Baby Joey

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Joey’s POV
I look at my drunk mom on the couch as I sighed, I wish she would stop but she doesn’t she knows how to get to me but I don’t let her. I go outside and make myself happy without worrying about it, that’s her life and her choice but I wish she does stop at some point, I walk out the house holding my phone and walked on the side walk, I took a walk as I didn’t see my house anymore as I kept on walking smelling the fresh air that soothed me.
I kept walking and looking around as I held my phone close, everything felt good out here, it was like freedom, nobody could take that away from me, I just needed to get out for a bit and stay away from my mother. I continued walking looking around closely as I see a few cars pass by, my head was relaxed and calm from the soft winds blowing as I smiled to myself, this feels like heaven right now, walking and seeing nature all over again.
I see a text from my mom wanting me home but I didn’t want to so I kept walking and walking as I looked around and sat on the bench, I guess the bus picks people up here but I don’t care I am tired, as a man walked over sitting next to me, he seems about 34, or something. He had darkish hair and he looked pretty handsome. He coughed and looked at me as I look at him and smiled and looked back taking a deep breath.
“What’s your name? My name is Nick.” The man asked as his voice was calm and nice that it made me smile. I look at him and put my hands together, but I don’t know this man too well, he’s a stranger.
“Joey…” I responded softly as he smiles as he looks away putting his hands together as I sit here and get up rubbing my head and walked away not saying goodbye, as I walked I can hear foot steps behind me, I look behind and it was Nick, why was he following me? I paced walk as he followed still, this is scary.
Why is he following me for? I didn’t do anything bad.
I kept pace walking the man grabs my arm tightly and pulls me into him as I kick and look around trying to find help but everything turned black as I suddenly passed out…
I woke up, and wiped my eyes tiredly and moved my hands, I was in a crib. A crib, as there was bars, and the room was a nursery for a baby. It was strange, I didn’t like this at all, I wanted to go home, but not at the same time because of my mother. I look around, there was a changing table, and toys in the box and some plushies on the shelves, I was holding a husky stuff animal in my hands as I let it go, as I look around in fear and panic.
“What the hell!” I yelled in fear as I see the tall man walk in, Nick. He looked at me and picked me up as I looked freaked out, what the hell is this man doing to me now?! I am not a freaking baby, I have a job and a life, I ain’t a baby anymore.
“No swear words little baby, it’s alright, shh.” He said smoothly as I look at him and kick but he was stronger to hold onto me, I hate my life already now like I did before but worse. Why? Why me for?
“Why am I in baby clothes?! and why do I feel like I am in a diaper! Get me out of here sir!” I yelled angrily as he looks at me and sighs. He’s good looking though to be honest, his voice makes me fall asleep, and calm but right now my head was pouncing my heart was beating fast, I was scared right now.
“You are my baby, my baby boy. I learned so much about you, Joey Graceffa. You are my little bub and I will protect you.” He tells me as he rubs my back as I look at him weirdly and shook my head like this is a bad dream or something, but I was still here, here in this mess already. Goddammit, this should be a nightmare, not reality!
I look at him as I hit and scratch as he holds onto me tighter and doesn’t care anymore that I am doing what I am doing, he’s much stronger than me. I am too weak to even fight him, god why do I have to be weak?!
“No, I am not a baby, you do not control me what so ever, let me go back home you crazy sick man!” I yelled angrily as I try getting out of his grip but I couldn’t, he looks at me sternly as I look at him. He was annoyed with me fighting with him and trying to get out of his hold,
Finally, I stopped, I was too tired to handle anything at this point, I rested my head on his shoulder as he rubs my back calmly and chuckles,

“Now, let’s fetch you some breakfast now huh? You probably are hungry.” He tells me bringing me downstairs as I sighed, this house is huge, but better than my mom’s house, her house is ruined and messy, his house is like neat and organized, and smells way better.
I look at him as he sits me in a high chair, a freaking high chair, really?! I look at him as he opens the fridge as I watch him take out some waffles as I wait here humming to myself, trying to ignore myself in a freaking high chair, trying not to think about it. Once he was done he settles the plate down and has a rubber blue spoon for me as he cuts up the waffle for me to eat.
“I could’ve cut it up myself, sir…” I spoke as he looks at me and smiles as I sighed as he grabs the fork and puts one piece of waffle in my mouth as I chew, I don’t need help eating a waffle. This is disturbing enough to witness. He kept feeding me until the plate was nothing on it anymore except some pieces of strawberry he added onto it, I gotta say it but it was delicious, he made the best waffles, even though I should be angry and having a argument with this man already but he gave me the best breakfast of my entire life man.

I look at him as he wipes my face with a cloth as I look at him as he takes me out of his ugly high chair and sets me on the couch putting on some baby shows as I look as he walks away, thank god as I sighed watching bored. I need to get out of here before he keeps me here forever.

Nicks POV
I was washing the dishes and seeing him watching the show I put on for him. I will tell him the rules when he’s comfortable enough or near there. I don’t want to tell him right away, he needs to settle in and get used to this, then I will, but it will probably be tomorrow or maybe later, I don’t know, probably some-time.

Joey’s POV
It was a hour till he picked me up and babied me and played with me like I was a child. This strange sick man keeping me hostage as a baby when I am a grown man with a beard. I am not a baby and never will be. I just want to scream my lungs out but I am not, I guess this is what I have to do now on, wouldn’t it.

“You have been such a good boy playing with your toys little one, why don’t we give you a bath and then rules will be right after your sweet calming bath.” He said pinching my cheeks, I groaned looking at him bringing me upstairs and heading to the bathroom. It was a pretty big bathroom, looked expensive, marble sink and everything, the tub was huge and nice. I couldn’t even probably afford this whole house with my money I even have.
I look at him as he looks at me, He takes my shirt off as I was blank, I didn’t want a strange man taking off my clothes as I push him away quickly and look at him freaked out, he didn’t seem happy about it but he seemed to shrug it off and take my pants off revealing the diaper he put on me, gross. He pulls down my diaper taking it off and putting them on the floor on the side. He started the bath as it ran down checking the temperature. I rub my head and sighed, as it fills as he stops it and puts some bath toys in. This is weird. Strange to me honestly. He picks me up and sits me in the bath as I felt the water, it was warm but not that hot though.
“Why can’t I have privacy if I am taking a bath? You’re a complete stranger washing me.” I asked with a slight of annoyance as he looks at me, and the cup putting water in and dumping over my head so my hair could be wet and washed. A stranger washing me, we barely know each other that much. I don’t even know him that well! He strangely kidnapped me and took me here and now I am his baby?!
“I am your daddy now love. I am not a stranger anymore alright?” He said calmly as I look at him as he puts shampoo in my hair as his fingers go through my hair. It felt nice to be honest, I yawned and sighed. He’s definitely better than my mom that’s for sure. I don’t want to be there for one second, or minute.
I sighed as he rinses the shampoo out by dumping water on my head making my hair a mess. My poor hair though. The shampoo was out as he kisses my cheek, I wanted to puke, all the way puke, he smelt good though like cologne, I loved the smell of that. I look at him and look away looking at the toys in the water, there was a ducky, and then a octopus toy as I grab the ducky and stare at it, it’s yellow paint and black eyes made me weirded out as I play with it, what am I doing? I see Daddy smiling happily over me playing with baby toys in the bath.
After the bath he wraps me in a towel and then fixes my hair blow drying it so it could dry faster, I wait here as the wetness went away of my hair. He fixes my hair to the side as he picks me up and takes me out the bathroom and into the nursery, where jail is I suppose to say about this awful room. He takes the towel off and puts me on the changing table, naked. It was freezing and I shivered, god I hate being cold. He put powder on my area and put a diaper on me taping the sides as I looked away from him, then he went away to the closet to pick out some clothes for me, baby clothes instead of adult clothes, I don’t want baby clothes at all. He picked a wolf onesie as he puts it on me, I loves wolves, how does he know that? they are cute and fluffy and all of that. I wish I could meet one though.
“Now, let me give you the rules that you need to follow, alright?” He said with a ugly grin, as he takes me on the bean bag in the corner of the room as he was in front of me smiling and coughing ready to begin talking, "Here are the rules you are going to follow,

  1. Call me Daddy, Dada.
  2. Only speak baby, you will talk normally when I allow you too.
  3. You will be baby with me public and everywhere, so do not be embarrassed
  4. No cursing allowed.
  5. You will use your diaper only, no toilet, when were in public, you use your diaper as well.
  6. If your parts are tingly, tell me.
  7. Behave and don’t ever say no to Daddy.
    Let’s get on to the rewards and punishments.
  8. If you are good, you will get rewards like,
  9. Candy,
    3, Chocolate,
  10. More toys.
  11. Stuff Animals.
  12. Going places fun
    Now let’s get on to punishments.
  13. if you misbehave and not be good you will get,
  14. Spankings
  15. The belt
  16. Long time 60 time spankings
  17. Not able to leave your crib all day, but you will be fed.
  18. Won’t be able to cuddle Daddy.
    Do you get the rules now?"

I look at him and blinked, what? Is this man crazy or something, does he think? I don’t know my mind is wild right now, I am just blank out of words. He looked at me as I nodded and sighed, maybe if I act nice or something he’ll let go of me. Why should I allow this guy to do this stuff to me? I should be screaming right now but instead I am not. He picked me up and rocked me as I sighed, this is way better than being with my loud mother who yells at me to make her food everyday, she’s probably not even worried about me right now, but whatever, this guy actually loves me though probably.
“You need to nap, you seem tired.” He tells me as he puts me in the crib as I see a baby monitor hooked on the inside bars. He could hear me whatever way?! Noo! Whatever, he smiles at me and shuts the light and walks out. I close my eyes and drift off, I am to tired to do anything, today was a day, honestly.

Joey’s POV
It was morning, and I had a new diaper and my wolf onesie still on, I could hear a gentle sweet woman downstairs and Nick talking to her like their married or something. I sat in this nursery looking at the kiddish babyish rug as I was sitting on it as I lift up a toy figure of a wolf as I shake it smiling to myself, why am I enjoying this? I can hear foot steps coming from upstairs as I shook my head and continue playing as the door opened to see the beautiful woman with blonde hair, with brown eyes, she has lip gloss on her lips and she had a white shirt, and some sweat-pants. Nick looked at me,
“This is my wife, her name is Julia. She will be your mommy and take care of you. She wasn’t here for the few days because she had a family trip but she came back.” Daddy said, as he smiled innocently as I looked at her as I wasn’t scared of her, she looked like a sweet woman that’s happy and all.
“Aw hi baby, I heard a whole lot about you. You are a special one huh? Daddy has been taking good care of you hasn’t he?” She said cooing like I was a baby as she picks me up and smiles at me as I glared, somehow she’s actually quite calming as well, she has this vibe around that you want to stay around. I know I am not crazy, but it’s just that… it feels safe and there then with my mother is, my drunken mother.
I look at her and rest my head on her shoulder sighing as I see Daddy smiling, he was happy.
“Are you hungry little one, Im going to feed you it’s alright.” She said with a smile on her face, I look, as Dad watches as she takes me to the rocking chair in the corner, feed me? How will she feed me if were not in the kitchen? Is she dumb or blind, or am I just being mean about this, I put my head off her shoulder as she pulls down her shirt a bit revealing her bra as she lowers her bra revealing her breasts. Oh no, not this.
I look at her nervously as she looks at me and kisses my head and carries me closely so I can drink from her easily. This is hell, honestly hell, I am not a baby, I am a full grown man who just wants to live his life, not with his drunk mother but out in the nature of the world himself. She waited for me to go drink her milk from her breast as I put my lips on it and suck, it was sweet and it tasted good actually, but how is she able to preserve milk? Did she had a child before or does she have one that… is somewhere? I don’t know, maybe she’ll tell me or something? She hums softly, a lullaby as I was drifting and sucking at the same time. She had a nice voice though, it was calming and cute to be fair.
I flutter my eyes shut tiredly drifting away as her hum as I fell asleep… a calming sleep that relaxed me and didn’t have to worry about anything.
Julia’s POV
I see my baby fall asleep as I push him gently away from my breast and fix my bra and shirt as I held him close, he’s adorable and I am glad he’s the right one for me and Nick. I always wanted a sweet baby to take care of and love. I have my baby now and that’s all that matters and a family with Nick. He’s happy as well with this all, he wanted this as well, we both did and we have it, our present arrived to us.
I get up and put him in his crib as he laid there sleeping as I cover a small blanket on him and put a pacifier in his mouth as I smiled as Nick stands next to me smiling looking at him asleep dreaming away whatever he’s dreaming about. We looked at each other and kissed on the lips as he smiles and I smile,
our beautiful family,
We walked out together and head downstairs as he looks at me as I look at him and sit on the couch smiling seeing one of my baby boy’s toys on the ground, adorable thing leaving his toys on the ground now, I pick them up and put it in the toy box in the living room, he has two, one downstairs and one in his nursery, me and Nick’s spoiled baby. He deserves everything. Plus, we talked to his birth mother about having him and she completely agreed, but she was off. She smelled awful, and she was drinking, and she told me and Nick he walks everyday so we had to come up with a plan, but she didn’t want to actually see him so instead kidnap… even though that sounds wrong, because it is.
But, now no worries I have my baby and I am happy about that.
Joey’s POV
“You will forever be worthless, nothing but a piece of junk that you are, why are you acting like a baby?! Huh? You’re a grown man grow up…” My old best friend told me as I look at him with teary eyes, He hates me and I am so worthless that I could’ve left him behind, and did because he blamed me for all of his problems which annoyed me.
“No! At least they love me than my mother.” I replied,
“Everyone’s gonna think your worthless Joey, you won’t have a life and be with someone truly in love, your gonna be wetting yourself, piss-pants.” He said laughing himself off as I groaned, and frowned, I didn’t care anymore honestly… Until he ran at me with a axe almost killed me and everything was blurry.
I open my eyes fast seeing me in a crib and back in the nursery, my room I guess. I look around and didn’t see Daddy or Mommy which made me sad, that was just a nightmare thank god but what happens if he was trying to tell me something or do something to make me sad or hate these people, I don’t know?
My eyes were teary though, I cried. I heard foot steps hurrying up the steps near as I see Dad opening the door quickly and going to me picking me up as I wrap my arms around and sniffle as he rubs my back gently calming me as I sniffled wiping my nose and eyes.
“What happened baby?” He asks softly,
“Nightmwre.” I replied.
“Aw baby, don’t worry I am here, Daddy’s got you.” He said kissing the side of my head as I take a few deep breathes, that wasn’t real, wasn’t real, it was just a nightmare, everyone gets them it’s okay… I just need to relax myself as I was quiet whimpering onto him but not whimpering a lot. He takes me downstairs as I see Mommy watching TV as he puts me in the bouncer that near her, as he goes to the kitchen and grabs his macbook off the counter quickly and heads into a room that I see a desk in and all that, his office room?
Mommy sees me and smiles and watches me as I bounce a bit, ugh, maybe it’s worth being here than my actual home. I feel better here than there. I smiled to myself and continued bouncing, finally. She gets up and takes me out the bouncer and puts me on the couch next to her as she sits as I got in her lap and stayed in her chest as she rubs my leg as she watches a comedy show.
“Mama, what about Mr. Wolfie, I left him upstairs…” I mumbled sadly as she looks at me and smiles sweetly as she holds me close as I sighed, I looked at her as she looks at me and sighs looking around for Nick but he went in his office.
“Nick!” She shouted,
“Yes?” He shouted back,
“Can you get Joey’s stuff animal wolf he named Mr. Wolfie upstairs in his nursery!”
“Yeah, sure babe.”
He said walking out as I peek as he goes upstairs as I sighed, after a moment he comes down and hands her my stuff wolfie and then he walks back in his office, as she hands me him as I grab him and cuddle him into him and hide in mom’s chest looking at the tv and yawning.
Joey’s POV
It was the next day and Mommy was putting a new diaper on me and putting me in new fresh baby clothes to wear as I look around. I sighed to myself as she looks at me and smiles and picks me up as I heard some laughter downstairs as I gulped, she brings me downstairs holding me as I seen a tall guy next to Daddy and a handsome boy behind the tall man who had a pacifier in his mouth as I look as the boy looks at me.
“So this is Joey, and this is Eric, and this is Daddy Maxson.” My daddy said as I looked as Eric looked at me and then my mommy who held me as I took a deep breath as Mommy smiled as I looked and back at Maxson who nodded.
“Eric is a toddler, he’s a 6 in his little when he’s 30 but he’s 6 and your just a baby.” Mommy said as I look and sigh as Eric looks and she sets me on the floor as Maxson grabs Eric hand out of way as me and him were in front of each other. I see Daddy look and Mommy and Maxson as Eric looks at me and puts his hand out as I look at hs hand and then his eyes. I grab his hand as he brung me close as I squirmed a bit and looked at him.
“Heh, so you get scared easily I see?” Eric said as I roll my eyes and look at my baby shorts, ew how embarrassing, I look at him and laugh to myself and push him a bit and sit on the floor crossing my legs seeing the adults watching. I look at him and he smirks and chuckles as I sighed, what is this anyway!?
I look at him and then back at Mommy and wrap my legs around her leg as I sighed, she looks as Eric looks and laughs as I look away angrily.
“Your such a baby! How old are you even, I know these people more than you, you won’t be Favorited anymore!” He shouts as I frown and see Maxson pick him up and look very angry and not nice as I took a deep breath and look at Daddy look at Mom worried. I wipe my nose and still clung onto Mommy. She picks me up and hushes me as I look at her and sighed and put my face in her shoulder.
Eric’s POV
That boy was good looking, he was hot and he’s a baby. I shouldn’t be saying that cause I am not gay but maybe I do have feelings, I see his mommy hum and rock him as My daddy was angry with me but I look at them and sigh to myself, only I can feel that boy’s skin longer. Joey’s face went to me as I look at him and gulped, I want him now even though we just met, I don’t care though, this can escalate quickly for that matters.
“Can I see him? I am sorry I didn’t mean it…” I said as she let him down on the floor as he looks at me as I got out my daddy’s grip and got close to him holding his hand feeling his skin as he looks at me blankly. I looked at his lips and then his eyes who looked at me, he seemed nervous, he was shaking as I kiss his lips as he squeals as I chuckled.
My daddy grabbed my quickly and Julia picked Joey up and looked wide-eyed as I smirk, that kiss felt amazing as Joey blushed looking and coughing wiping his lips quickly.
I am definitely gay.
Joey’s POV
What just happened? I don’ even want to know. What the hell?! I look and cry and kick trying to get out of her arms as she held me tight as I scream angrily as Eric got out his dad’s grip and went trying to help as I fell and he catched me as I look at him and smiled sweetly as I stood up as we both stand.
“We just met Eric, but thank you…” I said as he looks at me and chuckles as he grabs my hand as I let go, but I am not gay and I don’t have feelings for him at all. I am sorry.
“I am sorry if this is weird.” He said,
“I am not gay, I m straight.” I replied
1 week later.
Mommy was cradling me and humming as I look at her as Daddy was looking at me as I look at them smiling, maybe this is better than nothing. I look at them and smile widely, maybe this is my life now… without my alcoholic mom always yelling at me… this is better.

to be continued

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