An Apology

Hi Folks,

While I have not been the only one to do so, I have, by posting “Time To Pay The Piper”, contributed to the grounds that gave the Admin at MFF the ammunition to suspend the forum.

While I hadn’t looked at the story in that way, technically, it could be called “Pornographic”, due to the content of chapter 5. While I don’t see anything illegal there, it technically violated the terms of use for the forum. I humbly apologize for not considering this before I posted it, and for any difficulty that caused you folks.

This brings another question to mind. The issue of children being the focus of stories has come up, and I need to know whether this will cause more problems. I have never, nor would I ever condone posting a story where a minor is sexually active. I don’t believe that is legal, nor would it be right by my estimation.

The concern I have though, is how much difficulty posting stories that have children in them (in a purely non-sexual capacity) will pose. If you’ve read Snuggles and Tears, you know what I’m referring to. A Tortured Soul, which I’m working on now, contains blatant child abuse, and was purely intended to be a horror type story.

Having read some of the comments out there (some at for example), it bothers me that some folks, like mamabella, would see something wrong with Snuggles and Tears, or other stories like it.

I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about all of this, and am curious if it would be better to ask Vickie to pull Time To Pay The Piper, so the “pornography” thing won’t be an issue in the future. Until I get a paid host for my archive, I’ll be pulling that story down so as not to violate the terms of service. As for the other two stories, I don’t see how they could pose a legal problem at all, or even a moral one (if I could have seen a moral problem, they wouldn’t be there).

While I don’t feel entirely responsible, please accept my apology, it really wasn’t my intention to break the terms of service and just add fuel to that fire.



Re: An Apology

BB: do not apologise for an overreaction for which you were not to blame.

We’ve rapidly moved to a better place and if I were you, I would continue to use your judgment which I reckon has been fine.

Re: An Apology

BB your stories are not “Pornographic” but some think the Bible is. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
The powers to-be will let you know if you do go to far. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I hope this doesn’t slow you down on your writing. 8) 8)

Re: An Apology

I don’t think your posts violated the letter of the rule: just maybe the spirit. Don’t get me wrong, because I think your stories are well written and detailed. I just don’t read them because the stories are not my type of stories. I like stories that have a female protagonist who is about college age.

Anyway, they over reacted by bringing down the whole forum.

Re: An Apology

Don’t stop writing because of this BabyButt.

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BB I enjoy your writing, it has a feeling of some realism to it.

If MFF overreacted to something so blase as a story that I personally found in no way offensive that is their dilema.

I am glad the admins found a new host.

I like the new layout.

I see no need to apologize for good literature.

Re: An Apology

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Time To Pay The piper was the reason that the forum was shut down. They actually mentioned another story in the thread about why it was.

What I am saying is, I believe in personal responsibility. I wrote a story that, if you wanted to get technical, did in fact violate the terms of use for the MFF boards, specifically because it described in some detail a sexual encounter between two consenting adults.

The question as to whether it was pornographic, or erotic is a subjective one, and in the position of having to make that determination, I would always err on the side of prudence if it could have a serious impact on my business.

When I first let folks know I was going to take a break from S&T and write Time To Pay The Piper, there was a comment that could be (and was) taken to involve “Wanking” to it (as Admin over there put it).

The bottom line is, I was part of the problem, and that’s why I posted this topic in the first place.

It took a bit for me to work the situation out in my head, and I’ve come to a point where I feel comfortable with continuing with the story I’m working on.

I will tell you that because this is a family forum, I don’t believe I could, in clear conscience, post the second or third part of Time To Pay The Piper here.

Thanks folks for your support on my writing, I really appreciate it.


Re: An Apology

BB, if this is not to abrupt a request, I would love to read Time to Pay the Piper parts 2 and 3 when they are completed and posted.

I am sure others would as well.


Re: An Apology

Oh, and keep writing and posting here by the way. I think my reply the other day may have sounded like a criticism. You write well and should continue to do so. Just because a story is not my cup of tea doesn’t mean it isn’t well written and very good. You can write well and your stories are coherent. Keep writing.

Re: An Apology

Okay, now I feel a bit better about having posted Time To Pay The Piper. It was a comment made by another member in a PM that had me thinking this was a “family forum”. In fact, in that comment, that’s how the forum was specifically referred to. It seemed odd to me with some of the stories posted here that it could be seen that way, but like you said, a lot of this is subjective. There is no way that I could justify posting the other two parts here if that were the case.

Thanks Vickie, for clearing this up, and I appreciate your kind words about my writing.