Agent Dark (A Diaper Dimension Story) ~ Chapter 3 posted on 06/28/2021

I heavily disagree with the fact that some girls as young as 8 years old can be saddled with a kid, but this is the DD, and you do you.

Oh, this period won’t be filled with just stewing, DARK, and especially The Host will be very busy, they have a lot of preparing to do for the next stretch of the mission, a few chapters will be slow downs, dedicated slice of life, typical DD content for the most part. What do you think of DRAPE? I got lots of plans for her!

…? I never said that one…? Just curious where that came from. I think I’m missing something in the context here.

Interesting character. Too early for me to truly judge though.

It is stated that DARK’s mission is to infiltrate a Little Mill, and rescue the girl that’s destined to be “adopted” by the daughter of the president, who’s the aforementioned age.

Yep, definitely interesting, and definitely strange. Glad you like it.