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Announcing Supersoft Velvetsafe, a new adult protection product.

A new paradigm in personal security offering unparalleled velvet soft safe restraint, Supersoft Velvetsafe assures your loved one stays free from danger.

Engineering excellence melded with creative innovation from our established international team of super scientists has taken the already exquisite Supersoft Fluffies and introduced holistic comfort and control options to simplify the provision of care. The resulting Supersoft Velvetsafe is the ideal product for carers, health professionals and indeed all responsible adults seeking safe and secure oversight of others.

Unprecedented levels of absorbency, the security of Eletabs(R) and the carer friendly features of the Fluffies SuperApp (available on all modern mobile devices) have been supplemented by entirely new embedded electronics that generate a strong attractive force when in contact with carefully designed surfaces. By incorporating these surfaces into chairs, bedding, car seats and other locations the wearer of Supersoft Velvetsafe will be held securely in place by the contact. Naturally this attraction works through several layers of clothing, bedsheets and other thin barriers.

Powering this feature takes very little energy, generated through conversion of the chemical potential of body waste products supplied involuntarily by the lucky recipient of this encompassing care. As with Supersoft Fluffies this actively prevents rash and makes cleaning and replacing a Supersoft Velvetsafe quicker and more sanitary.

Release of the attraction is controlled by authorised users of the Fluffies SuperApp, making it trivial for a carer to choose whether immobility is required or not. As the attraction of the Supersoft Velvetsafe provides just a single point of control this would be unsuitable for mobile use, in particular car journeys. Our technical wizards have met this additional need through electronic sophistication within the Fluffies SuperApp, allowing it to specify simulation of a three point harness at the waist. This is delivered through inclusion of all new materials within the waterproof cover of the Supersoft Velvetsafe that strengthen the waistband and harden a wide band between the legs, assuring that the wearer will not slip or slide in their seat.

For car journeys a five point harness is however recommended, so every car seat inlay comes with its own shoulder straps. Just draw these down and they’ll automatically attach wherever they encounter a Supersoft Velvetsafe, holding the wearer snug throughout the journey.

Available as inlays for use in seats of all forms or sheets for use in beds (both traditional and with safety rails) the attractive surface has also been embedded by demand in the new Supersoft Mellowmat, an easily washed changing pad that can hold in place a Supersoft Velvetsafe or the Supersoft Mushyhands anywhere they make contact.

An optional purchase, Supersoft Mushyhands gently encase the hands with all the comfort and security fans of Supersoft products love and welcome. Although not removable by the wearer they fully prevent wandering fingers even when arms are left free, but Supersoft Mushyhands have a secret inside that make them one of our best selling add-on products. Just as the Supersoft Mellowmat and other attractive surfaces, Supersoft Mushyhands instantly join to a Supersoft Velvetsafe with a strong bond until released by the Fluffies SuperApp. This allows carers to fully secure the people in their care, preventing misbehaviour or attempts to damage or remove the Supersoft Velvetsafe.

Incorporating all of the world class features of the market leading Supersoft Fluffies product alongside these exciting new capabilities wasn’t easy so we’ve added extra super absorbent padding to assure that the extra technology in Supersoft Velvetsafe continues to deliver our famous Supersoft comfort. Our expert test team of qualified professional carers assure us that they barely notice the additional bulk when securing someone into Supersoft Velvetsafe and the added padding makes it easier to provide changes on a schedule that meets their needs.

Order now at all major adult medical wholesalers (and a few minor ones) or read our customer testimonials to find out how they feel about Supersoft Velvetsafe.

Customer Testimonials

Gracie in Kansas wrote with some helpful feedback, “Love the new Supersoft Velvetsafe, it’s made taking my darling Hubbie shopping so much easier. I can leave him safely in the car while I drive, browse and use his credit card to buy the most delightful dresses for us both. Knowing he’s safely secured and that he won’t leak all over the car seat is such a relief, and the Fluffies SuperApp gives me ample warning if he’s having a particularly wet day and needs an urgent change.”

Unusually Fatima hasn’t written to us from Arizona, but we did get an email from her account: “Hey guys, Fatima’s housemate here. While you know she loves Supersoft Fluffies I’ve switched her almost entirely to the new Supersoft Velvetsafe as they make my life so much easier; no more crawling away to avoid a change, and attaching her Supersoft Mushyhands above her head to the Supersoft Mellowmat takes all the hassle out of a change. I get to safely tickle her too!”

We were astonished but delighted to find the Supersoft Velvetsafe being used by a market we hadn’t even thought to approach. Sheriff Mendez in Oregon shared this: “We tried using the Supersoft range on prisoners rather than metal restraints, as a more comfortable but equally secure option. Not only are they providing the anticipated security but the behavioural changes that come with it have been magnificent. One or two prisoners do grumble so perhaps you could offer a range of adult sized pacifiers to keep them quiet?”

One of our foreign fans, Abdullah in the Gulf States tells us, “My two wives seemed sad so before putting them to bed for their afternoon nap, I invited them to reach behind each other and hold each other’s bottoms. Their Supersoft Mushyhands held them in a close cute embrace throughout the mid-afternoon heat, it was so sweet to see them having their nap, nestled close together.”

But we think Alejandro from Brazil says it best of all, “Isso é incrivelmente magnífico, obrigado obrigado obrigado!!!”

So order yours online today at http://SupersoftFluffiesForLife.com or Like us on InstaTwitFace for a free sample pack.


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