Baby of the Family

Baby of the Family

Chapter One – Little Man On Campus

Justin Little had just turned 14, but at 5’5" and 115 pounds he looked more like a 10-year-old girl, a fact that he felt very conscious of as he walked down the hall before his first class as a high school freshman. He couldn’t help but notice that all of the boys and most of the girls were bigger than him, and as he was gazing around absentmindedly he walked right into an immovable object… or at least an object that was immovable to him. He heard the sound of female laughter as he laid on the hallway floor and looked up to see Yvette Steele, a gorgeous 6-foot-tall senior with flowing blonde hair, deep blue eyes and c-cup breasts that were straining against the material of her tight pink baby-T. “Awe, what a little cutie!” she giggled as she reached her soft, well-manicured hand down to help Justin up. Justin had to stop himself from whimpering at the pressure of her strong grip as she easily pulled him up to his feet. Her scent intoxicated him and he felt his heart thumping in his chest as he noticed the impressive muscle tone in her arms and mid-riff. He blushed brightly as it was immediately apparent to him how small he appeared next to her, like a child. “Guess baby’s still learning to walk,” her friend teased, drawing more laughter from the small group of girls. He blushed even more as he remembered that “BABY” was written on his forehead in black permanent marker, which had been put there by a group of senior boys on the bus. It was tradition for the seniors to do this to the freshman boys the first day of classes, so he wasn’t the only one walking around with “BABY” written on his forehead, but that did little to soften his embarrassment. Justin just stood there red-faced and awkward, not knowing how to respond, hypnotized by this beautiful creature, and then she humiliated him further by turning him around and sending him on his way with a sharp smack to his bottom. “Run along now, little boy,” she told him in a motherly tone and he did exactly that, not looking back to see the laughter he could clearly hear. “He looks like he could be in elementary school,” he heard one of the girls chuckle.

Just a few minutes later, Justin had his second encounter with Yvette, as she walked up and opened the locker next to him. Nervous and still embarrassed he didn’t turn to look at her and at first she didn’t even notice him… that is until Brandon, the quarterback and captain of the football team, came up behind him and yanked his tighty-whities up so hard his feet came off the ground. “Welcome to high school, wimp,” Brandon laughed as he let go of Justin’s underwear and walked off with his friends laughing. “Hey, you’re the little boy who bumped into me,” he heard Yvette say as she finally noticed him standing there with his underwear half up his back. “Not your day, huh cutie,” she said, mussing his hair like he was a child and then walking off. Mortified as he was, Justin could feel a definite stirring in his pants at her touch and the fact that her locker was right next to his nearly made up for the horrible start to his day.

The rest of Justin’s day was much like the beginning of it – lots of teasing for the humiliating tag on his forehead and a little bullying from the upperclassmen. There was one more bright spot when he found that he and Yvette shared the same gym class, but it was bittersweet as he noticed her giggling when he failed to do more than one pull-up. By the time the final bell rang he practically ran to the bus, anxious for relief from what seemed like one humiliating experience after another. Little did he know that further indignities awaited him at home.

Chapter 2 – Who’s Your Daddy?

Justin’s bus stop was on the corner just outside his house, and as he got off the bus he noticed a black Hummer in the driveway – Sam’s truck. Sam was Justin’s mom’s new boyfriend, and Justin hated him. Actually, he didn’t so much hate him as fear him. Sam was a big man – 6’4" and a good 250 pounds of muscle, a sharp contrast to Justin’s diminutive father, who at 5’8" was no taller than his mom. Justin never thought of his dad as a small guy or a wimpy guy, but he knew in a fight with Sam his father would be about as effective as a kitten taking on a grizzly bear. Sam treated Justin like he was a five-year-old and often teased him, referring to him in the feminine and joking that maybe some day he’d be big and strong like his dad. That burnt Justin more than anything, hearing this man mock his father, but Justin was far too afraid of him to say anything. Every time Sam shook his hand he thought it would break and Sam would often pick him up and hold him high overhead as easily as if he were a newborn babe. But perhaps worst of all was how Sam suggested to his mother Susan that she put him back in diapers when he woke up one morning in a wet bed. Though it didn’t happen often, Justin did still occasionally wet the bed, but luckily his mother did not take Sam up on his suggestion. She did, however, buy him a plastic mattress cover, which crinkled loudly and reminded him of his infantile problem every time he slipped into bed.

Justin felt a knot in his stomach as he walked up to the house, because parked next to the Hummer in the driveway was a moving van. When Justin walked through the front door the first thing he saw was Sam and his mother unpacking boxes. “What’s going on?” he asked, with a terrible feeling washing over him.

Twenty minutes later Justin was bringing boxes in from the van and helping his mom and his new stepfather unpack them. As Sam teased Justin about not being able to carry the heavier boxes his mother explained that they had gone down to the courthouse and gotten married that morning – it was marriage number 2 for both of them and they decided they didn’t need the hassle of a wedding. Justin felt like he’d been punched in the stomach as he unpacked. He had just come home from his worst day at school ever and now out of nowhere he finds out that this man who intimidates the hell out of him is now his new step-father and is going to have complete authority over him. On top of that, Sam has two daughters that are going to be moving in. Justin’s mother had a very large house which she had purchased with inheritance money shortly after she divorced his father, but Justin had grown up an only child and was not excited in the least to suddenly be living with two new step-sisters. One was 12 and one was 18, but beyond that he knew nothing about Sam’s daughters, who were out shopping and were due to show up right before dinner. Justin especially didn’t look forward to meeting them with “BABY” scrawled across his forehead, something which Sam could not stop taunting him about and that only faded slightly with repeated soapings.

Justin was just finishing setting the table for dinner when he heard the front door open – the girls were home from shopping. Justin pulled his baseball cap down to make sure it hid the writing on his forehead, then left the dining room and walked towards the living room to meet his new stepsisters. As he walked into the living room the first person he saw was a 12-year-old girl, nearly his height with blonde hair, slightly curly, and light blue eyes. She reminded him a bit of Dakota Fanning, but more tomboyish, thin, but slightly broad-shouldered and athletic looking, and well-developed for a 12-year-old. Side-by-side some might even think she was older than Justin. She turned to smile at Justin just as he walked in the room. “Oh, hi. I guess you’re Justin,” she said, and then the older girl, who’d been bent over searching through one of her bags, stood up and turned to look at Justin. As her face came into view, Justin felt his heart pound in his chest and his face go bright red. It was Yvette!

Chapter 3 – Just One of the Girls

“I thought you were 14,” Sarah said as she began walking over to her new stepbrother. “Hey, aren’t you the little freshman boy whose locker’s next to mine?” Yvette followed. Justin just stood there speechless for a second, shocked to find out the senior girl he had such a crush on was his new stepsister and a little embarrassed at the girls’ comments. “You’re a freshman?” Sarah asked, unbelieving. “You don’t look like it.” Yvette giggled at Sarah’s observation as she walked over to stand next to her. “Now Sarah, don’t be rude to your new step-brother. I’m Yvette and this is my little sister Sarah.” Justin shook hands with his new stepsisters and couldn’t help but notice that Sarah’s hand was as big as his. “Time for dinner, kids,” Justin heard his mom call from the dining room.

Justin was just about to take the first bite of his pork chops when his mother stopped him. “Justin, we don’t wear hats at the table,” his mother told him." Justin suddenly felt short of breath. He’d thought he was going to get away with keeping the writing on his forehead covered up, though he did remember that Yvette had already seen it earlier in the day. He wasn’t sure if his mother forgot what was written there or if she didn’t care, but he did not remove his hat. “C’mon mom, I…” “You heard your mother, Justin,” Sam cut him off, then reached over to grab the brim of Justin’s hat and pulled it off, revealing his shamed forehead for all to see. Sarah started laughing and didn’t even attempt to suppress her giggling when Justin’s mom gave her a look. Yvette just smirked, knowing how it got there. “Why do you have BABY written on your forehead?” Sarah asked, stating the obvious question. “Because he’s a freshman,” Yvette answered in his defense. “They do it to all the freshman,” Justin continued. “Who does?” Sarah asked, not letting it drop. “On the first day of classes the seniors get as many freshman as they can and write BABY on their foreheads. It’s just a childish initiation-type thing,” Yvette stood up for Justin again, drawing a small smile and blush from him. But Sarah wasn’t satisfied. “Did they do it to you, Yvette?” “Those kids knew better than to try to do that to Yvette,” Sam answered for her, smiling, then glancing over at Justin. He wasn’t sure exactly what was meant by that, but Justin clearly felt it was some sort of dig at him. “Well, I’m glad I won’t be the baby of the family,” Sarah responded, giggling as she got in one final prod at her stepbrother.

After dinner Justin was asked to help the girls move their boxes into their rooms and help them unpack. The boxes were all in the girls’ rooms within a few minutes. All except for one, that is. Justin had left the largest box for last, which had Yvette’s stereo equipment. The girls watched in amusement as Justin tried to lift the heavy box, struggling to hold it on his bent thighs, his face bright red with exertion. “Need any help with that?” Yvette asked giggling and Justin was under too much strain to even answer as he started taking baby steps towards the stairs. Suddenly he felt the box lifted out of his arms as Yvette took it from him and easily began carrying it up the stairs. “Ha, ha! My sister’s stronger than you!” Sarah chirped with glee, teasing the very embarrassed boy as he watched her carry it like it weighed nothing. “I had it,” he replied defensively, though even he knew how ridiculous it sounded. “Sure you did, Champ,” Justin heard Sam say as he walked up behind him and tussled his hair. “Now you girls run up stairs and help your big sister,” he teased, giving Justin a sharp pat on his bottom, causing him to blush even more.

Justin felt Sarah take his hand in her firm grip and she began leading him up the stairs, giggling. “Come on, sis,” she told him, “when we’re finished we can do each others’ hair.” Justin offered no response to her teasing, still feeling very small and inadequate from discovering that his beautiful new step-sister was clearly stronger than him.

Despite Justin’s crush on Yvette, he was relieved when she told him she could unpack her things herself and that he should help out Sarah. He figured it would save him from further embarrassments… but he was quite wrong.

Sarah had already begun unpacking and decorating her room when Justin entered. “Unpack these,” she said as Justin walked in, tossing a box at him that he clumsily dropped, drawing more giggling from his little stepsister. “You’re a real athlete, aren’t you?” she teased as he watched her pulling gymnastics and soccer trophies out of another box. “Panties and bras go in the top drawer, pajamas in the next. Separate the rest into whichever drawers you like,” she told him as he opened the box of clothes. He felt himself blush a little as he saw the pile of feminine underwear on top and found it a little odd that she would choose to give him this box first to unpack. He looked up and saw her give a hint of a sly little grin just before turning away from him and going back to what she was doing.

Justin opened the top drawer of the dresser and picked up the first pair of panties – a very plain pair of white cotton briefs with a little lace around the waistband. He looked at them for a moment, trying to decide whether or not to fold them. “Checking to see if they’re your size?” Sarah asked. “No, I just don’t know if you’re supposed to fold them,” Justin quickly responded defensively, feeling himself trembling a little, but not sure why. “Just place them in there neatly, sis, and don’t steal any,” she teased him. “Stop calling me sis!” Justin replied angrily, embarrassed to hear his voice crack a little as he placed the panties in the top drawer. The next few pairs were just like the first with variations in color, and then he got to the more girly stuff. Justin found himself blushing and a little confused as he felt a twinge of arousal picking up a pair of silky pink panties. He found himself rubbing the material in his hand as he placed them in the drawer, then reached for the next pair, which were white satin with ruffles. He didn’t realize he’d been staring at them for several seconds when he nearly jumped out of his skin, hearing Sarah’s voice right behind him. “Those would look cute on you, sis,” she said, then picked up one of her bras and reached around him from behind to hold it up to his chest. “What’s your cup size?” she asked him in mock seriousness, not giggling this time. Justin quickly put the panties in the drawer and snatched the bra away from her, putting it in the drawer as well. “Shut up,” was the only defense he could come up with as his face turned a deep crimson. Sarah just giggled at him as she went back over to the box she was working on and left him to unpack the rest of her things.

An hour or so later Sarah and Justin were unpacking the last items when Yvette walked into the room. “How’s it going, girls?” she asked, mussing Justin’s hair like he was a child. “Will both of you stop referring to me as your sister?” Justin said, wanting to sound authoritative, but instead sounding whiny. “I caught lil sis here staring at a pair of my satin panties,” Sarah told Yvette, who giggled and asked to see which pair. Justin thought he would die of shame as Sarah pulled out the pair of ruffled satin panties and handed them to Yvette. “They’re too little girlish for me,” Sarah said as she handed them to her sister, “so Justine can have them if she wants.” Yvette giggled as she held up the panties. “I don’t want your stupid panties,” Justin responded kind of stupidly as he just stood there shame faced, looking away from his new stepsisters. “Ok, that’s enough teasing, Sarah,” Yvette told her sister as she put the panties back in the drawer, apparently feeling a little sorry for her new little brother. “Why don’t you show us your room, Justin?”

Justin stood in his rather plain-looking bedroom as the girls looked around. “Wow, your room is a lot smaller,” Sarah observed. Justin looked around and suddenly realized she was right. Both Sarah’s and Yvette’s rooms were about twice the size of his. Though his room wasn’t what you’d call small, he did feel slighted that his mom and Sam moved the girls into the bigger guest bedrooms while keeping him in the same smaller room. “Well, you are the baby of the family, so I guess that makes sense,” Sarah teased. He was about to say something when he noticed Sarah open his top drawer and pull out his Superman pajamas. His face turned bright red and he moved towards her to push the drawer shut, but was surprised to find as he pushed on the drawer with both hands she managed to keep it open holding it with just one of hers. “Oh my god, you still wear footie-jammies?” Sarah said as she pulled out the bottoms, which did indeed have little feet on them. Yvette tried to stifle a giggle as Sarah held up the childish pajamas. Justin snatched them out of her hand and shoved them back in the drawer along with the top. “I don’t wear them anymore, I just never took them out of the drawer,” he lied as Sarah finally let him push the drawer shut. “Don’t be embarrassed. I think they’re cute,” Sarah responded, in a matter-of-fact tone.

Justin was more than ready to get the girls out of his room when something even more embarrassing happened – Yvette sat down on the bed. For most 14-year-old boys this would not have been at all unwelcome, having this 18-year-old beauty on his bed. But Justin’s bed made a crinkling sound when you sat down on it, because of the plastic bedwetter sheet that covered his mattress. Both girls immediately noticed the crinkle of plastic as Yvette sat down and Yvette pushed her hand against the bed a couple times after to make sure of where the sound was coming from. Justin wanted to run away and crawl into a hole as Yvette smiled and Sarah began giggling again. He had not been looking forward to having new stepsisters in the first place, but this was turning out much worse than he’d imagined.

Chapter 4 – You Still Wet the Bed?

“You still wet the bed?” Sarah asked as she leaned over to place her hand on the bed, feeling the plastic sheet under his bedding as her sister had. “NO!” Justin replied a little too defensively. “I have allergies. The plastic sheet keeps dust and mold from forming on the mattress.” It was a lie his mother had told him when she first put the sheet on his mattress to spare his feelings, but which he had since come to realize was not true. “My friend Amy has the same type of thing, actually,” Sarah said as she pulled up the bedding on the corner of his bed to look at the plastic sheet. “No, this isn’t a tight enough fit to be an allergy sheet, this is for bedwetters. So how often do you wet the bed?” she asked as she put the bedding back in place. “Be nice, Sarah,” Yvette told her sister, feeling embarrassed for her new little brother, although she did find it a bit babyish for a high school freshman to need a bedwetter sheet. “I’m just asking,” Sarah replied innocently. “Do you wear diapers?” was her next question, which she asked in the same, unassuming tone. Justin’s face was beet red by this point. “It’s just once in a while, and no, I don’t wear DIAPERS!” Sarah smiled at hearing him admit he wet the bed and then headed for his closet. “Are they in here?” she asked as she opened the door. Though there weren’t any “diapers” in the closet, there was something else Justin didn’t want exposed and he ran over in a panic to try and stop her. It was too late.

“Awe, how sweet,” Sarah giggled as she pulled a half-empty package of Goodnights out of the closet. Yvette tried not to laugh, but couldn’t help it now. “Those are just for when I’m staying over somewhere else,” Justin told them, which was actually the truth, though it didn’t really lessen the sting. “Are you wearing one of these right now?” Sarah asked, tugging at the waistband of his jeans! “Stop it!” Justin said, pushing her hand away. He was so mortified at this point it looked like he might start crying. Finally, Yvette put an end to it, taking the package of Goodnights from her sister and putting them back in the closet. “You’re not being very nice, Sarah. Justin is your brother now, and who cares if he has a little accident now and then. Plenty of people his age do.” Sarah actually felt a little guilty about how badly she’d been teasing Justin and he felt a little better as he could see it on her face. “I’m sorry, Justin. I’m just teasing you,” Sarah told him as she put her arm around him and gave him a surprisingly strong squeeze. “You’re not mad at me, are you?” “No, I’m not mad,” Justin said in a soft voice, but not looking her in the eyes as he was still feeling very embarrassed. “Good,” she said as she let go of him, giving him a maternal pat on his bottom that made him feel even more uncomfortable. When Justin went to sleep that night, he noticed the plastic rustle a lot more than usual.

The clock read 4:00am when Justin suddenly woke up to find his new step-sister Yvette sitting on his chest pinning his arms down under her knees. The sheets were pulled back and he could feel Sarah pulling down his pajama bottoms and underwear. “What the hell are you doing? Get off of me!” Justin screamed, thrashing helplessly underneath his much bigger step-sister. Yvette just giggled, easily holding Justin down while Sarah finished peeling his underwear and pajama bottoms off his legs, which he was kicking like wild. “We’re just making sure you keep your sheets dry, sis,” Sarah told him moving to where he could see her. As she said this she held up his package of Goodnights and pulled one out. Justin just wriggled and struggled, making no progress and mortified to be naked from the waist down. Just seconds later he felt the bedwetter pants being pulled up his legs and put snuggly into place. “There we go, baby,” he heard Sarah say, then felt her tickling his stomach and sides. “Stop! Stop!” he yelled, giggling and squirming under Yvette as Sarah tickled him mercilessly. He realized what she was doing, but was powerless to stop it as he suddenly felt the warm wetness spreading around his bottom. Tears started to form in his eyes as he just laid there wetting his Goodnights right in front of his two new sisters.

The clock read 4:45am when Justin awoke from his dream. He wasn’t wearing Goodnights, but he immediately wished he was as he realized he had wet the bed. When he started wetting in his dream he must have done it for real. Justin felt an overwhelming shame after all the teasing he had gotten from Sarah and quietly got out of bed and pulled off his bedding. He was hoping only the sheets would be wet, but the blanket and comforter were wet too. Even his pajama top had gotten wet. Justin quickly stripped out of his pajamas and underwear and tiptoed down the hall in the nude to the bathroom. After cleaning himself with a washcloth he quietly made his way back to his room and opened the top drawer of his dresser to get clean underwear and pajamas. As if his luck couldn’t get any worse, the only clean pajamas in the drawer were the Superman pajamas with little footies that Sarah had teased him about. Having no alternative, Justin put on a pair of clean underwear and the footie pajamas, gathered up his wet things and quietly headed to the laundry room.

Justin was being as quiet as he could be, trying to stuff the wet sheets, wet pajamas and wet bedding all into the washer at the same time. “Did you wet your bed again?” Justin nearly had another accident as he heard his mom’s voice behind him. He turned to face her, but before he could say anything she was right next to him pulling the bedding out of the washer. “You cannot put these in with your sheets, Justin. I really thought we might be over this. You went over two weeks without wetting, and here we are again.” “It was my dream…” Justin started to say, then realized he certainly didn’t want to divulge what the dream was about. “Maybe Sam’s right, maybe you do need to be diapered at bedtime.” As she was saying this Justin noticed Sam had appeared in the doorway.

“There’s no ‘maybe’ about it,” Sam responded as he walked into the room, looking very upset at having been woken up for this. Justin’s mom just looked over her shoulder at Sam and said nothing in Justin’s defense as she had in the past. Justin’s eyes went wide as Sam suddenly reached down, grabbed him under the armpits and hoisted him up off the floor like he was a small child. Sam tossed the frightened boy over his shoulder, gave him a couple pats on his bottom and headed out of the room. “Come on, Mr. Potty Pants, back to bed.”

When they got to Justin’s room Sam went to the closet, then plopped Justin down on the bed, which at the moment was covered with only the plastic sheet. Laying on the bed Justin saw that Sam had grabbed his Goodnights from the closet and was pulling one out. “No sense having these if you’re not going to use them, hey tiger?” Sam said as he grabbed the waistband of Justin’s pajama bottoms and underwear and began to pull them off. “Hey, I can put them on myself!” Justin began to protest, but by the time the words were out of his mouth Sam was already pulling the Goodnights up his legs. “If you act like a baby, you get treated like a baby. If it were up to me I’d be taping you into your Huggies right now,” Sam told Justin as he pulled the bedwetter pants up into place, then started putting his pajama bottoms back on him. “And you know what, kiddo, I’m your stepfather now, so that may be happening very shortly. Enjoy your training panties while you still can.” Justin’s face was bright red, but he didn’t really have anything to say in his defense.

Just as Justin was standing up off the bed, his mother walked into the room. “I don’t have any clean bedding or sheets for Justin. Do either of the girls have extra-bedding we can use until we get his things washed?” she asked Sam. “You’re not putting girls’ sheets on my bed!” Justin immediately protested. Without a word Sam spun Justin around and gave him five hard, surprisingly painful swats on his padded bottom. “Children who wet their beds don’t get to choose what type of sheets they sleep in.” With that Sam left the room.

Justin was nearly in tears from the embarrassment as he slipped back into his bed, which now had Tinkerbell sheets, a pink blanket, and a pink Tinkerbell bedspread. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to wear your Goodnights to bed from now on, or at least until you can prove you don’t need them,” Justin’s mom told him as she tucked him in. “And you better hope they don’t leak, or you’re going to find your closet stocked with Huggies and Pampers,” Sam added. Justin looked to his mom to say something, but she didn’t utter another word as she and Sam turned out the lights and walked out. Sam just laid there awake in his training pants, footie jammies and Tinkerbell bedding thinking of what humiliation the morning would bring.

Chapter 5 – A Bottle Before Bedtime

“Justin, come down for breakfast!” Justin was dry as he laid in his now pink bed in footie jammies and Goodnights, but that wasn’t of much consolation knowing what awaited him downstairs. After putting him back to bed last night, Sam had insisted that Justin report to him every morning so he could inspect his Goodnights and make sure they were dry. Justin had planned to wake up early enough so he could run to his mom and stepfather’s bedroom to show he was dry before the girls woke up, but he woke up late and now he would have to go downstairs and have his mortifying inspection witnessed by the whole family.

He was literally shaking as he made his way down the stairs in his juvenile attire. His face was bright red as he walked into the dining room and saw his stepsisters sitting at the table eating breakfast. Sarah was the first to notice him. “I thought you said you didn’t wear those anymore,” she said, referring to his Superman jammies. “He didn’t have much choice, seeing how his other pajamas were wet,” Sam piped in before Justin had a chance to respond. Yvette, who had made a real effort to be nice to Justin from the start, almost shot her milk out her nose as her father made it clear to everyone that Justin had wet the bed. “Come on over here so I can check your bedwetter pants, champ.” Justin just looked straight down at the floor as he walked over to his stepfather, feeling he would die of shame. “Is he wearing his Goodnights?” Sarah asked, but there was no need to answer as just a second later Sam was pulling down Justin’s pajama bottoms to reveal that indeed he was. Justin almost cried as Sam slipped his fingers inside the crotch, checking to see if he was wet like he was an infant.

“There’s my big boy. All dry,” Sam teased as he pulled Justin’s pajama bottoms back up and gave him a pat on the bottom. “Now sit down and eat your breakfast before it gets cold.” Before the words were even out of his mouth Justin was headed towards the stairs, looking to run up to his room and change out of his babyish outfit as fast as he could. “I’m just gonna change first,” he replied. Before Justin even reached the first stair he suddenly felt himself scooped up like a baby in Sam’s arms. “I’m not used to being disobeyed, Justin. If I tell you to sit down and eat your breakfast, you’d better sit down and eat your breakfast,” Sam told Justin as the boy lied cradled in his arms. Justin’s real father hadn’t picked him up since he was a small child, and he felt very small and vulnerable whenever Sam would gather him up in his strong arms. He could feel that Sam’s arms and chest were solid as steel as he laid there helplessly and knew there was absolutely no point in struggling. “Yvette, set up the high chair.”

Justin’s mom kept a highchair in the large pantry next to the fridge for when her sister visited with her baby girl, and she said nothing in Justin’s defense as Yvette took it out and set it up by the table. “No! You’re not putting me in a highchair!” Justin protested, kicking his legs helplessly as Sam carried him over to it. “If you don’t start behaving right now, I’m going to take down your little bedwetter pants and spank your bottom till it’s bright red,” Sam threatened in a voice loud enough to scare Justin into submission. Sarah’s giggling rang in Justin’s ears as Sam set him down in the highchair, brought the plastic padded strap up between his legs to hold him in and put the tray in place. It was a tight fit, but Justin’s body was slight enough to squeeze in. Justin felt completely emasculated as Yvette then reached around him from behind to tie a pink bib around his neck.

“Now, since you refuse to feed yourself your own breakfast, I guess I’ll just have to feed it to you,” Sam told the boy as he placed his plate on the highchair tray. “Can I feed him?” Sarah asked excitedly. She quickly took the seat next to Justin’s highchair and picked up his fork. “Here comes the airplane!” she cooed as she scooped up some eggs and brought the fork in a spinning motion towards Justin’s mouth. “Justin…” Sam said threateningly when the boy kept his mouth closed tightly. He was more frightened of his stepfather than he was embarrassed by the situation, so he opened his mouth and allowed his younger stepsister to feed him like a baby. Justin had tears brimming in his eyes by the time he was let out of his highchair and ran upstairs to his room as fast as his feet would carry him.

The first 24 hours with his new family was beyond mortifying for Justin, but the rest of the week was comparatively uneventful. At school, Justin was mainly quiet and kept to himself. Besides the occasional wedgie and the maternal way Yvette would pat the top of his head when she ran into him in the hall, he was able to get through the day with minimal embarrassment. He really only had one friend – Caleb, who he believed was even more of a wimp than himself. Caleb was taller, but more wiry and a little effeminate. In truth, Justin didn’t really like him much, but befriended him as he was one of the few boys in his class that didn’t intimidate him. Being as enamored with Justin’s new older step-sister as much as Justin was, he’d been asking all week for Justin to invite him over, but Justin kept putting it off as he didn’t want Caleb to see the pink Tinkerbell bedding that was still on his bed.

Justin wore his Goodnights to bed all week. He had managed to stay dry and he’d also made a point of getting up early so he could go be inspected in his parents bedroom and get changed into his school clothes before going downstairs for breakfast. He had almost gotten through the whole week without waking up wet and his mom had even hinted that if he got through the weekend he might not have to wear his Goodnights to bed anymore. He was even getting along with his new stepsisters. Friday night Sam and his mom were going to be out late, so Justin and his sisters picked up a couple movies for the night. Yvette had wanted to go out, but Sam insisted that she stay home with the “children.” “Sarah’s had babysitting jobs before, and Justin’s 14!” Yvette complained, but Sam insisted that since they were in a new house in a new neighborhood, he wanted Yvette there in case anything went wrong. Sarah was offended and Justin embarrassed that he was basically getting babysat by the target of his affections, but Sam’s word was final.

“Are you blushing, Justin?” Yvette asked, giggling at her stepbrother who was clearly red-faced as Famke Janssen squeezed the breath out of Pierce Brosnan in the Bond movie they were watching. “Uh oh, I think our baby sister needs a bib to catch all that drool,” Sarah responded, getting in on the teasing as Yvette took another drink of her beer. Justin and Sarah were both drinking Coke, but in an effort to change the subject Justin jumped up off the couch and announced that he was going to get a beer. “Aren’t you afraid mommy’s going to spank you?” Sarah joked as he went to the fridge and grabbed a Bud Light. When he walked back into the room he was attempting unsuccessfully to twist off the top. He was still trying when he sat back down next to Sarah, and finally she grabbed the bottle out of his hand and easily twisted off the top. Yvette spit beer out her mouth, greatly amused at how her little sister had just shown up her stepbrother and Sarah proceeded to take a drink. “This isn’t the right type of bottle for you,” she teased. Justin tried to grab the bottle, but conceded after she easily pulled it out of his grip, not wanting to find out if his little sister was actually stronger than him. “Going to get some warm milk?” Sarah asked as Justin went back into the kitchen. This time he took the cap off with a bottle opener while he was out of sight in the kitchen, then went back into the living room acting like he’d taken it off with his bare hands. The teasing subsided as the girls’ attention was drawn back to the movie and before he knew it Justin had drank 3 beers, which was a lot for his underdeveloped body.

When Justin woke up the next morning it was nearly 10. His head hurt from the beer he drank the night before, but there was another sensation that bothered him far worse – the sensation of wetness. He nearly went into a panic as his stepfather’s words from a few days back suddenly came to his mind – “You better hope they don’t leak, or you’re going to find your closet stocked with Huggies and Pampers.” As Justin threw back the sheets and jumped out of bed he could feel his pajamas were wet around the thighs, and then he saw it – it wasn’t much, but there was definitely a small wet spot on his sheets. Immediately, he tried to think of how he could hide it, but he didn’t have much time because five seconds later the door opened and Sam walked in holding an empty beer bottle. Sam noticed what had happened immediately and Justin nearly wet himself again. “Get showered and dressed. I want you downstairs in 15 minutes.”

14 minutes later Justin was downstairs, dressed for the day and incredibly nervous. His sisters had already eaten and were in the living room watching TV, which happened to be right next to the dining room. There was a bowl of cereal waiting for Justin on the kitchen table. He sat down and began eating when Sam walked into the living room. Justin noticed him, but didn’t look up from his cereal out of fear. “Yvette, after Justin finishes his cereal I want you to take him in town and get him some diapers.” Sarah started to let out a loud laugh, but quickly quieted herself as she saw that her father was not in a laughing mood. “Wait, it was just an accident! It won’t happen again, I promise!” Justin said as he got up from his chair and started to approach his stepfather. Without saying a word Sam grabbed Justin’s arm, bent him over and gave him ten very hard smacks on his bottom. Sam was incredibly strong and Justin had never felt such pain. Even after just ten swats through his jeans he was sniffling and had tears running down his cheeks. “Now do I need to take your pants down and give you a real spanking?” Sam asked as he released Justin’s arm. “No sir.” Justin wiped the tears from his cheeks as he watched Sarah stifle a giggle, shame washing over him. Sam opened up his wallet and pulled out a wad of cash which he handed to Yvette. “Get several packages so they’ll last a while, and you’re also going to need to get powder, baby wipes, some lotion… um…” “A diaper pail?” Sarah chimed in. “Yes, he’ll definitely need a diaper pail. And pick up whatever else you think he needs.” Sam then turned to Justin and lifted the boy’s chin so he was forced to look up into his eyes. “If Yvette tells me you gave her any problems, any problems at all, you’re going to be in big, big trouble. Understand?” Justin could still feel the sting in his bottom and didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes sir, I understand.”

Chapter 6 – Gangster of Luvs

The car ride to Target was about 10 minutes, but it was the longest car ride of Justin’s life. Sarah, of course, insisted on going along and teased Justin almost non-stop. “Now Justine, if you have to make tinkle when we’re at the store you be a good girl and let me know right away so I can take you to the potty before you have another accident,” she told him in her baby voice when they finally pulled into the Target parking lot. Justin just endured her ribbing silently, knowing he didn’t have a whole lot to say in his defense.

Justin followed behind Yvette as she headed for the shopping carts, trying not to be too obvious as he stared at her perfect ass. When they got to the carts he suddenly felt a pair of surprisingly strong arms coil around his waist from behind. “Hey…” he started to say, then gasped as he was lifted off his feet. “You want to give me a hand, Yvette?” he heard Sarah say. “Stop it! Put me down!” he yelled out, amazed at how easily she seemed to be lifting him and incredibly embarrassed. “Don’t you want to ride in the cart, baby?” Sarah asked, innocently. Yvette, who always seemed to have more sympathy for him than Sarah, gave her little sister an un-approving look and Sarah set Justin back down. Justin quickly looked around to make sure no one he knew was watching and followed along red-faced as Yvette started pushing the cart in the direction of the baby section.

Justin felt he would die of shame when they got to the baby department. Rows and rows of diapers, training pants, powders, wipes, lotions, pacifiers, bottles, baby food, cute little onesies, nursery furniture, carriers… it went on and on and his older step-sister, the girl of his dreams, had been given the authority to choose whatever she wanted from these items for HIM! And helping her pick these things out was a girl two years younger than him! He was literally shaking, hoping no one he knew would see him, but there was nothing he could do. Sam made it very clear that he was to give Yvette no trouble. “Well, might as well start with the diapers, huh kiddo,” Yvette said as she pushed the cart down the first aisle.

Justin was greatly humiliated as stacks and stacks of Huggies and Pampers and Luvs and various other brands of diapers flanked him on both sides, but he also realized for the first time a strange but definite sense of arousal. He couldn’t believe it as he felt his very modestly sized manhood stirring from this sensory overload of baby things. There was something about the smell of the baby powder, the thought of the thick padding between his legs, the thought even of this goddess next to him putting his diapers on him that aroused him, But more than anything he realized it was actually the humiliation of what was happening to him that excited him the most! It filled him with shame as this occurred to him and despite his arousal he definitely was not happy as Sarah grabbed a package of Huggies off the shelf and inspected it.

“Are you more a Huggies man or a Pampers man?” she asked, drawing a giggle from Yvette. “Are these even going to fit him?” Yvette asked as she took the package from her sister. “They’re extra-large, and he’s extra-small,” Sarah teased. “They should fit him.” Yvette inspected the diaper package for a moment, took a look at Justin, then started opening the package. “What are you doing!” Justin exclaimed as he watched her pull out a thick white diaper and begin unfolding it. “Dad’s gonna be really pissed if he tries to put your diaper on you tonight and it doesn’t fit,” she told him, “so we need to check the size. I’ll just hold it up to your crotch over your pants.” Justin felt that stirring again as he watched Yvette’s beautifully manicured hands handling the diaper, hearing the crinkle of the plastic, but he immediately began to back away (for the purposes of this story, Justin’s diapers are thick, late 1970s style with plastic on the outside… not those thin cloth-like ones they have now). Sarah grabbed his arm to stop him and Yvette moved toward him. “Would you rather I took you in the ladies room and put this on you for real?” she asked. “Don’t forget what my dad told you about giving me trouble.” Justin just looked down at the floor in shame and stood with his legs spread as Yvette held the diaper up to his crotch and then taped it on over his jeans. “Wow, it really does fit!” Justin didn’t think it was possible to be more embarrassed until he heard a group of boys laughing behind him. He turned to see three boys around his age pointing and laughing as he stood there wearing a diaper over his jeans.

He noticed right away that the three boys wore varsity jackets from a neighboring school, so at least they weren’t kids who knew him. “I think the diaper’s supposed to go on the inside of his pants,” one of the boys taunted as Justin quickly tore off the diaper his sister had taped on him. As Justin was trying to think of something to say the boys thankfully walked off without pushing it any further. “Don’t worry about those mean boys, little sis,” Sarah told him as she picked up the diaper Justin threw on the floor. “These diapers are kind of boring, don’t you think? Just plain white,” She continued, holding up the diaper. Sarah placed the opened package of diapers back on the shelf and started to look through the various varieties. “Now these are much cuter,” she said as she grabbed a large package of Huggies with baby Disney characters around the top and placed them in the cart. “And how about these to match your bedding, sweetie?” Sarah asked as she grabbed a package of Pampers with Tinkerbell on them. Yvette, who had attempted to spare Justin further embarrassment up to this point, couldn’t help but get in on the teasing. She picked up a package of Luvs with Barney on them and started dancing with them singing “Call me, call me, call me the Gangster of Luvs!” This brought peels of laughter from Sarah as Yvette placed the third and final (for now) package of diapers in the cart.

The cart was filled with baby powder, baby wipes, baby oil, baby lotion, and even baby shampoo by the time they got to the end of the aisle, which is where Sarah started to put things in the cart that Justin thought was going too far. The first item he took issue with was the package of Pampers Bibsters. “Very funny,” Justin said as he took the package and set it back on the shelf. “Yeah, it is pretty funny,” Sarah teased as she put the Bibsters back in the cart. “Dad said we could pick up anything we thought you needed.” “I don’t need a fucking bib,” Justin retorted, getting angry at how this little girl was trying to take advantage of the situation. “You certainly needed one when I fed you your breakfast the other morning,” she shot back, grabbing his wrist as he tried to remove the package. “And I don’t think my dad would be very happy to hear you using that kind of language around his little girl.” Justin was fuming with anger, dying of shame, and had a little erection going all at the same time. Yvette could see that Justin was on the verge of tears, so she finally decided to spare him a little embarrassment. “Go out and wait in the car, Justin. We’ll take care of the rest,” Yvette told him, handing him the keys to the car. Justin was more than happy to remove himself from this horrible experience. He took the keys and practically ran out of the store.

Chapter 7 – Babysitting Tink

When they arrived back at the house Justin felt very uneasy at the number of bags they had to carry up to his room. He had no idea what additional humiliating nursery items his new sisters had picked up after he headed out to the car, and he wasn’t very anxious to find out. When Justin carried the final bag into his room he saw the three packages of diapers they bought setting on the floor next to his bed and saw Sarah standing on the bed taking his “Dirty Harry” poster off the wall. “Hey, what are you doing?” Justin asked as he set the bag down and walked over to her. “Dirty Harry has to make way for dirty diapers,” Sarah giggled as she rolled up the poster and tossed it aside. “I’ve gotta make room for your diaper stacker, honey,” she then told him, leaning over to muss his hair, then picking up a white cloth diaper stacker with a Tinkerbell design and hanging it on the wall so that the bottom of it hung right next to the bed just a couple feet above the pillow. “Wait a minute…” Justin began to say as he picked the poster up off the floor. “There’s no room for us to put a changing table in here, so we’re just going to keep a changing pad under the bed so you can be changed right here,” Yvette said as he watched her take a folded up plastic pad with teddy bears on it and slip it under his bed. “That’s why the diaper stacker has to go next to the bed, sweetie.” Sarah hopped off the bed with the diaper stacker now secure on the wall and walked over to where the three packages of diapers sat on the floor. “Now which ones should we put in there first?” she said as she inspected the diapers. Justin just stood there speechless, his face as red as it could get. “How about these to match you’re bedding?” Sarah picked up the package of Pampers and carried them over to the bed while opening them. “Awe, look how cute these are, honey!” Sarah told Justin as she pulled out one of the thick, plastic diapers and held it up for him to see. “There’s Tink, just like on your bedspread… you know, I think that’s a good nickname for you, Justine. I’m gonna call you Tinkerbell from now on… or just Tink, for short,” she giggled as she proceeded to stack ten Pampers in Justin’s new diaper stacker.

As Justin was about to protest, the door opened and his stepfather Sam walked in. “Getting baby’s nursery set up, I see,” he teased as he walked into the room. Justin was too intimidated by Sam to say anything in his defense and remained silent as the girls continued unloading bags, not even noticing what they had bought. “Susan and I are going out of town tonight and won’t be back until tomorrow evening,” Sam began to tell the girls, but then Yvette cut him off. “No fair! I had to stay in all night last night babysitting these two. I have plans tonight, dad!” “Calm down, Yvette, I’m not going to make you stay in tonight. Sarah will be in charge while you’re out,” Sam reassured his daughter. “What!” Justin immediately protested. “I’m two-years older than Sarah! Why does she get to be in charge?” Justin whined. “Because Sarah doesn’t wear these,” Sam replied as he picked up the package of Pampers and held them up to Justin’s face. Sarah giggled and Justin just blushed, unable to say anything in his defense. He couldn’t believe his younger stepsister was going to be babysitting him.

An hour later Justin and the girls were down in the living room watching TV. “I want Tink diapered and in bed by nine tonight, Sarah,” Sam said as he and Susan were heading out. “Tink?” Susan asked. “Sarah thought it would be a cute nickname for your boy since he has Tinkerbell bedding now and a Tinkerbell diaper-stacker,” Sam replied, getting a giggle from Sarah. “Now Sam, you shouldn’t encourage that kind of teasing…” Before Susan could finish Sam suddenly grabbed her under the arms and tossed her up over his shoulder like she was a toddler, then gave her five sharp smacks on her bottom. “Maybe you need an early bedtime too,” he teased, giving the girls a wink. “Mind your big sister, Tink,” Sam told Justin, then turned and carried Justin’s very red-faced mother out the door.

“Oh my God, can you believe he just spanked her right in front of us?” Sarah giggled. “Looks like your mommy just found out the pecking order… which is just one notch above you, Tink,” Sarah teased a very embarrassed Justin. Sam was acting playful, but it was clear he meant to humiliate Justin’s mom and was sending a message to Justin that Justin found very unnerving – mommy wouldn’t be able to protect her little boy anymore. “Get used to it, Tink. Dad would paddle your mom’s bare bottom right in front of all of us if he thought she had it coming,” Yvette told Justin. “But I’m sure she’ll be a good girl,” she laughed, tussling Justin’s hair. “And you better be a good girl too, Tink, cause I’m not afraid to spank either,” Sarah chimed in, patting Justin’s bottom. “And not through your diaper, but on your bare bottom.” Justin blushed bright red at being treated like a baby by this 12-year-old girl. “He may have put you in charge, but there’s no way I’m letting you spank me,” Justin retorted as he headed back towards the couch. “You think you could stop me?” Sarah asked as she followed him to the couch. She stood before him, staring down at him, arms folded across her chest trying to look authoritative. Memories of Sarah opening the beer bottle Justin struggled with and lifting him off his feet at the store came rushing back into Justin’s head and he tried to avoid her gaze, wondering if he really could stop her.

“Get out of the way, I’m trying to watch TV,” Justin responded, grabbing the control and turning up the volume as he tried to look around her. Sarah snatched the controller out of his hand and turned the TV off. “Well, do you think you could stop me, Tink?” “Of course I could. You’re two years younger than me and you’re a girl,” Justin sneered, though he still wouldn’t look her in the eye. “Better be careful, Justin. Sarah’s the babysitter tonight, so I won’t stop her if she decides to give you a spanking,” Yvette said. “Wanna wrestle?” Sarah asked Justin. Justin started to get a very bad feeling in his stomach.

Chapter 8 – Pecking Order

“I’m not wrestling a little girl,” Justin told Sarah, feeling uncomfortable as she continued to stand over him staring down. “Little girl? I’m not the one whose bed is covered with a plastic sheet and pink Tinkerbell bedding. Now get up off the couch and show me what you’ve got, sissy,” Sarah demanded, giving his head a smack to egg him on. Justin stood up off the couch and faced Sarah, hoping she wouldn’t notice him trembling. Though he refused to believe a 12-year-old girl could beat him wrestling he couldn’t keep the sense of doubt from rising up inside him. It would be horribly embarrassing to lose to Yvette’s little sister right in front of her.

“Hey, get the video camera Yvette! I want my victory on tape!” Sarah exclaimed, appearing supremely confident. As Yvette walked by Justin on her way to the closet she stopped and reached out to squeeze his extremely unimpressive bicep. “Sorry Tink,” she giggled, then retrieved the camera from the closet and turned it on.

Susan sat in the seat behind Sam in his SUV red-faced and irritated, glaring at him in the rearview mirror. “This is ridiculous, Sam…” she started to say until she saw him shoot her a look in the mirror. “It’s not ridiculous at all, Susan. You knew the type of man you were marrying – now that you’re my wife, I expect you to obey me, and that means not contradicting me… especially in front of our children. You’re lucky you didn’t get a real spanking, young lady.” Susan blushed even deeper as Sam addressed her as if she were a child and turned her head to stare out the window. “Now if you apologize and promise to behave from now on you can sit up front like a big girl,” Sam told her in a patronizing voice.

“Stop being an asshole, Sam,” Susan replied. Her eyes shot wide open as Sam immediately pulled the car over to the side of the road, put it in park and got out. Before she could say a word he had opened her door and yanked her out of the car by her arm. “What the hell are you doing?” she screamed, then suddenly found herself bent over with her skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down to her knees. SMACK! Susan gasped, but no sound escaped her lips as Sam’s hand slapped down against her bare bottom with incredible force. She was stunned, and her bottom felt like it had just been stung by a thousand bees. Mortification swept over her, but the pain was even worse. Within seconds the 36-year-old woman was weeping like a small child and begging Sam to stop.

“Have you learned your lesson, or do I have to take off my belt?” he asked her as he finally let up on her spanking. “I-I-I’ve l-l-learned my l-l-lesson,” Susan whimpered between sobs, shaken and cowed. Sam pulled her panties back up and then let her stand back up straight, taking her chin in his hand so she was forced to look up into his eyes. Susan had never been spanked before even as a child and suddenly found herself extremely intimidated by her hulking husband, but at the same time even more turned on by him. “When it comes to this family, I have complete authority, not only over the children but over you as well,” Sam told his new wife. “If you want out of this marriage this is your one chance. I won’t be offering another, so speak up now if that’s what you want.”

Susan was starting to calm down a bit and immediately responded that she did not want out. She was humiliated and a little scared, but she was weak when it came to Sam and she never even considered leaving him. “Ok then, from now on I expect you to obey me just as the children do. If you disagree with how I handle something, you may ask permission of me in private to discuss it, but that does not mean permission will always be granted. And when you disobey me, you will be punished however I see fit, just like the children. Understand?” Susan hesitated for a second, considering what he had said and feeling very embarrassed contemplating the idea of basically being demoted to the status of a child, agreeing to give total authority to her husband. She almost didn’t believe the words were coming from her mouth when she answered “Yes, Sir.”

“Let’s arm wrestle first,” Sarah said as Yvette returned with the camera. “If you win than I won’t make you wrestle me.” Sarah knelt down in front of the coffee table and placed her elbow on it, ready to go. Justin just stood there red-faced, thinking about how he’d never won an arm wrestling match in his life. Those were all against boys around his age, though, not little 12-year-old girls, and if he beat her he wouldn’t have to risk the humiliation of losing to her in a wrestling match. Yvette giggled. “You really are afraid of my baby sister, aren’t you Justin?” “I am not!” he shot back, quickly getting down on his knees on the other side of the coffee table to prove it. He put his elbow on the table and quickly took hold of Sarah’s hand, mainly to neither of the girls would notice he was shaking a little. Sarah just smiled across the table at him and squeezed his hand so tight he had to struggle not to wince. His confidence was immediately shaken when he tried to squeeze back, but found he couldn’t with his hand being squished in her incredible grip. “On the count of three,” Yvette announced. “One… two… three!”

Justin actually jumped the gun, starting to push at “two,” but Sarah’s arm didn’t move at all. She started to giggle as she noticed how hard Justin was straining, his face bright red. “You’re kidding, right?” she said, then slowly began to force Justin’s hand down towards the table. He felt like his whole body was blushing as it was evident to all that Sarah could put his hand down much faster if she wanted, but she was prolonging his humiliation. She was squeezing his hand harder and harder and he was even more embarrassed as he let a little, girlish whimper escape his lips as she finally slammed his hand down to the table easily. “You’re weaker than I thought, Tink,” she told him as she held his hand pressed down against the table. Justin tried to yank his hand out of hers, but couldn’t move it at all. “Let go!” he whined, his hand really hurting now. “Let go,” she mocked him in a baby voice. “Say pretty please, Tink,” she told him. As shameful as it was, Justin knew it would be even more embarrassing if he started crying in a couple seconds, so he did as she asked. “Pretty please, let me go,” he said in a small but desperate voice. Finally, she released him.

Justin staid kneeling and rubbed his sore hand as Sarah jumped to her feet. “You got beat by a girl! You got beat by a girl!” she sang, dancing around Justin, gloating. She posed for the camera, flexing her biceps, and Justin was ashamed to see her arms were definitely more impressive than hers. He slowly stood up and Sarah got right in his face. “How does it feel to be so much weaker than a 12-year-old girl, Tink?” she asked him with a big smile on her face. Justin didn’t respond and attempted to shove her back. She hardly moved from his weak shove and responded by shoving him much harder, sending him stumbling back and landing on his ass. Sarah just stood over him laughing. If Justin was nervous about wrestling his little step-sister before, he was far more nervous now. He figured his only chance was to take her off-guard, so as he was getting back to his feet he lunged forward at her aiming his right shoulder at her waist and wrapping his arms around her legs to take her down. His tactic worked and Sarah went down to the floor hard, her back slamming down and her head smacking back against the floor. At first he was elated that he actually had the upper hand, but then was immediately worried that he might have hurt her.

“Hey, what the hell was that?” Yvette screamed, still shooting but reaching down with her free hand to grab Justin’s shirt, about to yank him off her sister. “Let go of him, I don’t need any help,” Sarah yelled at her sister, obviously hurt by the fall and angry. Hearing her speak and realizing he hadn’t injured her, Justin quickly tried to crawl up over her prone body, but as he did she wrapped her extremely strong, gymnastics trained legs around his waist and hooked her ankles together behind his back, putting him in a body scissors. She immediately gave him a hard squeeze and Justin shrieked like a little girl, suddenly in great pain. Sarah smiled up at him and then rolled him onto his side, squeezing away. “Stop! I give! I give! I give!” Justin screamed out, the pain far outweighing the humiliation of submitting to his little step-sister at the moment. “Who’s stronger?” she asked. “You are!” he replied, tears welling in his eyes. “And who’s the baby of the family?” Justin started pounding his fists away at Sarah’s thighs, but she easily snatched his wrists in her strong grip to put a stop to it. "That’s enough, Sarah, you’re hurting him,

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Baby of the Family

Yvette finally told her sister. “I’ll let him up as soon as he answers the question,” she replied. “Now who’s the baby of the family, Tink?” Sarah asked again. Justin was too embarrassed to look up at Yvette for help and he was in tremendous pain. Finally, he whimpered out “I am.”
Chapter 9 – Spanked and Diapered

This is all I could find of this story online, unfortunately. I would love to see what happened to Justin.

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Baby of the Family

Thank you for posting this. I love this story. I too wish there was more.

BTW, please check your PM when you get a chance. I’m wondering which website you found this on.

Re: Baby of the Family

is there more???

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So Sam’s abusive, Susan is madly in love with her husband, Yvette is insensitive and Sarah is a bully. Interesting plot.
I really want to read the end of the story but I guess its a dead thread now.