In my sleep deprived loopy ass brain, I tend to think up weird shit, so if I say something bizarre, I apologize.

With all the overexposure to this fetish circulating the tubal interwebs, especially tumblr, it’s easy to get desensitized to the subculture and everything it does, and more often than not, I see things taken to whatever extreme there is for us. Wetting, messing, other things that are too disturbing to talk about…

So I kind of wonder if there are any Ageplayers out there who DON’T do all that stuff. You know, the kind of people who don’t use or even wear diapers, where simply being held and maybe having a binky is enough for them.

For me, sometimes I enjoy the feeling of wetting like many others (Not to mention I’ve started to develop bedwetting issues thanks to my anxiety), but more often than not, it’s almost never about the diapers themselves. Just the subtle, slight, tempered feelings of being little is enough. Miranda, my ‘mommy’ often likes to tuck me in at night, give me my binky and read me a story. No diapers, no bottles, no heavy little feelings, just the simple bliss of a good story and something to suckle or nibble on in my sleep (Miranda often gives me my binky considering how often I nibble on my stuffed animals).

I’m just curious if there is anyone out there who tend to prefer a light touch more often than an emotionally intense scene?

Re: ABDL-Lite

The emotional intensity is wonderful. I hate the word “scene”, though - makes it sound scripted, forced, disingenuous.

That said, simply cuddling with my little girl, rubbing her back and her bottom, listening to the little noises she makes when I do those things, that’s just as wonderful, whether she’s in her jammies or not…

Re: ABDL-Lite

Oh don’t get me wrong, once in a while I love something intense. I’ve entered true little space a grand total of three times in my life and holy fuck…

But yeah, sometimes I don’t need all of that. Sometimes I just need to relax and be held and squeak a little.

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It seems to me that general ageplay, without diapers, is more popular in the wider community than abdl itself, particularly amongst girls. Though normally it would probably be in a schoolgirl sense, an older age than necessarily purely cute.

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for me and my {mommy} it depends on mood just a binky diaper or all but its comfy and soothing but to eachs own

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I guess I’ve never actually thought about the whole process. If it were a straight up sexual encounter I would much prefer a man but in an ABDL context I would be utterly nauseated if a man were involved in any aspect of the caregivering process even if was all on the lite side.

And I have no idea why.