Baby Briana: Chapter 23 Posted 6/23/22

Nothing could go wrong when going on a date secretly diapered, right?

Chapter 12

The next morning’s session with Veronica was a reminder about wearing pullups and reporting any accidents she’d had. She sat in her heavy, soaked diaper on Veronica’s lap and wondered how things had gotten to where they were. She couldn’t even protest wearing incontinence gear, especially at night.

There was always the option of taking back the ‘permission’ she’d granted Veronica to force her into pullups during the day. Briana wasn’t sure what that would accomplish though. She would feel more in control, right up to the point where she had another accident in her pants.

“Honestly, everyone has been doing crazy stuff to help me. Erin totally rescued me yesterday. Suzie cheered me up. Nobody has made me feel bad about it at all.” Briana thought as she had her post-counseling shower.

Feeling hopeful, she gamely put on a pair of alphabet pullups. Leggings and jeans were a little too risky, especially if she leaked. Briana searched her skirts. Everything seemed either too long for early summer or too short for a pullup. She settled on a blue pleated skirt with a roll of her eyes.

“Why don’t I put my hair in pigtails while I’m at it?”

A low-cut blouse in pale green and a cute jacket helped restore some of her confidence. She took extra care with her makeup, eyeing herself in the mirror. “I look hot! Nobody will think I’m in a pullup. Might as well go all the way and complete the look.”

Briana pulled on a pair of thigh high stockings and grinned. The outfit was sure to turn some heads. Exactly what she needed! She hurried down the stairs to gulp down some breakfast.

Jane was in the kitchen, sipping a cup of tea. “Good morning Briana. Can you come here for a minute?”

Briana set her toast cooking and head over. “What’s up?”

“A quick check.” Jane slid her hand up Briana’s skirt and patted her pullup. “Good.”

“Hey!” Briana shouted.

“Veronica asked me to check.” Jane said. “I think it’s a good idea too.”

“You could ask me.” Briana said.

“I could, but I didn’t.” Jane shrugged. “That’s quite the outfit you have on. Do you have a date with Casey today?”

“No.” Briana buttered her toast. “I wanted to look good.”

Jane raised a brow. “Well let’s not take it any further than what you’ve got on.”

“Why do you care what I wear?” Briana asked, biting her toast aggressively at Jane.

“Veronica asked us to watch out for mood and behavior swings.” Jane said. “I’ve seen the club-wear you have. You’re not leaving the house in any of that right now.”

“Oh my god!” Briana scoffed.

“Don’t push it, or you’ll get a spanking and a change of outfit.” Jane declared.

Briana hesitated on the edge of a retort. The memory of being spanked by Jane was still fresh enough to make her butt tingle. She elected to finish her toast instead.

“Smart girl.” Jane said. “Don’t forget a spare pullup.”

“Bye Dad!” Briana rolled her eyes as she snagged her lunch and hurried to the door. The spare pullup was in her purse, Veronica had put it there last night.

There were no labs today. Briana breezed through her lectures, feeling much more relaxed than the day before. She even managed to forget her pullup. After a couple of hours sitting in class, the sensation faded to the background.

After class, she decided to stay on campus for a while. It was a beautiful day, soft breeze and brilliant sun. The quad was packed but Briana found an outdoor table next to the cafeteria and watched the butterflies flirt with the flowers.

“If Veronica asks where I was, I’ll tell her I decided to do some of my reading here.” Briana thought. “That way I can get out of some of the optional readings too!”

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” A guy stood by the table with a tray in his hands. Briana took in his messy brown hair and bulky build. Gary, from her Virophage class.

She looked around to see all the other tables packed. With a smile, she shook her head at Gary. “Nope, go ahead.”

“Thanks!” Gary dumped a heavy bag of books on the ground and set his tray down. “You look great by the way.”

“Thank you.” Briana grinned.

“I mean it. You’re super cute today.” Gary winked.

Briana’s heartbeat picked up. They’d kissed once, at a party about a year ago. He was a nice guy, and smart. They never seemed to connect enough to hook up or date, but Briana had certainly fantasized about it a few times.

“You’re looking good too.” She swept her gaze over Gary, realized she wasn’t being nice. He’d put on some muscle and gotten trim since she last saw him. “You’ve been working out.”

“Thanks for noticing!” Gary smiled. “Hey have you eaten? I’m not really a strawberry guy but a fruit cup comes with the burger.” He slid the fruit over to Briana.

“I’ll take them.” She popped one in her mouth and grinned. “Ripe fruit at the cafeteria? You sure you want to give me this?”

“Very sure.” Gary took a bite of burger and stretched. “So how come we never dated?”

“Uh.” Briana blushed. “I don’t know. You never asked.”

“I was going to when we were both in DNA reconstruction.” Gary shrugged. “Then I got sick for a week and you were with Scott.”

“Ugh, that was a disaster.” Briana said.

“You seeing anyone now?” Gary asked.

“I don’t think I can tell him that I’m my roommate’s diaper sub.” Briana thought, squirming a bit as she recalled the pullup she was wearing. “No, not really. You asking?”

“Yes I am.” Gary smiled. “How’s walking through the arboretum sound?”

“It sounds great!” Briana nodded. “When?”

“We’re at 50% burger.” Gary said, taking another large bite. “When we get to zero burger I think we’re good to go.”

“I should tell Casey if I’m going somewhere else. She’s supposed to be in charge of that.” Briana felt a twinge of guilt, doubled since she and Casey hadn’t talked at all about being okay seeing other people. Instead, she found she’d already replied, “That sounds great!”

Gary gave an enthusiastic whoop and followed it with another big bite of the burger. “I haven’t seen you around campus much, you’re always going straight home after classes. Is the workload getting to you?”

“I wish.” Briana sighed. “Dr. Schaefer lost her grant, which means I lost my research job. I still have the lab I took on for Vaughn, but he doesn’t have anything left in his budget to hire me.”

“That sucks.” Gary said. “Maybe next quarter something will open up though.”

Briana nodded. “I hope so.”

With the burger vanquished, Gary wasted no time getting them down to the arboretum. The flowering bushes and soft ground combined to a scent that could only be called summer. Gary put his arm around Briana as they set out onto the loop trail. His hand shifted upwards while they walked until it was just under Briana’s breast. Ordinarily she would have said something, but better his hand go up than down at the moment.

The trees swayed gently overhead. Sunlight fell in fractal patterns across the trail. Occasionally they’d hear a bike or a jogger behind them before being overtaken. Those interlopers quickly vanished around the next bend of the trail, leaving Gary and Briana alone again.

Gary nudged Briana down a side trail while narrating the adventures of a particularly annoying student in his Environmental Microbiology course. “I swear, he does everything but push his glasses up and say ‘Well ACTUALLY.’ The professor slaps him down every time, it’s amazing to watch.”

Briana laughed, her heart racing as she walked the trail. They were on track to an infamous make out spot. She’d certainly been there with enough people over the years. Not that it had ever been Gary. She had an impulse to make a snarky joke about where he was leading her and pull away from him. With dreamlike detachment, she watched herself keep walking, even bump hips with him along the way.

“Why not Gary?” She wondered. “I like him. He’s handsome, he’s funny. Why do I always want to back out before we get together?”

The trail looped to the right, circling around to a crystal-clear lake. Trees pressed in close, leaving a small space to peek out at the water. A screen of cattails and reeds enhanced the sense of privacy and quiet. Briana’s first thought was again to pull away. Take a few steps back and cross her arms. For the second time she felt like she was a passenger, watching someone else move her body.

She turned to Gary and slid his hand onto her breast. Her heart fluttered, she licked her lips and parted them. The wild feeling came back; she felt the world spinning around her.

Gary paused in mid-sentence, meeting Briana’s eyes. He cupped her breast gently and smiled. “Alright.” Gary pulled her close by the small of her back, squeezing her breast. Their lips met; his tongue tantalized hers.

Briana was lost to the wild feeling. She moaned wantonly into the kiss, squirming against Gary. Her hands clutched at his shirt, finding the taut muscles underneath. There was nothing else in the world except her need for him.

Gary traced his fingers across Briana’s neckline and down. She gasped, fumbling her blouse buttons open until the blouse hung open. His hands played across her chest and belly. She cupped his crotch, stroking the growing thickness there. Gary knelt, pulling her bra cups until her breasts bounced free. His tongue caught a nipple and Briana’s mind caught fire. She cried out with another moan, tangling her hands in Gary’s hair.

His hands wandered up her thighs, she gasped and shifted her legs apart. Her sex felt like it was on fire, a fire drowned by the wetness in her crotch. Gary slid her skirt up, and stopped. Briana panted for a few more moments, caressing his shoulders.

Icy cold terror shot through her when she realized he was looking at her pullup. A pullup she could feel was wet with far more than desire could account for. She hadn’t even noticed the accident. She’d forgotten the pullup entirely. Now Gary was staring at it. Funny Gary, smart Gary, the Gary she wanted to throw her down on the forest floor and plunge inside her.

Briana ran. Blindly, into the underbrush. Branches whipped her exposed chest. She came up against a tree and stopped, sinking down to the ground, head in her hands. There were no tears. The embarrassment was beyond tears. Shame held every fiber of her being taut. She sat frozen, barely daring to breathe.


Time for a very awkward conversation…

Footsteps crunched in the underbrush. Twigs snapped; leaves rustled. The sounds stopped in front of Briana. It was obviously Gary, but she couldn’t bring herself to look. More rustling, he’d sat near her. She was still frozen. Outside the underbrush faint voices floated on the wind. Where Briana was, time was stopped.

Eventually the spell-like feeling broke. Even the most intense tension couldn’t last forever. Her body ached from her muscles straining against themselves. The shame had moved to a heavy lump in her chest that pressed down on her stomach.

Still Gary said nothing. He simply sat. She could hear him softly breathing. Finally curiosity and boredom conquered embarrassment. Briana peeked up from her hands to see Gary sitting a few feet away with a calm look on his face. Her purse was sitting next to him.

“Hey there.” Gary said in a quiet, gentle voice. “Welcome back.”

“I…” Briana froze again.

Gary reached out and gently stroked her leg. “Hey, you seem pretty upset, and embarrassed. Which, yeah, I get it. I’m not going to be shitty to you about this.”

Briana took a deep breath that came out more as a gasp. “I’m sorry, I ruined everything, you must be so grossed out…”

“Woah!” Gary waved his hands in front of Briana’s face. “Slow down. I’m not grossed out, or angry, and nothing is ruined.”

“You can’t seriously tell me that…”

“Briana.” Gary grabbed her hands. “Chill. Take a breath. Do you want to know what I think? It’s going to be better than what you’re making up in your head right now.”

Briana stared at Gary for a few moments, panting, she nodded.

“Good. Okay, so, it looks like you have a medical issue of some kind. A pretty rough one to have. Probably haven’t had it for this long if you’re this embarrassed.” Gary smiled gently. “You were apparently so into me that you totally forgot about it, which is a huge compliment by the way. Then you panicked when I found out. Is that about right?”

“I guess…” Briana shuddered. “I mean, it’s not what it looks like.”

“It looks like you have an issue with incontinence.” Gary said. “You put on some protection that looked cute to match your cute outfit.”

“I…” Briana frowned. “Why is he so calm about this!?”

“I’m not freaked out. Medical stuff happens.” Gary shrugged. “I get why you were so upset. I want you to know that I’m not upset. I’m not grossed out. I still think you’re damn hot.”

“What? How?”

“Are you kidding? Do you think seeing one thing made me forget finally having my hands all over your sexy body? What it felt like to hear you moan like that for me?”

Briana blushed and looked down. “I… really liked it.”

“Yeah! Me too. Mood’s a little changed right now, but I would absolutely be up for round two at some point.”

Briana looked at Gary curiously. The world began to spin again, she felt her control slip. She crawled over to him, whispered. “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Oh, wow.” Gary took a deep breath, put his hands on Briana’s shoulders. “Okay, that was hot. You still seem pretty freaked out though. I saw you have a uh, spare in your purse. Do you want to switch it out for the one you have on? Also, your phone was blowing up. It was vibrating the whole time I was walking over here.”

“Oh shit.” Briana dug in her purse and pulled out her phone. Texts from Casey. From Veronica, Suzie, Jane, and Erin. More from Casey and Veronica. Missed calls. “I uh, have to answer at least a couple of these.”

“No problem. I’ll be here…” Gary shifted, adjusting his jeans.

Briana squeezed Gary’s leg apologetically and unlocked her phone. Most of the texts were the same thing over and over again, variations on ‘Are you okay?’, ‘Where are you?’, and ‘Briana, answer me!’. She winced at the last type, coming from both Jane and Veronica.

With a sigh, she composed a mass text.

It said simply: [I’m okay. Messaging Casey and Veronica now.]

The next text was to those two: (I’m sorry I didn’t let you know. I’m still on campus. I was studying and met a friend. We’re in the arboretum.)

Veronica’s reply was fast, to the whole-group message. [I’m sending Casey to pick you up right now.]

Casey’s reply was right behind it, to the three-way chat, (Where in the arboretum?)

Briana swallowed nervously and replied. (By the lake. The short trail.)

Casey responded, (Make out loop?)

Briana bit her lip, texting back. (Sorry! I can explain!)

Casey – (I’m not upset. I’ll be there soon.)

Briana looked up at Gary nervously. “So uh, one of my roommates is on the way.”

“They’re worried about you?”

“Yeah, it’s uh, complicated.” With a sigh she shrugged her bra back into place, buttoned up her blouse.

Gary chuckled. “Aww. Not saying you shouldn’t button up. Uh… yeah, wow. Still really into you.”

“I’m so sorry about all this.”

“Hey, it really is okay. I can handle a little disappointment.”

The sound of pounding feet on the trail made them both look toward the lake. Gary hopped to his feet, helped Briana up. She waved when Casey came into view on the trail. “Hey Casey, I’m over here.”

Casey hurried over, looking the two of them over in concern. “Briana, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. You uh, got here really fast.”

“I was already on campus, looking for you.”

“Hey,” Gary said. “I’m Gary.”

“Casey.” She nodded to Gary, then turned back to Briana. “Can I talk to you privately for a minute?”

“I’ll be right back.” Briana said to Gary. She followed Casey back to the lake access.

“Briana, what is going on?” Casey looked down at Briana’ blouse, which was haphazardly buttoned.

“I uh, look, I’m really sorry. I messed up, I know. Gary and I were hanging out, and then we were making out, and he uh, saw under my skirt and I freaked out.”

“He doesn’t seem very freaked.”

“No, he was super nice about it.”

“I’m not mad at you. Really.” Casey said. “I’m worried about you. We’re all worried about you. Do you know this guy?”

“Yeah, I’ve known him for a long time. Erin knows him. We never really dated before but today…” She shrugged.

“And now he’s looking at me like I’m crazy, because I ran over here to interrupt you two like a jealous girlfriend.”

“I’m really sorry!” Briana said.

“I’m not jealous.” Casey said. “But you are in trouble.”

Briana looked down at her feet. “I know. I realized I was going to get a spanking when I saw all those texts.”

“You might still from one of the others.” Casey said. “I have a way worse punishment for you.”

“Huh?” Briana looked up, worried.

“You’re going to call Gary over here, and explain the whole thing to him.”

“What!?” Briana said, loudly enough for her voice to carry to Gary.

“You heard me. He’s looking at me like I’m a crazy stalker. You 're going to explain this to him, the whole thing, your issue, your underpants, and the program you’re doing with Veronica.”

“I can’t!” Briana whined.

“You have to. Right now this is making me look really bad, and that’s not fair. You knew you had people keeping track of you, and you still wandered off without saying anything. Of course we were worried.”

“Please, no, I’ll do anything else.” Briana squirmed.

“No you won’t. You’ll do what I told you to do, right now.” Casey waved to Gary. “Hey Gary, thanks for giving us some space. Briana is going to explain what’s going on.”

Briana’s stomach flopped. She felt what was left in her bladder give as Gary walked over. She tried to meet his eyes, but couldn’t. She tried to speak, but it took Casey tapping her on the shoulder to get Briana going.

“I uh, well I have a problem. You saw. And I have to wear… that stuff.” Briana wrung her hands. “It’s kind of serious and came on really suddenly. I guess I’m uh… stressed out. Like, dangerous level stressed.” She looked up at Gary hesitantly. He looked concerned and was waiting for her to finish.

“So uh, my roommates are helping me out by taking some of my responsibilities and keeping track of me. I sorta… didn’t check in when I was supposed to. So, they were worried.”

“I think I get it.” Gary said. “Casey, do you mind if I ask the same favor? Can you give Briana and I some space?”

Casey nodded. “No problem.” She jogged off around the bend of the trail.

“Briana, are you really okay? With what your roommates are doing?” Gary caressed her cheek.

“Yeah.” Briana sighed deeply. “It actually, it’s something I like. It’s really weird, I know, but I like it. It’s helping me.”

“You’re sure about that?” Gary pressed. “No one is forcing you?”

“Only when I ask them to.” Briana blushed.

“I see.” Gary coughed. “You and Casey, are you a couple?”

“No but we uh, do stuff?” Briana sighed. “I’m sorry I’m so weird.”

“I’m not!” Gary said. “I like weird. You’ve always been a little weird. More weird is fine.”

“Gary, that’s really sweet but I’m standing in a wet pullup. My roommates boss me around, and I let them because it makes me feel… good.”

“Doesn’t bother me.” Gary said. “Look, if you don’t want to see me again, that’s fine. I like you a lot, and this isn’t more than I can deal with.”

“You can’t really…”

“I’m sorry, did you assume my weirdness level?” Gary interjected. “Please believe what I’m saying.”

Briana blinked. “You’re really not grossed out?”

“Do you want me to be? No, Briana, I’m not. The whole thing is weird, and kind of interesting.”

Briana nodded.

“So, if I want to date you again, do I text you or one of your roommates?” Gary chuckled.

Briana blushed. “Uh, actually you probably should text one of them.”

“Wow, okay.” Gary nodded. “Which one? Other than Casey.”

“Veronica.” Briana unlocked her phone, texted Gary the number. “She uh, is kinda managing my relationship with Casey. So I guess it makes sense for her to manage ours too? Are you going to hate this?”

“I don’t think so, but if it becomes a problem, I’ll tell you, okay?” Gary cupped Briana’s cheek.

“Thank you,” Briana said softly.

Gary pulled her close for a kiss. Briana closed her eyes, letting her body relax against him. She stiffened again when his hand grabbed her rear, squishing the soggy pullup against her butt.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She squirmed in his arms but he held her close.

“This is going to be part of us doing stuff.” Gary said. “I was trying it out. Turns out it doesn’t bother me.”

Briana squirmed again, feeling heat building between her legs. “You are so weird!”

“Yeah, that’s why I like you.” Gary brought their lips together again, squeezed Briana’s pullup until it dribbled a bit down her thighs. She half-whimpered, half-moaned into the kiss. Her arms still pushed away, but her crotch was rubbing his leg.

“You are a crazy sexy, crazy confused little thing.” Gary said as he released Briana.

“You’ll text Veronica?” Briana asked, panting.

“You better believe it.” Gary grinned.


Okay this story is crazy and I absolutely love crazy so keep it up it’s awesome!

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Will do! There are 26 chapters in this book, so we’re only halfway in!

Some baby is in trouble :frowning:

Chapter 14

The trip back to the car was uncomfortable, and not only because Casey didn’t let Briana change her pullup. In the car, Casey sent a text letting Veronica know they were coming back.

“Casey, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to run to somebody else…”

Casey chuckled as she pulled out of the parking lot. “Hon, we are not exclusive as far as I’m concerned. I’m not upset that you thought the same thing I did.”

“Really?” Briana asked timidly.

“Really. I have a date day after tomorrow with a girl from my volleyball team. I was going to tell you tonight.”

“Oh.” Briana nodded.

“Still really worried about you though. It’s not like you to run off to make out loop in the middle of the day. Or to ignore your phone when you know we’re trying to stay in touch with you.”

“I’m sorry I… I keep saying that.” Briana sighed. “I don’t know why I did it.”

“Well, there’s going to be more consequences.” Casey said. “I’m taking you straight to Veronica when we get home.”

Casey hadn’t been exaggerating. Briana’s heart sank when she saw her roommates gathered in the living room. She had to sit on the coffee table in front of Veronica while the rest of them sat around her.

“Briana, you gave us a scare.” Veronica said.

“I didn’t mean to!” Briana protested. “I was on campus the whole time.”

“But we didn’t know that, or who you were with.” Veronica said.

“Why does someone have to be with me all the time anyway?” Briana asked.

“Briana, we’re not worried for nothing.” Veronica leaned forward. “You’re having mood swings, physical changes, changes to your relationships and routines. You’re a candidate for depression, anxiety disorders, maybe even PTSD.”

“You… think I would hurt myself?” Briana furrowed her brow.

“I think it’s possible.” Veronica said. “Do you think what you did today was normal?”

Briana thought back to the wild surge of passion she’d had with Gary. “I was ready to have sex with him right there, in the middle of the afternoon.” She looked up at Veronica. “No, uh, it was pretty out of control.”

Veronica nodded. “This time it’s… something with a guy on campus. Luckily one you know well, who seems to be pretty decent. Next time it’s a stranger? Or running across a busy street because you think you can make it? Or trying a new substance, to see if it’ll fix what’s hurting you?”

Briana shook her head. “No I… I…” She thought back to the wild feeling. The world spinning around her. “Maybe pot would fix this. Maybe something else would…” She recoiled from the thought. “I’m scared.” She said, deflated.

“We are too. There’s going to be consequences, and they are mostly going to be around reinforcing the control that we have over you.” Veronica tilted Briana’s chin up. “Is that something you agree that you need?”

“Yes Veronica.” She shivered. The fear was retreating.

“The first thing you are going to do is turn on location sharing on your phone, and share the location with all of us.” Veronica said. “Right now.”

Briana nodded, pulling out her phone to comply.

“You still have to let us know where you are going, and what you’re doing. Unless she’s busy, you report to Casey whenever you’re leaving.”

“Yes Veronica.”

“Further, you will let the nearest roommate know if you wet yourself during the day, it doesn’t have to be me.” Veronica eyed Briana, who winced but nodded. “Any roommate can check your pullups, any time they want. Finally, you’re going to get a spanking in front of the entire group. Bend over the table.”

Briana whimpered, and looked around. Her roommates all had serious looks on their faces. She gulped, and bent over the table, gripping it with her hands.

Veronica stood and flipped Briana’s skirt up. She pulled the sodden pullups down and off. “Don’t let go of the table, or the spanking doubles. You’ll get a whole other spanking, every time you let go.”

Briana grit her teeth and grabbed the table more tightly. Veronica’s hand came down on her rear with a hard smack. Not to Jane’s level, but harder than before. Briana cried out. Again, again, and again, six hard strikes in total. Briana’s face flamed every time she caught a glimpse of her roommates watching.

“Casey?” Veronica said, stepping aside.

“What?” Briana craned her neck back, catching a glimpse of Casey stepping into position.

“Don’t let go of the table Briana.” Veronica said sharply. “Or I’ll start over and everyone else will go double.”

Briana let out a long whine, gripping the table until her knuckles were white. Casey’s hand came down, large enough to smack across both cheeks. Briana yelped. Five more came in quick succession, Briana’s hips were bucking, her cheeks turning bright red.

“Suzie next.” Veronica said. The six Briana got from her pixie roommate were not at all light! Every one felt like Suzie was putting her back into it, with her fingers splayed open for less air resistance. Briana sobbed, tears dripping onto the coffee table.

“Erin.” Veronica said. Briana braced herself. Mercifully, the half dozen from Erin weren’t as hard as any that had come before. Her ass was so tender that she still yelped, but it felt like a reprieve.

“Jane.” Veronica said. Briana immediately started crying again, hugging the table and squirming her hips.

“Hold still.” Jane said sternly. When Briana wouldn’t, couldn’t obey, she kneeled down and grabbed Briana’s knees. Pulling them up sharply and over her lap, Jane pinned Briana against the table and herself.

The first strike made Briana howl in pain. Only the threat of starting all over kept her hands on the table. Her rear, pulled taut by Jane, felt like it’d been branded. The next strike was as bad, Briana was shouting and crying at the same time. She cried herself hoarse through the final four slaps, collapsing on the table and whimpering when it was done.

“We’ll get you straightened out.” Erin rolled Briana over and applied lotion to her bruised butt. The cool feeling helped in some places, revived the tingling in others. Briana squirmed, more-so when Erin rubbed lotion across Briana’s sex.

“I told you I would be as stern as needed.” Jane said. She kneeled by Briana and gently lifted her legs, sliding a diaper under her rear. Briana swallowed and nodded, tears leaking from her eyes.

“Sorry to have to do that.” Suzie said. “But I’d do it again to save you.” She kissed Briana on the cheek, gently wiped away her tears. The soft smell of talcum powder floated up as Suzie sprinkled a generous dusting over Briana’s crotch.

“We’re going to take care of you, but you need to trust us and let us do it.” Casey pulled the diaper up snuggly, taping it off. She stroked Briana’s legs gently.

“You’ve been very good through your punishment.” Veronica said. “I’m going to put you to bed now. You need to rest.”

Casey lifted Briana effortlessly, following Veronica up the stairs. Veronica pulled back the covers and stripped Briana’s blouse and bra as she sat on the bed. With Briana tucked under the covers, Veronica sat on the edge of the bed, stroking Briana’s hair. Briana sniffled, but snuggled up to Veronica’s hip.

“I got some concerned texts from Gary.” Veronica said. “I think I was able to explain things to him, but he wants to talk to me in person, and you too.”

“I like him.” Briana mumbled into Veronica’s skirt. “I didn’t mean to scare everybody.”

“I know. You scared yourself too.” Veronica said. “I don’t mind him seeing you, he can even take you out on a date after I get a chance to talk to him. Assuming that you still want to go, and that we all talk about some rules.”

“Yes please.” Briana said softly.

“Okay, we’ll get that set up for you.” Veronica stood up, turned off the bedside light.

“It’s only like, five.” Briana said around a yawn. “Do I have to stay in bed?”

“You are emotionally and physically exhausted.” Veronica chuckled, kneeling by the bed. “You’re going to be out like a light. If you wake up, you can come get me, or text me, okay?”

Briana yawned, nodded, closing her eyes. “Okay.”


If I didn’t know better I’d think Briana is starting to like all this being taken care of stuff…

Chapter 15

Briana woke, confused in the dark. She felt disoriented and even a little dizzy. Her sore butt made itself known as soon as she sat up. Fumbling her phone off the bedside table revealed that it was past three in the morning. The diaper was bulky between her legs, but not heavy. It didn’t register as something to be disappointed about.

“What am I supposed to do?” Briana fretted. “It’s too early to get up, and I’m supposed to let people know what I’m doing. I still feel tired, should I change my diaper? I’ve been using way more than they expected, maybe that would be a waste?” She sat fretting for a bit, then threw on a nightshirt. She crept out to the bathroom and poured herself a big glass of water. Thirst taken care of, she at loose ends again. “Maybe Veronica is up, she gets up in the middle of the night sometimes.”

Briana snuck to Veronica’s room and gently knocked. There was no response. She tried the door and stepped into Veronica’s front room. The office door was closed. Opening it produced a low groan from the hinges but no Veronica. The old wooden floor creaked under Briana as she walked back toward the hall.

“Someone there?” Veronica’s sleepy voice came from her bedroom.

“Um, it’s Briana.” She winced. “I didn’t mean to wake you up, sorry.”

“Are you alright?” Veronica asked. “Come here hon.”

Briana obediently opened Veronica’s bedroom door. Her roommate was in bed, sitting up on one elbow. Veronica was nude from the waist up, making no effort to cover her pale breasts. “Oh uh, I’m sorry.” Briana blushed. “I’ll uh, go back and…”

“Briana.” Veronica cut the babbling girl off gently. “What do you need?”

“Nothing really.” Briana sighed. “I woke up, and I don’t know what to do, and I just came to see if you were up working…”

“Come here hon.” Veronica scooted over, patting the bed next to her. “You can sleep with me until morning.”

“Oh, I couldn’t…”

“Briana. Come to bed.”

Briana walked shyly over. “I wet a little, I don’t want to mess up your bed.”

Veronica reached out to pat Briana’s padded crotch. “It’s only a little, you should be fine.”

Briana crawled into bed, blushing a little when she realized Veronica was completely naked. Veronica chuckled. She rolled Briana over, and pulled her close, spooning Briana from behind. Briana relaxed, the knot in her stomach unwinding. She yawned loudly.

“Feel better?” Veronica hugged Briana gently.

“Yes Veronica.” Briana settled herself into the embrace.

“Goodnight Briana.”


Briana woke when Veronica climbed out of bed. She lay there, trying to remember why she was in bed with someone. The night slowly came back to her. “I should be embarrassed.” Briana thought. She found she wasn’t. With a shrug she scooted a bit into the warm spot that Veronica had left.

She must have drifted off again. Veronica shook Briana gently awake, pulling the covers off of her. As Veronica sat her up, Briana realized there was a huge bulk between her legs. She’d managed to soak the diaper thoroughly.

“Let’s get you cleaned up hon.” Veronica took Briana’s hands, half-helped, half-dragged her out of bed.

“I’m tired.” Briana groaned. She followed Veronica slowly, wincing at the soaked padding that was forcing her to waddle.

“Don’t be fussy or I’ll get you a pacifier.” Veronica said, smirking.

Briana blushed, standing quietly while Veronica drew a bath. She let Veronica strip her down and stepped into the bath when directed. She sat back to enjoy the delightfully hot water, closing her eyes.

“Do you need me to help you wash?” Veronica asked after a few minutes.

Briana blushed! “No uh, sorry, I was just uh, waking up.” She grabbed the shampoo and hastily rubbed it into her hair. “No wonder they keep treating me like a baby, I’m just sitting around waiting for them to do everything.”

When she got out of the tub there were clothes waiting for her. Briana dressed quickly, without sparing much thought for the unicorn pullups she tugged on. They were feeling more like underwear after nightly diapers in any case.

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth!” Veronica called from her office. “There’s a toothbrush for you on the sink.”

“I wasn’t going to forget.” Briana squirmed. “I didn’t know she had a toothbrush for me.” She brushed and took her seat on Veronica’s lap, getting her hair ruffled affectionately.

“It’s nice having you all clean in the morning.” Veronica said, hugging Briana.

“I said I could clean up first, before I come over.” Briana said.

“The way things are progressing, I think I’ll start coming to you.” Veronica said.

“Huh? Why?”

“Trust me.” Veronica pulled Briana’s head down to rest on her chest.

“Did she just tell me to shut up?” Briana squirmed a bit to re-seat herself. Veronica’s dress was low-cut today, Briana had her cheek half on Veronica’s dress and half on her breasts. It didn’t feel sexual at all, rather comforting. She decided not to protest.

“If you wake up again you can always come sleep with me if you need it.” Veronica continued.

“Um, thanks. I don’t know if I’ll need to.” Briana said.

“Of course sweetie, so you know it’s okay.” Veronica stroked Briana’s hair. “You have classes and lab today, Casey will drive you to and from school. You’ll have to wait after your last class, Casey doesn’t get done until about an hour after you’re finished.”


“Casey wanted to talk to me about another date with you, and I have a meeting with Gary about you today too.” Veronica smiled, “You’re a very popular young lady.”

“Even though they both know I’m wetting my pants. Are they the weird ones, or is it me?” Briana chewed her lips. A thought bubbled up, “Um, Veronica, aren’t we supposed to be doing counseling in the mornings?”

“Well, I can’t do formal counseling, but I’m always happy to talk with you. Is there something you wanted to talk about?”

Briana lifted her head, shifting to lean against the arm of Veronica’s chair. “Just… where is this all going? Do you have a plan? Everyone is treating me more and more like a baby. And I’m letting you!” Briana realized her voice was rising, but couldn’t stop herself. “I slept with you last night, you changed me this morning. I let everyone spank me yesterday!” Briana’s eyes brimmed with tears.

“I do have a plan. I revise it as I learn more about how you’re doing.” Veronica said, meeting Briana’s eyes calmly.

“Well what’s the plan?!” Briana grumped. “Do you want a baby around for some… weird reason?”

“You came to me for help.” Veronica reminded gently.

“Are you even helping?!” Tears sprang to Briana’s eyes. “I don’t want to be a freak! I want to be normal, and finish my masters, and get a job, and get back to my life!”

Veronica held Briana, watching her calmly. Briana’s chest heaved. She tried meeting Veronica’s gaze but had to look down as the anger left her.

“Are you finished?” Veronica asked.

“I’m sorry Veronica.” Briana sighed.

“This is very hard for you, the occasional outburst isn’t unexpected.” Veronica said. “To answer your question, yes, I have a plan, and I can share some of it with you, but I’m afraid that you’ll get upset again.”

“I’ll try not to.” Briana said plaintively. “Please tell me?”

“You need to focus on some pretty basic goals.” Veronica said. “Goals that will be embarrassing to you because they’re so basic. But if you can do them, and be genuinely proud of your progress, I think you’ll be able to do more.”

“What kind of goals?”

“Staying dry during the day is the first one.” Veronica said. “Being a good girl, and doing as your roommates tell you is another.”

“But that’s…”

“Yes, very basic.” Veronica said. “We will take on the big goals for you, and make sure you can make progress toward your degree. You have to work on the smaller stuff.”

“I can do more than that!” Briana protested.

“So you say. But you’re upset about this, and you’re not committing to those smaller goals.” Veronica shook her head. “If you go that way, we’ll need to create even more structure for you. Which we can do, and we’re all happy to do if it’s necessary.”

“You’re saying I can’t do it?” Briana stared at Veronica incredulously.

“Well if it’s so easy, then knock it out of the park.” Veronica said. “Be a good girl for a week, keep yourself dry. Don’t worry about anything else.”

“Fine, I will!” Briana scoffed.

“Good girl.” Veronica chuckled, patted Briana’s rear. “Now, go get your breakfast. Casey needs to head out soon.”

Briana hopped up. “Veronica I… I’m not trying to sound ungrateful.”

“I know sweetie.” She poked Briana in the side, grinning as Briana shrieked. “Now go.”

Briana scampered down the stairs. “She makes a really good mom.”


What’s that thing that pride goeth before? Oh crap, it’s a fall, isn’t it?

Chapter 16

Being a good girl was easy. Briana’s day went by in a flash. She did chores when she was told, went to classes, sat in the library reading until Casey picked her up. A whole day doing whatever she was told, and lounging in her room on her phone otherwise. At the end of the day she proudly reported her success to Veronica, along with her nice dry pullups.

Briana’s diaper was wet again the next morning, but she didn’t care, the previous day had felt like a victory. Veronica had woken her and sat by her bed to talk. That was a nice change too, not having to sit in a wet diaper. It always squished unpleasantly where she rested on Veronica’s legs.

Friday went as well as Thursday had. For the second day she let Veronica know that everything had gone well, along with staying dry! It was the first time Briana had really felt like positive progress was happening. She went to bed happy, and even woke up less wet than usual. Briana was out of bed and hugging Veronica like a happy puppy when she realized she still had something in her bladder.

She was feeling so normal that she pulled open her underwear drawer on autopilot when she was getting dressed. She stared down at the carefully folded panties, soft hues from white to pink to yellow. “They’re probably dusty by now!”

Briana picked up her favorite pair of panties, white cotton with red lace roses embroidered across the top. She pulled them on to feel them. They felt good, barely there compared to a pullup. She pulled a pair of jeans on over them. Her heart pounded with excitement. “I’ve stayed dry for a few days now. A week if you don’t count the thing with Gary. That was just part of the freak-out.”

She pulled on a bra and a button up blouse. Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt more grown up than she had in ages. “Veronica told me to work on this problem and I’m doing it! I’ll just make sure I use the bathroom often. She’ll be so proud when I told her there were no problems!”

Briana threw herself into her assigned chores, and earned all of Saturday afternoon and evening off. She spent the time texting Gary and Casey; while frequently visiting the restroom. She was a little nervous when she had to pee twice that she hadn’t noticed anything, but told herself that of course she wouldn’t feel anything if she was going so often.

When evening came, Briana gave herself a big high-five in the mirror. She had her report to make to Veronica. Even more, she was hoping she might wake up dry. She doffed her jeans and panties, grinning from ear to ear. They were still nice and dry!

Instead of the panties, she slipped on a pullup with jeans on top. “I don’t want to ruin the surprise for Veronica.”

“I had another great day!” Briana burst through the door to Veronica’s office.

“Congratulations sweetheart!” Veronica smiled, getting up to give Briana a big hug.

“I got everything done, and I was dry all day.” Briana beamed proudly.

“I’m really proud of you.” Veronica sat, pulling Briana into her lap. “Do you want me to diaper you tonight, or do you want to try a pullup tonight? You still have the plastic on your bed I think.”

“Can I?” Briana’s eyes went wide. “You think it’s okay if I do a pullup?”

“You would have been fine in a pullup last night, I think it’s worth the try. You’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of days.”

“Yay!” Briana bounced on Veronica’s lap.

“How are you feeling?” Veronica asked, putting her arms around Briana to stabilize her.

“Really grown up!” Briana said confidently.

“I see.” Veronica nodded. “Interesting choice of words. Is that why you’re a little more dressed up than usual?”

“Yep!” Briana nodded. “I wanted to look like a big girl today.”

“Ah, then you probably don’t want me to put you to bed.”


Veronica smiled. “I do enjoy it. Will you do it for me?”

“Okay!” Briana bounced on Veronica’s lap again.

“Oof, careful there sweetie.” Veronica gently slid Briana off her lap. “Let’s get you put to bed.”

Briana scampered to her room, pausing to brightly call goodnight to her roommates. Jane and Erin gave her funny looks, but she got an enthusiastic wave from Suzie. Once in the bedroom, she let Veronica take her clothes off with only a little squirming. Down to her pullup, she stood totally unselfconscious while Veronica put her clothes in the hamper.

“Did you brush your teeth?” Veronica asked, looking Briana over with a calculating gaze.

“Oops!” Briana walked out of the room without bothering to put on pajamas or cover her chest. She returned, flashing a clean minty smile at Veronica.

“You sure you’re feeling okay, sweetie?” Veronica caressed Briana’s cheek.

“Yeah, I feel really good.” Briana stretched. “Actually I’m not really sleepy yet. Can you stay and talk?”

“Okay, but get in bed first.” Veronica pulled back the covers, dragging them back over Briana when she hopped in… She sat on the edge of the bed. “Is there something bothering you?”

“No, I don’t want to go to sleep yet.” Briana said, sitting up bare-chested.

“Do you want me to read you a story?” Veronica asked curiously.

Briana’s eyes lit up excitedly, but she quickly shifted to a frown. “That’s not very grown up!”

“You’re right, but we’ve already talked a couple of times today, I don’t have anything else right now either.” She gently poked Briana’s nose. “Bedtime.”

“I’m not sleepy yet!” Briana protested.

“You’ve been so good, don’t blow it now.” Veronica said. She pulled the covers up to Briana’s chin as Briana reluctantly slid back down in bed. She was almost out the door with the lights out when Briana spoke again.

“Would you really have read me a story?”

“I would have, do you want one?” Veronica turned, silhouetted by the hallway light.

“No, that’s okay.” Briana let her head fall on the pillow.

Briana woke what seemed like moments later to Veronica shaking her awake. She reached down between her legs and cried out in joy. Nothing had leaked! She still had a mostly full bladder! Sure, the pullup was wet, but it was nothing compared to what had been happening recently.

With her rose-panties rescued from the laundry bin, Briana felt like she was floating through the day. She was sure that her wetting problems would be over soon. That meant dates that wouldn’t be weird with Gary. Maybe some weird dates with Casey, but wearing pullups had been fun with her so that could be okay.

Homework and chores took a chunk of the day but she barely noticed them. Everything was less important than her excitement for the future. Her work on the Microbio homework was really rushed, but there was no one in the house qualified to check it. Briana simply pretended there was no problem.

Dinner prep was Briana and Suzie, everyone else had yet to get home. Briana had a nice mindless task chopping onions; her mind wandered to the rest of the week. She had a test coming up, and she hadn’t put in any job applications recently. Maybe she could talk to Dr. Grove about getting on his lab team.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a weird tightness in her skinny jeans. She looked down to see a huge spreading wet-patch. “Oh no,” she cried, “Oh no no no no no!” It kept coming with no control at all. It was as big an accident as an early morning wet, soaking her jeans and through them, actually dribbling audibly on the floor.

“Woah, you okay?” Suzie came over, staring at Briana in shock. “What’s going on… are you not wearing pullups?”

Briana stared at Suzie, shocked and shamefaced. She managed to slightly shake her head.

“Why not? Briana, it’s all over the kitchen floor!” Suzie took a couple of bare-footed steps back, wrinkling her nose. “I’m standing in it.”

“S-s-s-s-s-or-or-or-y” Briana whimpered.

Suzie sighed and rolled her eyes. She grabbed a dish towel and threw it on the floor, then went for the mop. Briana hobbled to the side, too shocked at what had happened to help.

“You are going back in diapers.” Suzie said as she mopped in short quick strokes. “You’re getting a spanking, and you’re grounded for a while if I have anything to say about it.”

“No!” Briana wailed. “Everything was going really well! It was almost over!”

Suzie dumped the mop and dish towel into the mop bucket. “Briana, I’m a little upset with you. You get up to your room right now while I put dinner on hold. You wait there until I come up to change you.”

“No!” Briana screamed. “No! This isn’t fair! It’s not! I was done!”

Suzie grabbed a wooden spoon from the jar and grabbed Briana’s arm. Briana struggled, her feet slipping on the slick floor. With surprising skill Suzie twisted Briana’s arm behind her back and up. Briana was bent over the table with a whimper of pain.

“You are being a very bad baby right now.” Suzie said. The swish of the spoon left Briana no time to retort. She let out a cry of pain as the spoon caught her across her wet jeans. Four more times the spoon came down, each time it was a shock that blossomed out into red hot pain.

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good.” Briana sobbed, tears dripping on the table. She gratefully shook her arm out as Suzie let her go.

“Take your pants off.” Suzie said. “You heard me! We’re not even done with your spanking yet.”

Briana whimpered, cowering when Suzie raised the spoon again. She fumbled her jeans open and down, then her panties. She sobbed again to see her rose panties dripping as she rolled them down her thighs.

Suzie sat, and dragged Briana over her knee. She stroked the spoon over Briana’s bare butt.

“N-no please.” Briana blubbered. “Suzie please, not the spoon.”

“You should have thought about that before you skipped wearing your pullups.” Suzie brought the spoon down, forcing a yelp out of Briana. Nine more times, while Briana sobbed until the snot flowed out of her nose onto the floor. She felt herself wet again, helpless to stop it as pee flowed in spurts down her legs or splattered on Suzie’s pants.

Suzie walked Briana upstairs and put her in the shower. Briana sat under the hot water, keeping her butt out of the stream. She wished she could fall into that floaty state she’d been in with Veronica’s first spanking, or after her roommates had all spanked her. It wasn’t to be, the feeling of shame and disappointment was too real.

Pulled out of the shower and gently dried off by Suzie, Briana obediently went to her bedroom. The changing blanket was on her bed, and Briana lay down on it without protest. The lotion was a merciful relief, even if Suzie didn’t give her sex the extra attention that Erin usually did. The talcum powder was soothing, but something about the diaper under it felt funny.

“What’s that?” Briana asked, staring at the large rectangular pad in the middle of the diaper.

“Booster pad.” Suzie said, pulling the diaper up and taping it.

Briana flushed but lay back. She didn’t want to try Suzie’s temper right now. The flower petal blouse Suzie put on her seemed babyish but Briana kept quiet about that as well. It wasn’t until she realized that the ‘blouse’ was being snapped around her crotch that she protested.

“Suzie, what… you’re putting me in a onesie?”

“That’s right. It’ll make you a lot easier to change.” Suzie said.

“I don’t want to wear this!” Briana reached for the snaps only to have Suzie slap her hands away.

“You’re not in any position to choose.” Suzie said. “Did you forget you’re supposed to be doing what we say?”

“This is totally unreasonable!” Briana shouted.

“Good thing Veronica anticipated you having a meltdown.” Suzie said. She picked up something off the bedside table and shoved it in Briana’s mouth.

Briana froze in embarrassed shock as her mouth closed reflexively over the rubber nipple. The pacifier’s ring tapped lightly against her lower lip. She felt her nipples harden and her crotch warm, at the same time that she was trembling with shame.

“Now, I’m not strong enough to lift you.” Suzie said. “So you can come with me and sit on a blanket in the kitchen like a good girl. Otherwise I have to tie you up and put a baby-monitor up here.”

Briana looked at Suzie in disbelief.

“I told you, Veronica figured something like this would happen. Please come downstairs.” Suzie sighed. “I don’t even know where the batteries are for the baby monitor, and I have to finish dinner.”

Briana could only whimper behind the pacifier. She didn’t resist when Suzie pulled her wrist and followed her roommate downstairs. A crib blanket on the kitchen floor was the final, humiliating touch. Briana lay down on it to spare her aching rear. All her plans and hopes were washed away with the pee that Suzie was mopping up. She was torn between dreading the return of the rest of her roommates and wanting Veronica to be home.


I’m really enjoying this story. Please keep writing. Are we ever going to find out what is going on with Briana? What is causing her bladder problems?



Veronica’s theory on the bladder problems is stress, which can do really nasty things to a person. Of course it’s an ABDL story so we don’t have to resolve that issue for there to be a happy ending. :slight_smile:

Good news on the more story front, there are 11 more chapters coming before the book wraps up!

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Great. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Poor little Briana is still having a rough day. :frowning:

Chapter 17

Briana was feeling exceptionally fussy. She wished there was any other word to use for it, but it was the one that fit the best. She spit out her pacifier for the tenth time, watching Suzie to see when she’d notice. “Am I trying to piss her off or do I just want attention?” Briana wondered. “I want Veronica.”

Suzie looked down at the discarded pacifier and sighed. “You can’t cooperate on one thing?” Instead of shoving it back in Briana’s mouth, she went to the fridge. A few minutes later she had a water bottle filled with orange juice. She pressed the bottle into Briana’s hands and the rubber spigot into Briana’s mouth.

Briana pouted and considered rolling the bottle across the floor. Her stinging butt made her shy away from the idea. She sipped, and sighed at the sweet taste. It did soothe her a little. She didn’t really want to think about why.

There was plenty of time to finish the bottle of juice off before the rest of Briana’s roommates came home. As soon as she heard the door open, she was up off the blanket and running. Truthfully, it was more of a fast waddle with the overstuffed diaper she was wearing, but Briana didn’t care.

“VERONICA!” Briana hurled herself tearfully against the black-clad woman. Veronica folded her arms around Briana. Casey, Erin and Jane looked askance at each other, shrugged, and continued on to the kitchen.

“What’s the matter?” Veronica asked. She pulled back gently and looked Briana over. “You’ve had a bit of a transformation since this morning.”

“Suzie hit me with a spoon!” Briana wailed. “She made me wear this.”

“I’m sorry to hear that sweetie. Was she giving you a spanking?”

“Yes.” Briana sniffled. Briana looked down as Veronica let the silence drag out. “I had an accident on the kitchen floor.”

“Oh dear.” Veronica hugged Briana gently. “That must have been really upsetting for you. I know you were really excited about your progress.”

“Yeah! It’s not fair!” Briana said. “Everything was going really well.”

“I’m going to go talk to Suzie.” Veronica said, stroking Briana’s hair. “Can you wait here for me?”

Briana nodded, sitting down on the couch with a loud crinkle. She watched Veronica go then rested her head on her knees. A few minutes later, Veronica came back out, Briana looked up at her expectantly.

“It seems like you weren’t wearing any protection, so you ended up making a big mess with your accident.” Veronica said, sitting on the couch next to Briana.

“I didn’t mean to!” Briana pouted. “I was going to surprise you, show you that I was wearing panties for a couple of days without a problem.”

“I see. I can tell why you’re really upset, but that wasn’t our deal, remember? You were going to wear protection until you’d been dry during the day for a week.”

“The thing with Gary doesn’t count!” Briana whined. “That was a weird, stressful situation. Other than that, I had been dry for a week.”

“Weird stressful situation describes the whole issue.” Veronica said. She patted Briana’s cheek gently. “I see why you’re so upset, but I also see a good reason that you got a punishment.”

“She hit me with a spoon!” Briana said incredulously.

“Suzie said she wasn’t spanking any harder than Jane has. I’ll take a look.” She pulled Briana’s legs, sliding her down on her back on the couch. Briana squirmed as Veronica undid the snaps on her onesie, and loudly pulled open her diaper tapes. Erin walked over and craned her head to look as Veronica folded the diaper open and lifted Briana’s legs.

“A little bit of bruising.” Erin said. “No imprints. I think it’s still within what we discussed.”

“I agree. Thank you Erin.” Veronica said.

“You discussed how hard to spank me?” Briana whined, reaching down to cover her crotch.

“Of course, we didn’t want someone going overboard or really hurting you.” Veronica lowered Briana’s legs and pushed her hand out of the way.

“Wait, I don’t need the diaper.” Briana said. She sat up only to be pushed back down by Erin.

“You need some kind of protection and you’re already in this one, we might as well use it.” Veronica taped Briana back up and snapped the onesie in place.

“I don’t want to wear this baby stuff!” Briana kicked her legs, pouted when Veronica grabbed them and held them in her lap.

“That’s not a choice you have right now.” Veronica said firmly. “Suzie said you misbehaved even after she punished you, but you’re going to be a better girl for me, aren’t you?”

Briana sighed and looked away. She crossed her arms over her chest but nodded her head.

“Good girl. I need you to be quiet while we’re finishing dinner.” She fished the pacifier out of her cleavage and popped it in Briana’s mouth.

Briana glared at Veronica. Nevertheless, she chewed on the pacifier instead of spitting it out.

“You can sit by me at dinner tonight, and we can spend some time together after as well, okay?”

Briana nodded, curled up on the couch. There wasn’t much to do, so she spaced out until dinner time. She noticed warmth in her diaper once, and she wondered if she’d wet. If she had, it wasn’t much. That wasn’t something she wanted to dwell on anyway.

Waddling in to dinner was extremely awkward. She felt like all eyes were on her as she set her thickly padded bottom on the chair. Veronica passed her plate around and her roommates loaded up with chicken, spinach casserole, salad, and fries.

“You’re looking cute.” Casey said, bumping shoulders with Briana.

Briana put her pacifier down next to her plate. “I look like a baby.”

“A cute baby.” Casey chuckled.

“Briana, do you have something to say to Suzie?” Veronica asked.

Briana glared at Veronica. Her anger wilted under Veronica’s calm gaze. She hung her head and said, “I’m sorry.”

Suzie nodded. “I did lose my temper with you a little bit kiddo, I’m sorry too.”

“Kiddo?” Briana sighed. She wasn’t sure how to protest that one when her puffy diaper was giving her an inch of height.

“Thank you for getting everything done so quickly and so well today.” Jane said.

“She even did extra.” Erin said. “Thanks for washing my scrubs for me.”

Briana blushed, nodded. “You’re welcome.” She shoveled food into her face to hopefully head off any other conversation.

The table talk turned to classes, jobs, and politics. Briana’s head hurt trying to process any of that. She concentrated on her meal, and let the soothing voices wash over her without comprehension. One word did penetrate the fog, dessert.

“Oh, what’s for dessert?!” Briana looked up excitedly.

“Pie.” Veronica laughed. “As soon as you finish your casserole you can have some.”

Briana made a face but gulped down the uneaten half of her casserole. Jane got up to serve the pie and enlisted Briana’s help, giving her plated slices and directing them to each roommate in turn. When she finally sat down with her own slice Briana devoured it, finishing well ahead of the rest of her roommates.

“You’ve got a bit of pie on your face there.” Veronica dunked her napkin in her water glass. “I’ll get you cleaned up.”

“Wait, as long as she’s got a messy face…” Casey picked up the spray cream and held it up. “Open your mouth Bri.”

Briana giggled and opened her mouth, tilting her head up. Casey sprayed whipped cream into her mouth, piling it up more and more until it spilled out over her lips and down her chin. Everyone laughed as Briana struggled to swallow as much of the sweet cream as she could. As soon as Briana finished Veronica wiped her face with the napkin, matter-of-factly scrubbing Briana’s face and the front of her onesie.

“Suzie do you mind putting her down on the blanket by the TV?” Veronica asked.

“Putting me down?” Briana protested in confusion. “What does that…”

Veronica popped the pacifier casually back in Briana’s mouth. “Be a good girl for Suzie now.”

Confused and a little dazed from everything that had happened during the day, Briana allowed Suzie to take her hand and lead her into the living room. She pouted around the pacifier when Suzie gently pushed her down onto the crib blanket but didn’t feel like she could defy Veronica enough to take the pacifier out. Laying on the soft blanket and carpet with a full belly was enough to put her in a light doze.

Briana came back to consciousness when her roommates gathered to watch TV. She wanted to get up on the couch with them but as soon as she sat up Suzie started stroking her hair. She sat and watched the show, squirming occasionally in a diaper that seemed a clammier than it had been before.

“That pacifier was a great idea.” Erin said. “She’s been quiet for a while now.”

“Hey!” Briana spit the pacifier out. “Don’t you think that…”

“Hush a sec hon.” Suzie said, pushing Briana down on to the blanket. She put a hand between Briana’s legs and curled her fingers under the diaper.

“Suzie!” Briana whined, but no one was listening.

“She’s wet.” Suzie said. “Just wet though, and with the booster she’s fine.”

“Guys, don’t you think this is going too far?” Briana whimpered, her face scarlet.

“Aww, she’s getting fussy.” Casey said.

“She’s been fussy all day.” Suzie nodded.

“I am not fussy!” Briana protested.

“I’ll take her to bed.” Veronica said, kneeling next to Briana.

“Veronicaaaaa!” Briana whined. “I don’t want to go to bed. I want to hang out with everyone, I’m not really a baby!”

“Come on now, be a good girl.” Veronica helped Briana up and patted the bulk between her legs. “You’re wet and cranky.”

Briana squirmed in embarrassment. She softly replied to her roommates’ goodnights and waddled up the stairs with Veronica following. Every step reminded her of the swollen bulk between her legs. She couldn’t remember when she’d wet. It must have been while she was dozing.

“Am I totally losing the ability to know when I have to go?” Briana worried to herself while she brushed her teeth at Veronica’s direction. She let Veronica put her in bed and tuck the covers around her. When Veronica headed to the light switch she called out, “Wait, aren’t you um… Veronica, you aren’t going to leave me uh…”

“What is it sweetie?” Veronica asked. “What do you need?”

Briana blushed. “Can you change me please?”

“You don’t technically need it but I suppose I can. You’ve had a rough day after all.” Veronica pulled back the covers and unsnapped Briana’s onesie. The diaper crinkled as it expanded a bit. “Then again, I guess you really do need a change. Do you think you have it all out?”

“I don’t know.” Briana whimpered. “I’m scared. I don’t know when I need to go a lot of the time now.”

“Well it’s a good thing I’m here to take care of you.” Veronica said. She pressed her hand gently but firmly down over Briana’s bladder.

“Augh, why?” Briana blushed. “I’m wetting again.”

“That’s a good girl!” Veronica said kindly. “Want to make sure you’re dry for as long as possible tonight.”

She should feel humiliated at being called a good girl, especially for wetting, but Briana felt a sort of warmth at the praise. Veronica gathered the rest of the changing supplies, and popped the tapes on Briana’s diaper. It felt good to have fresh air on her crotch, though the smell wasn’t great. She’d gone a lot this time.

The smell started to clear as soon as the diaper hit the lidded diaper pail. Veronica wiped carefully around Briana’s abdomen, crotch, rear, and thighs with a warm washcloth. It wasn’t embarrassing anymore to be splayed out in front of Veronica, Briana realized. She closed her eyes and rested a hand on her face to block the overhead light.

“I don’t think you’re getting any diaper rash, but if it happens don’t worry, Erin will get you taken care of.” Veronica said. Briana sighed contentedly as she felt warm lotion spread across her rear and sex. The lotion application was almost a massage, Briana relaxed so much that she let a finger slip into her mouth. Without thinking, she idly sucked on it.

Briana felt her hips lifted and smelled the talcum as she was powdered. It was somehow a relief to have the diaper pulled up snugly and the tapes secured. Even having the onesie snapped up felt right. Only because the garment fit correctly that way, Briana told herself. She looked up as Veronica leaned over her, stroked her hair.

“You need something to occupy your mouth, sweetie?” Veronica asked.

“Nuh…” Briana blushed and pulled the finger out of her mouth.

“It’s alright.” Veronica fished the pacifier out of her cleavage again and pressed it into Briana’s mouth.

“Now, let’s get you tucked in and I’ll read you a story.” Veronica pulled the covers up to Briana’s chin and fetched a book.

She’d wanted to protest the pacifier in her mouth, but the prospect of a story was nice enough to put up with it. Sucking on the pacifier, Briana listened to a story about a little princess who found a dragon egg. Not long after the dragon hatched, Briana was fast asleep.


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Gary’s back!

Chapter 18

The morning came early for Briana. She woke before her alarm, or Veronica’s visit. The soggy bulk between her legs was familiar, but the pressure in her bladder was a welcome surprise. Feeling refreshed in a way she hadn’t for weeks, Briana climbed out of bed and stretched. Checking the clock revealed that it was still before seven, some of the early risers might be up as well but the house was quiet.

Getting out of her wet diaper and showering on her own felt great. Putting pullups on when she dressed didn’t dampen her mood either. The thin, soft padding made her feel safe and comfortable, not resentful. With fifteen minutes or more until Veronica was due to arrive, she sat cross-legged on her bed and reviewed her class notes. Finals were coming up soon and Briana hadn’t been thinking ahead to them much.

“Oh, good morning.” Veronica stopped in the doorway in surprise. She had on her usual black dress, but with more makeup than she normally bothered with. She looked Briana over and said, “I see you’ve gotten yourself all ready. Studying?”

“Yes.” Briana smiled. “I feel really good today!”

“That’s great sweetheart.” Veronica hesitated at the door. “Well if you don’t want me to interrupt you…”

“Please come in.” Briana said. “Can we talk about yesterday?”

“Of course.” Veronica took a seat on the bed. “What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t really know what happened yesterday. I was acting like a little kid. Maybe even a baby.” Briana set her notes down. “I couldn’t stop myself.”

“We noticed, but if you’re worried that we’re upset, we aren’t. This is all part of taking care of you.” Veronica said.

“No, it’s not that. I uh, didn’t really consider that you might be mad.” Briana ducked her head shyly. “I feel great today, I’m not stressed at all. But yesterday was bad and then I sort of… escaped into being a kid I guess?”

“I think maybe you needed it.” Veronica said. “It seems to have recharged you.”

“And you’re really not upset? Even Suzie? I mean, I was a huge brat. I’m sorry for that.” Briana sighed.

“We really aren’t. Especially after everyone sees you like this today. You aren’t like a kid at all today, you have yourself all put together without help.” Veronica sighed.

Briana wondered if she was really sensing disappointment from her roommate. “Do you miss it?”

“Oh sweetie, don’t worry about that. This is about what you need.” Veronica smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes.

Briana lay down on the bed, putting her head in Veronica’s lap. “Well, I miss being close with you in the morning.”

Veronica smiled, a hint of blush rising to her cheeks. She stroked Briana’s hair gently. “You are darling. Thank you.”

“It’s true, I was missing it.” Briana closed her eyes. “I feel good today, I have the energy to get up, and get ready, and start thinking about finals. But I still need your help I think.”

“How so?” Veronica asked.

“It’s hard for me to think about other things, I’ve been trying not to. Jobs, and fixing my problem, and maybe needing a new graduate advisor.” Briana snuggled up against Veronica. “I… I really want you to be in charge, please.”

“I can do that, of course.” Veronica said happily. “You’ve already got a great start on the day, I’m very proud of you.”

“I’m a good girl?” Briana asked.

“A very good girl.” Veronica stroked Briana’s cheek. “It’s Sunday, so we have the usual chores and homework to do. I’ll get you sent to Jane for the chores, you can come do the homework in my office.”

“Yes Veronica.” Briana smiled softly.

“We also have a visitor today. Your friend Gary is coming over.”

“Huh? Why?” Briana looked up at Veronica.

“He wants to talk to me and understand what’s going on a little better. He’d also like to talk to you and make completely sure that you’re okay with everything.” Veronica said.

“Oh, okay.” Briana closed her eyes again. “Just let me know when he’s ready to talk to me.”

“You don’t want to be present for the conversation that he and I have?”

“No, I you can do it.”

“Very well. Go downstairs and help Jane.” Veronica sat Briana up and kissed her head.

“Yes… Veronica.” Briana hesitated in the door before heading downstairs. “I can’t just call her Mom, she’s not really my mom.”

Briana presented herself to Jane, who gave Briana and amused look. “Ready to work?”

“Yes Jane.”

Jane hooked a finger in the waistband of Briana’s shorts and pulled them open, peeking down. “And you have protection on, good girl.”

Briana beamed. “Thank you.”

“You look a lot better than yesterday.” Jane said. “I have a small list for you today, do you think you can do them without me hovering over you?”

“Yes, I can!” Briana nodded vigorously.

“I’m impressed.” Jane said, patting Briana on the head. “Let’s get started.”

The morning stayed as upbeat as it had started. Even getting diaper checked by every one of her roommates couldn’t bring Briana down. She was dry, her roommates were happy with her, and everything was going well. A lot of little things could have bothered her, but Briana wasn’t letting the stressful thoughts in. Usually, that was easier said than done, but today her mind stayed on task.

After chores, Jane sent Briana to her room. There wasn’t much to do besides homework, but that was on hold until Veronica called her to the office. With a relieved sigh Briana curled up on her bed with a soft blanket. Sunday naps had been her favorite before everything got bad, she was happily dozing in minutes.

Briana was delighted to wake up dry from her nap. She pulled down her shorts and poked at the firetrucks on her crotch. It was hard to believe she was so excited about something so simple. She shook her head and banished the thought from her mind. No stressful thoughts today.

“I could go see what people are doing.” She thought. “But Jane did tell me to go to my room, maybe I should stay here until someone comes to get me.”

Opening a window to let in a light summer breeze, Briana fetched a book and curled up to read. She hadn’t read Alanna: The First Adventure since she was in middle school, but she’d kept the books with her with every move. Sinking into Alanna’s magical world, Briana was in bliss.

A knock at the door startled her out of the fantasy world. She looked at the door in confusion, none of her roommates knocked anymore. “Um, who is it?”

“It’s Gary.” His deep voice rumbled through the door. “Can I come in?”

Briana dove for her discarded shorts and pulled them back on in a minor panic. Stumbling off the bed, she finished buttoning the shorts and pulled the door open. She wished Veronica had warned her, the shorts were plain white, fine for summer, but her shirt was an old “Tangled” t-shirt from a high school trip to Disneyland.

“Hi Gary, yeah, you can come in.” She smiled and stepped out of the doorway. He looked really good in a pale blue button up, short-sleeve shirt. His butt looked even better in fitted jeans shorts.

“Hey Briana.” Gary grinned, going in for a hug. He held her close for a moment, then pulled back to look into her eyes and stroke her cheek. “How are you doing?”

“Really good!” Briana nuzzled Gary’s hand. “Today has been really great.”

“Just today?” Gary asked in concern.

“Well, you know I’m having uh… a problem.” Briana looked down. “Some days are better than others.”

“Yeah, Veronica and I had a long talk about it. Are you okay to chat a little about it?” Gary took a seat on the desk chair. “I don’t want to pry, but I feel like I have to make sure you’re okay.”

Briana nodded, hopping up on the bed. She took a deep breath. “Yeah, I don’t exactly love to talk abut it, but I understand why you’re worried.”

“What Veronica laid out for me was pretty extreme. Everyone in the house is treating you like a kid. Grounding you, ordering you around, even spanking you. Are you really letting them do it? You don’t feel pressured?”

“I really am.” Briana blushed. “I think I need it. I really don’t mind what they’re doing.”

“That’s the part I don’t really get.” Gary said, “Veronica said you liked it, but I can’t figure out why.”

“I don’t totally understand it either. It’s more than help being organized and stuff. It’s more than just help with my uh… problem.” Briana thought back to yesterday, blushing profusely. “Yesterday was a bad day. I um, I had a lot of my problem and I got treated like a really little kid. But today I feel really good, and capable.”

“You think you feel good today because of what happened yesterday?” Gary asked curiously.

“Maybe? Yeah? I… it’s hard to think about, it stresses me out.” Briana looked down. “I’m not trying to be vague.”

“So when Veronica says she’s acting as your mom…”

“She said that?!” Briana looked up excitedly. “She thinks of herself like my mom?”

“I think she kinda does.” Gary said, confused. “You’re happy about that?”

“Yeah!” Briana beamed. “I had my head in her lap when she was taking care of me this morning, and it felt really good.”

“So you really want to be treated like a kid?” Gary furrowed his brow when Briana answered with a nod. He thought for a moment, then asked, “And Casey treats you like a kid, but you’re dating her, right?”

Briana licked her lips. “Uh, yeah. I kind of like that. It’s not like um, a gross incest thing, or underage or whatever. It’s really different than normal dating, I know.”

“Do you want me to treat you like a kid?” Gary asked. “And I guess I should ask separately, do you still want to date?”

Briana looked down, blushing furiously. She tried to answer a couple of times, but nothing came out. Her thoughts spun in circles. “He’s going to think I’m so weird if I tell him both answers are yes! But I shouldn’t lie to him either. Maybe I should just tell him we can’t date. But, I don’t want to do that either.”

“Briana?” Gary had gotten up and knelt in front of her. “Are you worried that I’m going to judge you or make fun of you?”

“No.” Briana squeaked. “Yes. I don’t know!”

“I know this is hard, but you have to tell me what you want.” Gary gently rubbed Briana’s leg.

“I… I…” Briana could feel stress building. Nothing wet between her legs, but she knew it would follow. “I have to say it. Just say it, and whatever happens, Veronica will fix it.”

“Yes.” Briana said with a heavy sigh. “I want to be treated like a kid, at least a little. And… I want, I want you.”

Gary nodded. “I thought so, but I needed to hear you say it.” He stood, pulling Briana to her feet. She had a moment to look up at him in worry before their lips met. She closed her eyes and melted against him, feeling the stress vanish. Gary held her close after the kiss, stroking Briana’s hair while she rested her head on his chest. A slight draft on her rear was followed by the waistband of her shorts rebounding onto her skin.

“Did… did you just diaper check me?” Briana asked.

“I did.” Gary chuckled. “Looks like you’re still protected and dry, that’s good.”

“Gaaaaaary.” Briana hid her face in his chest.

“Do you want to go out to lunch?” Gary asked, tilting Briana’s chin up.

“Yeah but uh, I have to ask permission.” Briana shuffled her feet.

“I already got permission from Veronica.” Gary said. “She had some conditions, and so did I. My conditions were this conversation, mostly.”

“Oh, what were the conditions?” Briana squirmed.

“Nothing for you to worry about, I’ll take care of it.” Gary said. “Now, let’s get you dressed for the date.”


“We’re not going somewhere super fancy but you should still have something better than a t-shirt.” Gary said. “And I think we’ll switch your shorts out for a skirt in case I need to change you.”

“Gary!” Briana pouted. “I can pick my own clothes.”

“Not according to Veronica you can’t.” Gary chuckled. “Now do you want to go out to lunch or not?”

Briana blushed and squirmed. Finally she nodded. “Yes please.”

“Arms up!” Gary said. Briana giggled and complied. He pulled her t-shirt up and off, kneeled down to unbutton her shorts. As Gary looked through her closet, Briana stood shyly in her pullup and bra. A cream colored blouse and a dark red pleated skirt were Gary’s picks. He even insisted on putting on her socks, and tying her shoes.

“Where are we going?” Briana asked, kicking her feet idly.

“Chicchetti’s.” Gary said, handing Briana her purse.

“Oh, down by the water!” Briana smiled. “Thanks Gary.”

“You’re welcome. Do you need to go to the bathroom before we go?”


“You sure?”

“Yes I’m sure!” Briana stamped her foot.

“Okay, let’s go then.” Gary took Briana’s hand.


It’s a diapered date!

Chapter 19

Going on a date with Gary was definitely exciting. Telling him she wanted to be treated like a kid had been exciting and scary. Veronica handing Gary a diaper bag that was now in the back seat of his Prius was embarrassing. All of those feelings left Briana squirmy and hyperactive, bouncing in the seat as Gary drove.

“I guess I picked a good restaurant if you’re that excited.” Gary chuckled.

“Everything kind of feels new again.” Briana said. “There’s a lot to figure out.”

“Yeah, I feel that too.” Gary smiled, reached over to squeeze Briana’s arm. “You look great, by the way.”

“You dressed me!” Briana laughed.

“That was fun. I’m liking this more than I expected.” Gary said.

“Really?” Briana asked. “Me too. It was crazy when Veronica proposed it but I’m glad she did.”

“Us dating?” Gary asked.

“No, I mean, everything. The pullups and the kid treatment and stuff.”

“It’s brave of you to try something like this.” Gary said.

“You think so?” Briana clasped her hands.

“Yeah, I do.” Gary smirked. “I’m glad you’re brave, because I’ve got some plans for lunch.”

“Like what?” Briana frowned.

“You heard Veronica when we left, I’m in charge.” Gary said. “I’ll be checking in with her so that she knows you’re okay… and so that she knows you’re behaving.”

Briana blushed. “Oh. Okay.”

“Good girl.” Gary grinned, pulling the car into the restaurant’s parking lot.

The walk to their table was awkward for Briana, she barely paid attention to the restaurant; her attention was consumed by the diaper bag in Gary’s hand. No one seemed to react, but she was sure someone was judging them. Once at their table with the bag stowed under it, she could relax again. The window next to their table looked out on the marina, showcasing well kept boats in the summer sun.

After a few minutes of watching the water she realized Gary was absorbed in the menu. She looked for hers, and reached over to Gary’s side of the table to grab it.

“Hey!” She said, as Gary slid the menu away from her.

“I’m ordering for you.” Gary said, folding his menu up and putting them both on the windowsill.

“But, I wanted to pick.” Briana pouted. “And I can’t believe you brought that stupid bag.”

“Veronica warned me you might be bratty but I didn’t expect it to start this fast.” Gary smirked.

“I’m not bratty!” Briana protested. “I’m frustrated.”

“Or you’re testing to see if I’ll really treat you like a kid, even if you protest.”

Briana squirmed in her seat. “No fair dissecting my motivations.”

Gary laughed. “Fine, I won’t spoil it for you.”

Briana had to hold her retort with the waiter approaching their table. Gary ordered a salmon Alfredo for himself, and then macaroni and cheese for Briana.

“I’m sorry sir, that was yesterday’s special, we don’t have the truffle macaroni today.” The waiter said.

“No, the plain one, from the kid’s menu.” Gary pointed it out for the waiter.

“Oh of course.” The waiter nodded and took their menus. “Anything to drink?”

“I’ll have your Pole Brewery apricot beer.” Gary said. “She’ll have an apple juice.”

The waiter hesitated for a moment, then shrugged. “I’ll bring the drinks right out for you sir.” He poured their glasses of water from the pitcher on the table, and left for the kitchen.

Briana felt her cheeks warm and her nipples harden. She squirmed in her seat, mock-glaring at Gary. “Are you going to embarrass me the whole time we’re out?”

“Only if being a kid embarrasses you.” Gary said. “Be a good girl, and I’ll get you ice cream after.”

“Really?” Briana asked, hiding her face when Gary laughed at her eagerness. “Well what if I’m not a good girl?”

“Veronica put a change of clothes in the bag for me.” Gary shrugged. “We could always go from here to the park… with you in a onesie.”

“You wouldn’t!” Briana stared at Gary in shock.

“Try me.” He smirked.

Briana blushed scarlet, and even more-so when the waiter brought her apple juice. She sipped the juice slowly, savoring the sweetness.

“Don’t forget to drink water as well.” Gary said.

Briana nodded, absently reaching for her glass and taking a big gulp. She froze, and glared at Gary. “Are you trying to…”

“Am I trying to what?” Gary asked disingenuously.

“Make me wet.” Briana whispered.

“It’s some water and juice.” Gary chuckled. “You should be fine. If not, we can get you changed, they have a family restroom here.”

Briana shuddered, through she could feel heat building between her legs. “Why is this so hot?” She wondered. She imagined looking at Gary between her legs, a diaper in her hands, and even felt a bit of dampness in her pullups.

“So uh, how are classes going?” She said, taking another big drink of the ice water.

“Really good. I should be able to knock my finals out.” Gary said. “How about you? Feeling confidant, or have you been a little derailed?”

“I feel pretty good. Veronica has been keeping me on track.” Briana said. Mercifully, her body was cooling down.

“That’s great. Let me know if I can help as a fellow microbio mad scientist.” He grinned, and Brianna giggled.

The food arrived. Briana’s little bowl of mac and cheese looked so plain next to Gary’s plate of Alfredo, drenched in salmon and cream sauce. It smelled good though and Briana dug in right away. The simple, homey taste of the mac and cheese hit the spot. It was rich, enough so that she kept having to drink between bites. Gary was a good eater as always, and well on the way to polishing off his huge plate by the time Briana was coming to the end of hers. She looked wistfully over at his dish, the smoked salmon crumbled into the sauce looked perfect.

“Do you want a bite?” Gary asked.

“Yes please!” Briana smiled shyly.

Gary wrapped a generous amount of pasta and sauce on his fork, and held it across the table. Briana reached for it, but he pulled away from her hand and back to her mouth. Obediently, she opened her mouth and took the pasta, licking her lips to get the extra sauce that had ended up on her mouth.

“Mmm, that’s good! Messy!” She laughed.

“You’re a fine one to talk.” Gary chuckled. “How much mac and cheese did you get on your blouse?”

“I didn’t get any…” Briana looked down and bit her lip in embarrassment. She’d dribbled at least a half dozen noodles on her blouse, along with quite a spattering of sauce. Her lip quavered. “Gary… I didn’t mean to.”

“Don’t worry, we’re almost done here, and I’ll get you cleaned up.” Gary squeezed Briana’s hand.

She was quiet for the rest of lunch, concentrating on finishing her apple juice. Once that was gone, she worked on her glass of water to keep from having to talk. By the time Gary had paid the bill, she was feeling definite pressure in her bladder.

“Gary.” She whispered as they stood up from the table. “I have to go.”

“Number one or two?” He asked casually.

“What… what does that matter?” She asked. “It’s just… pee but I have to go.”

“I’ve got everything to change you.” Gary said. “Go ahead.”

“I… no!” Briana pouted. Gary took her hand and led her toward the door, she followed along reluctantly. As soon as they exited the restaurant, she tried again. “Please, just let me go to the bathroom!”

“You could have gone.” Gary said, “But you didn’t, you asked permission. And the answer to that is no. You can use your pullup.”

“I don’t want to!” Briana whimpered, as Gary lead her by the hand to the car.

“Then hold it like a big girl until the date is over.” Gary half-helped, half-pushed Briana into the car, buckled her in, and closed the door.

“Gary!” Briana said. “Why are you doing this?”

“I’ve actually been looking forward to changing you since Veronica and I talked about it.” Gary said, maneuvering the car out into the street. “Go potty Briana. Be a good girl and I’ll buy you some ice cream.”

Briana blushed scarlet and pressed her hands against her crotch. “I can’t just… I don’t usually go in my pants on purpose! It just happens.”

The car rumbled over a crumbling speed bump. Briana looked up to see that Gary had pulled into the old mall parking lot. Closed down for over a year, the mall had gone through a couple of revitalization projects that never took hold. Now the parking lot had only idle construction equipment and broken pavement.

“Why are we here?” She asked.

“It’s a good place to change you.” Gary said, hopping out of the car.

“But I’m not wet!” Briana protested when he opened her door.

“You will be soon.” Gary said, unbuckling Briana and pulling her out of the seat. “We have to change your blouse too.”

“No! D-don’t make me wear the onesie!” Briana said in a panic. She could feel the first squirts of liquid into her pullups, but managed to clamp down on it.

“I won’t if you’re a good girl.” Gary said. “I have two changes of clothes for you.” He pushed her up against the side of the car and put his hand flat over her bladder. Even the first soft push made the pressure unbearable.

“No, please!” Briana whimpered, tears springing to her eyes. She trembled, and when Gary pushed again she lost all control. Warm and wet flooded her pullups, it bulked right up under her skirt. She sniffled, but felt relieved in more ways than one. She put her arms around Gary’s neck and rested her head on his chest.

“Good girl!” Gary stroked Briana’s head. His other hand searched under her skit and cupped her pullup. “You really had to go.”

Briana nodded. “Yeah. I need a change please.”

“Of course. Good girl.” Gary kissed Briana gently on the lips, deepening the kiss, exploring her with his tongue. She moaned through the kiss, pressing her wet crotch against his leg.

She was panting when he laid her in the back seat on the changing blanket. Gary bunched her skirt up and had her hold it for him. Her shoes and socks came off first, then the wet pullup. Gary wiped her abdomen and crotch down gently with wipes.

“That was a lot, Briana. Do you think you’ll be okay changing into a pullup? Or do you need a diaper? I have both.”

“Wha-what clothes am I going to wear?” Briana asked.

“You’ll keep the skirt, I have a new blouse for you.” Gary said.

“Then um… a diaper. Please.” Briana blushed and turned her face away.

“No problem.” Gary lifted Briana’s legs and wiped her rear, getting right to her rear star without any fear. When the lotion came, she got a cursory wipe over her rear and thighs, and a slow massage of lotion over her sex.

“Oh, oh!” Briana arched her back. “Oh Gary…”

“You looked really worried when I asked you which number you needed to go.” Gary said, sliding a finger between Briana’s folds to rub her clit. “I have a toy to help reduce your worry in that area.”

Something smooth and metallic slid into Briana’s sex. She gasped, rolling her hips to get the most out of Gary’s fingers on her clit. She wondered what kind of toy Gary was talking about, but had no concentration for that. Embarrassment, desire, and the feeling of being taken care of had her floating in a sea of endorphins. Gary withdrew whatever it was from her sex, and increased the pace on her clit. Every time his fingers slid up and down the length of it, she shuddered and moaned out loud.

“Hmm, you are getting a little noisy, even for this parking lot.” Gary fumbled in the bag, producing a pacifier which he popped in Briana’s mouth. She felt a surge of desire, moaning nearly as loudly through the pacifier as she had without it.

There was pressure on her anus, wet, goopy lotion worked all over it, around it, into it. More pressure, whatever had been inside her sex was sliding smoothly into her ass. Briana gasped, legs straining against the car. She cried out, the pacifier fell from her lips. Her head fell back and she panted, quivering on the changing blanket.

“Mmm, that looked delicious.” Gary said huskily. “Let’s get your change finished.”

Briana lay placidly as Gary popped the pacifier back in her mouth, falling into a dreamy haze as she was powdered and diapered. Even when her blouse came off, she sat quietly in the car, unconcerned about sitting in her bra in public.

Gary fished a white crop-top out of the bag and looked Briana over. He smiled and stroked her cheek. “You went away a little there. I bet you’d let me put you in the onesie right now.”

“Ifh yoo aant.” Briana giggled, smiling behind the pacifier. Gary laughed.

“Well I told you I wouldn’t. Arms up!” He wrestled the crop top down on Briana, adjusting it to make sure it covered her bra. The supplies went back in the bag and Briana into the front seat. They were a good mile from the parking lot by the time Briana came out of her fog.

“Uh, Gary?” She asked. “What did you put in me?” She squirmed, trying to figure out what was making her rear feel full.

“A butt plug.” Gary said, “It’ll come in useful with you wearing protection all the time.”

“Was that Veronica’s idea?” Briana asked, squirming some more.

“Mine actually.” Gary chuckled, “But she thought it was a good one.”

“Thanks for um… the change.” Briana giggled. “It was really hot. Can I help you out?”

“I wish, but it’s against Veronica’s rules for today, and I agree with her.” Gary said. “Besides, I did enjoy it.”

“I’m glad.” Briana beamed. “I like being taken care of by you.”

“Good! I’ve been asked if I can babysit you sometimes, and I said I would.”

Briana blushed. “I’d like that. But uh, I didn’t expect today to go like this. I was a lot more uh, grown up this morning.”

“I guess you got a lot of babying yesterday.” Gary said. “And you felt better today, right?” Briana nodded and Gary continued. “Well I think Veronica plans a lot of babying for you tonight, to make sure you’re feeling good for classes tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Briana thought about that for a bit, then smiled. “Can I get ice cream now? I was a good girl!”

“You sure were.” Gary laughed. “We’re headed there now.”


Somebody’s a bit torn between little-space and big-space…

Chapter 20

Gary lead Briana up the walk to her house. There was a bit of a waddling wobble to her step and her skirt looked very full. Unconcerned with that, Briana hurried ahead of Gary to open the door.

“Hi Veronica!” She said enthusiastically.

“Hello Briana, Gary.” Veronica smiled from the living room’s gray armchair.

“Hi.” Gary said, following Briana in and padding her bulky rear. “Got her back safe and sound. Go see Veronica hon.”

Briana obediently sat on Veronica’s lap. “I had a good date! We had a good lunch, and ice cream!”

“I see the ice cream.” Veronica smirked, plucking at the pink blotches on Briana’s crop-top. “On your top and your mouth.”

“I could have cleaned her up.” Gary said, dropping the diaper bag and sitting on the couch. “But I thought you’d enjoy seeing how much fun she had with the ice cream.”

“You guessed right.” Veronica said. “I see she went through at least one top and one change?”

“Oh, yeah he did it was really…” Briana was already blushing at the memory, but her cheeks went bright pink when Veronica interrupted her by popping a pacifier in her mouth.

“Shh sweetie, I’m talking to Gary right now.” Veronica pulled Briana closer on her lap, laying Briana’s head on her shoulder.

Briana squirmed, overcome with embarrassment. The clammy feeling in her diaper that she’s been trying to ignore came to the forefront of her attention. Without thinking about what she was doing, she cuddled up to Veronica, holding on to her roommate’s neck and breast.

“That’s right.” Gary said. “We didn’t end up using the onsie, or the spare pullup. I think she’s a little wet, but she probably doesn’t need to be changed right away.”

“You’re taking this very well.” Veronica said. “You had a good time too?”

“Yeah.” Gary smiled and shook his head. “More than I thought I would. I’ll be happy to babysit her any time.”

“That’s great to hear, we might need you after finals.” Veronica said. “She was a good girl overall?”

“Yeah she was fine. A couple of bratty moments but nothing to worry about.” Gary said. “She didn’t like it when I made a meta-comment about our little game. She wanted to be immersed in it I think.”

“I’ve been noticing that too.” Veronica said. Briana squirmed in her arms, and Veronica bounced her gently until Briana snuggled up again. “Did she take you up on the microbiology help?”

“Kind of?” Gary shrugged. “Looking at her right now I’m not sure how much you’d let her choose anyway. Let me know when she’s got more serious studying or homework and I’ll come tutor.”

“Sounds great.” Veronica smiled. “Okay Briana, you can hop up now and say goodbye to Gary.”

Briana hopped off Veronica’s lap and stood between her and Gary as he rose from the couch. She couldn’t say anything with the pacifier in her mouth, so she waited, looking up at him expectantly.

Gary smiled and gently took the pacifier. “You’re pretty little right now. I think you’re going to have a fun evening.”

Briana smiled broadly. “Thanks! And thanks for the ice cream, and the date.”

“You’re welcome cutie.” Gary pulled Briana close, kissing her gently and squishing her rear. She pressed up tightly against him, feeling heat build in her crotch again. Gary popped the pacifier right back in Briana’s mouth as he pulled away.

“See you later Veronica. Got to say, this is pretty interesting.” Gary waved and headed for the door.

“I’m sure you have some other adjectives for it too.” Veronica chuckled, waving. When Gary was gone, she turned to Briana, plucking at the messy crop top. “Let’s get you a change of clothes sweetie.”

“Do I get to pick my outfit? Gary said you were going to baby me so I can do good tomorrow?” Briana pulled away, dropping her pacifier on the coffee table.

“I could give you a choice of onesies.” Veronica said. “You’re right, we’re going to give you the full baby treatment tonight. It did you good yesterday, I want you to be ready for school tomorrow.”

“Onesies are boring, and too babyish.” Briana pouted. “I want to wear something pretty.”

“I think they’re pretty.” Veronica said, tugging at Briana’s crop top. “Arms up, right now.”

Briana sighed and raised her arms. She stayed put while Veronica took her bra off, wiggling a bit. “I don’t want a onesie though.”

“I know sweetheart, but I think you need it, and I think you’ll like it when you get a bit more into it.” Veronica pulled Briana’s skirt down and guided her feet out of it. “You let me strip you down to your diaper in the living room. Your wet diaper.”

Briana blushed and covered her chest. “But that’s because…”

“Because I told you to.” Veronica said. “So be a good girl and listen to me.”

“Like…” Briana asked in a quiet voice. “Like uh, you’re my mom?”

Veronica beamed. “Yes sweetie. Just that way.”

“Okay mom.” Briana blushed and looked down, letting her arms drop.

“Such a good girl.” Veronica kissed Briana on the head. She pulled a white onesie with green trim out of the diaper bag. Briana wrinkled her nose at the frog and lily pad print.

With the onesie pulled on and snapped firmly over her crotch, Briana was feeling foggy headed again. More than foggy, actually, she was suddenly dizzy. She reached out to Veronica for balance or a hug, she wasn’t sure which, lightly holding Veronica’s left breast again.

“Sorry to say, there isn’t a snack for you there hon.” Veronica chuckled.

Briana looked down at her hand in confusion, then blushed, snatching it back. “I didn’t mean…”

“Shh, it’s alright.” She stroked Briana’s cheek. “I’m going to put you down for a little nap before dinner, but you can nap here in the living room if you want.”

“But mom, I’m not tired.” Briana sighed.

“I think you will be. Lie down on the couch.” Veronica crouched down by the couch and pulled a blanket over Briana. “I have a friend for you.”

“What?” Briana blinked sleepily. The warmth of the blanket and the onesie pulling her diaper against her were pushing her more into her daze.

“Here you go.” Veronica reached under the couch and retrieved a stuffed lioness that she tucked into Briana’s arms.

“It’s so soft!” Briana said, stroking the golden fur and admiring the cutely-painted blue eyes.

“I’m glad you like it. You’ll have to think of a name for it after your nap.” She stroked Briana’s hair. “Sleep now sweetie. I’ll be right here, okay?”

“Okay mom.” Briana yawned, snuggling up to her new friend. She could feel warmth in her crotch again and vaguely realized she was wetting. It didn’t bother her, instead contributing to the warm, sleepy feeling.

When Briana woke she could hear her roommates bustling around the house. The pacifier was back in her mouth, she’d been sucking on it as she slept. She smiled behind the pacifier to see that her lion was still cuddled in her arms. It was delightfully warm under the blanket, or at least it was everywhere but her diaper. Her crotch and butt were way beyond clammy, they were wet.

She stirred on the couch as Jane walked by. The smell of ginger and garlic wafted in from the kitchen. It seemed like a shame to get up and ruin the wonderful warmth she’d built up under the blanket.

Spitting the pacifier out on the floor, Briana called out. “Moooom! I need a change.”

“Jane, can you change her?” Veronica called from the kitchen. “I’m in the middle of making dumplings.”

Jane rounded the couch and looked down at Briana. She had an odd expression on her face. Curious, but something else as well. “Well, look at you. Climb down on the floor and I’ll get you changed.”

“I asked for mom!” Briana pouted, holding her lion defensively.

“You mean Veronica?” Jane cocked her head. “Well, she is busy right now, so I’ll be the one taking care of you.”

“No.” Briana said. “I’ll wait until she’s done.”

“Briana.” Jane said sternly. “Veronica might be your mother right now but we’re all in charge of you. If you don’t get down on the floor right now, you’ll find out exactly how much discipline I learned from my father.”

Briana squeaked, reluctantly climbing off the couch with her blanket and lion. Jane wasted no time pulling Briana on top of the blanket and unsnapping the crotch of her onesie.

“You were really wet.” Jane said, tearing the tapes off Briana’s diaper and pulling it aside. She hefted the soggy thing with raised brows before dumping it in a diaper pail.

“Well I used it more than once.” Briana said. She squirmed as Jane wiped her down with the cold wipes.

Jane lifted Briana’s legs to wipe her rear. “I see you have something new here.”

Briana squirmed as Jane wiggled the plug in her rear. “Gary gave that to me. It’s for um, so I don’t do number two I guess?”

“Useful.” Jane nodded. “It’s not uncomfortable for you?”

“I forgot it was there.” Briana giggled.

“Cute plug!” Suzie said, hopping up on the couch.

Briana blushed, hoping that everyone wouldn’t crowd around her while she was getting changed. “Thanks, I have a lion too!”

“What’s her name?” Suzie asked.

“Uh, Alanna!” Briana nodded.

Jane slid a new diaper under Briana’s rear. There was no lotion this time, just a quick sprinkle of powder before Jane taped the diaper in place.

“Mom gave her to me!” Briana nodded, wiggling her butt against the fresh dry padding. As soon as Jane snapped up her onesie she sat up, legs slightly splayed from the bulk between them.

“Cool!” Suzie exclaimed.

“That was very nice of her.” Jane said, patting Briana’s cheek. She wiped the pacifier off and popped it back in Briana’s mouth. “Suzie, can you watch her until dinner? I have to send an email to my advisor before five.”

“Is she high maintenance today?” Suzie asked, coming over the couch to sit in front of Briana.

“I think we’re getting to the phase that Veronica was talking about on Friday.” Jane nodded.

“Mmm?” Briana tugged at Suzie’s leg, getting only an absent minded pat on the head rather than an answer.

“Okay, I got it. I’m good to go for the evening and I like playtime with her anyway.” Suzie grinned.

“Thanks.” Jane nodded, and leaned over to hug Briana. “Be good for Suzie, understand?”

Briana rolled her eyes and nodded.

“Tell me about your lion! Why’s she named Alanna?” Suzie popped the pacifier out of Briana’s mouth.

“What phase was Jane talking about?” Briana asked, her brow furrowed.

“Don’t worry about that hon. Let’s play with your lion.” Suzie grabbed a blown-glass seashell from the coffee table. “Here come the evil space mermaids in their shell-ship!”

“Alanna’s not in space.” Briana pouted. “What about that phase?” she thought.

“Why not?” Suzie asked. “Is she a magical lion?”

“Well maybe she could be in space. She does have magic.” Briana walked Alanna across the coffee table toward the shell.

By the time dinner was ready Briana had forgotten the phase. She wasn’t paying much attention to what her roommates were talking about at all, Alanna was far more interesting. Getting put to bed by Veronica and having a story read to her was even more blissful than it had been the last night.

The morning dawned on a Briana who felt great! She was out of bed and put together well before Veronica’s usual visit. She even went to meet Veronica so they could talk about the day. Classes were back to being a breeze, it was good to be back to her usual honors student self.

In her plastics-bacteria lab, Briana got up the courage to approach the professor while one of her samples were cycling. “Hey Dr. Vaughn, I don’t know if you heard but Dr. Schaefer lost her grant. Do you know if there are any other open lab jobs?”

“I did hear.” He said, frowning. “I was really sorry for Sara. You too. I don’t know of anything right now, but if something comes up I’ll recommend you. You’ve done good work here.”

“Thank you!” Briana smiled brightly.

“Of course. How are you set for finals? I know there’s not always a lot of time to focus on class while you’re doing grad work.”

“I’m pretty good actually.” Briana said. “It’s my thesis that’s lagging behind.”

“Well those always do.” Vaughn chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it.”

Briana froze in the middle of a nod. There was a warm, wet sensation in her pants. “I didn’t feel anything at all this time!” She tried to clamp down on her bladder but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Luckily she had on some baggy green shorts, she wasn’t brave enough to wear leggings over her pullups.

“Are you okay?” Vaughn asked.

“Oh uh, yeah.” Briana said nervously. “I um, have a bit of a medical condition it uh, makes my breath catch sometimes.” The trickle into her pullup had stopped, but not due to any effort on Briana’s part. She could feel the padding bulking up between her legs and shifted uncomfortably.

“Oh no! Have you been to see someone for it?”

“Yes actually, but it’s kind of an ongoing process.” Briana shrugged.

“I understand. I’m diabetic myself.” Dr. Vaughn nodded. “I hope you stay well. Will you be able to finish out today’s lab?”

“Yes but, I think I’ll run to the bathroom and take my medication.” Briana said. “If you don’t mind?”

“Oh of course, go ahead.” Vaughn smiled kindly.

Briana scurried to the bathroom. The pullup gave her enough time to find one of the private ones, at least. Once inside with the door firmly locked she stripped off her shorts and looked down at her pullup. The puppies and kittens that had been there in the morning were gone for good. It wasn’t full to leaking, but it couldn’t take her wetting again.

With a sigh, Briana shucked the pullup and wrapped it in paper towels before trashing it. Eyeing the spare pullup after giving herself a wipe-down, Briana fidgeted. “What if I wet this one too?”

“It doesn’t really matter.” She realized, “It’s not like I have a choice. I can’t skip out on lab right after I asked Dr. Vaughn to recommend me to a job.”

The pullup went on with a now-familiar feeling. Briana checked herself out in the mirror, craning her head over her shoulder to see her rear. “My butt does look pretty good in it. The stars on it are pretty too.”

With a laugh at the absurdity of it all, she pulled her shorts up and left the bathroom. The rest of the lab went well, in terms of Briana’s results. By the time she finished, however, there was definite sogginess between her legs. Her body wasn’t even waiting for her bladder to fill up anymore. It was scary, Briana could feel a cloud of stress looming over her. Stress had only made wetting worse though, so she tried to force the worry out of her mind. The pullup held until the end of her lab, and that’s all that mattered. When she went home she knew she’d be diapered and babied, with nothing to worry about.

Briana marveled at how comforting that all sounded. She hurried to Casey’s car, eager to get back to her little self.


Sometimes you just want to tell somebody it’s all going to be okay. Usually because it’s not okay at all right now… >_>

Chapter 21

Briana knew she was doing well. It was Thursday afternoon and she’d already finished all her course and lab work. Like the rest of the week’s evenings she’d be diapered and taken care of. Being little gave her enough energy every day to be the best graduate student she could be. Finals were coming up next week, but with Gary’s help she figured she had it handled. Even with all her success, she couldn’t shake a few fears. There was the issue of getting another job, Dr. Vaughn hadn’t found anything for her yet, but she was hopeful that he would.

More important than that was her reliance on her roommates to take care of her in the evenings. She wasn’t sure how long they could keep it up, though everyone seemed to be having fun. Even more surprising, she was really looking forward to being diapered and babied every evening. She wasn’t sure if she was afraid of needing the attention or afraid that her roommates would stop.

“I wonder if they’re going to keep me in diapers the whole weekend.” The thought thrilled her, triggering a blush that she’d be excited at that. “What’s going on with me? What’s that phase they mentioned before? Veronica isn’t talking to me about plans anymore, even since she… became my mom.”

Briana sighed and put that thought away, only to be confronted by her biggest worry. Her pullups would not stay dry to save her life. She was taking two spares to school every day, and coming home with the last pair damp. Taking a third spare to school had crossed her mind, but the package of colorful pullups was nearly gone. Someone had removed the ugly gray ones, probably to return them to the store.

Casey hadn’t been able to take her home and Briana was excited that she’d been given permission to ride the bus. It felt good to sit and watch the familiar route again. “It feels good to be a big girl too.” Briana thought.

At home she climbed the stairs and went straight to Veronica’s room. “Hi Mom, I’m home!” She said as she entered the suite.

“Hi Briana!” Veronica smiled and gave Briana a big hug. “How was school?”

“It was good! I met Gary on campus, we got all the homework out of the way. There’s nothing left except studying for finals!” Briana grinned.

“Good girl.” Veronica stroked Briana’s cheek. “Now, show me your pullup.”

Briana blushed and lifted her simple blue skirt. Veronica cupped Briana’s crotch, squishing the wet padding against her skin.

“This is your third one for the day again?” Veronica asked.

“Yeah.” Briana sighed. “Sorry mom, I don’t even feel it.”

“That’s okay, you have nothing to apologize for.” Veronica said, taking a seat on the couch and pulling Briana down next to her. “However, we need to talk a little. I bought you a new package of pullups today, but you’re going through them too fast.”

Briana nodded. “I know, but I don’t know what else I can do.”

“We’re going to have to put you in diapers during the day now too.” Veronica said.

“What? No, mom, please!” Tears leaped to Briana’s eyes. “They’re too big, everyone will notice!”

“I’m sorry hon, but pullups are obviously not the solution at this point. You have some skirts that should cover them pretty well, and we can get you some more.” Veronica patted Briana’s hand. “You will have to stop wearing pants and shorts, I’m sorry, I know you don’t like wearing skirts every day.”

“But, but…” Briana whimpered. “School is my grown up time.”

“It still can be.” Veronica said. “Nobody is talking about sending you to school in baby clothes.”

“Just a baby diaper.” Briana hung her head.

“I am sorry hon, but those pullups aren’t cheap. We need to conserve a little, and diapers during the day are part of that.”

“Part of it?”

“Yes. We also aren’t going to be changing you every time you wet.” Veronica said. “It’s happening several times a day now. If it’s a little, you won’t need a change. Whoever checks you when you’re wet will change you or not, depending on if you need it.”

“Depending!?” Briana stared at Veronica in shock. “Mom, no!”

“Briana, be a good girl.” Veronica said firmly. “We are happy to help you, but you need to help too.”

Briana sobbed, balling her fists up and slamming them down on her legs. There was a moment of struggle when Veronica pulled her in to a hug and then she held Veronica close, crying with abandon. Veronica let her cry, pulling Briana up on her lap and stroking her back.

“Shhh, shhh.” Veronica said softly. “It’s going to be okay, my little lion.”

“E-e-e-everyone is going to know.” Briana cried, clinging to Veronica.

“You’re going to be okay. I love you.” Veronica said, gently bouncing Briana on her lap.

“M-m-m-mommy.” Briana buried her head in Veronica’s shoulder, crying until she had nothing left. As she panted in the aftermath she realized she’d wet again, the pullup felt full and squishy, probably leaking on Veronica. It didn’t matter, nothing did at the moment.

“Lets get you changed up.” Veronica said. “All this worry can wait for tomorrow. Right now you’re my baby girl, you can even sleep with me tonight, okay?”

Briana nodded, her face tear-streaked and snotty.

Veronica grabbed a cloth from the nearby changing supplies and gently wiped Briana’s face. The cloth went over Briana’s nose and Veronica said, “Blow.”

It was a little better already, Briana had to admit. Getting out of the pullup and into a dry diaper was nice. Veronica was determined to baby her, and Briana dove into the sensation completely. The only thing she remembered from that evening was falling asleep cuddled up to Veronica, her head on her roommate’s bare chest.

The morning was disorienting. Waking up with Veronica was good, but unusual and earlier than she liked to get up. Baby treatment hadn’t refreshed her the way it had the rest of the week. Veronica’s help getting cleaned up in the morning didn’t help either. She stood in her room in front of her mirror, staring at the knee-length black skirt she was wearing.

“Mom, it looks bad! It’s already as bulky as a used pullup.” Briana pouted as cutely as she could at Veronica.

“It will be fine. People aren’t going to look at your butt as much as you’re worried they will.” Veronica checked Briana’s bright yellow blouse where it tucked into the skirt. “Your blouse should draw attention away from it anyway.”

“I look like a bumblebee.” Briana sighed.

“Young lady, you picked this blouse.” Veronica swatted Briana’s rear. There was no sting through the diaper, only a reminder of how padded she was.

“As if I could forget. These are way bigger than pullups.” Briana sighed. “And I have to wear it all day?”

“Unless you have a really big accident.” Veronica said. “Casey will be on campus with the diaper bag if you need her.”

“Why can’t I just carry the spare?”

“Because you didn’t want to.” Veronica sighed and shook her head. “I’m sorry you’re in such a bad mood hon, I know this isn’t fun. But Casey is waiting, you need to go.”

Briana hung her head and headed to school with Casey, trying not to waddle. The diaper was thick enough that she couldn’t tell if she was wetting in her first class. By her second class she was sure she was, though only because of the padding bulking up.

The third class was a nightmare. A two hour review on the final, which normally Briana would welcome. It was hard to concentrate on taking notes when she could feel her diaper filling little by little. By the middle of class it sagged between her legs when the professor called a five minute stretch break. Sitting back down on that sopping padding was hard, she wanted to be home, curled up on the couch or in her bed.

No matter how much Briana shifted in the hard wooden seat, there wasn’t a comfortable position. She wished she could at least be sure that her bladder was empty, but she hadn’t any way of knowing for almost a week. There was a teary-tightness behind her eyes when the review session mercifully ended.

Trying not to make eye contact with anyone, Briana gathered her stuff and hurried for the door. A few murmurs and even a giggle followed her, paranoia crept cold into her belly. Once in the hall she swung a hand back to check how full her skirt was, and discovered to her horror that her skirt had ridden up. Her diaper was so full it was damp, she must have leaked as well. Her skirt was stuck halfway up the back of her diaper, showing it off to the world.

Briana looked back and saw her classmate Lisa smirking at her. The smirk became a full on laugh when Briana yanked her skirt down to cover her diaper. With a pounding heart Briana watched Lisa turn to another student and say something. Briana wasn’t about to wait around to hear what Lisa was going to tell everyone outside the door. She ran down the hall, legs half-open and squishing with every step.

Out of the building she hid behind some trees, tears running down her cheeks. The diaper was heavy on her hips, not letting her forget it for a second. Sniffling, Briana sank down between the trees. No one would pay much attention to a student sitting off by herself, or so she hoped. Lisa at least hadn’t followed her.

Briana sat there, miserable and wet, until Casey came to find her. First Casey, then each of her roommates in turn asked her what was wrong. She couldn’t bear to tell them, not even Veronica. Eventually they seemed to accept that she was upset at wearing diapers to school. Everyone assured her that they would take great care of her over the weekend. Briana was glad to hear it, she planned to take full advantage of her little-self to escape her humiliation for a couple of days.

By Monday she was feeling a little better. Being diapered in big girl clothes was still a blow, but she managed to make it through the day. A long, wet day of tests to be sure, but she was careful not to let her diaper show again. She wouldn’t see Lisa until her last test on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s test was a brutal one. Briana arrived bright and early, still dry and dressed in a cute green sweater and cream colored skirt. Everybody was nervous, which thankfully kept Lisa from paying attention to Briana. As soon as the test began, Briana dove in to it, precisely calculating molecule interactions. Two and a half hours of math and memorization stretched out in front of her, but she could do it!

She was so focused on the test that she didn’t notice the creeping wetness. By the time she realized she was wet, the test was nearly over. It wasn’t as bad as it had been on Friday and Briana took that for a victory.

“I can handle a little sogginess.” She thought ruefully. “And the test is handled too!”

With her test turned in she felt good enough to gather with a few other classmates in the hall. They traded answers, Briana was glad to hear that hers had been on track.

“Hey freak show.” Lisa said, from right behind Briana. “How’d the test go?”

“What?” Briana turned around, blushing. “Don’t call me that!” The rest of the group was staring.

“What should I call you?” Lisa smirked. “You know, I was wondering why you’ve been smelling like pee for a while but I didn’t expect you to be in diapers!”

“Hey, cut it out.” Said another student. “If she’s got a medical condition…”

“It’s not a medical condition!” Lisa laughed. “She’s wearing adult-baby stuff, fetish gear.” Before Briana could stop her, Lisa yanked up on Briana’s skirt. A full, shiny diaper greeted the group, adorned with pastel clouds and rainbows. There was no hiding the fact that it drooped between her legs, and hung heavy off her rear.

Briana’s face flamed. She felt cold inside like she was going to be sick. Her stomach churned, and to her horror a grumble came from her rear as well. The students backed in shock as a dark blotch spread across Briana’s diaper. The warm, wet mess spread thick and sticky across her rear and sank to her crotch. Her breath was coming so fast she felt like she would hyperventilate.

“See!” Lisa said, waving a hand in front of her nose. “What a freak show!”

Some of her classmates looked sympathetic, but their noses were already wrinkling at the smell. Briana ran, slamming up against someone and spinning out into the hall. Every step squished gooey and gross. She dodged the next person, almost slamming into the wall in her haste.

On pure panic, she left the building and kept running. Running was pushing the mess all over her diaper, but she didn’t care. She had to run. Into the arboretum and off the trail, Briana found a thick cluster of bushes and crashed through them, flopping down on the other side. She couldn’t even cry, she let the world carry her away. Lisa’s mocking tone rang in her ears over and over.


Baby girl having a meltdown .:frowning:

Chapter 22

Casey was calling for her. Briana’s name echoed off the trees again, and again, and again. Briana lay behind and under the bush, wallowing in misery and mess. The smell had stopped bothering her a while ago. The mess felt caked on at this point. Finals were over but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Life didn’t seem worth it.

The bush shuddered and shed leaves all over her. Casey grunted as she pushed her way past it. She looked down at Briana, tears in her eyes. Seeing Casey cry gave Briana a guilty twist in her gut.

“Briana!” Casey kneeled and grabbed Briana’s shoulders. “I’m so glad you’re okay! What happened?”

“Everybody saw.” Briana looked at Casey hopelessly. “Everyone saw my diapers, and… and I had a big accident. A big, gross one!”

Casey gently lifted Briana’s skirt, nodded at the dark stain on the diaper. “Oh hon, I’m really sorry. Let’s get you out of here.” Briana shrugged in response. Moments later she was being lifted up as easily as a child.

“Casey don’t, I’m gross, I smell.” Briana whimpered.

“Do you think I care if you smell?” Casey pushed through the bushes with brute force, making sure she was stable with each step before taking the next.

“I’m a freak show!” Briana wailed.

“You are not!” Casey frowned. “Don’t say that.”

“That’s what they said. That’s what she said about me.” Briana sobbed and hiccupped.

“Who said that?”

“Lisa, in molecular bonds.” Briana found the motivation to wrap her arms around Casey’s neck.

“We’ll deal with Lisa later.” Casey said.

“It’s not just her, there were a bunch of people that saw.”

“We’ll deal with all of that later.” Casey said. “Right now we are going to get you home.”

Home meant a shower, and Veronica, and friends. It also meant everyone seeing her in a thoroughly messed diaper. It meant showing them all that she’d completely failed, the diapers had won. She lay against Casey, limp and staring off into nowhere.

She was as despondent when Casey carried her into the house, when Veronica stripped her down and washed her. She said nothing when she was diapered again, or put into a onesie with a pacifier in her mouth. She sat on the floor in the middle of another house meeting with her knees up against her chest, her lion Alanna held in her crossed arms.

“Briana isn’t talking right now but I think we need to go over a few things.” Veronica said to the rest of the roommates. She was looking extra authoritative in a black pantsuit. “We don’t need to go into details but she had a really rough incident at school today.”

“Oh, that’s what you’re going to call it.” Briana thought darkly. “What you mean is that I can’t control myself at all anymore.”

“When I found her she was really upset and kind of non-responsive.” Casey said. “I’m really worried about depression or worse.”

“What can we do to help?” Jane asked.

“We will need to watch her really closely. She can’t be left alone for a while. Even when she’s asleep. I know that some of us still have finals but between all of us we can make it work. We can also use Gary as a babysitter when needed.” Veronica said.

“Babysitter. Baby baby baby. I’m sick of being a baby!” Briana’s thoughts roiled angrily.

“I’m done with finals.” Casey said. “I can watch her as much as needed.”

“I’m done with them too.” Suzie said. “I still have evening commitments but I can watch her during the day.”

“I’m not sure how everyone else feels about it.” Jane said. “But I don’t have a problem if she has an accident like she did today. If that’s too much for you when you’re changing her, I can take over.”

“THAT’S IT!” Briana screamed. Everyone turned to her in shock. “I’m done with this!” She stood up and threw Alanna across the room. “I’m done being a baby!” She yanked the snaps of her onesie open, pushing her way out of the circle when Veronica reached for her.

“I’m done wearing diapers, and I’m done being a baby! None of this has helped!” With rage-driven strength, Briana tore her diaper apart and off. “We’ve tried all this stupid bullshit, and I still ended up laughed at by everyone at school! I hate it! I HATE IT!”

Erin, and Jane looked at Veronica. She sighed. “Briana, if you really want to stop this you can, but you need to be able to talk to us like an adult. I understand that you’re upset but you can’t scream at us like this. We have been trying to help you, and you’ve agreed to all of this so far.”

“SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” Briana screamed. She wiggled violently out of the onesie, until she was naked and panting.

“Do you think this is… the meltdown phase?” Jane asked.

“It seems like it is.” Erin said. “It’s a partial break at least.”

“It’s worth noting that she waited to do this until finals were over.” Veronica said. “I think this is a very extreme ask.”

“I DON’T WANT ANYTHING!” Briana’s voice was ragged. “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Casey, Jane, grab her.” Veronica ordered. “Suzie, Erin, clear the coffee table. Put Briana facedown on it.”

Briana ran for the front door, only to be clotheslined around the waist by Casey. “We’re not letting you run out naked!” Jane joined in, grabbing Briana’s legs, holding them as best she could against Briana’s flailing. They carried Briana over to the coffee table and set her down with a pillow under her hips. Casey held Briana’s shoulders down, while Jane pulled back on her legs, immobilizing the girl with her bare butt sticking up.

“LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” Briana screamed until her voice cracked shrilly.

Veronica crouched down by Briana, stroking her cheek. “I want to give you one more chance to snap out of this. That means talking to us in an adult way. If you can’t do that, we’re going to punish you and baby you until you recover.”

Briana screamed incoherently at Veronica in response.

“Well, that was pretty clear.” Veronica said. She stood and slipped the slim belt out of her pantsuit and doubled it over. Briana thrashed, getting nowhere against Casey, but nearly freeing her legs from Jane. Suzie stepped in to hold down Briana’s knees, reducing the thrashing to mere wiggles.

“You’ve been a very bad girl Briana.” Veronica said. “You’ve lost all your computer and phone privileges. You are grounded, and restricted to diapers until I say otherwise, but at least for a week. You are not to run off from whoever is assigned to babysit you even when you’re inside the house. You must do what you are told, eat and drink what you are told, and be quiet when you are told. If you break any of these rules, there will be more punishments.”

Briana whimpered, giving one last struggle. She cried out with a noise somewhere between a sob and a scream.

Jane brought the belt down on Briana’s butt. A resounding smack filled the room, with a crack from the two parts of the belt coming together after. Briana howled. The belt came down again, and again, and again. Bright red lines popped up across Briana’s butt, she heaved against Casey but it was useless.

Crack crack! Crack crack! Jane lashed Briana’s butt again and again, until she had painted both cheeks entirely in bright red. Briana hung her head and sobbed, no longer fighting her restrainers.

“Briana, are you ready to be a good girl?” Veronica asked.

“Muh-muh-muh-mommy!” Briana sobbed.

“Oh, sweetie.” Jane crouched by Briana again and stroked her hair. “I’m sorry I have to do this but you need it. Are you ready to start being good?”

Briana nodded, panting through her tears. “Yes mommy.”

“Okay. For that to work you have to accept a punishment, not be forced into it.” Veronica sat down on the couch. “Come sit over my lap so I can finish your spanking.”

Casey, Jane, and Suzie released Briana, standing by. Briana rolled off the coffee table and knelt by Veronica. “Mommy no, please.”

“Right now Briana.” Veronica patted her lap again. “Don’t be a bad baby.”

With a shuddering sob, Briana got up and draped herself over Veronica’s lap. The spanking started almost immediately, light but continuous slaps that worked their way all across Briana’s left cheek and then her right. Her butt went from bright red to a deeper, even red, fading pale at the edges. Briana cried quietly, tears pouring out the corners of her eyes and dripping down her nose onto the floor.

“You did that very well baby.” Veronica said. “I’m proud of you.” She rolled Briana over, and held her gently, kissing her on the cheek.

Erin set up a changing blanket on the coffee table and took Briana from Veronica, setting her down there. Despite Erin’s gentle touch Briana still whimpered when Erin rubbed medicinal cream across her rear.

“You’re a tough one.” Casey said, smiling at Briana. She leaned down to gently kiss Briana’s lips. “We’re going to take care of you, and it’s not going to be all punishments. You and I can still have some fun when you’re being good.”

Briana smiled weakly, reaching up to stroke Casey’s hair and face. They kissed again while Erin slipped a diaper and stuffer under Briana’s hips. “Casey.” Was all she said.

“If you need help you need to ask us.” Jane said, kneeling on Briana’s other side. “You can tell us if you have to go to the bathroom, or if you are hungry or thirsty. Even if all you do is cry, that’s something. Don’t be sad in silence.”

Briana nodded. She wiggled as Erin generously powdered her, and sighed, relaxing when the tapes closed firmly. Suzie returned from somewhere, Briana hadn’t seen her go. She looked up at her roommate curiously, Suzie had a bunch of pink cloth in her hands.

“I got you footie pajamas!” Suzie enthused. “They even have a hood! I’ve got some new pacifiers for you too, they’re really pretty.”

Briana nodded, smiling broadly. There was no blush, no feeling of embarrassment, even when she discovered that the pjs had mittens, and snaps that went all the way down her front, over her crotch and up her rear. She accepted it all, murmuring happily when she was passed back to Veronica.

“You did a great job finding these.” Veronica said to Suzie. “Where in the world did you find those pajamas?” She slipped a white pacifier with a rainbow-star bead handle into Briana’s mouth.

“Oh there are websites, if you know where to look and have kinky friends to ask.” Suzie grinned.

“We’re learning so much about you today.” Casey laughed.

“I’m not the one who set up a date with her. I’ll get you those links so you can do your own shopping, Casey.” Suzie smirked.

Everyone laughed at Casey’s blush, even Briana, though she went back to sucking her pacifier and snuggling Veronica after.

“I’ll watch her for now.” Veronica said. “Erin and Casey, would you mind setting up that furniture in my room?” Erin nodded.

“No problem!” Casey said, blushing when she got another laugh at her eagerness.

“I’ll help too.” Suzie smiled. “I can’t wait to help decorate.”

“Do you want to do the meals we talked about still?” Jane asked.

“I think it will make… certain things easier on us.” Veronica said. “If you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” Jane stood up. “I’ll get a few started and then make sure we have a supply in the fridge.”

“As for you, little one.” Veronica turned to Briana, pulling the cat-eared hood of the pajamas up on her head. “I have a story for you.”

Briana smiled, snuggling into the warmth of the pajamas and being held by Veronica. Her rear ached, but it was a dull pain, far away at the moment. She rested a cat-paw mitten on Veronica’s breast and her head on Veronica’s shoulder.

“There was once a little girl who was scared all the time. She didn’t know what to do, and didn’t have anyone to help her. What this little girl didn’t realize is that she had a mommy that loved her very much…”

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Briana went full-baby. You should always go full-baby.

Chapter 23

It wasn’t clear when story time had become naptime, but Briana didn’t care. All that mattered was that she woke up still in Veronica’s arms. She murmured happily through her pacifier, sitting up to straddle Veronica’s lap. It was really warm in her pink head-to-to pajamas, she could feel little spots of sweat all over. The bulk between her legs made her wonder if she was wet, but squirming her crotch against Veronica’s leg left her feeling dry. She vaguely remembered getting a larger diaper and a booster pad or two.

“Hello darling.” Veronica said with a soft smile. “Look at those bright pink cheeks. I think we need to air you out a little.” She pulled back cat-ear hood of Briana’s pajamas, and unsnapped part of the front. That left Briana’s chest a little exposed but all she cared about at the moment was the cool air coming in.

“Mmm mmph.” She mumbled through her pacifier. Veronica pulled it gently out of her mouth. “I’m hungry.”

“Let’s get you fed then.” Veronica nodded. “A snack for now okay? We’ll have dinner later.”

Briana followed Veronica to the kitchen. The house looked a little different, some of the living room furniture had been moved. Along the side of the stairs was a good sized wooden table with a padded top. Diapers and other supplies were stashed on the table’s built-in shelves. She awkwardly waddled past it, grateful for the non-slip surface on her pajama’s feet.

The kitchen had a new addition as well. A square platform on the floor with metal-pipes rising from the corners. The pipes were padded, and white plastic webbing that looked fairly heavy-duty was strung between them at about rib-height on Briana. The platform had a thick blanket on it that was tucked into platform’s edges. There were a few stuffed animals inside the pen, including a pillow-sized squishmallow.

Instead of leading her to a chair, Veronica led Briana to the pen. There was a metal rail running from the platform to the top of the mesh which Veronica unlatched and pulled to the side, making an opening in the mesh. After a little prodding, Briana ducked under the plastic-coated cable that held up the mesh and into the pen. The blanket under her slid a little and Briana decided not to risk standing, especially with the splayed-leg stance the diaper was forcing on her.

Veronica was heating up some water in a kettle, Briana investigated the stuffed animals. There was a mouse, a stegosaurus, and the dog-faced squishmallow. “What’s for snack?” Briana asked, picking up the mouse and nuzzling it.

“I have a nice warm drink for you.” Veronica said, pouring a packet of powder into a plastic bag. Hot water went in after, and the bag was fitted into a clear bottle. “Don’t worry, it’s filling, kind of like a shake.”

“I want chips.” Briana said.

“Have you forgotten how much trouble you’re in?” Veronica asked sternly. She checked the temperature on the bottle and added a couple of chips of ice.

“Okaaaaaay.” Briana sighed. “Where’s Alanna? Can I have Alanna?”

“Your lion is up in your bedroom.” Veronica said. Another temperature check and Veronica screwed a top with a rubber nipple onto the bottle. “We can see her later, you have some new friends there.”

Briana accepted the bottle from Veronica and stared at it for a moment. There was something about it, about the pajamas, and the pen, and everything that she felt should bother her. Veronica was watching her expectantly. Giving up on the odd feeling, Briana tilted the bottle up and sucked on the nipple. It was sweet and milky. A bit of a strange taste. She pulled the nipple from her mouth, getting a few drops on her chin.

“Go on sweetie, drink up.” Veronica said, patting Briana gently on the head.

The second time the taste was a little better. The more she drank the more she got used to the taste, and the sweetness was nice. With genuine enthusiasm now, Briana leaned against the plastic mesh and kept working on her bottle.

Jane walked into the kitchen, stopping when she saw Briana. “Wow.”

“Are you alright with this?” Veronica asked. “It’s one thing to talk about it, another to see it.”

“I think I am.” Jane said, smiling wryly. “I think I get what you like about it.”

“There’s something special about having her like this.” Veronica said. “Though I don’t think it will last.”

“You still think this will come out on the other side?” Jane asked.

“That’s what Erin and my models predict.” Veronica said. “Though we’ve had to revise them a few times. It looks like there will be some permanent changes even when she’s cured.”

Jane pulled a chair up to the pen and leaned over to fix Briana’s pajamas, closing up the lowermost open snap. “Looks like you’re hanging out of your front a little there. Is that a good snack?”

Briana nodded, unwilling to let go of the nipple to talk. Jane chuckled and draped an arm over the top of the pen, running her fingers through Briana’s hair.

“You’re a good baby, Briana.” Jane said softly. “Veronica and I are going to take care of you.”

Briana grinned, gurgling a little with the formula in her mouth. It splashed out across her lips and cheeks. She ignored the mess, focusing on the nipple again. Jane gently pried the bottle out of her mouth and wiped her face with a cloth. While Briana got back to drinking, Jane opened the mesh and the bottom snaps on Briana’s pajamas. Unconcerned and obedient, Briana spread her legs so that Jane could slip a finger under the leg-band of her diaper.

“She’s got her snack and she’s still clean.” Jane said. “I’ll watch her for a while. You get some rest.”

“Oh I’m fine.” Veronica said.

“Yeah but you don’t know how tonight will go with her in your room.” Jane walked over and put her arm around Veronica “Take a load off, you don’t have to be super-mom.”

“Alright, thank you.” Veronica leaned over, her lips sweetly meeting Jane’s. They kissed slowly, drawing it out until Veronica reluctantly pulled away. “Thanks for supporting me through this. Not everyone would take this on.”

“I’m not everyone, and neither are you.” Jane kissed Veronica once more, squeezing her waist.

Briana stood up in the pen, leaning on the corner pipe. She watched Veronica go and stared at Jane with wide eyes. “You were kissing mom!”

“That’s right.” Jane said, stepping over to take the empty bottle from Briana. “How does that make you feel?”

“Does that make you dad?” Briana asked.

“Maybe. Do you want to call me dad?” Jane asked.

“Okay Dad!” Briana giggled. “How come you and mom have two rooms?”

“This is pretty new for us still.” Jane said. “Like being a baby is new for you. What do you want to do now?”

“Can I play with my new stuffed animals?” Briana asked.

“Yes.” Jane smiled, helping Briana down onto her butt. “I’ll be here if you need anything.”

“Okay!” Briana rolled over on her stomach and picked up the dinosaur and mouse. After a moment’s thought, the two animals made their way up the slippery slopes of Mount Dog.

When dinner came, Briana found herself in a highchair at the corner of the table. She had Veronica to one side and Jane to the other. The evening sun had made the kitchen too hot for pajamas, especially fuzzy cat pajamas, so she sat in the chair naked except for her diaper. The diaper was a bit more soggy and clammy than it had been, but nothing that registered as uncomfortable.

Her roommates were all talking about the end of finals and other stuff that didn’t seem very important. Briana focused mostly on the fact that Veronica and Jane had nice looking salads with bacon and boiled egg on them, and she had some green mush in a bowl.

“Mom, can I have some salad?” She asked, for the third time.

“Honey, you need to be quiet and eat your dinner, I don’t want to have to tell you again.” Veronica said. “We made that special for you.”

“But…” Briana whimpered.

“Briana.” Jane said sternly. “Listen to your mother.” She loaded up a spoon with the green stuff and lifted it to Briana’s lips.

Grumpily, Briana barely opened her mouth. The spoon went in, leaving about half its contents on her upper lip. The taste was pretty good, sweet and a little earthy. She opened her mouth to say so only to get another spoonful in her mouth. Before she was done swallowing there was another full spoon waiting at her lips.

“Da-” Was all the further she got, another spoon into her mouth and on her face. Briana gave up and let Jane feed her, opening her mouth more or less as the spoonfulls came in. A good three quarters of the bowl ended up inside Briana, with the rest smeared across her mouth or spattered across her breasts.

The mush had been filling, but there was nothing else coming after Veronica had wiped Briana down. She sat in the chair, bored and uninterested in the conversation. Briana started kicking her legs, then drumming her hands on the wooden table of the high chair.

“Honey, please stop that.” Veronica put her hands on Briana’s. “Casey, would you mind putting her down for a nap?”

“Are you sure?” Casey asked. “Isn’t it kind of late for a nap?”

“We want her to sleep as much as possible right now.” Erin said. “That’s going to keep things moving for her mind.”

Casey nodded and released Briana from the high chair, cradling Briana in her arms. “See you all in a bit,” Casey said.

“I don’t want to nap.” Briana sighed at Casey.

“Don’t worry.” Casey smiled. “We’re going to play first.”

“Oh, what are we going to play?” Briana asked.

“We’re going to play, make the baby feel really, really good.” Casey kissed Briana at the bottom of the stairs, climbing up them with a hand firmly holding Briana’s butt.

“Oooh!” Briana’s eyes sparkled, she massaged Casey’s breast gently through her blouse.

To Briana’s surprise they ended up in Veronica’s room, not her own. The once-spacious bedroom looked smaller now with the addition of an adult sized crib along one wall. Made of sturdy wood painted black, the bed portion stood at what would be hip height on Veronica. Tall rails projected up three more feet, and looked like they could be slid down along the legs of the crib. Diaper supplies were stashed underneath, allowing it to double as a changing table.

“Crib?” She asked, looking up at Casey curiously.

“That’s right kiddo.” Casey grinned. “That thing was fun to help build, sorry if it kept us from having some time together, but I think it’ll be worth it.” She dropped the rails on the room side of the crib and set Briana down on the soft bedding.

Alanna the stuffed lion was here, contrary to what Veronica had said. Unless this was her room now? She snatched the stuffie close to her and looked up at Casey. “You said we were going to play?”

“Doubting me already?” Casey chuckled. “Sit back for a bit, I have to get you ready, okay?”

Briana shrugged and lay back, reacquainting herself with Alanna. When the tapes tore open on her diaper she relaxed, preparing herself for another change. Instead of wipes, she got a slick hand caressing her sex. Briana moaned in surprise, arching her back. It wasn’t like Casey to go straight there, but the surprise and touch had her tingling. She gasped at the second surprise of something pressing gently into her sex.

“What?” Briana moaned.

“A little toy to give you some fun feelings.” Casey said, tucking the exposed antenna of the vibrator against Briana’s clit. Casey wrapped the diaper tightly around Briana, re-seating the tapes. She leaned down to kiss the diapered girl, slowly exploring Briana’s mouth with her tongue and Briana’s breasts with her hand.

Briana put Alanna aside, taking a moment to face her toward the wall. Desire washed over her, she stroked every bit of exposed skin on Casey that she could reach, tugging at Casey’s blouse. Breaking the kiss, Casey fumbled open the buttons and brought her breasts to Briana’s face. Her own moans filled the bedroom as Briana kissed and licked her way across them.

The vibrator trembled and sent a shock through Briana. It wobbled again, and again, then settled in to a pulsing rhythm. Briana writhed in the crib, moaning and sighing, letting out a long satisfied groan as her bladder gave way and she gushed into the diaper. The humming in the wet diaper was magical, it made the whole garment vibrate around her sex. Casey was holding Briana down, roughly stroking her breasts and belly.

Briana surrendered to Casey, to her diapers, to the world. She let herself feel the pleasure with pure uncomplicated thought. There were fireworks in her brain. Once, twice, five times. Her skin was hot and sweaty. Her throat was hoarse from yelling. She shuddered and lay limp in the crib as the vibrator came to a stop.

“Oh my, that is a happy looking baby.” Casey said, her voice husky. She wiped Briana down with a soft towel. “Feeling ready for a nap now?”

Briana nodded slowly. “Yes Casey. Thank youuuuuu.”

Casey tucked Alanna into Briana’s arms, and put a blanket over her. She lifted the rails on the crib, locking them into place. Briana’s eyes were already closed, she wasn’t quite asleep, but her breathing was slow. Casey set a baby monitor next to the crib and turned it on.

“Hey Ronnie, can you hear me?” Casey asked quietly.

“Yes Casey, can you hear me as well?”

Briana stirred slightly. “Mommy?”

“It’s working fine, she recognized your voice, it’s really cute. But don’t send back, she’s drifting off.” Casey said quietly. “Have a good nap, Bri.”

Briana nodded sleepily, cuddling up to her lion.

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