Amazing Grace Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

They sat snuggled close for several minutes. Gracie was overwhelmed with love for this kind and gentle man. He was right, she was happy. She had found much more than she was looking for though. Her dreams had entailed a kind and gentle man holding her and feeding her, and he had done these things. What she hadn’t envisioned in her wildest imagination was sitting in a public park, filling her dipey as Daddy held her bottom. Or having a kind lady play peek-a-boo, ignoring the odor of her dirty diaper.

Daddy was responsible for all of it. She would never have come here, if he hadn’t given her the ultimatum. By forcing her to dress and act like she really wanted to in her heart, he had made it so she really didn’t have a choice but to be the baby girl. Trying to deal with the humiliation as an adult overwhelmed her, but letting go and giving the baby part of her free reign made it okay.

Now, he had asked her to promise that the baby girl would always be part of his life. There was nothing he could ever do that would compare to that. A thought occurred to her, and fear sliced through her. She didn’t want to think about that. Forcing herself to remember how it felt when he hugged her tight as that mean old woman said she should be in an institution, or how he had held her bottom as she went poopy, smiling at her with love in his eyes made her feel better. The love she felt when he held her bottom as she closed her eyes to take her nap washed over her. Needing to express herself, she pulled back so she could look him in the eye. “Tawk Daddy?” she asked softly.

He reached up and gently pulled her paci out. “All right Baby, talk to Daddy.”

“Thank you…” she started, and her tears got in the way. When he started to say something, she shook her head no. She needed him to hear her. Forcing herself to get control, she said, “You’ve surpassed anything I’ve ever dreamed. You’re not just some man playing a role, but you seem to genuinely care about the baby girl as if she were your daughter. To hear you thank Helen for protecting your little girl, the sincerity clear in your voice, made me feel like I belonged right there in your arms, with my bunny and my paci…” and her voice broke. Not knowing what else to do, she kissed his cheek.

When she pulled back, she forced herself to speak the words that terrified her now. “Please…” she cried, “Please…” she begged again, and then in a whispering sob, finished with, “don’t change your mind.” Grace knew she couldn’t handle that. No matter what Alex said or did, it would never hurt her like that would. She clung to him, crying hard.

Alex rocked her back and forth, letting her cry. The raw emotion in her eyes as she thanked him told him that he had done what he had set out to do. She had felt just like she was his baby girl. The pleading that he not change his mind told him that it meant the world to her.

He hadn’t foreseen that she would be afraid he’d change his mind, and he felt like a fool. He was glad for her tears then, it allowed him time to wrack his brain in order to figure out a way to calm her fears. Until now, he hadn’t thought about what would happen when they left here. His entire concern had been about getting her to open up, and let the little girl out. She was doing that, in pieces, but it was happening. As he thought more about it, he decided on his course.

He offered her the nipple of the pacifier, and comforted, “Shhhhh…shhhhh…”

Gracie hugged her bunny close and started nursing. He kissed her cheek, and brought her back where he could see her. With a pat to her diaper, he said, “You are my baby girl.” The fresh tears that flowed from her eyes told him that he had taken the right tack. He left her to consider that for a moment.

“You’re my wife, my lover, my best friend, and most certainly, my little girl.” he clarified. “When you got nervous last night, I offered you the opportunity to go home didn’t I?”


“And I told you that if we went home, that would be the end of the baby girl, didn’t I?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“Did you want to go home?”

With a sob, Gracie cried, “No.”


It took almost a full minute for her to answer him, but when she did, he wanted to pick her up and dance around the room. She pulled her paci out, and said, “I wanted to be your baby,” looking down at the floor.

Gently lifting her chin, he looked her in the eye and replied, “That’s right. You didn’t want to be a baby, but my baby, right?” and pushed the pacifier back between her lips.

“Mmmm hmmm.” she responded as she nursed.

“I give you my solemn word little girl, I won’t ever offer to let you go home again. There won’t be any more opportunities to put the baby girl away forever, understand?” he asked with a smile.

He watched as her eyes shifted rapidly back and forth from his left to his right eye. She was looking to see if he was sincere. A second later, she wrapped her arms tight around his neck and cried, “I wub you Daddy!”

He hugged her close, patting her bottom. He felt her relax the moment she hugged him, and it made him smile. “I love you so much Baby.” He rocked her some more before breaking the second part of his decision to her. “There’s something you need to understand Baby.”

Gracie pulled back to look at him. “What?” she asked with a worried expression.

“Well, because the baby can’t go away forever, then I’m going to have to deal with things a different way when you don’t cooperate. I’m going to spank your bottom if you don’t behave little girl.”

He had to work hard not to chuckle then. Her anxiety actually diminished when she heard he would spank her. A second later, he looked at her seriously and pleaded, “Please Baby, don’t make me have to spank you, I don’t like doing it at all.”

She smiled at him, giving the cute little girl look, and said, “Good girw Daddy.”

“That’s my good girl,” he said with a chuckle. He hugged her close for a minute and then told her, “I think it’s time for my baby girl to go play now.”

Gracie smiled around her paci and bounced up and down in his lap. “Pway Daddy! Pway!”

He laughed. She looked and sounded like an excited toddler. “All right Baby, let’s go,” he said as he picked her up, grabbed the diaper bag and headed toward the door.

A minute later, he smiled as Gracie looked at her bunny and babbled like a baby girl. Most of what she said was completely unintelligible, and he thought it was adorable. She would smile at Bun Bun, and say something else, and then giggle wildly. It warmed his heart when she didn’t stop because someone walked by them. She appeared to be oblivious to anyone but her bunny, just like any baby girl would be.

When they reached the playground, Alex saw Glenn and Cindy sitting on a bench. He was about to apologize for taking so long, when Gracie set her bunny down and reached both arms out and called “Thindy!” with a giggle.

“Hi Baby!” Cindy responded. “Are you all clean and dry now?” she asked in a sweet voice, giving her a big hug.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Gracie replied as she snuggled close.

Both Glenn and Cindy looked at Alex with a curious expression. He winked at them. That’s the best he could offer without letting Gracie know that they knew the truth.

Cindy asked, “Does she know what we’re doing?”

Alex was grateful that she left that question so ambiguous. “No, she doesn’t know that Daddy’s going to push her on the swings.”

“Thwing!” Gracie exclaimed with a huge giggle.

“Do you want to swing Baby?” Cindy asked.


“Okay!” she replied with a laugh.

Alex pushed her toward the swingset. He saw Helen was true to her word; there were four swings on the closest frame, and two of them were baby swings with a box seat that had a chain across the front to keep the child in place. The one closest to the middle was three feet off of the ground to allow for Gracie’s longer legs.

He watched as Cindy released first the right and then the left clasp on the chain, and it fell down to hang from the middle by a third chain that attached to the seat. Alex picked Gracie up, and sat her in the swing, telling her, “Hold on to the chains Baby,” placing her hands on the chains for her with a smile.

Gracie giggled again, looking like she had found heaven.

He brought the restraining chain up between her legs, noticing that the crotch of her diaper was already swollen with pee. Once he had it attached at both sides, Cindy moved the stroller aside, and Alex got behind her. With a gentle push, Gracie was in motion.

She giggle with delight every time he pushed her forward. It was wonderful to see her smiling around her paci, her eyes alive with glee. Not one speck of the adult was evident as she move forward and backward through the air.

It took a lot longer than he thought, but twenty minutes later, she was looking bored as he continued to push her. He looked curiously at Cindy as she walked out in front of Gracie. When his little girl giggled wildly, kicking her legs, he understood.

“I’m gonna tickle you!” Cindy sang as she reached out her fingers. Gracie squealed as her tummy came in contact with Cindy’s wiggling fingers. She kept giggling even when Cindy stepped back. A moment later, he heard, “Gonna tickle the baby!” as Cindy stepped closer again, and Gracie started laughing before she was even moving forward. When Cindy actually tickled her, she was almost beside herself. This went on for another ten minutes. Gracie would squeal each and every time she’d swing forward and Cindy’s fingers found her tummy.

“All right Baby Girl, how about we rest for a while?” Alex asked when he saw her start nursing hard on her pacifier. He knew she’d had enough tickles for now. He gently pulled on the chains, slowing her to a stop at the bottom of the swing. Once the chain was released from the seat, he pulled her into his arms and turned to find the stroller. It wasn’t there.

Looking around, he saw Cindy smoothing the blanket on the grass. She pulled a cloth diaper and a bottle from the diaper bag and sat down. Alex walked the short distance to the blanket, and gently sat Gracie next to Cindy.

“Come here Baby,” Cindy said, as she laid Gracie over on her side, with the girl’s head in her lap, looking toward the playground. “It’s time for your ba-ba.” Gracie spit her paci out and began nursing when the nipple was offered. A second later Cindy brought the soft cloth diaper to Gracie’s cheek and began rubbing it against her skin gently. Gracie turned and smiled around the nipple. “You love your didee don’t you Baby?” Cindy asked.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Gracie affirmed with a nuzzle into the soft cloth, as she continued to suckle at the bottle.

“Good, I’m glad Sweety.”

Alex smiled at how gentle Cindy was being. He knelt on the blanket, and leaned over to kiss Gracie on the forehead. “I’m going to let you lay here and drink your ba-ba Baby. Daddy needs to go potty. I’ll be right back though, okay?”


“That’s my good girl,” he said with three gentle pats to her damp bottom. A minute later, he was walking with Glenn on their way back to the changing room. It was the closest bathroom to the playground.

“What happened?” Glenn asked with a smile and a look of surprise.

“Well, I asked her to promise me the baby girl would always be part of my life. The next thing I knew, she was begging me not to change my mind,” he answered with a smile.

“It’s like night and day. Before, I would occasionally see the little girl, but since you got to the playground, I haven’t seen the frightened woman at all.”

“I know.”

“Good for her,” Glenn said with a smile.

“Yes, exactly my thoughts. I’m so happy for her, it’s incredible. If you told me that I’d be ecstatic that my wife would be happy to sit in a baby swing with a bulging wet diaper, giggling like a baby girl, I’d have told you you were nuts,” Alex said with a laugh.

“I understand. I remember when Cindy finally let go. I was so proud of her, it was unbelievable,” Glenn replied, a look of joy in his eyes. “I had been really strict with her, pushing her for two weeks. She didn’t eat or rest unless she did exactly as I told her, without hesitation. It was hard, but the moment she broke into tears when I explained I was proud of her, I knew she had found what she was looking for.”

The look on Gracie’s face when Alex had told her he was proud of her for wetting in her diaper last night came to him. He smiled, and said, “You’re right, they’re not all that different.”

“No, not at all. I treated Cindy like a child, and still do, just not like a baby. That’s the only difference from my point of view.”

“I’m really grateful for how gentle and loving she is with Gracie.”

“I’ll let her know you said that, it’ll mean a lot to her, trust me,” Glenn said with a smile.

Alex looked perplexed and said, “Now, if I could only figure out how and when to let Gracie know.” They reached the changing room then, and went to relieve themselves. By the time they left the building, the issue had been worked out, and Alex hoped that what they had planned would work out.

They were on their way back, when Alex turned the corner and stopped. He grasped Glenn’s arm stopping him as well. What Alex saw made him smile. Cindy was walking slowly, as Gracie crawled across the playground, her pacifier moving rhythmically in and out. He watched as he diapered bottom wagged back and forth as the thick padding made it harder for her to move. Looking further along her path, he figured out that she was headed over to the sand box. There were two little ones there already playing with the toys there. They looked to be about two.

Once he was sure she wouldn’t see him, he started slowly walking toward her. He and Glenn were only six feet behind her when she reached her destination and sat down in the sand on her wet bottom. Alex was happy to see her pull her legs apart like he’d shown her. The swollen diaper was obvious under her shorts, and with the pacifier clipped to her shirt, there was no question that she was a little girl, despite her size.

“Daddy!” she squealed, holding her arms out.

“Hi Baby! Are you playing in the sand?” he asked, making sure he sounded like a doting daddy to the two parents nearby. He hugged her tight, and kissed her cheek.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she answered as he stood back up.

“All right Baby, you play, and I’ll be right over there,” he told her with a smile as he pointed to a nearby bench. It sat next to two others, the end one occupied by the other children’s mothers.

“Let me get you some toys Baby,” Cindy told her as Alex started walking toward the bench. Glenn followed, and they sat down, keeping an eye on Gracie and Cindy. Alex noticed the two women that he assumed were the mothers of the two toddlers in the sand box. They were staring at Gracie.

Cindy brought a small bucket and shovel over to Gracie, kissed her and told her to have fun, before coming over and sitting down on the bench with the two men.

Alex noticed the two women whispering back and forth, with furtive glances at Gracie. Because it irritated him, he turned to Cindy and asked, “Did Gracie finish her bottle?” louder than he normally would have. A glance over to the women showed surprised expressions at that remark.

Cindy, looking at Alex, and then following his gaze, answered, “Yes, she was a perfect angel. She drank the whole bottle and snuggled with me, nuzzling her didee and cuddling her bunny. Her diaper is wet, but she should be able to go for a while before she needs to be changed again.”

Another glance at the women granted a shocked expression. Alex smiled at Cindy and said, “Thanks for watching her for a bit while I used the restroom.”

“Oh, no problem. She’s the sweetest little girl. I love looking after her.”

Almost as if on cue, one of the two year olds toddled over and sat down in front of Gracie. When he picked up his small bucket of sand and turned it upside down on his foot, Gracie giggled wildly around her pacifier. A second later she picked hers up and dumped it on her leg.

When Alex looked at the women, one of them looked like she was using incredible restraint to stay seated. The expression on her face spoke volumes and said “Is my son safe?”

Wanting to put her at ease, Alex spoke up, “It’s okay, she’s just a baby. In fact, your son is probably more mature than she is.”

The woman blushed and said, “I’m sorry, I just don’t have a lot of experience with this.”

“It’s all right,” Cindy told her, “I’ve worked with special needs kids for years. Gracie is the sweetest little girl, they’ll probably have a ball playing together.”

That seemed to appease both mothers, and smiles replaced worried expressions. More giggles from all three of the little ones put the issue to rest. Over the next two hours, the adults got to know each other, as the children giggled and managed to get sand all over themselves.

It surprised Alex when Gracie dropped her pacifier and attempted to put the sand coated nipple back in her mouth. “No Baby!” he called out sharply, startling her. She looked at him with a fearful expression, the paci only inched from her lips, and began to cry. He was at her side in a heartbeat, saying, “It’s okay Sweety, but your paci is all yucky,” as he took it from her hand. The clip had come free from her shirt, and ended up in the dirt.

“Is there another one in the diaper bag?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, would you mind?”

“Not at all, I’ll be right back,” Cindy answered as she made her way toward the stroller. A minute later, she put the pacifier to Gracie’s lips and she immediately took it and began nursing.

Alex threaded the ribbon through the pacifier ring and snapped it closed. He clipped it higher on her shirt this time, kissed her and said, “There, all better.”

Gracie smiled and replied, “Wub you Daddy.”

“I love you Baby, you play now okay?”


As he sat down, he considered what she had almost done and didn’t know what to think. It’s almost like she had completely left her adult faculties behind. He was glad he had been watching, rather than taking for granted that she would know better than to do something that could make her sick or hurt her.

A second later he figured out that what he had told her was more than just words. He had said, she was his baby girl, and he had been watching her that way. She had let go completely, and he had automatically responded in kind, becoming the watchful daddy.

He didn’t know if she was testing him, seeing if he was committed to being her daddy, or whether she was just so comfortable with his care, that she let the baby take complete control. The more he thought about it, the more he smiled. She wasn’t testing him, she was playing. Her complete attention over the last hour had been on the sand, the toys and the two boys she was playing with.

With a start, he thought, Not her complete attention. He hadn’t realized that he had gotten up four times in the last hour just to give her a kiss. Every time she looked his way with an anxious expression, he had gone to her. A kiss was all it took, and she was back to playing with the other babies. Suddenly, he really was a daddy, and it felt wonderful.

When he finally noticed Cindy smiling at him, he asked, “What?”

“Oh,” she said, wiping her eyes, “It’s just wonderful to see a daddy in love with his little girl.”

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Awwww, BB!! The ending was so sweet, I loved it!! The interaction between Alex & Gracie is so cute!! I also love, how Glenn & Cindy have helped out with everything too!!

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That was really cute :slight_smile:

Not much else to say.

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i think i’m in love with gracie. lol. this is a beautiful story unlike a lot of others that involve forced punishment or regression, this has moved into the actual feelings of the characters not just descriptions. hope this goes on for quite awhile yet, fantastic job.

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It is an excellent story BB.

I anticipate each chapter, they always finish too early, just when you feel the story unfolding, just when the smile creeps onto your face, it ends and then starts all over again with the next chapter. If I had patience, I would wait until there was a few chapters to read, but I can’t wait that long to do so.

Compared to Snuggles and Tears it is just below it. It is missing something crucial that Snuggles and Tears has and Amazing Grace doesn’t, although I’m not totally sure what that is.

Eagerly awaiting your next installment. Even more eaglery waiting for more of Snuggels and Tears. Bit of a catch 22 really. For you to do more of S&T, you will stop Saving Grace. Oh man :frowning:

Good job BB

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Another excellent chapter BB, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Folks,

This story has given me the opportunity to explore the conflict that occurs when an AB has the opportunity to find what they’ve been looking for. It’s also allowed me to look at how a spouse that really loves that person can be torn. We’ll see more of each of those in the next chapter.

I really appreciate that you folks continue reading. It gives me the opportunity to push my boundaries, and expand my understanding of the world around me. The feedback helps a great deal because it tells me that I’ve hit my mark, or that I need to do better with a particular area.

Thank you, really.


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Another excellent chapter BB. Keep it up.