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Announcing Supersoft Simplechange, a full service personal hygiene device for home or institutional use.

A remarkable invention brought to market in an attractive and affordable form Supersoft Simplechange makes changing time a quick, efficent and enjoyable experience for the lucky user of Supersoft’s other products.

Whether it’s the first change of the day out of Supersoft Sleepwells, environmentally conscious fertilisation of the seeds in a Supersoft Eco-Gaia or traditionalist use of the original Supersoft Fluffies the astonishing Supersoft Simplechange can accelerate and simplify any change into a soft clean new Supersoft protection product.

Non-intrusive sensors using a full range of optical, sound and thermal imaging sensors will identify not just the person placed on the changing area but also how they are dressed. This allows articulated tendrils and our amazing new inverted gravity fields to sensitively remove outer garments, revealing and providing access to the Supersoft product worn beneath.

Special fingerprint tips to the tendrils will safely unfasten the Supersoft Eletabs, allowing the well used garment to be easily removed ready for the hygiene renewal process. Through carefully controlled heated water, tendrils tipped in soft natural fibres will effortlessly cleanse the area revealed, leaving it pristine and free from contamination. Our medical engineers have developed new Supersoft Epidermisense skin condition sensors (available at a generous discount to hospitals and specialist clinics) which will check for any signs of irritation, rashes or other unwanted issues, allowing the Supersoft Simplechange to apply a liberal coating of Supersoft Epidermovate, our new skincare and anti-rash ointment.

Having provided this essential and loving care the Supersoft Simplechange will choose an appropriate Supersoft product from its internal storage hoppers and securely fit it to the willing and eager person enjoying this magnficent mechanical support service. Following this appropriate clothing will be fitted and in almost no time at all a happy clean user will be able to resume their previous activities, comfortable in their new padded protection.

Obviously all of our customers are unique and individual, so the Supersoft Simplechange is fully configurable through a special version of the Fluffies SuperApp. Whether it’s setting a schedule for specific Supersoft products (such as fitting Supersoft Velvetsafe ahead of a car journey or choosing a Supersoft Superstitions on that special day), specifying whether to use a scented soap during the hygienic renewal process or picking between replacing the prior clothing or a new outfit, the carer has full control. A single Supersoft Simplechange can easily accommodate programming to suit multiple different users, each with their own allocated Supersoft products and clothing preferences.

One clothing option that has proven popular with our surviving beta testers is the Supersoft Supershirt, a specially designed and tailored diaper shirt that the Supersoft Simplechange will sew closed at the crotch, safely securing any daytime Supersoft product against wandering fingers or (in the event access to the Supersoft Simplechange is unavailable for an extended period) sagging due to extensive use. The stitching can be easily unpicked by a special tendril allowing garment re-use after being laundered following the next change.

While the Supersoft Simplechange meets the needs of the busy carer by allowing entirely self-service or carer controlled use, accelerating all change activities, it has of course been engineered to support the safety and comfort of the lucky customer it’s changing. We recognise that the tendrils might be disconcerting and could cause a risk to less passive recipients of its automated care so each change is preceded by careful and gentle safety measures. These hold the arms and legs of the participant in place, using broad and flexible straps that prevent circulation issues and allow different parts of each limb to be securely held, changing as a garment is added or removed.

This added restraint has been welcomed by carers worried about a reluctance to allow new clean protection to be fitted, as it eliminates any resistance being possible, irrespective of cause. While there’s no cause to fear or fight against the Supersoft Simplechange removing that option allows a full relaxation and enjoyment of the process, free from guilt regarding needing its services.

After being plumbed in the Supersoft Simplechange will after each change activate its own self-clean program, assuring its readiness for the next user and provision of hygiene renewal for them, whoever they are. Through integration to the Fluffies SuperApp it will also monitor product usage and its own hoppers, contacting Supersoft directly to order new supplies to assure stocks of padded protective products never run dry, just like our customers.

Whether you’re a carer or wearer, order now at all major adult medical suppliers (and a few minor ones) or read our customer testimonials to find out how they feel about Supersoft Simplechange.

Customer Testimonials

Elijah in South Dakota writes, “I ordered the new Supersoft Simplechange and the very next day it was delivered and installed. It’s been magnificent! Brady was suspicious at first but from the moment those restraints took control he’s been begging me to let him use the machine again and again. He definitely prefers its automated changes to being wet or messy.”

Fatima got in touch with us from Arizona, “My housemate bought this for me so that she didn’t need to change me every time and, well, I managed to push her onto it. By the time it let her free she was in a Fluffies Eco-Gaia and begging me to release her, something I agreed to do only if she’d finally let me stop using your products. But your damn machine has programmed the SuperApp to prevent either of us removing diapers as we’re both in them now, so we both now have to use the Simplechange every time we need a change and it puts us straight back into one. How do we reprogram it to stop this?”

We were delighted to hear from Ichika in Japan who told us, “I bought this for all the people in my care home and they love it, especially after I added a kitten motif. But we’re getting through supplies faster than I expected and two of our male staff are suspiciously thicker around the waist now. Is there an easy way to audit usage. 子猫愛!”

But really all you need to hear are the thoughts of Jayla in Michigan: “Oh yea this good device, keep me dry always clean so happy thank you thank you”

So order yours online today at http://SupersoftFluffiesForLife.com or Like us on InstaTwitFace for an invitation to experience a change at one of our showcase installations.


Ugh! This made my skin crawl! I loathe robots.

(I read this four times, It’s horrifyingly hypnotic)

Great update. Bravo! Just… :point_right: :point_left: please don’t let one near me!

(skin still crawling!)

Yeah, that’s not a worrying expression. :grin:


What’s a little collateral damage in the name of science and progress? :grin:

Another masterpiece in the Supersoft series!!!

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On of these days Supersoft needs to do a mini documentary or televized tour of their R&D branch. Good idea to show off the brilliant minds and methods behind such wonderful inventions and products.

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Oh hell no, exposing the twisted depravity lurking in the research basement would be prejudicial to the carefully nurtured brand.

Rumours of ethical violations and breaches of health and safety are entirely false, as are the lies about our sourcing policy. We don’t break any international law and entirely comply with all best business practices mandated at our head office location in Vanuatu.


But of course.

Though why try to hide anything if there’s nothing you’re trying to hide? :wink:


Because of our customers of course. We care about them, and protect their privacy, and maintain the discretion they want, expect and deserve.

Supersoft customers mean everything to us, and our focus on meeting their needs is why they stay with us and keep wearing the superb Supersoft padded protection products.