Almost 24/7 Project

I’ve decided to try a little experiment with the insane amount of diapers I just bought for almost ridiculously cheap and before I delve into that, let me tell you a little about myself and the whole diaper thing with me.

First off, I’m an AB, not a DL. Wearing diapers is absolutely nonsexual for me. Looking at drawings of people in diapers might get me aroused every now and then, but the act of wearing diapers and regressing does not sexually entice me.

Secondly, for the longest time I was just outright afraid to wear diapers in public for fear of getting caught. Still, I’m actually fairly paranoid, but have done it a couple of times (I even wore my sleeper under my clothes one day, it was invisible to people thankfully, and it kept me warm considering the weather ;D ).

And finally, I have a mild fetish for being dominated. Not so much S&M (I don’t mind being tied up every now and then) but mostly it’s about the lack of control and willpower that’s sexually stimulating to me.

Now, lately I’ve been having the idea of wanting to go 24/7 in diapers, but that’s actually fairly risky. Apart from just getting sick of diapers wearing them all the time and turning it into a chore, there’s also the risk of becoming incontinent, skin irritations and rashes, and of course the big one, being unable to afford that many diapers to go 24/7.

Well, I recently found a small cache of overstocked diapers on amazon and they were amazingly discounted. They’re Abena X-plus diapers, and normally they sell for about 60 bucks for a case of 42. I bought them for 50 for TWO cases totalling 84 diapers. That’s right, ten dollars cheaper and double the amount for one of the top 3 thickest and most absorbent diapers around, right up there with Molicares and Fabines.

So I decided to create a little experiment that Elly’s gonna help me with, sort of a “Test drive” to actually going 24/7. This is both an experiment for actual testing purposes (i.e. I want to see the effects on me, will I get sick of diapers, will I enjoy it entirely, etc etc) as well as a fun little project for me to try.

I’m going to post once or maybe twice a week in how I’m doing mentally and physically wearing diapers nearly 24/7. I’m hoping that other members who have feigning interests in trying to go 24/7 in diapers might benefit from the knowledge in this experiment. I will post one warning though in big bold letters.

I will be posting fairly graphic details about what my body is going through mentally and physically for the purpose of accuracy but this is NOT and I repeat NOT a thread to find posts like “Mommy made me go out in a poopy diapy today and it was so sexy lololol.”

Contrary to the point of being an AB, I’m treating this experiment with maturity and caution, and not a fapping fantasy. Please don’t expect it to be otherwise.

Now, as for the basic rules I’ve set up for the experiment, which Elly has kindly agreed to enforce (I know that not everyone has an S.O. that will do this for them but basic willpower can help you stick with this experiment as well)-

Rule #1- Unless I have to leave for Work or Swimming in a period of 4 hours or less, I must be diapered at all times. This means that if I say get off work at 4PM and need to go swimming for exercise at 7PM, I can stay out of a diaper until I’m done with swimming. At all other times I must be diapered, regardless of how I’m feeling that day.
Rule #2- I must use my diaper for wetting purposes at all times. The Toilet for Number 1 is off limits except under Rule #1 circumstances.
Rule #3- I must ask permission to change my diaper, use the toilet for Number 2 purposes, or masturbate. All three require that I take my current diaper off, and I want this to be Elly’s decision, not mine (this is more for me than it is for experimental purposes).
Rule #4- Elly is free to discipline me however she feels necessary should I be fussy about putting on another diaper. This could range anywhere from a light spanking (mild) to locking mitts (medium) to making me go out in a potentially messed diaper (harsh).

A note about rule 4. Going out in a messed diaper is not something I would enjoy or consider doing at all, which is precisely why it’s there. I want little to no control in this experiment, and so I created a consequence for trying to get out of wearing a diaper that I would thoroughly not enjoy. I would say this needs to be done at least once just for the sake of experiencing it once (remember, to anyone else that wants to go 24/7 in diapers, you might not have the choice to have a clean or messed diaper in public), but it is not something I would get a kick out of by far.

So yeah, this experiment goes on until I run out of the 84 Abenas. They will be the only diapers I use for this experiment, and it starts tomorrow after I get back from my swimming exercises.

A note to all members who read this. As I said, this experiment is both for me and for you. If you have the thought “hey, I might like to try going 24/7 for a while” then you might benefit from this thread. But if you’re the kind of person who would think “Who in their right mind would ever consider doing this,” then clearly this idea isn’t for you.

While I’m not asking you to agree with the idea, I do ask that this thread and the experiment itself be taken seriously with respect. I also do realize the experiment is slightly skewed considering I’m not going to be wearing diapers truly 24/7 (Obviously I can’t go swimming in an Abena diaper, and I don’t think my spine could take working at BK in a diaper), but this will be as close as I can manage to wearing diapers as long as possible and as often as possible.

So…I hope this proves useful or at least entertaining. Feel free to ask questions or comment on anything about this, I’d be more than happy to answer.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

Well, fuck.

This experiment is unfortunately on Hiatus for the time being, I just got screwed by KCK Medical and Amazon.

I brow-beat them until they gave me a full refund but basically what happened is I paid for 2 cases of 42 diapers for 50 bucks (and the invoice verifies this, it IS 84 diapers in total) and got sent two PACKS instead of cases. After a huge argument with the customer service guy, the best I got for this experience was a full refund and I can keep the diapers.

Unfortunately, this means I can’t start the experiment, as I don’t have enough diapers to actually try it.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

Damn dude. Sorry to hear it got ruined. I don’t necessarily feel one way or the other about 24/7ing. It’s not for me, but reading about others’ experiences with it is informative and amusing. Hope you get to do it soon.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

Yeah, ok. So the idea is back on, Elly found an alternative diaper and I really hope they’re decent in the least. Medline Protection Plus Diapers (same company as Molicare), 35 bucks for 90 of them. Clearly, they aren’t the greatest diapers around for that kind of price/quantity ratio, but they are better than prevail and depends as far as I’ve heard.

So…I think I may get two of them for this experiment. I’ll order one now and one later, which will total my diaper count to 208 total, with 28 of them being the super awesome Abena X-plus’s.

So yeah, the experiment is back on and starts tonight after swimming.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

I dunno what it is but the tapes never stick for me, and the gel or whatever it is inside the diaper always clumps up when I wear them, making it extremely uncomfortable.

Thankfully though, I do have quite a few cloth diapers and plastic pants I could use. The only issue with that is that our laundry is coin operated, so it would need to be a last resort kinda thing.

Regardless though, I started this whole thing just about an hour and a half ago, so we’ll see how much fun it can be as time goes on.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

I don’t think going 24/7 is for me, but reading about other peoples’ experiences is intriguing, so I’ll follow this thread.

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Heh, I’ve already started to notice that I need to drink a little less Dr. Pepper :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazingly enough, I managed to leak an Abena X-plus.

Anyway, the deal for 90 diapers turned out to be a lie. As soon as I went to the checkout, Amazon basically told me they don’t have it so I need to shop around for others.

So I found this little deal-

It’s not -great- mind you, but it’s pretty okay and I like this particular kind of Tena. It is the super overnight ones and the shipping price is included in that 51 dollars, so my refund from Amazon paid for that almost entirely ($50.95 refund, $51 price, five cent difference).

So, 56 diapers from Tena + 28 Abenas is 84 diapers. I’m now back up to what I was originally planning with the original Abena purchase.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

Just a small update for various things.

So far the diaper experiment has been going fine, though it’s only been two and a half days.

The only downsides are that we expected that we’d use roughly 1.5 Abena’s a day, and it’s turning out to be more like 2 to 2.5, that and after I shaved myself down there I got a bunch of big red spots a couple days later and now it kinda hurts to wear a diaper (well it did hurt last night but not as much anymore).

However, Murphy’s law likes to be the fat sack of dripping anus puss that it is. On top of the red spots, a couple of other crappy things happened to me.

My computer is getting really really old and likes to lock up on a frequent basis now, which sucks for when I wanna play games. I had a stomach ache yesterday that caused a sharp stabbing pain every time I inhaled. And finally, the shittiest of shitty, air mattress is fucked up.

I have an air mattress that has a row of tube shaped bubbles all sealed together. Apparently it’s actually one gigantic bubble that’s been sealed into a row of bubbles and one of the seal lines burst, causing the bubble to become much bigger. So basically right now, my air mattress has a bigger, slightly more raised pocket of air directly in the center from top to bottom than the two side areas.

So either I need to find a way to even out the pressure and get rid of all the other seals (so it can return to being one gigantic bubble) or I need to get a new mattress, which sucks because the magic medical diapers I got JUST shipped adn I can’t cancel the order.

Oh well.

The diaper show must go on I suppose.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

You can scrub the area to be shaved with a loofah first to remove the dead skin. You can try using sharper blades. Make sure to use a good gel - I like Skintimates.

I actually do all three. I exfoliate every day, I just bought a brand new moisturizing Gillette Venus razor, and I use skintimates shave gel for sensitive skin.

I don’t have any rubbing alcohol but i do use moisturizing lotion pretty much all the time (I bought some off of amazon, it was like a six pack for 12 bucks, a ridiculous amount of lotion).

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

I’m stopping this experiment for several reasons, the biggest one being a financial crisis.

I need a new job, Burger King is cutting me down to 5 and a half hours a week at most and if I can’t get any more hours (at least 15-20), we won’t have enough money for internet, cable, our phone, and right now I need to get my priorities straight.

Another major reason is that this is becoming an addiction. Not a hassle, where it’s a chore to wear diapers all the time but rather a full blown addiction that I need to stop before it becomes an issue. I’m not sick of diapers, I’m using too much too often, and I’d really like to make these last longer than how I’m going through them.

Finally, while wearing the diapers 24/7 isn’t a hassle for me or anything, the amount of diapers I’m going through is. I estimated that I’d use around 3 to 4 diapers in a 24 hour period and I’m using 6 to 7, and these are all overnight diapers. If I keep at it, at this rate I’ll be out of diapers before the end of the month.

So yeah, sorry to disappoint for anyone who was interested, but I have to stop.

Re: Almost 24/7 Project

sounds like a good plan to me. Going 24/7 maybe a AB’s dream but it does come with a lot of considerations. Glad to see that you thought things threw.