Account Removal Policy

If you want to have your account removed please make sure you read this post in full.

Failure to follow the rules outlined in this post will result in your request being denied. No exceptions!

As a general rule we will only accept account deletion requests in the following circumstances as this is by its very nature a destructive and non-reversible procedure.

When We Will Delete Accounts

  • Automatically 60 days after registration if the account has zero posts and is still at trust level 0. As it literally takes only a few minutes to get to trust level 1 these types of deletions are rare for new accounts. If your account was registered prior to May 31st, 2020 your account may be purged at any time if still meets the trust level 0 and 0 posts requirements.
  • If you have no posts but your account is more than 3 days old (Accounts under 3 days old can self-delete here if they have 0 posts.) Your account must also have no flags or official warnings against it.
  • If you wish to leave the community and need your information protected. Your account data will be anonymized and except where anonymization isn’t possible due to personal information in the posts, all posts will be preserved but will be owned by a username in the format anon123456. We will remove posts with personal information in them. This an exception to our general thread deletion policy.
  • We are required to by law or court order. We will make a best effort attempt to remove all relevant information using the previously mentioned procedure and all posts will be purged.
  • You simply no longer wish to have an account here. We get it, sometimes you really just don’t want an account any longer and we understand. While we’d prefer you to keep your account in case you choose to return later, if you really want it gone, we will delete it unless your account falls into one of the categories below

When We Won’t Delete An Account

  • You fail to follow the steps outlined below
  • Suspended Accounts
  • Silenced Accounts
  • Accounts we’re required to keep for legal/court ordered reasons (and yes, there are at least 3 such accounts on the forums right now)

How To Request An Account Deletion

  1. Send a PM to @Penguin with the subject line Account Removal. Requests that do not use this subject line will be immediately denied. Please include the reason for requesting deletion in the body of the message.
  2. When @Penguin replies to your request, respond within 48 hours. If you don’t, your request will be rejected.
  3. Additional verification of the request may be requested by sending an email to your registered email address. If you do not respond to this email within 48 hours your request will be rejected.

If your request is rejected for failure to follow this procedure, you will have to wait 1 week to submit a new request.