Baby Inuyasha's Afternoon part 2

Baby Inuyasha’s Afternoon part 2: Safely tucked in:

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Kagome began to quietly walk behind the ‘mysterious man’ when she reached out far enough she yanked him right off the ground, the ‘man’ fell right out of his coat and his glasses and hat fell with them revealing him completely.

“I knew it! What’s the matter with you?”

The poor boy fell on his bum and then began to quickly pick up the contents of his bags.

“I’m waiting Sota!

Kagome said angrily while tapping her foot, Inuyasha was getting very scared so kept quiet.

Sota nervously rubbed his head and smiled nervously at Kagome.

“I was…uh…uhhhh……just getting more groceries….yeah…”

Kagome stood still, so still Sota was petrified with fear now, he finally sighed and gave in, knowing that his sister wasn’t buying it.

Kagome put her arms on her hips she knew he was about to spill it now.

“I was……well you should already know!”

Sota said grumpily while pointing to the contents of the bag, which were meant for Sota’s bed wetting problem, incontinent briefs or as a kid would say……diapers.

Kagome sighed and shock her head while covering her face.

‘Mama I knew you shouldn’t have kept the receipts where Sota could get them!’

Sota stood nervously awaiting Kagome’s reaction, until finally she spoke.

“Look I’m not going to get mad at you, I understand but your not taking them back, your going to pick all that up and your going to follow me home and awake further instructions. Understand?”

Sota was not used to his sister being so straight forward as she was being now but nodded in response and picked up his bags and followed her home.

‘I hope sis isn’t going to make me wear them! Man! If only I had just listened to that feeling and got up I could’ve made it and there would’ve been no accident!’

Sota thought while walking.

‘But then I thought it was just a dream and there really was no feeling at all….’

When they got home Sota helped Kagome put up the rest of the groceries, thinking these were his instructions after the groceries and everything else was organized he tried to speed up the stairs as fast as he could.

“Hold it right there Sota!”

Sota sighed in defeat.

‘Almost made it too!’

Sota slowly turned to look at Kagome who had that same stern look on her face that their mother sometimes wore. She held out her hand, motioning for him to come.

Inuyasha who had been placed in his playpen curiously watched.

“Ok listen……and listen good, your going to put this on now.”

Sota’s eyes widened at what she had in her hand.


“Whether you want to or not, even if I have to diaper you like I do Inuyasha if that’s what it’ll take I’ll do it! Don’t think for one second I’m not serious!”

“Siiiiiiiiissss! It’s not even nighttime! Why do I have to put it on now?”

Sota whined. Kagome was ready for that and simply answered.

“Because I said so and so you won’t be sneaky about it later, now you have two choices: One you go put it on yourself without fuss, or two we do this by force and I put it on you. Which would you prefer?”

Sota leaned against the wall and crossed his arms, Kagome could already sense what was coming. Sota opened his mouth but then closed it and ran.

‘So he wants to do this by force? So be it then.’

Kagome didn’t bother running she knew all the places he’s go, so she waiting patiently downstairs and waited for him to run back there.

‘I think I lost her!’

Then suddenly he felt a strong grip around his chest then he felt himself being hoisted in the air.


Sota shouted he tried kicking her, Kagome only chuckled at his attempts his kick was no worse then Inuyasha’s.

“No can do Sota. You made your choice now you have to stick with it.”

Kagome stated while carrying him into the living room. She laid him down on the couch and held his squirming body down while she removed his pants. She got tired after awhile of his squirming however.


Kagome yelled, Sota immediately stopped, he was completely still. Kagome sighed and proceeded with the task but not before hearing sobs while she diapered him.

“Sigh’ Sota come here!”

Kagome said while wrapping her arms around his body and holding him to her stomach like she did Inuyasha and rocked herself back and forth.

“You’re alright! Shhhhh!”

Sota noticed sitting on Kagome now she felt softer then ever, it really felt nice, Kagome felt him calming down and began to rub his back.


Inuyasha knew it was a little selfish to be doing this but he couldn’t help it, he wanted to be held too. Kagome rolled her eyes and gathered Sota in her arms, he really wasn’t that tall or heavy, Kagome used one arm and partially her other to pick Inuyasha up, then finally both were quiet while she walked around rocking them both.

While Sota laid cradled in Kagome’s arms, she bent down and tenderly kissed him on the cheek. Sota sat there very still, then buried his head in her chest, closing his eyes.


Kagome laughed out, then continued rubbing his back. Inuyasha lay cradled in her other arm, he didn’t mind if Sota got all the attention now just as long as he was in Kagome’s arms too.

Kagome turned to Inuyasha.

“And just what were you fussing about huh?”

Inuyasha merely waved his arm at her and giggled quietly.

“Yeah? Really?”

Inuyasha giggled some more, he liked it when Kagome pretended he knew how to talk. Kagome massaged his hand then kissed it and his cheek as well. Kagome felt like a human rocking chair since for the past 10 minutes now she had been rocking her whole body back and forth while bouncing the two up and down in her arms.

A few hours later, Kagome began to prepare dinner. Sota sat playing with Inuyasha on the floor.


Inuyasha shouted while pouncing on Sota, Sota laid ‘defeated’ on the ground laughing while Inuyasha tackled him. But then he suddenly stopped.


Sota sat himself up and Inuyasha in his lap.

“Are you wet Inuyasha?”

Sota asked while laying Inuyasha on his back, it was strange because he had just been changed but 20 minutes ago.

“Aaavvaa eeeeh….”

Inuyasha babbled while pointing his finger at something, Sota raised his eyebrows as his face formed a confused expression.

“Huh? What is it?”

Sota looked all around him but saw nothing. Sota checked Inuyasha’s diaper, but to his shock he was dry, he tapped it back together and looked Inuyasha in the eye.

“Inuyasha, why’d you say ‘pi-pi’ if you aren’t wet?”

Inuyasha looked down and pointed.


Sota covered his face and shook his head. Kagome came in with a white apron that said ‘Paiyo’ on it with a white chick.

“Dinner’s ready boys.”

Inuyasha began to start again.

“Pi-pi! Pi-pi!”

Kagome’s face became surprised, she never heard him be so opened about his ‘business’ before.

“What’s the matter sweetie? You need Mama to change you?”

Kagome began to approach Inuyasha and lift him into her arms.

“Inuyasha you-”

“Don’t bother, he’s dry.”

Kagome turned to Inuyasha who grinned at her then pointed down once more.


Kagome was being smart and looking exactly where Inuyasha was pointing. Inuyasha then looked back at Kagome’s face still smiling. Kagome hoisted Inuyasha up further in her arms, she began to figure it out.

“Sota, did you wet yourself?”

Sota looked up and blushed, he didn’t think that when Inuyasha said Pi-pi he meant him.


Kagome sighed softly.

“Lay down.”

Sota did so without fuss, he heard the tabs come apart then felt really exposed, but this told him exactly why Inuyasha kept saying Pi-pi.

“Looks like it isn’t Inuyasha who needs a change it’s you.”

Sota began to sit up and shamefully peered at Kagome. Kagome softly looked back knowing how he felt at the moment.

“It’s ok, wait right there I’ll be back.”

Sota leaned against the couch and sighed, he sat with his diaper covering him up, Inuyasha crawled over to Sota to have a closer look. He didn’t know anyone else besides him wore diapers in the house.


Inuyasha supported himself against Sota’s knee while peering up at him. Sota looked at him and sighed.

‘Is he trying to make fun of me?’

Inuyasha got onto Sota’s leg and crawled up to his side and hugged him. Almost as if to say ‘Don’t worry she’s coming back.’ And soon enough Kagome came back downstairs carrying a small basket filled with a few necessities for Sota.

“Come in to the bathroom with me Sota.”

She didn’t want to leave Inuyasha by himself, so she carried him in there too. Sota sat on the toilet when Kagome motioned for him to lay back down.

“Let me do it, you have a rash.”

Sota blushed, he was about to protest saying that’s why he shouldn’t be in diapers.

“You don’t know how to properly ‘care for yourself’, even if you are in 3rd grade!”

Kagome was used to all this because of Inuyasha, Sota knew it sounded strange but he kind of liked all the attention Kagome was giving him. Once Kagome had pulled the diaper together making sure the sides were secure she set him on his feet then washed her hands.

“You couldn’t feel anything could you?”

Sota wondered what she meant then shook his head no when he realized that she meant when he wet himself.

“I’m getting worse aren’t I?”

Kagome bent down to his level and rubbed his head.

“Well….maybe probably because you have material beneath you that makes it hard to feel if you’re wet or not, I’m sure you’ll get used to it.”

Sota really hoped so, he didn’t want to stay like this the rest of his life. None the less Sota eagerly rushed to the table for dinner.

“Wow sis! Your cooking looks so much better then last time!”

Sota inhaled the various scents of food, not noting the glare Kagome gave him. Inuyasha inhaled the air as well, but began coughing because he took in too much, but after his little fit ended he began to smile and bounce up and down in his high chair.

“Na’ U’key!”

(No yucky)

Kagome turned to Inuyasha eyes widened, he continued smiling at her, but was her cooking really that terrible? She wondered.

Kagome was about to pull out the baby food cans, but the way Inuyasha was eyeing everything she knew he’d fuss big time or worse refuse to eat if she didn’t give him amounts in the smallest proportion.

‘Maybe if I feed him he won’t want as much……lower the risk of him getting sick.’

Kagome thought that was a great plan and turned to Inuyasha with her usual glowing smile, Inuyasha leaned into her as soon as her arms wrapped around him. Kagome began to rock him back and forth and gently pat and rub his back, while she sat down, turned away from Sota she began to unbutton her blouse while Inuyasha laid on her shoulder watching.

A/N: Don’t think perverted thoughts……


Inuyasha babbled while she got Inuyasha settled in her arms. Inuyasha noticed she was full now, being a baby he wanted to ‘dive right in’ but Kagome still had to get herself in a comfortable position.

“I know baby, hold on.”

Kagome continued to get the two of them comfortable, Sota watched from across the table but didn’t comment since he already knew what his sister was doing. Soon Kagome softly looked into Inuyasha’s eyes while she wrapped her hands around his head and back supporting him while he latched on and nursed. Kagome smiled softly listening to the hushed sounds of Inuyasha and lowered her head and tenderly kissed his head then smoothed his hair over gently with her hand.

After Inuyasha finished he laid still against Kagome’s chest while Kagome gently thumped him on the back to burp him. After that Kagome had given him very small amounts of a few of the things she had baked, then held him in her arms while he looked to be getting more drowsy by the minute.

“Sleepy Inuyasha?”

Kagome asked while smiling at the sleepy hanyo. (Editor’s Note: What the heck is a “Hanyo”)

“Come on, Mama will put you to bed.”

Kagome got up from the table and motioned to Sota she’d be right back. Kagome gently laid Inuyasha on the changing table, where he for once stood still during his changing. Kagome then slipped him into his baby pajamas then inserted his pacifier. His reached up and pulled the ring on the pacifier, but Kagome removed his hand before he could yank it out.


Inuyasha mumbled tiredly into Kagome’s shoulder while she massaged his back and rocked him. Kagome smiled then kissed him on his cheek as she felt him run his hands through her hair.

“Go to sleep my little baby.”

Kagome whispered softly. Inuyasha eventually fell asleep. Kagome carefully tucked Inuyasha in, zipping him up in his baby sleeper. The blanket was only used when he slept with her or if she was carrying him around somewhere.

After Inuyasha was settled Kagome stood and leaned slightly on the bars of Inuyasha’s crib, watching the steady patterns of his breathing.

‘How could someone who was once so restless and wild, sleep so soundly?’

Even as a baby he was still a handful but like a good baby he slept how Kagome or any other parent would’ve liked him to sleep, of course he had those nights where he would wake up and scream for no particular reason.

“Mwah, good night Inuyasha!”

Kagome was about to leave the room when she saw Sota standing in the doorway.

“Sota? What are you doing? Are you ok.”

Sota looked up at her rubbing his eyes, hoping she’d get the hint without him asking.

“What’s the matter? Do you need me to-?”

“No……would you….‘sigh’ would you put me to bed too?”

Kagome smiled, not really understanding why he was so embarrassed about asking for a reasonable request. Sota began to walk down the hall to his room, when he felt Kagome’s arms wrap around him, then his feet left the ground and his chin rested on Kagome’s shoulder.

Kagome had a feeling that when he said he wanted to be ‘put to bed’ he wanted it similar to how Inuyasha was tucked in. Once Kagome entered the room she sat down on the bed and rocked him back and forth. He loved the feel of her arms wrapped around him, he embraced her back.


Kagome giggled slightly then continued to rock him. Sota felt so much love being in Kagome’s arms like this, these moments made him wish that she could forget her mission and stay home forever. Once Sota was half asleep in Kagome’s arms, Kagome unfolded some of the sheets and placed him on his back which he turned onto his side immediately and snuggled into the pillow.

Kagome giggled some more at his behavior, while reaching over to rub his head.

“Mwah! Night Sota!”

Kagome whispered while tenderly kissing him on the cheek. After Sota heard the door close, he laid awake for a moment thinking.

‘If only sis could be here to do that all the time.’

Sota thought while snuggling into his pillow and finally falling asleep. Kagome who obviously was standing outside the door, sighed in relief when he finally fell asleep.

“The house is so quiet.”

Kagome sighed now she wished someone was there to rock and tuck her in.

Baby Inuyasha’s Afternoon part 2

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