A Star Wars Adventure

Another boring day

Space was boring. She was definitely sure of that. The stars stretched off in a seemingly endless stream as far as the eye could see. The vista only changed when the ship dropped in and out of hyperspace. Even then the only difference was whether the stars were individual pin points of light or long bars that, if stared at long enough, made one’s eyes hurt. Some of the crew said that staring at those bars could make you mad, but she didn’t believe them. All the same she tried to avoid looking out the viewports whenever the ship jumped.

When she wasn’t looking out the window, she was learning the ins and outs of galactic politics, a subject of almost equal boredom to space. Unfortunately while the later could be avoided the former could not. That was the curse of being Ezara Fel, heir to the Empire, among other titles. No matter how much she wanted to be normal, her own blood betrayed her.

It wasn’t all bad. She could get anything she wanted just by noticing it was “nice” or “cool” or mentioning some other daughter of high society having it. She could fly pretty much anything including that unruly Correllian freighter that somehow had survived millennia of service passed between her immediate family and her cousins. That ship was the most fun to fly and Ezara wished that it was the one she was on rather than the old star liner she currently occupied.

The first few days were naturally very enjoyable as she was able to explore the entirety of the Mesh 'la Tra, though in the end “beautiful star” was far from the name she would have given it. The ship wasn’t the smallest of its class, but it certainly was the most poorly designed. The bridge was located directly above the engines and engineering was sandwiched between them. The passage ways that allowed the crew to move unseen were cramped and restricted movement. This lead to the maintenance crews mingling with the passengers. Discovering all this was fun, but the ship’s small size lead to a short excursion and a rapid return to boredom.

The aforementioned passengers were no diversion either. They were only twenty-four counting herself and her handmaiden and the only time she saw anyone was in the dining facility. There was an old pair of Twei’leks on their eightieth honeymoon who provided stories of ages past and moral lessons from Ryloth’s folklore, to which she politely listened. A Sullustan family of four served as an annoyance alternating from trying to sell her speeders to offering lifetime maintenance on any vehicle she owned for only a small donation to their future garage/spare parts scheme even after being refused. There was a group of 16 human and Chis college students on their way to some pleasure world, they were not very interested in talking with her being only fourteen and all. Finally there was a lone Trandoshan bounty hunter complete with bounty who avoided everybody when possible, much to Ezara’s relief.

Like the exploring of the ship, Ezara’s interaction with her fellow passengers soon lost its glamor and she was once again starved of entertainment. Even the last resort of partaking of the various lessons her tutors had sent with her gave no respite. She completed a month’s work in a week, passing with flying colors as usual. Now she was left with three weeks to either stare out her viewport or re-read whatever books that were on her datapad.

Ezara just wanted something exciting to happen. She was tired of all the mundane, safe sameness that surrounded her. Unfortunately that was the point. All this boredom she was experiencing was to keep her safe.

The Moff Council had tried to usurp her family, for some strange reason, and had come close to succeeding- in bloodying the Empire’s nose. In order to keep her out of the political and physical battles, her father, Koren Fel, had sent her away. Hopefully it would all blow over before too long, but until then Ezara was stuck on this barge.

She turned away from looking at the stars and noticed her handmaiden, Mazara, asleep on her bed. Ezara had not heard her come in. She looked at the crono on the wall and gasped. Was it really that late? Even if it wasn’t, Ezara reasoned that she still would have joined her handmaiden simply because there was nothing else to do.

As she drifted off, Ezara wished that the next day would be a little more exciting. She should have been careful with what she wished for.


Captain Raazan Tel was woken from one of the few periods of rest he was able to receive by a loud banging on his door. Grumbling and cursing, he shifted his massive bulk out of his bunk and waddled to the door. He pressed the com. “You better have a good reason for waking me, Mouse.” The banging stopped and Raazan’s first officer scuttled into view of the com unit’s camera. Rather than yell, for his small squeaky voice was hard to pick up even when standing beside him, the Chandra-Fan instead raised a datapad up. Flashing on the screen were the words “distress signal received” in bold red letters.

Raazan opened the door and stepped out clad only in trousers. “When?”

“Two minutes ago captain. I came as fast as I could.”

The Devaronian sighed. “I wish I had your energy and speed, Mouse. I really do. Oh well, let’s do our civic duty so I can go back to sleep.” He set off down the hallway with mouse scampering close behind.

The bridge was a modest affair with only three chairs, the largest was centered and obviously tailored to the Devish captain’s frame. The smaller two were for Mouse and his twin, Rat, who served as navigator. Raazan had found them as younglings in some shipping crates back in his smuggling days and could think of nothing else to call them. They didn’t mind the names and performed their parts in the small crew exceptionally well.

“The signal is from an YTJ-Type C registered as Milk run to a Human, Captain Malcolm Antilles, from New Alderan. The name is fitting because he deals in dairy products.” Rat was always fast with necessary information. She rotated to face Raazan as he sat down. “Antilles is reporting engine failure and is diverting all power to his coolant systems. As his ships one of the first freighters ever built, I’m surprised it lasted this long.”

Raazan thought for a moment. “Are we the closest ship?”

“There is an Imperial Patrol Cruiser in the next system.”

“They’ll not respond. Mouse, tell them we’ll take care of it, so they can feel better about themselves, and inform Gut 'ray to amass whatever spare parts will work in a Type-C. If that Duros can’t fix it, no one can. Rat, take us to the rescue. I’m going back to bed. Wake me if something goes wrong.” With that Raazan stood up and left the bridge, to twin choruses of “Aye Aye Captain.”

Malcolm Antilles turned from his communications console. “They’re coming. You going to let me go now?” His captor holstered his blaster. “Of Courssse a deal iss a deal. You get me my target and I letss you live.” Antilles glanced at the other five members of the boarding team. “You gonna get them to calm down a little?” His captor turned. “Lower your weaponss, Weequayss. He iss no threat to the Fangss.” They grudgingly complied. “Now then we waitss for our prey. Go back to the sshipss, I will watch thiss one.” The Weequays left the bridge and soon the ship resounded with the sound of detaching fighters.

Antilles was noticeably astounded. “Wait you’re General Fang, the most notorious Pirate in this sector?”

“No the General iss my father. I’m jusst hiss ssecond.”

“Well maybe you should look into being more than just a second.” Antilles should have never opened his mouth. The blaster bolt caught him just above the heart and flipped him out of the chair. Blue lightning traced across his skin as his muscles locked into place. The pirate approached his stunned form. “Sstupid Human. You sshould know that to a Barabel family iss everything. If you sspeak or try for the panic button again, the next bolt will bring death.” He tied his captive’s legs and feet together. “Now you sshould be immobilized for a few hourss. I musst make a call. Sstay quiet and our deal will sstand.” As the pirate walked off, Antilles was left cursing his short attention span in xenobiology.

The Holo-emiter crackled to life. General Fang turned to see the yellow image of his son bowing before him. In the growls and snarls of their language, he was informed that everything was going according to plan. The general waited until the report was over before replying. “In bassic sson, we have a guessst.” and so the message was repeated for the benefit of the dark robed figure behind the general. When his son was finished, General Fang dismissed him and turned to his guest.

“We have done what you assked. If we are played falsse, I will eat your heart.” The figure chuckled, a dark, menacing sound. “You would have to take it first, lizard. Do not worry, I have seen this before and it ends well for you.” His voice was low and sounded forced, like it was being transmitted rather than said out loud. It would cause any normal being to shiver. The General was not phased nor was he convinced.

“Sstill I will believe you only when the cargo iss ourss.”

“It will be. My apprentice never fails.”

The Mesh 'la Tra came out of hyperspace four kilometers away from Milk Run. Mouse and Rat were at first not worried when Captain Antilles didn’t answer. His silence could easily be explained by the fact he was most like attempting to keep his ship together. After the fifth unreturned hail, however, they got worried. Mouse ran off to get Raazan while Rat continued to hail the wounded ship.

The Captain returned just in time to see the pirates spring their attack. They swarmed from behind Milk Run in Uglys, hybrid ships cobbled together from various others in an attempt to create the perfect fighter, and Vhey me’sen, Mandalorian three-man fighter bombers. The Chandra-Fan immediately started to freak out. To them there world was about to end. Raazan just sat in his chair and watched, perfectly calm. “Captain how can you be so calm?” asked a frantic Mouse and his equally frantic twin added “We are all going to die!” Raazan just smiled. “Wait for it.”

“Captain, their getting closer!”

“Wait for it.”

“Wait for what? We need to go!”

“Now! Al’verde, let them have it!” The ship shuddered and veered away as a dwarf-Marauder Class Gunship detached itself from underneath their vessel and opened fire on the pirates. The front viewpoint shimmered and a T-shape Visored helmet appeared. “We’ve got it from here Ner-Vod. Take off and thanks for the lift.” The helmet disappeared and the stars returned. Raazan turned to his stunned bridge staff. “We can go now.” The stars elongated and the Mesh’la Tra was once again in the safety of hyperspace.

Throughout the encounter, Ezara had never stirred. She was used to the sudden movements typical of space vessels. In fact when the ship was thrown violently out of Hyperspace, she barely registered flying from her bunk and possibly would have remained asleep even if the bulkhead had not helped her out.

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Awesome!, i love Star Wars. and that was really suspensefull for a relively short chapter.
And it was very well detailed. You know a lot more than me, and i thought i was a fanboy!.

i’m really looking forward to this, please continue and thank you for sharing!. :slight_smile:

A Star Wars Adventure

Unknown to most on board the Mesh 'la Tra, there were only two hyperspace lanes out of the ambush zone. These lanes were hard wired into every navacomputer and plotted safe travel around the various static bodies that inhabited the galaxy. The computer was programed to choose the most direct route to its destination. Which in normal circumstances was a good thing, unfortunately these were not normal.

The captain and crew were relived and still recovering from adrenalin high. They did not think to make sure that the pirate group currently being decimated was the only one. Everyone knew that pirates were undisciplined and unorganized, relying on shock and awe to create fear and surrender in their targets. The thought that they could act with military precision was a foreign concept and would never enter anyone’s mind. It was this fact that the Hunter was counting on.

The rippling of space a few kilometers from his ship, signaled that he was right. The Mesh’la Tra spiraled out of hyperspace trailing smoke from numerous impact points created by his shadow bombs. The small force mines had done their job now it was his turn. He turned to the fifty odd pirates behind him. “Give me twenty minutes, then come in guns blazing.” He held up two holos “And remember these two are mine.”

Raazan picked himself up of the floor and squinted through the smoke. “Mouse! Rat! Everyone alright?” They squeaked back their affirmatives. “What the kark just happened?” Mouse took a minute to respond as he was busy jury-rigging the ship’s computer back to life. When it finally flickered into semblance of working order, he did a quick check.

“We appear to have collided with some assortment of small explosive devices.”

“Damage report.”

“Life support: steady, shields: nonexistent, engines: operating at half power and engineering is reporting massive fuel loss.”

“Any casualties?”

“No, all life signs are stable.”

Satisfied that his passengers were still in one piece, Raazan turned back to the state of his ship. “Rat, do we have any data on what exactly we hit?” Rat poked her head out of the navconsole, where she had just regained some maneuverability. “One moment, Captain.” She scampered over to the sensor feed. “I’m not sure, Captain. They appear to be some sort of cloaked mines, but I don’t know of any that can enter hyperspace let alone stay in one place after entering.” Raazan joined her at the console.

"I’ve seen these readings before. They’re shadow bombs. The Jedi use them to disable or destroy large vessels. Only force users can detonate or operate them. I have no idea what we could have done to anger the order, but there hast to be some reason. They do not attack unprovoked. "

“You better think of a reason fast, Captain! Boarding shuttle inbound!” Squealed a frantic Mouse, before he dived into the still open navconsole. Raazan pulled him out. “Get it together, Mouse. I’m sure we can negotiate.”

“Not with them, I’m afraid” came a voice from behind. They turned around. Standing in the door way was one of the Twei’leks, now dressed in a simple brown robe. “That ship is not one of ours. Whoever is aboard has only one agenda, to cause chaos.” Raazan was a bit skeptical. “Who are you, what are you doing here and how do you explain the shadow bombs?”

“I am Master Nodal Asage, I came to offer help and the only explanation I have, is that Jedi are not the only force users in the galaxy.”

“Fair enough. What do you proposed we do?”

The Jedi seemed to be lost in thought for a moment, then he responded. “As this is your ship, you have final say. However, I caution you to let my mate and I take care of your boarders while you abandon ship and wait for your pirate hunters to return.” Raazan didn’t need to think. “Sound plan. Mouse sound the evacuation alarm. Get everyone off the ship, including yourselves.” He turned to the Jedi “I’ll cover you in case there are more than just force users in that tub. Devish never back down from a fight.”

Ezara felt strange. It was like tiny pins and needles were poking her all over, but it didn’t hurt. There were two people near her, she could feel them. One was frantic and very worried, the other calm like she did this every day. Wait. Did what? That’s when Ezara realized she was on the floor and also when the pain hit. She screamed and felt tears run from her eyes. Then the pain was gone and she could open her eyes.

“And she’s back. Sorry it hurt, I wasn’t expecting you to recover your senses so soon.”

Ezara slowly turned her head and blinked the speaker into focus. It was the Twei’lek matron she had met earlier in the trip. Only now she was wearing the robes of a Jedi. “It’s ok. What happened?” The Jedi helped her sit up.

“You hit your head when we got knocked out of hyperspace. Your friend came and got me, though it was hard to understand what was wrong at first, because she was a Nexu.” Ezara smiled and on her bed, Mazara blushed. “Sorry about that. I have a tendency to morph when I’m afraid or don’t know what to do.” a quick glance told Ezara that her friend was now mimicking the Twei’lek form.

“Any way, once I realized she was Shi’ido we were able to communicate and I came running. You’re a very lucky girl, but your family always did have thick skulls. Alright up you come. We’ve got to get you to the escape pods.”

Ezara was stood shakily on her feet. “Thanks Master Noda, but how did you know who I was?” The Jedi smiled. “The Order is still friends with the Knighthood, little one. What they know, we know too.” That was a satisfactory answer. After all the Jedi had founded the Imperial Knights after the Great Jana Solo married Emperor Jagged Fel.
Ezara steadied herself and turned to her Handmaiden. “Mazara, I think it’s time to open the box.” The handmaiden, leaped off the bed and swiftly pulled a container out from under Ezara’s bed and opened it. Inside was a suit of red and black armor perfectly tailored to fit the Princess. After Ezara put it on and placed her circlet on her head, she felt better. “Ok, let’s go.”

The three slipped out into the hall way as the “abandon ship” klaxon began blaring. It was just a formality because most of the ship’s inhabitants had already begun to do so. The Ships first officers, whom Ezara remembered being called Mouse and Rat, were attempting to keep order from the top of some packing crates. The rest of the crew, a grand total of four Duros, were manually operating the pods. Ezara watched as first the Sullustan family and then the Trandoshan and his bounty were sent safely into space. As she was about to take her turn, the ship shook violently and tilted away from the pods sending the group sliding backward. Using the force, Ezara and Noda were able to insure no one got hurt on the far wall, but before they could get back all the pods mysteriously fired themselves into space.

Knight Captain Eradin picked himself off the floor and surveyed the damage. The enemy shuttle had totaled the cargo bays loading ramp, but all fifteen of his knights were still in one piece. That was good. He reached out to his charge. She was focused intently on something, but she was safe for now. He was about to order four of his best to assume a protective stance around her person when the shuttle door opened. The force rippled and he turned to the source.

The creature that stepped out of the doorway exuded pure malevolence. Eradin knew he would need all the knights to keep this thing away from the Princess. “Knights, defensive wedge!” They formed up blocking access to the rest of the ship. Their lightsabers burning black lines of pure energy in the air.

The creature laughed. It was a deep menacing laugh, filled with dark amusement. His voice, when he finally spoke, chilled the air with contempt. “Stand aside Imperials. Throw down your toy sabers and run home to your mothers. You are no match for me. Against a true Sith there is no hope”

The Imperial Knights do not take their duty lightly and one even told the Sith just where he could stick his threats. Eradin had to suppress a smile. He had certainly picked the right group for this detail. “Stand firm and give no quarter, Knights. Today we live or die with honor.”

The Sith placed his lightsabers on the ground. “So be it. With martial skill alone I shall end you. Your blood shall not dishonor my blades.” He took a step forward and launched himself into the wedge.

As much as Raazan hated to admit it the Mesh’la Tra was now dead, for the impact had knocked the engine core so askew it was beyond repair. He would have to leave her behind. He could only hope that Mouse and Rat had managed to convince Gut 'ray and his Duros brethren to get off before they were boarded. He turned to Nodal. "Let’s go make sure they get more than they bargained for.

Ezara and company met up with Raazan and Nodal on the way to the cargo bay. After it a brief discussion they decided to attempt to capture the bay and seize the shuttle. It was sure to be filled with pirates or even more dangerous things, but they all agreed that the shuttle was now the only way off the ship.

The Jedi would go first, Raazan and his crew would follow and Ezara and Mazara would bring up the rear. That way the leased experienced and most important would remain safe while still being able to help if needed.

It was a good plan, but good plans never actually get to work. The group ran into the pirates, who were looting the galley, and Raazan and his crew got bogged down. This left the Jedi and the royal party to continue on alone. When they reached the bay, Ezara lost her dinner.

The place was an absolute massacre. The Imperial Knights lay strewn across the floor, their limbs in horrible positions. What made it worse was the fact that she recognized them as the “College kids” and they had died for her even after all the mean thoughts she knew they had heard. She wretched again and began to cry. Noda wrapped her arms around her. “It’s okay little one. Let it out.” After a few minutes Ezara recollected herself.

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. I reacted the same way my first time. The important thing to remember is that you’re still alive and the best thing you can do for them is remaining that way.”

“Does it get easier?”

“No, not for beings like us.”

Ezara smiled. “Good lets go.” They walked over to Nodal who was staring into the shuttles interior. He called his lightsaber from among his robes. “It’s still here, feeding on our revulsion.” Noda joined her husband. “What is, my love?”

“A being of such malevolent power, the force itself shudders.”

As if on cue, the Sith stepped out of the shadows. Ezara was paralyzed with fear and felt warmth run down her leg. Beside her, Mazara became a Nexu again. Before them stood a creature from nightmare. He had shed his robe and now stood bare chested, his muscles rippling with anticipation. His skin was red, his eyes were glowing orange like hot coals in a fire. When he walked his three toed feet griped the ground like a bird grabs its prey. He was a demon from a bygone era. He was one of the first species to embrace the Darkside. His people had given the Galaxy a name that struck fear into their hearts. He was…

“A Sith.” the words were soft, questioning and from Nodal as the rest were driven speechless. He placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder. “We’ll handle this. Ezara, when he’s distracted get into the shuttle with your friend. One way or another he is not leaving this ship.”

Ezara nodded, still unable to speak or look away. Mazara nudged her hand and whined, breaking the trance. The two crept toward the shuttle as the Jedi circled their enemy away from it.

He knew what they were trying to do and he let them. The children were not a threat. The Jedi were his prey. They were worthy adversaries. He spoke as if making conversation. “The lightsaber is more than a weapon. It is a tool. It is a sacred implement, an extension of one’s self. It is to be crafted with reverence, tailored to each wielder’s own movements and spirit. It is to be personal, a symbol of finally leaving the life of a youngling. The right to create your lightsaber is the final reward given by another, the final thing you must earn.”

He indicated the dead Knights on the floor. “These worms dishonored this sacred tradition. They wielded blades forged by machines and not earned. I killed them with my hands and feet because they were unworthy of the glorious end a lightsaber brings. You, however, are worthy.”

His blades extended from their hilts, cutting groves into the floor as the hilts traveled into his hands. He crossed his arms in a salute and then stood with one blade defensively across his front, the other pointing over its twin ready to strike. Their crimson light cast an eerie glow and made the carnage more grotesque.

He felt the Jedi accept the fact that they would have to fight him. The Female’s light saber shone green. A Sage! He would need to watch for her telekinesis. Her mate was a Guardian. His blue lightsaber honed into a masterful weapon of offense and defense. They would fight well together and he would be one step closer to taking his master’s place.

The Force blast came first, intending to throw him of balance for the assault of Vappad style to come next. He countered with a blast of his own and parried the lightsaber attacks with as much speed as with which they came.

For a while it was evenly matched. Both sides scored hits and the wounds started to show. The Sith finally felt the true power of the Force and love. The two Jedi had been together for years and their skill far out matched his own. He felt the cold bite as a lightsaber finally struck home.

He felt the Jedi relax. It was over. Fools! They should have taken his head. The female tried to remove her lightsaber, but he held on, absorbing its energy, using it to replace the damaged organs and tissues. Using it to fuel a power he had longed to try.

He started to rise, bringing with him the refuse surrounding the battle ground. The Jedi were afraid. They had dropped their guard and were trapped. He unleashed the power.

Ezara was trying in vain to get the shuttle to start. Every time she got close it would reset itself. In frustration she slammed her hand on the console sending an electrical current across it. The thunderous boom that accompanied her outburst, made her think that she had finally succeeded. Then she was driven to the floor. It was like the entire fabric of reality had screamed in pain and she knew the Jedi were dead.

The Door opened and she turned with dread. Her worse fears were confirmed. There stood the Sith in all his perverted glory. He looked at her and then walked over to the console. It immediately activated and he detached from the Mesh’la Tra. He didn’t even acknowledge her as he left and went deeper into the shuttle.

Ezara realized she was trapped. She was the Sith’s captive whether they verbally exchanged or not. After trying to exit the bridge, she found she was trapped in there also. She wouldn’t be without company, however. Mazara was unceremoniously tossed in to join her friend soon after Ezara learned she was completely trapped.

The two curled up together and awaited their fate.

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Wow! this is a really suspensefull story. that sith is simply terrifying.
i can’t hardly wait to see what happens next.

Greatly enjoying this. Please continue and thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

A Star Wars Adventure ch 4

Fangs and Fists

General Fang could not believe his luck. First his son had survived an attack by Mandalorian pirate hunters by the actions of an enamored fan boy, then the Sith had holoed to report a job completed and in the background, hiding under a console, was the heiress to the Empire herself. The amount of creds her location would bring was enough to cause one to question his morals. To actually have her life in your hands? That was beyond belief! He could have anything he desired, for what father would not do anything and everything to see his child safe? He would have the Emperor by the throat! The General could not suppress a laugh from escaping. His wildest dreams were within reach!
The door opened and the bridge grew darker. The air seemed to get heavier. The General turned. Standing there was the female version of the Sith currently bringing his meal ticket.

“Has my brother reported as to his success?”

“Yess he hass retrieved their lightssaberss and returnss victoriouss.”

“As was expected. He never fails.” General Fang caught a hint of annoyance in her voice, but didn’t press. Their relationship was none of his business. "Iss there anything elsse?

“No, just tell him that our master wishes to speak with him as soon as possible.”

“I will inform him when he landss.”
See that you do." With a turn and a brisk walk, the Sith went on her way, leaving the Pirate to his own devices. He gave a sigh, little more than a prolonged hiss, and began directing his crew in preparation for the Princess’ arrival. Soon the whole galaxy would know the name General Fang and quake at its sound.

Despite her predicament, Ezara couldn’t help but be impressed by the mothership or whatever its actual name was. The thing took up the entire viewport and there were still parts she couldn’t see. The ship looked like someone had rammed a Super Star-Destroyer through a Yuuzhan Vong worldship and had miraculously kept both ships intact. Any normal person would be terrified, but the Princess was more concerned with the how than the why.
Whenever she felt overwhelmed or needed to calm down, she would tinker. Her room back home was filled with odds and ends created in such moments. When tinkering was not an option, she would attempt to reverse engineer the various vehicles she saw, with her mind. It was this ability that allowed her to resist the temptation to resort to hysterics and maintain rational thought. Fear would only hurt her in this instance.

Mazara for her part kept calm by practicing her shifting. Once she calmed enough to leave the Nexu form, she started with the most basic exorcises in shifting, changing her face. From there she slowly progressed until she was changing mass. The forms ranged from inanimate objects to increasingly complex life forms. She ended with her natural form, pale skinned and humanoid with a wide mouth and deep set eyes. With her emotions stabilized, she joined Ezara at the viewport. “How long do you think we’ll be on that, M’Lady?” She asked.

“Probably not long. A few days at the most. Dad will pay whatever ransom they want or send the 501st’s shadow brigade after us. He might even do both. Either way we will be well treated and home before too long.”

“That’s assuming they offer us both.”

Ezara turned to her friend. “What do you mean? Why would they not?” Mazara looked down. “Because you’re royalty. The heir to an empire of thirty systems. Your family is one of the most powerful in the galaxy. I’m just a handmaiden, an orphan the Emperor rescued from slavers. I have no family or title. It’s more likely that I would end up back in that life than get ransomed with you.”

Ezara’s face hardened. “No. I was told about where they found you. I will not allow you to be sent back to that trash heap. You are not just my handmaiden, you’re my friend, the sister I never had. We stick together, we get through this and we go home together.”
The bridge got colder and there was a chuckle from behind them. “Touching, but you may not have any say in the matter. Now step away from the console before you get hurt.” The two girls moved away and stood in a corner as the Sith guided the ship into one of the numerous docking bays.

General fang met the ship with a squad of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. He picked them because he wanted his new captives to know who was in charge and because the Vong were impervious to mind tricks. The ploy worked. He could see it on their faces. The girls’ faces took on an even deeper look of melancholy.
Wait. He did a double take. No he wasn’t seeing things, there were two of them. Funny he didn’t remember the Emperor having twins. No matter, the more hostages he had the more creds he’d get.

“Welcome to my humble ship your highnessess. Prefect, show the ladiess to their roomss, unlesss our essteemed guesst hass other planss.”

The Sith looked at his stowaways and back at General Fang. He could think of nothing better to do with them. “They’re all yours, Pirate. I have no need of them.”

The General had expected such an answer, but he was glad all the same. “Excellent. Now your masster desiress your pressence ass ssoone ass possible”
“Very well. I’ll take my leave then.” the Sith moved off and Fang stepped closer to the princesses. They looked at each other warily. The one on the left spoke first. “You’re not going to hurt us?” This caused her sister to pop her upside the head. “Of course he isn’t, stupid. He wants dad to pay him. Right?”

“Yess that iss true, but if you try to esscape I am not ressponssible for what happenss. Now take them away.” As the girls were led off, He allowed himself to chuckle. This was turning into a great year.

The room was dark and cold, but the high Lord liked it that way. The Sith knelt and willed his body impervious to the chill, a skill learned early. “I have come as requested, Master” He announced, his voice echoing in the space. “What is thy bidding?”

There was a hiss, the sound of venting air, and a crack appeared in the darkness. It grew wider until two spherical halves were revealed. The mist created by their separation was parted by a figure even more terrifying than himself.

The High Lord radiated the Darkside, like he was its generator. He wore armor that resembled a skeleton. His gauntlets ended in viscous metallic claws and his boots matched his apprentice’s feet, with wire and metal taking the place of bone and sinew. From a distance he would look like a reanimated corpse and up close anyone would be too terrified to notice. His voice, when it issued forth, was strained and processed, filtered by the system that allowed him breath. “Did you retrieve the lightsabers?”

“Of course, Master. Did you expect anything less?”

“Give them here.” The Dark Lord held out his hand, and the old Jedi’s lightsabers floated to it. He examined them, maintaining their hover as if they lay upon a table. Then the lightsabers fractured. Their parts forming a cloud around the Dark Lord. He reached out and plucked to triangular pieces from the wreckage. “Ahh, here are the final pieces to our little puzzle.”
He carried them over to a bench. “Come Darth Radorix, gaze upon the fruits of your labor.” The Sith straitened from his kneeling position and joined his master. On the bench two score triangular pieces, identical to the ones in the Dark Lord’s hands, lay scattered. They hummed as the new acquisitions came closer and were placed amongst them. The two sith stepped back as the pieces swarmed into the air and solidified into a single, glowing cube. Radorix was amazed. “A holocron? What dark secrets could it hold for the Jedi to shatter it so?”

“If my research is to be believed, a map to the location of the greatest weapon the ancient sith ever created, The Force Eater.”

Radorix felt a moment of fear for the first time in twelve years. That weapon was designed to kill force sensitives. Once they got it working, there was no one left alive that could stop it. His fear turned to cruel amusement. Soon the entire galaxy would tremble in fear as their protectors fell in droves.

Imperial Throne room, Bastion

Eradin knelt awkwardly before the throne, his still healing body opposing his every move. Bacta could do wonders but not miracles and he would need many more treatments before he was back in shape. He had been lucky enough to have a heart on the “wrong” side but the force reave had burned him beyond recognition. The Madalorians had found him and put him mostly back together, their metal replacing most of his bones. Some things cannot be healed by bacta and science, however. He had failed and assuming the Emperor let him live, it would take a long time to recover from that dishonor.

The door across from him opened and the Emperor entered. He took a seat. “Knight Captain Eradin, you look worse for the wear. What happened?” The Emperor’s voice was deadly calm. It was that calm felt when you know someone messed up and you are furious, but want them to realize their mistake. Though terrified, Eradin had no choice but to respond. “We were attacked, Your Grace. My men and I made a valiant attempt to repulse the attackers. We were overwhelmed and the Princess was taken.” The Captain hung his head, too ashamed to meet his ruler’s gaze.

“All the Knights perished?”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

“Yet you kneel before me.” Here the storm was unleashed. “I gave you one job. One job! Watch over my daughter. Make sure she stays safe or die trying. And you managed to fail both directives. Give me one reason why I should let you walk out of here.” Eradin kept his eyes on the floor. “I have no excuse, I have failed. There is no greater offense, than to betray the trust of your Lord. My life is forfeit and in your hands.” He waited for the end. Would he feel the sting of electricity or would it be the quick end of a lightsaber? Neither came for the Empress entered the room.

She gently lowered her husband’s arm. “Koren, killing him won’t get her back. You can’t blame him for surviving. He did his best and came back even though he feared your wrath. Give him a chance to redeem himself. Don’t let your pain and anger guide your actions.” The Emperor calmed at his wife’s presence. “You are right, Nora. Emotion has clouded my judgment” He returned attention to Eradin. “Get off the floor and head to the quartermaster.” The Captain was confused. “Your Grace?”

“You are out of uniform, Paladin.”

“I don’t understand. Why am I being promoted?”

“I need you to take the 501st and go rescue my daughter. You cannot do that as a mere Knight. Earn the rank, get her back and consider yourself redeemed.”

“Your will, my hands.”

Eradin saluted, turned and exited the throne room. His first destination was to pick up his new uniform the second was to mobilize the 501st. He reached the communications authority just as the ransom demand came through. It was a great sum, but an even greater advantage. The Pirates had tried to scramble their location with codes that wilted before the prowess of the Imperial technicians.

“Send their location to Shadow Command.” Eradin told the Officer on duty. “Then mobilize the rest of the legion.” The man saluted and hurried off to his task. Eradin smiled. Soon he would bring the Emperor’s fist crashing into the scum that had stolen his charge and if that dark creature showed its head, he would take it. Eradin would not fail again.

Re: A Star Wars Adventure

Super cool!. This is like reading a real novel. And with episode VII on the way
i could not be more pumped for this story.

Please continue and May the force be with you…I mean thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

A Star Wars Adventure ch 5

Sorry for the wait real life got a little in the way


Coruscant, The shining Jewel of the Republic, a planet wide city of opportunity. The place to go if you wanted your dreams to come true. At least that was what the brochures would tell you. The reality was much darker. What they failed to mention was that the city didn’t stop with the flashy lights, high end apartments and booming businesses. It continued down, each level darker and seedier than the previous one, until ending on the nightmarish planet floor. Luckily that wasn’t even remotely close to where they were going.

Their destination was still below the reputable levels, about six levels if he had counted correctly, and constant vigilance was a must, but nothing up here would be truly life threatening. As to where they were going exactly, he didn’t know. Wherever it was, his sister certainly needed to get there quickly.

“Come on space slug, we can’t miss this chance.” Space slug? That was a new one. At least it was in basic. Last time they started name calling, he’d had to break out the galactic guide to languages.

“You’re slipping. Usually the names are more creative.” she shushed him with a hand. “Shush, we’re here.” He looked up. Here was a lower level bar catering to any species that had the creds, if the multiple light frequencies were any indication.

He turned to her. “Nova, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What do you mean?”

“We can’t go in there. Mom would flip if she found out.”

“We’re not going to drink, Nero. We’re going hunting.”


Nova pointed to an extremely flashy speeder that was parked outside the bar. “See that speeder? It belongs to the boss of the South Ward Rats. Mom
has been after him for a while.”

“And we’re going to help out?”

“Yep it’ll be fun, come on”

Nero shook his head. “We have very different definitions of ‘fun’ sister” If Nova heard, she didn’t show. Instead she smiled into the bar with her brother reluctantly in tow, muttering “Born five minutes before me and she thinks she’s the boss.”

The inside of the bar was chaotic and noisy. A hodgepodge of light, sound and smell, it was enough to make one’s head spin even without the drinks available. It was going to be hard to find one man in all the chaos, but Nova was confident she could locate her target. She went to the bar to begin her search.

Nero decided to hang back and cover the exit. That way he could ensure that they could get out when things turned sour. He knew his sister too well think that she’d planned for everything. A Rodian tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey kid, wanna buy some Death sticks? I’ve all the flavors.”

With a slight wave of his hand, Nero sent the Force into the Rodian’s mind.
“You don’t want to sell me Death Sticks”

“I don’t wanna sell you Death Sticks.”

“You want to go home and rethink your life.”

“I’m going home to rethink my life.”

That went better than expected. Usually his mind tricks fizzled, only serving to confuse the target rather than manipulate them. He settled back into the wall and continued his watch, a well deserved sense of pride lifting his spirits.

Across the cantina, Nova was dealing with an annoyance of her own. It was in the form of a very drunk Falleen who would not take no for an answer.
“mere girly, lemme buy ya a drink.”

“for the fifth time tonight, no!” “Comon don na be like that. You know you want me.” He released his pheromones in an attempt to drug her into submission.

Nova felt her resistance ebbing away. Maybe spending a few minutes with the man would be okay. Its not like she couldn’t handle herself. Her brother would just have to wait.

“ok, but just one drink and then you leave.”

“fin by me. Bar-tender two mor”

The Droid dropped off the drinks and collected the credits. The Falleen slid closer and placed his hand on Nova’s rear. She stiffened, but he didn’t notice.
Say, ow 'bout you n me go somewhere private?"

Nova turned to him. The effects of his pheromones dissipating before her disgust. How dare this creature lay hands on her! She was the Grandmaster’s daughter, no one would take advantage of her.

“I will say this once and only once, Remove your hand or I will remove it for you.”

“Awe do na be like tha-” Fwoom! The Falleen found himself on his back, minus a necessary appendage and instantly sober. “She cut of my hand. The piece of poodoo cut off my hand!”

Nova slowly came back to herself. Why is my lightsaber on? She thought. She heard a bottle break and looked up to find the entire bar approaching menacingly and decided that why it was on could wait. She dropped to a crouch and raised her purple blade defensively. This was going to hurt.

Nero had watched his sister’s altercation with the Falleen and had thought it a ploy for answers. When she had removed the alien’s hand, he got worried. Now there were over a hundred angry patrons, with no cause to like Jedi, between him and his sibling. He steeled himself to fight to his sister’s side. “This is gonna hurt.”

Before either of them became truly imperiled, a shock wave flowed through the roof. The Duracrete disintegrated raining those inside with sand. A brown cloaked figure dropped down, accompanied by four figures in blue-black armor.
The bar patrons backed up and Nero was lifted into the air to be deposited next to his sister. The armored men stepped in front of them acting as shields as well as preventing escape. The figure in the cloak addressed the patrons.

“Your weapons lay down, or face the consequences you will.”

The degenerates decided to resist. After all there were only seven outsiders and over one hundred of them. That was a mistake. The moment they rushed the young Jedi and their protectors, they forfeited their freedom.
The cloak dropped to the floor, revealing the Jedi master it had shrouded. The site of a Yuzanvong in Jedi robes would have given pause to anyone in their right mind, but her opponents were either inebriated or high and devoid of rational thought. The first wave were felled by a cloud of Thud bugs, small beetles that could become as hard as rocks. The next met Slinvar, the master’s companion serpent, who along with sleep inducing venom could become as stiff and hard as a durasteel rod. The entire encounter lasted less than five minutes and left Nova and Nero with their jaws on the ground.

“Wow! That was amazing.” the kids said in unison, causing the Jedi to turn.

“Younglings, in trouble you are. Outside in the speeder wait.” the children obeyed, with heads lowered in shame. There was no point in trying to offer an excuse or plea. Their mother’s right hand would suffer no nonsense of that sort.
The ride back to the temple was a somber affair. The children sat between and facing the members of the Mandalorian lower levels police, Reliable Justice. Thought no one spoke the armor gave it away. Blue was for reliability and black for justice. Nova was happy that she had remembered that, but then she remembered why they were there.

“We are so screwed.”

Nero stopped memorizing the construction of his shoes. “ya think.” Nova turned to him. “look I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would get that out of hand.”

“That’s a reoccurring problem with you”

Nova blushed. In was true that most of her plans ended badly and with them in trouble. “Yeah, you’re right, but look on the bright side, you get to say ‘I told you so’”.

Nero gave her a strange look. “What do you mean?”

“Mom’s gonna flip.”

And flip she did. Grandmaster Angel Skywalker unleashed a tirade that did mothers everywhere justice and made her kids wish the floor would swallow
them. When she finished, however, she pulled them close and told them how much she loved them and how glad she was that they were safe. The children still had to go to their punishments, but they did so knowing that their mom was not punishing them for the fun of it.

Nova was sent to the youngling hall, a place she both hated and loved at the same time. Well hate was a rather strong word. She strongly disliked working with little kids, but she didn’t hate them. No matter how many messes she had to clean up, streakers she had to chase down, extremely juvenile games she had to play or boring book she had to read; access to the hall gave her the chance to experience the one thing she missed from childhood, diapers.

She knew it was strange. What fourteen year old, who got in trouble for trying to prove they were grown up, would want to wear something so childish? Other than herself, no one that she knew, but just the same she like them a lot. She wouldn’t wear them while working, but before leaving, after all the younglings had fallen asleep, she would sneak a few of the larger ones into her bag.
It was this hope of future comfort that kept her going throughout the day. Finally the coveted time arrived. The last youngling had drifted off to save the galaxy of their dreams and the caretakers were slowly dwindling down to the night shift. Nova crept into the changing room and secreted five diapers from the bed wetter’s cubby into her bag. That was the most she felt safe taking, any more and she felt like the Masters would notice. In fact when Master Hal-Jordan stopped her, Nova thought she had been discovered.
Her fears were unfounded as the Master only wished her to take inventory of a supply shipment that had just arrived. It was in the receiving room that her luck continued to grow. An entire box of large children’s sleep pants was not on the invoice making the expected six, seven! She quickly rerouted it to her room. This was her lucky day.

Nero met her in the corridor outside their rooms. He was covered in grease from working in the maintenance hall and not happy about it. Unlike his sister his only silver lining was the sonic-aqua shower waiting in his bathroom. He despised working with machines and would have gladly switched with his sister if their mom would not have found out. What annoyed him most was the fact that they were both very good mechanics, but he was the one that always got stuck in maintenance. But that’s the definition of punishment, being forced to do something you don’t want to do.

“You look like you spent a month on Raxis Prime.” Nova said, by way of greeting, her voice strangely chipper. “Did Master Arturus have you clean the furnace again?”

“And the exhaust manifolds on the ax-wing interceptors. The knights are supposed to purge them after every five flights, but of course they forget. They’re lucky I’m so good at cleaning otherwise we’d have to replace the engines every week. You know how hard it is to find a hundred twenty Ion engines right? Any way…”

As her brother continued to rant, Nova lost the battle to avoid laughing. Normally she would let him finish then launch into her own rant about her horrible day, but the elation over her earlier find was too much and she dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“Why are you laughing? The plight of this Temple’s mechanisms is not funny.”
Nova composed herself, “You’re right, but I couldn’t resist. You hate having to work in maintenance, but get all bent out of shape over how everyone treats the machines. I just found that very funny.”

It was ironic, Nero had to admit and he could see how she though it was funny. However he was confused as to why she was happy. Before he could ask about it, he was driven to the floor by an intense pain. Though the hollow, black hole feeling that was clouding his vision he saw Nova in a similar state. When it subsided they had the same thought: Ezara.

She was the only one that they were close enough to, besides their mother, who would cause such a blow through the force. With the lack of alarms, they knew their mother was fine and would be able to tell them exactly what happened. Dreading the worst they bolted toward her office, neither one fully recovered.

Re: A Star Wars Adventure

Cool!, this story keeps getting better and better!, don’t worry about the
delay It was well worth the wait,

I’m impressed by the detailed way you describe lower Coruscant,
makes me wish that 1313 hadn’t been cancelled. :frowning:

Oh well, at least we still have this great story, love the twins by the way.
In fact i really like all the charters in this story so far.

So please continue, and may the force be with you. :slight_smile:

A Starwars adventure

It lives! As an explanation I give you one word: College

Bad News&Good News

Angel Skywalker’s reaction was slightly less dramatic than that of her children. Instead of being driven to the floor, she merely had the breath knocked out of her. She hadn’t felt that level of a force convolution since her husband sacrificed himself to stop an exploding star. Fortunately this time it wasn’t connected to a loss of family.

The pulse the family had experienced was the fallout from the Asage’s deaths. The two masters had watched over the twins when the children were infants and Nodal was Angel’s mentor. He had given her the title of Grandmaster before pursuing a more relaxing life with his wife. Such bonds do not sever easily and when they do, the result is devastating.

What was worse, in a galactic sense, was the loss of what the Masters were protecting. When the great Jedi Luke Skywalker found the holocron while rebuilding the temple, he deemed the contents too dangerous to keep. Unfortunately the device could not be destroyed. All the Grandmaster could do was send the pieces across the galaxy under the protection of his greatest Knights and Masters. These Jedi passed the pieces down their family line and they were safe, until a few months ago when Jedi started dying.

The killer was smart. He used local events to cover up his true intentions. A slave uprising, a planet’s natural regeneration cycle kicking in early, an unfortunate speeder accident, a pirate attack and several other tragedies separately seemed to be just that, separate occurrences. Angel should have seen the pattern sooner, but maintaining a galactic peace keeping force was a hassle even with her council’s aide. The reports were mostly skimmed, sent to personnel and forgotten. It wasn’t until the assassin got too bold and several knights were killed on Ord’Mantel, that the Grandmaster realized what was going on. Unfortunately by then it was too late. Her recall order only served to make the guardians easier to find and now her mentor was dead. How could she have been so blinded?

Now was not the time to berate herself, however, for the final piece to the vile puzzle rested around her own neck. Angel composed herself. Her home and people were now in danger. Whoever was hunting for the holocron would soon find the Force Eater useless without a power source and realize where the answer must lie. When the assassins came, the Jedi would be waiting for them.

Once again master of her emotions, the Grandmaster stepped out of her office to begin defensive preparations. She made it as far as Master Senkai’s desk before she was virtually tackled by her children. They were visibly distraught and their mother couldn’t blame them. They had been too young to understand what had happened the last time they experienced the death of someone close to them. She pulled them close.

“Shh adike, it’s all right. Mommy’s here. I’m fine. Nothing is going to separate us that easily.” After a few moments of these and other soothing words, the kids calmed enough to regain control.

It was Nova who spoke first. “What happened? That was the worst feeling ever.” She was pretty sure she knew, but wanted to hear it from her mother before accepting anything as fact. It was one thing to think that something terrible had occurred and another to actually know that it had. She prepared for the worst as her mom sat them down in her office.

“kids, you wouldn’t remember this, but shortly after you were born your father and I had to put down a rogue Mandalorian commando named Ram’ser. I would have prefered to stay with you two, but the order needed a Mando’ade Ram’ser wouldn’t expect to be against him. When we left, you were taken in by my old Master, Nodal Asage and his wife. What you felt was the connection between them and you being severed.”

Well that certainly wasn’t what Nova or Nero expected. They still had the feeling that something bad had happened to their cousin, but now they could distinguish between the feelings and prioritize.

There was nothing they could do about the Asage’s deaths, but they could check up on Ezara. “So.” Nero began, “Nothings wrong with Ezara?”

“What do you mean?”

“We thought she was the result of the pain, but now that we know differently, we still have a bad feeling.” Nova nodded her agreement and added " Do you think we could call Auntie Nora, just to be sure?"

" I think that would be a fine idea." Angel waved her hand and activated the Holocom. The room darkened and the transparent blue figure of Empress Nora fel appeared. “To what do I owe this pleasure, Grandmaster?” the empress’ words were not callus. They were simply the words of a busy leader.

“Do you have time for a social call?”

Nora’s demeanor instantly changed. “Certainly, sis. So how are my three favorite Jedi?”

“We’re fine. The kids just wanted to see how you and Ezara were doing.”

“let me see if I can connect her.”

The Empress’ form bent out of frame for a few moments then She straitened. There was a semi concerned look on her face. “That’s strange. She’s usually prompt in answering my calls. Oh well she’s probably exploring her ship. I’ll tell her you called when she calls back. Is there any thing else?”

Angel began to respond, but the sound of a door banging open interrupted her. Outside of the Holocom’s video range, an aid’s voice was heard. “Your
Grace, I apologize for interrupting, but there’s a situation that needs your attention in the throne room. It concerns a certain star.” Nora’s concerned look grew. “What happened?”

The aid stepped into view and indicated the call in progress. “Are they allowed to know?”

“They are family. They have a right to know”

The aid took a deep breath. “The ship Lady Ezara was on was attacked by pirates, twice. The pirates some how knew it was a hunter. As far as we know Lady Ezara is their prisoner.”

For a moment the scared mother was visible in the Empress’ face. Then she suppressed her feelings, they would only hinder her. They could be addressed later. Now was the time for facts.

“Is Mazara with her?”

“We believe so, Your Grace.”

“Good. Do we know how they found her?”

At this, Angel spoke up. “That is probably my fault.” The two Imperials gave her a strange look. “I believe her discovery was accidental and that they were after my Jedi. I’ll explain why in person, but whoever hired those pirates is a danger to the whole galaxy. As soon as I can get my cruiser fueled and my best Knights prepared, I’ll lend my assistance.”

Nora allowed a look of relief to pass over her features. It would be good to have family close at hand and with the Jedi, Mandalorians and 501st working together, Ezara would be safe in no time. “Thanks si-Grandmaster. We welcome your assistance. Now I must go and-tend to raising the legion.” The call ended.

Angel turned to her kids. “Pack your things, your coming too.”

Nova and Nero exchanged glances. “Really?”

“Yes. I can’t risk you trying to follow on your own and your still in trouble. There will be plenty of things for you to do on the ship and I’ll make sure Master Senkai keeps a close eye on you. Now jump to it.”

The kids scampered off with a “Yes mam” and barely hidden elation. Their first mission! It would be a grand adventure, certainly better than their previous escapades, and any chance to make mommy proud was a plus. In their excitement, they almost ran into Master Senkai on the way out.

The Yuuzan Vong Jedi chuckled with amusement. “What has them exited so?”

“Their first mission. Gather the sentinels from dorm A and ask Masters Leo, Valen, and Aden to meet me at the Liberator. After that grab the children and meet me there as well.”

“Of course Master, but why may I ask?”

“We’re going to help rescue my niece.”

The Grand-master’s second bowed. “All the more reason for haste that is. I go and go quickly I shall.” With that she turned and left the way she came.
Alone at last, the two most powerful siblings in the galaxy allowed their walls of serenity to break. Now was the time for emotion. Now was the time to be sad, afraid, angry or truly feel anything at all, because once their quest began there would be no time to be themselves.

Re: A Star Wars Adventure

I’m really enjoying this so far…I’ve read some Star Wars novels outside of seeing the movie saga so I feel like I can get into it since I know some of the characters mentioned that were outside of the original saga.

Re: A Star Wars Adventure

Yes! it’s back, i love how well this is written. Seriously its one of the
most professionally done stories on here.

It reads just like an EU novel, and even better than some.
AND don’t worry about the delay, it happens to all my favorite stories.
Please continue, and may the force be with you. :slight_smile: