Another Short Story by me by OfficialForumNoobie

I was actually going to post Ch. 4 of HoHR today, but this story idea hit me like a bus this evening, so I decided to post it instead. Oh, and a note. Because I don’t feel like coming up with names, all of the characters will be more or less called what they are.

The problem with the world today, thought Protaganist, as he trudged his way up the stairs to the back corner of the theather, is that people think love is some serendipitous thing that knocks you on the nose and makes everything better. They don’t think you ever have to work at it. He arrived at this conclusion about the same time he arrived at his preferred seat: all the way in the back corner, where he could see everyone.

Had someone been watching him, they might have noticed the slight puffiness to his pants or the soft crinkling sound they made with ever step. But no one did.

Protaganist was upset at the moment for one small reason: his girlfriend had just broken up with him. It’s not that she was marraige material, or anything like that, but he did love her. She’d told him when she broke up with him that she just thought it was too much work, that it didn’t feel right. She’d made the mistake of doing this in her bathroom, where the hairdryer in his hand had managed to find its way through the mirror on the other side of the room.

Now he had a restraining order issued against him. For the fourteen thousandth time that day, he reminded himself to just put Love Interest out of his mind. He was aided, because at that moment, the theatre darkened and the previews began.

Protaganist was there to see the new Johnny Depp movie, Secret Window, and despite himself he was drawn in from the opening scene. The movie progressed, and with it came popcorn eating, which led to soda drinking, which led to Protaganist being very glad that he was wearing a diaper. In one particular scene, Depp’s character talked on the phone while he went to the bathroom, and Protaganist’s bladder took the hint. He slowly peed himself with a slight hiss. He was glad there was no one close to give him strange looks this time.

After the breakup, Protaganist had found himself slowly but surely regressing in many areas, most notably his toileting habits. He’d always been interested in Baby play, but he’d never really let that side of himself show. However, after she’d left him he’d started wearing diapers full time, and the last time he’d been at the movies he’d been rather embarassed by the young couple in front of him whispering and turning around during the movie.

Those memories didn’t stay too long, however, because Protaganist was almost immediately drawn back into the movie. He wasn’t aware of the time, except that he was a little more wet, until the final words drifted through the theatre and the show ended. He hurriedly sped down the stairs and out the door while the theatre was still dark, as he didn’t want anyone even guessing that he was wearing diapers. He was no exhibitionist.

The theatre was predictably busy on this Saturday night, and though it was dark, people were still streaming through the doors. Protaganist causually made his way back into the parking lot to his car, which was parked some distance away. The wind was whipping through the trees; there was a cold-front moving in and it was bringing a storm with it, but Protaganist paid it no mind. He just wanted to get home, and collapse into bed.

Driving home, Protaganist was perturbed, to say the least, at a Stupid Truck Driver going fifteen miles an hour under the speed limit on a two lane road. Protagainst flashed his lights once, then twice, then honked the horn, but there was no response except a finger flashed out the window. Finally, Protagainst simply sped up and passed the man, who crazily through a half-empty beer-bottle out the window, missing wildly to the left. Protaganist continued accelerating, putting distance between him and the truck.

Finally, he pulled up to a stop sign at the end of the road. Another crossed in both laterall directions, and a menacing looking forest which appeared even more demon-like in the gloom of the stormy night stood across the street. Protaganist was about to make his turn when the Chevy that he’d passed came barrelling through the blackness into the back of his Accord.

No one can quite say for sure exactly what happened after that, or why. The Stupid Truck Driver, fittingly, was killed instantly, and Protaganist spent the next Six Months in the Hospital, relearning how to live after literally all of his memory was destroyed. He never did stop wearing diapers, though.