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Anna's Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch1

As usual Anna Martin was yelling at one of her employees. “Sally dammit I told you to put this display in the corner not out here in the center of the store. You better learn to do as your told quick around here girl or I will find someone who will.”

Sally moved quickly to fix the display. Anna smiled and walked back to her office. She had been running the boutique her Mom had left her for over a year now and had even increased sales.

I would even be farther ahead thought Anna if Dad had left me alone. Instead of making me go live with him for a year while I finished high school. Anna was just barely nineteen and a half years old. A month after finishing high school when she turned eighteen. She moved out of her father’s town house in Beverly Hills and back to Sacramento.

Tom Martin was a Beverly Hills lawyer. He had divorced Anna’s mother when she was two years old. Then went back to school too finish Law school. Anna did not really know him she only spent the obligatory two or three weeks a summer with him and every other Christmas. They had not spoken since Anna moved out. He was angry because he wanted Anna to attend college. Then again since her Mom had left her the stupid boutique Anna had the money to do as she pleased.

That’s exactly what Anna did. She moved back home and took over her store. She still lived in the apartment that her Mom had left her. Soon after her return Anna fired her Mom’s longtime manager Gretchen for arguing with her and trying to tell her how to treat the people that worked for her. The truth was Gretchen knew Anna’s secret all about it in fact and Anna hated anyone knowing.

So she simply fired the woman that had helped her mother build the store. A fifteen-year employee with out even giving it a second thought.

Anna looked in the mirror… She was barely five feet tall, and very petite. She would be a pretty girl if not for the fact she wore way too much make up. Along with the fact she always wore her hair up, in a bun making her look silly. Then again she thought it made her look business like.

Anna checked again to make sure she locked the door. Then she lifted up her skirt revealing her secret. Anna was bladder incontinent because of a birth defect. She removed the soaked diaper and placed it in the diaper pail she kept under a table in her office. Then got out another diaper cleaned herself and put it on. Anna hated her diapers and even more hated anyone knowing about them.

Actually Anna hated about everything since her Mom had died. Except of course her store where she worked fourteen or fifteen hours a day six days a week.

As Anna straightened her skirt there was a knock at the door. " I got your mail here Anna." Anna opened the door. It was her other employee Millie actually her assistant manager. “Thanks Millie have you got those new products checked in yet.”

“No Anna but I am almost done.”

“See that its finished before you go home tonight.”

Millie turned and walked away mumbling under her breathe.

Anna thumbed through her mail mostly bills and then saw a fancy envelope. Anna knew it was a wedding invitation as she opened it but was shocked to see to who’s wedding.

It seemed her father was getting married Saturday, a week from now. Anna tossed the invite in the trash. She did not actually hate her father, but gee he had not even called her since she disobeyed him and moved out. Besides she did not even know his fiancé.

That evening Anna stopped at Taco bell and had dinner then headed home. It was almost nine o’clock when she got there. Anna changed her diaper and put a t-shirt on. Anna then grabbed a can of beer from the fridge. Anna noticed she only had three left she would have to send the gardener shopping soon. She was not old enough to buy it but he would get her anything she wanted for ten bucks. Anna also had a completely stocked liquor cabinet.

Anna thought about this as she walked to her private deck and took a seat sipping her beer. Her Daddy would not be happy to know she drank and her mom would have had a conniption. Actually Anna’s Mom had babied her daughter her entire life.

Changing her diapers giving her bottles making her take naps. Anna still used a pacifier at bedtime and her teddy bear. Even though now she slept in her mom’s bedroom instead of the nursery and crib she had grown up sleeping in.

Anna had been home schooled except for the year she spent with her father when she attended a private girls school. Sometimes Anna missed the nurturing and cuddling her Mom gave her. She even occasionally when she was stressed out, made her way to the nursery to play with her toys.

Her Daddy had also bought her a lot of toys and he babied her quite a bit. He would change her diapers when he was around. He always insisted on a sitter when he was not. Actually Anna was quite a where that her Daddy loved her very much. But when her Mom died Anna was determined not to be babied. She sort of resented it when he did it and she hated having to have sitters. In her mind it was too many people knowing about her diapers.

He had finished teaching her to drive, taught her horseback riding and tennis. The more Anna thought about it as absentee Dad’s go he was pretty sweet. Anna actually missed him sometimes. But she still was not going to his stupid wedding.

Four days later Anna was sitting in her office working on some bookwork. When Sally paged her to pick up the phone.

“Hi this is Anna Martin how can I help you.”

“Hi Anna Kelly Adams here your Daddy’s fiancé. I was calling because I have not received your RSVP for the wedding honestly dear I expected you to call.”

Anna was shocked this woman was calling. “Listen Kelly I have not spoken to my Dad in over a year, besides that I am way to busy this time of year to be taking any trips. I am sorry but I won’t be making the wedding. So congratulations to you and Dad goodbye.”

"Wait wait don’t you dare hang up young lady. First off nothing should be more important to you than your Daddy’s wedding and his happiness. Besides the fact that I think it is time you two made up. On top of that young lady you are my maid of honor. Now I will not take know for and answer I need you here Wednesday at the latest. Your dress fitting is Thursday and the rehearsal and dinner is Friday night. Your ticket will be delivered to your office tomorrow by a local travel agent. Listen now the other phone is ringing I have to go. Don’t make me come and get you. " Click the phone line went dead.

Come and get me thought Anna who does this bitch Kelly think she is treating me like I was a child and ordering me about. She can go to hell that’s what I think.

The next day the ticket arrived it was one-way first class. Anna could not believe the nerve of this Kelly chick. Right then and there she decided to go to this wedding. She wanted to meet Kelly face to face and let her know what she was dealing with.

Anna made a reservation at the Beverly Hills hotel. Then tried to reserve herself a rental car. The stupid girl told her she was too young. Never the less Anna arrived at the airport Wednesday morning and used her ticket. She was grateful when the Pilot announced they were landing her diaper was soaked and it was beginning to itch. Kelly was wearing a blue skirt and cotton shirt with sandals. She had her hair down, and in a ponytail it seemed to fit her mood that morning. She was wearing plastic panties just to be extra safe. As usual she had on way too much makeup.

Only a moment after Anna stepped out of the tunnel thingy. “Hi punk in I am glad to see you made it.”

Anna turned to see a tallish woman. Who was very pretty and probably in her early thirties smiling at her? Anna caught her breath then spoke " Hi are you Kelly you did not have to meet my plane I could have made it to my hotel by myself."

“Hotel? Young lady you are not staying at a Hotel you are staying at your Daddy’s and my new house we have a room already for you. We will cancel your reservation when we get home. Now I bet after that trip you need a diaper change?” She then reached out and took Anna by the hand and led her to the family restroom.

Anna protested loudly as they entered the restroom and got inline for a changing table. “Kelly this is very embarrassing I usually change myself in a lady’s room stall. Please let go of my hand so I can go take care of it.”

Kelly smiled “young lady you and I will get along a lot better if you realize one thing I am in charge not you and I don’t want any of your mouth. If you think me changing your diaper on the changing table is embarrassing think about me barring your ass and spanking you in front of these people like you deserve.”

Anna did not have words for what she had just heard. To make matters worse it was her turn on the changing table. Kelly removed her book bag from her shoulders. “I assume your diapers are in here sweetie.” Stunned all Anna did was nod. Kelly then removed her skirt and lifted her up on the table. Not wanting to make anymore of a scene than she already was Anna shut up and closed her eyes.

Kelly removed her plastic panties and then her very sodden diaper. She then took some baby wipes from the book bag and cleaned Anna’s private areas completely. She then slid a fresh diaper under her before sprinkling and rubbing some powder all over her crotch. Then lifting her legs with one hand she rubbed some more on her bottom.

Kelly then took a moment to rinse her hands before taping the diaper shut. She then lifted a very embarrassed Anna down and had her step back into her skirt. Once the girl’s shirt was tucked in and the skirt straightened she took her over to the sink.

“Now do me a favor and wash that gunk off your face precious. I want to see what my future daughter looks like behind all that paint.”

That did it for Anna “listen you bitch I have already had a mother the best one in the world. I think this whole idea was a bad one I am going home.” Anna then turned to walk out as Kelly grabbed her arm.

She then delivered three sharp smacks just below Anna’s diaper on her right thigh. “Owwwwwwwww”

“Young lady I suggest you do as you are told and wash your face. Unless you want me to pull your diaper off and finish the spanking now instead of when I get you home”

Anna could not believe what she was hearing but she did not want to test Kelly now. Instead she walked to the sink soaped up her hands and washed the make up off her face. Actually without cold cream she had to wash her face three times.

“There now aren’t you the pretty thing now love lets go get your luggage.”

Kelly hired a porter and they picked up Anna’s luggage and began walking to Kelly’s car. Anna felt like a small child as Kelly had a firm grip on her hand. Once they arrived at Kelly’s Lincoln Aviator the porter put the luggage in the back and Kelly gave him a ten-dollar tip. Probably my Dad’s money thought Anna.

Kelly opened the back door of the Aviator and told Anna too get in. Anna hesitated “Kelly you don’t expect me to get in that car seat do you. I mean come on I am almost twenty years old.”

“You wont be twenty for eight months dear and the car seat is simply safer for you. Besides it will boost you up so you can see we have about and hour ride till we get home.”

Anna thought to herself yeah home, and then her Daddy would straighten this bitch out. Anna got into the seat and Kelly strapped her in. Kelly then reached in Anna’s book bag and retrieved her pacifier popping it in the girl’s mouth.

“There are some DVD’s in the map pocket if you like love. It will keep your mind off the spanking you have coming when I get you home.”

Kelly then got behind the wheel and began driving.

Anna sucked on the pacifier, even though she was sure her Daddy would straighten all this out, she was still pretty nervous.

“Kelly will my Daddy be there when we get home”

“Oh no dear did I forget to tell you, he got called out of town on business? He will not be home until Friday at least he better be or I will kill him.”

Anna was in shock, maybe she would have to endure this spanking Kelly thought she had coming. Anna did the only thing she could think to do.

“Kelly you know I am a very successful business woman. You touch me again I promise you I will sue you for assault besides having you arrested. When we get to my Dad’s place I am calling a cab and going home this game is over.”

Anna could see the angry look on Kelly’s face in the rear view mirror. It gave her a cold chill. “Sue me if you like angel I really don’t care. When we get home the only thing that is happening is a certain little girl is going to get a very red behind.”

Anna shut up and sucked vigorously on her pacifier. Instead of time going slow it seemed to fly by as she ignored the DVD and watched the clock.

Before Anna knew it she was pulling into a large housing area. She knew she was close to her Father and the bitches new house and even closer to her doom.

Soon Kelly pulled into a long driveway, that led to and enormous house. Anna knew her father did well as a lawyer but know way he could afford this.

“Kelly how can my Daddy afford this house, it’s a mansion?”

“Well honey I helped a little, my grandfather made a killing in computer chips. You called me a bitch before. Next time you do that to earn yourself a spanking make it rich bitch.”

Kelly parked the aviator and then came around and helped Anna out of her car seat and took her by the hand. A butler opened the door and welcomed them home.

“Hello madam this must be Ms Anna how do you do child.”

Before Anna could respond Kelly spoke. “James Anna can meet you and the rest of the staff later. Right now the child has a punishment coming if you will excuse us. Please get her luggage out of the car and put it in her room.”

Kelly then still holding tightly to Anna’s hand led her to a large room. Anna assumed it was a library because of all the books. Before Anna knew what was happening Kelly removed her skirt and her very wet diaper. She used a baby wipe to clean her before pulling Anna a crossed her lap.

"Young lady you have a bad problem with authority figures and I intend to fix this. Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack.

“owiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee ouch oooooooooooowwwwwwww please Kelly enough owwwwwwwwwwww please owwwwww I will mind owwwwww ouch.”

Smack smack smack Kelly’s hand rained down on Anna’s bottom. Over and over from cheek to cheek.

Anna was sobbing and begging her to stop.

“Young lady I will not speak bad of your mother but I will teach you to treat adults with respect.”

Owwwwwwwwieeeeeee please Kelly I will behave I will be a gooooooooooooood girl please owwwwwww swhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaa

Finally Kelly stopped, then took the sobbing girl to the nearest corner and stuck her nose in it. "Young lady I want you to stand here a while and think about how you ended up here.

Anna rubbed her hinny furiously as she heard Kelly leave the room. She moved immediately to the phone.

Five minutes later she could hear the police sirens. Anna smiled now the bitch was going to get hers.

Anna could hear them talking outside the library.

“Were sorry to bother you Ms Adams really we are. But we got a 911 call from a Ms Anna Martin saying someone was trying to kill her.”

Anna then heard Kelly giggling, "Oh officers I am sorry you were bothered. Anna is my future stepdaughter I just gave the little girl a spanking and I guess she over reacted. It’s not illegal to spank a little girl in this state is it?

“Oh no Ma’am I spank my little girl when she needs it.”

“Officer would you like to see the little girl that made the call?”

Kelly then opened the door as Anna scurried back to the corner.

“I can see Ma’am that everything is ok here. We are sorry to have bothered you.”

“Officers it is no bother at all, and be sure that this young lady will get another dose of punishment for bothering you.”

“Well Ma’am please don’t be to hard on her we will be going now.”

The officer’s left and Anna trembled, they thought she was just a little girl a ten years old or something. She could hear Kelly walking towards her.

“So you called the police little one, and now you see what happened. Mommy is in charge here, its time you learned that.”

Kelly then delivered ten hard smacks too Anna’s behind while she stood in the corner.

“Now do you understand who is in charge little one?”

A sobbing Anna tried to catch her breath her behind feeling as it was on fire. “Yes oh yes Mommy.”

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch2

Anna stood in the corner. At first she had spent her time rubbing her hinny. Now she was standing there sucking her thumb. She was not sure how long she had been there it seemed like hours. Actually it was about thirty minutes or so.

Anna standing there her bottom smarting like it had not since her mother died. Anna was trying to think smart. She knew she was no match for Kelly and simply had decided to mind the bitch until her Daddy got home.

Just then she heard someone behind her and assumed it was Kelly.

"Well little girl do you think you have learned your lesson. Do you understand who is in charge now?

Anna did not hesitate " yes Ma’am I understand you are in charge.

Kelly looked at the wet spot on the carpet where Anna was standing. It was only further proof that she was.

“Then who is in charge little one and say it like you mean it.”

“Kelly is in charge Ma’am Kelly is.” Anna was more than a bit embarrassed and scared standing there in the corner where she knew she had wet the floor.

“Who young lady you might as well get used to calling me by my proper name?”

Anna knew what she wanted, but had trouble getting the words out. Just the same she knew she had too.

“Mommy. Mommy is in charge I promise to be a good girl now until the wedding is over Mommy.”

“Oh little one you will be a good girl well after the wedding is over. When I agreed to marry your Daddy I was thrilled to find out I would have a daughter. It is something I have looked forward to my entire life. Now I know right now you hate my guts, and honestly I am not trying to take your Mommy’s place. But sweetie I already love you very much, rather you believe it or not. I have been staring at pictures of you for weeks.”

Anna did not know what to think of this statement even though she knew that it did not require and answer from her.

Kelly took her by the hand and led her out of the library. “Lets go get you in a fresh diaper honey we can’t have you peeing on the carpet all over the house.”

Anna somehow was startled and yanked her thumb out of her mouth as they ran into a couple of maids on the way to Anna’s room. She was more than a little embarrassed considering she had nothing on from the waist down.

Suddenly Kelly stopped and opened the door too Anna’s bedroom.

Anna could not believe her eyes, her bedroom was the largest nursery she had ever seen. Not just a crib and a changing table. There was a rocking horsie, a dollhouse and toys and stuffed animals everywhere.

Kelly led Anna too the changing table then lifted her up and laid her down. While she cleaned her and placed a clean diaper on the girl she began to speak. “Well honey what do you think of your room, your Daddy and I worked very hard on it. He said it was like the one you had at home.”

Anna took a deep breath before she answered. She knew that the wrong answer could get her another spanking.

“It is wonderful Kel uhhhhhh Mommy the biggest bestest room I have ever seen.”

“Ok honey I will leave you here to get used to it, play with your toys and I will check on you later.”

Kelly then left the room. She was more than a bit a where that Anna hated her nursery. She also was certain that the girl hated her. Just the same she knew what a bitch the little girl had become. She had spoken with Millie about how she acted at the shop. She knew that the girl had no life other than her little store.

Simply put Kelly wanted more for her, and felt like controlling and even regressing her was in Anna’s best interest. She had spent a few hours convincing Tom that she was right. Kelly was determined of two things she was going to have a happy marriage and family. It was a simple plan then again Kelly knew it would take a lot of work.

Anna for her part did not know what to think. For a few minutes she just sat in her Nursery crying and feeling sorry for herself. Kelly could hear this over the baby monitor. But decided to give Anna her space. When Anna stopped crying she saw the jar full of pacifiers by the changing table. She got one and began sucking it.

Wanting nothing more than to forget about this horrible day. Anna sat down by her toy box, and began playing with her toys.

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch3

It was sometime Thursday morning Anna was not sure what time it was. She was awake but still lying in her crib. She had not called for Kelly yet she was using this time to think.

Kelly thought about all that had happened the day before. The changing at the airport, the spanking when she got home. The stupid police officers. The second spanking and then the corner time.

She then thought about the time she spent alone playing with her toys. She tried to be honest with herself here. She had enjoyed the toys and it took her mind off of her problems. Dinner with Kelly was another disaster. First she was placed in a high chair and bibbed. Then Anna was served a dinner of chicken bites carrots and French fries cut up to be finger food. Then given no utensils to eat with along with a sippy cup full of milk. After she finished Kelly spoon-fed her a bowl of orange Jell-O with whipped cream on it.

She was then allowed to play with her toys some more and watch TV, until about eight thirty when Kelly came in filled the bath tub and gave Anna her bath while Anna mindlessly played with some bath toys. This event was followed by a baby bottle of warm milk as Kelly rocked her to sleep and talked baby babble to her.

Just the same Anna had managed to avoid any more punishments. She had behaved exactly as Kelly wanted her too. Just like a good little girl would.

Anna’s diaper was soaked and beginning to itch. Besides she felt the rumblings in her tummy for her morning bowel movement. Simply put there were something’s Anna did not do in her diaper. Anna took a deep breath thinking ok Anna you can do this tomorrow Daddy would be here and he would straighten this bitch out.

“Mommy Anna needs to get up now and go potty please.” Anna then stood up in her crib noticing the pacifier lying by her pillow she popped it in her mouth. Just then the door opened but it was not Kelly. Suddenly Anna was very embarrassed standing there in only a diaper, that was hanging low between her legs.

“Who are you I called for Kelly I mean Mommy, please go away and send her in I need to use the toilet.”

“I am Gretchen the head house keeper,” said a portly woman about as tall as Mommy but much heavier, with a huge smile on her face. Your Mommy had to go out for a while this morning so I will be taking care of you this morning. I thought the baby girl used her diapers for a potty."

Realizing this woman would have to do Anna spoke up. “I am bladder incontinent and I can’t help that but I do not mess in my diapers. Now will you please let me out of here.”

“Yes little one as soon as I get something don’t get testy with me unless you want me to warm your hinny?”

Anna hushed and placed the pacifier back in her mouth. The thought of another spanking made her very nervous. Gretchen walked in the bathroom and came out moments later carrying a plastic toddlers potty.

She sat it on the floor and then lowered the railing and lifted Anna out of the crib, carrying her to the changing table. She removed Anna’s diaper and wiped her a bit with a baby wipe. Before picking her up again and sitting her on the potty.

“Now little one you sit right there and do your business. When you are done you call Gretchen I will hear you over the baby monitor and come clean your bottom and get you a fresh diaper, and then some breakfast.” She then turned and left the room.

Anna sat there starring at the floor could her life get more embarrassing. Nonetheless she soon let out a loud gas bubble and began to do her business. It took a few minutes, and Anna decided she was completely finished.

It took her a couple of minutes to say the words. “Gretchen I am all finished please come.”

Anna was well a where if Gretchen could hear the monitor the whole staff could. She felt like crying sitting they’re waiting to be cleaned and diapered. Some how she managed not too. She did no one thing for sure someday she would get even with this bitch Kelly. In this case thought Anna payback was a bitch and her name was Anna.

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch4

Anna stood there and endured Gretchen wiping and then cleaning her behind. She was then placed on the changing table while Gretchen quite professionally diapered Anna while she sucked on her pacifier.

She then picked the girl up placed her on her hip and started out of the room.

“Gretchen please don’t I get some clothes or something, at least a t shirt.”

Gretchen ignored Anna as one might a toddler babbling. She carried her to the kitchen passing several of the house staff as she did.

She then placed Anna in her high chair and bibbed her. She then turned to the cook “Heidi is the little princess’s breakfast ready.”

Heidi handed Gretchen a plate with bacon in small pieces and toast with butter and grape jelly on it. More finger food thought Anna. She then handed Gretchen a bowl of soft-boiled eggs and a sippy cup full of orange juice.

Gretchen spoon-fed Anna her eggs, while the girl helped herself to the bacon and toast. Breakfast was delicious and Anna was very hungry. Just the same she wished Gretchen would hit her mouth more often and there was way too much jelly on the toast.

By the time breakfast was finished Anna’s face, hands and bib were a mess. Gretchen meticulously cleaned her up. Then taking a bottle of warm milk from Heidi carried her out on the back deck. Laid the girl in her lap and gave Anna her morning bottle.

Anna nursed the bottle without comment; she put up no fight what so ever. Her one thought was that Kelly was going to pay for this. Maybe even her Daddy would leave her at the alter when he found out how she treated Anna.

When Anna finished her bottle Gretchen lifted her up to her shoulder and patted Anna’s back until she burped. Anna had tried not too but Gretchen was a very stubborn woman.

She then took Anna back to her nursery and released her to play with her toys. “Now young lady you are not to leave this room. I will be back later to check your diaper, now try to enjoy yourself and have fun with your toys.”

Anna did just that; she simply sat down and began playing with her dolls. Gretchen checked on her about and hour later, changed her diaper and asks her if she wanted anything. Anna was thirty and ask for something to drink. Gretchen brought her a baby bottle of grape juice.

Anna was pissed but did not show Gretchen she just took the bottle and began drinking it.

About and hour later Kelly walked into the nursery.

“How is my favorite baby girl this morning did you miss your Mommy and have you been a good girl for Gretchen.”

Anna bit her tongue, but still did not give Kelly and answer. “Come here baby and give Mommy a kiss, I missed you.”

Anna walked to Kelly who scooped her up in her arms. Anna knew better than to disobey Kelly and kissed her gently on the cheek. “Hi Mommy how was your morning?”

Kelly then kissed Anna several times all over her face. “I was very busy little one last minute details for the wedding. After lunch, which Heidi is preparing now, you have to have your nap right away. Because when you wake up Mommy is taking you for the fitting for your wedding and rehearsal dinner dresses. Honey you are going to love them.”

Again Anna did not comment. She simply was not that good of and actress. Kelly stuck her two fingers in the pantlet of Anna’s diaper and found her wet.

She carried her to the changing table, and changed her diaper, along with blowing kisses on her belly and talking more baby babble to her.

Anna just went along with it you’ll get yours bitch, she thought to herself. At the same time Kelly thought to herself what a great act Anna was putting on. As she taped Anna’s diaper shut there was no doubt in her mind that the girl was nowhere near broken. Honestly Kelly was not sure she wanted to break her spirit as much as she wanted to change Anna’s miserable life. No one that could be that mean and ruthless could be truly happy.

Kelly realized what she was doing was risky, but she was certain that it was necessary. There was one truth about all of it she did love the little girl very very much.

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch5

Anna had a wonderful lunch, fresh shrimp salad with brownies for desert. Then Kelly gave her a bottle and rocked her to sleep for her nap. Anna was not tired at all and it took a while for Kelly to get her too sleep.

Kelly used this time to make a few calls and solve some more wedding problems. They had invited two hundred people to the wedding the reception was planned for Kelly’s garden. The best caterer in town was catering it. Kelly double-checked the menu. When Gretchen stepped in her office. “You have a phone call Madam I think it’s the future Mr.”

“Hello this is Kelly”

“Hi honey how are you doing.”

“I will be doing fine as long as you don’t have any bad news, about when you will be home?”

“Nope know bad news, I will be coming in on the noon flight tomorrow. Did you have any luck getting Anna to come?”

“Of course sweetie I never fail you know that. She is in her crib having her nap as we speak. Everything is going exactly as I planned. Our baby girl is going no place.”

“Hun I bet she is giving you a fit. I know only too much how stubborn that young lady can be.”

“She tried too but honestly she has been and angel since the second time I spanked her. I think she is waiting for you to get home and rescue her. She is even calling me Mommy”

“No shit Kelly that is incredible you’re a miracle worker.”

“Not at all dear she is faking being docile to save her bottom. I still have a lot of work to do and you had better not mess it up by giving in to her.”

“I won’t honey, this is the last chance for me to have my daughter, and her last chance to become a decent human being. Now do I have to pick up my tux when my plane gets in then I will be straight home. I will wrap up all my work until after our honeymoon in the next hour or so.”

“Well don’t worry about picking up your tux I already did, just hurry home to me I miss my man. I love you sweetie.”

“I love you Kelly, see you tomorrow and give Anna a kiss for me. Bye bye now”

Just as Kelly hung up the phone she could hear Anna calling for her over the baby monitor.

She walked in the nursery, Anna was standing peering over the crib and sucking her pacifier.

“Guess what honey I just got off the phone with your Daddy he will be home tomorrow afternoon just as planned.”

Anna spit out the pacifier “You had my Dad on the phone and did not let me speak with him. Did you tell him how you’re treating me you bitch? Dam it that’s it Kelly you and me right now I am going to kick your ass.” Anna then tried without success to crawl out of her crib. “Dam it Kelly let me out of here bitch or are you scared.”

Kelly thought to herself this was perfect, then slowly walked over and lowered the crib. Ducking as Anna took a swing at her when she got close.

Kelly backed up and Anna step out of the crib and made a run for her. The truth was Anna was just too tiny to mess with Kelly. Before she could land a punch, Kelly had her all wrapped up and across her knee.

“I am glad to see you have not lost your spunk, little one but I guess it is time for another lesson.”

She then ripped Anna’s wet diaper off her and began to once again smack her ass.

"Owwwwwwwwwwie owwwwwwwww ouch ouch owwwwwwwwieeeeeee ouchhhhhhhwwwhhhhhwaaaaaaaaa whannnnnnnnwhaaaaaaaaaaa wahnnnnnnn

Please Mommy I did not mean it whannnnnnnnn"

“Oh its Mommy again is it?” Kelly said as she continued smacking Anna’s behind."

“Wahhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh Mommy pwease I be good pweassseeeeeee whaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaa.”

Finally when Anna’s behind was cherry red, Kelly stopped and rubbed the girls bottom gently while she lay across her lap sobbing.

“I know your sorry honey, but you can’t talk to Mommy like that and try and fight me, and think your bottom will get away with it.”

"Now you owe Mommy some corner time but right now I have to get you diapered and dressed for the fitting. That and Mommy needs to change her dress too. " Anna had soaked the dress the minute the spanking was over.

Three hours later Anna was back from the dress fitting and standing in the corner in her nursery. Paying Mommy the corner time she owed her.

Anna felt really stupid, first for trying to fight with Kelly and then like she was too stupid too learn she had made some comments about the dresses she was expected to wear. She saw the purple bridesmaids dresses first, they were nice. But the baby girl knock off she was supposed to wear was ridiculous. Actually it was really cute that is if Anna was three years old.

The rehearsal party dress was even worse. It was even shorter and cuter. Pink with puffed sleeves and white lace all over it. Both dresses were ridiculously short and did not cover half of Anna’s diaper. Her little comments over the dresses had caused her to be spanked again right in front of the dressmaker. Then to make it worse Kelly made her apologize to the dressmaker.

The reason Anna was so mad at herself was there was no need for the spanking. Daddy will be here tomorrow and this will be all over. Anna will never have to wear the stupid dresses anyway.

For right now Anna just wished her corner time was over they had gotten home right at suppertime. Heidi had Swedish meatballs and noodles all ready for them. Along with pineapple upside down cake for desert. Gretchen fed Anna while Mommy ate her dinner they were both famished. Then Gretchen gave Anna a bottle before placing her in this corner as per Mommies instruction.

Anna was just hoping she would have sometime to play with her toys before her bath and bedtime.

Just then Kelly walked in the room. “Well baby girl have you had time to think about things?”

“Yes Mommy I have, I think the best thing I can do is mind you. I am truly sorry for my behavior today.”

“Sorry for your behavior or for the spankings that followed your behavior.”

“Honestly my behavior, just because you choose to treat me like a baby does not give me the right to act like one. Maybe if I would act like the adult I am you would treat me like one.”

"You really don’t get it at all Anna. But don’t worry I am not going to punish you for speaking your peace. You are only being honest. “I don’t see and adult at all when I see you, I simply see a scared little girl. Who treats people like they were put on earth for her benefit? That is indeed how little girls act. A little girl whose employees hate her, and does not have a friend in the world. Well I want better for my little girl. I want her to have friends, to learn how to be nice to people. I want her to learn how to enjoy life. Something you should know your Daddy wants the same things for you I do. Nothing is going to change when he gets home tomorrow I promise you. Ok Hun you can get out of the corner now. Do you want to come watch TV in the Den with me for a while or play in here.”

Anna was devastated by everything Mommy had said to her. “I will play in here if it is ok Mommy.”

“Ok baby suit yourself.” Kelly checked Anna’s diaper and finding it still dry left the room. Anna did not even leave the corner. Until a few minutes after Kelly left the room. She was sniffling and crying just standing there.

Anna finally got out of the corner and walked to the changing table getting a Kleenex to blow her nose and dry her eyes. So that’s what she thinks thought Anna. She thinks the reason I am tough on my employees is because I am mean. Anna was tough because she had to be. If she was not tough they would run all over her and eighteen year old girl in diapers has to be tough. Then Anna thought about what Mommy said about her not having friends. Who had time for social activities, she had a store to run. People much older than Anna with post graduated degrees failed when it came to running a business.

The boutique was important to Anna, It was the business her real Mommy had built and left to her. Then again it was the boutique that was destroying her life. Anna sat down on the big chair Mommy had spanked her on. Then just started to cry again. Not loud but it was continuous.

Kelly heard the tears over the baby monitor. She knew they were tears of a different kind than Anna had cried in a long time. Not being able to stand it Kelly walked back to the nursery. She picked Anna up and took a seat in the chair. Snuggling the girl very tightly she placed a pacifier in her mouth. She just hugged and rocked her, back and forth as Anna continued to sob softly. Anna could hear Mommy cooing to her “It will be all better baby, all better soon you will see.” Mommy kept repeating this over and over again. Until Anna was all cried out. Yet holding her new Mommy as tightly as Mommy was holding her.

Just then Gretchen walked in “You have a phone call Madam, I will give Anna her bath and get her ready for bed” Kelly stood up and tried to hand Anna too Gretchen but Anna would not let go.

“Its ok honey Mommy will not be gone long I will be back to give you your bottle and tuck you in.” She then gave Anna a kiss as the girl let go of her hold."

Kelly walked out in the hallway and held her hands above her head. Making the referees sign for a touchdown. "Yes, " said Kelly quietly thinking to herself I finally reached that girl a bit, I finally struck a nerve.

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch6

It was just after lunch for Anna and to be honest she was playing with her toys waiting for Mommy to give her a bottle and put her down for her nap. Anna had gotten used to the routine.

She had enjoyed a pretty amazing morning. Mommy had taken her outside in the backyard to play in her playground. Honestly Anna did not even know it was there. Mommy stayed with her telling her to be careful as she climbed on the jungle gym and went up and down the slide. It was great Mommy was always there to catch her. Mommy told her to hold on tight when she pushed her really high on her swing. Best of all was when Mommy got right in the sandbox with her and they built a castle.

Anna had spent the whole morning wearing nothing but a diaper and enjoying the outside and the sunshine. Still just in a white diaper with Ms Piggy on the front she was changing her baby dolls diaper when her Daddy walked in the nursery.

Anna was never so happy to see anyone in her life. She spit out her pacifier and ran to him “Daddy your home I am so glad to see you.” Anna then jumped into his arms. Tom Martin picked his baby girl up and hugged her and kissed her. “Daddy I really missed you how was your trip?”

Tom Martin was confused about what was happening. “Anna nothing you can do or say is going to change anything, Kelly is in charge just get used to it.”

Anna was devastated but held back her tears. She had forgotten all about asking her father to tell Kelly to quit babying her. She was very happy in her new life that was until her father opened his mouth.

“Please Daddy put me down.” Tom Martin did as his daughter suggested. “Listen to me father of mine, I will be yours and Kelly’s good little girl until you are married. Then I promise you I will get a restraining order that will not allow you or Kelly to ever get with in two hundred feet of me again.”

Tom just stared at his daughter, feeling that Kelly had failed and not changed her a bit. “Ok Anna if that is what you want. I was hoping to have my little girl back and I thought Kelly could help. I guess you just have a mean streak in you and there is nothing I can do.” He then turned and left the room.

Kelly was pissed when she heard what happened. “I love you Tom but Anna was not faking and you blew it. Dammit Tom don’t you know your own daughter at all. When you left the room I could hear her crying over the baby monitor. Anna cries two different ways. One when she is being punished and another when her heart is broken. Because I needed to talk to you I sent Gretchen to comfort her, and put her down for her nap.”

Tom Martin did not know what to think, he simply shook his head and walked away from Kelly, heading straight to his bar and poured himself a double. When he finished chugging his drink a tear fell down his cheek. He was convinced this time he had really screwed up and lost his baby girl forever.

When Anna woke up from her nap she played with her toys for a while aimlessly. Gretchen sat knitting in her nursery as if she was being guarded. Actually Kelly had just said to watch her as she had last minute things to do for the rehearsal.

Finally Gretchen changed Anna’s diaper and dressed her for the rehearsal in a pink t-shirt and pink short alls with a snap crotch. Pink ankle socks and pink tennis shoes. She then fixed her hair in pink pigtails and tied them in pink ribbons.

Anna was a perfect angel during the rehearsal. She did exactly as she was told. It would have been perfect until she pulled away when Mommy tried to kiss her. Kelly knew that Tom had mucked it up good she thought to herself how stupid men could be.

After the rehearsal Anna was taken back to the nursery by Gretchen and given a diaper change and then dressed in her pretty pink dress and placed in a pair of ruffled pink plastic panties. Gretchen pinned a pink pacifier to her dress and sent her to join her Mommy and Daddy to go to the restaurant. Anna clutched a little pink bunny rabbit to her chest as she walked towards her father and future mother.

Kelly tried to do damage control calling ahead to the restaurant and telling them to kill the high chair and the bib. Kelly treated Anna all during the dinner like a little girl not like a baby. Just the same the way she was dressed the rest of the party treated her like a baby girl. Considering Anna was sucking her pacifier and still clutching her bunny rabbit what would one expect?

Anna was actually surprised when she was served the same meal as everyone else, and not bibbed having to remember how to use a napkin. They had chicken cordon blieu, scalloped potatoes, and peas cooked in onions and portabella mushrooms. Followed by orange sherbet for desert.

Anna was not babied at all during dinner. When she had finished Kelly could not help but wipe her face and hands. Anna simply smiled “thank you Mommy.”

Finally back home Kelly undressed the girl, and then changed her diaper. Then gave her a bottle and rocked her to sleep. Anna acted tired and did not say a word, Kelly was smart enough to know Anna was faking Anna was very pissed and did not dare express her anger.

After Mommy put Anna in her crib, and turned off the light. Daddy entered the room, and stared down at Anna. Thinking she was asleep, he started to talk softly. "Little one I have loved you with all my heart since the day you were born. I know I have been a rotten Daddy first I could not make it work with your Mommy, and then I am not sure I was there for you in the right way, when she died.

I love Kelly then again maybe I should not have gone along with her idea to bring you back to me. Most of all I am just sorry you will never really know how much you are loved by both of us. Kelly is crazy about you. Then again I guess I just blew it all." Tom then let the side of the crib down for a second and bent down and kissed Anna’s cheek. Then with a tear in his eye, he left the nursery.

Having heard every word he said Anna buried her face in her pillow and sobbed quietly. They were all right thought Anna she was nothing but a little bitch a very ungrateful little bitch. She had a father that loved her and tomorrow a new Mommy she did not deserve. Anna knew exactly what she had to do.

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch7

The next morning after breakfast Anna made her move. Everyone was very busy and she had been left alone to play for a while in the nursery. She did not know how much time she had as she tip toed down the hall to Kelly’s room.

She knew the chances of getting caught were still pretty high. Anna did not like the thought of the spanking that would follow. Never the less she had to do this.

Once in Kelly’s room she began her search quickly and found her purse in Kelly’s closet. From the purse she removed her wallet and her plane ticket. She then put the purse back and headed quickly back to the nursery. Anna was surprised she did not get caught and quickly hid the wallet and ticket.

Soon Gretchen came and got her dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt to go to the beautician with Mommy. It was only a couple of hours until the wedding. Mommy chatted to Anna but Anna did not say a word in return. Simply setting in her car seat and playing with one of her dollies.

Once at the beauticians Anna was surprised that her hair was not fixed in pigtails or something extremely childish. Instead the lady fixed it in big curls almost waves. Anna could see in the mirror that the style although not exactly adult was much more befitting her age. The bigger shock to Anna was when a lady started to put some light make up on Anna.

“Ma’am my Mommy doesn’t let me wear makeup.”

“Its ok honey Mommy asked the lady too.”

Anna was shocked when Kelly spoke up but just sat there and let the lady do her job. Finally they were both done and went hurriedly back to the house.

Mommy went off with some of her girlfriends to get dressed. While Gretchen took Anna to be changed and dressed. Anna could see the other bridesmaids already in their dresses and thought how ridiculous she was going to look in hers.

After her fresh diaper. Gretchen put a pair of sheer panty hose on Anna. A lacey thought unpadded bra followed this. She then dressed Anna in a dress that was identical including length to the ones the other girls were wearing. A pearl necklace and a pair of white high heels completed the outfit. Anna stared in the mirror. It was hard to see the baby but easy to see the little girl. Anna smiled then Gretchen spoke. “You look wonderful Anna lovely enough to be a bride yourself.”

Anna was confused by the way she had been dressed and even more confused by the way Kelly and everyone treated her before the wedding. Not like and adult exactly but certainly no one was babying her.

Anna did not see her father before the ceremony in the garden. The ceremony went with out a hitch and Tom and Kelly were properly married. When Daddy kissed Anna’s new Mommy and his bride. Anna actually had a tear in her eye.

Anna sat right next to Daddy during the reception. She thought about all the people Kelly and Daddy had introduced her too. Some of them were new relatives like cousins and Aunts and Uncles of Kelly.

After the dinner was finished. There were a lot of toasts. Anna decided it would be appropriate for her to do one, even thought she only had grape juice in her champagne glass. She tapped her glass and then stood up. “I would just like to say congratulations to my Daddy. You have found yourself a wonderful bride and I am sure the two of you will be very happy together.”

Anna saw the grimace in her fathers face, too her words, just as she realized what she had said and how it must have sounded. Anna did not mean the toast to sound spiteful, and felt terrible that’s how her father took it.

After the cake cutting, tables were cleared and the band began to play. Seeing her Daddy sitting in a chair talking to a friend Anna walked over by him. Anna simply kissed him on the cheek “I love you Daddy.” Then turned and walked away.

Over the next half hour Anna just watched the happenings quietly in the background. She then went and found Gretchen and asked to be changed.

After her diaper change Gretchen thought about putting Anna down for a nap. It was well past her naptime. But Anna said she needed to get back to the reception. Gretchen thinking what a big girl she was being simply let her.

Anna then disappeared in the crowd just as she had planned. Walking back in the house she found it empty. She then called a cab to the address next door and told the cab company she would meet them out front.

Anna then ran up to her nursery and quickly changed out of the dress and into some shorts a t-shirt and tennis shoes. It took less than two minutes.

Anna grabbed her wallet and ticket and ran down the stairs and out the front door.

To her surprise the cab pulled up just as she arrived. Anna jumped in the backseat. “The airport please and step on it.”

This was the hairy part there was a plane for home in a little over and hour. If Anna could get her ticket changed. She arrived at the airport and paid the cab driver. She then went to see about changing her ticket. As was usual on most airlines they had no problem accommodating a first class customer and usually had empty seats in that section. Less than thirty minutes after Anna had left the house she was boarding her plane.

Anna walked in her home and quickly went to her room and changed her diaper. Taking a deep breath she spoke out loud. “Well that’s over with.”

Just then the phone rang. Anna picked it up “Hello”

“Anna Martin your behind just wrote a check you are not going to enjoy cashing. Your father and I were worried sick. Now you stay right there your father is on the other phone getting us tickets to come get you right now.”

“Stop it Kelly don’t you damn well bother. I am not staying here at all. I intend to check in someplace for the weekend until I can get to my lawyer on Monday and get the damn restraining order I promised you and Daddy dearest.”

Anna was bluffing, as she did not want to go anywhere and had no intention of telling her lawyer she wanted a restraining order put on her parents and why.

Kelly was stunned and very quiet. So Anna decided to end it. “Tell Daddy he is right I am a little bitch, and your plan did not do shit to change me. Now you and Daddy go on your honeymoon and make some babies and just stay the hell out of my life. Maybe the little brats will turn out better than I did and not be such a disappointment. I really don’t give a fuck Kelly.” Anna then slammed down the phone. Before collapsing on the bed in tears.

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Anna’s little secret ch8

Tom and Kelly were both devastated when they found out Anna was missing. But Tom insisted that they not go after her. “She has made her choice Kelly even if we think it’s the wrong one.”

Kelly and Tom canceled their original honeymoon reservations. They had intended to take Anna and go to Disney World in Florida. Instead after having the police check that Anna was home and safe they took off to Vegas. To try and salvage their honeymoon. They were not very happy newlyweds.

Anna spent Sunday morning quietly in her apartment. She kept thinking about the changes that had come about her. She knew she could not go back to her old life. Anna had decided to live. She figured the best way in the world to do that was to do what her father wanted her to do in the first place . Anna decided to go back to college and see if she could actually begin to grow up.

Anna picked up the phone and called the woman she had fired her mother’s friend and a lady that had always been like and Aunt to her.

“Hello Aunt Gretchen this is Anna, I was wondering if you were doing anything for lunch today. Of course it would be my treat I was thinking TGIF at two or someplace else if you like I am in the mood for some ribs.”

“You fire me out of the blue nine months ago Anna and now you want to buy me lunch, I don’t think that’s such a good idea besides I am busy I have a life. You know.”

“That’s exactly why we need to talk Aunt Gretchen you have a life and I don’t. Please I know I have been a brat a little bitch if you will. I am trying to fix that won’t you spare me a few minutes to do this.”

“Alright Anna I will do this for your Mom rest her soul if for no other reason. I will meet you there at one thirty if that’s ok.”

“That would be wonderful Aunt Gretchen see you then.” Anna listened as Aunt Gretchen hung up the phone without saying goodbye. Oh well thought Anna at least she will be coming for lunch.

Anna showed up early wearing a bright yellow sundress and some white Sandals. She had her hair in a ponytail and only some lip-gloss on. She looked like a typical teenager.

When Gretchen walked in and saw Anna she could not help but smile. Anna for the first time in a while looked like the little girl she remembered.

As she walked up Anna stood up and hugged the woman. Aunt Gretchen did not hug her back. She suspected that Anna had a trick up her sleeve.

“Aunt Gretchen I want to apologize to you for firing you and mistreating you in general. I am honestly sorry it was really childish of me. I had a thing about people being around me that knew I wore diapers. I also did not handle the responsibility of ownership well and mistreated a lot of people. That is why I want to offer to sale the boutique to you cheap.”

Gretchen was stunned before she could say a word a waitress came up and ask them what they would like to drink. Anna ordered some orange aid and Gretchen told the waitress to bring her the largest draft beer she had.

“Anna I can’t buy your boutique that store has to be worth at least a million dollars.”

“More like two million Aunt Gretchen a man that wanted to turn it into a chain offered me that a couple of months ago. But I don’t want the boutique franchised. Then again right now I want nothing to do with it or work in general. I am planning on going back to school. For now I just want to relax and have some fun. How about we do this I will give you half the store. You get a generous salary as manager and we split the profits fifty fifty.”

Still stunned Gretchen finally spoke. "Anna I would have to be and idiot to turn down and offer like that. I am almost fifty years old and work as a clerk in a store for ten bucks and hour. "

“Good when can you start, because other than to apologize to my staff I don’t intend on going back at all for now.”

“Well I should give notice honey but screw them I have worked for almost nine months and never gotten a raise or a thank you. I will start tomorrow you still open at nine.”

“Yes Ma’am I will be there to both apologize to my staff, and let them know that and adult is now in charge then I will call my lawyer and have him draw up the papers.”

“Nope no papers honey not yet. I will manage the store and split the profits with you. I will do this on your word. After five years if you still want me to have half then we will do the paperwork. Also I intend to pay you a salary the same as mine even though you are not there. We will meet once a year a board meeting if you will and decide what part is profits and what needs to go to improvements. Plus the reason you get a salary is so I can call you anytime I want for advice.”

Anna jumped up and hugged the woman this time she was hugged back almost taking her breathe away."Thank you Aunt Gretchen this means a lot to me. Now lets order some food I have not eaten since yesterday.

Two weeks later Tom Martin and Kelly could not take it anymore they were miserable without their baby girl. They decided to go and see her and see what could be done.

Tom drove the rental car straight to Anna’s apartment but there was no sign of her. They then went to the boutique. Anna of course was not there either. Tom recognized Gretchen she was the one he put in charge of the boutique the year Anna was with him.

Gretchen invited them into her office. She then told them what Anna had done and how sweet and innocent she had become. Anna had told Gretchen all about the wedding and her visit to Beverly Hills.

“Gretchen she is not home do you have any idea where are little girl is, we really want to talk to her.”

"Gretchen looked at her watch, “This time of day she is probably at the park she likes to go there and play in the afternoons after her nap.”

Kelly and Tom could not believe what they were hearing. “Gretchen we need to go we really need to find her, thank you so much for the help. Wait where is this park?”

Gretchen smiled “about two blocks south of her apartment you cant miss it.” They said there goodbyes then left. Miss it thought Tom they drove right by it. They then raced right back to it.

They looked in the playground area and saw no sign of Anna. Then they saw a bunch of kids playing softball on the ball diamond and walked over there.

Anna was up to bat when they got their “come on Sammy give me your best pitch cause this one is going way out there.” The boy pitched the ball high in the air and when it came across the plate Anna swung as hard as she could, missing the ball by a mile.

Sammy laughed, "That one went way out there alright Anna. "Anna gave Sammy a dirty look and stuck her tongue out at him. It was then when she heard a familiar voice.

“Don’t try to kill it baby just meet it, nice and easy and keep your eye on the ball.” Anna turned to see Tom and Kelly yet did not say a word just turned to face the pitcher again. “Ok Sammy Daddies hear and I don’t want to disappoint him ever again so bring it don’t sing it.”

Sammy threw the ball and Anna did exactly what her Daddy said keeping her eye on it and try to swing the bat too meet the ball. No one in the park was more surprised than Anna when the ball leaped out of the infield between the centerfielder and the left fielder the ball rolling all the way to the fence. It was only the third time Anna had played this game and the fist time she ever hit the dang ball.

Just standing there she heard her team mates along with Daddy and Kelly screaming at her.“Run Anna runnnnnnnnnnnn.”

Anna took off as fast as she could for first base. When she got there the first base coach urged her to second. Then the left fielder badly over threw second base and Anna headed for third. She never even noticed the third base coach telling Anna to stop. The little girl running as fast as she possibly could headed for home.

The ball had come from the right fielder into Sammy and he turned and fired it to home. Anna dove reaching for the plate as the catcher caught the ball and spun to tag her.

“Safeeeeeeeeeeee” yelled the umpire Anna jumped for joy “I did it I did it I actually hit the stupid ball”

Tom made his way to his daughter and scooped her up in his arms.

“So this is where you been hiding in the park hitting home runs.”

“Hey you two did you forget I got a restraining order on the both of you.”

Kelly spoke up “well honey that’s a good thing because we could not restrain ourselves from coming to get our littler girl one more moment.”

Anna laughed then got a real serious look on her face." I did not want to leave; I just did not want to disappoint you both anymore. I realized I was what Daddy said and thought if I grew up and learned to be nice to people the both of you might learn to love me."

Tom Martin hugged and kissed Anna "baby girl I have loved you since the day you were born no matter what. Then again I should have never said what I said I just hope you can forgive me. Now I love you and Kelly loves you. Most of all we cant be happy without you.

Anna hugged and kissed her Daddy then held out her arms too Kelly. Kelly took the girl in her arms and hugged and kissed her, as Anna hugged and kissed her.

“Mommy I will come home on one condition.”

This statement confused Kelly. Up to now things were going so well. "I don’t like conditions Anna I think you know that, but go ahead tell us what it is.

"The condition is " suddenly Anna giggled then covered her mouth to stop. “The condition is that you treat me exactly as you feel I need to be treated just like my real Mommy would have because now you are.”

Kelly felt the tears streaming down her face she glanced at Tom whose eyes were also very damp.

Anna was grinning ear to ear. " Now Mommy my back pack is over there and I really need a change you think I could have one before we go back to my apartment and pack. We can use the family restroom over there its always clean."

Kelly looked around there were a lot of people kids and adults standing around listening to her talk about her diapers. Kelly had a strange look on her face.

“Mommy they know I wear diapers I told them. It was trying to keep that a secret that made me such a brat in the first place.” Kelly kissed her again and Tom smiled. "Ok punk in lets go get you changed.

The very Happy Ending

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

This was 1 of the best stories ive read in a long time good job

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

[to Ken, as opposed to me who just pillaged it]

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

Thanks for posting this great little story, make a change to have a “happy ending”

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

You wrote a great story. I was impressed by your making her to become a baby under the hands and stern will of her futuer Step Mom, And then giving her
back her dignity by having her wear a matching dress to the other brides maids at the weding…
very smart and out of left field, which is a great way to ingite new interest in the long story. I also liked that she never gave up her own inner belief, but changed her atitude and made amends with the people she had hurt. Sounds like a “and they all lived happily ever after” heartwarming. :: ) from Ajax8 Babykins)

Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US

That would be that Ken did, rather than I did.

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great story.
couldn’t stop reading it ;D

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A very good story and I also could not stop reading it. I also love happy endings too! :slight_smile:

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just like anna you got a home run, good job

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sequel please love it!!!

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Ken retired from story writing a couple years ago, so I don’t think there will be any sequels.

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Retired or just transitioned to stories that he could find a paying market for? Writing is hard to give up, but I’ve noticed that writing diaper stories does take me away from writing paying stories. Still, it gets me closer to my million words I need to get to being good enough to sell stories.

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I assure you that Ken is not selling his stories. ::slight_smile: