A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

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This ties a bunch of things together, and explains the title of this story.



Chapter 18

When Laura and Jim settled down, Gary took a deep breath and said, “I’m afraid there’s more.”

“Please no…” Laura cried.

“I wouldn’t bring it up, but I think it’ll help you to know why Katie did what she did,” he offered.

Jim looked at him and said, “It doesn’t matter,” anger clear in his voice.

Laura, not sure she wanted to know, didn’t agree. “It does matter. I need to know why in the world a person would treat another human being this way.”

“She was taught to,” Gary answered softly.

Both Jim and Laura asked, “What?!” in unison.

"The laptop Katie was using belonged to her father. From what I can gather, he would never have allowed her to have a computer. I don’t think she realized that along with the video she was recording, there were other recording on there. They were in a hidden directory. The forensic folks recovered them last night.

I’ve gone through some of them, a good many actually. In more than twenty, Katie sat in a chair just like you did, with a bag over her head as her mother pleaded with her father to take it off."

Jim stared at him. “Why?”

"From what I’ve seen, he regarded women as nothing more than playthings, and for him, the play was sadistic and painful. Both her and her mother were repeatedly tormented.

Her father forced her to do the same thing to her brother as you saw her do with Eddy. He would make her and her mother leave the boy to sit in a dirty diaper until he was screaming to get it off, and then threaten Katie with the bag if she didn’t work the diaper into his bottom and make him scream.

This was how he taught the boy to abuse his sister and his mother. By the time he was six years old, he looked upon them as objects. The father would secure the two women up on their toes, and instructed his son to take a switch to them. The boy would viciously strike them both repeatedly until he couldn’t physically swing the stick anymore. This would yield praise from his father.

You have to understand, as long as Eddy was a baby, Katie was nice to him. She didn’t attempt to suffocate him until he told her he didn’t want to be a baby. Only when he managed to tell her that he wanted to be one, did she relent.

This is because when Bobby was a baby, he didn’t hurt her. Once he moved out of the toddler stage, her father started teaching him to physically abuse her. If the boy refused, the father would put him back in a diaper until he screamed, and then force Katie to make the rash much worse. To her, babies were safe, boys and men were not. She had to find a way to make Eddy a baby, or kill him."

“Jesus,” Jim whispered.

Laura sat stunned. She had had no idea that there was a problem. Even through all of the phone calls when they moved out west, she had no clue anything was wrong. The more she thought about it, the more she understood now why the calls tapered down as time went on.

“Katie was truly a tortured soul,” he told them.

As much as Laura understood what Gary was saying, she couldn’t find it in herself to feel bad for the monster that had tormented her little boy. Not wanting to think about that anymore, she asked, “What do we do for Eddy? How do we help him?”

With an understanding nod, Gary answered, “You let him lead the way. If he wants to wear a diaper, or take a paci, you let him. Believe me when I tell you, there’s a very good chance it will be some time before he’ll want to be anything but a baby. I saw the recording of what he went through. She was thorough, and I believe he’ll be terrified to do anything that isn’t what a toddler would do. From Eddy’s perspective, I imagine he’ll feel that bad things will happen if he does otherwise.”

“Why would Katie record any of this? If she got caught and wasn’t killed, it could have been used against her,” Jim asked.

“She believed she was too smart to get caught. When you consider what she almost achieved, it’s frightening.”

“You can say that again,” Jim said with a shudder.

“We want to keep Eddy on medication for a little while. It’s only to keep him from getting like you saw him before they put him to sleep,” he told them.

“All right, if you think that will help,” Laura replied.

“I’m going to ask them to give it to him, and then I’ll let you rest. We’re not going to medicate him again unless we have to. We want him to wake up. I’ll be back in about three hours so I’m here when he does.”

“Okay, thank you Gary,” Laura offered.

“You’re welcome. Listen, it’ll take some time before he’ll be comfortable again. He’s probably going to be afraid for a while, and get really frightened if you get even mildly upset with him, so I’d be careful how you respond. The most important thing you need to do, is to make sure you tell that little boy that he’s a good boy as many times as you can think of it, for some time.”

“You can count on that,” Jim said, determination in his voice.

After Gary left, Laura sat troubled. She really didn’t know how she was going to get the way she felt across to Jim, but decided now was the time, before Eddy woke up. “Jim, I…” she started and broke into tears.

“What is it Honey?” he asked.

“I can’t go back there,” she whispered, knowing how much damage that would cause to their finances. “I’m sorry, I just can’t go back into that house. Not after what happened, and I wouldn’t dream of taking Eddy back there.”

She cried relieved tears when he said, “It’s okay, we’re not going back. I’ll make other arrangements.”

Looking at him, she said, “I can’t leave him with anyone. I…I know it will make a mess of the finances, but I just can’t.” She knew that things would be a lot more difficult financially without her salary, but she couldn’t trust anyone else to watch Eddy, not to mention, she couldn’t stand the idea of being away from him right now.

“No,” he told her. She was about to object when tears streamed down his cheeks, and he added, “You hold that little boy…” sobbing now. “You tell him a million times a day…that he’s a good boy…you worry about that, and let me worry about the money.”

Laura hugged her husband tight, whispering a tearful, “Thank you,” again and again.

Fear made Laura anxious. She sat up in the bed, holding Eddy in her lap. She was frightened that he’d wake up and be just like he was before they put him to sleep. Eddy had gotten the medicine three and a half hours ago, and the waiting was difficult.

Gary sat in the corner, facing Eddy’s back. He had explained that he had asked the nurses to get the IV pump ready, and if things got out of hand, he would push the button to turn it on. He had told them, under no circumstances were they to come into the room unless he called for them.

Jim sat in a chair right next to the bed, within arms reach of Eddy. Laura saw the worried look on his face as they waited.

Forty minutes later, Eddy snuggled closer to her. She started patting his diaper, gently rocking him as he began nursing his paci.

Suddenly, Eddy stiffened, sat back, looked at her with terrified eyes, and cried, “Mommyyyy!” as he scrambled up to wrap his arms tight around her neck, clinging to her for dear life.

Laura tried to stay strong. It wasn’t possible. She held him tight to her, sobbing, “I’ve got you Baby, Mommy’s got you…you’re safe, I promise. No one’s going to hurt you.”

A second later, she heard the words that broke her heart. "I thowwyyyyy! I thowwy Mommyyyyyyy!"and he ran out of breath. “I be good baby!! I be good baby!!” he repeated with his next breath.

She had tried to tell him it wasn’t his fault, but he never heard a word she said. Even when she told him, “You’re a good boy…a very good boy,” it had no impact. On a whim, she changed it to, “You’re a good baby, you’re Mommy’s good baby boy,” and that stopped the repetition that she thought would rip her heart out.

She knew then, that Gary was right. He needed to be a baby boy for a while. He needed to be told again and again that he was a good baby boy. It took a half hour, but with repeated reassurance, and Mommy’s gentle touch, she managed to get him to stop trembling and eased down to where he sat cuddled in her lap, his head against her chest.

Turning to Jim, she mouthed the word ‘ba-ba’, and waited until he handed it to her. “Here Baby, why don’t you drink your ba-ba,” she said, bringing the nipple to his mouth. Eddy sniffled as he spit his paci out and took the nipple and began nursing.

Laura rocked him gently, kissing his forehead again and again, never taking her lips from his soft skin. “It’s okay Baby, Mommy’s got you. You’re being such a good baby boy…yes you are,” she told him in a sweet voice.

When Jim reached out and placed a gentle hand on Eddy’s back, the boy looked at his daddy’s wrist and started sobbing again. Putting his arms out, he cried, “I thowwy Daddy,” in a pitiful tone.

Jim pulled Eddy into his arms, held him close and said, “Hey little boy, look at me. Look at me Baby.” When Eddy turned his eyes up to his father’s, Jim told him, “This isn’t your fault, Baby,” holding the bandage where Eddy could see it. “I was silly this morning, and fell down. You didn’t do this Sweetheart.”

Laura could see by the look in Eddy’s eyes that he wanted desperately to believe the lie. She wanted to kiss her husband and thank him profusely when Eddy snuggled closer and resumed nursing his bottle.

“There you go, that’s it…drink that ba-ba all gone Baby,” Jim comforted.

Both parents bore fresh tears a moment later. Eddy set his bottle down, grasped Daddy’s thumb and brought the bandage up to his mouth. Giving it a tender kiss, he said, “Boo boo aww gone?”

“Yes Baby, the boo boo’s all gone now, thank you,” Jim answered with a thick voice, and a kiss to Eddy’s cheek. When Eddy tried to turn to get to his daddy’s other wrist, Jim told him, “No Baby, it’s alright. You’re kiss was so good, it healed all of Daddy’s boo boo’s,” and pulled him close again.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

Well BabyButt,

You managed another twist in this, which was totally unexpected, as we never knew anything about Katies family.

Her father was one twisted bastard, but I will say, at the risk of being flammed to death by people who do not actualy read and fully understand what they have read, that the mother really was no chop. After the first time he did something to her, she should have packed the children up and walked out, gone to the Police and got a restraining order on him. Yes it would have been hard, but her first responsibility was to her children.

Though you have done a great job on this BabyButt, I do feel, and I could be wrong on this, that it has detracted somewhat from the impact of the horror story, as now the focus has been moved a little away from Katie to her demented father.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

BB, well I dunno it is still possible to say that some of her blood may have been demonic in origin, thus saving the horror element LOL. Seriously though not a bad story all things considered. So, I did enjoy reading somethin a bit less typical than the usual fare here. Even a baby gets tired some of just baby stories after all. I just might use some of this as inspiration, albeit a much less abusive to kids approach. I might just make my horror character a demon baby or something. We shall see. :slight_smile:

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

Though you have done a great job on this BabyButt, I do feel, and I could be wrong on this, that it has detracted somewhat from the impact of the horror story, as now the focus has been moved a little away from Katie to her demented father.

I won’t flame you, don’t worry. But, I do think it’s relavent.

Killers/murders/psychopaths etc. emerge for many reasons; sometimes it’s pathological, sometimes it’s environmental, sometimes it’s both. It doesn’t really take away from what she did.

A lot of people can be quite screwed up in the head, but it doesn’t take much to know that not everyone is the way they are. Her inability to even consider telling her surviving family what occurred in her childhood home still makes her a killer.

One who is abused can take the high road and swear to never hurt another, or they can continue the cycle. Continuing that cycle doesn’t take away from the horror they caused.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

I have dealt with women with bastards, some can’t ever leave out of fear and some out of love. Until you are in that boat you don’t have a clue.

BB great story.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

By that remark, perhaps you yourself should not be doing what you are for a living. Your first responsibility is to your children, and NOT to yourself. Children do not ask to be born, but it is the parents responsibility to make sure they are looked after, and if needs be protected against an abusive parent.

A marrage is a a two way partnership with each making sacrifices to the one they love. It gets extremly complicated once children enter into the equation as the children need to be put FIRST.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

From my perspective, what the mother did or didn’t do changes nothing for Laura, Jim, and especially Eddy and the officer that died at her hands. The fact is, Katie moved from being a victim, to a perpetrator when she didn’t seek out help once her father was dead.

Though you have done a great job on this BabyButt, I do feel, and I could be wrong on this, that it has detracted somewhat from the impact of the horror story, as now the focus has been moved a little away from Katie to her demented father.

The same atrocities were committed, no matter what the reason. It didn’t make it any easier for me to write this knowing what the motivation was, nor would I suspect, did it made it easier for you the readers to read about what Katie did. I guess the best way for you to answer that question, would be to read through it again and see if knowing why she did what she did makes reading about it any easier.

When I decided to write this, I debated several ways to present the information. One was to present this entirely from the parent’s perspective, not letting the reader know that Katie was the source of Eddy’s regression until he told on her. I chose not to go that route because I thought it would make for a better story if we saw Eddy’s conflict and difficulty with what he was being made to do. That, from my perspective, told a much richer (and more frightening) tale. I could have left the explanation of what he’d gone through until the video came out at the end, but again, I think this way was better.

I specifically limited what Gary presents about Katie’s father, and home life, to limit the impact it had on the overall story. Perhaps I should have made it even more vague than what I provided, what do you folks think?

I really didn’t want to get into a debate over her mother’s behavior, that is for certain.

Thanks for all of the feedback folks, I hope to have the Epilogue up tonight.


Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

Long time reader, first time writer.

Gotta say, BB, this was one of the finest stories I’ve read online anywhere. The technical stuff was there of course: grammar, spelling and vocabulary, but is subsumed in the telling. You have an excellent sense of pacing, and character development.

The the subject matter just made me squirm, gave me the tingling itch of empathy deep down and made me want to look away and yet to find myself unable.

But above all, you made it feel real. The debate on here is proof of how real - people talking about real situations because this story, for all of it’s graphic horror, is entirely believable. I sit down after reading it running DSM-IV diagnoses through my head, and running the old nature vs. nature debate that is at the heart of developmental psychology.

Just truly excellent stuff.

And I’d disagree that giving us insight into Katie’s history make the story any less horrific - it just widens the scope. From someone who’s spent years working in foster care - I assure you, it’s no less believable and no less horrific with this background.

Thank you for being willing to stretch yourself to write this.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

Your instincts were absolutely correct, BB. Writing this from Eddy’s perspective made it much more horrifying. Seeing what was happening to him and feeling his helplessness is what made this story so compelling.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

wimsett have you ever help a mother that gets hit on but love the baster so much that she would rather die then to leave him? Kids sometimes do help her leave but when he says you leave the kids die, would you go? Its his word and her word and the cops can’t do a thing unless they see signs of the abuse. You need to help out at a women help center for a day and see first hand how misguided the ladies can be. I was a guard for a company that watched one and it was not fun seeing the women go back to the bastards and you cant say a word. Truck driving is a lot easier and better pay, and hope to get back into it when I get out of this nursing home.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

I really appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts. Thank you for the compliment!

I also believe that knowing her history has no impact on the horrific nature of what she did.

You’re quite welcome, this has been a task for me, but IMHO, this is some of the best writing I have done thus far. Every piece brings me closer to my goal.

Thanks Tommy for confirming what I thought to be right. It helps knowing others see things the way I do.

Thanks all for taking the time to offer feedback.


Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

Another excellent chapter BB. Keep it up. I can’t wait for you to finish this one so you can go back to write Snuggles and Tears.

Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

Hi folks,

My Internet has gone down. I won’t be able to get the last piece up here tonight. Thanks to the iPhone, ican let you know. It takes forever with my hands, but that’s life.


Re: A Tortured Soul Chapter 18

I agree!!!