An odd question for anyone to consider: How long have abdl people existed?

Or, to put it in other words: do you think that…let’s say in the mid eighteen hundreds (or earlier) people have also existed that had these feelings? Though, if I had to guess, they would have probably have ignored them or they would have worn the diapers of the time in outmost secrecy. Because I think that in those days, the suggestion of an uninjured adult wearing diapers for no good reason other than his/her own enjoyment… Would it have been considered sin?

Except that at the same time, arranged marriages and child-mothers were a thing weren’t they? I mean, wasn’t it considered ‘normal’ for women (girls?) to be pregnant as soon as possible after marriage which was very early right? perhaps as early as fourteen?

Or was that a different era? Anyway, the question I’m asking remains the same: have ‘we’ always existed throughout the ages? It’s a question I have never encountered before.

Well, people have been people throughout history, so I’d say it depends upon what time frame + what location/ culture(s). Since you mentioned the mid-1800s specifically and made a reference to sin, it sounds like you’re talking about the Victorian era. If abdls did exist (which they may have), admitting to liking it or wanting to be treated as a baby would probably have landed one in an insane asylum, especially if they were a woman. I base that off the fact that women could be admitted to asylums by their husbands for female hysteria, being committed for saying something as “abnormal” as a diaper fetish isn’t much of a stretch.

I’ve seen this question once before, my answer hasn’t changed since then.

It depends on what you mean by “ABDL”. Diapers (or things that fulfill the same function) have existed in some form as far back in human history we can prove. We’ve observed fetish development in monkeys and other apes. So a proto-diaper fetish may long predate recorded history, perhaps even predating homo sapiens as a whole. Fetish/alternate-lifestyle communities, I suspect would have formed after agriculture, city development, or the industrial revolution due to being higher on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When would depend on when the quality of life hit a point where sufficient leisure was possible and such things became taboo enough to be inappropriate in polite society.

I wouldn’t be surprised if early ABDLs were around in the Victorian era, they were a very seedy and fetish friendly people behind closed doors. Secret adult baby clubs wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination in that setting.

Child brides/mothers weren’t as common in history as their reputation lets on. In the West, they were more often seen among the nobility, and even then childbirth rarely happened until years into the marriage as they knew from experience that getting girls pregnant too young could prevent them from getting pregnant again. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are proportionately more child brides today than there were in the past (as we see with slavery).

The earliest ABDLs may have been around in Ancient Greece. I remember seeing a depiction of a baby around the age of 1 somewhere in Greek art, and he/she was wearing what looked to be pretty similar to a 20th century flat cloth diaper, minus the cover. Since diapering babies in a pretty modern way, not just swaddling them or letting them pee or poop on the dirt floor seems to have been around in that civilization, it isn’t a big stretch to imagine curious older siblings putting on the diapers of their baby sisters/brothers when no one was looking.

The earlier Bronze Age civilizations of the Near East lived in a location with a warmer climate, so maybe they didn’t have diapers, and in China, diapers are only coming into practice nowadays, so the Ancient Chinese probably didn’t use diapers either.

I remember reading an artical from the 1800’s that had a mention of acting young or infantal. So this could be a starting point for printed material but we all know it’s something we all have inside us so how old is civilisation.I think we have been around a long time and hope we will be here for many years to come. It may be easier to track now we have the internet and more access to data.

I recall looking at an old book of photos, celebrating many years of the University of Tennessee. One of the pages had a full spread of photos of boys dressed as babies, with girls dressed as nurses standing behind them. The caption explained that they did this every year - a fraternity where all the boys dressed as babies, and a sorority where all the girls dressed as nurses to take care of them. Not sure how far this went beyond the dressing the part. The photo was from 1901.

Another book I read had a photo of Joan Crawford and … some friend of hers, dressed very much as little girls. The caption explained that there was a woman in Hollywood, Marion Davies, who was a social butterfly and used to put on the most lavish parties that ALL the big stars attended. Each party had a theme … and one theme she seemed to use more often that others was for them all to dress as small children. This would have been the 1930s.

In 1978, “The World According To Garp” was published. A very short reference is made in it to a girl nicknamed “Pooh” (I think) who was 14 and still wearing diapers and liked to act like a baby.

In 1967, there was a psychological study published, “Stages of treatment in the case of a diaper-wearing 17-year-old male”. The boy was enrolled in military school as part of treatment… Before that was one in 1966, “Another report on the wearing of diapers and rubber pants by an adult male”, and in 1964, “An unusual perversion: the wearing of diapers and rubber pants in a 29-year-old male.”

I have nothing pre-1901, however.

A few months back I found a channel called “Total Versext” in which the hosts talked a bit about infantilism. It wasn’t in English, but one of them mentioned a French industrialist during the 1800’s who allegedly liked to wear diapers and could have orgasms from being changed. They claimed it was a “well-known example,” but I couldn’t find any writings about him on a cursory google search. This is probably because my Google Fu is terribly weak. Interesting story fodder, though. They bring him up at around the 1:20 mark, but I don’t believe they mentioned his name.

When it comes to the original question, I think it might be useful to differentiate between ABDL meaning “likes to be infantilised/treated as a baby” and “likes to wear diapers”. The former has probably been around more or less forever. And knowing human nature, the latter probably showed up about ten minutes after the first diaper. (And most likely as a result of the desire to be treated as a baby.) The challenge is what Hestia brought up: Finding documented cases. This sort of fetish or paraphilia would most likely be the stuff of rumour rather than documented fact; just like it is today. I mean, if it wasn’t for the anonymity of the internet, how many of us would admit to being an ABDL?

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I don’t know about the truth - as others have said, it’s a secretive enough thing people wouldn’t necessarily have recorded it - but I certainlu find the idea of historical ABDL stories a bit fascinating. Writing them seems like iv would take a fair bit of research, but perhaps i’ll give iv a shot one day.

Oh, and as well as people’s desire to be babied, don’t overlook people’s desire to baby others! Although since babies in general tended to be more frequent than in our modern society, that urge might have nov have been left unfulfilled that often…