Note: I was bored and just improvised the crap out of this. So it’s pretty rough-draft quality right now and I’m not sure if I’m going to revise it or not, truth be told I don’t even know if it’s worth salvaging.

Disclaimer: This is a work of -fiction- and is not meant to be interpreted as an argument or slant against any religion known to modern man. Plz no religious debates k thx bye.

"I can't believe I used to live there…used to rule there. Such a wretched place, it had no color or dimensions, it was an infinite void with absolutely no space. It was filled with everything I hated, everything you hated, and everything anyone else hated. It was a lifeless, soulless uninhabitable place, it was torture.

I no longer remember how I ever came to be in that wasteland, ruling over all the fallen souls. There were so many there, I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't take it, everyone went there and I mean -everyone.- Souls fallen from the surface down into my dominion because they caved into their temptations, their indulgences, their sin. But there are so many who did so much and so many who did so little. How should I define sin? How could I? If everyone sin doesn't that mean no one sinned? Is sin even a word…does it have any meaning?

I don't know anymore I just don't know."

In a black, lightless room sat a single white chair and a small color TV. A woman with long, frizzled and greasy hair and black makeup running down her face sat their holding her head up with her palm covering her face. Her eyes peering through her open fingers, or rather claws. Her eyes, they were dead inside. Her body was decaying, she was malnourished and slowly fading into a void as if her skin slowly dissolved off of her and blew away in the wind like dust.

She kept flipping through the channels, trying to find proof. She wanted to know what sin really was, why people kept coming to her instead of her pacifist, good for everything and nothing better half above. Each time flipped, she saw someone, usually a guy doing something unspeakably horrible.


Two kids run through a high school cafeteria killing so many. They were wrought with hate, they had been pushed by other humans their age into doing this, but that is no excuse. They kill themselves shortly after.


Several dark skinned people from another country commandeer three airplanes. They fly two into two side by side towers, and another into a pentagon shaped building. Thousands were killed.


A group of fanatics who believe they are saving animals end up killing dozens on purpose. Their justification- "To end their misery." 


A man with very fake skin sits in a room full of lawyers and judges, denying he ever took advantage of and had sex children who don't know any better. 

*Flip* *Flip* *Flip*

"Come on, worthless. Of course those bastards deserve to be punished. What else is new? Isn't there anything worthwhile on this piece of shit television?"


A woman screams, "No please don't!!" A man lays on top of her, thrusting in and out despite her desperate attempts to stop him. Her hands are held down, her face is bruised and sore. She's in pain, physical pain and mental pain. 

“Heh, this isn’t anything special either. So what? There are thousands of rapists down there…” The woman in the chair says, nearly flipping the channel until something else happens.

A few days later, still in pain the raped woman visited a medical facility and was forced to undergo an operation. She was vulnerable, sickly, and still very bruised and beaten. A man in a white coat enters the room, face full of grimace. "Mrs. Tate, I'm afraid the MRI revealed some trauma in the vaginal area of your body…" 

She didn't understand a lot of the medical terminology the doctor used, she was told so much but the only thing she didn't want to hear but had the misfortune of hearing was "we couldn't save your daughter, I'm so sorry." 

The scene cuts to a few days later yet again. She's at home, alone in an unlit apartment. She took a handful of little round, orange tablets and shoved them all in her mouth at once. Less than an hour later, she was unconscious.

Less than a day….she was dead.

“WHAT?! Why the fuck is she down there? I remember her face, god I thought she did something really bad but that’s it?”

The decomposing woman in the chair began cursing to the sky as if talking to someone, or rather yelling at them demanding to know why suicide was so horrible, especially in that scenario. She picked up the TV and threw it against the wall.

The broken TV disappeared, a new one of the same shape and size appeared out of thin air in the same spot as the original.

The womans eyes were dead again, and her head sunk downwards. She sat down, but it was as if her body sat her down for her. She could not understand why a woman, who was brutally beaten, raped, and as a result of the rape the man inadvertently killed her unborn child and then killed herself ended up being punished. What laughable excuse does the decomposing woman’s twin have for that?

“Still too extreme, maybe there’s something else, something more mild. Is there one without death? There has to be, with so many people there has to be one without death so quickly…”


“…and in other news the President’s health care reform bill is looking just as socialist as ever. What, are we in soviet Russia with a bunch of commies or something? Why does the president want to destroy our country?”


“This book, this seemingly harmless book is about Wizards, warlocks and magic but that is an affront to our lord and savior. We must not acknowledge these books, we have to get this garbage out of our schools and childrens lives.”


“you’re just an ignorant bigot! I don’t ever wanna see you again if that’s what you think of me!”

“Get out of my house faggot, and don’t come back till you’re straight again. I raised you better than that!”

Flip Flip Flip

“Hmm…a sexual orientation? I guess that makes sense…I mean it’s a male and female that have the ability to reproduce. That’s just backwards, but is it really evil? Sinful?”

She kept flipping, “Maybe there’s some other example here, maybe another fetish or something, one that doesn’t defy the stereotype that men and women have to be together…”


“The safety word is kangaroo.”

A woman takes a black leather handle with several braids of leather dangling on the opposite end, and slaps it across a chained up, restrained and almost completely immobile man with several devices attached to him that look to be only meant for pain.

“Oh god…oh my god yes! Harder!”


Two women take a single cup and….


A man sits in a soft pink colored room with several devices all around sized for him but commonly used on infants. A crib, a changing table, pacifiers, diapers, bottles, and of course several dozen toys strung across the floor.

He is absent minded just as an infant would be. He is dressed not just as an infant, but a female infant.

Flip Flip Flip

“Dammit I don’t GET IT! What is wrong with you…you’re not perfect. You’re not the best damn thing to ever come along, you don’t embody what is good to people, hell if anything you’re no better than me! So what? A person who willingly consents to someone else inflicting pain on them just for fun, he deserves to go to hell! A woman who kills herself because of severe mental trauma deserves hell? What if a retarded kid does something deplorable but doesn’t know any better, does he get punished?! Answer me, ANSWER!”

She screamed, but her body couldn’t stand that. She calmed herself. "I gave it up. 98% of those people don’t deserve to be there but you put them there. I won’t work for you anymore, I won’t be the fear that inspires good in people to give them your rewards because there ISN’T a reward anymore. You don’t exist. How could you? You don’t do anything, and I have to do everything. I ran hell for you and everyone on earth came to me. Hell is infinite and yet because of your inane, idiotic rules, it was still crowded so really…who ARE you?

You’re nobody. And if you’re nobody, then I’m nobody as well. I refuse to run that place for you anymore. I give up, I am no longer the devil because YOU are the devil. I HATE YOU!"

As if the answer was suddenly materialized into plain writing for her, that statement made her understand why she is who she is. It was hate. It was torment and restlessness, it was tyranny and punishment. She ran hell not because she was asked to be the devil but because she is the devil. But more importantly, she now knew who her twin was. A person who could give a soul peace, let them rest in eternal bliss without ever being bothered. Her twin was….