AB/DL Video Game

So yeah. I haven’t been posting here, but I’ve been a busy little bee, buzz buzz.

I’m writing the story for an AB/DL video game, made by PieceofSoap.

It’s called Perpetual Change.

It’s an Altered Reality AB/DL/mental regression game. It takes place in the not too distant future and it’s about a young womanwho awakes to findherself in a world where everyone thinks she’s a bed wetter, despite what her own memories tell her.

Several mistakes have already been play tested and fixed with bugs and what not. And some typos in the dialogue made it in (that I’m not aware if they’ve been fixed as of this posting; fingers crossed.) But Pieceofsoap is really dedicated to this and making it an amazing game.

Right now, there’s a good chunk of introductions and story, but not a whooooole lot on game play in terms of critical choices or quests. We’re going with more of a “visual novel” or a “Telltale Games” feel and that’ll become more apparent in later chapters.

Any feedback is welcome, though I’m definitely not the technical guy. I just put the words in the characters’ mouths. I’ll still forward any talks of bugs or what have you to the head honcho. The deviant art page I linked has a lot of discussion on bugs and how to fix them as well, so give that a read if you’re having problems playing from a technical standpoint.

Thanks for your feedback.

Re: AB/DL Video Game

As a fan of ABDL games I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already downloaded it on my Mac. WINE seems to be working with it.

Re: AB/DL Video Game

Lemme know how it is and if you have any questions

Re: AB/DL Video Game

I’ll admit, while walking to town, I skirted around the grass and other people.
I was half-expecting for the screen to dissolve into a battle scene.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen that tileset. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I did find it odd that you guys had full-on nudity right off the bat.
The sound design, dialogue, and otherwise colorful tone seemed like it wouldn’t go in that direction.

What’s the target ‘tone’ of this game? It seems to be light-hearted and cute, but matured nudity seems to suggest otherwise.
I’m not shooting it down by any means, but it will definitely benefit from consistency. I’d give that some thought.

Just a note, I’m at a lack for time, so I only played until lunch at school. (a few minutes)
I’ll give it some more time later, but I figured I’d drop some feedback based on what I’ve seen so far. Feel free to ignore this as I’m well aware that I didn’t go very far.