Amazing Grace Chapter 12

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Alex pulled the stroller up next to the door of the men’s dressing room. He had watched Gracie from the moment they left the restaurant, and she appeared subdued now. Releasing her harness, he picked her up and grabbed the diaper bag, slinging it over his shoulder. Pulling her into a hug, he said, “Okay Baby, I want you to close your eyes,” as he guided her forehead to rest against his neck. He didn’t want to alarm anyone inside by bringing a girl in while they were getting changed, even if she did look like a little girl.

When they stepped into the room, Alex saw the partitions immediately, and was glad that no one else was there. They were five foot tall rectangular frames, made of metal tubing and heavy white cloth. The screens formed half of a square up against a corner of the room. The closest one was pulled out from the wall enough so that he could enter the makeshift room. He moved around two long wooden benches that were bolted to the floor, and headed behind the screens. He smiled when he saw the padded bench there. Helen had made sure Gracie was going to be comfortable when she was changed.

Setting the Diaper bag on the floor, he pulled the one screen close to the wall, giving them privacy should someone come in. He turned his attention to Gracie, hugging her close, and rocking her gently. “Are you okay?” he asked with concern.

Gracie pulled her head back, spit her paci out, looked at him with tear filled eyes, and said, “I’m sorry. If I wasn’t so twisted, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Alex pulled her close, and immediately gave her three rapid, very hard swats to her wet bottom. Pulling her back so he could see her, he demanded, “Don’t ever, EVER say that again!”

When Gracie started crying, he felt bad. He hadn’t meant to react like that, but he couldn’t bear to hear her talk that way. Taking a deep breath, he told her, “Sweety, I couldn’t love you if you were ‘so twisted’, as you put it.” She hugged him tight, nuzzling her face against his neck. He rocked her for a bit, wanting her to know just how much he loved her.

“Let’s get you cleaned up and changed Baby,” he said, laying her down on the padded bench. He took a baby wipe, and started cleaning the oatmeal off of her face. “You’re Daddy’s messy little girl…yes you are!” he cooed as he wiped her face clean. Taking her hand in his, he had it clean in seconds.

It only took a minute to get her shorts off, and her diaper pulled free. After wiping her down, he laid her on a fresh one and told her, “Lay still for me Sweety.”

Gracie looked at him with curiosity. He opened the diaper bag, and removed several things, laying them down on the bench. Pulling a vinyl glove on, he opened three small foil packages. The first one oozed a thick clear fluid when he tore it open. He squeezed the substance into his gloved hand, and pulled what looked like a one inch white bullet from the second foil package.

“I’m going to give you medicine Baby,” he told her softly. When her eyes opened wide, he added, “It’ll be okay Sweety, just lie still.”

Pushing her feet back toward her stomach, her bottom came into view. With a gentle touch, he slowly pushed the lubricated, white bullet into her bottom. When it was all the way in, he followed it with his finger, pushing the suppository as far up inside of her as he could. Acting quickly, he followed the first with a second one. He knew one of them would give her the urge to go, but a second would make her go, taking the control away from her. He wanted it to be as dramatic as possible for her. As soon as it was in place, he laid her legs down and removed the glove.

Pulling on a second one, he picked up the tube of Desitin, and flipped the cap open. Squeezing a large amount on to his fresh glove, he brought her legs back up, and began spreading the thick cream over Gracie’s bottom. He took his time and made sure there was a liberal coating over her entire behind. Laying her down on the dry diaper, he coated her front with the cream, before pulling the diaper up between her legs and fastening it snugly to her bottom.

“There, all done Baby,” he told her sweetly.

Gracie still looked at him with a fearful expression as he pulled her shorts up over her diaper. Thirty seconds later, Alex had the trash in the waste can, and everything else in the diaper bag.

He picked Gracie up, kissed her, and said, “Okay Baby, let’s go to the park.” With a gentle touch, he pulled her close, and carried her outside.

Gracie was anxious as he pushed her along the path. The medicine that Daddy had put in her bottom was making her cramp. She had to smile when he hit a bump, and the smell of the dipey rash cream he had put on her wafted up from her bottom. She loved that baby smell.

Two minutes later, her paci moved faster when Daddy left the path, and headed out into the grass. He stopped under the shade of a big oak tree, and began spreading the blanket with the bunnies on it over the grass. Before she knew it, she was lifted out of her stroller and sat down on the blanket.

With every passing second, the cramps were getting more insistent. When a particularly hard one hit her, she grunted, and held her tummy with her hand. Daddy smiled at her, and said, “Okay Baby, I think it’s time for your ba-ba.” He pulled her into his lap, laid her back on his arm with his hand holding her bottom, and offered her the nipple.

Gracie didn’t know what to do. She was certain she wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer, but Daddy wanted her to drink her ba-ba.

“Drink it all gone Baby, then you can sit and play for a while.”

Gracie worked hard to keep from messing in her dipey as she nursed the milk from her ba-ba. She only needed to make it until the ba-ba was all gone, and then she could relax and go without Daddy having to know when she was doing it.

The ba-ba was only a fourth of the way empty when Gracie became desperate, and started squirming. “Lay still Baby Girl,” Daddy told her. She stopped moving, and not knowing what else to do, brought her legs as close together as the thick dipey would let her, trying to stem the flow of mess from her bottom.

Gracie had gone in her dipey many times, but always when she wanted to, never when she didn’t. She nursed hard and fast on her ba-ba, and a single tear made its way down the side of her face when she felt a small amount of poop escape from her bottom into her dipey.

“Come here Baby,” Daddy said, as he picked her up and sat her facing him with her knees on either side. This left her bottom in the air with nothing to press against, and just as Daddy replaced his hand over her dipey, a large, warm mass pushed out of her bottom.

She started to cry. “Shhhhh…just relax and let it go Baby,” Daddy told her softly. He kissed her, and asked, “Tell me? What is the worst mess a baby can make?”

“Poopy,” Gracie cried, as another small mass pushed into her dipey.

“That’s right Sweety. That’s the worst possible thing a baby can do huh?”

“Mmmm Hmmm.”

“Well then Baby, you will be just fine,” Daddy told her as he pressed his hand firmly against her diaper, spreading the poop across her bottom.

Gracie looked at him through her tears. She didn’t understand. The urge to push struck her, but when she took a deep breath and started to bear down, Daddy said, “No Baby, don’t push. Let it come out all on its own. You’re a little baby girl. Toddlers push it out, but little babies just let it come out by itself.” With a kiss to her nose, and a warm smile, he added, “Besides, it’ll last longer. You feel just like a baby when you go poopy in your dipey don’t you?”

Gracie looked for any sign that he was making fun of her. She couldn’t help it. Here she was performing what most adults would regard as the most disgusting act of all, and Daddy was encouraging her to make it last longer. He’s not teasing me, he’s serious! she thought. With a big smile, she nodded her head.

With another firm press to her messy bottom, Daddy told her, “Listen Baby,” and kept the pressure against her dipey. Gracie felt her body try to push more poop out, but Daddy’s hand pressing against the mess already in her dipey prevented it. “I love you,” he said. “I love everything about you, even your poopy butt. By letting me care for you, you’ve given me a great gift. I’ve always wanted children, you know that. By being my baby girl, you’ve given me the opportunity to be a daddy.”

Gracie looked away. “I’m sorry, it wasn’t fair to you.”

Daddy took her chin in his fingers and forced her to look at him. “You don’t understand Sweety. I wouldn’t have been able to keep doing what I do for a living if we had a child. I could never go away for a week and leave the baby behind; I’d be afraid I would miss something important. With you as my baby girl, I don’t have to worry about that, do I?” he asked with a smile.

She looked up into Daddy’s eyes. What she saw made her cry. He loved her; all of her. She had been so worried over the years that he would be disgusted by her needs, and yet, here he was, his hand holding her poopy dipey, telling her she was exactly what he wanted. She hugged him tight, and cried, “Wub you Daddy.”

“I love you too Baby, all of you. Your cute little smile, your wonderful giggles, the way you nuzzle when you hug Bun Bun, and yes, your poopy dipeys as well, all of you. Please Baby, no more worrying about how I’ll feel about your baby things, or when you pee pee or poopy in your dipeys, okay?”

“Okay,” Gracie answered, wanting to jump for joy. She felt so free right now, she could run forever. She giggled when she remembered that she was a little baby, and could only crawl.

“All right Baby, its nap time,” Daddy said, as he picked her up, and laid her down on her tummy. She looked back over her shoulder, and saw the small mound on the back of her shorts. The smile that creased her face was out of her control. That’s when she looked up at Daddy with a questioning expression.

“Daddy doesn’t want you to forget you’re a little baby girl. Every time you move Baby, you’ll remember I love you just like you are,” he told her with a kiss to her cheek.

When she turned back around, she saw the soft didee that Daddy had put down for her to lay her head on. Giving in, she brought her face to the soft cloth dipey and nuzzled it as she hugged her bunny tight. A second later, she could feel more poopy trying to make its way into her dipey. Daddy completed her happiness when he pulled her paci from her mouth and offered her her ba-ba, as he placed a gentle hand on her bottom.

“That’s a good girl, just let the poopies out Baby. You go night night now,” he said, with a pat to her messy dipey.

Gracie smiled at him around her ba-ba and said, “Nigh’ nigh’ Daddy,” in the most childish voice she could manage. She was in heaven. Every movement of Daddy’s hand told her she was his baby girl. The ba-ba felt so good as she nursed the milk, filling her tummy and therefore making her body push more poopies into her dipey. She gave Bun Bun a big hug and kiss, before closing her eyes, relishing the feel of being a baby girl. She was Daddy’s baby girl, and he was all hers. She didn’t have to share her daddy with anyone.

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Another wonderful chapter BB. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

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BB, these last 2 chapters were great!! A ton of emotion went into them & it really made them a joy to read!! Keep it up, ok!!

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BB. I wish I lived in Gracie’s world, where most people are so accepting of those who are different, and the insensitive ones are quickly put in their place by the others. This is another great story from you!

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Thanks Mary.

Thanks Icey, I’m glad you enjoyed them.

Well Tommy,

In my experience, it can go either way. I’ve been the target of that icey blue glare in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it can be very unpleasant for some folks to watch a disabled child eat. This is why it’s never a good idea to seat them in the middle of a restaurant.

My parents have been asked to take me out of a restaurant before, and at other times, the manager asked the person complaining loudly to leave. I believe it depends on the managers life experience as to which choice they make. Those that have experience with kids in that situation tend to side with the kids, while those that don’t tend to worry about the other paying customers.

While I’ve posted in the past that I’ve seen some of the best, and the worst that human beings are capable of, I truly do believe that people are generally decent, and care about those around them. The US is a good example of that. While we generally leave each other alone, let something terrible happen and people come out of the woodwork to help.

Glad you folks liked this,


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Unfortuneatly I have found a slight inconsistancy in this story.

In the previous chapter, in the talk that Alex had with Gracie, that allowed her to respond some what normaly, Alex advised Gracie that she would need to mess her diaper some time during the afternoon, and if she was not able to do it by herself, then he would give her medication to help her.

Yet in this chapter, after leaving the restaraunt after breakfast, Alex gave her the medication without even giving her the chance to do it on her own, or advise him that she couldn’t.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 12

I have to disagree just slightly. I’m not sure that’s an inconsistency.

It could be argued that the experience in the resturant was so traumatic and fear-inducing that Grace wouldn’t have messed her diaper freely, especially outside in a public park. Thus, the need to gently force her to do it.

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DarkAngel has the idea mostly right. I probably should have spelled this out so it would be a bit clearer, but when Gracie said what she did about being twisted, Alex wanted to put her in a situation where he could show her in a dramatic way that he was fine with her wanting to be a baby. What better way to do that than to hold her bottom as she messed her diaper out where anyone could see her do it?

He wanted her to see that he hadn’t gotten spooked because someone made a scene because she was behaving like a baby.

Thanks for the feedback!