Anna Nicole's last days...slurping from a baby bottle?

Eeehhh. Was looking through the news while working on my tv tuner and came across this article tonight about Anna Nicole Smith. Apparently they say she was taking her “medication” via a baby bottle. Read more for the full details.

The hearing, which follows a two-year investigation into Smith’s death, began with a bang. Maurice Brighthaupt, Smith’s security guard, described watching Smith slurp from a baby bottle of the powerful sedative chloral hydrate – cited by a coroner as a primary cause of Smith’s fatal overdose – as if it were a Pepsi

“I saw her use a spoon maybe twice and after that it was bottle to mouth. Gulp,” Brighthaupt, also a Miami firefighter, testified, adding that he had several conversations with Eroshevich in which the psychiatrist expressed concern about Smith overdosing.

Re: Anna Nicole’s last days…slurping from a baby bottle?

God this is getting annoying. Every time a new issue comes up that, in some way relates to our community, it’s always a problematic issue, not something just random and out of the blue.

Pampers strung across the front lawn of a borderline suicidal girl, a singer dressing in infantile outfits just to be more of an attention whore, the manipulation of a woman to unwittingly be some douchebags mommy, and now a drug addict who was given drugs with a baby bottle because she was so god damn thrashed she couldn’t take it any other way…

Not meaning offense to you Akbound, it’s just this is really putting a bad spin on adults behaving in an infantile manner or using babyish items. Next thing we might hear is someone shoving a pacifier into Courtney Loves mouth just to get her to shut the fuck up for once (though…I’d actually wanna see that).

Re: Anna Nicole’s last days…slurping from a baby bottle?

Nah it’s cool. I’m kinda the same way. You keep seeing so much negative put towards something. Now granted in this case, it really meant nothing towards the community, or anyone else. So I have to give it that at least.

Re: Anna Nicole’s last days…slurping from a baby bottle?

There’s nothing in that article that really speaks negatively about the baby bottle thing… the focus seems more on the fact she was on so many different drugs and medications. The mention of the baby bottle is more like “well this is a random tidbit… and since it’s a slow news day… WHY NOT?” You can’t deny that the general public would find drinking from a baby bottle–or any infantile thing–strange and abnormal, because it is.

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Good job on misquoting. You missed the second part of my statement that explains WHY it puts drinking from a baby bottle in a negative way.

Sure, it’s not all that bad, and doesn’t directly relate to us, but it’s another story about an infantile thing being used in a sleazy, disturbing and/or disgusting way.

Oh, and abnormal is an opinion and just because you choose to define normalcy as being a straight heterosexual male living the American dream with a nuclear family doesn’t mean I do. To me “Normal,” like any label, is defined based on that persons view of normality. Wearing diapers, sucking on a bottle or pacifier, acting like an infant now and then, that feels good to me; it’s fun, exhilarating, soothing, and in every sense of the word it feels like a very “Normal” thing to do.

Society values and any sociological defacto don’t, and never will mean shit to me. I am who I am; I feel normal and therefore I AM normal.

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Normal isn’t natural. It feels natural to you, doing that. Normal isn’t a person’s feelings about something, that’s natural. IE ’ Being an amazing sniper comes natural to me. It just feels right. ’ You can’t say, ’ Being an amazing sniper is normal. ’

Why? Becuase not everyone is an amazing sniper.

This has been Kurt Angle with another boring post on the definition of words.

Re: Anna Nicole’s last days…slurping from a baby bottle?

Yes, you are right. The word normal doesn’t apply to that particular example, but then again it doesn’t relate to anything I said.

Being a sniper is a skill, a profession. It is a talent someone learns and masters. While it may come easy to some and is therefore “natural” to them, the reason it can’t be defined as normal is due to it being a choice. It is a choice to be a sniper, or an artist, or a fast food worker, who cares.

Being an AB is a psychological trait, we are born with it as homosexuals are born gay and so forth. And because there is a lack of choice in that this is who I am and nothing I can do will change that, it is therefore “Normal” to be who I am versus who society wants me to be.

The biological definition of normal is “Functioning or occurring in a natural way; lacking observable abnormalities or deficiencies.”

Well, my psychological state of mind is a biological function of my brain. Therefore if I, as a biological living being, feel “right” regressing into a more immature state of mind, even more so as one of the opposite sex, it is my brain telling me I can and do feel this way. If my brain is telling me that, and my brain is functioning as any other human brain would, AB or not, then being an LG or AB is a “Normal” thing to be. My mind can still process language and complex problems, it can think abstractly and logically when need be, it controls the nervous system of my body like any other brain would, it produces the standard five senses as any other brain would, thus the only logical way by a textbook definition of normal could my brain be abnormal is if I were the only AB or LG in the world.

Even with the regular definition of normal, relating to society values. Society doesn’t mean a country, or a nationality or a culture. It’s a body of people, there are multiple AB’s in the world, and thanks to the magic of the tubal internets we can come together on this forum as a body of people. This forum is a society and the norm of this forum is to be an AB. Therefore, by textbook definitions, which you seem to be so cocky about knowing, I -am- normal every which way for being an AB.

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While I agree with Vickie, there is no evidence as of yet to support that we’re born with AB feelings, I feel that we are because I have had these feelings all of my life.

But you need to understand that “normal” is a social term. It reflects what is typical within a particular society. In the society of this board, it is normal to have these feelings, but in the greater society of the US, it is most certainly not. If it were, then AB’s wouldn’t be concerned about revealing themselves, as you were when DarkAngel posted a picture with his name on it.

A biologically normal brain can have very abnormal thoughts. The brain is probably the least understood organ in the human body. Physically, you may be normal, but if you underwent severe psychological torture, you would be anything but normal because you would no longer function within the “normal” acceptable parameters of society.

Again within this society (the board) you and I are normal, but within the greater society, you and I are not.