Annie's New Life (Sequel to "The Little Girl") UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

Ok, so I know I have not been very active on the forum, but some of you may remember “The Little Girl.” A story I wrote a few years ago. I finally started getting some writing in this summer, and of the few stories started, this is one of them. The first few parts of the story that I will post is the first day (22 pages worth). I won’t post them all right away, I like to keep people waiting ;D. It’s long because it sets up the theme of the sequel. I hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 1 - Part 1

Thursday morning rolled around a lot faster than Barb had wanted. After being up all night with thoughts racing through her head, she was extremely exhausted. She looked over at Annie sleeping peacefully next to her. Barb sat up and looked at the clock and sighed.

“I suppose I should get some motivation.” She mumbled as she got out of bed. Trying to be as quiet as she could, she grabbed clothes and tiptoed to the shower.

Lora opened her eyes and looked at the clock, “6:30 already,” she yawned. She got up and made her way into the kitchen to throw something together for breakfast.

Barb got out of the shower and dried off, she threw on her bathrobe and made her way to the kitchen for her much needed coffee.

“Good morning Lora,” Barb said softly as she prepared the coffee.

“Hey Barb. How did you sleep?” Lora asked as she examined Barb’s puffy undereyes.

“Oh ok, had a lot on my mind all night. I just need to get used to going back to work, I guess.” Barb sighed.

Lora nodded, “It will get better in time Hon. Just remember that Annie is in good hands and safe.”

Barb smiled, “I couldn’t ask for a more perfect person for Annie than yourself. I just need to let myself trust that Farrah will be a good fit for Annie too. It really has been nice having you here while Leanna has been at her father’s house.”

Lora smiled and nodded and turned back to flip her French toast slices.

Barb poured herself some fresh coffee and made her way back to the bathroom to get ready.

As she was nearing the bathroom there was a faint knock on the front door, Barb realized it was 7 O’Clock and ran to the door.

Farrah smiled, “Good morning!”

Barb smiled, “Good morning Farrah. Come on in and make yourself at home. Lora is in the kitchen and Annie is still sleeping. I need to finish getting ready for work.”

Farrah slipped her shoes off and made her way into the kitchen and sat down.

Lora smiled and brought a plate piled with steaming French toast. “Hey Farrah, good to see you! Can I get you some coffee or anything?”

Farrah shook her head, “Absolutely! That would be wonderful!”

Annie opened her eyes and rolled onto her back to stretch. She plopped her nuk back in and laid under the warm soft blankets listening to the birds chirp. The sun peeked through the blinds giving the room a warm dim glow. She looked down at bink and gave her a hug and held on tighter. She closed her eyes and lightly dozed.

She was awoken minutes later as Barb kissed her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Good morning precious.” Barb said softly. “I am leaving for work now, Lora and Farrah are in the kitchen and breakfast is ready. Do you need a change before I go?”

Annie nodded and crawled over to Barb giving her a hug.

Barb laid her down and swiftly but gently changed Annie into a fresh dry diaper. “How’s that sweety?” Barb winked and lightly tickled Annie’s tummy.

Annie smiled, “Good.”

“Are you hungry or would you like to lay down a bit longer?” Barb asked.

“Lay down.” Annie said, still feeling a little unsure about Barb being gone all day.
“Ok baby, I will tell Lora.” Barb said as she tucked Annie and bink back in and kissed her one last time on the forehead and made her way out of the room.

Barb closed the door and walked into the kitchen. “Annie is changed and still laying down. I think she may be just a little nervous. Please call me for anything at all.”

Lora nodded, “Don’t worry a bit Barb, we will be just fine today.”

Farrah smiled, “Have a wonderful day!”

Barb smiled and rushed out the door.

“So, Lora, ready to show me the ropes?” Farrah asked.

Lora nodded and smiled. She put the plate of French toast in the oven and set it to warm.

“We can start by checking on Annie. Barb thinks she might be nervous, so right now is her most vulnerable time. It might be good to be there.” Lora said as they made their way down the hall to Barb’s room.

Annie opened her eyes when she heard the doorknob click. She looked over and saw Lora’s smiling face peeking through.

“Hi sunshine. Did you sleep good?” Lora asked.

Annie shyly smiled and nodded.

Lora walked in and sat on the bed. Annie saw Farrah and her smile faded. She pulled the blankets up closer to her face.

“Do you remember Farrah? She has come to visit us today.” Lora assured.

Annie nodded shyly and looked at Lora with a slight insecurity in her eyes.

“Annie, it’s ok.” Lora assured as she wiped a strand of hair from her fearful face.

Farrah smiled and watched quietly.

“Are you hungry?” Lora asked.

Annie nodded and sat up slowly and inched her way to Lora’s side.

Lora stood up and held her arms out, and Annie quickly crawled up and nestled onto her side.

Lora reached down and checked Annie’s diaper finding it dry and smiled.

The three went back out to the kitchen and Lora set Annie down and grabbed the French toast from the oven.

“Farrah, can you put a bib on Annie, she tends to swim in the syrup.” Lora chuckled. “There are some in the drawer next to the sink.”

Farrah reached in the drawer and pulled out a yellow bib and slid it over Annie’s head. She pulled Annie’s hair out of the neck and tied it back with a hairtie.

Lora brought out 3 plates and forks, and dished Annie up. She cut Annie’s toast into small pieces and slid the plate in front of Annie. Annie disregarded the blue plastic fork on the plate and grabbed two handfuls of the syrupy goodness and began gobbling it down.

Farrah giggled as she watched Annie.

After breakfast, Lora showed Farrah where Barb kept everything in the kitchen and the two of them cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Annie, full of sticky syrup, was placed in the tub. Lora smiled when she could hear Annie softly playing in the tub down the hall.

“Annie usually does better bathing after breakfast. When she first wakes up she is shy and has to re-open herself up, even to Barb. Not to mention, she is a messy eater.” Lora explained.

The phone rang and Lora excused herself. “Could you check on Annie for me please?”

Farrah nodded and walked towards the splashing noises coming from down the hall.

Annie looked up when she heard the floor creak, her playfulness faded and she got a frightened look in her face.

“Hey Annie, just making sure you are getting squeaky clean! I will let you play.” Farrah winked and went back out to the living room.

“…Ok, oh God. I will call you right back! I have to make arrangements!” Lora said in a worried and rushed voice.

She hung up and dialed another number in. “Ohhh… C’mon Barb… pick up! Please pi- BARB! Leanna has been admitted to the hospital. I need to leave. Can you come home? …Ok… I will let her know… Yes I will call you as soon as I hear anything… Bye.”

“Is everything ok Lora?” Farrah asked concerned.

“No, my daughter was just admitted to the hospital. I don’t know anything, no time to explain. Barb will be home in a couple hours. I need you to watch Annie. I will go say goodbye.” Lora said in a panic.

She flew down to the bathroom, “Annie, sweetheart, I know that you will be scared, but please try your best. I have to go, Leanna is very very sick. Farrah is going to watch you and Barb will be home in time for lunch. Please trust me and trust her. I love you baby.” Lora kissed Annie’s forehead and before Annie could blink, she heard the front door close.

Annie sat there in a daze. She didn’t know whether to scream or cry or anything. Farrah slowly peeked her head in.

“Hi Annie, are you ok?” Farrah asked nervously.

Tears welled up in Annie’s eyes and she shook her head.

Farrah knelt down in front of the tub, “You know, I know that you do not know me very well. You are probably scared right now. But I am only here to help take care of you, not to hurt you. I will go slow, but if you feel scared or anything, all you need to say is stop. I will stop whatever I am doing without asking why.”

Annie nodded.

“Would you like to get out of the bathtub and get dressed?” Farrah asked.

Annie nodded.

Farrah grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Annie and lifted her from the tub.

Annie, shivering, walked slowly towards her room. Farrah let the water out of the tub and walked into Annie’s room finding her with a pullup on and climbing into her crib.

Farrah sighed. “Can I please dry you off better so you do not get too cold?”

Annie shrugged.

“It’s up to you Hon.” Farrah reassured.

Annie held out her hands and Farrah lifted her back down and began to towel Annie off.

“Annie, if you are going to wear a pullup make sure you use the potty. Those are not as absorbent and might leak. If you want I can help you into a regular diaper.” Farrah explained.

Annie shook her head and pulled her blanket through the crib bars and went into Barb’s room for bink. Farrah came in with an outfit and handed it to Annie.

“Here are clothes if you want them.” Farrah said and she walked out of the room.
Annie slid the shorts and tshirt on and brought her blanket and bink out to the window seat.

She hopped onto the bench and wrapped herself in her blanket and leaned her head against the window.

Farrah walked over and sat next to her. “Would you like to watch a movie, or go for a walk or something?”

Annie shrugged.

“I understand you are a little shy so why don’t we go for a little stroll and enjoy the sunshine?” Farrah hinted.

Annie shrugged and nodded her head slowly and unsurely.

Farrah walked to the front door and grabbed her tennis shoes and Annie’s as well.

“Do you need help putting these on?” Farrah asked.

Annie nodded and dangled her legs down off the seat.

Farrah slid the shoes on and fastened them and put her own on as well.

“Ok Hon, ready?”

Annie nodded and slid off the window seat.

The two of them walked out the door and out to the sidewalk.

Barb finished up the last of her paperwork and went into her boss’s office.

“Excuse me, Mr. Johnson?” Barb quietly summoned.

“Yes, Barbra, what can I do for you?” He said as he looked up from his desk and motioning her in.

Barb came in and sat down. “I know that I was off for a few days, and I have a lot of work to catch up on. I am wondering if I can possibly do it from home?”

Mr. Johnson leaned back in his chair and rubbed his balding head. “What’s going on?”

Barb sighed, “Well, as you know, I am going through an adoption process with a very troubled young girl. I am also in the process of finding suitable childcare. Her caretaker’s daughter is very sick and in the hospital. I need to get home and reorganize my childcare situation.”

Mr. Johnson nodded. “Barbra, I understand your situation. But I also need to know that you are reliable. You have proven to me over the last fifteen years to be one of my best employees. I trust that if I send you home with the necessary equipment to fulfill your duties here, that I can expect the same level of work you do here in the office?”

“Most definitely. I promise I will not let you down.” Barb promised.

“Ok. I will give you today and tomorrow as a trial, and if you can satisfy my expectations, we can talk about a position working from home with some office time. I will have my secretary put a package together with the necessary equipment and have it sent to your home this afternoon.” Mr. Johnson said.

“Thank you so much. You will not be sorry.” Barb promised.

Mr. Johnson nodded and motioned the ok for Barb to be on her way.

Barb rushed back to her office and grabbed her paperwork and assignments. Along with her desktop items and contact list. She rushed out to her vehicle and was on her way.

Farrah finally broke the ice after walking for fifteen minutes in silence.

“So, Annie, what is your favorite food?”

Annie looked up at Farrah and smiled, “I like pizza. I like it a lot with lots of cheese.”

“Mmmm pizza is one of my favorites too! Maybe we will have to have a cooking day and make some yummy homemade pizza for dinner!” Farrah chirped.

Annie nodded excitedly. “I am a good cooker.”

Farrah chuckled. “I bet you are!”

Annie smiled proudly, and took Farrah’s hand.

Farrah looked down and smiled.

“Annie do you know how to swim?” Farrah asked.

Annie shook her head.

“Would you like to learn sometime?”

Annie shook her head again. “I only swim in the tub. Because I am taller than the water.”

“I bet you would like the beach then. You can stay in the shallow water and play.”

Annie looked up. She had never been to a beach. “Where is the beach?”

Farrah answered, “Well there is a nice one about twenty minutes from here. Unfortunately I do not have a car yet, but maybe one weekend we can all go together in Barb’s vehicle.”

Annie smiled with anticipation. “I can ask her when she gets home!”

Farrah smiled, “Yes you can. But don’t be upset if she says no this time. She might have a lot going on with Lora and her daughter too.”

Annie shrugged.

Barb pulled into the garage, and ran inside. “Annie! Farrah! I am here!”

Barb looked around, with no sign of either, she got a bit nervous. She got back in her car and drove down to the park. After scanning the park numerous times and not seeing either girls, she began to drive around the neighborhood. About 6 blocks up she recognized them and pulled up to them.

Annie looked over and saw Barb pull up. She let go of Farrah’s hand and took off running, “Barby!” Annie called out happily.

“Annie! Stop! There is a car!” Barb screamed as she waved her hands at Annie.

Farrah startled Annie as she grabbed her from behind and pulled her back up the curb. A little sports car zoomed by without slowing down. Farrah let out a sigh of relief, “Wow, girl, you need to be looking both ways before crossing a street.”

Barb walked over to Farrah and Annie and gave Annie a big hug. “Annie you are not to go in the street unless you are holding an adults hand. Do you understand?”

Annie nodded embarrassed.

“I just got home, and there was no note, so I got worried. Would you like a lift home?” Barb asked.

Annie nodded. “I wanna go with you.”

Farrah shrugged, “Sure, that’s fine.” She was a little upset that her time with Annie was shortened when there seemed to finally be a small connection.

Barb fastened Annie in her carseat. Farrah slid into the front passenger side and Barb came around to the drivers side.

“Wow, what a day!” Barb exclaimed.

Farrah nodded, “Is Lora’s daughter ok?”

Barb’s face faded and she shook her head. “I don’t think so. They are still doing tests. Right now it’s looking like it could be Neuroblastoma.”

Farrah’s face sunk. “I am so sorry.”

Annie listened to the two of them talk solemnly and knew that whatever was going on was not good.

When they were home, Barb said goodbye to Farrah and came around and let Annie out of the backseat. “Come on baby, let’s make some lunch.”

Annie followed Barb into the house. She walked over and grabbed bink and came into the kitchen where Barb was attempting to prepare something for lunch.

“Why don’t you jump up in the chair and I will have lunch ready in a minute sweety.” Barb ordered.

Annie sat up to the table and waited. Just then the phone rang. Barb ran to the phone in a panic. “Hello?… Lora… What is going on?…” Barb sat a plate with a sandwich and carrots in front of Annie and walked back to her bedroom.

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”)

HALLELUJAH! celebrates

Loved the original story, can’t wait to see where this one is going!

One thing (rollover from the previous story) - try not to used ‘chirped’ and ‘pranced’ too much ok? Noticed a preponderance of that in the original story. :slight_smile:

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”)

Thanks Casper, I will take that advice!!

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”)

Chapter 1 - Part 2

Annie slowly nibbled on her lunch wondering why there was so much commotion.

“Barb, it’s stage 4. I don’t know what to do. How could I have not known?”

“Lora, it’s not your fault, these things happen unexpectedly. Especially when we never expect it to. Cancer does not always have obvious symptoms.”

“I am just beside myself. How could I have not noticed her stomach? Why didn’t I do anything when she complained about constipation.”
“Because, Lora, any child can have constipation and bloating. It’s a normal part of life.”

“Now it’s stage four, and her chance of survival has diminished hugely. I cannot believe this. How do you explain this to a four-year-old?”

“You do not need to explain in detail to Leanna until it’s time. Just because the survival rate is less, does not mean she will not survive. Lora, you need to have faith. What is the treatment plan right now?”

“Well, it’s beyond the limits of having surgery. It has spread to distant lymph nodes, bone marrow, and her liver. They want to start chemotherapy.”


“They are recommending St. Jude’s in Nashville. Barb, will you come with me? I know you have a lot on your plate with Annie, and I know that you already have missed so much work. But I need you, I need you more than ever. I don’t know what el-”

“Lora, I will be there. When are you going to Nashville?”

“They are transporting her on Saturday.”

“Ok. Let me make some arrangements. Do you need anything from your house, I will drive out there and pack whatever you need.”

“Yes, thank you. I need…”

Annie sat at the table wondering why Barb was on the phone so long. She sighed and slid out of the seat and walked back to the bedroom. She sat down next to Barb who was furiously scribbling on a note pad.

“Ok Lora, I will do that after Annie’s appointment tomorrow. I will see you Friday night.”

“Love you too. Hang in there.” Barb clicked the phone off and looked at Annie.

“Oh baby, I am so sorry. Come here, I need a good hug.” Barb smiled as she scooped Annie into her arms and embraced her.

She carried back out to the living room and sat down on the couch with her.

“Annie, I need to talk to you. Leanna is very sick, and she is in the hospital. You and I will be going to a different state in a couple days to stay with Lora and Leanna for awhile. I need to make some calls to set up therapy for you down there and make arrangements for my job. I will put a movie in and you can nap out here today ok?”

Annie nodded and grabbed bink and her blanket off the window seat. Barb walked back to the bedroom and grabbed Annie’s pillow and a diaper.

She laid Annie on the couch and pulled her shorts down. “Why are you wearing a pullup?”

Annie shrugged.

Barb ripped the sides and slid it out from underneath her and fastened her thick disposable snug. She got Annie all settled on the couch, and put a movie in and grabbed a phonebook and walked into her room.

Annie drifted fast into a deep sleep.

Barb called her boss first and explained the situation. She was disheartened when her boss said it would be too difficult to have her doing work in another state. He told her that her position would be waiting for her when she got back if she still wanted it.

“But please Barb, keep me posted. I consider you one of my best employees and I am willing to hold this position. But if things take a turn, I need you to let me know so I can find someone permanent to fill your position. As of right now, I will find a temp service to fulfill your job.” Mr. Johnson explained.

“Absolutely sir. I will let you know as soon as I do. Thank you so much”

Barb hung up the phone and picked it right back up and dialed Annie’s therapy office.

They got her a referral to a small clinic in Nashville.

“We actually recommend that you make an appointment with them immediately. We also recommend that Annie not come to her appointment here. With her fragile state of trust, we don’t want her bouncing around from therapist to therapist if she does not need to. We want her to form a bond with a therapist so she can get the most out of therapy.”

“Ok I understand, I will call them right away. What if we do not end up staying there long? Would Annie be referred back to you? I mean… That is technically bouncing her around, right?”

“Let’s just worry about that if the situation arises. As of right now, this will be the best option. But I urge you not to take this lightly; Annie needs to start therapy right away while the trauma is still fairly fresh. We do not want her to suppress any of it, as that can make therapy difficult not only on the doctor, but on Annie as well.”

Barb agreed, “I will take care of it right away.”

Barb called the Nashville office, and made an appointment for a week from Tuesday.

“Just make sure that you have all her records, paperwork and case management. I would also suggest you bring it in prior to the appointment so that the therapist can get familiar with the situation.”

“Yes, I will pick that up and get it faxed to you today.” Barb complied.

Barb sighed as she dialed in one last phone call to Annie’s case worker.

Her case worker explained that she would not refer her to a new one unless they ended up staying longer than 6 months. Technically she was not becoming a resident, and they agreed on weekly phone conversations and emails.

“But please keep me notified of Annie’s progress, and I will need a report monthly from her therapist as well. If something changes where you intend to become a resident of Tennessee, I will have to transfer her case to the appropriate state and county.”

“Thanks, I will talk to you soon.” Barb hung up the phone and immediately dialed Lora to give her the great news.

“Hey…Lora… We will be there tonight. I am going to call Farrah, I will run out to your house now and pack your things… Ok… see you tonight.”

Barb then called Farrah, “Farrah, it’s Barb… I’m good, can you come over for a few hours?… Ok great… Bye.”

Barb got her list and waited for Farrah.

Annie awoke and saw Farrah sitting in the recliner.
“Hey sleepy head. Did you have a good nap?”

Annie nodded, “Where’s Barby?”

“She should actually be back very soon. She had to run to Lora’s and grab a few things. Would you like a snack?”

Annie shook her head.

“Ok. Are you wet?”

Annie nodded.

“Would you like me to change you?”

Annie shook her head.

“Well then you need to change yourself, you cannot sit in a wet diaper.”

Annie slid off the couch and went into her bedroom. Finding an empty package of pullups she knew she was in trouble. She grabbed a disposable and removed the wet one. She laid on the floor and tried to fasten the disposable. She eventually got it to stay up, but it was not on right. She walked out to the living room to find her shorts.

Farrah saw Annie’s attempt and had to chuckle. “Come here kiddo, let’s fix this.”

Before Annie had a chance to disagree, Farrah scooped her up and laid her on the floor and re-fastened the diaper snugly.

Annie was in shock.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Farrah said as she gave Annie’s tummy a light tickle.

Annie giggled and rolled back up to a sitting position.

“Ok, are you sure you do not want a snack?” Farrah said as she grabbed Annie’s hand to pull her onto her feet.

Annie smiled, “I wanna snack.”

Annie crawled into the chair as Farrah rummaged through the kitchen, finally settling on some graham crackers and juice.

Farrah poured the juice into a sippy cup and brought the items over to Annie.

“There you go sweety.” She cooed as she ruffled Annie’s messy curls and walked down the hall.

As Annie picked away at her crackers, she heard the garage door screeching.

She jumped out of her chair and ran to the door, “Barby!”

Barb pulled the car into the garage and got out, “Hey baby!”

Annie clumsily ran down the few cement steps and jumped into Barb’s arms.

“How’s my girl?” Barb asked as she kissed Annie’s forehead.

“Good.” Annie shyly answered putting her head on Barb’s shoulder.

Barb stroked the side of Annie’s face and her back and made her way into the house.

Farrah walked out from the bathroom, “Hey Barb! Did your trip go well?”

Barb nodded, “Yes, thankfully I have the big ol’ Suburban!”

Farrah chuckled. “Well do you need any help getting Annie or yourself packed before you leave tonight?”

Barb’s face lit up, “Farrah, that would be wonderful! If you want to start in the bathroom and just load up what you see into boxes, it would help so much! I will run into the basement and grab some boxes now!”

Farrah replied, “Let me! Just tell me where they are, and I will grab them, you go ahead and start in your rooms.”

“Oh thanks, they are under the steps in the little storage area. There should also be a roll of packing tape hanging on a nail on the back of the door. Thanks again.”

Annie looked at Barb with confused eyes, “Where are we going?”

“Come on little one, let’s go into your room and we can start packing and I will explain everything.”

Barb and Annie disappeared into hallway.

Farrah made her way down the basement steps.

Barb set Annie down, “Ok, I want you to get all the toys you would like to bring with. We are going on a trip to see Leanna and Lora for a little while.”

Annie nodded. “Are we coming back?”

“Yes baby, I just don’t know when.” Barb answered as she pulled clothes out of Annie’s closet.

Barb suddenly stopped what she was doing and rushed out the door, “Farrah…” she faded as she made her way down the hall.

Annie started rummaging through her things and started making a pile of toys, she grabbed her books and Winnie the Pooh play set. She laid them on top of her game of candy land and coloring books.

Farrah was pulling the flattened boxes out of the closet and setting them by the steps when she heard Barb calling her.

“Coming!” She replied as she grabbed the packing tape and as many boxes as she could fit into her grip.

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 2 posted.

“Farrah, I have an idea.” Barb said as she helped Farrah grab the last of the boxes.

“What’s that?” Farrah inquired.

“Come with us.” Barb blurted. “I think it would a great idea, if things get rough and I can’t have Annie at the hospital or for whatever, I would have you. Plus it will get you out and about.”

Farrah was silent for a moment. Then she slowly and not so surely replied, “O-ok.”

“I mean, if you want to. I don’t want to seem pushy. But I cannot guarantee how long we will be staying in Nashville. So I guess what I mean is I would like to hire you in a way. I still want Annie to get to know you.” Barb explained.

Farrah nodded a little more securely. “Ok… ok yeah. I would love to come.”

“You are a lifesaver! Go home and get packed. Don’t pack for only a few days, bring what you need as if you were staying long term, just in case.”

“Well I don’t have much anyhow, so it will only be an hour. I’ll be back soon!” Farrah exclaimed as she rushed out the door.

Barb carried what boxes she could and dropped them on the living room floor. She taped the bottom of a few and brought one into Annie’s room.

Annie had every single toy she owned in a pile in the middle of the floor.

Barb chuckled. "Do you think you need all of these as she began separating the necessities from the random toys and throwing some into the box.

Annie began tossing all of the toys into the box, “Please?” She asked with her big round eyes.

Barb giggled, “What am I going to with you. You can take what fits into this box. But that’s all, I mean it!”

Annie smiled and began ruthlessly shoving toys into the box and packing them down as much as she could.

Barb grabbed another box from the living room and brought it into Annie’s room and proceeded to fold Annie’s clothes and stack them in neatly.

“Annie can you please grab your blanket off the couch?” Barb asked as she ushered Annie out the door.

Annie skipped out to the living room to grab her blanket, and skipped back into the room. She sat back down on the floor to continue force-packing her toys in the box. As she sat down she realized just how squishy her bottom was. She looked at Barb contemplating whether or not she should tell her. She looked pretty busy so Annie figured she would just wait.

Barb finished getting all of Annie’s things boxed up and left 2 diapers out for the drive. As she looked at Annie’s far-off look, she figured she better grab one more out. Annie sat there squirming on the floor just watching Barb finish up.

“Annie do you need a change yet?” Barb asked.

Annie nodded her head shyly, “Uh-huh.”

Barb scooped her up and laid her on the changing table. She pulled down her shorts, “You leaked, honey. You need to tell me sooner.”

Annie’s face reddened as she shrugged and nodded.

Barb untaped the full diaper and wiped Annie’s diaper area thoroughly. “Honey, you look a little sore, do you hurt?”

Annie shook her head.
Barb walked over to the box she had just packed and pulled out the diaper cream. “We are going to put some of this on just in case, ok sweetheart?”

Annie smiled and nodded. She loved the coolness and smoothness of the cream.

Barb squeezed a little from the tube and gently smeared it on the red areas.

Annie closed her eyes and put her thumb in her mouth.

Barb smiled, she loved when Annie looked comforted.

Barb gently shook baby powder into the fresh diaper and onto Annie’s bottom. She pulled the front up and held the diaper in place as she taped it up tight and snug on Annie’s little body.

She put Annie’s damp shorts into the hamper and pulled out Annie’s favorite pink one-piece jumper. She pulled Annie’s shirt off and dressed her in the jumper.

“There’s my pretty little baby girl.” Barb said softly as she pulled Annie into her embrace.

“Let’s get you some dinner.” Barb carried Annie out to the kitchen table and sat her down. “Honey I am sorry I am not cooking tonight. We need to get going as soon as we can.” Barb pulled out the bread and spread peanut butter and grape jelly on two slices and plopped them together. She cut the sandwich in half and sliced up the last banana for Annie. “Here sweety, I am going to go start packing my room.” Barb set the plate of food down and a sippy cup of milk.

Annie nibbled on her sandwich and watched Barb disappear down the hall.

Farrah finished packing and set everything by the front door and waited for Barb’s suburban. It seemed like forever before she saw the headlights come down the street.

Farrah rolled her suitcase to the end of the driveway and ran back to grab her bag as well.

“Sorry Farrah, we are trying to hurry! I didn’t realize it would get so late.” Barb apologized.

“It’s fine Barb, maybe I should have come back to help you.” Farrah consoled.

Barb replied, “Well we got it done and we are on our way.” Barb put Farrah’s things in the backseat next to Annie, the back was packed as full as it could get.

“All set girls?” Barb asked, as she checked her rearview mirror and pulled out.

Annie dozed off in the backseat, leaving Farrah and Barb to chat quietly in the front.

Barb looked back, “Oh I hope that doing this will not affect Annie in a bad way. She was just seeming to open up and get comfortable.”

Farrah smiled, "She is going to be fine. A change of scenery could actually do her good.

Lora waited outside the hotel as Barb pulled in. Barb jumped out and hugged Lora, who was an emotional wreck. “Hi honey, we are here finally.” Barb consoled.

“I am so happy you came. Leanna’s father is at the hospital right now with her. Oh Barb, you should see her. My heart just breaks.” Lora cried.

Farrah walked up, “I am really sorry Lora, this has to be really hard.”

“Oh, Farrah… I didn’t realize you were coming too.” Lora stated surprised.

“Sorry Lora, we were in such a hurry, I forgot to mention that when I called. I asked her last minute, just in case.” Barb explained.

“I’m sorry Farrah, I didn’t mean for it to sound like you were unwelcome, I am just a little embarrassed when people see me like this, a wreck, that is. I am very happy you are here.” Lora apologized and gave Farrah a quick hug. “Where’s Annie?”

“She is in the car, still sleeping. I figured we would get stuff up to the room and then I would bring her up to bed. Thankfully Farrah is here so I have that option.” Barb smiled at Farrah.

“Absolutely, let’s get moving then.” Lora said as she started walking to the back of the vehicle.

“Actually Lora, you have already had quite the day. If you would like, I can help Barb. You can relax in the car.” Farrah offered.

Barb looked at Lora reassuringly.

“Thanks, ok. If you don’t mind.” Lora smiled.

Farrah winked, “Not one bit.” Farrah walked into the main doors and grabbed a luggage cart and wheeled it to the back of the suburban where Barb was waiting.

As Barb loaded things onto the luggage cart, Farrah grabbed one more cart.

“Again, Farrah, you really are a lifesaver.” Praised Barb.

Farrah smiled, “Just want to help in any way I can.” Farrah stacked her first box on a cart. “Are we all in one room?”

Barb shrugged, “I would suppose so.”

Lora piped from the front of the vehicle, “I upgraded to a suite today. There is a master bedroom, a second bedroom and a pull-out couch. I figure I will take the hide-a-bed since I could be in and out, not to mention not sleeping well.”

“You and Annie should take the master bedroom then, there is much more room for her there.” Farrah assured.

“Well, ok, if that is ok with everyone. Lora, I want to make sure you have a good night’s rest. Are you sure you want the couch?” Barb questioned as she loaded her last box on the luggage cart.

“Barb, it is better. I may roam at night, and I wouldn’t be able to be contained in a bedroom. I don’t want to wake anyone up.”

“Ok then, it’s settled. Let’s bring this first load up Farrah. What is the room number Lora?”

“First floor, room 158. I have a key right here.” Lora fumbled around in her pocket and pulled out a key card and handed it to Barb as they pushed the luggage carts into the hotel.

“Wow, this is actually really nice!” Barb exclaimed as she pulled open the door. “This has to be costing way too much!”

“It is really nice.” Farrah answered. She started pulling boxes, bags and suitcases off the cart.

Barb walked into the master bedroom and her jaw dropped. Lora had already had a crib delivered to the room for Annie, and there was a huge king size bed. The room had beautiful dim lighting and a fireplace. It was absolutely exquisite. There was a large bathroom just for the two of them. She started feeling really guilty that she was in such a beautiful room at such a horrible time.

She walked back out to the main room and over into the second bedroom. There were two queen beds, a beautiful armoire, and also very roomy.

“Farrah, I think you, Annie and I should just share this room. We would be plenty comfortable in here.” Barb called out.

Farrah walked in, “Oh yes, plenty of room.” She walked out looking a bit discouraged.

Barb followed her out, “It’s ok if you would like your own space. I understand.”

Farrah nodded, “I feel horrible that I do.”

Barb replied, “Don’t feel horrible, it was only a suggestion. I was not even thinking. I am sorry.”

Farrah shrugged. “I just don’t sleep well as it is, and I would hate to keep you or Annie awake, or be kept awake.”

Barb nodded, “It’s completely understandeable. Don’t you worry. Let’s get the rest of this luggage off and get the last load.” Barb smiled and put her hand on Farrah’s shoulder.

“Sounds like a blast!” Farrah joked. The two chuckled and finished unloading.

Lora watched Farrah and Barb come back out with empty luggage carts and got out. “Barb, why don’t I take Annie in and I will lay her on your bed, that carseat does not look so comfortable.”

“Ok Lora, thank you. See you inside in a few!”

Lora gently unbuckled Annie and lifted her out. She grabbed her bink and pacifier and slowly walked inside.

Barb and Farrah finished the last bit of luggage and pulled the carts to the door. “Let me park quick, and I will be right back.” Barb explained.

“Ok, I will be right here.” Farrah smiled.

Lora laid Annie down on the bed gently. Annie curled to her side undisturbed and began to nurse her thumb. Lora laid next to her with tears in her eyes. She caressed Annie’s cheek and gave her a kiss. “Goodnight Precious.” Lora whispered.

Lora went out to the main room and plopped herself on the couch. She couldn’t help but break down in tears. As she waited for Barb and Farrah to return she reminisced memory upon memory of Leanna. Her first smile, the first time she rolled over. She lightly smiled at the thought of her first steps and her first piece of birthday cake. She remembered the first time she heard the word ‘mama’ and the first time she said ‘I love you.’ She went weak at the thought of the many nights she was awake nursing Leanna through sickness into health. She cried more at the memory of Leanna’s first punishment. She felt guilty about it now.

Lora’s thoughts were immediately disrupted with the click of the lock on the door. Barb and Farrah came in with the last of the luggage. Barb looked at Lora, noticing her age was really showing through. Her tired eyes, and even her few gray hairs.

She walked over and embraced Lora. She held her tight as her sobs were like convulsions. Farrah looked over sympathetically and began to unload the rest of the luggage.

“I am so sorry I am like this. I can’t control my emotions right now.” Lora sobbed.

“Shhhh. Don’t explain anything, just let it out.” Barb whispered softly as she caressed Lora’s back.

Farrah finished unloading and pushed the luggage carts into the hall.

Farrah grabbed her things and brought them into her room to unpack, figuring Lora and Barb could use some alone time.

She peeked her head out the door, “Would you like me to do anything at all? I can put Annie in her jammies or change her or whatever.”

Barb shook her head, “Thanks dear, you must be exhausted too. Go on and have a good sleep, I will see you in the morning.”

Farrah nodded and quietly closed the door.

“Lora, I am going to put Annie in the crib and change her. Would you like to come with?”

Lora picked her head off Barb’s shoulder, “No, you go ahead. I think I need to get some rest as well.”

“Well let me help you get this bed made.” Barb offered and stood up.

“Actually Barb, I am ok with how it is. Goodnight, and thank you so much.”
Barb gave Lora one last hug, “I love you sweety.” She kissed Lora’s forehead and pulled the blanket throw over Lora.

Barb quietly walked into her bedroom where Annie was out cold and peaceful in bed. Barb contemplated leaving her be, but knew that Annie needed a change.

Barb pulled one of the spare diapers, wipes, the rash cream and powder from her bag and set it on the bed. She pulled one of Annie’s footed sleepers from the box and proceeded to roll Annie on her back.

Annie stirred a bit, but was quickly calmed when she began nursing her thumb a little more fiercely.

Barb unsnapped the crotch of Annie’s jumper and gently untaped Annie’s wet diaper. She quickly placed the dry diaper underneath Annie as she softly wiped the old rash cream off her bottom. She reapplied the cream, and Annie stirred again. She opened her eyes, and they grew very wide.

Barb smiled at Annie, “Shhhh it’s ok. We are here now, go back to sleep.”

Annie’s expression did not change one bit. She looked at Barb with complete fear and let out a shrill cry.

Barb quickly taped up Annie’s diaper and pulled her into her arms. She bounced her and patted her back reassuring her that is was ok. It took only a few minutes for Annie to completely wake up and calm down. Annie nuzzled her moist face into Barb’s neck and whispered, “Ba-ba.”

Barb set Annie down on the bed, “Ok baby, let me get you one.”

Annie grabbed bink and curled into a ball and nursed her thumb some more.

Barb quickly dug through the box to find Annie’s bottle. After finding it, she tiptoed into the main room, where Lora was already fast asleep. She lightly tapped on Farrah’s door. Farrah came to the door, “Is everything ok?”

Barb whispered, “Yes, I need to go get some juice from a vending machine. Can you listen for Annie?”

Farrah yawned and nodded. She pulled her robe over her pajamas and came out and sat at the table while Barb rushed down the hall.

Annie sat up wondering why Barb was not back yet and began to feel nervous. She started to let out a few small whimpers, but kept bink close. She slid off the bed and walked to the door to peek out. Before she made it to the door, Barb walked back in. “Hey sweety, sorry it took me a few minutes. Come here.” Barb scooped Annie up and set her back on the bed. “Let’s get your jammies on and we can cuddle.”

Annie nodded, thumb still in her mouth. Barb gently pulled Annie’s jumper over her head and laid out her sleeper. She picked Annie up and laid her on top of it. Limb by limb she dressed the little girl finishing with the zipper. Annie put her arms out and Barb picked her up. She grabbed her bottle and sat in the chair by the fireplace. Annie began to nurse on the bottle, suckling slowly and repetitiously. Barb held her snugly lightly patting and rubbing her padded bottom. Within minutes, Annie was fast asleep. Barb leaned over and kissed her forehead, “Goodnight little one, I love you so much.”

Barb laid her in the crib and pulled her blanket out of one the boxes and tucked her in tight. She laid bink next to Annie and placed her pacifier nearby.

Barb tiptoed back out to the main room and put the remainder of Annie’s bottle in the refrigerator and grabbed her suitcase. She grabbed her pajamas and changed quickly. She let out a long relaxed sigh as she sprawled out in the bed under the soft covers.

“What a day…” She whispered before falling asleep.

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

So many views…. no feedback… does anybody like it? Should I stop now or am I just too quick to judge?

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

I’m sorry I was crying so much for Lora that I forgot to reply. It is a good story, so please do not stop wrighting.
P.S. I am still crying because it is that good of a story. :’( :’( :’(

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

keep it going please. I want a copy of The Little Girl please.

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Lord no; don’t stop now! I really like this. :slight_smile: Definitely keep going. It sounds great so far.

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

It’s great! Keep going!

One minor inconsistency - Part 2, you said that

Annie slid off the couch and went into her bedroom. Finding an empty package of pullups she knew she was in trouble. She grabbed a disposable and pulled down her pullup. She laid on the floor and tried to fasten the disposable.

But earlier in Part 2, you already wrote that

Barb ripped the sides and slid it out from underneath her and fastened her thick disposable snug. She got Annie all settled on the couch, and put a movie in and grabbed a phonebook and walked into her room.

Im sure you see the inconsistency.

Anyway, don’t you dare stop writing!!! >.<

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Love the story. Keep it going please. I want a copy of the Little Girl story. ;D

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

I wouldn’t call that an inconsistency. Pull-ups are designed for both those methods of removal. Children can pull them up and down by themselves and the adults can change them like a diaper if necessary.

Re: Annie’s New Life (Sequel to “The Little Girl”) UPDATE Chapter 1 - Part 3 posted.

Actually Casper is referring to the statement that Barb put Annie into a Disposable before her nap. Then once Annie woke up there was the “blooper” of her being in a Pull-Up.

Aside from that minor glitch, I really enjoy this story but I am a little lost as the last part of “The Little Girl” I have read was part 21.

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A good well written story so far, keep up the good work

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This is amazing, please keep going. Any critique I was going to make has already been addressed.

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This story is legend. Period. It’d be a tragedy if you just stopped :slight_smile: b(^.^) thumbs up for ya

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Thank you ALL for your feedback! I will not stop… but give me a week or two to get the 2nd chapter wrapped up before I begin to post again. That should give you - KITA - PLENTY of time to read “The Little Girl” :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: I think so too!!

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How do we find it?

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Yep, Jayme got it.