ABDL stories with minor characters

I posted something similar on ADISC, but didn’t really get a satisfactory response (more on that in a bit). Since this forum is more story focused, I figured it might be better to post here.

I like diaper stories that have minor/underage characters. Let me be quick to add that I don’t like stories that have any sexual content whatsoever, nor do I read them with sexual motivations (i.e. they are not “fap stories”). I don’t even like detailed descriptions of diaper changes. Think of Elizabeth’s stories as an example of what I’m talking about, or Purged_User’ stories.

I feel like this is a little creepy. I’m an adult, and I like reading stories about something that is vaguely a fetish that involve children. I don’t think I’m doing anything inappropriate, however, given both the PG content of the stories, and my motivations for reading them, so I’ve kind of been trying to figure out why I like them and why it feels creepy/weird.

I think the reason I read them and what I get out of them is that same as why people regress/roleplay. Generally I’d classify myself as more DL than AB, but maybe this is my latent AB side coming out, since it’s been suppressed for so long. More specifically I enjoy reading them because it makes me feel “regressed” or “little,” much as how a pacifier/sleeper/diaper might make someone who’s more free to indulge in such things feel “little.”

In fact, I think that reading such stories and regressing or role-playing are pretty much the same thing, since they’re all about capturing a different, “little,” mindset. Both reading a story and role-playing/regressing satisfy some escapist urge to feel different than your “normal” self. It’s just that when role-playing/regression you’re doing something, and with a story you’re just reading it. In both cases, however, I feel that the motivation is similar.

The other reason I think I like them is that my first exposure to the online ABDL community (or any ABDL community, I suppose) was via he-who-must-not-be-named’s site. While unfortunate, I think that’s a not-uncommon experience for AB/DLs of a certain age. Since most of the content there was stories, there was some imprinting or something going on that made me like ABDL stories. I’m not trying to apologize for my pre-adolescent/adolescent self, but even then I found a lot of the content there creepy and didn’t like it. And I definitely didn’t like his stories - it was mostly the contributed stories section I read (it was updated on Sundays, if I remember correctly - sad that I still remember that).

Does anyone else like such stories, and/or does anyone think that it’s slightly weird? Generally I don’t think I’m a creepy person, but admitting that I like such stories feels a little weird.

A lot of the responses to this thread at ADISC were “stories with underage characters are creepy and I don’t like them.” While that’s a fine response, and you are free to consider me creepy and weird, I’d appreciate at least some explanation as to why you feel that way, especially if you think I’m creepy and weird, since I don’t feel that I am (indeed, I endeavor not to be). Do note, however, that I’ve stated that I do not like stories with any sexual content, and I don’t read the as “fap stories” (see the second paragraph), so please consider that before condemning me, as well as considering the various arguments I’ve put forth in this post.

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What do you mean by minor underage characters?

If you mean : inferior in importance, size, or degree : comparatively unimportant characters, then they are probably not the ones in diapers anyway. More likely the mother is pointing out they are potty trained while eighteen-year-old Britney is still having accidents and it is Britney who will need to go back into wearing diapers. We spend the rest of the time with Britney watching her try to deal with hiding her diapers at school, getting changed by the school nurse, and having her worse enemy in school come over to the house and babysit. I have no problem with these stories. I am annoyed by babysitter discovers diapers stories and skip them no matter what age the characters are.

If you mean minor as not having reached majority where we have eight-year-old Tommy gets punished by diapers and horribly humiliated ala D**ker, then I do have a problem with it.

As long as the underaged character is not the one in diapers, except for the annoyingly tiny babysitter who discovers diapers and steals them from the very large baby, then diapered underage children really have no place on a site such as this. I am kind of put off by it.

Of course everyone thinks a story should start with, “Amber was your average 16 year old teenagers with a 44DD chest and a tiny enough waste(sic) to fit into Pampers Size 6, but for some reason, despite the ample boobage, she couldn’t get a boyfriend.” I can therefore screen out underage, crap, any story that mentions boob size, stupid reasons for being in diapers, and bad grammar without reading more than a few paragraphs. I would never start a story off that way, but most people here do and it helps to screen the really bad stories.

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By “minor underage” I mean under 18. Giving examples is probably the best way to explain what I mean:

In for a Penni by Elizabeth
anything story by Elizabeth
Chronicles of Vickie by Purged_User
Sakura stories, also by Kita

While only one of those is a link to this site, I believe all of those stories are also posted here, or were posted on previous instances of this board - it was just easier to link to the respective author’s archive sites than find them on this board.

Most ABDL stories are crap. But then again most of everything is crap, and this forum doesn’t have any of the filters the traditional publishing world has (not that I’m complaining - that’s not the point here, nor is traditional publishing the solution). The types of stories you describe as bad stories also sound like ones I’d skip after a couple paragraphs as well.

As I said in my original post, I don’t like stories that have sexual content, and stop reading those. I don’t even like detailed descriptions of diaper changes. For example, I thought there was a bit too much detail like that in “The Trying Policy,” which seems to be a pretty popular story, although the most recent chapter has improved in that regard. And that story has a main character under 18 too.

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ABDL Stories That I Think are Crap
1.) Babysitter is changing a baby and decides she wants to wear diapers.
2.) A bedwetter is punished by being regressed to a baby and has to deal with diapers at school and her enemy as a baby sitter."
3.) An anime character has to wear diapers for some reason not envisioned by the writers of the cartoon.
4.) Harry Potter in diapers
5.) Any story where the main character is pushed around in a stroller at the mall while no one notices. Bonus points if they go to hidden abdl store in the mall that the main character didn’t know about despite shopping there for years.
6.) Any story where a room can be remodeled into an adult baby nursery in a day.

I looked back and in most of my stories the main character has sex. It is off camera, so it probably doesn’t even count as sexual content. Even so, all my characters are adults. Adults have sex. You do want to have a bit of description of diaper changes, but not overly detailed. I don’t think mine are overly detailed. Look back at my stuff and see.

I gave up on the Trying Policy because I didn’t like the premise, so I didn’t get to her detailed and intimate diaper changes. I kept reading her voice as Peppermint Patty.

Re: ABDL stories with minor characters

I pretty much agree with you there.

Sex “off camera” is fine with me as long as the characters are over 18 (or teenagers, sufficiently mature and close in age, I suppose - it’s fiction, not real life, so there’s no need to get hung up on legal issues around 17 vs. 18). On camera too, given the same constraints, but I probably won’t read it.

I’ll admit I haven’t read your stories. “The Surrogate Baby” started off a little too dark for my tastes, and the warning at the start of “Life and Death Choices…” put me off of it. I guess I like happy stories.

I think all ABDL stories are going to have some sort of non-realistic premise. As premises go, the Trying Policy was original, if not believable.

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Regarding #6: Bonus points if it’s remodeled in 8 hours or less.

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Give them a chance. They both have happy endings. Just the first chapter or two of each is dark. The main characters are both college age, so any off camera sex is probably okay.

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This is my opinion, as well.

As far as underage characters go in general, I’m fine with it. The Double Life of Ariel Crawford is one of my favorite stories.

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I don’t mind underage characters. I read those.

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All of my stories have main characters twelve or under. 10 include diaper content and are posted here, with an updated edited version posted on ADISC. Very rarely have I gotten complaints by people about the age of my characters. One of the elements with my stories and those stories you have posted about that you like is that there is a plausibility factor to them. They do not deal with abuse and the reader could see the events actually happening. If you are trying to be little, reading a story where you can put yourself as the main character makes things more enjoyable.

The quality of the author is also a key factor. Elizabeth and Kita are both outstanding authors, not going for your stereotypical for this genre. Again that plausibility factor. I often tell new authors that they need to write things to be a believable as possible, only suspending reality for one or two things. The reader is much more able to take the suspension of reality if it is only one or two things than almost every paragraph having something unbelievable or very far fetched.

Are you weird for enjoying such stories? I can not say. I have written them for over ten years and enjoyed others others stories for even longer. I have asked myself similar questions. Let’s face reality here, this fetish is more than just a little weird, but aren’t all fetishes weird?

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That’s pretty much what I’ve decided. Yeah, it’s a bit weird that I like stories with minors, but not any weirder than the whole ABDL thing in general.