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An Inevitable Change

A husband learns his proper place.

Chapter 1

‘Terry, Listen to me please.’

Terry Worth looked up sourly at his wife of two years.

Ursula stood confidently in the centre of the large home office of her sprawling family home. She moved around to face her husband, and stared at him.

Terry wondered, not for the first time since their glamorous wedding, whether things would ever improve. He felt, in a word, vulnerable.

It was a feeling he had become used to of late. His personal wealth, accumulated through a decade of stock trading, had been virtually wiped out by the global financial crisis.

Terry’s broking firm had simply disappeared. That was bad enough, considering that his wife’s vast family assets, based on a successful brewing business, had hardly suffered. Then, Ursula’s parents had decided to move to Miami, leaving their huge home and grounds in upper New York State to their only surviving child.

The move from Terry’s large townhouse to the country estate had been organised without any real involvement from Terry, whose complaints had been dismissed as ‘churlish’ by not only David Moore, Ursula’s father who had never really warmed to the ‘nouveau riche upstart’ whom he considered had stolen his daughter, but by Ursula herself, who always seemed to side with her family where Terry was concerned. She had even kept her family name, and more than once Terry had had to explain ‘where he fitted in’ at social gatherings where Ursula Moore ‘of the brewing Moores’ had found instant acceptance.

Even Natasha, Ursula’s niece who had become on the tragic death of Ursula’s brother and his wife an unexpected instant family for the recently married couple, was defiantly ‘Natasha Moore’.

Tall and well-built like her Aunt Ursula, 16 year old Natasha acknowledged her step-father’s presence but rarely his status. More than once Terry had bitten his tongue when Nat had explained to someone that she had ‘lived with her aunt since her parents had died’. Worse were the occasions when she had said, in her step-father’s hearing, that she was getting used to the fact that she no longer had a father.

‘So try to be pleasant, please. OK?’ Ursula concluded.

Terry nodded. He hadn’t really been listening, but it was the same topic anyway. ‘Be nice to Natasha, who is going through a difficult time’.

What about me, thought Terry angrily, looking up at his wife. From his seated, position, Ursula looked even taller than she was. At 6 feet two inches, the former college rowing star towered over her diminutive husband.

When they had married, Terry’s sparkling business success seemed to compensate for his small stature. Now that he had become virtually dependent on his wife, it was as though his shining armour had been removed leaving Terry shivering in his metaphorical underwear, deprived of the trappings that made him feel equal to other men, let alone the equal of his spouse. And equal to her daughter, Terry admitted to himself.

Ursula hadn’t moved. She stood looking across the study towards the French doors which opened to the patio and lawns beyond.

Terry looked across at her. His eyes were at the level of his wife’s crotch, now encased in the tight, new denim of her designer jeans. Terry swallowed, thinking how few times she had allowed him what seemed to him his rightful access to that hallowed ground. Ursula’s muscular thighs framed the broad vee of her bulging mons, the seam of the jeans pulling inwards to form a central depression in the vee. Usually, when Ursula had decided they would make love, she would pull him from her and force his head down between her legs to bring her to orgasm with his tongue. With Ursula clamping his small hands to her thumb-sized nipples, and with his wife’s thighs locked around his head, Terry was reduced to humping the mattress as best he could in search of release. That release came at a cost to, with Ursula complaining, when she had recovered from her own shouted and spasm-filled climaxes, about the mess he had made by ‘wetting the bed again’. Recently, she had made him wear his briefs to bed and expected them to stay on for the duration. She still complained about the wet spot, but as she said, at least he ‘kept the worst of his mess in his panties’.

While Ursula lay back with her eyes shut after lovemaking, Terry usually found himself anxiously hoping that not too much of his ‘mess’ had escaped his underwear. At least he was saved her demeaning questions of ‘Are you in?’ or ‘Did you come?’ that he used to hear when she let him penetrate her, not to mention the discomfort of her thick, coarse bush of pubic hair grinding against his soft skin while she swept to orgasm after orgasm.

‘Terry,’ Ursula announced suddenly, ‘We’re going to spend a few weeks in Vermont at my brother’s lodge. Nat and I have decided to keep it. She hasn’t lived there since she went to boarding school, and I think it would be nice for her. We’re leaving tomorrow morning, so I’d like you to pack. Just one case will be enough for you, there isn’t going to be much room in the SUV. 8am. OK?’

As usual, the ‘OK?’ was not a question, merely a request for acknowledgement.

‘OK,’ Terry replied in his light voice. ‘8am.’

Ursula had already turned to leave the room. Terry watched her hips swinging as she walked away, and guiltily, he slid his hand to the modest bump of his own crotch and pressed down on his small set of male genitalia.


Terry sat bolt upright in surprise and put his hand on his knee as Natasha walked into the room.

Natasha was only half an inch shorter than her aunt, and shared the same strong build. She still rowed for her college, and had come straight from training, still wearing her body-hugging lycra suit.

To be continued…

An Inevitable Change - Chapter 1

the funny part is i didn’t even see the name on the post before i finished the story and said thats very ‘Sallyesk’

nice start , as ususal can’t wait to read more :slight_smile:

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Another great story Sally, I love reading your stories and look forward to your next chapter.

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I am one who looks for spelling and grammar errors and found none. Great.

I also thought it was an excellent beginning. More soon, please

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I’ll be able to write more soon. I’m very busy at work at the moment. I’m glad I measured up, junyour! ;D

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I have some time to myself this weekend…and I’m looking forward to playing some nasty tricks on poor little Terry! :o ;D

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I must say this isn’t the type of story that would usually appeal to me, but it has caught my attention, and I am eager to see more of what happens.

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please more i love your stories!

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On the way, Butters11!

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Nice chapter started of very nice like your writing style.

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whatever happened to this story :frowning:

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Me trying for another degree, that’s what happened, I’m afraid. It’s late here now, but I’ll try to put in an hour early tomorrow morning. I’ll reread the beginning again so I get all the names the same…

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Awesome!!! ;D

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A very promising start! did you ever add the rest?

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I’m gonna guess probably not.

Have you checked the date for when this was posted?

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OK. But it was a long distance hope that it might be somewhere else…

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I’m here! ;D
This chapter isn’t long. I could say I’ve been thinking about the next chapter since 2009, but I’d actually be fibbing. However, this is a start towards finishing off all these half stories I’ve left on here and am feeling shamed into completing. So,

‘You really are a little boy, aren’t you?’ Natasha said with a sneer, stopping and placing her hands on her wide hips.

She looked at her step-uncle with disdain.

Terry’s heart rate had shot up.

‘I was just…’ stuttered Terry.

‘Don’t bother with the excuses. Ursula said you had some nasty habits,’ said Natasha, moving towards Terry’s chair. She stood near his chair now, and Terry had to look up at her face, framed by the long black hair falling either side of the girl’s chiselled cheekbones.

Terry looked down, ashamed, as Natasha moved closer. Terry’s eyes were level with Natasha’s crotch, and he could see the stitches in the central seam of the spandex as it pulled upwards between the thick lips. He looked away from the fabric covered pubic mound. He dared not linger his gaze on the generous breasts way above and glanced again at the remote face before looking away again. He hated the way this girl intimidated him. Nothing about her was nice, except her statuesque, curvaceous body. He didn’t even like the way she called her aunt by her first name, as if they were in some sort of alliance.

‘My little brother used to masturbate himself when he thought no-one was looking,’ Natasha said conversationally. ‘Before he grew out of it. He’s 10 now. Are you going to apologise to me, Terry?’

Any pleasant feeling Terry had been experiencing in his groin before Natasha had walked in had disappeared. He resented her description of her 10 year old brother as having grown up. He looked quickly at the front of his jeans.

‘Not much to see there, is there?’ came Natasha’s voice, quick as a flash.

Terry gulped. He couldn’t think what to say.

‘Well,?’ prompted Natasha, poking with her large foot at Terry’s own small sneaker.

‘I’m sorry,’ Terry said quietly.

Natasha kicked his foot this time.

‘Sorry for what?’ she asked.

‘I’m sorry for, for, touching my pants…in front of you,’ Terry said, staring at the floor, which he hoped would open beneath him and swallow him.

He could feel himself shaking now. How embarrassing.

‘Oh, ‘touching my pants’!’ Natasha said with a snort. ‘I’m sure you’re old enough to know the grown-up word for your disgusting habit. Use it, please,’ she said. bending down to Terry’s level.

Terry could smell his step-niece’s sweat, mingled with some sweet perfume. It would have been an exhilarting smell in any other situation, but now he felt like a child being told off by an adult. Terry swallowed hard and spoke.

‘Masturbating,’ he muttered, looking at Natasha.

The girl seemed unimpressed, and waiting for him to go on.

‘I’m sorry for masturbating in front of you, Natasha,’ Terry said as respectfully as he could.

‘That’s better,’ said Natasha. ‘And what a big word for a little boy,’ she added with a condescending smile.

At that moment, Ursula swept back into the room. She noted the odd tableau of Natasha standing over her husband, who seemed to be cowering in his chair.

‘What’s going on?’ she asked.

Terry didn’t asnwer as Natasha stepped back and explained.

‘I caught this supposed man playing with himself,’ the girl said. ‘You’d mentioned he was prone to this sort of behaviour, so I thought I’d teach him some manners.’

‘Thank you Natasha,’ said Ursula sweetly. ‘You did exactly the right thing. He really has no idea how to behave maturely.’

Terry’s emotions began to overwhelm him. He looked up at the two tall women now standing over him. The once wealthy and powerful businessman seemed to fade away to be replaced by a timid child who felt unable to control his body. Terry felt tears trickling down his cheeks as he tensed his stomach muscles and squeezed his thighs together. At least, that’s what he thought he was doing. In reality, he was peeing his pants - not much, but enough to produce a hand-sized wet patch in his crotch.

He managed to stop the flow as soon as he realised what was happening. Luckily, the two women were looking at each other at that moment and Terry took the opportunity to leap up from his chair and dart towards the passageway leading from the room.

Natasha looked at Ursula in surprise and shrugged.

‘I’ll sort this out,’ said Ursula, briefly laying her hand on Natasha’s arm.

She had an idea what had happened.

Ursula found Terry in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with his jeans and underpants around his ankles. He was crying.

Ursula squatted nest to him. Terry made no move as Ursula reached over and pulled the front of his jeans away from his ankles.

‘We’ve talked about this, haven’t we, Terry?’ she asked.

Terry nodded unhappily. Ursula held the sodden denim and the wet underpants within so that he could see the extent of the damage.

‘And what did we decide, Terry?’ she asked.

Terry thought of his now regular night-time attire, and then he thought of the sneering, insufferable Natasha.

‘But not, not when she’s here,’ Terry objected, stifling his crying to speak.

‘Whether Natasha is here or not has got nothing to do with it,’ Ursula said sternly. ‘If you…’

‘It was an accident,’ said Terry loudly. ‘I was upset because…’

‘Terry!’ said Ursula. ‘Do not interrupt when I am speaking. Of course it was an accident. Like the accident yesterday, and the one the day before. What were the excuses then? ‘Too busy to go to the bathroom’! ‘Tired’! How about ‘Not ready for adult underwear yet?’ Hey? How about that for an excuse?’

‘I’m sorry,’ Terry said, renewing his sobbing. ‘I’m sorry.’

Natasha pushed the ajar door of the bathroom fully open, and looked at her aunt.

‘Is everything OK?’ she asked with concern.

‘It’s OK, Nat. He’s just having a few problems at the moment. Can you make some coffee please honey? We’ll be sorted in a few minutes. I’ll just change his pants,’ said Ursula.

Terry felt devastated. He looked at Ursula with shock.

‘Don’t worry, honey,’ replied Ursula. ‘I had a long chat with Natasha about your issues, including your bedwetting. I think you forget how adult she is. Remember that she grew up with three little brothers, so she’s seen plenty of little peepees in diapers.’

Terry didn’t answer, but stared down into the toilet bowl, his view hardly obscured by the little penis and balls in his line of sight.

‘I think you’ve finished,’ said Ursula, taking Terry’s hand and helping him up.

Terry stood quietly, letting Ursula remove his sneakers and socks then pull each leg of his jeans over his feet. He was still crying as she led him to the main bedroom. Terry was glad that at last Natasha was nowhere to be seen.

‘Sit here,’ said Ursula, guiding Terry onto the foot of the bed.

Terry sat on the bed, naked from the waist down. He did his best to recover his composure, not that it did any good now.

Ursula went into the walk-in robe, and Terry heard one of the big lower drawers open. He knew what was now kept in there, and dreaded what would shortly happen to him. Then he heard Ursula open a cupboard, the one where the talc was kept.

Terry began to cry again. He couldn’t help it. It felt like his life now. He had no alternative.

To be continued…

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Please write more. I wanna read more!!! :smiley:

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I’m in New Zealand working at present, and I’m sharing accommodation. Other than a shared desktop in here, I only have my iPad, and I find typing stories on that a bit tedious, even if I did have the time. So, more when I get back to Australia and my own bit of peace and quiet. I’m glad you like this story though, even though progress with it is so slow! :slight_smile:

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I understand. I am in the middle of moving out of my flat and going to hike the Appalachian Trail here in the United States. I just wanted to show my enthusiasm.