Aspiring writer with stories to share can't post.

Hi, I’ve attempted to be authorised - and even pay via paypal - for access to this site. It has long been a source or fantastic fiction and I now have my own fiction which i wish to share in return.

However, gaining the approval of the administrators appears to not be a quick process and despite trying to upload my best short story to date; for free and for the enjoyment of those that have previously provided me inspiration and enjoyment; I find myself stifled by your forum’s inability to accept my posts.

I really want to return the service this forum has provided me over the years by sharing my work here, but unless you can allow me to post publicly then my wares will have to be expressed elsewhere. Mush to my consternation, and; given I wish to give my work for free, hopefully your readers’ too/


Hi, sorry. People are a bit pre-occupied right now with certain events that is happening around the globe… So things like approvals of posts. Is going a bit more slower “for” new members.

As Sharlin said, you’ve just happened to start posting when all the staff were busy for various life reasons. Your story has now been approved and is visible.

Were you not seeing this notice at the top of every page:

<strong>Hello, {username}. Due to the age of your account all of your posts must be manually approved by a moderator. This restriction is typically removed after 30 days if you are active in the community. If you are not, it is removed 30 days after you make your 5th post.</strong>

The part in Italics would display your actual username. I will manually approve your account though.

I do have a question about this “I’ve attempted to be authorised - and even pay via paypal.” How were you doing that? There shouldn’t be any options displayed anywhere to use PayPal at the moment and it wouldn’t have made a difference. There’s actually an upgrade coming next week that will help with part of the problem. Right now posts pending approval don’t show up for the user who made them. The upgrade will fix that so that both the post’s owner and staff can see it. Like I said though, that won’t apply to you as I already manually approved your account. :slight_smile: