Author permission

How can one contact the author of a posted story, concerning usage of a story character?

Wrong forum: It’s not a site tech problem.

You can gently PM the author or ask in the thread from the author concerning the story. Keep in mind: Authors can say No. And you should respect that if they do.

Actually, it was the correct forum, at least for the ones the OP can see at the moment. :slight_smile: The one you moved it to is only visible to users who meet the requirements to be moved to the Registered Users group automatically.

SingingWolf: You may have to post a message in the users’ visitor messages. New accounts aren’t allowed to use the PM system.

Sharlin was stating the obvious. I had no intention of acting otherwise.
On to germane matters: I am a newbie, insofar as posting is concerned. Therefore, I am not yet educated concerning some of your familiar terms. What is meant by OP? What is the PM system?

OP = Original Poster. In this topic, that would be you.
PM = Private message. When you have enough access it means you can message some one and they can in return respond back.

I might have stated the obvious. It’s still sadly those that won’t respect that.