Baby Brooke - aussiedaddy

Baby Brooke - Chapter 1

Brooke was certain that her heart skipped a few beats when she stumbled
across the costume hire shop in her local arcade. She had never noticed the
shop before. Perhaps it was new or perhaps she had blithely walked past it
previously without really noticing it.

It was just what she needed. Only that morning she had received an invitation
to a fancy dress barbeque lunch. Brooke had always loved dressing up and
was excited at the prospect of being able to indulge herself without people
thinking she was strange or a little girl who had never grown up.

There was only one problem the invitation was for Brooke and partner. What
partner thought Brooke to herself? Fancy dress seemed to work so much
better if you had a partner dressed in the same theme. She figured that her
girlfriend, Annette, could probably organize her a partner for the party.

Brooke and Annette had been best friends for years despite the difference in
their ages and outlooks. They had until recently lived next door to each other
and had always shared their most intimate secrets. Annette was not only
some four years older than Brooke but was so very mature in both her
appearance and outlook on life. Brooke on the other hand was baby-faced
and rather immature for her age.

Their friendship had transcended and even flourished despite Brooke’s
mother using Annette as a babysitter for Brooke for many years. When this
arrangement had first come into being Brooke had assumed that Annette
would only be sitting her younger sister, Jodie. But Annette had really taken
her task to heart and treated Brooke as a young child and not her close friend.
Although Brooke had complained bitterly about the arrangement, she had
rather enjoyed all the special treatment that Annette had lavished on her on
those occasions, the sort of treatment that she had largely gone without since
the arrival of her younger sister.

Annette had been one of the first in her year at school to develop as a woman
and after overcoming her initial embarrassment was proud of her very full and
curvy, womanly figure. She loved wearing clothes that showed off her figure
and had been able to pass herself off as an adult from the age of 13.

Brooke was quite a contrast - but equally attractive. She had been a late
developer and had small perky breasts with very sensitive, reactive nipples
that were both a considerable source of pleasure and embarrassment. Lately,
Brooke had found the line that divides embarrassment from pleasure to be
increasingly blurred. Brooke looked like she was still thirteen even though
she was now eighteen and frequently had to produce her driver’s license to
gain admission to adult venues.

The first thing Brooke had done when she received her invitation was to ring
Annette to discuss the prospect of the party with her. Annette had contacts
and style. Nowadays she even had a business to run that she shared with
her mother. Brooke was sure that Annette would also have received an
invitation since the people throwing the party were more Annette’s friends
than her own. If anyone could help organise a date for her it was Annette.

Annette was fairly busy and didn’t seem to have any time for a chat.
However she promised to visit Brooke that evening so the two of them could
discuss the party. More often than not one of them visited the other of an
evening. She also told Brooke not to worry about not having a date, as she
was sure her friend Scott would be only too happy to accompany Brooke to
the party. Brooke just hoped that she was right as she had thought that Scott
was really cute from the moment that Annette had first introduced her to him.

Brooke walked gingerly into the shop almost fearing that it was all some
magical spell and that it would disappear before her very eyes. There were
so many fantastic costumes on display to choose from. She could get a
matching pair of costumes - one for her and one for Scott. She skipped from
costume to costume trying to decide which ones would be best.

There was a whole kaleidoscope of ideas floating around in her head. The
party was a lunch time gathering and the hosts had a nice swimming pool. So
she didn’t want anything too complicated or that looked like eveningwear only.
She just couldn’t decide.

For some time she had been aware of a vague noise. Now she realized that it
was the shop owner offering her assistance. Brooke apologized for having
been in a world of her own. The shopkeeper laughed and offered her
assistance adding that it was lovely to have a potential client clearly so
delighted with the range she had to offer.

Brooke explained her dilemma, and spent the rest of her lunchtime happily
trying on various outfits. She wanted matching outfits but although there was
a large range of nice costumes none seemed just right. There was an
eighteenth century soldier’s outfit that she was sure would suit Scott. Then
she could dress up as a helpless damsel from the same period. Maybe he
would have his wicked way with her! But the outfit was designed for someone
with a bigger bust than hers - designed to show off cleavage that she didn’t

Brooke wasn’t sure what to do but in the end asked the lady to reserve the
soldier’s outfit for her and she would come back to make a final selection for

Chapter 2

When Annette visited Brooke after dinner that evening the two of them retired
to Brooke’s bedroom so that they could have an uninterrupted, private
conversation. Annette marveled at how little Brooke’s bedroom had changed
over the years since they had started playing together as toddlers.

“You know Brooke, this room is like a museum, like a time warp” observed
Annette simply.

And indeed it was. A white broderie-anglaise bedspread with pink satin
ribbon wound through it, complete with matching pillows, cushions and
curtains set the theme. Her many pretty dolls were all neatly set on a shelf
they shared with stuffed toy animals. Her room had indeed hardly changed
over the years.

Absent-mindedly Annette began looking through some of Brooke’s cupboards
and drawers. She started with Brooke’s clothes and lingerie which were of
some professional interest to Annette who ran a very successful mail order
lingerie business with her mother. Her mother had started the business as
little more than a hobby to occupy her while her entrepreneur husband
amassed his fortune. Annette had shown much of her father’s touch by
combining a natural flair for marketing with some formal training and a
knowledge of computers to transform her mother’s company into a very
profitable venture.

Brooke’s choice in lingerie was basically all white with plenty of frill and lace -
and nothing too daring or unconventional.
The only exceptions were the few items that Annette had herself given to
Brooke - and most of them appeared to have been hardly ever worn.

But Annette’s interest in Brooke and her room went far beyond any
professional interest. She wanted to confirm her assessment of Brooke’s true
inner self, a picture she had been slowly building throughout their close

A quick glance at Brooke was enough for Annette to realize that Brooke was a
trifle bemused as to why Annette was going through her things. Annette was
too fascinated by her discoveries to want to stop so she suggested to Brooke
that she had better ring up Scott now.

Brooke concurred and hurried off to do Annette’s bidding. Annette smiled.
She had loved diverting Brooke and sending her on little errands when she
had babysat Brooke and she obviously hadn’t lost her touch.

Brooke was both excited at and daunted by the prospect of asking Scott to
partner her to the party. It was rather short notice and she wasn’t sure if fancy
dress parties were his scene.

At first Scott hadn’t seemed neither particularly surprised at her request nor
terribly excited at the prospect - or so Brooke thought. He said that he
wouldn’t know what to wear. Brooke wasn’t certain if he was mocking her or it
was a real concern of his. Brooke told Scott that she had already selected an
outfit for him - but she wouldn’t tell him what it was despite him pressing her
for at least a few clues. She felt at the time that this was a smart ploy of hers

  • as it turned out it was more a matter of unlocking her own destiny.

Brooke told Scott that he didn’t have to do anything - she would pick a
costume for him as well. But Scott’s mood had already changed notably. He
wouldn’t hear of Brooke choosing her own outfit. If she had chosen his, he
said, it was only fair that he got to choose hers. There seemed to be a sort of
rough sense of logic and justice to this arrangement and Scott was clearly
determined to get his way.

When Brooke had refused to tell Scott what outfit she had chosen for him it
seemed like she was one up on him. Now she felt that he had outpointed her
completely. Not only could she not get even the tiniest little clue out of him, it
seemed that he knew instantly what kind of outfit he wanted her to wear.
Straight after he had told her that it would take a lot of organization because
he had to organize props as well as an outfit and some of it might have to
come from overseas!

Brooke reminded him that the party was only 2 weeks away. Scott didn’t
seem concerned and said that everything should be ready in time. He asked
Brooke to get Annette to measure her up for her costume. Brooke asked him
what measurements he needed but Scott just told her that Annette would
know. Annette was to ring him that evening with the measurements.

Chapter 3

Annette must have second-guessed Scott’s requirements because she
already had a tape measure, a notepad and a pen handy.

“OK Brooke” she said “Strip.”

Brooke couldn’t see why Annette couldn’t take her measurements while she
remained clothed but she didn’t really mind Annette seeing her in her
underwear so she shrugged off her dress.

“Naked” commanded Annette when she realized that Brooke wasn’t intending
to remove anything other than her dress.

Brooke had no idea as to why Annette wanted her naked but she could see
no harm in it so she decided to comply.

“Get a move on” demanded Annette giving Brooke a little pat on her backside
“I haven’t got all night. And while you’re at it pass me your panties. I think I’d
better inspect them if you need these” continued Annette holding up a pack of
panty liners she had found in one of Brooke’s drawers.

Brooke was at first inclined to claim that they weren’t hers. But then she
figured that Annette knew all her intimate secrets anyhow. So what difference
would one more make? She confided to Annette how some activities such as
riding her horse frequently made her panties extremely damp. Plus on
occasions when she laughed a lot or was under stress she would accidentally
wet herself slightly. The liners were just a sensible precaution against major

“I can see why” announced Annette holding Brooke’s panties up to the light
stretched across her fingers. Brooke went bright red from embarrassment
and hung her head. But she nonetheless savored the feeling of fire that
seemed to flood her body, especially her nipples and her pussy.

Chapter 4

Annette was clearly in a playful mood. She may have started out taking the
standard measurements of Brooke’s body but then she started inventing all
sorts of additional measurements to take. Brooke wondered why Annette was
playing these games. Annette’s measurements were becoming more and
more outrageous both in terms of what she was measuring and the manner in
which her hands were being applied to Brooke’s body. She even measured
the length of Brooke’s nether lips and the length and diameter of her nipples.
Annette insisted that the nipples must be measured when erect and
repeatedly tweaked Brooke’s nipples to ensure they were.

Brooke eventually decided that Annette was just teasing her by trying to
embarrass her - something Annette used to do when they played together as
children. But while she was embarrassed, that sense of embarrassment was
rapidly becoming secondary to an amazing light-headed feeling flooding her
consciousness that she had previously only experienced while horse-riding. It
was a feeling she couldn’t fight and what’s more she also couldn’t stop a slight
drip of lubrication running down her inner thigh. Brooke hoped against hope
that Annette wouldn’t notice.

The next thing Brooke knew was that her head was swimming and she
stumbled back onto her bed. She had orgasmed!

Amazingly, to Brooke, Annette hardly reacted to her orgasm and merely said,
“I think the fruit is ripe and its time for it to be picked”.

Brooke was desperate to guess what sort of costume Scott might be planning
for her to wear. Annette claimed that there was no purpose in Brooke
quizzing her as to what Scott had planned because she couldn’t possibly
know. “But since you’re so obviously enjoying your situation, Brooke, and
since I’m so enjoying seeing what it does to you I wouldn’t tell you even if I did
know. However, I will find out what preparations you have to make to go with
whatever the costume is and ensure you are made up to suit the big

Brooke didn’t entirely believe Annette’s protestations of complete lack of
knowledge. But she was beginning to enjoy her situation and the
helplessness of not knowing. Annette informed Brooke that she would book
her in for a private session at a local beauty parlor on the morning of the

“Now pop this on and I’ll tuck you into bed” continued Annette pulling a see-
through baby-doll nightdress out of Brooke’s wardrobe. Brooke was
dumbfounded. The nightdress had been a present , which was the only
reason she had kept it. It was far too revealing to even consider wearing it.

Annette seemed pretty insistent and she was already safely in her bedroom.
She could easily change into something less revealing in the morning. So she
put on the little nightdress, hopped into her bed and let Annette tuck her in for
the night. It was all so reminiscent of when Annette used to babysit her.

After she had tucked Brooke in, Annette planted a big wet kiss square on
Brooke’s lips and swept out of Brooke’s bedroom leaving Brooke one very
confused girl.

Chapter 5

Brooke didn’t see as much of Annette as usual over the next two weeks
although their relationship seemed to have become closer than ever. Annette
rang her every night - she seemed to be able to time it so she called just as
Brooke was getting into bed. And somehow, in subtle ways, she seemed to
be assuming control over Brooke’s life.

At first she just quizzed Brooke about what she had worn that day and what
she was planning to wear tomorrow. Then she began making some
suggestions as to what Brooke might choose to wear until she began to
dictate exactly what Brooke was to wear each day.

Although the party was only two weeks away, those two weeks turned out to
be the longest two weeks ever in Brooke’s life. But finally it was the day of the
party. Time to get up and go to the beauty salon. Annette had insisted on
taking her.

Annette arrived much earlier than Brooke expected, having decided to bring
Brooke’s appointment forward. When she arrived at Brooke’s house Brooke
was still in bed. Annette insisted on Brooke coming exactly as she was - in
her pajamas! Annette ignored Brooke’s protests, insisting that Brooke should
have been ready and led Brooke out to her car - only half awake and still in
her pajamas.

They drove to the beauty salon with Brooke trying to sink down into the seat
so that no one she knew could see her being driven along dressed only in her
pajamas. What will they say when I arrive at the salon she wondered. I
guess I’ll find out soon enough she thought. It puzzled her as to why she was
now so accepting of whatever Annette required of her which she would have
thought impossible only two weeks before.

By now they were outside the salon. Annette jumped out of her car and
opened up the side gate that closed a private entrance to the residence
behind the salonso that they could drove on in. Once safely parked she led
an unprotesting Brooke up the back stairs and into a private room at the back
of the salon Brooke patronized frequently. Catriona, her regular hairdresser
was there. She greeted Brooke warmly and said that she was so happy to
have her as a special customer as she ushered Brooke over to a vacant chair.

Next to the chair was a sumptuous breakfast for Brooke laid out on a silver
tray with a long stemmed rose in a specimen vase. Brooke was about to sit
down in the chair when Catriona asked Annette to get Brooke to remove her
pajama pants before sitting down. Brooke wondered why Catriona was
asking Annette to get her to take off her pajama pants and only then why she
was to take them off at all!

“Don’t worry Brooke, there are only girls here, and we need to remove your
pubic hair to go with your costume” said Annette who clearly had no wish to
elaborate any further. I guess it might be fun thought Brooke who had by then
decided that it might be best to concentrate on the lovely breakfast that had
been provided for her and go along for the time being with whatever Annette
and Catriona had in store for her.

Chapter 6

“Do you want me to shave her or to wax her?” Catriona enquired of Annette.
“Waxing hurts a bit but it lasts for at least a month and if you do it often
enough your pubic hair seems to give up the struggle and only the odd wisp
grows.” Apparently Catriona and Annette were going to work out between
them what to do and leave Brooke out of the equation. “Would you like to
see?” asked Catriona. Annette said yes and Brooke merely nodded slipping
subconsciously into the role that the other two seemed to be setting her.

Catriona lifted her skirt - she wasn’t wearing any panties - and Brooke and
Annette admired her. Brooke had to grab her breath and heard a childish
oooh as she did so. She instinctively reached out to run her hands over
Catriona’s pubic region. Catriona stepped back and asked Annette “Is she
allowed to touch?”

“I’m not sure I approve,” said Annette. “And what’s more after we’ve waxed
her she’ll probably want to play with herself.”

“I can fix that,” said Catriona who disappeared briefly only to return with a pair
of woolly mittens with long satin ribbons that they put on Brooke’s hands and
tied together behind her back. Then they guided her over to the chair,
removed her pajama pants and set to work waxing her.

Brooke had a myriad of sensations rushing through her body. To be sure the
waxing process was rather painful at times - pain in the most intimate regions
of her young body. But there was a real joy mixed with the pain and there
were wonderful tinglings between her legs and a sensational light-
headedness. She felt embarrassed, particularly as she felt her vagina
flooding and her nipples throbbing. But she also felt a proud thrill when the
other two girls began to discuss her body and its reactions as if she wasn’t
Brooke entered something of a trance-like state and decided to go with the
flow and not question too much what was happening to her and why she felt
the way she felt.

When they had finished waxing her, Annette and Catriona rubbed some
soothing lotion on her smarting pubes, followed by some scented talcum
powder. They spent some time doing this, their hands roaming over Brooke’s
exposed womanhood and pretended to be oblivious to the powerful orgasms
they triggered in the now unquestioning Brooke.

The rest of the session at the beauty parlor passed in a blur to Brooke. They
gave her a refreshing facial but applied no make-up. They spent a lot of time
combing her long blonde hair but rather than put it into her usual pony tail set
it instead into two pigtails. It was years since Brooke had had her hair in
pigtails and she started recalling her childhood memories. Her favorite
photograph was one of herself at age two in a cute little dress at her first real

Brooke’s mind was still on such matters when Catriona and Annette had
obviously decided that her preparations here were complete. Brooke found
herself being led back out the door to Annette’s car. Once outside Brooke
suddenly remembered that not only was she still in her pajamas, she was now
only in her pajama top. But Catriona had already disappeared, gone inside
and locked the door. Annette just wanted to get going and threatened to take
away Brooke’s pajama top as well if she didn’t stop her protests and get into
the car.

Chapter 7

They drove back to Annette’s house. She was mortified by the thought of
Scott seeing her dressed in only her pajama top with her hair in pigtails but
said nothing. Annette must have read her mind and told her “Scott won’t be
over until later. He’s going to get changed at work and meet us here. He’s
left a present for you here - but you only get it once you’re ready. Now come
along and let me give you a bath”.

Brooke sat down meekly on a chair while Annette ran her a bath. When it
was ready Brooke got in and Annette started to wash her. But just as Brooke
was getting in tune with the sensations this was giving her Annette announced
that she had to go and do some last minute preparations herself. She told
Brooke that she would leave her outfit in the adjoining bedroom. She made
Brooke promise not to fiddle with her hair or to play with herself. Brooke was
going to protest the latter on the grounds that that was something she
wouldn’t do. Then she realized that that was precisely what she wanted, or
rather needed to do, so she said nothing. “I don’t think I can trust you”
continued Annette. But if I catch you, you will be in trouble."

Brooke spent some time daydreaming in the bath until she was startled by the
thought that the water was getting rather cold. She was just wondering
whether to add more hot water and continue her bath or get out when
suddenly it occurred to her that her fancy dress costume would be waiting for
her in the adjoining bedroom. The very thought that had made the last two
weeks seem like months and now the answer was right next door and she
hadn’t even gone to investigate! Brooke quickly got out of the bath, gave her
self a very quick dry on a thick, fluffy towel so as not to leave too many drip
marks behind her and raced into the bedroom to see what sort of magnificent
stately costume Scott had got her.

Chapter 8

Brooke wasn’t expecting what she saw. Indeed when she first saw it she
wasn’t sure her eyes were seeing right. Then she thought that it couldn’t be
what she thought it was, the party dress from her favorite photograph.
Although Scott would never have seen the photograph, it was the same
design but in a bigger size - but was it big enough. Annette had taken careful
measurements so it must fit. She held it up to her naked body. Something
must have gone wrong with the measurements. She might get into it. But it
was too short. Not a little to short but miles too short. Even if she stood
upright it you would be able to see not just a wisp of her nickers but most of

Just then Annette burst into the room.

“Annette what a tragedy - the dress is a beautiful idea but it just wont fit.
Whatever can we do?” said Brooke, the first real words she’d spoken since
leaving her home early that morning.

“I don’t think you should speak like that now that you’re just about in
character,” said Annette promptly thrusting a large pacifier into Brooke’s
mouth, which she had opened in amazement. “And in any case, of course it
will fit - you’re only a little girl - and in more ways than one” she continued
while letting her hands trail over Brooke’s small breasts. “It’s supposed to be
short so we can see your pretty panties and check your diaper” she
explained, answering the questions that Brooke would have asked.

It could be fun pretending thought Brooke to herself as Annette put the little,
white, broderie-anglaise party dress over her head and did it up including the
beautiful pink bow. “You’d better not stay so sexually aroused Brooke
because you can just about see right through this dress and those big erect
nipples of yours are a dead give-away”

Brooke squeaked. She had meant to protest that she needed a bra but forgot
the pacifier and gave up. Annette somehow understood, “You didn’t really
need a bra even when you were a plain teen, and who ever heard of a teen
baby wearing a bra. And I’m not putting a vest on you because you’ll only get
hot and I’ll have to change you.” Brooke started to think of having her dress
changed by Annette, possibly in public, and blushed as she felt the tell-tale
tickle of a drop of her own lubrication running down the inside of her silky

Brooke felt that the best thing might be to play along in character so she went
over to Annette, hugged her and tried to snuggle into Annette’s breast.

Annette pushed her away gently and said “We’d better get you into your
diaper first - we don’t want any accidents”

Chapter 9

Brooke was happy to play along with the idea of a pretend diaper. Indeed she
had been somewhat relieved to see a large pair of frilly nickers that matched
her dress that would make her outfit provocative to some perhaps but not
nearly as outright revealing as she had at first feared. However Annette
produced a large, thick cloth diaper and was about to put it on her.

Brooke ran away, remembering as she did so how she used to run away from
her mother when she was trying to dress her when Brooke was a little girl.
The memory seemed very close.

Annette had cornered her, just as her Mummy used to. That’s right - it was
Mummy, not mother, when she used to run away.

“The outfit Scott chose for you includes a diaper. You promised to wear what
he chose. Or should we just leave you behind?”

Brooke looked at Annette. She was confused. She came back to the
present. Annette was wearing the very outfit that Brooke had admired in the
costume shop. A showy bra pushed up her large breasts. Brooke felt young
and subordinate. Scott apparently wanted her dressed as a little girl. As a little
girl in diapers, in fact. She started to wonder whether it was Scott’s idea or
Annette’s. She might have been prepared to welch out on her deal with Scott
but upsetting her friend Annette was another matter altogether. Someone had
clearly gone to a lot of trouble to organize this. They must have had her new
dress specially made for her to match the one in the photograph. It must be
special for them. Even if she didn’t really understand why. And the dress was
very pretty. And the way her vagina was flooding Annette had better get her
diaper on fast. She had better clench her vaginal lips to try and stem the flow
she thought. The trouble is that was bringing her to…

Brooke lay down on the floor, dizzy. She parted her legs and lifted her bottom
off the floor so that Annette could easily slip the diaper under her and pin it up
snugly. Annette efficiently tugged the diaper tight just as Brooke’s
orgasm flooded over her body.

Brooke continued to lie on the floor, breathing a little heavily from the intensity
of her orgasm. Annette mouthed the number two and continued getting
Brooke ready. Brooke was amazed at the trouble she or Scott must have
gone to.

Chapter 10

First Annette pulled the frilly baby panties up her legs and over her diaper,
making sure the diaper was completely tucked inside the panties. Then she
put a pair of frilly knee high socks on her feet followed by the cutest pair of
child-style patent leather shoes. Then scrunchies that matched her dress
were put on her pigtails and some little-girl hair clips with plastic strawberries
on them were put into her hair. Then Annette handed her her old teddy bear

  • the one she had slept with every night since getting it for her first birthday.
    Then Annette bundled her out of the bedroom and into the lounge room.

She kissed Brooke lovingly on her forehead. Brooke smiled, her smile
widening when Annette handed her a present. It was a beautiful gold lucky
charm bracelet with little gold teddy bears hanging onto it together with a
golden heart shaped neck charm with her name engraved on it.

Brooke was delighted with the jewelry, even though at that time she didn’t
understand their full symbolism. She did however decide to stay in character
and gave Annette a child-like peck on her cheek.

Shortly after that Scott arrived. Annette let him in. He took one look at
Brooke and started grinning from ear to ear. He turned around and re-hitched
his trousers. Brooke may have been playing a two-year-old but as a teen
baby she could spot an erection as obvious as Scott’s. Annette simply glared.

“Is she wet?” asked Scott ignoring Annette’s looks.

Brooke furiously shook her head.

“Only with anticipation” said Annette. “But she might be hungry - I’ll get her a
drink.” Annette wandered off into the kitchen and returned with a baby’s bottle
filled with what looked like brown milk. Annette noticed Brooke’s curiosity and
explained “I added some Tia Maria to your milk, darling. Not only should it
improve the flavor but it might help with two other matters as well”

Brooke couldn’t think what the two matters might be. In fact she didn’t even
try to. She happily sat on Annette’s lap and drank three whole bottles of warm
milk while Annette tickled her stomach and repeatedly lifted Brooke’s dress so
she could remind herself just how cute Brooke’s bottom looked in its thick,
protective diaper and frilly nickers.

Chapter 11

Annette was delirious. She figured she was taking a big risk introducing
Brooke to her secret world so rapidly. She would have liked to take things a
bit slower. But this had been such a perfect opportunity. The alcohol should
help ease Brooke over the shock that might hit her once they reached the
party. And it might help her special baby relearn how to wet. She was
buoyed however by all that she knew about Brooke. By her naturally
submissive nature, by the little-girl look of her bedroom, by the fact that she
still slept with her teddy bear every night. By everything really. And she had
planned everything right. Things just had to work out.

Brooke was just about asleep in Annette’s lap when it was time to go. A full
stomach of warm milk coupled with a little alcohol and the early morning start
had had their effect. Annette led Brooke out to Scott’s truck and strapped her
into the back seat. “Little girls always travel in the back seat” she explained.
Brooke was too sleepy to complain. It was a hot summer’s day and Brooke
fell asleep soon after they left. She hadn’t paid any attention to the amount of
gear Scott had been stowing in the back of the truck.

By the time they arrived the party was already in full swing. It was at an out of
town hobby farm and Scott drove straight in.

“Great outfit, Scott, and you look irresistible, Annette” said their hostess,
Linda. “What’s Brooke come as?”

“A little girl, a cute little girl” laughed Annette. “She’s asleep on the backseat of
the truck. I’ll wake her up.”

“That’s really getting into character,” mused Linda.

Brooke woke up when Annette started using her tongue to tickle Brooke’s ear.
It took her a moment to work out where she was and to remember what had
happened. Indeed, she started to say something inappropriate for a teen
baby of two, but it was muffled by the pacifier and she managed to turn it into
a passable cry.

“Don’t cry. There’s a good girl” soothed Linda. “We’ll get some toys for you to
play with”

Brooke got out of the truck, allowing Annette to help her. She was aware of
an increasing number of onlookers around her, congratulating her on her

“You’re bound to win most of the prizes!” exclaimed one of the onlookers.
Brooke sensed a real sense of admiration in his voice. She knew that they
didn’t want her to speak so she just looked at Linda queryingly.

“There are a number of prizes including best outfit, best props, and best role-
play all of which you might well win. But not all of the prizes might be suitable
for a little girl - you’ll have to let Mummy and Daddy decide.”

Chapter 12

Brooke just gooed with happiness. Naturally. It was doubtful if she was even
role-playing now.

“Do you think Baby Brooke would like to play in a sand pit?” asked Linda with
a mischievous twinkle in her eye".

“That would be perfect” agreed Annette.

They brought a plastic clamshell out, together with a few bags of sand. There
were so many volunteers that Brooke was scared a scuffle would break out.
Scott produced a cute bucket and spade set for her to play with from the back
of the truck. Brooke was just wandering over to play in the sandbox when she
was stopped in her tracks by Annette.

“We can’t go getting our best party clothes dirty now can we, little girl?”

Brooke sat down happily while Annette took off her shoes and socks. Next
came the frilly nickers. Well thought Brooke, now everyone knows that I’m
wearing a diaper but its not any more revealing than before. But now Annette
was starting to undo her party dress. Surely she wasn’t going to take that off.
I haven’t got anything on underneath other than a diaper thought Brooke.
Clearly Annette had other intentions. Brooke started making agitated baby
noises, stamped her feet and held on to her dress for dear life.

“There’s no point in throwing a tantrum little girl” said Annette calmly, as if she
was a mum experienced in handling her own naughty child. “It will only attract
more attention from all these people.”

Brooke let go of her dress and resigned herself to wearing a diaper only. She
was glad that the diaper hid one of her body’s reactions to her predicament.
Anyone who cared to look could see her very erect nipples, which were
starting to throb. Actually, for one reason or another most people were now
looking the other way. There were a lot of other things going on at the party,
and most of the guests had gotten used to the idea that one of the guests was
dressed up as a two year old child.

Chapter 13

Brooke played for a while in the sand, remembering the fun she had had
playing in an almost identical clam shell sand pit when a child. She felt free
and almost at ease in the warm weather without the normal restriction of
clothes. She felt detached from her normal persona.

Then a new dilemma struck her. She simply had to urinate. The urge had
been building up for some time but she had kept putting the evil hour off.
Annette noticed her hopping around from one leg to another.

“Do you need to pee?” asked Annette.

Brooke nodded furiously.

“But that’s what your diaper is for, silly. Just let go”

That’s all very well for you to say thought Brooke but I just couldn’t. Couldn’t,
couldn’t, couldn’t … have. Just while she was thinking about the impossibility
of it all, the dam burst and she flooded her diaper.

Brooke expected to be repulsed by the feeling of a wet diaper. Instead she
found it to be warm, comforting and soothing. There was also an immense
feeling of relief. Annette came over and showed a good deal of interest in the
state of Brooke’s diaper. She prodded and poked at it and patted Brooke on
the bottom, all the time pretending to be checking how wet it was and how
snugly it fitted. Brooke found the whole process extremely stimulating
although Annette was careful to get her charge aroused but not bring her to

“Wet, but not yet requiring a change” she concluded.

Brooke had found the diaper to be mildly erotic when it was first pinned on to
her. Although she had fought wetting it, once she let go she found the wetting
experience and Annette’s subsequent diaper checks very stimulating. But
she was totally unprepared for the joys that were now overtaking her. The
movement of the warm wet cloth against her protruding labia minora was pure
ecstasy and so much better than anything she had ever experienced horse
riding. She found that by moving her legs she could bring herself to a near
fever pitch crescendo and then ease off slightly only to pick the pace up
again. Having overcome the initial embarrassment of using her diaper for its
intended purpose, she experimented with wetting it in little spurts to add to
both her physical enjoyment and the special pleasure of doing something
considered taboo.

Chapter 14

Annette happily watched her friend discover a whole new world of joys,
confirming that her hopes for the future were not by any means without
foundation. She smiled as Brooke brought herself to a shuddering climax and
wandered over to remove Brooke’s sodden diaper. “Having just wet yourself
you should be safe for a bit of a paddle” she announced.

Annette left Brooke’s diaper off and searched for a hose with which to fill the
other half of the clamshell. Brooke was completely naked now and enjoying
every minute of it. When Annette returned with a garden hose Brooke played
with the stream coming from the hose as they filled the shell and shrieked with
delight as the jet of cool water played over her aroused body.

As the day progressed Brooke came to realize that it must have been Annette
who had planned this whole day. She also realized that Annette must still be
many steps ahead of her. She was always the one being amazed. Now she
felt she had a chance to turn the tables. She calmly walked naked over to
where Annette was sitting, and looking directly into Annette’s eyes parted her
legs and directed a stream of pee over the grass in front of them. Brooke
couldn’t work out if the inscrutable Annette was surprised or not, but she was
definitely pleased. All she was really sure of was that both of them were as
happy with the world as they had ever been.

“Number three - and the best to date” whispered Annette lovingly as she re-
diapered Brooke and dressed her back into her pretty party dress.

What a simply perfect day thought Brooke. How well everything was working
out. And to top it all off when Lisa announced the prizes she awarded the
prize for the best costume to a teen baby who had very recently been wearing
no costume at all.

All good things come to an end and this was no exception. It was soon time
to go home. Brooke was thirsty once again so she toddled off to get her baby
bottle. While she finished the bottle, Annette and Scott packed their things
back into the truck. However this took a long time because so many people
came up to congratulate Annette on what a sweet, well-behaved baby she
had. Brooke somehow felt very proud, both at being considered a good baby
and at being thought of as Annette’s.

With the bottle finished, Annette looked around for the pacifier but Scott must
have already packed it away. Besides there would be much to talk about on
the trip back home so they would let Brooke out of character if not out of her
diaper. Annette knew what to do. She unclipped her bra, pulled down the
front of her costume and let a very contented Brooke suckle at her breast.

While climbing into the back seat of Scott’s truck, Brooke noticed that there
was something engraved on the back of the charm Annette had given her. It
read “Always Two”. Brooke smiled, content, and promptly fell asleep. It had
been a big day. It had been a confusing day and a revealing day (in more
ways than one).

Brooke slept until they arrived back at Annette’s. She awoke to find herself
warm, wet and happily sucking her own thumb. There was much to be
resolved but that would have to wait

Chapter 15

After her amazing experiences at the costume party Brooke didn’t know what
to expect from her relationship with Annette. But one thing was for certain -
she had to explore the feelings that the events of that day had awakened in
her. She had expected Annette to make all the moves but that hadn’t
happened so far. So when Annette invited her for a night at the movies
Brooke decided that she should take some chances and try to start resolving
her feelings.

So she decided to wear diapers to the cinema. It took Brooke several
attempts before she summoned up the courage to purchase adult diapers but
finally the big day arrived and Brooke was nearly delirious with delight at the
thought of using her brave new purchase. As she taped herself into the first
disposable diaper just before meeting Annette, she found herself dripping with
arousal and anticipation. She found herself anxious to wet them and to
experience those wonderful naughty and erotic feelings again.

Brooke waited for Annette outside a busy Mexican restaurant as Annette had
arranged. She was very aware of the feel of the diaper beneath her short skirt
and was convinced that passers by must have heard the rustling sound it
made against her short skirt. She was also convinced that its bulk between
her legs had changed her gait. People would have noticed that she walking

Brooke was bemused by her feelings. Without Annette there she felt
vulnerable and crazy and hoped no one would notice her or what she was
wearing under her skirt. However, once Annette joined her she would regard
her diapered bottom as a badge she wore proudly. She wanted Annette to
know. She wanted to be on display for her. That was why she was wearing
diapers. That was why she had chosen to wear her shortest skirt and why
she was hoping to wet herself in public - if only she dared.

Chapter 16

It was cold outside the restaurant and Brooke was just debating if she should
put on her sweater when she spotted Annette walking towards her. What a
sight! Annette was really dressed up and made up which made Brooke feel
insignificant in her very simple skirt and blouse.

Annette startled Brooke by immediately feeling her bottom and saying, “Good
girl, you remembered,” when she felt the diaper. Brooke surprised herself
when she asked Annette if she should put on her sweater. Annette just
bustled Brooke into the restaurant and sat her down in one of the booths that
lined the walls of the restaurant.

“Why are you wearing a bra?” Annette demanded. “Trying to act grown up
are we Brooke?”

“Let me out and I’ll go change,” responded Brooke.

“Don’t be such a nuisance Brooke. It’s fairly private in this booth and lets face
it there’s not a lot to see in any case.”

Brooke made a face at Annette but undid the clasp of her bra and started
sliding the straps over her arms.

“Why do you have to always do things the hard way Brooke?” continued
Annette who proceeded to unbutton a now blushing Brooke’s blouse. "Arms
up please. Good girl! "

“Judging from the state of your nipples you must have been colder than I
thought,” continued Annette. But I don’t want my baby to get too hot.
Perhaps the best idea would be to put away your blouse and just put your
sweater on."

Brooke was initially happy just to get her chest covered so she meekly put out
her arms for Annette to put her sweater on. Annette slowly slid the clingy
cashmere sweater down over Brooke’s small breasts and erect nipples
producing exquisite torture for Brooke.

Chapter 17

Soon the Mexican food was arriving along with a large pitcher of sangria.
Brooke found the food hot, but really tasty. So she drank more than she
would have normally. Brooke wasn’t very used to alcohol and it wasn’t long
before she began to feel a little lightheaded. She could feel her bladder filling
but didn’t want to disrupt her engrossing conversation with Annette. She
figured she could empty her bladder on the way out of the restaurant.

Shortly after Annette glanced at her watch and declared that if they didn’t go
right now they would be late for the film. Brooke explained that she probably
ought go to the toilet first but Annette told her not to be silly and whisked her
out of the restaurant leaving money on the table to cover the bill.

On the street Annette admonished her, “If you’re wearing diapers, you have to
use them. Besides, you put that diaper on yourself, so I know you like being a
wet little baby.” Brooke could only blush.

Annette’s concern about the time hadn’t been misplaced because the warning
bells were sounding as they arrived at the theatre. They only just found the
right cinema hall as the movie was starting so the usherette guided them to
some seats near the back of the half empty cinema.

Poor Brooke hadn’t had a chance to relieve the pressure on her bladder. She
tried crossing her legs. She tried shifting about in her seat. She tried
concentrating on the film. She was wondering how long she could last when
Annette grabbed her hand and squeezed it lovingly. Brooke turned her head
to look at her best friend. Annette was gazing at her lovingly and knowingly.

Brooke decided then and there that she didn’t want to hold on any more.
Maybe she couldn’t but more importantly she didn’t want to. She wanted to
wet herself in public for Annette. In the end she did more than just let a bit go
to relieve the pressure as she had originally planned - she peed until she
could pee no more. It was a truly cathartic experience - the warmth and the
wetness surrounding her sex. Brooke felt an orgasm flooding over her and
did her best to stifle an involuntary moan of pleasure.

Beside her Annette was wriggling also. Brooke wondered if Annette was also
caught short. Annette had hooked her fingers into the waistband of her
panties and was pulling them down.

“I never thought you would be that noisy” whispered Annette as she stuffed
her panties into her surprised, but cooperative friend’s mouth. “I expect them
back later this evening, cleaner than they are now” Annette continued.

Chapter 18

Brooke was delighted. She was with her best friend, indeed her best friend
was holding her hand and she could both smell and taste her best friend’s
sex, a new but strangely exciting experience. But soon this delight was
tempered with the realization that her diaper was starting to leak. In
retrospect that wasn’t all that surprising. Not only had this been her first
attempt at putting a diaper on herself but also her bladder had been so very
full. Obviously she needed to be changed - thank goodness she had brought
a spare diaper.

Brooke didn’t dare to remove Annette’s panties from her mouth so she pulled
Annette’s hand across and worked it into her sopping diaper.

“Baby clearly needs to be changed. Did you bring a spare?” whispered

Brooke nodded and pointed to her handbag stowed away under the seat.

Annette opened her friend’s handbag and removed the spare diaper. She
straightened it out and then started hiking up Brooke’s dress. It suddenly
dawned on Brooke that Annette intended to change her right there in the
middle of the cinema. Brooke’s cry of surprise was luckily muffled by
Annette’s panties and a particularly loud scene in the movie that was playing.

Annette soon had Brooke’s wet diaper off and was in the process of putting on
the dry one when Brooke began to giggle uncontrollably. This attracted the
attention of the usherette who shone her torch along the row of seats in order
to see what the commotion was about.

What she saw wasn’t what she was expecting. She was so surprised, in fact,
that she dropped her torch in amazement. By the time she had recovered
Annette had efficiently taped up Brooke’s diaper, rearranged Brooke’s skirt
and retrieved her panties from Brooke’s mouth. Brooke was so relieved to
see the usherette wander off shaking her head, wondering if she had really
seen what she thought she had seen.