Baby Joey And Baby Pete

Baby Joey and baby Pete by Patrick

Chapter 1. “Joey time to get up,it’s time to go to school for your math test!” Said Joey’s mom as she was shaking his shoulder."Awe mom don’t remind me, I don’t wanna go to school today. Said a groggy Joey.

“Please honey try it for me, you will make me proud if you get a good mark and I will buy you that game you wanted at the store if you do a good job on your test!” "Oh my god Really mom? Asked Joey as he got outta bed. "Yes honey,Now come downstairs and eat breakfast. Okay mom. So Joey went downstairs and started eating his grilled cheese and milk as him and his mom talked.

"I won’t be home after school sweetie I have a meeting at the office and dad’s working at the diaper factory.

“Okay mom I am going to Pete’s after school anyway.” “Okay sweetie hope you boys have an awesome time tonight and stay outta trouble. “Okay mom don’t worry I gotta go catch my bus and meet Pete” “okay hun make sure the bullies don’t pick on him.” Okay mom I love you and I will see you later” "okay bye sweetie wish you good luck on your math test. “thanks mom.” So Joey went outside to meet his best friend Pete

Pete is the same age as Joey and he’s joey’s best friend he is pretty small for his age and he has extreme Incontinence and he has to wear diapers. Only his family and Joey and joey’s parents and the school only know about it.

“Hey Pete” said Joey “umm hey joe” said a shaky Pete" “what’s wrong” said Joey" "I am scared that Brad’s gonna try to pants me again and see my diaper said Pete. “Don’t worry about Big Bradley if he tries that I will give him the old Joey knock out blow” said Joey with his fist in the air. “Thanks Joey your a real pal but I don’t want you to end up getting suspended again!” "I don’t care if I do your
My friend and I won’t let anything happen to you. "thanks Joey,there’s our bus. So the bus came and picked up Joey and Pete.

Chapter 2
"Hey look who it is it’s Joe momma and pee-wee-Pete, what you gonna do are you gonna pee your pants like you did last time pee-wee Pete Teased Big Bradley the bully? "Knock it off Brad you want me to give you the good old Joey knock out blow like I did last time? "Okay man I will stop I promise said a cowardly Bradley. So the rest of the ride went smooth and a couple of minutes Joey and Pete made it to school. "Okay now we have Mr.Morris geography said “Joey” “okay lets get to class” so Joey and Pete went to their first period geography class.

“Good morning class today we are looking at famous landmarks can you name any of them asked Morris? “Yes Joey” The Eiffel Tower.” Yes and where is it located?" It’s in Perris France" said Joey. “That’s right.” said Mr Mr Morris. About an hour later the break bell rang. “Okay class see you all tomorrow”. "Okay Mr.Morris said Pete. “Okay now we have Mr.Wright’s math class said Joey.” Just then Pete got shaky and he started to pee his diaper. "I gotta go see Ms.Jones the school nurse said Pete. “Okay Pete see you in class”.

So Pete went straight to the nurses office. “Hey Ms Jones I need a change” said Pete. "You come to the right place get on the changing table and I will change you. So Pete went on the changing table to get his diaper changed. "So are you scared of the math the test asked Ms jones as she got the new diaper? "Yes I am
I started to pee when Joey reminded me of it said Pete as Ms.Jones un did Pete’s tabs. "That’s not good but hope you do well on it. said Ms.Jones with a smile. “I will try my hardiest” Said Pete as he wiped his genitals. "That’s good at least you can do is try said ms Jones as she taped Pete’s diaper in place. "Yep,okay I gotta get to class thanks for the change Ms.Jones. “you can come in here anytime for a change it doesn’t matter if you poop or pee I will change you.” "Okay thanks Ms.Jones see you later.

Chapter 3

"Okay class take your time on this test and no cheating said Mr.Wright! So the class began writing there test in about 40 minutes Joey finished his test and handed it to Mr.Wright. "Mr Wright I am done. "Good Job Joey you can now have free time until the bell goes. So Joey went to have free time on the computer until Pete finished his test. "Ummmm mister mister wrrright I am finished ny uhhh test said

Pete with a shaky voice. "Okay Pete do you need to go see the nurse. “No I am fine” said Pete. About a couple minutes later the lunch bell rang. "Okay class see you all tomorrow and have a good day you will get your tests back in the morning. "Okay bye Mr Wright. So Joey and Pete went to the cafeteria to get their lunch.

"Hey boys what ya having asked the cafeteria lady "I am having a cheese burger and potato wedges said Joey. I will have the same added Pete. So Joey and Pete ate there food and they started talking

"Hey Pete I forgot to tell you this Morning that I am getting Star Destroyer 3 if I get a good mark on the test. “That’s great man said Pete”. so the two friends ate their lunch and walked down the hall by the lockers and Pete saw the cutest girl ever. Pete just started looking at her and he started smiling. Isn’t that Becky whispered Joey?"Yeah that’s her she is so cute with her pig tails and gorgeous smile,I wish she was mine but no one wants a diapered boy like me. "Don’t worry just go up and say hi said Joey. “I can’t” just then Becky approached Joey and

Pete. “Hi I am Becky you must be Joey and Pete” “yep that’s us” said Joey. “I was wondering if you wanna hang out sometime the three of us.” “Okay I would like that allot said Pete” “tehe me to,oh I gotta go to the nurses office for a check up talk to you guys later.“Okay talk to you later”. I never been so happy in my life” said Pete. “That’s good Pete it’s best if you take it slow to see how it goes” “your right man.” Just then the class bell rang and Joey and Pete went to their third class.

Chapter 4. So Joey and Pete went to their classes and they went on the bus to go home. “Are you still coming over today asked Pete of chores I am buddy my mom and dad aren’t home so I am coming over.” "Okay man. So a couple minutes later Joey and Pete got off the bus and went to Pete’s house. "Mommy I am home said Pete as he and Joey got in the house.

“Hey boys how was your day at school asked Pete’s mom? Good I finnally Introduced Myself to my crush said Pete that’s good, by the way buster do you need a diaper change asked Pete’s mom?” “Yes mom I am soaked.” "Okay lets get my baby nice and dry. "Be right back okay Joey said Pete. “Okay I will wait here.” Just then Joey saw a baby bottle on the kitchen table. "That’s weird I knew Pete wears diapers but is he a baby to thought Joey? "Okay I am back said Pete,what are you looking at? Just then Pete’s mom figured out what Joey was looking at "oh you must be looking at this baby bottle Pete’s aunt Shelly left it here with her baby. “Oh okay, by the way do you want to go to your bedroom asked Joey?” "NO, I mean the recreation room said Pete. "Yeah that’s what I meant said Joey. So Joey started to think to himself. "I wonder what Pete’s hiding in his bedroom ever since I knew him He never let me in his bedroom I wonder if there’s a crib and changing table In their wondered Joey.

Chapter 5 "Hey Pete so you wanna play video games asked Joey? Sure lets play the first Star destroyer. “Okay that will be fun” so Joey and Pete played a game of Star destroyer and they had a talk. "Pete I am wondering something. What is it Joey asked Pete? “Please don’t get mad at me.” “Okay man what is it?” "Uhhh okay here it is, I know you wear diapers for your pee and poop problem but I was wondering are you also a baby?

Pete was shocked he didn’t know what to say he dropped the controller and he started mumbling "ummm what do you mean asked Pete? "I was just wondering because you never let me in your room and this sounds idiotic but I think your hiding something in the bedroom like a crib and a changing table.

“Umm what makes you think that?”
“Suppers ready” yelled Pete’s mom!
“Okay be right down” yelled Pete. So Joey and Pete went downstairs for supper and they were eating spaghetti and garlic bread.

"I always enjoyed eating your spaghetti Mrs Walker said Joey. "Why thank you Joey but you can call me Marjorie I knew you since you were in diapers and your mom and I are great friends. "Yeah that’s awesome. So Joey, Pete and Pete’s mom Marjorie had their supper and Joey went home. “See ya later Marjorie and see you at school tomorrow Pete.” Okay see ya later man. So Joey walked back home while Pete and his mom had a talk.

“So did my little baby have fun asked Pete’s mom?” “Yeah I guess so mom.” "What happened? "He found out our secret."Oh my he had at find find out sometime. “Yeah.” Lets get you changed into your sleeper "okay so Pete and his mom went to Pete’s bedroom to get him ready for bed. “Are you wet honey” “yeah a little” “Okay lets get you into a fresh diaper. So His mom changed Pete and put him in his sleeper and put him
In his crib. “You want your pacifier asked Pete’s mom?” Yes mommy and put tigger in here to. “Okay baby here.” Have a good sleep.”

Chapter 6. Meanwhile back at Joey’s house “Mom I got something to tell you.” what is it honey" asked Joey’s mom? "I think Pete’s a baby because he never let’s me in his room and I saw a baby bottle on the table today. “Oh ummm yeah it’s a long story get Pete to tell you.” “Okay mom, I am going to bed” “Okay night honey.”

“Joey time to go to school said Joey’s mom. Awwwe mom I don’t feel like it.” "But you get your test today and remember the deal we made. "Oh yeah thanks mom said a exited Joey as he got outta bed.

Meanwhile at Pete’s “baby boy time to get ready for school,Pew did you poop Pete asked Pete,s mom? “Yeah I must of”. Okay lets get you in the shower before school. “Okay mom.” So Pete went to have a shower and he put on his adult clothes for school. “I am going to the bus stop mommy.” Okay honey have a good day.” So Pete walked to the bus stop and he saw Joey.

“Hey Pete” " “Umm hey Joey” “I am sorry about the question I asked you last night.” "It’s alright man, but I don’t want to talk about it now I will explain it when I’m ready. “Okay Pete” so the bus came and picked up a joey and Pete for school. Later on at school Joey and Pete were by their lockers and Becky started to approach Joey and Pete. “Hey Joey and Pete do you want to come hang with me after school.” Yeah I would like that just then Becky noticed there was a spot on her skirt "I gotta go see ya later. “Okay Becky” said Pete. I wonder whats with her? said Joey. Later on Joey and Pete heard some girls talk about Becky. "Becky I wonder why she didn’t want to come to my slumber party last weekend? "I don’t know but the teachers always tell her to change in the nurses office for gym. That’s weird her and that short little dude sure go to the nurse’s office allot.

"Did you hear that said Joey? "Yeah I heard I think b-Becky wears diapers to. "Yeah it sure sounds like it."lunch Is almost over we better start to get to class. "Okay Lets go.

Chapter 7 later after school Becky went up to Joey and Pete while they were waiting for their bus Hey boys come to my house at 5:00 tonight." “Okay where do you live asked Joey?”

“I live on 338,Hemdale drive.” Said Becky. "Okay your parents know we’re coming over asked Pete. "Yeah they know I tell my mom about you guys all the time especially you Pete.

Pete started to smile and he didn’t know what to say he was so happy he stated to pee his diaper.

“R-really said Pete as he stuttered.
“Yep really” Okay our bus is here we will see you tonight.” “Okay boys.”

So Joey and Pete took Their bus home. “Mommy I am home.” said Pete as he walked in the door. "Okay baby,how did your day go asked Pete’s mom.

"It went good my crush Becky invited Joey and I to her house tonight. "That’s nice baby but the name "Becky sounds familiar it sounds like she might be the daughter of this nurse I used to work with. “It might not be the same Becky your thinking of mom.” "Okay baby what time did she say to you have to be their asked Pete’s mom at 5:00. "Okay you have a little while, do you need a change baby? "Yes I do mom. "Okay lets get my baby changed.

Meanwhile at Joeys house Joey was thinking to himself "I know Pete wears diapers and all that but sometimes I wonder what it’s like to wear a diaper,what am I thinking I can’t wear a diaper diapers are for babys, oh it’s 4:30 I gotta go meet Pete and walk down to Becky’s with him. So Joey went outside to go meet Pete.

Chapter 8 “Hey Pete” "Hey Joey I guess we’re on our way so Becky’s. "Yeah lets go. So Joey and Pete walked to Becky’s house

“338 Hemdale drive I guess this is the place said Joey.” "Yeah I am scared to ring the doorbell said Pete! "Don’t be I will be here with you so Joey and Pete knocked on the door and an unexpected person answered the door.

"Ms Jones y-you live her asked a shocked Pete? "Yeah I am Becky’s mother. "R-really, But i though you didn’t have any kids said Pete. "Yeah it’s hard to explain come on in boys.

So Joey and Pete walked into ms Jones’s house "Becky your friends are here. "Okay be right down mommy. So Becky went downstairs in a t shirt and diaper and Joey and Pete were shocked

"y-you you wear diapers to like Umm Pete asked a shocked Joey? Yeah I do I can’t control my bladder or poop i am also a teen baby Said Becky

“I am to.” Said Pete "I knew it i knew the whole time that you were a baby said Joey.

"Umm yeah I kinda figured you knew said Pete.

"Okay boys do you want to check out Becky’s nursery asked ms Jones? "Okay that sounds like fun said Pete you coming Joey? Just then Joey started staring into the washroom and he saw a couple diapers “Joey?” "Umm I think I will use the washroom and go home said Joey. "Are you sure asked Pete?

"Yeah my moms making steak and fries tonight I don’t wanna miss it see you guys later okay Joey. So Joey went into the washroom and went home and Pete and Becky went upstairs to see the nursery. "Wow this is nice, this is exactly like mine but different colour. "Oh you have a nursery to asked Becky?

Yeah I am a teen baby and my moms baby boy said Pete.

"Tehe that’s nice, you know Pete I have something I confess to you.

"What is it asked Pete?
"I umm dont hardly know you but i wanna tell you something I ummm…I have had feelings for you for a long time my mom told me there was an other like me that she changes at the school and I was looking for someone to be a baby with me.

“i umm dont know what to say all I can say is I don’t want to go to fast lets just take it one day at a time I want to get a chance to know you first.” “that sounds good, I wonder if we can get Joey to be a baby to?”
"I don’t think it’s his thing replied Pete .
“How are you guys making out said Ms Jones as she came upstairs with a pink baby bottle. “We are good oh I got a question to ask you Pete?” “Okay what is it?” Is your mom named Marjorie Walker?” "yeah that’s her said Pete. "Well I used to do night shift as a nurse with her but I didn’t know her well but we both had kids with Pee and poop problems. "Wow that’s cool by the way do you know why Joey left asked Pete? "I don’t know he just walked out and didn’t say anything, he was walking out like he was hiding something. "That’s weird said Becky

Chapter 9 meanwhile Joey walked home “Hi mom and dad” "Oh hi Joey your home early said Joey’s mom "Yeah and dad i haven’t seen much of you your always home sleeping.
"Yeah I know that diaper factory always keeps me busy i been making baby diapers and adult diapers and even adult diapers with baby designs for the adult babies ."Adult babies whats that asked Joey?

“Umm well adult babies are people who have a desire to wear diapers and act like my baby.”

“That kinda sounds like Pete” said Joey.

"Oh my so Pete told you his secret?
"Yeah I figured it out myself and mom do you know a Becky Jones. asked Joey? "Yeah I think I do that’s Mary Jones’s the school nurse’s daughter Marjorie and I know her. “Yeah well I just found out she is a baby like Pete to”

"Yeah I know I will tell you something sometime I will get Marjorie and Mary to explain it to you about why they treat Pete and Becky like babies.

“Okay well I am going upstairs.”
“Okay son see you later”

Joey went upstairs and he went to the grocery bag and took out the diaper he took from Becky’s house.

I am kinda curious I am gonna try this one time and that’s it." Joey started
To put the diaper between his legs he started getting a rush he never got before and then he started to tape the tabs.

"Man this is kinda comfortable I think I like this, now I know what Pete feels like. About and hour later Joey’s bladder started to ache. “Should I pee” thought Joey. So Joey started to pee in the diaper and he started to feel little. Man this is the best I don’t even remember the last time I felt like this I feel so childlike.

“Joey suppers ready yelled Joey’s mom. Oh shoot what should I do thought Joey?” "I better hide it in the drawer. So Joey took off the diaper and put it in the Drawer. Knock knock Joey mom called you for supper. “Okay dad be right there.” So Joey put back on his pants and went to have supper with his mom and dad "Sorry mom and dad I was busy and didn’t hear ya. "It’s understandable said Joey’s mom. “So Joester why did you leave your friends early.” Asked Joey’s dad. “Well I just wanted to go home.” "Oh okay. So after dinner Joey went back upstairs while his parents had a talk.

Albert I wanna talk to you about something." What is it Julie." “Well I know Jory’s best friend gets treated like a toddler by Marjorie and sometimes I think that we should do the same for Joey I just miss the days of holding him and feeding him
And changing his diaper but I don’t know how you or Joey feels about it”

"Well to be honest I miss the days when Joey was small and he was my whittle baby I do to dream about babying my Joester again

“I think we should talk to Marjorie about it and not say anything to Joey yet.”

“Okay good idea Hun”

Chapter 10 Meanwhile at Becky’s house. "This evening has been fun I think I gotta go home now my diaper is right full said Pete. “Get mom to change you since she already changes you at school. “Yeah you do have a point.” “Ms Jones I need a change.” “Okay Pete and how long have you been wet for”? “About 3 hours. “You shoulda told me like I said at school I will change you anytime if you pee or poop!” So Pete got his diaper changed by Ms Jones. “thanks Ms Jones.” No problem” “I think I will be going home now this evening has been fun.” I will drive you to your house I wanna talk to your mother.” “Okay Ms jones.” So Ms jones and Becky drove Pete to his house.

“Thanks for the ride Ms jones and I will see you at school tomorrow Becky.”

"Okay see ya Pete hope we can hang soon . “Me to Becky.” So Ms Jones walked Pete to his door and had a talk with Pete’s mom

"Hi Marjorie I am not sure if you remember me I used to work with you at the hospital at night shift. “Oh hi Mary it’s been a long time since I saw you it was right before I got pregnant with Pete.” "Yeah it has been a Long time I am the one that changes Pete’s diapers at school. "Yeah the last time I heard you became a school nurse I am surprised Pete hasn’t mentioned anything about you. “Yeah Well the two babies had a good time they really like each other I hope we can arrange a play date for them sometime soon.” Yeah that will be fun I better get Pete into his feety pyjamas hope to see you soon "Okay Marjorie see you later. So Ms Jones went back into her car and went home.

“So did you have a good time baby.” Yes I did mommy Becky is so adorable I would like to get a chance to get to know her." “That’s good sweetie.” I am going to bed." "Okay baby I will feed you your bottle and put you in your sleeper and then you can go to sleep. “Okay mommy.” So Pete’s mom put him in his sleeper and laid him on her lap and fed him his bottle while she was stroking his hair until he fell asleep.

Chapter 11 "Time to go to school Joey said Joey’s mom. "Okay mom,Oh I forgot to give you something here’s my test I got yesterday. So Joey handed his paper to his mom and she was impressed “Honey you got an A I am so proud of you you know what that means sweetie?” "Oh my god I get Star Destroyer 3? Yep after school we will go get it “Thanks mom” said Joey as he gave his mom a hug. "Okay honey lets go eat breakfast and you can go to school so Joey ate his breakfast and then he went outside to wait for the school bus with Pete.

“Hmm now that a joey’s gone I might as well put his laundry in his drawer.” So Joey’s mom went upstairs and opened the drawer and she discovered something unusual in the drawer “Oh my god its its its a wet diaper why Is that in there” thought Joey’s mom? "I guess he was curious because his best friend wears them I better call Marjorie.

So Joey’s mom called Pete’s mom on the phone.

"Hello said Pete’s mom “Oh hi Marjorie can you please come over for a coffee?,I gotta talk to you about something.” "Okay Julie I will be right over. About 10 minutes later Pete’s mom came over

"So what did you want to talk about asked Pete’s mom?

“Well I found a wet diaper in Joey’s drawer and I am suspicious about it and I wanna know what you think.”

"Well it sounds like Joey was curious and wanted to try diapers because my son wears them,I remember when my Pete was a young preschooler I tried to potty train him but he always had wet pants sometimes poop so I took him to the doctors and they diagnosed him with severe Incontinence.

"Oh yeah you told me that story before but why do you baby him? Asked Joey’s mom?

"Well Pete had a rough life since his father left he always got bullied in school and one day before him and Joey met he told me he wanted to be a baby again. So I did research and then I heard this thing called age regression so I started treating him like a toddler he really enjoys it and I enjoy it as well.

"Wow That’s an interesting story but I do have something to confess.

"Okay what is it? Asked Pete’s mom.

"Sometimes Albert and I think about babying Joey the same way you baby Pete,I just miss the days when we was my little munchkin but I don’t know how to tell him he is my only child and I already got my tubes tide what so you think I should do?

"Well I think you and Albert should talk to Joey about it in private and having a teen baby around the house is fun I really enjoy the bond with Pete I cuddle with him,feed him his bottle and I do anything a mother does.

"That’s great I might talk to Joey when he comes after school you wanna come with me to get his game I promised him for good grades?

"Okay Julie sounds like fun.

chapter 12

Earlier at the bus stop "Hey Joey, why did you leave Becky’s so early last night? "Well like I told you last night my mom was cooking my favourite meal and I Umm.

“Umm what” asked Pete? " I had homework to do." "Okay, well Becky told me yesterday that she has feelings for me.

“Oh my god get out man that’s awesome.” Yeah but I told her that it’s best to take it slow to see how it goes". "That’s good bro. So the two best friends had a talk until the bus showed up. Later on at school after the lunch bell rang "okay class it’s lunch time,remember tomorrow we will start our wood projects in the wood shop said Mr Wright. “Okay.” said Some class members as they went to leave. “Hey Joey I gotta go for a change I will catch ya later” said Pete. “Okay Pete” so Joey did his day to day routine and went to ms Jones’s office for a change. “Hey Ms Jonea I’m here for my diaper change.” "Okay Pete hop on the table. So Pete hopped on the table and him and Ms jones talked as he got changed. "So Ms Jones that was a fun night Becky and I had last night.

“Yeah I am glad you and my daughter had a good time,by the way I went Into the bathroom at home and I seen that A package of diapers was opened and one was missing,do you think your friend Joey might of you know”.

"No I don’t think he would take a diaper it’s not his thing. "Okay I wouldn’t be mad if he did he was probably curious.

"Yeah maybe, okay Ms Jones I am going to have lunch I will see you again. "Okay Pete see you later. So Pete went to the cafe and seen Becky and Joey sitting at the cafe. "Hey Pete we were just waiting for you. "That’s good by the way Joey I was talking to Becky’s mom and she said that there was a package of diapers that wasn’t open and she said one was gone as you left did you. Joey’s face and red and he started yelling "NO I DIDN’T I WOULDN’T DO A THING LIKE THAT! Then Joey ran out of the cafe and ran away from the school.

"Wow I just asked a question Joey never yelled at me like that before.

"Yeah I knew he took one of my diapers last night but it’s no big deal said Becky.

"Yeah well lunch is almost over and we better get to class. "Okay Ba…… "Oh Ship sorry said Becky as her face went red as she started to pee her diaper. "It’s okay Becky i understand and that was funny when you said oh ship instead of the other word. "Yeah that’s how I swear,by the way I gotta go see my mom to change my diaper said Becky. Okay I will walk with ya.

Chapter 13 Joey was walking and he started thinking to himself "that thing I did last night was a mistake I don’t want to try that again it was very bad thing to do to steal a diaper I feel ashamed of myself and I don’t feel like showing my face in public again. "OH SHOOT IT’S LAUNDRY DAY AND THAT WET DIAPER IS IN THE DRAWER!!! MY PARENTS ARE GONNA fREAK!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO I GOTTA CATCH THE CITY BUS HOME Thought Joey!

So Joey went to the bus stop and waited for the city bus to show up and it came "Hey kid arn’t you supposed to be I. School said the bus driver? "Yeah but cough cough I am sick and I gotta get home said Joey "Umm Okay get on. So Joey took the bus home. "Hmm no car I still have a chance good thing I have a key. So Joey opened the door and he went up to his room and he opened the drawer and he started to panic! "Oh no they found it what am I gonna do cried Joey?!

Meanwhile at the mall Joey’s moms phone started to ring "it’s Joey’s school I wonder what they want? “Hello” yes Julie your son Joey didn’t come to class today his friends Becky and Pete said that he was upset about something and they won’t tell me what is. "Oh I think I know what it could be thanks for phoning Mrs Allen.

"No problem said Mrs Allen.

"Hey Marjorie Joey ran away from
School today I think we better get home. "Okay lets go so Joey’s mom
And Pete’s mom went to Joey’s house.

Chapter 14 “Hello Joester are you home honey?” "Umm yes mom I am home. Well I got you something you might like. "What said Joey? “Your game” “Oh thanks mom” "are you Okay honey you don’t seem like your happy self. Just then Joey started crying. What’s wrong sweetie. I AM SWORRY MOM I AM SWORRY I DID SOMETHING STUPID!!! I know honey I know what you did and I am not mad at all. Really you know about the dia…… “Yes I know I saw it when I was cleaning the drawers to put your laundry In I am not mad at all. Really mom.”

“Yes really tell me honey what did you think of the diaper?” Well it was soft and warm and it made me feel little. "Did you like it honey? Ummm… yyy-yes I did like it. "Well I have a question for you and please answer honestly. "Okay mom. "Would you like it if dad and I would buy you diapers and you can be like our baby again? Joey’s face went red and he didn’t know what to say!! “Ummm uhhh” "It’s okay honey I feel the same way I just miss the days when you were my whittle baby munchkin dad and I thought about you being our baby for sometime and since Pete and Becky are babys we thought you could be one to so what do you say Joester. "Yes I might as well give it a shot. That’s my baby now lets wait till dad gets home and go buy you some diapers.

Re: Baby Joey And Baby Pete

i could only read through chapter two and have too many questions that haven’t already been answered in the story. Such as, how old are Joey and pete? What do they look like? What grade are they in? What kind of school do they attend? What kind of class are they in when discussing the landmarks? Also, your punctuation could use some attention. It makes it difficult to follow along with the story. Grammatical errors exist but it’s not overly concerning for me. If you could include more details about the characters, make it possible for me to get to know them.

All that being said I do realize that you are a young writer, and it takes time to develop the skills necessary to write anything without errors. Most stories I have read that haven’t been professionally edited have issues in the pages.

Re: Baby Joey And Baby Pete

I will fix it soon I promise anyway there’s chapter 14

Chapter 14

“Hey honey I am home said Joey’s father as he came into the door.” "Okay Albert I got something to talk to you about. “What is it hun?” "Well it’s about what we talked about before about Joey. “Oh really you mean the baby thing do you really want to do this asked father?”

“Yes I do honey since Marjorie and Mary do this sorta thing I think we should consider doing the same with Joey,besides what you said before You wanted Joester to be our whittle baby again.” "Yeah I remember saying that but how are we gonna tell Joey asked Joey’s dad ?

“Well I already told him and he is really exited about trying it Said Joey’s mom!”

“Where is Joey now?” “He’s upstairs playing his new game.” "Okay I will go up to get him said a Joey’s father.

"Knock Knock knock “Come in said Joey”

"Hey Joester your mom and I about the diaper thing are you sure you wanna do this? "I don’t know I told mom I would give it a shot but I am nervous about it. "I know Joester but just try it and see how it goes it’s time to go to the drug store to get your diapers. "Okay dad but I don’t want them to know there for me "Okay Joester they they won’t know there for you.

About 15 minutes later Joey and his parents made it to the drug store. "Umm mom dad I am gonna wait here okay. "Okay Hun we will be back soon

About a couple minutes later Joey seen the school bully Bradley

"Hey look it’s Joey where’s pee wee Pete teased Bradley?! "Brad I know your mouth is screwed up but is your face? "Raaaaa your so dead. Bradley came charging at Joey and he dodged him and Bradley came right into a poll and he took off. A few minutes later joey’s mom and dad came out. “Hey Joester what happened out here asked joey’s dad?” "Well Brad the bully came charging at me and I dodged him. "Oh Okay that’s good well lets go home and you can try these on when we get there. Later on at Joey’s house. "Honey come over here lets put you in your diaper said Joey’s mom. Joey was so nervous as he walked to the living room. "Uhh mom I am scared you haven’t seen my privates since I was 3. "It’s okay honey just lay down. So Joey laid down on the floor as his mom got out the diaper and baby powder. "Okay honey one diapered bottom coming up. Joey’s mom put the diaper against Joey’s bottom and Joey started getting a rush. "This feels great I feel all strange and tingly,thought Joey. Then his mom taped the tabs. "Awe you look sweet in your diaper Joester said joey’s mom. “Thanks mom this is kinda comfortable” "That’s good honey now come in the kitchen and we need to make some rules. “Rules what kind of rules said Joey.” Well come in the kitchen and I will tell you. “Okay” So Joey walked in the kitchen and his mom and dad explained him some rules.

“Okay Julie explain the rules we have.” "Okay rule one use your diaper when you have to go. “Hold on are you saying I gotta poop in this thing to?” "Yes honey you have to use your diaper for every purpose. "Uhh I don’t know about this. "Well you can’t back out now okay where were we,okay rule two you come to dad and I if you need a change. "What that seems kinda weird said Joey. "Well your the one that wanted to wear diapers so were letting you wear them but you are now our baby and we want to make this expeiace fun. "Okay dad I understand is there any more rules said Joey? “No those are the only rules now I am gonna call Marjorie to come over with Pete Okay mom”

Re: Baby Joey And Baby Pete

This is WAY to hard to follow. Think of quality not quantity. The whole story idea is good but grammar and punctuation. :o ???
I know I am being a little harsh as I am new to writing myself but please fix punctuation and also you never told us about the characters like how old is Joey.

I know honey I know what you did and I am not mad at all. Really you know about the dia…… “Yes I know I saw it when I was cleaning the drawers to put your laundry In I am not mad at all. Really mom.”

This is one example of bad punctuation. Read it to yourself and see if it makes sense where the quotation marks go it should go.

This is how the talking should go instead of what you had.

“Yes I know about the diaper I saw it when I was cleaning the drawers to put your laundry in, I am not mad at all.” said mom “Really mom” said Joey.

As I said again story is good punctuation not so good.

Re: Baby Joey And Baby Pete

Great story hope there is more to come