry but I couldn’t get over the hurt he had caused me. Had I not met Dennis, I could see me being desperate enough to give Mitchell another chance. I wasn’t that hard up, though and hoped I never was.

Dennis and I went out several more times. By the third date I had rubbed him hard through his trousers. He had sucked on my nipples until I nearly came. I sorely wanted to jump his bones but the whole diaper thing and my previous failed attempt but me off. I’d had to stop him several times when he attempted to run his hand up my leg. It was getting hard to stop him. I didn’t want to stop him but I was afraid.

By the fifth date I had to lay it out for him. I was at his place to break the news to him. We were laughing about one thing and another and I’d had a glass of wine to loosen me up. I finally worked up the nerve to start the conversation.

“Dennis, I have something to discuss with you,” I said with a bit of a smile.

He held my hand, “You can tell me anything. What is it?”

“Don’t be shocked but,” I hesitated and then giggled, “I’m incontinent.”

It sunk in for a few seconds before he answered, “So? I’ve got athletes foot.”

“Dennis,” I said as I leaned in to kiss him, “I wet myself. I can’t hold it.”

He looked me deeply into my eyes, “Are you wet now?”

“In more ways than you can know,” I joked as I pulled my spare from my purse, “Dennis, I have on a diaper and have every time we’ve gone out.”

He opened his eyes wide, “Does that change who you are? Do you think I judge a person by just one part of them?”

I hugged him, “I’m so glad you don’t mind! Take me to your bedroom and have your way with me!”

He stood and took my hand. We kissed all the way to his bedroom. He allowed me to seat him in a chair and I slowly stripped off my clothes. He was getting hotter and hotter with each piece of clothing.

When I dropped my dress, exposing my black lace bra and my white plastic encased crotch, his jaw dropped. Maybe he didn’t think I was serious. He stood and dropped his trousers and pulled off his shirt. He was still very much turned on. He pushed me back onto the bed and kneeled between my legs. He undid the tapes of my very wet diaper and folded it down. The anticipation was driving me crazy.

He then put on a condom and lifted my legs so they didn’t lie in my wet diaper. He kissed me and suckled at my breast as he gently penetrated me. I was so happy I think I cried. I hadn’t had this kind of sex my whole life even though I was anything but a virgin. It felt like the first time I’d ever made love! I did love this man!

Afterwards, I pulled my used diaper up between my legs and loosely taped it back on. I took my purse to the bathroom and started to clean up when I heard a knock at the door.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Can I come in?” he said, “I want to help you.”

“I can do it by myself,” I replied with a giggle, “I’m a big girl!”

“I do not doubt it. I just want to share it with you,” he said, heartfelt, “I want to know all about you and share your world. I’ll show you my athlete’s foot!”

I unlocked the door and invited him in. He took the fresh diaper from my hand and undid it, folding it out completely. He stood behind me and placed it between our naked bodies. Pressed there, it stayed in place as he untaped the old diaper and let it fall with a plop to the tile floor. He kissed my neck as he pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it on me. It was the most erotic diapering I’d ever had. I was under his spell from then on.

Chapter 10

When we had finished our loving diaper embrace, he led me back to bed and we fell asleep, me in his arms until the next morning when I awoke alone, in my soaked diaper. At first I was startled and had to remember where I was. I found a shirt of his and slipped it on. In the mirror I could see the shirt mostly covered my diaper but not completely. I peeked out of the bedroom to find him making waffles in the kitchen.

“Hungry?” he asked, “I’ve made plenty.”

“I need to go,” I sheepishly stated.

“But I’ve made breakfast!” he implored.

I reluctantly told him the rest of the story, “I am soaked and I don’t have any spare diapers with me.”

“Hmm, that one does look like it is sagging,” as he pointed to my drooping diaper from beneath the tail of his shirt.

I’m sure I blushed a bit as I turned my behind away from him, “You don’t miss a thing, do you?”

“Why did you turn away? I’m sorry! Please, have just one waffle and I’ll take you home,” he pleaded as he spread a towel over a chair.

“If I eat one, you’ll take me home?” I asked Dennis, “Because, I have other business that will need attending to and I definitely don’t want to deal with it away from home.”

He looked dumbfounded for a moment then I could see the light go on, “Oh, OH! I understand. You don’t do that in your… do you?”

“No, silly!” I smiled, “My rear works just fine but if I take this diaper off I’m afraid it won’t go back on.”

“OK, just eat the waffle and go do your business and I’ll make sure you get home, safe and dry,” he said with confidence.

“You’re sure?” I questioned how he, a mere man could know how to deal with a wet girlfriend after only one diaper change.

“Trust me!” he said with the smile that told me he was genuinely caring.

I gave in and obliged him. It was a delicious waffle. Homemade in his own waffle iron. I was just afraid I would start leaking any moment. Despite all my recent attempts to regain control of my bladder, I was effectively urge incontinent and completely unable to control my wetting at night. Thankfully, my bowels still worked as good as ever.

After the one waffle and another one for good measure, Dennis turned on the shower and left me to my morning routine. I was unsure what he had in mind but I hoped he was practical. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders.

True to his word, Dennis was there when I exited the shower. I stood there drying off, naked and needing a diaper. He came in, kissed me and left a shopping bag on the counter. I looked inside to see a green, telltale bag of Depend adult fitted briefs. Well, at least he tried. I opened the bag and pulled out one of the hideous diapers. It has horribly thin and nearly useless but I needed something to get me home. After I’d dressed, Dennis drove me home. We had a discussion about how bad the Depend diapers were.

“Dennis, did you have any trouble buying my diapers?” I asked, nearly keeping a straight face.

“Well, it was a bit embarrassing once I thought about it. The lady that checked me out had an odd look on her face but I just paid for it and went on my way,” said Dennis with a chuckle, “Do you go through that every time you buy diapers?”

“Not lately,” I said, “Mostly I get my diapers from a specialty medical store where the people know me.”

We arrived at my apartment just in time. The Depend was feeling quite soaked after only one small wetting. I invited him up for a moment. He insisted I give him some of my preferred diapering supplies to take home with him so I didn’t have to rush off or use the Depend diapers next time. And there was a next time and a next time and many, many more!

That was the first of many nights I spent with Dennis. I even had a full shelf in his bathroom to keep my diapers on. Dennis hardly let me change my own diaper when I was around him. He adored doing it for me and it always made me horny. We often had to stop in the middle of a change to have glorious sex.

Maria finally found her a boyfriend, too. He was a college professor she met at the community education night classes. She was working on getting an accounting degree and they hit it off. He was a bit older but neither seemed to mind. He initially was afraid of her being a bed wetter and, like me, effectively incontinent. In time he realized she was just wearing different underwear and she was the same person. I also suspect they had wild sex from the comments Maria would make offhandedly.

It is now two years after the program ended. Nikki has moved on to a new boyfriend and has moved out of the apartment. We see her periodically. She’s gone a bit Goth again but not as much and has stayed out of the life. Maria has a new boyfriend, one she met online at, of all places, a diaper fetish website. She plays a toddler to his daddy and then he plays a sissy girl to her strict nanny. She really did embrace her diapers. She says she doesn’t ever want to get out of diapers.

Liz and James are getting married this spring. Liz finally got to just a light pad during the day but James says she will be a bed wetter for life and he doesn’t mind.

Dennis and I are still dating. I have no incentive to get out of diapers, either. I’ve long since given up trying to potty train and stopped buying pullups completely. While I once loathed them, they are now just my normal underwear. He’s put a rubber sheet on his bed just in case but he has been nothing but supportive of my lack of progress in regaining my continence.

I’m thinking of moving in with him or having him move in with me if Maria moves out. We travel, we see shows and we love each other. Even though I occasionally soak the bed with a leak, he never complains. He even takes the blame for not being a careful enough to diaper me thoroughly. I do love him, even with his athletes’ foot.

Janet will be Liz’s maid of honor. I will be one of the bridesmaids and so will Maria and Kelly. In all, every one of the girls in the wedding party will be in diapers. It is kind of an inside joke. Everyone pats each others behind when we hug. Maria even found a reference to bridal diapers on the internet that made us all laugh.

So, if you happen to be in the city and see a dark skinned woman dancing and posing in diapers, wave. It might just be me!

The End