Another Nighthawk One-Shot

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Tom Roberts had to admit to himself that wearing diapers at age 28 wasn’t quite the nightmare he thought it was going to be. The upshot of the whole deal was that his wife, Rebecca, absolutely loved diapering him. After being married only a year and a half, Becky had suggested an addition to their sex life. At first, Tom was sketchy on it; the usual questions came to mind. What if someone saw him? What if one of her friends came over suddenly, or one of his friends? What if a neighbor dropped in or a family member? What if he went out in public in them and something happened and his diaper was revealed to the whole world? What if, what if, what if. A seemingly endless barrage of them as well, until Becky finally convinced her nervous husband that it was only a household game and that she would never, ever make him wear one out in public unless he wanted to. The look on her face told Tom that she was sincere, and also that she wanted to do this badly.

The young couple—Becky was two and a half years his junior—had no children, and such an undertaking wasn’t in their immediate plans. Both had full time jobs and didn’t think that they were ready to have children yet. Tom was a highly paid accountant for Boeing Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, and Becky was a secretary at LaSalle Bank, also in Chicago. The two buildings weren’t very far apart and they had actually met on a lunch break that had been a coincidence for them both. Things had developed from there and five months later they were married. They maintained their jobs, though, and usually were able to commute together to their places of business. Whenever possible, they met up for lunch and in general kept in touch during the day when or if they had time to spare. They were truly in love and smitten by the other in various ways. Third parties often remarked on what a cute couple they made. Tom was just over six feet tall; Becky was almost five feet seven inches tall. He had light brown hair while she had blonde hair. His eyes were brown while hers were blue.

At first, the addition of diapers into their daily lives was something to adjust to. Tom had found it difficult to wet in them and still feel like he had his dignity—being regressed wasn’t exactly his idea of fun—but the attention his wife gave to him during diaper changes was definitely a bonus. They had spent many an evening/night together locked in passion as a result of his diapers and her diapering him. Becky enjoyed the power over her husband and Tom enjoyed the attention lavished on him. In short, it was more of an accoutrement to their marriage than a detriment.

But, after nearly four months of near-constant diapers when they both got home from work—Becky generally liked to diaper him right away—Tom began to tire of their game. Yes, he loved his wife dearly, but it was usually the same thing over and over and over again for him. Come home from work; into a diaper. Wet the diaper; time for a diaper change. Sometimes sex would follow, sometimes it wouldn’t. But, there was a decent-sized portion of Tom’s mind that didn’t want the diaper escapades to cease. Rather, he wanted to change the game a bit, broaden it as it were. He had to admit—though rarely, if ever to his wife—that diapers were fun. Besides the fact that it was a rather kinky addition to their marriage, some of the feelings he derived from wearing diapers weren’t all sexual in nature. He felt nurtured and protected, most importantly, cared for and loved. Yes, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Becky loved him just as much or possibly even more than he loved her, and her taking care of him was just another expression of that love.

It was a cool day in April when the idea came to Tom. It was after work and he was lying on the floor in their bedroom while Becky lovingly diapered him. She was very hands-on while diapering him, making sure he was adequately cleaned and powdered and every so often had oil or rash cream applied to any irritated spots. Becky was just finishing up by taping his diaper closed nice and snug for a good fit. She went off to fix dinner and Tom put on a pair of basketball shorts over his diaper while he went downstairs to his workshop. Sometimes, Tom used his variety of power tools on a wood project or he would set up his laptop and handle some work-related business. Today was a case of the latter, and Tom pulled up a few spreadsheets with account information on them. However, he soon found his mind wandering as he stared at the screen. Invariably, his mind wandered to memories of passionate lovemaking sessions between him Becky.

Before long, his mind started wandering down a different path.

Tom found himself wondering what it would be like to diaper his wife instead of having her diaper him. Or rather, have them diaper each other. Needless to say, the possibilities for that were very enticing to him. But the question was, how to pull it off? Tom knew that Becky enjoyed the dominating/motherly aspect of their diaper game, generally only relinquishing that control when they came together in a passionate union and were One rather than two. It was a fulfilling time for both, though Tom would occasionally grumble about the diaper aspect, more to himself than to his wife.

Tom minimized the spreadsheet windows and opened a blank word document. Next he started dictating a few notes on it about the diaper game. He noted his part in it and Becky’s part, then he went from there, mostly pondering in text format how to put her in diapers, rather than him being the only one in them. A variety of methods came to him, and he diligently typed them out. Some of them seemed too farfetched, but others seemed logical. He would probably have to trap her very smoothly, rather than be overt about it. Hmmm. Well, he had an idea about how to do it, now all that remained was execution. Tom decided, though, not to try that night. It was almost dinnertime and he usually needed a diaper change after dinner. Best to wait until the next day after work. He saved the document under an innocuous header, then creatively hid it amidst a host of other unnecessary files in a folder he seldom used on his laptop. Thankfully, it was his personal laptop and not company property. He wouldn’t have to worry about anyone poking around on it uninvited, even though he had a password on it.

“Tommy, dinnertime,” Becky called.

“Coming,” he said. Tom switched his computer to standby and went upstairs for dinner. Becky was a good cook and the dinner she laid out before him was nothing if not tasty. As usual, he politely inhaled it like a starved wolf, politely meaning he didn’t forget his table manners, and his wife was amused by the methodical way in which fruits of her labor disappeared. Once dinner was over Tom did indeed need a diaper change, having wet before sitting down. Becky led him to their bedroom and began to change his diaper. Tom let her work, enjoying her gentle touch. He had long since trained himself to not allow his manhood to react to her ministrations, but every so often, Tom’s carefully crafted resolve during diaper changes cracked. Becky found that humorous sometimes, and would toy with him as she wiped him clean. This particular diaper change wasn’t one of those times, and soon he was once again snuggly diapered. He put his shorts back on and allowed his eyes to wander along the curves of his wife’s body. Becky was nothing if not in shape and extraordinarily beautiful, at least—and especially—in Tom’s eyes. He was a lucky man indeed to be married to her. Now he couldn’t wait to see her cute butt wearing a diaper. It was sure to be an interesting time.

The next day went smoothly for both. Tom woke up, took the garbage out and then grabbed a shower and dressed for work. He and Becky—with their morning coffees—headed out the door together and took a bus into the city. As per their usual and preferred routine, they met up at a restaurant for lunch, one of the many that were conveniently located between their two office spaces. Tom had a hard time concealing his plan from his wife—she knew him well enough to know when he had something up his sleeve. It was rare that she didn’t enjoy it though, and that was something Tom knew very well, and was also banking on. If he pulled this off just right, it should provide an evening of mutually diapered bliss.

They arrived home simultaneously (meeting up at a bus stop and taking the same busses helps) and Becky turned to Tom. “Is my big baby boy ready for his diaper?” she asked cheerfully. In all honesty, Becky loved diapering Tom. If it had been a stressful day at work, Tom’s compliance—albeit occasionally reluctant—was a welcome change from the rigors of the workday. It gave her a feeling of importance and necessity that she didn’t quite get as a secretary. At the office she was the front person for her boss, but at home she was in control, or at least more control than she was at work. Sometimes Tom would make her wait before she could diaper him, usually because he needed to handle some work-related issue right away. Becky didn’t mind; she knew Tom was very devoted to his work, but that he also didn’t like to make Becky wait for her early evening treat.

Becky also knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tom liked it. At first, Tom was very reluctant about wearing the diapers, and during the first month of it she was lucky to get him to wear one three times a week. After that first month, though, once Tom realized that she wasn’t trying to embarrass him or completely regress him, he warmed up to the concept. Things had been blissful for her ever since, but lately she couldn’t help but feel as if Tom was losing interest in their little game. She had tried to think of a way to spice it up beyond simple lovemaking, but had thus far come up dry. It was annoying, but something that couldn’t be helped. It seemed to her that Tom was becoming more reluctant inwardly about wearing diapers after work and during the night.

Today was one of those days. “In a little bit. I need to get my laptop set up right away and call Bill.” He went downstairs and quickly set up his computer, then dashed into the bedroom and swapped his work clothes for far more casual attire. Becky sighed a bit as she changed into something more comfortable as well. However, she was only able to put on a T-shirt and was just about to grab something to put on over her panties when Tom came back in.

“Boo,” he said after he’d crept up on his wife.
As he expected, Becky jumped and whirled to face him. “That’s mean,” she said as she swatted him playfully on the arm and continued to rummage around for some bottoms to put on. Tom reached around her and grabbed her hands, interlocking her fingers with his.

“Mmm, but you enjoy it anyway,” he said as he kissed her neck.

Becky relaxed under his touch. “I take it you want something?” she asked as Tom busied himself gently kissing her neck and shoulder.

“Yes there is,” he admitted between kisses.

The game was afoot. “And what would that be?” she asked him sweetly.

“Well for starters, I think there’s a certain baby boy who needs his diaper,” Tom said. “And then… we’ll go from there.” There was a lilt of mischief to Tom’s voice that Becky found mildly surprising. Did he just want to tumble around in bed before dinner or was there something else he was up to? Either way, Becky wasn’t completely adverse to whatever her beloved husband was planning.

“Well, if that certain baby boy wants his diaper, he’d better get ready to be changed,” Becky said.

“You couldn’t be more correct,” Tom said. He went to the dresser with all the diaper supplies in it and fetched the necessary things. Becky didn’t notice at first, but he’d grabbed two diapers instead of one. He laid everything out and then assumed the position on the bedroom floor. Becky smiled to herself and picked up the diaper. She noticed the second one then, but figured Tom either grabbed two by mistake in his excitement or that he was just planning ahead. Either way, it worked for her.

Tom remained compliant during the change, but Becky couldn’t help but notice that there was a certain eagerness in Tom’s expression. What was he planning? She could only wonder though, as she pulled the diaper between his legs and taped it shut. No sooner had she finished than Tom was on her in a heartbeat. Becky was taken aback with surprise but melted quickly enough into his embrace and the warmth and passion of his lips pressed against hers. Tom guided her to the bed and gently lowered her onto it, maintaining contact with her lips all the while. Tom began a slow transition from her lips to her jaw line and neck, progressing steadily downward from there. Becky relaxed into his touch and giggled a bit as he kissed her smooth tummy and navel. He started removing her panties and she offered no resistance.

However, when she heard the characteristic unfolding of a diaper and suddenly felt her bottom being lifted off the bed, resistance seemed like a good idea. When she was once again on the bed, she felt a diaper under her. “Tom? What are you doing?” She tried to sit up but encountered an obstruction in the form of his hand on her shoulder.

“Shh, relax and trust me, love,” he said with a reassuring smile. Becky looked at him strangely for a moment, feelings of passion fading quickly at this turn of events. However, she saw no duplicitous indications in his expression, only love and warmth. The barrage of what ifs that Tom had once posed to her came lunging back to the forefront of her consciousness. “Trust me,” he repeated and his smile broadened. Becky considered everything for a few moments while she tried to discern what her husband’s real plan was. The scent of lotion entered her nostrils and feelings of fear welled up inside her. He’s going to diaper me! Becky thought with alarm. What was he going to do? Was he going to embarrass her? Was that what his work concern was all about? That call to Bill? Was he going to blackmail her into stopping with the diapers? Was he—

Becky’s erratic and fear-tinged thoughts came to a screeching halt as Tom went to work applying lotion to her. Amusement flickered in her expression for a moment as she relaxed back onto the bed. Of course, it was simple. Tom was just leveling the playing field, he wasn’t going to embarrass her. And she had to admit that Tom’s strong hands gently applying lotion to her most intimate region was definitely erotic and very new. Why hadn’t she thought of this? All resistance faded from Becky’s mind and body as Tom continued his gentle ministrations. The smell of powder came next and the cool particles touching her recently massaged flesh sent a slight chill up her spine. Oh that is it. I am SO going to kill him for this! Becky thought with a smile. But… I’ll wait until he’s done, she thought.

Soon enough Becky felt the front of the diaper being pulled between her legs and next she felt it gently caressing her skin. Pressure was applied gently as Tom tucked the right flap down and taped that side of the diaper closed and then repeated the process with the next. Excitement coursed through Becky’s body and occupied her entire consciousness. When she had first started diapering Tom she was relying on old memories from times spent babysitting for kids in diapers. She had sat for a few couples who had boys and one of those boys—a particularly cute kid whom she saw a bit of in Tom (which in retrospect was probably where the idea to diaper her husband had come from)—so she was experienced enough to handle them. Adult diapers were a bit more cumbersome to deal with, but after those first couple of weeks she had it down to a science. Now, Tom had apparently taken her science and then deftly applied it to her. Turnabout was fair play indeed.

Oddly enough, Becky found herself enjoying her newfound diapered-state, and said so to Tom. “Mmm, now I see why you enjoy being diapered so much.”

He smiled down at her. “I had hoped you would.”

“Amazing that I never thought to try this sooner,” she admitted. Tom moved to lay next to her.

“Amazing, yes, but at least one of us thought of it.” Becky had time to giggle and playfully hit him again before he kissed her passionately, wrapping his arms around her and rolling to the right, pulling Becky atop him. They lay like that for several minutes, content in each other’s embrace. Becky felt the soft insides of her diaper pressed against her skin, a new feeling but certainly exciting as well as comforting. The tension left her body as Tom resumed kissing her neck and shoulder while she just relaxed. “You know, one of us should probably start dinner, soon,” Tom whispered.

Becky only shrugged in response. “Let’s order out, tonight. I don’t much feel like cooking, do you?”

Tom smiled. “No, not really.”

Becky smiled as well. “I didn’t think so.”

They spent the remainder of the evening in diapers, Becky quickly learning why Tom enjoyed her diapering him so much. Like he did, Becky loved the attention he lavished on her during a diaper change, and now just in general. The playing field had been leveled and Becky was loving it as much as Tom was, if not more. No, she wasn’t the boss anymore, but that was okay. Instead of merely having an underling to care for she found herself at an equal standing with her husband, and didn’t mind it at all. Instead of merely being dispatched to find things for her boss or summoned to take down notes, and also responsible for the care of her husband, Tom had effectively cast aside the disparity between husband and wife, superior and subordinate. It was a welcome change.

That night, they laid together with moonlight streaming in through the windows of their bedroom, neither clad in anything more than a diaper. The white garment was still a new experience for her, but she was thoroughly enjoying it. “Tom?”


“What gave you this idea?”

She could almost hear the smile in his voice. “It came to me on the spur of the moment. A little bird dropped in and whispered in my ear.”

Becky giggled quietly. “Oh is that so?”

“Almost completely, yes.” Becky giggled again.

Both called in sick the next day.


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