An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

“I swear, she hates me.” New stepmother Mrs. Edith Jackson complained to her new husband. He took a sip of his scalding black coffee, then set it down to let it cool off.

“Edith, honey, she just doesn’t know what to think yet.” Mr. Chris Jackson replied. “It’s been a year since her mother…passed, and I guess I’ve moved on, and she hasn’t.”

“She didn’t come to our wedding!” Edith whined. She leaned on her husband’s shoulder, who wrapped his arm around her.

“I know, and I gave her a stern talking to and took away her phone for that.” He removed his arm and placed his hand on his forehead. He knew his daughter, Adri, probably did dislike her new mother, but there was nothing he could do about it. Unless…

“Okay, you know what?” He began. Edith leaned in. “You know how I have that business trip next week? It’ll last about four days, and you all can bond then.”

Edith looked at her husband. Her eyes were full of hope. “You really think that we could bond together?”

Chris nodded, and leaned in for a kiss.

Later that day, Adri had cooled off a little bit in her room after her father had yelled at her for not attending the wedding, and walked downstairs into the kitchen to grab a quick meal to pass as dinner. She saw her dad and Edith eating spaghetti together.

“Hey Adri, want to join us?” Chris asked, hoping for a positive answer.

“No thanks…”

Well, at least she had said something. That was the first thing she had told Chris–or anyone, for that matter–since the wedding.

Edith gave a warm, friendly smile to her stepdaughter and suggested, “Maybe we could play a game or something, just me and you, after I’m finished eating?”

Adri just shot Edith a glare, dished herself out some spaghetti, and headed back upstairs. This was not her mother, this was just some lady that her father had married. Why didn’t he check with her first? How could he let mom, real mom, just be forgotten like that? Adri shook her head. No, she was not forgotten. Just moved on from. That thought made her sick to her stomach.

“Should I even keep trying with her?” Edith asked, angrily twirling and tossing around her spaghetti. Chris gave her a reassuring look.

“Next week. You’ll bond. I promise.” He thought about the glare she had given his wife, and added, “But maybe, for the last few days of this week, we both should give her some space.”

So that’s what they did. Edith decided that would be best, and her stepdaughter stayed hidden in her room for the rest of the week. Until Sunday night came, the night Chris left for his business trip.

“I’m just going on a cruise to get some work done and hang out with a few of the guys from the office.” He told Adri, up in her room.

“Do I get a babysitter? Or do I have to stay with–”

“You’re 16, you don’t need a babysitter.” He ruffled her hair. “And she’s your mother. Sorry. Stepmother.”

Adri rolled her eyes and slumped down in her seat on her bean bag chair.

Chris tucked her strawberry-blond hair behind her ears. “Just be good for her, okay? I’m sure you’ll grow to like her.”

“Oh, here,” Chris handed her the iPhone she had been wanting back since the wedding. He gazed into his daughter’s eyes. “She just wants you to like her.”

“I’ll try.” Adri said, smiled, and kissed her dad on the cheek.

“That’s my girl,” he said. “I’ll be back Wednesday. I love you!”

Chris grabbed his suitcase and left her room.

“Love you!” She called back, and turned on her phone.

After kissing her husband goodbye, Edith took a deep breath and walked upstairs. I can do this, she thought.

“Adri?” She asked softly, stepping into her bedroom.

“Please go away.” Adri politely requested, still peering only at the iPhone screen in front of her, not at her stepmother.

“Do you–Do you not like me?”

“I’m not going to answer that.” she responded, eyes still on the phone. Frustrated, Edith plucked the phone out of Adri’s hands. “Hey!” Adri shouted.

“I’m keeping this.” Edith replied, trying to unlock it but failing.

“The answer’s a definite ‘no’ now.” Adri glared at Edith and grabbed a book from her desk. She could prove to Edith that she didn’t need her phone. She was still upset that the minute she got her phone back it was taken away again, though.

“…Alright, have it your way then.” Edith pouted, and left the room with the phone. She heard Adri chuckle and holler, “Good!”

Edith just sat and watched television all night, trying to brainstorm ideas of how she could get the two of them to bond. Maybe shopping? Adri seemed pretty in style, there were pop magazines scattered around her bedroom. Maybe a concert? Nah, too expensive.

She realized the main problem: Edith wasn’t a mother figure to Adri. That’s when she got the idea.

Edith stayed up until about 2:30 AM. She walked into Adri’s room and asked, “Adri, honey? You awake?”

No answer. After all, she didn’t wake up very easily. Edith grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and filled it with warm water from the kitchen sink. She then tiptoed back into Adri’s bedroom.

“You awake?” She asked, to check again. No answer. She creeped up next to Adri’s bed, picked up her stepdaughter’s hand, and dipped it into the warm water.

Within seconds, there was a hissing sound and Adri moaned. Edith peeled back the covers and sure enough, there was a wet spot growing on her pants. It had worked! She thought it was just some dumb kid trick, but it had worked!

That’ll teach baby that she needs her mommy in tough situations, she thought to herself. She snickered, washed out the bowl, and went to sleep.

Around 10:00 in the morning the next day, Adri blinked awake. She shifted in bed, but felt some sort of wetness on her crotch area.

Probaby just sweat, she guessed, but peeled back her covers just in case.

Her mouth fell open in awe. Her entire crotch, lower stomach, upper thigh area and surrounding sheets and blankets were completely soaked. She sniffed them, and the stench of pee filled her nostrils.

With a scream, Edith was running into the room.

She put on her best worried act, and said, “Adri? What’s wrong?” She peered down at the girl’s wet pants and sheets, and pretended to look surprised. “Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Did you have an accident in your sleep?”

Adri felt tears stream down her cheeks and her face turned red with embarrassment. She nodded in shame.

“Well, go take a shower, I’ll clean this up.” Edith said. She patted her back, “Don’t cry. It was only an accident.”

No response came except for more sobs. She stood up, peeled off her wet clothes, threw them on the ground and ran into the shower.

Edith pulled the sheets and blankets off the bed and threw them into the wash. Then she went downstairs and fixed herself and Adri breakfast. Before she placed the plate of oatmeal and glass of orange juice in Adri’s room for her to eat, she stirred a laxative into the juice.

“I understand if you don’t want to eat with me,” she said to a now clean Adri, “But I made you some breakfast.” She handed the plate to her stepdaughter.

About an hour later, Edith heard a scream from upstairs. She sprinted into Adri’s room and bit her tongue to keep from laughing at Adri, whose pants were soaked and sagging with poop.

“Adri, that’s your second accident today!” She scolded. This was her time to make her move. “Just go get changed. Then we’re going out.”

Adri was crying to much to protest. She went to the bathroom, tossed her poopy clothes into the wash, and changed into fresh underwear and shorts.

“Ready to go?” Edith asked, holding her purse. Adri knew there was no point in objecting, and besides, she’d promised her dad she would give Edith a chance.

Adri hopped in the car with Edith. The car started and they were off, and Adri had no idea where they were going.

“So how was school this year?” Edith asked. Adri was thankful she wasn’t bringing up the accidents. She was too stunned to respond as thoughts ran through her mind. Why did she do this all of a sudden? What caused this stuff? Usually she knew when to go and did it then, why was this happening? The thoughts caused her to almost cry again, but she held back her tears.

They fell when they reached the place.

The store they were going to was an incontinence store, complete with mannequins wearing babyish diapers that could definitely fit Adri.

“No, please, I’m not a baby, it was just an accident!” Adri cried out. Edith had no reply and gripped her wrist and dragged her inside.

“Alright, which diaper for baby?” Edith said out loud, hoping to embarrass her stepdaughter. Soon she would find out that she needs her mother, even if it means revisiting her baby years.

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

It’s not bad. I’m not sure about it, though. I’m not really sure where this story is at the start. How old is Edith? How old is Chris? How did Adri’s mother die? Were her parents still together when it happened? If so a year seems like a short time for a grieving husband to remarry. How long were Chris and Edith together before the marriage? If not then did Adri live with her before she died. It’s hard to get into when I’m not sure where the characters are in this, emotionally. Whether Adri is mad at her father remarrying so soon or if this is all just her grieving. It gives an idea as to why she dislikes Edith in the first place (feeling that she is replacing her mother is only one part of this, I’m sure).

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

It nice start and got a lot potential.

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

I commented on your other story and this one shares the same issues.

Again, it’s too fast paced.

I hate to rip on it for this because I don’t know you. But if you’ve read any other ABDL stories at all, you’ll find this one to be saturated with cliche.

Laxatives almost never cause an accident. They’re not meant to.

And I feel it’s necessary to repeat: it’s cliche.
To put it bluntly, you go from disrespect to pranking, to an instant conclusion of wearing diapers, babying and humiliation as the solution.

Literally hundreds of stories before have done this. Many of them have been very fleshed out and had interesting plots and subplots.

You need to ask yourself this. Is your story more interesting than others? Is it different in any way except names? Does it bring anything unique to the audience?

You have immediate potential because your typing is readable. (Lol) But you should definitely try and add some meat to your stories.

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

Gotta agree with Vearynope here. You not only did a poor rendition of the wicked stepmother trope, you used every cliche in the book for the wicked stepmother trope.

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

Actually, keep working on this. The evil-stepmother thing is working for this story. All diaper stories are cliche at this point. Let’s run with it.

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

I agree with most of the other points made here. And there’s a limited number of plots available.

However, in my opinion your writing is pretty good. You seem to have a good grasp of the mechanics of people interacting with conversation etc, and the continuity is good, but I think the plot development is a bit uneven. As noted, the story seems to be lurching along a bit quickly. Adri has gone from a prank bedwetting to pooping her pants. How did that happen so quickly? Your story seems intended to be believable and rational - that development is not really believable.

But you’re not doing too badly. Just slow the plot down a bit, flesh out the characters a little and fill in some details about Adri’s regression to diapers.

Re: An Unsteady Relationship (Part 1)

I’m looking forward to more! But I agree, maybe slow it down a littleeee more :slight_smile: