Babyward Baby Ward

Babyward Baby Ward

While the exclamation alone may have implied surprise and upset; a wide grin across rosy cheeks hinted at the underlying mischief. Brie giggled, pulling her leg from the chilly water, she stopped on a large rock and rolled up the legs of her overalls. This action, however, did nothing for the already drenched sneaker and pant leg.

Finished with her belated preparations, she resumed her game of hopping between the rocks that dotted the bubbling stream. Twin golden braids trailed from beneath a pink beanie as the young girl bounded energetically in her unsanctioned freedom. Back and forth she leaped; springing onto the mossy bank, only to turn around and prance across a fallen tree. Past ventures in this area lead her away from the stream temporarily; skirting a deep section by way of the surrounding woods. Innumerable leaves blanketed the forest floor, crunching loudly as she crashed through them; kicking them about in twirling clouds.

Had it not been left behind at the daycare, in an attempt to delay the discovery of her absence; she would have liked to be wearing her bright pink wind-breaker. Instead, she mourned its sacrifice as the autumn air nipped at her arms; which only had a thin, striped shirt to cover them. Nonetheless, she would have gladly abandoned most of her wardrobe in order to escape. She was so happy that she sang to herself.

“Tree tops
Gumball drops
'frow ‘em hard
an’ watch 'em plop!”

Finding no gumballs in the immediate vicinity, she grabbed a few small stones, and chucked them into the stream; smiling at the sound they made. The thought of gumballs reminded her of candy, which in turn reminded her of the small candy-bar she had taken on her way out of the daycare. Glancing around first, she reassured herself that she was alone in the woods, before pulling the ill-gotten treat out of her favorite pocket. While all the pockets on her overalls were perfectly fine, the one on her chest had a heart sown in the middle, and it was where she put all of her favorite belongings.

Against her body, the candy had begun to melt, so rather than bothering to take a bite, she popped the entire treat into her mouth. It was only then that she realized it was filled with caramel. Giggling again, she pushed the wrapper back into her heart pocket, and began skipping along the top of the embankment. She began singing again; this time, much more sticky-sounding.

“Chree chops
Chumball chrops
'frow 'em ‘ard
an’ wultch 'mm prop!”

After a minute of rigorous chewing and giggling, she managed to finish the candy. Caramel still stuck between her teeth, and unknown to her, a chocolate smear lead down the front of her overalls, into her heart pocket. Sliding down the embankment, she managed to collect a nearly identical, though significantly larger, muddy, smear on her behind.

Familiar with this part of the woods, she knew that she would soon see an old stone bridge around the next bend. Unexpectedly, someone was standing on the bridge. She stopped dead, not sure if they had seen her. Quickly ducking behind a tree, she peeked out slowly, trying to get a better look.

The person no longer appeared to be standing, but now just looked like a large green lump. She waited for a minute, then, seeing no movement, advanced to the next tree. From this point, she could see that the lumpy green thing, was moving up and down slightly; and she could hear a woman’s voice crying. Curious, she tiptoed toward the thing, then increased her speed as it did not appear to notice her.

Climbing up the bank of the ravine, she walked out to the middle of the small bridge. The dark-green, quivering blob was hung over one side, and Brie had to lean out with it, to get a good look. There were dark strands of what looked like knotted hair, draped over one side of the blob.

The little girl nearly tumbled off of the bridge when the blob turned toward her.

“Hello.” The blob rasped, and stood up, revealing herself to be a young woman with red hair and dark eyes; covering herself with a green shawl.

Brie had managed to avoid falling off the bridge, but had stumbled back to a sitting position. Legs spread and propping herself on her hands, she made no response, save for staring with mouth agape.

“You frighten easily, child, yet you approach me?” The young woman leaned forward, but still towered over Brie.

“I heard you crying…” Brie said; standing up. She caught a hint of condescension at the word ‘child,’ and already didn’t like this strange woman.

The young woman’s somber expression didn’t change. “Why have you come, little one?” Her coarse voice sounded much older than her appearance.

“I ain’t little!” Brie didn’t understand the question, but didn’t like being called ‘little.’

The woman smiled, and laughed mockingly. “But you are. Tell me, will you guise yourself as an adult, for the festival?”

“I’m gonna be a princess for Halloween.” Brie lowered her brow.

“What irony! You would fancy yourself and adult, and a ruler?” The woman knelt, still looming above Brie. “You are an amusing little creature.”

“I’d be a good princess!” Brie defended her choice of costume; emphasizing with a stamp of her foot. “And stop calling me ‘little;’ I’m bigger 'dan the other kids.”

The woman leaned closer, wearing a smile that only further irritated Brie. “Come, little child; your antics have earned you a reward most treasured.” Her smiled vanished, replaced by her previous, somber expression. “I will take you as my own; nurse you under my wing, and spare you the coming end.”

Brie didn’t respond.

“Do you not understand?” The woman raised an eyebrow. “To me, you are but an infant. Come, nurse at my breast; and I will foster you, raising you as my own. Perhaps, in time, you will learn from me, the manners your mother never imparted.”

“My muh’ver is gone, you witch!” Brie fumed. “I don’t gotta learn nuh’fing from you!”


They both looked up as a trio of crows flew overhead.

“Are you refusing me? Do you know even who I am?” The woman stood to her full height, and peered down at Brie.

“I don’t care!”

“I am Morgan-”

“I. Don’t. Care!” Brie enunciated, cutting her off.

“So…” The woman closed her eyes, and held her hand over Brie’s head. “If not from me, then from another.”

Brie took a step back, preparing to leave.

“Better yet, you will teach yourself.” The woman opened her eyes suddenly.

“No.” Brie shook her head. Whatever this woman meant, Brie wanted no part.

The woman stared at her silently; a faint smile spread across her lips.

“Why?” Brie felt that her refusal had been ignored.

“Because, little child…”

Brie scowled.

The smiled disappeared. “That mouth of yours will only cause you more troubles, now be gone, little girl. Go, be with the others. If that is all you desire; then guise yourself as royalty and gorge yourself to illness.” She waved her hand dismissively.

Brie planted her feet. “I’m gonna stay right here.”

The woman turned, and folded herself once more, into the amorphous green blob that Brie had stumbled upon. “You will leave now.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Oh yeah? Why?”

“Because I said so.”

Brie wanted to stay there all day, just to spite the rude woman; but she reasoned that it would prove nothing. The woman seemed to be ignoring her; plus, she would miss trick-or-treating if she stayed out too long.


Several minutes later, Brie was nearing her neighborhood.


Ignoring the startlingly loud noise she rounded the front of her house.

Standing on a plastic milk crate, Brie could barely peer into the window. Her room was empty, save for the eternal mess that covered the floor. Quietly sliding the window , she bounced a couple times before managing to jump high enough to get her arms over the sill. Wriggling, she had most of her torso inside the room, and was just about to get a leg up when she felt a large hand press heavily on her back.

“Hold still, that’s a great position!” She heard her fathers stern voice from behind. Instinctively, she tried to cover her bottom with her hands.

Instead of further instruction, she was hoisted up by the suspenders on her overalls. Floating in mid air, she began to kick and struggle.

“Brietta, what did I just say?” Her father prompted.

Wordlessly, she complied by going limp, letting her hands dangle at her sides; awaiting the inevitable spanking. Tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Now what’cha wanna do? You wanna take your spankin’ here and now? Or you want it later, after I get home?”

“I don’t want a spanking!” she whimpered; starting to squirm in the air.

“You made that choice when you ran away from Ms. Baird’s. What’s it gonna be; you wanna get it over with now?” He lowered his grip down the back of her overalls; tilting her forward, and raising her bottom; causing her to bend at the waist.

“No, later!” She started to turn around.

“Have it your way then.” He snapped his finger next to her head, and pointed forward; she straightened.

Suddenly, a sharp smack was delivered across the girl’s dusty posterior; causing her to yelp and begin to cry. She was then set on her feet, where she quickly began massaging the stinging location.

“That there is just to make sure you don’t forget what’s coming. Now turn around and let me introduce you to Jenny.” Her father stood up straight, staring down at the young girl.

She stopped whimpering as soon as she realized that they were not alone. Her head spun, followed in succession by her body, and twin braids.

Before her stood a girl with identically blonde hair; though hers was short, curly, and covered partially by a blue hoodie. Standing only a few inches taller, she blushed in unison with Brie; each was embarrassed by the situation.

“Brie, this is Jenny; Jenny, this is Brietta.” He gestured between the two of them.

“Hello Jenny.” Brie looked at her feet.

“Nice to meet you, Brietta.” Jenny forced a smile.

“C’mon you two, let’s go inside and talk about some things; I gotta leave soon.”


Both of the girls jumped at the sound; Brie’s father looked for its source.

“Dang crows,” he mumbled as he opened the door.

Brie, fearing further scolding, wisely decided to take off her muddy shoes before following the others into the light blue trailer. With two loud rips each, she peeled back the velcro and slid her feet out.

“I’m glad you didn’t feel like tracking mud all through the house today.” Her father remarked sarcastically, looking up as she entered. He had been leaning down to speak with Jenny, who was nodding.

Brie dropped her shoes beside the door.

"Welp, looks like plans changed a little bit. You won’t be going trick-or-treating this year, thanks to your little ‘adventure.’

Brie’s heart sank, she had been looking forward to this for the last week. Her mouth agape, tears threatened the corners of her eyes. She said nothing.

“No, you’re grounded, little girl. Tonight you’ll be staying at home.” He crossed his arms.

“What about-”

“Your spanking?” He finished her protest a little differently than she had planned. “You’re still gonna get that.”


“No buts!” He pointed a stern finger at her. “Do you really expect me to reward your continuously bad behavior, by letting you go out and have fun?”

Brie said nothing.

“I figured as much; now listen up!”

She looked up.

“Jenny here, is going to stay with you. She’ll be your babysitter for the night. I gotta work, again, and I’ll probably not come back until morning, understand?”

Brie didn’t really understand, but she nodded.

“That means you are going to do what she says, and not make a big fuss about it.”

Brie didn’t say a word, only staring at the girl who she didn’t know, but apparently was important enough to be in charge of her.

“I gotta go over a couple things with her; run along and change out of those dirty clothes. Please put on something appropriate.” He took a step toward the kitchen, but stopped when Brie didn’t move.

“You don’t know what ‘appropriate’ means, do you?”

Brie shook her head.

Her father softened his tone. “It means ‘the right thing for the for what’s going on.’ For example; what you done today was bad; the right thing is for me to punish you. It’s appropriate for me to punish you when you do wrong.”

Brie listened intently, sure that this was some puzzle she must figure out, or face dire consequences.

“Now that you’re gonna stay at home, and Jenny is going to babysit you; I want you to put on something that’s appropriate for what you’re going to do. You get it?” He cracked a smile, hoping to lighten her mood.

Not wanting to disappoint, Brie nodded, and fled down the hall to her room.

Her father sighed, continuing his journey into the kitchen area; Jenny followed.

“I ain’t gonna lie, she can be a handful sometimes; are you sure you’re up to watching her?”

“Yes, Mr. Macabe.” Jenny replied solemnly.

“I’ll say it again, I really appreciate you staying here with her. I know you’d probably rather go trick-or-treating.” He flipped through a well-used notepad, and began writing once he found a blank page.

“No, it’s okay, I’m just happy for the job.”

Mr. Macabe looked at her suddenly. “You keep that attitude, and you’ll go places.”

“Thank you Mr. Macabe” She set her backpack against the wall.

“Man, I sound so old when you call me that.” He mumbled to himself.

“Sorry, uh, Sir.” Jenny wasn’t sure if he meant that he didn’t want her to call him ‘Mr. Macabe,’ but just calling him Duncan would be disrespectful.

“That sounds better, I think some of my gray hairs went away.” He chuckled, picking up the note, and quickly scanning it.

“I don’t see any gray hairs…” Jenny trailed off, not entirely sure if he was joking.

“Never mind that; do you know how to use one of these?” He pointed to the yellowed rotary phone on the wall.

Jenny nodded.

He raised an eyebrow, but smiled. “I’m surprised you even know what it is.”

Jenny chuckled. “We have a cordless, but Ms. Baird has one of those.”

“So she does…” He trailed off, scratching his beard; then snapped his fingers as he returned to the topic. “Anywho, here’re some numbers, just in case. This is my boss’s number, just ask for me.”

Jenny watched as he moved his finger down the list.

“Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions, or if Brie gets too out-of-hand. But if you want, you can call Maggie Baird, down the street.”

“I know her number by heart.” Jenny boasted.

“I’m sure you know to call nine-one-one if anything goes seriously wrong.” He spoke quickly, knowing she must have been through this spiel several times. “We got a frozen pizza, and some other frozen food; feel free to help yourself. There’s some candy in the cabinet above the microwave, but don’t let Brietta see it. I’m probably gonna be out all night so, uh wait, you brought pajamas and stuff right?” He stopped and turned to her.

“Yes sir, right here.” She pointed to the backpack.

“Oh good. Anyway, so we’ve got cereal and pop-tarts and stuff for breakfast, if you need it. You know how to use an oven?” He turned to her again.

“Yes sir.” She nodded.

“Right, uh. I think that’s about it. Let’s see, uh…” He glanced around the room. “Oh, right. God bless you if you can get her to eat them, but Brie has some leftover turnips from last night. I told her she had to eat them tonight but… I don’t know if you wanna crack open that can of worms.”

“I’ll try.”

“Oh you know what? You’ll like this part. Now I know the original plan was for you to take Brie trick-or-treating. But since she’s been on such bad behavior, you understand why I can’t let her do that?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well it’s not really fair to you that you can’t go on her account. So to make up for that, I’m gonna pay you double.”

Jenny’s eyes widened. “But sir!” She began to protest.

“Now, now. I can’t, in good conscience leave you with such an unruly child, and not compensate you for it.” He looked Jenny in the eyes.

“Well, uh, thank you sir!” She stammered.

He knelt down in front of her. “And if you somehow, miraculously, manage to make her behave.” He pointed down the hall behind Jenny. “I’ll even throw in an extra bonus.”

Jenny couldn’t believe how much money she was going to make; not even counting the bonus. She was determined to do her best, and make friends with Brie, as fast as possible.

“Speaking of, let’s go find her. I need to tell her the rules, and hopefully make your life easier.”

The phone began to ring loudly. “I know who that is” He grumbled as they walked toward Brie’s bedroom. The door was still closed; Mr. Macabe knocked loudly, three times.

No response.

“Brie, are you dressed yet? We need to talk to you before I leave.” His voice carried booming authority, but he didn’t yell. Slowly, the door began to open; both Jenny and Mr. Macabe were speechless for several moments.

In the doorway stood Brie, red-faced and pouting. She had exchanged her dirty striped, shirt, for a clean yellow t-shirt. Everything else had disappeared; replaced only by a diaper taped crookedly around her waist.

“Is 'dis ‘aporperat?’”

For a few seconds, no one said anything.

“You said she’s gonna babysit me.” Brie pointed at the other girl. “Babies gotta wear diapers!”

Understanding slowly dawned on Mr. Macabe who in turn, began to chuckle. “What, did you think she was gonna turn you into a baby?” His chuckle grew to a laugh.

Brie’s face went from defiant, to ashamed, as she too realized her mistake.

Jenny stifled a giggle. “I’m just going to stay here and watch you tonight. It’s okay.”

“That’s right.” Mr. Macabe continued. “She can tell you all about babysitting while I’m gone. But enough of that; I need to leave, and you need to pay attention.”


“Just listen.” Her father cut her off. “Jenny is in charge while I’m gone; you listen to her and do what she says. That means if she wants you to call her ‘Ms. Jenny’ or ‘Ms. Jennifer;’ you call her that. If she tells you it’s time for bed, then you go to bed, and you don’t make a fuss.” He pointed a finger, emphasizing each word.

“Jennifer?” Jenny asked, sounding surprised.

Mr. Macabe turned to her, also surprised. “That is your full name, right?”

Jenny giggled. “No, it’s ‘Jinny’ with an ‘I.’”

Mr. Macabe said nothing.

“My full name is Ojinjintka, ‘Jin’ or ‘Jinny’ for short. It’s Native American, I know, it’s a weird name.” She looked at her feet. “Sorry for interrupting.”

“No, I’m sorry.” He said sincerely. “I must’a not been paying attention. I wish you’d’a said something sooner.”

“It’s okay, it happens a lot.” She smiled. “Please continue.”

“Alright Jinny.” He turned back to Brie. “You hear that, her full name is Oh-jin-jint-kah.” He looked to Jinny for confirmation as he enunciated slowly.

Jinny nodded with a smile.

“So if you make fun of her name, and don’t think I didn’t catch that smirk, you’re gonna get a spanking; from me…” He looked Brie in the eyes, then gestured to the girl beside him. “…or from her.”

Both girls became more attentive when he said this; Brie tried to shrink into her shirt.

“That’s right Brie, she has the authority to spank you if you need it. And Jinny,” he turned to the girl at his side. “That means you’re free to spank her if she acts out. Don’t hesitate. I know darn well that she gets far less spankings than she deserves.”

The girls exchanged glances, but said nothing. Mr. Macabe turned back to his daughter.

“Now, you’re grounded. That means no leaving the house, no candy, no staying up late, no watching scary movies.”

Brie’s heart sank further with each restriction. She didn’t see how this could be any worse.

“Jinny, that’s for your benefit too.” He turned back to the teen. “Little Brietta here has a nasty habit of peeing in her bed if she watches something that scares her. And too much candy will upset her stomach. I don’t want you to have to deal with a big mess.”

“Daddy!” Brie whined, horrified that her father would so nonchalantly divulge her deepest, darkest, secrets.

“Shush Brie!” He snapped, making his daughter jump. “What’s more embarrassing; me telling her, or her finding your wet bed in the morning?”

Brie said nothing. Mr Macabe continued to stare at the little girl.

“Like I said, whatever she says, goes. If she doesn’t want to spank you, but I hear that you’ve been giving her a hard time, then I’ll spank you myself; on top of what you’ve already got coming. I’m sure you two will get along if you behave.”

Brie hesitated for a moment. “Do I have to wear a diaper?”

Her father smiled and laughed. “No, probably not; but Jinny’s in charge now, ask her.”

Brie looked at Jinny, who blushed.

“Well, you do look pretty cute.” She smirked.

Brie’s eyes pleaded with tears.

“Alright fine, you don’t have to wear a diaper.” Jinny giggled.

“Go ahead and change, Brie, I gotta talk with Jin real quick.” He closed the bedroom door as his daughter made quickly for her dresser.

Mr. Macabe gestured for Jin to follow, as he made his way to the front door.

“Alright, hopefully she’ll behave. She’s been at Ms. Baird’s plenty of times, but ain’t been babysat by no one since she was a baby; least of all someone your age.” He stopped on the front step, turning as he spoke. “I’m dead serious though, spank her if she needs it; hell, spank her if she doesn’t. And please, if you don’t wanna spank her, then threaten to tell me. If she knows I’ll hear about it, then she’ll know she’s gonna get spanked. And hopefully, she’ll behave better because of it.”

They both heard the phone ringing from inside.

“Hold on a sec.” Mr. Macabe disappeared into the house for a few seconds, then returned; pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

“I don’t yet know how you handle kids, but I know how I was when my parents were away. If you can manage it, you can try and get her to obey all the rules, but you’ll probably get a fight the whole time. More ‘an likely, she’ll be pesterin’ and houndin’ you to go against everything I just said in there.” He pointed to the house. “And that’s exactly why I set all them rules, so you can break 'em.”

Jinny was puzzled; he grinned.

“You see, if you let her break a couple small rules, she won’t fight you so much on the big ones.” He lit up a cigarette; taking a drag, as he watched the teenager’s face.

A smile of realization overcame her previously confused frown and furrowed brow. “Oh I get it.” She began.

“Exactly!” He didn’t wait for her to continue. “Now you’ve got some bargaining chips. You can give her a little candy as a reward for eating her veggies, or you can let her stay up a little later if doesn’t act up.”


“Now I wouldn’t break all the rules if I were you. I wasn’t lying when I said that she wets the bed; so unless you wanna deal with soggy sheets in the morning, I’d stick with cartoons or something.” He leaned in a little closer. “She’ll probably tell you anyway, but I keep the uh… ‘grown-up’ movies in my room; they’re under the T.V. stand. Every time I leave her alone, I find she been watchin’ one of 'em, so I’m sure she’ll be begging you to put one on for her. But here’s an idea that she just made me think of; you could treat her with a scary movie, but only if she wears a diaper. That way, you don’t have to deal with a mess. But probably, she’s gonna not wanna watch the movie after you tell her that. Win-win, I say.”

“Does she usually wet the bed or wear diapers?” Jinny was plenty experienced with diapers, but not as much with an eight year-old as with a baby.

“Nah, not really. She has nightmares if something really scares her, and that’s pretty much the only time she wets the bed. She don’t wear diapers either; I only thought of that 'cause she was just wearing one for Lord-knows-what-reason.” He took another drag. “Also, she’s already had some candy, but I don’t know how much. If she eats too much, she’ll get sick; and it’ll be coming out of one end or the other… or both.” He shrugged.

“No candy; got it.”

“I mean, she can have some but not much. Just make sure she eats some real food.”

Jinny shook her head quickly. “Okay, I will.”

“Well then, there’s only one more thing.” He dropped the cigarette butt and ground it into the dirt with his boot.

“What’s that?”

“Whatever you do, don’t forget that she’s grounded. That means she can’t leave the house, period.” His tone became more serious. “If I was staying home with her, she wouldn’t even be allowed to leave her room. She knows it, and you can remind- you should remind her of it. Don’t let her push you around; she’s big for her age, and you’re pretty small; she might try and fight you.”

“I’ll take care of her.”

“Oh, and turn the lights out, if you don’t want trick-or-treaters coming by.” Backing toward his truck, he pulled a keyring from his pocket, and spun it on his finger. “Thanks again; y’all take care.” The rusty driver’s door creaked as he opened it and climbed in. He lit another cigarette. The door slammed, the truck roared to life; and a scuffing of gravel celebrated his departure.

Jinny watched the truck disappear; she was now alone with her first charge of the school year.


She jumped again, looking around for the source of the sound.


Looking up, she spotted the annoyance in the form of three crows, standing together on the peak of the roof.

“Go away you dumb bird.” She huffed.

Back inside, she sat on the old, striped couch, idly staring at a newspaper while she waited for Brie to finish changing. In front of the couch was a coffee table, covered with old mail, most of which was junk. In the far corner of the room was a big TV. It was built into a wooden housing; clearly too old for such modern luxuries as plastic. Jinny spotted a remote, half obscured by outdated catalogs.

The carpet was stained, and visibly in need of a vacuum. A darkened path led around the corner and down the hall; she attributed this to the frequent passage of dirty work boots. Jinny set the newspaper back on the coffee table, and grabbed the remote. The VCR on top of the TV lit up, displaying the time in blinking green numbers; the TV itself remained inert.

“Dat remote doesn’t work for 'da TV, you gotta pull 'da knob.” Brie said, appearing from the hallway. She now wore a red sweatshirt, and matching pants

“Oh, I was just messing with it, I wasn’t gonna watch anything.” Jinny turned off the VCR and tossed the remote back onto the stack of magazines.

Brie shuffled over to the couch and sat at the far end from Jinny. She grunted and crossed her arms dramatically; shooting a quick glance at the older girl. “Just don’t spank me, alright?”

Jinny was taken aback. “But you haven’t done anything wrong. No one’s gonna spank you if you be good.”

“How old are you?” She said, completely changing the subject.

“I’m fourteen.”

“I’m eight. You don’t look very old. I’m almost taller 'an you.” Brie turned to look at Jinny, who was starting to get up.

Jinny sighed. “I know, I’m not very tall.”

“Why are you in charge?” Brie asked with an accusing tone.

“Because I’m older.” Jinny glanced around the room. “So what’cha do for fun? Do you like to play any games? What about dolls; do you play with dolls?”

“I don’t wanna play wif’ you.” The little girl threw herself back against the couch, staring straight ahead in order to reinforce her statement.

“Fine, whatever.” Jinny said dismissively. “I’ll just ground you to your room instead. Then maybe I’ll be able to finish reading my book.” She walked into the kitchen and began searching through the cabinets.

Brie remained in the living room, where she sat, silently second-guessing her attitude; wondering if Jinny would really ground her.

“Alright, I’ve got a choice for you.” Jinny called from the kitchen. “I’ve got two things behind my back, you can have one of them.”

She emerged from the kitchen with her arms behind her. Wearing a sly grin, she approached the couch; stopping directly in front of Brie, who fidgeted nervously. First, she drew out her right hand, producing a large wooden spoon.

“The first thing is this. If you chose this one, I’m gonna spank you with this spoon.” Jinny locked eyes with Brie, who sat motionless.

“What’s 'da of’er one?”

“Oh, nothing special. Just this candy.” She held out her left hand and opened it.

In it sat a small, wrapped, chocolate candy. Brie glanced down at it, then back at Jinny; who kept smiling. She was sure that this was a trick. Would Jinny really spank her? Would she really give her the candy; Brie’s mouth watered at the thought of chocolate. Why would she let her chose between one horrible thing, and one nice thing?

“Dad said I can’t have candy 'cause I’m grounded.” Brie said, hoping to expose the lie.

“I won’t tell.” Jinny replied sweetly.

“What happens if I eat the candy?”

“Pick it and find out.”

“Okay…” Brie said, hesitantly. “I want the candy.”

Jinny held out the treat, and Brie took it. Slowly, she unwrapped the candy; watching Jin closely as she popped it in her mouth.

“Is that tasty?” Jinny kept smiling.

Brie nodded, chewing silently for a minute.

“Why’d you give me 'dat?”

“Because, Brietta, I wanna be your friend.” She straightened, walking back to the kitchen. “I don’t wanna spank you. But if you’re bad, then I have to do it. You’re the one that makes that choice, not me.”

“But you don’t hafta spank me, even if I’m bad.” Brie whined.

The sound of clattering silverware answered her from around the corner.

“Yes I do, Brie, I have to make sure you do the right thing.” Jinny called back, then poked her head out. “Hey, you wanna eat mac and cheese?”

Brie nodded; Jinny disappeared again. A Clatter of pots and pans could be heard as Jinny started boiling a pot of water. There was silence for a few minutes.

Brie grumbled to herself, and slouched against the stack of cushions. She couldn’t see why grown-ups only wanted rules, rules, rules.

“When I’m in charge, I won’t spank anyone!” Brie declared.

“Being in charge means more than just spanking kids or giving them candy. You gotta do chores all the time, and make sure things get cleaned up. You also have to make sure that kids eat things that are good for them, not just tasty things.” Jinny dumped the macaroni into the pot. “Speaking of which, your dad said you should eat your veggies; I’m warming up these leftover turnips.”

“I don’t wanna eat turnips!”

“If you eat your turnips like a good girl, I’ll let you stay up later, and you can have some candy after dinner.”

Brie heard the microwave beep several times, then begin humming.

“It’s not fair!” Brie whined.

“It’s perfectly fair; if you be good, you get a treat, if not, you don’t.” Jinny began setting the table; first, clearing off a few stacks of papers.


“Yes, Brietta?” Jinny stopped to poke her head around the corner.

“Why does being good mean I gotta do some’fing I don’t wanna do?”

“Because you decided not to like those things!” Jinny smiled, pointing a finger at Brie, for emphasis.

“Why do you get to chose what’s good?”

“Brie, I’m fourteen, than means I’m six years older than you. A fourteen year-old knows more than an eight year-old, just like an eight year-old knows more than a two year-old.” Jinny started serving the mac and cheese, also setting the small plate of turnips at Brie’s place. “But even eight is too young to take care of a two year-old; you gotta be older than that.”

“I could take care of a two year-old!” Brie got up, smelling the aroma of mac and cheese.

“But what would you eat? You don’t even know how to make mac and cheese!” Jinny chuckled. “Speaking of which, come and eat; the food is ready.”

Brie made her way into the kitchen, but frowned when she saw the turnips.

“I’ll make sandwiches.” She started toward her chair.

“Wash your hands first.” Jinny said, setting a glass of juice at each place, then sitting down herself. “And no, it’s not easy taking care of a two year-old.”

Brie stamped her feet as she made her way to the sink. “Why do I gotta eat turnips anyway?” She mumbled to herself.

“Because I said so.”

Jinny could see that this was going to be a long night of arguing with an eight year-old. She was already regretting taking the job. After a bite of her mac and cheese, she thought about her sister and her friend, they were probably waiting for her to join them at the harvest festival. She felt a bit guilty for not letting them know that plans had changed. Jinny hoped they wouldn’t wait for her too long.

Her eyes wandered to her backpack, sitting against the wall. In it, she had packed her Halloween costume; she had planned on dressing up as a doctor. Her friend Judy was going to be a nurse, and her sister Lana, was going to be a newborn baby. Judy’s Mom had helped them with the costumes, and together they were sure to get tons of candy.

Her sisters costume gave her an idea. If Lana could be a convincing baby; maybe she could too. She grinned slightly, but Brie didn’t notice; she was staring angrily at her turnips.

“So you really think you can take care of a two year-old?” Jinny set her fork down; looking over at the younger girl.

“Yeah.” Brie looked up.

“You wanna bet on it?” Jinny let her grin show.

“Waddya mean?”

“I mean, I bet you can’t.”

“Can too!”

“Alright, how about this. I’ll act like a two year-old, and you can be the babysitter. That means you get to be in charge. But! You have to do all the things that I would do; all the things that a babysitter is s’posed to do.” Jinny’s face turned serious. “If you can do it until bedtime, then I’ll let you stay up late; and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you watch a scary movie.”

Brie face was shining with excitement.

“But if you can’t, if you give up, or if you won’t do something you’re supposed to; then I win, and you agree to do everything I say, no arguing or complaining.”

Brie chose not to let the losing conditions dampen her spirits. She would get to be in charge, she would get to stay up late, she could even watch a scary movie. It had been a while since she’d seen anything that wasn’t a cartoon, and she really wanted to watch a grown-ups movie. This was her big chance. A sly grin spread across her face; this would be an easy win.

“Okay!” She chirped, already thinking of ways to use her new authority.

“Good luck Brie, you’d better do a good job.” Jinny smirked; this was going to be fun.

“Okay, you’re 'da baby, and babies need to eat 'der veggies.” Brie slid her plate of turnips across the table.

Jinny looked down at the plate, internally commending Brie for being so clever, right off the bat. There was, of course, the possibility that even if Jinny won, Brie wouldn’t comply. No real loss though, if that were to happen, they’d just be back at square one; and Jinny would, at that point, know exactly what she was dealing with. Likely, such a result would mean that Jinny would resort to threats and punishments to gain compliance.

That was only a worst case scenario; currently she only had to act like the most annoying toddler. There’s no way that Brie could put up with one for very long, and Jinny already had plenty of examples from which to pull inspiration. The advantage for her was that she, for the purpose of the bet, had no responsibilities; instead, Brie had the total responsibility, and Jinny could do whatever she liked. Jinny decided that she would be obedient, for now; waiting for a good opportunity to antagonize her new superior.

“Okay!” Jinny said excitedly, and jammed her fork into the turnips. After several bites, she really began to wonder why Brie wouldn’t eat them; they were absolutely delicious! It wasn’t long before they were gone.

Brie sat wide-eyed.

Jinny wolfed down her mac and cheese, making a conscious effort to slop some onto the table and onto her face. She followed by draining her glass of juice, also managing to spill some on the table.

“All done!” She exclaimed cheerfully; clunking the glass on the tabletop.

“Good baby.” Brie said, not yet finished with her own bowl.

“I wanna go play!” Jinny announced, pushing the plate and bowl away from her.

Brie was about to get up.

“Brie,” Jinny stopped her with a serious tone. “A babysitter doesn’t leave her food unfinished; I finished mine, and I’m the baby. Plus, a babysitter must always keep an eye on the baby; you can’t let me wander off alone.”

Brie sat back down silently.

“You’re the babysitter, remember? When I babysit, I don’t let babies leave the table until I’m done.” Jinny got out of her seat, and walked toward the living room, turning to give Brie a raised eyebrow.
It took Brie a couple seconds to read the prompt. “Come back here baby.” She commanded, once it registered. “Sit down and stay 'der until I’m done.”

For a second, Jinny considered rebelling, but causing a big fight wasn’t the point; in fact, it was the thing she hoped to avoid. The point was to make Brie give up on her own. She took her seat once more.

When Brie had finally finished her food, she left her bowl in the sink. “Okay baby Jinny, you can go play now.”

Jinny got up. “I wanna play with blocks!”

Brie started walking toward the living room, but again, Jinny stopped her with a serious tone.

“You’re not just gonna leave my dishes on the table, are you?”

“Clean up your dishes, baby Jinny.” Brie answered with a confident smirk.

“But I’m two; two year-olds don’t clean up their own dishes.” Jinny countered.

Brie rolled her eyes, knowing this was true. Sighing, she collected the dishes and deposited them in the sink. With her task complete, she tried again to leave the kitchen; but again, Jinny tasked her with further responsibility.

“There’s a mess on the table.” Jinny pointed to the pieces of macaroni that she’d left previously.

Brie grumbled as she grabbed the dishrag from beside the sink. She hadn’t even finished wiping up the mess when Jinny spoke again.

“I’ve got food on my face too.”

With the table cleaned, Brie started walking toward Jinny; dishrag in hand.

“EEEWWW!” Jinny squealed loudly, causing Brie to jump. “You can’t use a dirty dishrag on a baby.”

Brie stopped, went back to the sink, and deposited the rag. This was already becoming annoying, she had to find a way to make this work. Even she knew that everything Jinny had said was true; she began to realize that being a babysitter wasn’t as fun as she had originally thought. Unrolling a couple paper towels, she wetted them and approached Jinny.

Jinny waited, smiling innocently, with her hands clasped behind her back.

As soon as the wet paper touched Jinny’s face, she squirmed, turning her head. “Mmm! Cold!”

Brie, occasionally familiar with having her own face wiped, suddenly remembered what the adults did. “Hold still Jinny!” She put one hand on the back of the taller girl’s head and gripped while rubbing roughly with her other hand.

Jinny struggled a little, but chose to let Brie ‘win’ this one; after all, Brie’s method was pretty good. She did stick out her tongue after the cleaning had been performed successfully.

Brie tossed paper towels in the trash, thankful that they were finished in the kitchen. Jinny, however, was ready to drop the next task.

“Are you gonna leave those dirty dishes to get all smelly and hard to clean? You’re not gonna wash them?” Jinny smiled sweetly, pointing to the small stack of cheese-covered kitchenware.

Brie had been tasked with washing dishes before, easily not one of her favorite chores. She really didn’t want to do dishes, but she really did want to prove Jinny wrong. Turning again, she reached for the soap.

“Hey!” Jinny stamped her foot; also using the most whiny voice she could muster. “I wanna play with blocks!”

“Just wait, I gotta wash dishes.” Brie explained.

“NO!” Jinny caught Brie’s attention, stamping her foot again. “I!” Stamp. “WANNA!” Stamp. “PLAY, WITH, BLOCKS!” Stamp, stamp, stamp. Smiling, she returned her voice to normal. “And I’m gonna scream and cry if you don’t get them soon.”

“Grrr!” Brie tossed the brush down in the sink.

She suddenly realized that she was falling into Jinny’s trap. If she blew up and threw a fit, she wouldn’t be a good babysitter, and Jinny would win. She took a deep breath. Get blocks first, then wash dishes, keep baby in kitchen so she’s not out of sight. Brie grinned inwardly at the last part, as it proved that she hadn’t forgotten what Jinny said a minute ago.

“Come on little Jinny, let’s go get some blocks. I 'fink I got some in my room.” She grabbed Jinny’s hand, and pulled her along; that was another smart move.

Jinny bounced along behind, making sure to go slow enough that Brie had to almost drag her. The hallway was short, with two doors on the left, and one at the end. They entered the first, which turned out to be a messy bedroom.

It wasn’t so much cluttered as it was totally disorganized. Toys were scattered about, the bed was buried under a heap of fabric, and the little pink dresser looked like the clothes were actively trying to escape.

Brie left Jinny by the door, and went for her closet. She rooted around for a minute before producing several wooden alphabet blocks. She was about to tell Jinny to head back to the kitchen, when she noticed the older girl was staring intently at her bed. Tracing her gaze, she looked to where she had tossed the diaper from earlier. She began blushing furiously at the thought of her ignorant actions.

“Come on Jinny.” Said excitedly, hoping to distract her. Jinny turned, and their eyes met. In that single second, Brie had a brilliant idea. No, not just brilliant, perfect; absolutely perfect.

An evil grin spread across the eight year-old’s face.

Jinny’s was confused by the expression.

“Silly me!” Brie slapped her forehead with her free hand. She set the blocks down, and turned back to the closet. “I almost forgot.”

A second later, she emerged, holding a folded diaper.

“Babies gotta wear diapers.” Her voice dripped with playful malice. She could barely keep from giggling; relishing in the genius of her idea.

“I’m not that kind of baby.” Jinny was noticeably shocked.

“Of course you are!” Brie stepped forward, holding out the threatening garment. A decorative pattern of Disney characters adorned the front, while the waistband was light pink; the diaper’s plastic surface was otherwise totally white.

“But why?” Jinny pleaded.

“Because I said so.”

Jinny was on the brink of forfeiting the bet; she even considered using her authority to cancel the arrangement entirely. However, that would prove nothing to Brie; only that she was either a meanie, or a chicken. For the moment, Jinny couldn’t come up with a decent argument; or at least, not one to avoid wearing a diaper. Moreover, she reasoned that this might actually present new ways to antagonize her caretaker.

“Alright, fine.” Jinny rolled her eyes. “Let’s get this over with.”

With a grin of smug victory, Brie stood in front the older girl. “Here ya go.” She said mockingly.

Jinny hesitated, taking a few seconds to understand the implication. Brie intended her to put on her own diaper. Jinny smirked. “How am I supposed to do that? I’m just a baby; babies don’t know how to change their diapers.”

It was the younger girl’s turn to hesitate. She couldn’t tell if Jinny really wanted to be put in a diaper? Moreover, Brie hadn’t even considered that such a thing was allowed. Brie had watched several diaper changes at Ms. Baird’s; she had even helped with a few. She knew how to change a diaper, she had even put one on herself earlier; that was probably harder than putting one on someone else. Even still, Brie hoped Jinny was bluffing.

She withdrew the diaper. “Okay baby, lay down.”

Jinny glanced down, then back up at Brie. “On the dirty floor?”

Brie remembered that Ms. Baird would sometimes use a towel instead of the changing mat. “Come on baby, let’s go put you in a diaper before you pee everywhere.” She grabbed Jinny by the hand, and pulled her to the bathroom. She laid out a big towel in the middle of the floor. “Lay down.”

Jinny did as she was told.

Brie frantically searched her mind for everything she knew about diaper changes. She already knew the basic steps, but she had to prove Jinny wrong; she had to prove that she was more than capable as a babysitter. This was also a chance to make Jinny wear a diaper; she didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Grabbing Jinny’s feet, she struggled with her shoes; Brie wasn’t used to laces, instead, preferring her own velcro sneakers. After a minute, she managed to get them off and set them aside. Next, she reached for Jinny’s waist; her hand stopping on the jeans’ front button. Her eyes met with the older girl’s; she wasn’t sure if she should continue.

“Come on Brie, you better get me in a diaper soon; before I pee everywhere.”

Jinny was clearly mocking her hesitation, Brie gritted her teeth, undid the button, pulled down the zipper, and began tugging the jeans away from their owner. Jinny assisted by raising herself off of the towel; but Brie still had to work the tight jeans off, little by little.

Jinny let out a sigh once the jeans were clear of her ankles. She relaxed, and waited for Brie’s next move.

Again, Brie went for Jinny’s waist, but this time, she intentionally avoided eye contact. Focusing only on the lavender panties, she tugged them quickly down the older girl’s legs; tossing them on top of the crumpled jeans. With each step, she gained confidence. Now grabbing the diaper, she turned back to the teen.

Jinny stared silently at the ceiling. She had once wondered what it felt like to wear a diaper; never once considered that she might actually get to find out. Nevertheless, here she was, about to be diapered by an eight year-old.

Brie caught herself staring, if only for a moment; she shook her head, and proceeded; trying to maintain her momentum. Unfolding the diaper revealed that the leg cuffs were also pink; matching the waistband. She spread the diaper out on the towel; Jinny didn’t move.

“Lift.” Brie commanded, but her voice was timid.

Jinny looked at her, then lifted.

Brie quickly slid the unfolded diaper under Jinny’s behind, which then came to rest on top of the crinkly white padding. Grabbing the front of the diaper, she pulled it up between Jinny’s legs, and pressed it flat against her, just below her belly button. Brie had to scoot forward a little to reach the far tab, which she pulled tightly around Jinny’s waist, and stuck to the front of her diaper. Mimicking this motion, she then grabbed the tab on the left, pulling it, and sticking it onto the decorated front of the pink and white diaper. As it turned out, Jinny had not been bluffing.

At this, Jinny sat up to inspect her diaper. After feeling between her legs, and tugging lightly at the leg cuffs, she looked up at Brie. “Good job.”

Brie smiled, glad that met Jinny’s expectations for a diaper change.

Jinny waited for a few seconds, then asked “aren’t you gonna put my pants back on?”

Brie had the pants in her hand, and was untangling the legs, when she remembered another thing that the she’d frequently heard at Ms. Baird’s daycare. ‘Girls are easier to change because they’re the only ones that wear dresses these days.’ She put the pants down.

Jinny gave her a quizzical look, she answered by standing up and holding out her hand. “Come on baby, let’s get you some pretty, new clothes.”

Jinny had to move quickly to avoid having her arm pulled lose. She was released once they were back in Brie’s room. The younger girl had all but disappeared into her closet, rummaging around loudly; causing several items to topple across the already-messy carpet. A few moments later, she again produced something that halted Jinny’s train of thought.

This time it was an enormous stuffed teddy bear. It momentarily wore a frilly pink party dress; but Brie was only a couple tugs away from disrobing the beast entirely. When this was done, the dress was held out; and behind it stood a familiar smile of mischief.

“I’m gonna make my baby the most prettiest baby 'der is.” Brie approached, setting the dress on the bed beside her.

“Hold on.” Jinny started.

“A- a- a-ah.” Brie waggled her finger, silencing the teen. “Babies don’t pick 'deir clothes.”

A brief struggle ensued, between Brie, and Jinny’s upper-body attire. The young girl was triumphant, dropping each article of clothing as it pulled free. Then, bunching up the dress, she slid it over Jinny’s head, guiding her arms through the short sleeves, before letting it fall to its full length.

Opinions immediately differed on the length of the dress. Brie though it was fine, giggling as she watched the older girl unsuccessfully try and tug it down lower, in an attempt to cover herself.

Jinny found that, due to the proportions of the bear, the dress fit her just fine around the neck and upper body; but that was all it fit. Since the bear was much shorter and wider than she, so was the dress. In this case, it meant that the dress barely fell past her midrif; leaving her diaper entirely exposed.

“It’s too short.” Jinny complained, still trying to somehow stretch the frilly garment.

“Nah, it’s fine.” Brie said, picking up the previously discarded wooden blocks. “Babies don’t care if 'deir diapers show. C’mon, let’s go play.”

Jinny followed, crinkling loudly as she walked. The diaper fit her decently well, but this wasn’t too surprising, given her small frame. She stopped when they reached the kitchen, and looked down to examine herself more closely. The crinkly garment bulged significantly in front and back, as well as between her legs; causing them to spread slightly.

Brie dropped the blocks on the floor in the kitchen, then made her way to the fridge.

Jinny wasn’t very comfortable, only wearing what amounted to be socks, a shirt, and a diaper. But she played her new role by sitting down and trying to stack the blocks. Fortunately, the padding in her diaper made sitting on the hard kitchen floor somewhat more comfortable. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the entire alphabet available to her, so she couldn’t work any mischief with the letters.

“You wanna drink milk or apple juice?” Brie called from the refrigerator.

“I’m not thirsty.”

Brie frowned. “I’m pouring you a cup of apple juice anyway.” A minute later, she was standing over the blocks, holding out a bright red sippy-cup.

Jinny didn’t look up. “That’s just another dish for you to wash.”

Brie set the cup on the floor, and grumbled her way to the sink. With the sink running at full blast, she began whittling down the stack of dirty dishes. Had her chores only included the ones they had just used, she would be done in a couple minutes. Unfortunately, there were at least two days of unwashed items.

Jinny sat and watched Brie for a while, grinning at the knowledge that she had tricked the younger girl into chores. Despite her earlier protests, she grabbed the sippy-cup, and started drinking. When it was empty, she tossed it across the room; causing it to bump against the cabinet at Brie’s feet.

“More!” She squeaked; pretending to concentrate on her block tower. She heard the water turn off, and a few seconds later, the fridge open.

Again, Brie set the cup of juice in front of Jinny. “Don’t 'frow 'fings Jinny.”

“Why not?” Jinny huffed; still stacking the blocks.

“Because I said so.”

Jinny took the cup, and drank again, slower this time. She had only been in this diaper for maybe fifteen minutes, but already she had a problem. Or perhaps it wasn’t a problem; perhaps, it was an opportunity. She wondered whether Brie would be willing to change a wet diaper. Jinny looked at the juice cup again; she knew she had drunk enough already, but finished the cup, just to be sure.

The continued sound of running water only added to her increasing urgency. For a few more minutes, she pretended to play with the blocks; but abandoned that in favor of fidgeting restlessly. One part of her screamed, telling her not to be stupid; another part told her to let go. The latter won out; backed heavily by the present urgency. It took Jinny several tries, but she finally managed to relax. Warm moisture began to spread between her legs. She had intended to control it, to let it slowly trickle; but her body didn’t get the memo. Instead, after the initial struggle, her body simply relinquished its control. The trickle grew to a stream, then a torrent; warmth flooded into her diaper, quickly overflowing its capacity. Jinny was helpless to stop it, and soon found herself sitting in a small yellow lake.

“Oh my gosh!” Brie exclaimed. She had turned off the water, and was now standing in front of wet girl. “Did you really pee in your diaper!?”

“I pee-pee’d Brie!” Jinny squeaked, staying in character. In reality, she wanted nothing more than to be out of this sopping wet diaper as fast as possible; but first she needed to antagonize Brie. After all, that was kinda the point.

“And you leaked! EEEWWW!” Brie jumped back.

Jinny held out her arms. “Change me Brie; I pee-pee’d!” She added a sly grin at the end.

Brie caught the look; knowing right away that Jinny was testing her. “Don’t move baby.” She commanded with panicked insistence. Quickly disappearing down the hall, Jinny was left alone for a few minutes.

The teen sat in her mess, satisfied with the result. It was almost worth it just for Brie’s reaction. But it also showed weakness; a weakness on which, Jinny hoped to capitalize. She wondered if she had already won; maybe Brie was in the bathroom, puking away her victory. Jinny could feel the distant rumblings of a follow-up attack. If need be, she could escalate this greatly in the near future; but she hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Much to her dismay, Brie returned with a bundle of items. “Alright, I guess babies can’t help it. Let’s clean you up.”

First, she spread the large towel in the middle of the living room; beside it, she set two diapers and a washcloth. Fortunately, the party dress was so short that it didn’t get wet.

“Oh gosh, you’re soaked all over.” She remarked with genuine disgust.

Grabbing a clean dishrag out of a nearby drawer, she dabbed away most of the wetness on Jinny’s legs and diaper. Now that she was dry enough to walk on the carpet, Brie led her charge over to the towel; making her lay down in familiar fashion.

Brie sniffed. “Ew! You smell gross!” She wrinkled her nose, much to Jinny’s amusement.

Gingerly peeling first one tape, then the other; Brie recoiled at the odor that wafted into her face. “Lift,” she commanded, bravely un-pinching her nose. Using only the tips of her fingers, she slid the soggy diaper away, carefully rolling it into a ball, and securing it with the tapes. Next, she grabbed the washcloth, and started wiping.

Jinny was surprised to find that the cloth was cold and wet. She squeaked when it touched her skin, and continued to squirm as Brie wiped.

“Hold still baby Jinny.” Brie forced herself to wipe the cloth all over Jinny’s private area.

Neither girl was sure which of them was more uncomfortable with the procedure; but each one told herself that it was the other.

Brie finished with a sigh of relief, and dropped the cloth beside the soggy diaper. Turning she grabbed one of the clean diapers, and quickly had it taped around Jinny’s waist.

“You’re too big of a baby for just one diaper. Maybe you need two.” Brie stretched the second diaper over the first, pressing the tapes into place with a crinkle.

After a few seconds of silence, Jinny made the first move. With an exaggerated carelessness, she bounced over to the kitchen to retrieve the blocks.

Brie watched, confused, as Jinny dumped the blocks in the middle of the living room and began stacking them up. Brie couldn’t accept that Jinny was really going to make her clean up the mess.

Jinny glanced up at Brie and smiled, then went right back to stacking the blocks.

“Giving up already?” Jinny asked; still focusing on her toys.

Brie didn’t reply; instead, she turned quickly, and disappeared into the kitchen. Grabbing a dishrag, she soaked up the puddle. After several trips to the sink and back; she eventually got the floor cleaned to satisfaction. Finished, she looked over and found that Jinny had been watching her.

Jinny smiled and nodded.

Brie took the dishrag, and the cloth she had used to clean Jinny, and dumped them both in the laundry hamper in the bathroom. She dumped the wet diaper in the kitchen trash, but left the towel on the floor; suspecting that Jinny would need another diaper change before the bedtime. Suddenly, Brie had the horrible suspicion that Jinny might have a stinky diaper. She forced the thought from her head; there was no way Jinny would actually do that; would she? Brie stopped and worriedly looked at the teen.

Jinny didn’t look up. Coincidentally, she was thinking of the same exact possibility. In her gut, she knew that she would have to go again before the end of the day. Night was fast approaching, and she needed to find a way to beat Brie; to win the bet. That just wasn’t the way she wanted to do it, not yet anyway. She looked around, searching for something; a tool to help her. What would a child want to do? What would they do that would ultimately antagonize Brie?

Brie was finished cleaning the recent mess, and wandered down the hall to her room. In a minute, she came back out, two Barbie’s in her hands, and several accessories.

Jinny knew what she wanted to do next.

“I want that!” Jinny demanded, timing herself to call Brie just before she could take a seat on the couch.

Brie looked up, worried that Jinny wanted to play with, and possibly destroy her favorite dolls. Instead, Jinny was pointing toward the front of the house. Brie’s eyes followed Jinny’s finger to a large pumpkin that sat on a table under the window.

“'Da pumpkin?” Brie asked, not quite sure what Jinny meant.

“Mmm hmm.” Jinny nodded. She had spotted the pumpkin when she arrived. It was large, but plain; she planned to change that very soon.

“Why do you want a pumpkin?”

“To carve a face!” Jinny got up and crinkled her way over to the window. “This one’s got not face.”

“I don’t know about 'dat…” Brie said hesitantly. “I don’t want to clean ano’ver mess up.”

Jinny ignored this entirely. Bear-hugging the pumpkin, she hauled it over to the kitchen table, where she set it down with a loud thud.

“Let’s carve a face,” Jinny said excitedly; then added in a more mature tone, “c’mon Brie, it’ll be fun.”

Brie gave in, and followed Jinny into the kitchen. Jinny was already sitting at the table; watching her expectantly.

“Get a knife, a spoon, a pencil, and a bowl.”

Brie got three of the items, but Jinny spotted a pencil by the phone.

“I got the pencil. I’mma draw the face!” Jinny paused after her exclamation, and figured that she should let Brie draw the face; even if she was the baby. She held out the pencil.

Brie took a seat at the table. She had always wanted to carve a pumpkin, but never had the chance. In fact, she hadn’t even noticed the pumpkin in the house until Jinny pointed it out. Had she brought it with her? Was her dad planning to use it for something? Brie took the pencil.

“What do I do wi’ff 'dis?”

You draw a face, I changed my mind; I’ll let you do it.” Jinny turned the pumpkin so that the cleanest side was facing Brie.

“I 'fought we were gonna carve it?” Brie stared at Jinny quizzically.

“We are, silly, but we’re gonna draw the face first; that way, we’ll we know where to carve.”


“Well go ahead,” Jinny slid the pumpkin a little closer to Brie. “Draw whatever you like.”

Brie drew a simple smiley face.


“It’s okay, but just lines are gonna be hard to carve. Let’s add a little more to it.” Jinny fattened the shapes; making the dots into circles, and the smile into a crescent. “Wanna add anything else?”

Brie shook her head.

“Okay, first we have to clean it out.” Jinny took the knife and quickly cut a circle around the top. Pulling by the stem, she lifted the circle away, and set it aside. “Now comes the fun part.”

Brie stared silently, waiting for Jinny to explain further.

Jinny took the spoon, and began scraping around the inside of the pumpkin. After a minute, she set the spoon aside. Brie looked at her questioningly, but neither girl said a word. Sticking her hand completely into the pumpkin, Jinny pulled out a huge glob of orange mush.

“Here, grab it.” She thrust it toward Brie, who recoiled quickly.

“Eww, don’t get it on me.”

“It’s okay, it’s just pumpkin guts.” Jinny dropped the mess in the bowl. “Go ahead, you give it a shot.”

“No way, it’s too slimy.” Brie shook her head rapidly.

Jinny sighed. “I guess I’ll do it myself. Get a cloth, will ya?”

When the pumpkin was cleaned, the bowl was half full of seeds and slop. Jinny wiped off her hands and picked up the knife.

“Now watch.” Jinny pressed the knife, aligning it with one of the circles. With a sawing motion, she slowly cut along the circumference; popping out the circular chunk once it was free.

Brie hesitated when Jinny set the knife in front of her.

“Here, let’s do it together.” Jinny offered.

Brie took the knife, and with Jinny’s hand over hers, pressed the knife into the pumpkin. With some difficulty, they cut out the second eye hole. Brie smiled.

“Was that fun?” Jinny prompted.

Brie nodded with a grin.

They repeated the method, and cut out the shape of the mouth.

“You wanna add a nose, maybe?” Jinny asked.

“No, he’s good.”

“Okay then, just a little clean up, and we’ll be ready to turn him into a jack o’ lantern.” Jinny held out her slimy hands.

Brie looked at her for a moment before figuring out what Jinny wanted. Her smiled turned to a frown as she realized that this was just another ploy to give her more chores. Grumbling, Brie wiped Jinny’s hands for her. Next, she began washing the knife and spoon; unsure yet what she should do with the bowl of guts.

Jinny was sitting contentedly at the table; when she was suddenly overcome by mischievous thoughts. Clearly, she hadn’t been a bad enough baby. An idea popped into her head, and she grinned.

“I want a candy!” She demanded in a whiny squeak.

Brie was still upset about having to clean yet more dishes. “No, you made a mess.”

“But I’ve been good.” Jinny whined further.

“I said, no.” Brie turned around momentarily, before returning her attention to the sink. “No candy for baby.”

“But why?”

“Because I said so.”

Jinny had collected the bowl of pumpkin guts, and quietly approached Brie from behind. At that exact moment, an even better idea entered her mind, one that would be sure to make Brie completely lose her cool. Jinny wrestled with the thought; it was as if her mind was demanding she go through with it, as if something was urging her to be mean to Brie. She managed to convince herself otherwise, and out of slight compassion, took alternate action.Stealthily she grabbed a handful of mush, and dropped it on Brie’s arm.

“EEEWWW!” Brie screamed, and dropped the dish brush as she jumped back. “What 'da hell?”

Jinny froze when she heard the swear. Brie stomped toward her, and snatched the bowl from her hands.

“Come on Jinny, don’t be a bad baby; 'dat’s not fair.”

Jinny only smiled sweetly. “But I didn’t know 'dat was bad.” She mimicked Brie’s lisp.

“Well it is.” She slammed the bowl into the sink. “You want me to spank you?”

“Mmm-mmm.” Jinny shook her head.

Brie paused for a second, glancing at the bowl of mush; then back to Jinny. “How about I put 'dat mush on you?” A sly grin spread across her face as she remembered a something she had once seen a kid do with potato salad. “Or how about I put it in your diaper?”

Jinny’s mouth fell open in shock; that was her idea. She immediately regretted her decision not to do that exact thing to Brie, only moments ago. Her shock turned to annoyance at her lost chance.

Babies don’t care about being messy, right?” Brie taunted.

Jinny was about to argue loudly, when a much better response appeared in her head. “You’re gonna have to change my diaper again.” Jinny attempted to appear unfazed by the threat.

Brie’s confidence wavered, and her face softened for a second. “I’m putting you in time-out.” She forced a stern look onto her face. “Go sit in 'da corner.”

Jinny complied, but kept grinning at her discovery. She took her seat in the corner, and began contemplating her next action.

Brie finished cleaning, and moved to the living room. There, she took a seat on the couch and began coloring in a book.

No more than a couple minutes had passed when Jinny’s thoughts were interrupted by rumblings in her gut. As if to spur on the decision, her body was now telling her of a suddenly increasing need; a need that was the very subject of her contemplation. The act would probably win the bet, but was it worth it? Jinny wasn’t sure if she wanted to win such a pyrrhic victory. But then, considering all the embarrassment that she had already gone through, what was the point if victory could not be secured? Her sacrifice would be in vain. She would have liked to ponder this some more, to play out the scenarios in her head; but unfortunately, she didn’t have the time for that.

She rose to a kneeling position as her insides shifted drastically. The new urgency brought sudden discomfort. Some quiet flatulence escaped as she knelt; granting only temporary relief. She sat on the heels of her feet, using the pressure to reinforce her control.

“Briiieee!” She whined, clenching tightly.

“What is it, baby?” Brie didn’t look up from her coloring book.

“Briiieee!” Jinny called, louder this time. “C’mere Brie!”

“Alright, I’m coming.” Brie huffed, slapping down a crayon. “What is it, baby Jinny?”

Jinny raised up, more gas escaped. “Poopy!” She whined desperately. She decided to stay in character, hoping to add to the effect.

Brie caught the scent and reeled, taking a step back. “What!?” She gasped. Her eyes going wide.

“Poopy, Brie; poooopy!” Jinny waddled forward on her knees.

“Oh hell no.” Brie mouthed, backing away.

Jinny held her arms out.

Brie backed up against the couch.

“You’re gonna change me, right Brie?” Jinny added in a childishly sweet voice.

“Eww, no way!”

Jinny farted loudly this time; she knew that there was no more gas after this. “But Briiieee!” Pooooopy!"

Brie only shook her head.

Jinny made a pouting face. This was it; the moment of truth.

“Why did you poop!?” Brie leaned forward, and pointed an accusing finger at Jinny. “'Dat’s di’gusting!”

Jinny stopped, not sure if she heard Brie correctly.

“You’re nasty!” Brie continued. “Get your stinky, poopy, diaper away from me!”

It suddenly dawned on Jinny that Brie thought she had already pooped; and furthermore, Brie wasn’t planning on changing her. On the brink of messing herself, Jinny had won. She clamped down with all her strength; she had to be sure.

“You’re not gonna change me?” She asked innocently.


“For real?” Jinny put on her best ‘sad puppy dog’ expression.

“No, dammit!” Brie yelled.

“So that means you can’t handle babysitting a two year old?” Jinny was in front of the couch now; grinning widely. “So you lost the bet?”

“Yes, whatever! I don’t care!” This was too much, Brie decided. No late bedtime, or any amount of candy or grown-up movies was worth sticking her fingers in that. She sunk into the couch, trying to get away from Jinny and her mess.

“So if I win, that means you’ll do what I say without complaining or arguing?” Jinny clenched hard, the thrill of victory gave her a boost in confidence and strength.

“YES!” Brie threw a cushion at her, but missed. “I’ll do whatever you want; I don’t wanna be a babysitter no more!”

Jinny lowered her voice to a menacing growl. “Do you know what I’ll do to you if you back on your word?”

Brie sprung forward, eyes open. “I don’t even care!” She squealed, pointing first to Jinny, then to the hallway. “Jus’ get that nasty shit away from me!”

Jinny wasted no time correcting Brie’s language; instead she sprang up, and sped off to the bathroom. Slamming and locking the door, she trembled as she pranced to the toilet and lifted the lid. Squirming, she hiked up the dress and tore at the tapes. One, two, done; the first diaper fell to the ground. A spasm hit her as she ripped at the second diaper, nearly causing her to lose control. In her haste, she fumbled, and could only manage to remove one of the tapes; but that was enough. With a light crinkle, the second clean diaper hit the ground. She kicked it across the room as she landed on the seat.

She had done it.

As relief swept over her, and the adrenaline from her rush subsided; she began to gather her thoughts. Her motive was clear from the beginning; prove that Brie couldn’t handle baby-sitting. Jinny couldn’t deny the oddity of her choice; using diapers was not part of the original plan. No, diapers were Brie’s idea, just like her claim to responsibility, the one that started the bet in the first place. But Jinny had turned it around; using Brie’s own suggestions to prove her point.

But was there more to it than that? Jinny questioned what had driven her to accept, and even use the diapers. She stared across the room, where the crinkly garment lay, unable to answer the question in full. She couldn’t decide whether she had just been caught up in the moment, or whether she had secretly enjoyed it. While she could admit that there was a certain comfort to wearing diapers, there was something else; some unknown force that drove her to use them. An uneasy feeling of being used fell upon her.

She pushed these worries from her mind as she rose.

Discarding the party dress, she retrieved her clothes. Her next course of action was to reclaim her position as the babysitter. Brie had lost the bet, but that wasn’t the main issue; Jinny couldn’t ignore the fact that an eight year-old had used swear words, four times, to be exact. Brie needed to be disciplined; but Jinny didn’t want to turn this into a night of bitter resentment and anger. On top of that, with the bet won, she couldn’t let Brie stay up late, or reward her in any way.

“That’s great, punishment and an early bedtime; I’m sure she’ll just love that.” Jinny mumbled to herself as she deposited the diapers in the trash.

Jinny worried that the youngster would hate her; and because of that, any future ‘sitting’ would be a nightmare. Perhaps there was a way to balance it out. She quickly devised a plan that she hoped would make it clear to Brie that she wasn’t being punished for anything other than swearing.

From the bathroom door, Jinny could see no sign of Brie; though her view of the living room was severely limited. Quietly, she crept, first into Mr. Macabe’s room, where she collected a movie. Next, she went to Brie’s bedroom. Going straight for the closet, it didn’t take her long to find what she was looking for. Directly in front of her was a white plastic package with a large pink stripe across the middle. ‘Count: 26’ and ‘X-Large’ were emblazoned in bold, pink font, at the bottom corners of the package. The top was torn open, with about half of the diapers missing; three of which Jinny had just recently worn. Grabbing one, she made her way out to the living room.

Hiding both items behind her back, she emerged slowly from the hall. To her surprise, she saw Brie standing at the far end of the room, facing the corner.

“What are you doing, Brie?” She asked, genuinely confused.

“I’m in time out.” Brie didn’t move.

Not forgetting her plan she used this convenience to walk quickly into the kitchen, only questioning Brie further once she was safely around the corner. “Why?”

“I’m a bad babysitter.” Brie mumbled dejectedly.

Jinny slid three of the chairs to the far side of the oval table, leaving one solitary chair close to the entrance. Collecting the wooden spoon from earlier, she also grabbed several small chocolate bars from the cabinet. Along with her previously collected items, she placed all of these on one of the three chairs. The pumpkin, she also moved to a chair; leaving one for her, and one for Brie.

“Who put you in time out?” Jinny said, reappearing from the kitchen.

“I did.”

I’m the babysitter now, only I can put people in time out. Now come on, I gotta talk to you.” Jinny returned to the kitchen, taking her seat in one of the chairs next to her recently acquired items.

“Why-.” Brie protested, rounding the corner.

“Because I said so.” Jinny cut her off; then pointed to the solitary chair. “Now have a seat.”

Brie sat, realizing that it was probably in her best interest not to disobey, now that Jinny was back in charge.

“You’re in trouble, Brie; do you know why?” Jinny crossed her arms on the table.

“'Cause I’m a bad babysitter.” Brie stared at the table.

“Brie, look at me.” Jinny commanded softly, Brie complied. “That was just a little game of ours, you’re not in trouble for trying to be a babysitter.”

Brie kept silent.

“You swore, Brie.” Jinny shook her head slowly. “You swore four times.”

“Three!” Brie protested.

“I heard that second one; don’t lie to me.” Jinny said sternly.

Brie sighed, and hung her head.

“You know I have to tell your dad about this, right?”

Brie’s head shot up, tears were already in her eyes.

Jinny placed the wooden spoon on the table.

Brie opened her mouth.

“You need to be punished for swearing, you know that.” Jinny stood up, grabbed the spoon, and moved to one side of the table. “Come here Brie.”

Brie complied. She was whimpering as she stood in front of Jinny.

“Your Dad,” Jinny had to stop for a second, trying to keep her composure. “Your Dad told me to spank you if you were bad.”

Brie turned and clutched the edge of the table.

Jinny choked; discipline seemed hard to give than to receive. Her sympathetic side was telling her that Brie had already learned her lesson. But her reasoning told her that she must establish consequences, or uphold existing ones.

Brie hesitated, then lowered both her pants and panties. She knew that Jinny would tell her Dad everything; if she lied, it would only lead to more spankings later.

Jinny pulled both articles of clothing back to their original position. “Hold still.”

Brie clenched the edge of the table a little harder.


Brie squealed.


Jinny placed the spoon on the table. Brie turned, and Jinny quickly pulled her into a hug.“I didn’t want to do that, but I can’t let you go unpunished. You’re getting off easy this time; don’t let there be a next time.”

Brie pulled away, knowing that there would be more when her Dad got home.

“Sit please, we’re not done talking.” Jinny forced a lighter tone into her voice.

Brie rubbed her behind before taking her seat.

“I want you to know that your punishment is over; we can move on.” Jinny smiled, hoping to reassure the younger girl. Noting the lack of positive response, she continued. “I’m not going to tell your dad that you swore.”

Brie couldn’t believe her ears; she tried to smile behind tears. “'Fanks.”

“But now, I want to talk to you about something else.” Jinny reached for the chair beside her.

Brie fidgeted in her seat. She was certain that despite what Jinny had promised; this was only more punishment. She glanced at the clock on the microwave. “6:45;” Jinny was probably going to make her go to bed.

“We can still have fun, right?” Jinny cheerily interrupted.

“I guess.” Brie said hesitantly.

Jinny laid the diaper on the table. “Do you remember our little bet?” Jinny beamed.

Brie’s heart sank as she recalled the penalty for losing; her suspicions were confirmed, Jinny was going to punish her. She hung her head again. “Yeah…”

“So if I tell you to lie down on the towel, and let me put this diaper on you; you’re not gonna throw a fit? You’re gonna obey me; right?” Jinny waited for the response; this would decide how she would proceed.

“I’ll obey.” Brie forced herself to reply without complaining; knowing it would only bring more spankings. She walked slowly to the living room.

“Lie down.” Jinny softly commanded.

Jinny unfolded the diaper, and set it beside Brie. Then she removed the girl’s pants and underwear; and slid the diaper underneath her bottom. Brie assisted by lifting and lowering without prompt; she didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if she disobeyed. Jinny pulled the front of the diaper between Brie’s legs, and securely fastened both tapes.

“Now tell me; where are your pajamas?”

Brie was staring at the ceiling; too depressed for tears. “There’s a nightshirt on my bed.”

Jinny got up and went into the kitchen; then, carrying her backpack, passed through the living room again, and disappeared down the hall.

Having not been told to get up; Brie opted to lay still and not attract any further punishment. Silently, she cursed herself for making Jinny wear a diaper. She should have known that she wouldn’t win; all she did was give Jinny the idea to make her wear a diaper. With an audible sigh, she reminded herself that her Dad had already done that; and that she’d probably end up in a diaper no matter who won the bet.

After a few minutes, Jinny reappeared, wearing her own light green, two-piece pajamas. Setting her backpack against the wall, she approached Brie; holding a bundle of white fabric in her arms.

“Come on, get up.” She said cheerfully.

Brie didn’t share her enthusiasm, but obeyed.

Quickly, Jinny removed Brie’s sweatshirt; replacing it with an over-sized white t-shirt. Jinny gathered up Brie’s other clothes, and tossed them against the wall, beside her backpack.

“Do you know why I put you in a diaper?” Jinny asked, disappearing into the kitchen.

“'Cause I was bad?” Brie watched as Jinny approached her again, holding something behind her back.

“Wrong.” Jinny sang. “You were spanked because you swore, and that’s over now. I just wanted to see if you’d actually hold up your end of the deal. Remember; you said you’d do anything I asked, without complaining?”

Brie didn’t understand. “Are you gonna make me go to bed?”

“Why would I do that?”

“'Cause I gotta be 'da baby now.” Brie hung her head.

“But you’re not the baby.” Jinny stopped in front of the diapered girl.

“But you said so.” Brie protested, remembering the bet.

“No I didn’t.”

“Yeah you did!”

“I said you could stay up late if you won. I didn’t say you had to go to bed early if you lost.” Jinny held out several candies in one hand.

“'Den why do I gotta wear a diaper?” Brie hesitantly took a candy and ate it.

“You see, if you had fought me, or argued with me when I went to put you in a diaper; then I’d know that you were a liar. I can’t reward you if you lie to me, and don’t do what you promised.” Jinny smiled. “And you promised to do whatever I say, without complaining; as long as you do that, we can have fun together.”

Brie wasn’t entirely sold on this new arrangement; but it seemed that Jinny wasn’t going to be completely mean to her.

“From now on, are you gonna listen to me?” Jinny tumbled the candy around in her hand.

“Mmm-hmm.” Brie took another candy.

“And why is that?” Jinny prompted.

“Because you said so.” Brie spoke before popping another candy into her mouth.

“No.” Jinny poked Brie lightly in the chest. “Because you said so.”

It began to make sense to Brie; all she really had to do was obey Jinny. If that meant getting as many candies as she was getting at the moment, it didn’t seem like such a bad trade-off.

“But to answer your question, there’s another reason for you to wear a diaper.” Jinny produced the cassette case in her other hand. “Your Dad said you might wet the bed if you watch something scary.”

Brie’s face lit up; hoping that Jinny wasn’t just teasing her.

“You wouldn’t wanna have an accident, would you?” Jinny added with a smirk.

“Can I really watch 'dat?” Brie asked excitedly.

“Sure thing. We’ll watch it together.”

Brie bounced happily, her braids and nightshirt doing their best to follow.

“Calm down sweetie,” Jinny soothed; grabbing Brie by the middle, and trying to cover her with the nightshirt.

Brie stopped bouncing, her shirt falling loosely to her thighs. “What’s a ‘seh-mattery?’” She pointed at the video case.

“That’s ‘cemetery,’ and I think they actually spelled it wrong.” Jinny looked at the case in her hands. “A cemetery is a graveyard.”


“Anyway, we just have one little thing to do, before we watch the movie.”

“What is it?” Brie looked up at Jinny.

“We gotta put the jack o’ lantern outside where people can see it.”

They made their way to the kitchen, where Jinny retrieved a candle and some matches. Jinny had Brie carry the smaller items, while she carried the heavy pumpkin outside. Setting it on the steps, she took the candle and matches from Brie.

“Now remember; you always need to be careful with fire.” Jinny said solemnly, lighting the candle. “Never use matches without someone older, to help you.”

Brie nodded; she glanced around, hoping that no one was nearby; she didn’t want anyone to see her wearing a diaper. The temperature had dropped significantly, and as much as she wanted to hold down the edges of her nightshirt; she instead opted to hug her arms close to her body, letting the nightshirt flit about in the chill air.

Jinny set the candle in the pumpkin. “C’mere Brie,” She beckoned, stepping back.

Brie took a few steps down the walkway, and turned; standing together with Jinny, they looked happily at their orange creation.

“Well, that’ll attract some trick-or-treaters.” Jinny looked around, then added, “if there are any.” The neighborhood was dark. A few houses had their lights on, and Jinny could see the glowing faces of other jack o’ lanterns; but there were no people to be seen.

Brie grinned back at the flickering smiley face. “He looks happy.”


Both girls jumped as the abrupt sound pierced the silence.

“What’s a crow doing out at this time of night.” Jinny said angrily, hoping Brie hadn’t seen her jump. “Come on Brie, let’s go inside; it’s cold out here.”

Jinny popped the video into the VCR, and went to the kitchen to collect snacks while the previews played. She grabbed two cans of coke from the fridge, a bag of trail mix and a bag of small candy-bars from above the microwave. “Do you like pop?”

Brie looked away from the TV as Jinny approached. “Yes!” She nearly jumped out of her seat. She was almost never allowed to have soda, and wasn’t even aware that there was any in the house.

Jinny opened both cans, and they settled into the couch as the movie started playing.


By the time it ended, Brie was tightly hugging the older girl. Jinny had an arm over Brie, but found that even she was feeling a little unnerved. The room fell dark as the scrolling credits cast flickering light on the two girls.

“Why did she make him scream?” Brie whimpered.

“I think she killed him.” Jinny said softly.

Brie said nothing.

After another minute, Jinny began to move; Brie clutched more tightly. “C’mon Brie, it’s time for bed.”

Brie didn’t move. “I wanna stay here with you.” She whined.

“Are you scared?”

Brie shook her head.

Jinny couldn’t turn her head because of how close Brie was, but felt the untruthful motion of denial against her shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay with you until you’re asleep.”

Brie whimpered.

Jinny intended to carry the younger girl to the bedroom. Her hand slid under Brie’s bottom, but she stopped when she felt a telltale firmness to the seat of the diaper. “Brie, are you wet?”

Brie shook her head again.

Jinny managed to pull herself free. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Jinny disappeared down the hall; leaving Brie in the blue glow of the TV’s ‘no signal’ screen.

A couple minutes later, Brie heard the toilet flush, and Jinny returned; holding a diaper and a washcloth.

“Come on Brie.” Jinny knelt beside the towel.

Brie didn’t move.

“I know you’re wet Brie. It’s okay, let’s just get you in something dry.” Jinny patted the towel

Wordlessly, Brie left the couch, and lay down in front of Jinny.

Lifting her nightshirt first, Jinny tore the tapes, and removed the wet padding. She rolled up the diaper securely and set it aside. Gently, she took the washcloth and wiped Brie’s diaper area, setting it aside when she was done.

“Are you okay?” Jinny grabbed the clean diaper, but stopped when she heard a loud gurgling sound from Brie’s belly.

“Yeah.” Brie said softly. “I’m just tired.”

Jinny slid the diaper underneath Brie’s bottom, and pulled the front between her legs. With the tapes secure, Jinny got up and took the wet diaper to the bathroom trashcan.

Brie returned to the couch.

Fumbling in the dark behind the blue light from the TV screen, Jinny struggled to find the eject button on the VCR. With a crash and clatter, Jinny managed to knock the device backward down the sloped rear of the TV set. Muttering her frustration, she fished around until she was able to pull it back up; spinning it so that she could feel the buttons facing forward. To her relief, the display was still lit.

“No wonder you’re tired; it’s later than I thought!” Jinny exclaimed, returning the video to its case. “It’s more than half-passed eleven.”

Brie just mumbled and pulled a stray blanket across the couch.

Jinny stood next to the couch and put her hands on her hips. “Don’t be a baby; there’s nothing to be scared of.” Jinny sounded less confident than she intended.

Brie felt the irony of the statement; given her current attire. “We could share the sofa,” she offered meekly.

Jinny pulled the blanket back, and Brie shrank into the cushions. “Well let me in first, at least.”

A happy grin spread across Brie’s face, and she scooted aside. Jinny stretched out against the back of the couch, and Brie lay in front. Jinny pulled the blanket over both of them.

Brie stared into the blue, glad to have someone sleeping next to her. Being alone was the last thing she wanted. Her uneasiness was soothed as she snuggled against the warmth of Jinny’s body.

Jinny felt Brie jolt a little as she reached over her head; trying to find the remote on the arm of the couch. “It’s okay baby; I’m not going anywhere.”

Brie found that this time, she wasn’t irritated at being called ‘baby.’ In fact she was comforted by the phrase.

“It’s a good thing no one came trick-or-treating; we ate all the candy.” Jinny fumbled around, then found the remote.

Brie’s stomach grumbled in response.

Both girls giggled.

“Why won’t this thing turn off?” Jinny pressed the largest button several times.

“You gotta push 'da knob.” Brie stuck her arm out from beneath the covers; pointing across the room.

“You’re TV is weird.” Jinny said; annoyed that she would have to get up and walk all the way across the room.

“Don’t go, I like 'da blue.” Brie whimpered. Her stomach rumbled again.

“Fine, I didn’t wanna get up anyway.”

Brie didn’t respond.

“Are you asleep?” Jinny asked after a few minutes.

No response; the TV went black.

Jinny smiled to herself. “I guess you both have a sleep timer.” Jinny’s eyes flicked up toward the front of the house. She thought she heard something over the wind. Seeing nothing but the faint orange light against the blinds; she surmised that was only the neighbors returning from the fall festival. Jinny had all but forgotten about the festival, her sister, and trick-or-treating. Things had changed, and now she just hoped that Brie’s Dad wouldn’t be mad at her for using up so many diapers, and that she hadn’t broken the VCR.

The older girl’s eyes began to droop, and this bothered her. She figured the movie must have been much longer than she originally thought. But, as indicated by the solid red numbers on the front of the VCR; it was Eleven Thirty-Four at night. That seemed reasonable to Jinny; who decided that the late hour was a good enough explanation for being so tired. Another gurgle came from the younger girl. Jinny hoped she hadn’t given Brie too much candy, but she was too drowsy to remember why that was important. With a sigh, she drifted off to sleep.

Brie woke, suddenly aware that everything was black; and something was not right. She felt Jinny’s body against her back, and remembered where she was. Across the room, bright red numbers read the time. Brie found this odd, as she could have sworn the VCR had a green display that constantly blinked; a feature she only remembered because of how annoying it was. She had heard Jinny crashing around by the TV after her diaper change, but she didn’t know what happened.

However, the VCR was the least of her worries. Her stomach, it would seem, had not agreed with the amount of chocolate that she had eaten. After trying unsuccessfully to prove that she was responsible; she at least wanted to prove wrong the claim that she couldn’t handle eating a large amount of candy. Sadly, the rest of her body was not on board with the idea, and protested with loud gurgling. Her insides shifted, and her previous discomfort suddenly became and urgent need. She had to get to a bathroom very soon.

Jinny’s arm fell across the younger girl, and Brie was confronted by a new dilemma. She really needed to get up; but doing so would wake up Jinny. This was a problem because Brie feared that Jinny expected her to act like a baby. After all, she had already wet her diaper, gotten it changed, and then pretty-much demanded that Jinny not leave her alone. Brie couldn’t bear to think of how childish it would be to wake someone up because she had an upset stomach from too much candy.

Her gut rumbled again, signaling the end of the argument; she needed to get up.

But Jinny tightened her grip around Brie, who could hold on no longer. With a quiet groan, she prayed that it wasn’t too loud, and that Jinny wouldn’t wake up. A slimy mess rushed out of her, spreading rapidly in the seat of her diaper. The sudden intrusion caused her diaper to bulge, crinkling as it did so. Brie sighed with momentary relief; but a new onslaught of spasms sent more runny slop into her already soiled padding.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she did her best to keep them from running down her face. Babies cried when they needed their diapers changed; and Brie wasn’t a baby. Unfortunately tears weren’t the only thing threatening to leak. Brie could feel the horrible, gooey mess sliding down, gathering at the leg cuff of her diaper. She rolled onto her back, hoping the mess wouldn’t leak if it was spread evenly.

Her sudden motions jostled the older girl; waking her up.

Unaware of this; Brie now lay on her back. Another cramp hit her and she pushed; piling more mess on top of the last. This time, it was followed by a large amount of gas, which gurgled loudly as it escaped into the back of her nearly-overfull diaper.

“Brie?” Jinny asked.

Brie said nothing as tears streamed down her face.

“Are you awake Brie?” Jinny queried again, aware that the younger girl had changed position.

Despite her best attempts, a tiny whimper snuck between otherwise silent tears.

Jinny caught the smell with an audible sniff. “Brie…?”

More whimpers became noticeable, as the eight year-old realized that she was discovered.

“Brie.” Jinny repeated with gentle sympathy.

Brie could no more hide her tears than the stench that emanated from her lower regions. She felt Jinny’s hand on her chest.

“It’s okay Brie,” Jinny soothed. “Do you want me to clean you up?”

Brie only cried more loudly. She was lost in her own misery and embarrassment. She barely noticed Jinny sitting up and climbing over her.

Fumbling in the dark, Jinny felt her way along the wall, where she turned the corner into the hallway. Turning again when she felt the frame to Brie’s doorway, she patted the wall until she found the light switch. Quickly, she snatched a clean diaper from the package in the closet. Moving to the bathroom, she grabbed a washcloth and soaked it. Also grabbing a roll of toilet paper, she returned to the living room.

“Come on Brie.” She called, flicking on the light switch, and moving over to kneel by the towel.

Swallowing her long lost pride, Brie slowly moved herself off the couch. Waddling carefully, so as not to squish the mess against herself, she made her way over to Jinny, and lay down on the towel.

Tears still in her eyes, Brie looked up at Jinny.

“It’s okay baby, don’t worry.” Jinny leaned forward and stroke Brie’s hair. “I’ll take care of it, it’s my job.”

Brie nodded, trying to hold back her tears.

Jinny unfolded the clean diaper and laid it aside.

“I guess I am a baby, huh?” Brie sniffled as she stared into the ceiling.

Jinny realized her mistake. “Oh Brie, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“But it’s true.” Brie whimpered, feeling every slimy ounce of her shame.

“No Brie, listen.” Jinny spoke with her best attempt at reassurance; but Brie replied before she could continue.

“Why!? I’m in a stinky-”

“Because I said so, Brie.” Jinny interrupted with authority. “Babies aren’t the only ones who wear diapers, so don’t be embarrassed if you wear them. Now if you’ll stop acting so much like a baby, I can clean you up, and you won’t feel so bad.”

Brie looked at Jinny, surprised by her tone of voice. A resolute face looked sternly back at her, and Brie lay back on the towel. If there was a lesson to be learned, it was that Jinny was in charge, and should be in charge. The last bastion of her defense lowered; she had to acknowledge Jinny’s superiority and ability. Unable yet, to decide on what she actually wanted, she could at least listen to Jinny’s instruction.

She wasn’t embarrassed by her admission; she didn’t need to act any different; Jinny would make her feel better. Even if Jinny wanted to treat her like a baby, Brie was okay with playing along; she didn’t need a reason. She would listen because Jinny said so.

It was a very convincing argument.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

Very cute.

The woman in the beginning added nothing to the story; it feels odd to have a red herring out at the start.

Finally finished every entry. Going to be a competitive vote for sure.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

One of the longer ones; but I did like it.

I hate leaving such a short comment for it, and I know the right choice is to just not comment, but now I’m kinda have to, since I commented on most everything else so far.

So until I leave my full feedback, I miss those rotary phones just as much as I miss those long-ass curly phone wires that were always knotted into oblivion. Which is to say not at all.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

Ah, another oldster like me. :smiley:

I didn’t see my first cordless phone until I was in my teens…

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I wouldn’t say I’m an oldster, my family is just really behind the times. Hell, the county I grew up in still only has two stoplights, and dialup is still the only land-based option for plenty of people. :slight_smile:

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

Somehow with the lady in the beginning, she mentioning Brie was going to learn a lesson and the crow cawing several times, I feel the story is missing a part or two (unless I missed it). That made the ending seem very abrupt.

But I’m curious if the lady was supposed to be Morgan-le-fay, who had some friend who could turn into a crow/raven.

It’s a good attempt, I like the storytelling, it’s an easy read, this piece.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

My thoughts exactly.

Her lack of direct (or indirect as far as I can tell) impact on the story as a whole makes me wonder why she’s there to begin with. It’s an odd red herring, I kept expecting the girls’ night to be interrupted by her but it never was.

The story is fine on its own but raising false expectations hurt it for me; it prevented me from fully embracing the story I was given because I thought it would change drastically.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I think you capture childish stubbornness really well with Brie, and the scene where she came back wearing a diaper when her dad told her to don something appropriate elicited a couple chuckles. I also really like her dad’s approach to parenting, as well as his humor.

However, it didn’t really seem very Halloween-ey, other than just so happening to occur on Halloween. Additionally, the woman in the beginning and the crows that appeared throughout the story keep leading me on to expect something that never came.

Also, I’d be interested in knowing the motivation behind Jinny’s name. For having such an interesting name, I was very surprised that it didn’t play into anything.

Overall, I guess my complaint comes down to all the red herrings in the story. I couldn’t quite get fully immersed into it because I kept waiting for something to happen that never did.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

On a later reading, I think the woman at the beginning put some spell or enchantment on Brie to help bring about a situation where Brie would teach herself a lesson. Seems like the lesson did occur, but Brie may not have quite learned it correctly. I agree that any part played by Morgan in what comes later seems to have been played too subtly.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

That does make sense. Although the beginning still feels out of place compared to the rest, like they’re stitched together from two unrelated stories.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

This was one of the ones I really enjoyed. Out of the entire voting, I have to say the placement of this one was the only real disappointment to me.

The hardest thing for me to get past was actually the very ending. Having it end with Brie deciding she would listen merely because Jinny or someone else said so had a lot to do with my not voting for it. I really liked the way you played having Brie take the job of babysitter, though.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I really liked this story. I think it was one that I voted for. I thought the story was complete, although the weird lady on the bridge was a red herring that could have been cut. I generally dislike babysitter stories and the traps that lead babysitters to be diapered, but this one was awesome and I really enjoyed when Jenny wet her diaper and then almost messed in it. This story was the most ABDL story in the list that I liked.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I have to admit I was really surprised about where this one placed. It was definitely lower than I expected.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I’m not surprised it ranked so low; it doesn’t hold up against most of the other stories in the contest. It’s good but not great.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

It got one of my votes I think.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

As promised, damage control inbound.

Just kidding, but since this is the longest something that I’ve actually finished, I’m going to bother y’all for some more feedback. If/when, in the future, I finish something with depth, I don’t think I’ll be explaining the whole thing. I shouldn’t have to explain, but since I’m not seeing any confirmation that what I intended was picked up, I’ll assume that the story didn’t explain things properly to begin with. WBDaddy played some trickery with his story, and though it cost him votes, it worked as intended. Mine seems to not have worked, I need to figure out why.

Note; nothing below is defending any faults in the story. Please don’t take any of this as arguing or complaining. :slight_smile:
I’m merely explaining what I intended, and I only ask that you help me figure out if/how it worked/didn’t work.

Spoilers below:

Babyward Baby Ward and The Harvest Festival are totally connected, take place in the same place, and at roughly the same time.

So, first questions:

-Did anyone figure this out before the author reveals?
-Did anyone figure this out afterward?

I ask because nobody has mentioned it at all, but comments suggest that the intro was too much of a red herring.
Renko mentioned in a PM on the 20th that only one other person guessed that these two stories were by the same author, and that they noticed ‘similarities between them.’

To explain a bit, the intro was intended to be kind of disconnected. I had hoped it would spur readers to be looking for an explanation. I had hoped it might lead people to find the conclusion in the other story.

I’m actually kinda glad to see that my attempt got part of the intended effect. But it’s evident that it didn’t work as a whole.

-Should I have been more obvious?
-Do you think the anonymity of the contest was a bad place to try this?
I said this to Renko in a PM.

I’m sure that’s a dumb way to enter a contest; two stories relying on each other to be better, but only one can win, thus it ought to be judged as a standalone, which will then make it more crappy…

I’m still of the opinion that it was a bad idea, but I think I could have done it better.

-Do you think it would have been any better if I had named them in an obviously connected way?
I was think of naming this one Last Halloween I Stayed Inside, and the other Last Halloween We Went Out. Poor as those names are, I think they might have given a better hint at the connection.
-Does anyone think so as well?

That would be correct. :slight_smile:
The Morrigan, as I remember, but also called by other names, including the above.
I pulled the idea also from the Banshee, who occasionally appears as harbinger. Both were sometimes seen crying in places where death would soon occur. Also connected to these two is the Bean Nighe, who often performs the same function. I read that there’s the belief that if someone can sneak up an suck her breasts, they could claim to be her foster child, and gain a wish from her.

Of course, I bastardized it a little. Instead, Morgan offered Brie the chance openly, but was mad at her refusal. Instead, she opted to grant Brie’s inner wish, but also ruin it. (letting Brie take charge, but then snatching it away). Morgan in my story was supposed to lean toward the deity side of the mythology.

Morgan knew what was coming, and I added the line “Spare you the coming end.” Hoping to indicate that, had Brie agreed to her terms, she wouldn’t face the same fate as the rest of the town.

In The Harvest Festival Lana (Jinny’s sister) enters Brie’s house. For a moment, she sees a vision of a chessboard with two pieces. Jinny, supposedly as a pawn, and Brie as a queen, (in charge, as she wishes herself to be). This was supposed to be a metaphor of sorts, for Babyward Baby Ward, where Brie and Jinny compete, trying to outwit each other. The crows swooping down with the same ‘CAW CAW’ from this story was intended to be Morgan coming reap her harvest, after the ‘game’ had finished playing out.

I had actually written an end for this story. It happens literally two seconds after Brie ‘accepts’ her position under Jinny. However, I wanted this one to be ‘not scary’ and having Morgan show up as a Deus Ex Machina to kill them off, would have been shitty. Instead, I tried to collect all the horrible endings in The Harvest Festival.

To be clear.
-Brie succumbs to the spell
-Morgan shows up to collect, then leaves
-Lana shows up right after that, and sees a vision
-Then she sees the remains in the living room (exactly where Babyward left them)

I put the word ‘So’ in this story, as a subtle trigger word. Every time someone says it, it furthers the spell, and pushes the plot back toward what Morgan wanted in her spite. The last lines by Jinny are the highest concentration of its use, and the following paragraph of Brie’s realization was intended to mimic what Jinny said, line by line. “So don’t be embarrassed,” “stop acting so much,” “won’t feel so bad.”

Of course, Les Lea beat me to the punch with the ‘trigger word’ plot device. :stuck_out_tongue:
I wanted to put in some hinted evidence of a spell, but not have obvious swooshing sparkles and magical brainwashing.
I’m kinda regretting the use of a trigger word, as it just feels out of place for the tone I wanted.

-Should I have tossed out the trigger word plot device?
-Or, considering it’s kind of important to the plot, should I have made it more obvious?

Yeah, I suspected this would be a problem.

Of course, as mentioned above, it ties (poorly) into The Harvest Festival, and both take place on Samhain, the old pagan observation.

These flaws were clear to me from the beginning. I was kinda intending to add some linking backstory, but ran out of time.
So for now, a little explanation.

A lot of our modern Halloween practices are based on Samhain, and its rituals.
Historically, people believed that the spirit world was closest to ours at this time, and that spirits would often visit. They would sometimes set out food to appease trouble spirits, or to gain the favor and blessing of spirits.

The dog scene was supposed to be mostly a metaphor for how the origins of Halloween are long forgotten. Instead of trying to please the spirits, people began dressing up as them, hoping to gain the gifts for themselves. That, of course, is the basis for the ‘Trick or treating’ tradition we have today. I wanted to play on the idea that the spirits would likely be really pissed off because they’ve been forgotten.

The hound is based on the Cu Sith, of which it is said that they would let out three bays or barks. Supposedly, if you don’t reach safety before hearing the third one, you’ll die from sheer terror. That’s kinda what I based Judy’s end on, in The Harvest Festival. Lana made it inside, ‘safe’ from the hound, but Judy did not.

Since I’m on the topic of Judy.

I debated italicizing the following paragraphs, to again imply that it was a metaphor.
Thinking about it now, I should have remained consistent that italicized parts of The Harvest Festival were supposed to be unreal, metaphors, or implications of things not covered by the rest of the story. Sadly, I just didn’t have the time to work out exactly how I could do that correctly, and the story suffered because of it.

That particular portion was me trying something different. I’ve noticed that I usually write pretty graphic messing scenes, for this I tried to change that up a bit.

What kind of ‘happy place’ might a young girl have?
One to the ‘south,’ with ‘tan all around,’ where she would ‘recline under the shade of a silk canopy,’ and ‘curl her toes’ as ‘waves’ hit her from the ‘shining sea of pleasure?’ :wink:

I had intended that to be a ‘hint hint’ at her ‘lower regions.’ Her vision of Lana dressed in a raincoat as a parallel to the irony that Lana was in a diaper, but Judy was about to have an accident all over her ‘pristine white clothing.’

Of course, it appears that this didn’t come across as intended. [i]Again! ::slight_smile:


Yeah, I just never incorporated a proper introduction for it. But it was loosely based in the Sluagh, a horde of spirits, usually of evil intent.

I had hoped that someone might pick up on the hints from Morgan and the hound, and make a connection to other creatures of similar myths. Of course, the source material turned out to be far too obscure, or I just didn’t hint at it properly.

I probably should have dropped that entirely. :-\
I kinda hoped that her odd name, and her sister’s Svetlana in the other story, but arouse suspicion, and help someone figure out the connection.
The real motivation was that I know of a good few mothers who have named their kids with wildly exotic names that can be shortened to something more ‘normal.’ Ojinjintka to Jinny, and Svetlana to Lana.

More trivia:
The title Babyward Baby Ward was meant to have multiple interpretations.
One is that Jinny, the ‘Ward’ of the ‘Baby’ was heading in ‘Babyward’ direction, with her role switching.
Also that Brie - the ‘Baby’ was going in a ‘Babyward’ direction as her ‘Ward’ - her defense against authority - diminished.

Of course, ‘Babyward’ isn’t an actual word so… ::slight_smile:

To wrap up.
I wanted to address the origins of Halloween.
I wanted to tell the story of the spirits coming back angrily for revenge, reaping their harvest of the entire town (or, not mentioned, but possibly the whole world) because they had been ignored over the years, and our practice of trick-or-treating was actually pretending to be spirits, and taking their gifts for our own.
I wanted to separate the ‘Scary’ and ‘Non-scary’ parts, because of the contest, but also keep the overall story connected.
I wanted to approach this subtly, and not be blatantly obvious about spells, who the antagonists were, and the fact that pretty much everyone dies horribly. (if the spirits were real, and really came back to kill us all, would they tell us their master plan like a James Bond villain?)

So with that said.

Did anyone get the connection to the older, more traditional ‘Halloween’ in either of these stories?
Does anyone think these stories would have worked better if they were merged?
Would it have been better if I kept the stories separate, but made the connection more obvious?

Lastly, and just another piece of trivia:
I mentioned in both stories that characters observed the time at 11:34. If you turn a digital clock upside down, 11:34 looks like ‘hell.’ Jinny knocked the VCR over, but didn’t notice that it was upside down when she put it back. (also the display was green in the beginning, but turned red, because of evil :stuck_out_tongue: ) Judy saw her watch say ‘hell’ so that’s why she freaked out “Not there, please!” However, Lana saw the watch inverted, cause she was standing on the other side.

I wonder if anyone caught that, or if I was trying to hint at something that was only obvious to me…

Oh, and Jinny and Brie were watching Pet Sematary, which I laughed all the way through. ;D

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting.
It’d really make my day if I could get some help figuring out why things didn’t come across as intended. I have a feeling that I’m just a little too wrapped up in my own head. But I need help working out how to convey that weirdness to the reader.

I thought for sure that semicolon use would be a dead giveaway for both stories.
I really do love semicolons. :wink:

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

Celtic mythology is a bit of a blind spot for me, I can recall it in broad strokes but I don’t have an in-depth understanding. It’s one of my favorites, I need to read into it more.

As someone who likes to put obscure mythology references into their own work I’m not in a position to tell you to be less subtle (since I try to avoid exposition like the plague). Perhaps if the titles had more Celtic influence it would’ve inspired the readers to do their own research on their origins.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

Well, as implied earlier, the connection between the stories was entirely lost on me because, not being interested in reading horror, I skipped one of them.

While I didn’t pick up on the play on words with your title clearly enough to articulate it the way you did, that was one thing I did get (or at least mostly).

It’s been a while since I’ve read enough Celtic mythology, so I didn’t quite pick up on that. It might not need to be in the title, but something of an unambiguously Celtic reference around Morgan might have done the trick. Also, IIRC, Jinny is Native American, which tends to place the story in North America. Looking back, I think this may have overshadowed the more subtle Celtic references.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I do love Celtic mythology, though I’m not super knowledgeable on the subject. Morgan did make me think vaguely of either the Morrigan, as already mentioned, or of Morgana of the King Arthur legends.

Re: Babyward Baby Ward

I was thinking of placing the story in Ireland, just for that purpose. Sadly, I just don’t know enough to do it well.

Oh shit, I guess I never really did place the setting.
That would be a problem.

In my head, I was thinking of some no-name town in America. Early-to-mid 90s, diaper package and description is based on pampers from that time, lack of prominent cell-phones in less-than-wealthy communities, even a few phrases common around then.

I didn’t want to just name everyone ‘McWhatever’ and call it Ireland. But it seems I forgot again that people can’t read my mind. :stuck_out_tongue: Leaving it ambiguous was probably a bad idea. Or rather, I guess I should have placed it in Ireland, to help readers reach the conclusion that I intended.

To be a little more clear, I didn’t intend or expect everyone to go “Oh that’s the Morrigan!,” or “I recognize that myth.”
Honestly, I’m sure I would miss some other mythological references if it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about, and someone else wrote in a manner similar to this.

I just hoped that, given the theme of the contest, I could get away with borrowing from a related mythology, without having to dump in exposition. The ‘spooky stories and legends’ device, worked pretty well in The New Wing. I considered having a similar scene where a bit of the mythology was explained or called to reference.

Movies do that all the time, and they usually do a shit job of it. Often having characters within the fiction explain the fiction to someone whom, within the fiction, should already know what’s being explained.
I didn’t want that.

Of course, in my story, literally none of the characters, save for the monsters themselves, would have any knowledge of the origins of Halloween. Naturally, none of the spirits would come out and offer a Brief History of Halloween: How to Avoid the Wrath of Vengeful Spirits pamphlet to one of the girls. I just never found a good way to explain the myth without shameless exposition.

But really, I was at least hoping for a “Wait a minute, Jinny, Judy, and Lana are mentioned in both of these stories, and their costumes were a doctor, nurse, and baby respectively.”
Perhaps those and other clues were just far too buried under the rest of the stories.
I guess the biggest problem was that I assumed people would be looking for a connection, without providing a good enough reason for them to do so.

That is, however, a totally understandable reason for missing it.

Thanks again for the feedback.
I’m always watching a movie in my head. But of course, it changes when put to text.
Every little comment helps me understand whether or not you’re watching to same movie that I imagined.