Bad Dream By:Long_Rifle (new)

Bad Dream By: Long_Rifle

I’m a fan of the term “Shit Happens”. Because it does. To the old and young, and especially to those that don’t deserve it. Here’s a little ditty where, for one young lady and her friend shit happens. Copiously. There’s no reason given. It could be revenge, mad scientist, or even space herpes! The person being affected doesn’t know why either.

Contains female mental regression, and a female to inanimate TF. This is a very interesting story. One of my longest to date. Again, no happy ending!

“Wake up sleepy head. It’s already morning.” A motherly voice said.

“Ugh… Mom let me sleep in today. It’s not like I have anything to do.”

The woman gently pulled the blankets off her daughter in one quick motion, “No, it’s time for you to get up Connie. I don’t want you to get rashy.”

Without opening her eyes Connie reached down for the covers and tried to go back to sleep. “I’m not going to get a rash from sleeping to long, now come back in an hour or two.”

Her mother finally sighed, “Fine, if you want to stay in that wet diaper till you itch that’s fine with me. You can change it yourself.”

Connie was already half asleep, “Yeah… Whatever.” She absently thought about what her mother had just said as she scratched at her belly. Her hand slipped underneath the band of her panties as she kept scratching. It went lower and she felt that she was slick and sweaty. “Dam, it’s like a swamp down there.” she thought as she pulled her hand free and wiped it on the side of her bed, telling herself she needed to change her sheets later anyways.

She started to slip deeper into sleep. Connie yawned a deep full body yawn and curled up on her side with her hands tucked under her small pillow. She opened her eyes when she thought she smelled piss.

Immediately she thought of their dog. She figured it had peed in the hallway again. But she had never smelt it so strong. Then she remembered that the dog had went with her father to live in Nebraska. Suddenly it dawned on her what the problem was. “I didn’t!” She thought to herself. She rolled over onto her back and slowly slid her hands down to her crotch expecting to find wet panties, instead she felt dry plastic.

Connie shot up in bed and threw the blankets off. She looked down in shock to see that instead of a wet bed, she was wearing a wet diaper. “No fucking way!” she said in shock, “I’m not wearing a dam diaper!”

She stood and roughly grabbed the tapes on the thick diaper, with a yank they ripped free and she let the wet mess drop to her floor. Connie backed away from it and ran into her bathroom. Normally she liked showers in the morning, this time she barely felt the warmth as the water streamed over her skin. Numbly she scrubbed her body as the image of the white diaper between her legs flashed through her mind.

The mirror had barely steamed over when she turned off the water and stepped out. She sat on the toilet and let nature call. She felt oddly proud when she heard the splash of her stream hitting the bowl. “It was a dream, it had to be. I would remember wearing a diaper to bed.”, she said into her hands as she finished. The idea that it was all a dream made her feel better. She stood and brushed her teeth. The idea of wetting the bed, and wearing diapers faded quickly from her mind as the minty flavor filled her mouth.

“I can hear you up there Connie!” her mother yelled, “Come down for breakfast okay?”

Connie spit and rinsed her mouth, “Sure thing mom.” She smiled coyly into the mirror and waved at herself. “Let’s go eat big girl.” She walked into her room and straight to her dresser. She chose a simple white shirt and dropped it on, then grabbed shorts and turned while stepping into them. As she pulled them into place she saw the diaper bunched up on her floor.

She was still staring at it when her mother called her to come down again.

She found her voice, “Ummm, okay….”, she barely got out. She started to go down to the kitchen but couldn’t peal her eyes off the diaper. Connie didn’t want to touch it, but she didn’t want her mother to see it either. Using the tips of her fingers she gingerly picked it up and dropped it into the trash next to her computer.

Then she sprinted downstairs, ready to forget what she had woken up to. And hoping it was some kind of odd joke. She sat down to a bowl of cold oatmeal. “Gez, mom. What was the hurry?”

Her mother was already sitting, and nursing a cup of coffee. “If you had come earlier it would have been hot, and you could have eaten the fresh toast before I did.”

Connie laughed as she thought about her mother eating the toast. “I guess it’s okay then. I won’t kill you this time.”

“I’m relieved. Ready for the day now? I’d think you’d want to wear a little more then that, there’s not much there to prevent any unfortunate accidents.”

Connie nearly choked. “Accidents?”

“Yeah, that shirt doesn’t leave much to be imagined, and if those shorts ride up… Well you get my drift right?”

Relief flooded Connie, she knew her mother had said something about wearing a diaper
when she woke up, but she was hoping that had been a weird coincidence. The idea that her Mother could know she had been wearing a diaper filled her with humiliation.

Her mother stood and walked to the sink, then she started rinsing out her coffee cup.
“I’m going shopping this morning, is there anything you need?”

Connie crossed her legs under the table. She couldn’t really think of anything. “No, just the usual I guess.” Then she blurted out what she had been wondering since she realized this wasn’t just a dream. “Er…… Mom? About this morning?”


"Well…. " Then she chickened out. “Well, nothing seemed out of the ordinary did it?”

Her mother smiled, “Nope not at all. Just another morning trying to get you up.”

Connie breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, thanks. Have fun shopping.”

Connie sat at the table till she was sure her mother was gone then went back to her room. As she closed the door she thought she could smell pee. “Probably just the diaper.” She said. She was going to take her trash out before her mother got home anyway. She sat down at her computer and looked down into the trash. The diaper was still sitting there on top. And it still looked just as wet. Connie looked over her shoulder just to make sure there was no one else in her room watching her and slowly leaned over and picked up the mass of white plastic.

She carefully set it down on her computer desk and made sure none of the wet parts were leaking. Then she straightened it up to take a closer look at it. Connie could feel her face blush as she looked, she couldn’t believe how babyish it appeared. She had seen adult style diapers and what she had in front of her looked nothing like them. It was as if Pampers had come out with regular baby diapers and just made then several times larger then normal.

“Where did you come from?” She wondered out loud. “I doubt my mother would do something like this to me, and there’s no way I put this on last night. I didn’t even go out anywhere to get drugged….”

Connie stared down at the yellowed padding in the center, “I just can’t believe I did that.” she said in disbelief. She grabbed one of the elastic leg gatherers and gave it a pull. It snapped back in place with a muffled crinkle. Then she folded the front over so she could take a look at the outside.

The large tape band across the front proclaimed this to be a Luvs size 6t. Little hearts and pink bears dotted the rest of the tape, and several even ran down the center of the diaper all the way back to the rear of the diaper. The lowest of which had blurred and faded after her accident.

She rubbed the plastic covering, and wondered how Luvs managed to make plastic that was fluffy like fabric. Then she did what she had done during countless babysitting jobs. She grabbed the diaper and rolled it up into itself, then she used the much larger than normal Velcro tapes to keep it closed. When she was done she tossed the now smaller looking diaper up and down in her right hand a few times.

“Time to take out the garbage I guess.” Then she dropped the diaper ball into her trash and pulled the bag out. Thankfully for her there had already been a good deal of garbage already. She opened her window and peered down to make sure their garbage can was in the right position. Then with skill gained from years of practice she dropped the bag right into the outside can. Connie left the window open to help air out the smell, then decided she really did want to change her sheets. She peeled off her blankets and then pulled her top sheet off the bed. She wadded it up and turned back to the bed. She was about to pull off the bottom fitted sheet when she saw what looked like a discolored spot close to the center.

“Oh fuck…” She leaned over and touched it. It felt slightly damp. She put her face over it and took a sniff. “Dam, the stupid diaper leaked…” For some reason part of the Luvs commercial popped into her head. “No leaks guaranty my ass.” Then she suddenly thought about her mattress, Connie hoped she hadn’t stained it. With a simple pull the fitted sheet came free and she could see the under pad. Since it was white it was much easier to see where she had leaked. It was a six inch oval of yellow. “Dam, there’s no way that didn’t go through.” But when she pulled the pad free there wasn’t a mark on her mattress. She was surprised, but very relieved. Connie gathered up the bedding and walked to the washroom. She stuffed the whole wad in the washing machine and got ready to pure in some color safe bleach. But she stopped herself, “Woah, I better make sure this is safe to use.” The first tag she found was to faded to read, but the one on the fitted sheet was fine. And it stated color safe bleach was okay. Then out of habit she checked the padding label.

She started reading it out loud, “This pad is made from waterproof material, and should be washed on gentle cycle with color safe detergents. Well, I guess that means it’s fine.” She poured in the detergent and closed the lid. She was halfway back to her room when she thought back to what she had read, “waterproof material”. The phrase seemed to stick in her head. She was at the hallway closet pulling more bedding out when she managed to figure out why. “Shit, she had a waterproof pad on my bed…” She tried to reason that it was normal. She grabbed one of her mother’s pads for her queen size bed and checked it. But it said nothing about being water proof. She then checked the tag on her clean pad, and saw that it too was waterproof. “Oh dam….” she thought, “I’ve been sleeping on rubber sheets!” Then her face burned as the image of the diaper came back. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “I guess I’ll just leave it alone for right now.”

With the new bedding she went back to her room and started to put it on. Connie made sure her blankets weren’t stained as finished making her bed. When she was done she sat down and turned her computer on. As it booted up she looked around her room. Other then the clean and nicely made bed everything looked normal. The same posters were on the wall. And the same floral style wall paper was hung and peeling in the same spots.

Connie smiled at the idea that somehow she had been inserted into an episode of the X-Files where-in random objects appeared and disappeared in her room. By now her desktop was up and she signed herself into her school’s hang out page. She saw that she had several messages and went about sending replies. Her best friend Jenny had had a weird letter arrive at her house this morning. Connie laughed, “That’s nothing compared to what I found this morning.” As she wrote she felt the tension that had built up start to release. Soon she had forgotten about the diaper, and didn’t even think to wonder where exactly it had come from.

A few hours later, after answering many IM’s she heard her mother come through the front door and decided she would go down and help her bring in the groceries. She logged out, and put her computer into sleep mode. Then she walked down and starting grabbing bags from her mother. She walked them into the kitchen, while her mom brought things from the car to the front door. “Geez mom, did you get enough? Is the army showing up for dinner?”

“Laugh it up honey. If you didn’t eat like a brigade I wouldn’t have to shop for one.”

Connie laughed and finished putting all the bags in the kitchen, she didn’t feel like sticking around to put everything away so she ducked back into the washroom to throw her bedding into the dryer. She had just closed the doors and hit start when her mother walked in and casually tossed a plastic package towards her. Connie caught it without looking. Her mother then started folding clothes and talking to her, “I thought you would like the more absorbent ones, I hope they aren’t to thick.”

“Mom, you know I don’t care what kind of pads you buy me. As long as they work.” She put the pack under her arm and walked to her bathroom. She opened the door to her cabinet and tossed the pack in. But as it settled the words on it caught her eye. “What the hell?”

She pulled the pack out and finally looked at it, then she read it again out loud. “Luvs… Diapers… Extra absorbent…Over night…. Size 6t. What the hell?”

The world seemed to spin around Connie. She sat down on the toilet and slowly turned the large pack of diapers in her hands. These weren’t adult style diapers. These were almost exactly like what she had woke up in. The idea that her mother had put her in a diaper, and made her wet it made her angry. Then the image of the proud young lady nearly doing the splits on the front of the pack made her feel embarrassed. “Shit, did anyone else see her buy these?” Connie yanked on the tab to open the plastic and roughly pulled out one of the diapers. It didn’t seem to bad, but then as she held it, it started to expand from it’s compressed state in the bag. Then the sweet baby fresh smell hit her nose. Anger came back as she again thought about her mother putting her into something so infantile. She dropped the pack onto the floor, and went to go find her. She caught her still folding clothes. “Mom, we need to talk.”

She didn’t look up, she just nodded, “Sure thing.”

“Mom, why did you put that diaper on me last night? Do you think it was funny?”

“Connie, I put it on you because you need them. I would think waking up in a dry bed is worth it.”

Connie felt her blood start to rise. “But why did you do it at all? As some kind of joke? And why did you buy even more today? You don’t seriously think I’m going to wear them again do you?”

This time her mother stopped folding clothes and looked her in the eyes. “You can wear them, or do laundry in the morning. I don’t care what you want to do. If you want to sleep in a wet bed that’s your problem, not mine.”

Connie almost felt like screaming at her, “But WHY did you put me in a diaper? Did you think it was funny? I want to know!”

Her mother grabbed the pile of folded clothes and motioned for Connie to move out of her way. “I’m not having a conversation about this anymore. You can wear them or not. I don’t care. And if you want to start yelling about it I’ll call your counselor, and have him have a little talk with you.”

“Fine! Whatever!” Connie stood for several seconds in the washroom till her mother had walked farther away, then she made a bee line for her room. She closed the door behind her and tossed the diaper in her trash can. Then she grabbed the whole pack and did the same. “Good bye. Stupid diapers. I’m not a baby!”

She went back on-line and lost herself to her friends and national gossip. She didn’t hear her mother call her for dinner. Not till there was a knock at the door did she hear anything. “What mom?”

“Dinner Connie. Come and get something in you.”

Connie turned off her monitor and stood up. Her legs felt tight so she stretched them out. “I guess I shouldn’t sit there so long.” She walked to her door and opened it, the smell of cooked beef came to her. Her mouth started to water and her stomach growled. She walked quicker then normal towards the kitchen and grabbed herself a seat. As she ate she decided she would apologize about how she had acted before. “Listen mom. I’m sorry about yelling. I just don’t think what you did was funny. But I know you would never hurt me on purpose, so I’m sorry.”

Her mother looked up from her plate and smiled an odd looking smile at her. “Well, okay I guess. I don’t remember you yelling at me. But it doesn’t matter, I know you love me.”

Connie swallowed a chunk of meat and looked at her mother, trying to decide if she was being serious. “Um, you don’t remember the whole diaper conversation? I was yelling almost the whole time!”

Now it was her mother that looked at her with a question on her face, “Diaper conversation? All I remember is telling you I got the thicker ones this time and you took them and walked off. Did I miss something?”

Connie was about to tell her, but she could see in her mother’s eyes that she really didn’t remember having the conversation. “No. It’s fine. Never mind.” Outside she smiled and started eating again, but inside she was wondering what was wrong with her mother. Dinner passed quickly and she helped clean the table. Afterwards she took a short shower and went back on the computer. She sent a quick note to Jenny that she wanted to see her and talk, as she hit send she was overcome by a large yawn. She felt as though she had been up twenty four hours straight. A look at her clock showed it was only eight at night. “Why am I so tired?” she wondered as she yawned again. Instead of fighting to stay awake she brushed her teeth and started to get in bed. She stopped, then looked at her trashcan, she didn’t want a repeat, so she decided to get up and lock her door. She even clicked the privacy lock closed that she had installed on the inside of the door. “Let’s see mom do that again…” Connie smiled as she turned and walked back to her bed, she noticed the diapers still in her trash again and decided to get rid of them before she fell asleep. She pulled the bag out, double tied it, and carefully dropped it out her window. The loud whump felt very satisfying to her. She closed her window and pulled the blankets over herself, then drifted off to sleep.

Connie tossed and turned during the night. She dreamt a horrible nightmare filled with dark shadows and diaper wielding monsters. She ran up and down several flights of stairs, but found herself cornered and captured by one of the shapeless forms. As she fought to get away she felt warmth run down her legs, in horror she realized she was peeing her pants.

She awoke with a scream still dying on her lips. Her blankets had been kicked off during the dream, but her body still felt like it was covered with sweat. “What a fucked up dream.” she whispered. “It felt so real. Even my diapees felt real.” She sat up and swung her legs off the bed, then as she got up she spread her knees out and started to pee.

She popped her thumb in her mouth and started sucking on it while the diaper between her legs started to warmly sag. She felt her bladder finally empty and smiled while she squeezed the diaper with her free hand. She turned and crawled back into bed. Then as she laid down on her back, she suddenly realized what had just happened. “What the hell was that?” Connie wondered. Fear washed over her. She looked at the clock in her room and saw it was midnight. Then she reached down between her legs, praying she had still been dreaming and felt a squishy diaper. “What the hell is going on.” she thought to herself. She jumped back out of bed and grabbed at the tapes to the diaper. She yanked and expected it to slide off.

But it didn’t. Instead her hands had closed on nothing and the diaper stayed on. Again she tried to pull the tapes off, and again her fingers slid off the rough plastic and nothing happened. Connie started to feel frustrated. Her right thumb found it’s way into her mouth and it was several seconds before she realized what she doing. When she tried to pull it out her body wouldn’t cooperate. She started to panic and ran for her door.

She tried to open the knob, then remembered that she had closed the latch. She reached up to pull it free and stopped. “It’s gone!” she yelled inside her head. She looked closely at the door and saw that even the screw holes were missing. She grabbed at the knob, but it felt foreign to her. She looked down and saw it had been baby proofed with a simple squeeze to open cover. Connie squeezed as hard as she could but she couldn’t get the knob to work. “Dam!” she thought. “Open the hell up!”

She walked towards her computer desk and reached out for the phone. As soon as her hand closed on it she knew something was wrong. In the dim light she looked down and saw a clown’s face peering at her from a child’s fake phone. With her thumb still in her mouth she dropped to her butt on the floor. “It’s a dream. Another dream.” she screamed to herself. She slammed her fist down on the floor, and was surprised by the pain she felt. She was still looking at her hand when she heard her door open and watched her mother walk in.

“Oh my! Did Conniewony fall out of her bed?” Connie wanted to tell her what had happened, but she couldn’t get her mouth to do anything except suck on her thumb. She just looked up at her and held out her free hand. “Aww, it’s alright. Mommy will get baby back in bed.” Connie tried to stand on her own, but found she really did need her mother to pick her up. She stood on shaky legs, and was grateful to have her mother gently help her back into the bed. She smiled around her thumb at her and made what sounded like happy gurgling sounds. She had expected her mother to tuck her in, instead she watched as she first checked her diaper. “Yep, it looks like mommies little lady needs a clean diaper. I guess it’s a good thing you fell out.” she started to change Connie’s diaper as she talked, “But I think it’s to soon for you to have a big girl bed.”

Connie listened as her mother talked. “This has to be the weirdest dream ever.” she thought to herself. She tried not to pay attention as she felt the wet diaper pulled away, then, before she could stop herself she raised her “bum” when her mother told her too. And felt a diaper slide under her. When she set her ass back down it was on a new, dry diaper.

“Night, night sweetie! Pleasant dreams!” her mother said as she closed the door behind her. Connie just rolled over and hoped she wouldn’t remember any of this when she woke up in the morning.

“Wake up sleepy head. It’s already morning,”

Connie kept her eyes closed, “Ugh… Mom let me sleep in today. It’s not like I have anything to do.” The woman gently pulled the blankets off her daughter in one quick motion, “No, it’s time for you to get up Connie. I don’t want you to get rashy.” Connie’s eyes popped open. She sat up and stared down at herself. The diaper between her legs was back. And wet. She looked up towards her mother, but she was already walking out of the room. “I’ll get breakfast ready hun. You just clean up for me like a big girl.” she walked out of the room, and closed the door behind her.

Connie’s heart was pounding in her chest. She stood up and grabbed at the tapes on the diaper, she half expected them to stay closed, but with a loud ripping sound they came free and the diaper dropped to the floor. Connie grabbed it and looked at the front. “Luv’s Nightime, size 6t. What the hell is going on? I threw these all out yesterday.” She wadded it up, and went to throw it away, when she got close to her trash can she stopped and stared. The first diaper was back. And so was all the old garbage. It was like she had never thrown it out. “Oh… Sick. What is wrong with her?” Connie wondered. She dropped the new diaper onto the first and lunged for her dresser. She opened the top drawer and wasn’t surprised to see the pack of diapers back. And sitting next to her panties. “No way! I can’t believe she did that!” Connie said to herself. She pulled the pack out and tossed it into the garbage can again. She grabbed the garbage bag and tied it shut. She wanted to make sure the diapers didn’t reappear, “I’ll dump this thing somewhere today. She won’t be doing that again.” she whispered to herself. Connie had to eat breakfast, but she wanted to see if Jenny had got back to her first. She pulled her chair out and sat down. Then, as she reached over to turn her computer on her hair stood up on end. She wondered what was wrong then she noticed it. Her phone was gone. In it’s place was the plastic clown phone from her dream. Her heart skipped and pounded in her chest as she got down on her knees and looked for the phone jack in the wall. “It’s gone….” she whispered. “It can’t be…” But no matter where she looked she couldn’t find it. She knew where it had been, she had used it for dial-up several months ago, and had to switch the phone line back and forth. She looked for signs of fresh paint, or spackle. But there were none. It was as if there had never been a phone line to her room.

She stood up and grabbed a pair of loose jeans from on top of her dresser and stepped into them while she walked to her door. She wanted out of her room, she wanted out of the house as well. Something weird was happening. Connie reached out and grabbed the knob. Instead of the cool brass knob, she felt plastic. Goosebumps ran up her arms as she looked down and saw the baby proof cover from her dream. “It’s not real.” she said as she pulled her hand away. She stared at it for several seconds then slowly reached out and grabbed it. Like the diaper before, Connie worried that she wouldn’t be able to open it. But she easily squeezed it and turned the knob. The door creaked open and she felt an odd sense of pride take over from part of the terror. “I’m a big girl!” flashed through her mind before humiliation at the thought took over. “Fuck, I’ve got to get out of here.”

She was in such a hurry she almost forgot the garbage bag, and ran back and grabbed it. Connie walked into the kitchen and tossed it out the door before sitting down and slamming her oatmeal as fast as she could.

“Slow down there Connie. You don’t want to get cramps.” Her mother said between sips of coffee.

Connie looked up at her mother. She didn’t seem to think anything was wrong. She had obviously seen the clown phone. And if she had missed it, there was the wet diapers, twice in a row, and the door knob cover was impossible to have missed. She wanted to talk to her, but she wanted to talk to Jenny first, “Well…. I have to get going, Jenny is waiting.”

Her mother smiled and sipped her coffee, “Okay. Ready for the day already? I’d think you’d want to wear a little more then that, there’s not much there to prevent any unfortunate accidents.”

Connie nearly choked again, she knew she had already had this conversation. Now that she thought about it, the whole morning seemed to be one big copy of the day before, except for the new babyish additions, she wondered if this conversation would go the same way. “Accidents?”

“Yeah, that shirt doesn’t leave much to be imagined, and if those pants fall too low… Well you get my drift right?”

Connie nodded, then put her hands over her face as she closed her eyes, “Don’t go over to the sink, don’t go shopping…” she thought to herself.

Her mother stood and walked to the sink, then she started rinsing out her coffee cup.
“I’m going shopping this morning, is there anything you need?”

Connie swore silently under her breath. “No, I’m good. Have fun shopping.” Then before her mother could say anything else she ran for the door and grabbed the bag of trash she had put out. She walked several blocks out of her way to make sure her mother couldn’t find the bag. Then with a swing she tossed into a dumpster behind a Gas N’ Go. “Find that mom…” she muttered. Then with relief she went straight to Jennie’s house. She hoped she hadn’t gone anywhere for the day. After fifteen minutes of walking she was knocking on Jennie’s door, only to find out she had already left for her job, and wouldn’t be back till later that night. Connie looked at her best friend’s mother and swallowed. She decided she’d prod her for information instead. “Has Jenny been okay lately?”

She got a smile in return. “What do you mean?”

Connie decided to be blunt. “Does Jenny use… Er, Diapers at all?”

“Diapers?” She laughed, thinking it was a weird joke. “No Connie. Why would a senior in high school need diapers? Is this a joke?”

Connie forced a laugh, “Yeah. Sorry. It seemed funnier earlier. Sorry to bother you. Tell Jen to call… Er… IM me later. Thanks.” She waved and walked away. Now she was really confused. “Is this just happening to me?” She turned towards home but stopped. She decided she’d make one last visit. It was only another five blocks to Wal-Mart. And she enjoyed the exercise anyway. Connie felt much better as she got closer to the store. By the time she walked in she almost felt normal. She went straight for the pharmacy section. Knots started to form as she got closer to it. Finally she could see the adult diaper section. She checked to make sure she was alone and walked right in. She saw many brands. But nothing like what her mother had gotten. And Connie was sure all the bags had Wal-Mart tags on them when she helped her mother yesterday. She smiled to herself and suddenly felt a weight drop from her body. Maybe it was all a weird dream after all. And when she talked to her mother later it would be part of a big joke on her.

Connie turned and walked back out of the pharmacy section with a spring in her step. “I was just being so stupid. Huge baby diapers. And I should have known. The girl on the pack almost looked like me anyways.” She was still laughing as she turned a corner and the baby section came into view. Her stomach tightened as she realized there was one more place to look. Her pace slowed as she got closer. She looked above at the signs and walked right to the isle that had the wipes and diapers. She stopped and stood just outside the isle. She willed her heart to stop pounding but it was beyond her control. Finally she swallowed and took a step into the isle. She looked at the diapers and saw they were all stacked by brand. She was staring at Pampers. She looked closely and saw nothing that she hadn’t seen before. Just regular baby diapers, training pants, and bed wetting pants. Connie moved over and saw Huggies. Again nothing looked odd. She was feeling better now and moved over to what she saw was the house brand.

“Normal…” she whispered with relief. “Everything is normal.” Finally she smiled and stepped over into Luvs territory. She saw all the regular diapers. And the trainers. Everything stacked neatly by size and style. From the newborns, to the training pants. Connie let another laugh escape. “Like there would really be…” She was looking at a stack of Luvs size 6t. “Oh my……”

Adrenaline rushed through her body as she grabbed a pack and looked at the cover. The same picture looked at her. This time, she could see the resemblance to her own image. It almost looked exactly like her. But somehow the face was still different. She looked at the spot where she got the pack and saw there was not only more of them, but the shelf had a marker tag to show the stockers where they went. She put the pack back and starting looking closer at the Luvs. She saw that each style and size had a “t” version stacked neatly next to it. Connie picked up a size 4t pack, and a 1t pack. “What’s the dam difference?” she wondered. She saw that all the different “t” numbers handled the same amount of liquid. And there were only nighttime versions of size 4t, 5t, and 6t. She turned the packs over and looked closely at the drawn examples on the backs. Now she could see the diapers had different styles and numbers to fit the different stages of babyhood.

“It’s like these are exactly like the real baby versions, except the baby is really an older child. What the fuck is going on…” Connie looked at the front of the 1t pack and frowned at the near image of herself sitting up, with legs spread out wide in front, and a dumb wet grin on her face. She put the packs back and turned to leave, but before she did she turned and took one last look. Sure enough there were “t” size trainers and even bed wetter pants. Connie felt a blush rise on her cheeks as she reached out and grabbed a pack of bed wetter pants. “I may have a problem, but I sure don’t need to wear diapers.” she said. Carefully she wound her way to the front of the store and found a self pay that was open. She darted to it and with one fluid motion scanned the pack, and dropped it in a bag. Connie breathed a sigh of relief as she paid, and then triple bagged her purchase.

Never before had a walk home felt so long to her. She expected people she knew to dart out from behind every house, and out of every car. She jay walked a few times just to get home faster. Not only did she want to get home, but she wanted to get home way before her mother did. She didn’t want her to know about the bed wetter pants. Her door came into view, and Connie smiled when she saw her mothers car was still gone. She felt like skipping up the walk but constrained herself. She opened the front door and closed it behind herself. She kicked off her shoes and ran straight for her room. She closed the door and reached up for the now missing latch. She looked again, and still couldn’t see any way the screw holes could have been patched so well. “Something weird….” she muttered as she pulled her nighttime pants out of the bag and tossed them under her bed. Then she checked her IM’s and saw that Jenny had still not replied. “Dam. Come on Jen, I really need to talk to you right now.” But she had to wait.

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She felt the call of nature again and on a whim grabbed the receipt from the store. After wiping, she dropped the receipt into the bowl and flushed it away. There would be no proof that she had bought something so juvenile. Connie went back to her desk and started rooting around on the internet to see what she could find out about the weird Luvs sizes. As she finished typing and hit the enter key her internet connection timed out. "Fuck. Not now! She frantically tried to fix it, but it seemed her provider was down and she would have to wait. She reached over to grab her phone, but as she felt the cool cheap plastic she remembered she didn’t have one anymore. She looked down at what she had in her hands and felt like screaming. Connie grabbed it with both hands and twisted the hand piece in two, then, after opening the window tossed it in the garbage. She watched with pleasure as half the hand piece bounced off the can and rolled into the street. She turned back to her computer and stared at the network connection icon, it was still down so she decided she could use a little lunch. Connie checked to make sure her recent purchase was well hidden and ducked out to the kitchen. When she opened the fridge she was surprised to see her mother had bought some Lunchables, she grabbed one and a pitcher of Orange Juice. She tossed the Lunchable onto the table and set the pitcher next to it.

She decided on a tall plastic cup and turned on the under-cabinet radio before sitting down to eat. “Ah, processed food and OJ. The lunch of champions.” she said to herself. Connie ripped open the Lunch, and carefully poured her glass full. She ate in silence as the radio blared out recent news and the local weather. The reporter went on to state a local man had been arrested for shop lifting. Hearing about another person’s problems made Connie feel a little better. She laughed at the idea of being in jail over something so stupid, she was still shaking her head when she reached over for her juice and accidentally knocked over the glass. “Oh shit!” She yelled, as juice went over the entire table and dripped down onto the floor. She swallowed the small amount of juice left in the cup and picked up the tray of lunch meat before it was swamped by juice. She set it behind her on the counter and grabbed an entire roll of paper towels. Connie scooped out several slices of ham and some crackers and jammed them into her mouth while she started to wipe the mess up. She was just finishing with the final rinse when she heard her mother’s keys in the front door.

Connie had a weird feeling wash over her when she saw what looked like the exact same purchases in the bags as the day before. She decided she’d help her bring in the same food filled bags as the day before, just to see how far the weirdness would go. She kept hauling things to the kitchen. When her mother had everything inside the house Connie didn’t leave, she stayed with her and helped to put everything away. She hoped she would see nothing but food this time. Finally everything was put away and she could see no other bags. “So that was everything mom?” she casually asked.

“Yep, all the food we’ll need for a while I hope. You doing anything tonight?”

Connie smiled at her change of luck. No diapers meant she was going to be okay after all. “I don’t know. I’m kind of waiting on the internet right now. Maybe I’ll get together with friends later.” she leaned in and kissed her mother then walked towards her room. She was in the living room grabbing her shoes when her mother called out to her, “Hold on Connie.” Connie stopped and waited as her mother came into the room, her mother walked in and casually tossed a plastic package towards her. Connie caught it easily, “I thought you would like the more absorbent ones, I hope they aren’t to thick.”

The words hit her like a brick. She didn’t want to look down but she had to. “Luvs… Diapers… Extra absorbent…Over night…. Size 5t. What the hell?” she looked up at her mother. “Size 5t? Yesterday it was 6t. What are you trying to do to me? Drive me crazy?”

Her mother had started walking away, she stopped and came back to her, “Yesterday? I haven’t bought you any diapers for a week or two. What the hell are you talking about?”

Connie felt like throwing the diapers at her mother, “You haven’t bought me diapers for over a fucking decade till yesterday! Why are you doing this to me?”

Despite Connie’s foul language her mother’s face took on a soft look. “Connie, are you feeling okay?”

Connie put her hand up and looked down at the floor. “Fine. No thanks to you.” Then she stormed off to her room and slammed the door behind her. She tossed the new pack of Luvs into a corner and dropped heavily in front of her computer chair. She rubbed tears from her eyes as she waited for her computer to start up. “Jenny…. Jenny. Please say you’ll be here…”

Finally her desktop came up and she crossed her fingers. One tap over the browser and she saw that she was connected. “Finally!” she thought to herself. She double clicked and waited as her home page popped up. As she waited she nervously looked back at the pack of diapers she’d thrown in the corner. Connie couldn’t stand them being in the room with her. And she knew her mother would just get them out and try to use them later if she threw them out.

An idea came to her, she jumped out of her chair and grabbed the entire pack. She walked into her bathroom and tore it open, scattering diapers all over the floor. Connie turned on the faucet to her sink and picked up the diapers. One at a time she stuck them under the water and watched as they filled. Then she wrapped them tightly and dropped them into the trash can next to her toilet. When she was done the entire room smelled like a diaper, but there was no way her mother would be sneaking them back into her room to be used later. Connie stared down at the white mound of wet diapers rising from her trash. She wondered if she should throw them outside, but before she could decide what to do she heard a ping sound from her computer telling her she had a new message. She ran back and clicked quickly on the message.

“Connie, NP. I’ll come over tomorrow around noon. Give me a call if you won’t be there, otherwise I’ll come. PS Your phone isn’t working.”

Relief flooded her. She would have someone to talk to about everything. She didn’t even feel like surfing the net anymore. She just sat in her chair and smiled at the wall thinking about everything that had happened so far. Even if her mother was being affected ,or the cause of everything, her friend wasn’t. She looked down at how she was dressed and realized she hadn’t put on any makeup in over 24 hours. Connie felt a sudden urge to prove she wasn’t a baby and show off her good looks. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Under the bright light of the vanity mirror’s bulbs she could see all the stress was starting to take it’s toll. She had bags under her eyes. And her lips were badly chapped. She carefully applied a light coat of lipstick and made sure it looked good in the mirror. As she looked she saw something odd. “My hair isn’t combed like that…” she said. She looked closely at the reflected image and saw what looked like pig tails hanging off her head. She turned from the image, closing her eyes as she grabbed at her hair. Without using the mirror she looked at it as well and saw that it wasn’t combed at all. It was hanging in a tangled mess off her head.

Connie turned back to the mirror and saw the same image again. As she stared at it she felt an urge to comb her hair and mimic exactly what she was seeing. She grabbed a hair brush and started combing her hair out. The more she did the better she felt, and the more she wanted to look exactly like her reflection in the mirror. She carefully divided her hair and formed the two tails perfectly. “This is going to look so gooder!” she said out loud. She looked back into the mirror and was surprised to see her doppelganger now sucking it’s thumb and smiling a vacant looking grin. Connie stepped back and away from the image in shock. She watched as her twin started to point to the door with it’s free hand. Connie turned and saw nothing but several towels hanging off the back of the door. She stepped closer to it and gently pulled one of them to the side. “What is she trying to show me? The towels?” Then she realized her reflection wanted her to see the mirror the towels were hanging over. She carefully separated the two center towels and saw part of her reflection. Everything looked normal so Connie grabbed the towels and pulled them off. First she was just going to take a look then re-hang them. Instead she felt like dropping everything in her hands and she did.

She stared blankly at her reflection. Other then the hair, the blank grin, and the thumb sucking the reflection looked normal. Then as Connie watched her reflection grabbed the top of her jeans and yanked them down, exposing a bugling diaper underneath, she could see a large “5t” size printed on the front tape. As she watched Connie was overcome by an urge to wear diapers and use them. She wanted to act like a baby, to toddle around and piss herself while total strangers looked on. The pants in the mirror dropped to the floor, while the real Connie fumbled with her own pants and let them drop as well. The big baby in the mirror stuck a finger in her nose, and Connie giggled while she copied her. Feeling silly picking her nose. She watched and laughed along while her twin spread her legs and stuck a free hand down the front of her diaper. Connie knew she wasn’t wearing a diaper, but she started to rub her vagina anyways. Then as her twin started to drool the mirror seemed to cloud over.

At the same instant the door started to swing open. As the mirror swung in towards the wall Connie felt her senses return to her. As she pulled her thumb out of her mouth and her hand away from herself she found that instead of her reflection she was looking at the stunned face of her mother.

“Con…. Ahem…” she said flustered, …“Dinner Connie. Come and get something in you.” then without waiting she turned and left the room.

Connie was left speechless. She looked up and saw her normal face reflected at her. She cautiously looked at the mirror on the back of the door and saw nothing weird either. Then she got an idea. Slowly she started to close the door. As it hit the frame and started to close fully the mirror on the door started to cloud over again. Connie felt the weird urge start to return and quickly looked away from the mirror. She kept her eyes on the floor as she picked the towels back up and re-hung them. She carefully looked at the mirror and felt better to see it was totally covered again. She reached out for the door knob and turned to look at her vanity again. In it she could see her twin sucking her thumb and frantically motioning back to the door again. Fear bubbled back over the humiliation of what her mother has just seen. “No baby. I don’t think so.” She cracked the door open and watched as the image clouded and was replaced by her normal face. “Dam.” she whispered, “That’s enough of that. Maybe I am going nuts.” Connie then hurried downstairs to eat her dinner. She sat and ate slowly thinking about what had just happened. And if she should talk to her mother about it. She looked across the table at her and started to open her mouth. But her mother stopped her.

“Look, I don’t know exactly what I saw. But I think after all we’ve been through today, maybe we need a cool down period. Why don’t we hit it early tonight, and talk about this in the morning?” Connie really wanted to talk, but instead she nodded and shoved a full fork in her mouth. “Good. I think we just need to relax. I’m sure this will all seem funny tomorrow.” Then she stood up and took her plate to the sink.

Connie watched her mother’s back as she finished. She really thought she needed some kind of help. But the idea of going nuts and needing a doctor really didn’t sit well with her. “And anyways.” she thought to herself. “If I am going nuts one more day before I get my head examined shouldn’t be that big a difference.” She picked up her empty plate and set it down in the sink, then with a gentle kiss on her mother’s cheek she left for her room. She stopped in her bathroom and made sure to drain every drop of pee she could then brushed her teeth. After she rinsed out her mouth she checked her face in the mirror, half expecting to see something wrong with it. Instead she saw her normal face, with a set of bags starting to sag under her eyes. “Did I imagine it all?” she said. She knew she could just check it again with the door closed, but decided she would just get some sleep instead. She turned off the light and then walked into her room, closing the door behind her. She looked again for the privacy latch, but found no trace of it still. “Maybe I imagined that too? Maybe my door never had that thing on it after all?” Connie shook her head and walked to her bed. She remembered her special pants she had bought and retrieved them from under her bed. The pack was still closed, she opened it and slid one pair free. As she stretched them out she noticed how much like a diaper they looked. “But it’s not a diapee…” she said childishly to herself. She stepped into them and pulled them up into place. She twisted and turned in them, then carefully used her fingers to un-bunch the padding between her legs. Finally she slipped between the covers and closed her eyes.

Connie tossed and turned during the night. She dreamt a horrible nightmare filled with dark shadows and diaper wielding monsters. She ran up and down several flights of stairs, but found herself cornered and captured by one of the shapeless shadows. As she fought to get away she felt warmth run down her legs, in horror she realized she was peeing her pants.

She awoke with a scream still dying on her lips. Her blankets had been kicked off during the dream, but her body still felt like it was covered with sweat. “What a fucked up dream.” she whispered. Her eyes popped open and she glanced at her clock starting to get scared again, she saw it was midnight. Terror swept over her as an odd tingle spread through her body, “Oh fuck! It’s happening again!” she yelled. Horror built as her body reacted without her control. She felt the need to pee. But it seemed like she could barely control it. Spurts of warmth filled her diaper as she swung her feet out of her bed and stood up. “Noooo-” she yelled as her thumb rose and lodged itself in her mouth. Then without further warning the dam broke and her diaper began to fill. She felt sick as the hot pee ran between her legs to be absorbed into the padding. As the flow slowed she tried to move again and found she could. On shaky legs she toddled towards her door. She almost fell twice as she tripped on her own pigeon toed feet. Finally her hands slapped against it. She tried to open the knob, but again the baby proofing stopped her. She turned away from the door and stared in shock at her bed. Instead of her regular bed she saw one with rails around the front, back and the side against the wall. She stumbled closer to it and saw the forth side of her bed had rails as well, but they were dropped down so she could get in and out easily.

“It’s a fucking crib!” she screamed around her thumb. She stepped closer to it and finally managed to trip over her feet, with a fall padded by her sodden diaper she found herself sitting on the floor. She felt tears start to roll down her face. “It’s not fair!” she screamed. She looked down through her tears and saw she was wearing a Nightime 5t. And from the looks of it she had managed to soak it to capacity. Connie couldn’t stop crying but she managed to control herself enough to look around at her surroundings more. Everything looked normal. Then she saw a darker area running along the entire top part of her walls. She squinted and could see it was a border running along the entire room. She decided she really didn’t want to see what else had changed. She started crawling towards her computer. She wanted to have Jenny come over now. She made it to her chair and was surprised to find it was no longer a roller style office chair, but a wooden padded one instead. “Shit. I hope the computer isn’t fucked up too.” But before she could pull herself up into the chair she heard her door open and her mother walked in.

“Oh my! Did Conniewony fall out of her bed?” Connie didn’t even try to tell her what had happened, she knew she couldn’t get her mouth to do anything except suck on her thumb. She just looked up at her and held out her free hand again. “Aww, it’s alright. Mommy will get baby back in bed.” Connie tried to stand on her own, but found she lacked the strength, and now she really needed a lot of help to get up. Her mother did most of the work to get her back in bed. She smiled around her thumb at her, but this time she managed to stay quiet.

Connie felt a cool finger poke into the leg hole of her diaper, “Yep, it looks like mommies little lady needs a clean diaper. I guess it’s a good thing you fell out.” She started to change Connie’s diaper as she talked, “But I think it’s to soon for you to sleep with the side down at night.”

Connie listened as her mother talked. “Will this ever end?” she thought to herself. She tried not to pay attention as her diaper was opened and cool air caused her skin to tingle.

Her mother seemed to take a bit longer wiping this time. “I think baby might be getting a rash. I better put some cream on that.”

“Cream? Rash?” Connie thought. Her question was answered when she felt a finger start to rub something thick and oily over her vagina. She couldn’t believe she was starting to get a diaper rash. Fresh tears started rolling down her face.

“Night, night sweetie! Pleasant dreams!” her mother said as she pulled the forth rail up and closed on her bed. Then she tossed the used diaper in the trash and closed the door behind her.

Connie stared out through the bars of her crib and hoped things won’t be worse in the morning….

“Wake up sleepy head. It’s already morning.”

Connie was instantly awake. She opened her eyes and saw she was still looking out through bars. “Drop the dam rail mom.”

Her mother grimaced down at her, but reached out with her arms and unlocked the side of the crib, allowing the rail to slide down and out of Connie’s way. Then the woman gently pulled the blankets off in one quick motion, she looked seriously down at her daughter, “Now, it’s time for you to get up Connie. I don’t want you to get rashy.”

Connie sat up in the crib and gingerly swung her feet out over the floor. With a small leap she landed squarely on her feet. She expected her mother to leave, but realized she wasn’t moving. “I’ll be fine mommy. I’ll get clean and stuff, okay?”

Her mother finally sighed, “Fine, if my big girl wants to change her own diaper that’s fine by me. See you down stairs for breakfast.”

Connie didn’t wait for her to leave as she started to check herself out. Sure enough she was in a diaper. And it was wet. She checked the size and confirmed it was a size 5t. Remembering the bed wetter pants she looked under her crib, to find that they were gone. She stepped over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. Instead of diapers and panties all she saw was diapers lined up and ready to be used. She slammed the drawer closed before thinking about it, then remembered her glass figures usually fell over if she slammed her drawers closed. She threw her hands out to catch them. But none fell. Connie looked at the top of her dresser and saw several plastic baby toys. Nothing glass, nothing that could even break. She grabbed them all and tossed them in the can next to her bed. In a rage she turned to her computer and saw the toy clown phone was back. She grabbed it and tossed it across the room with a loud bang… She was crying again as she sat down in her chair. It looked exactly like it had during the night. She remembered the dark trim around her ceiling and looked up to see a pink border with hearts and rocking horses on it circling her room. Then she realized all her posters were gone. On closer inspection she saw the wall paper was no longer faded and peeling, Instead it looked like it was brand new. Connie mouth hung open as she took it all in. She just stared in mute terror at what had changed during the night. Instead of a young woman’s room, she felt like she was in a nursery for a baby. She lunged at the walls and tried her best to tear the paper free, But it was stuck fast and she couldn’t move it.

“I can hear you up there Connie! Come down for breakfast okay?”

Connie took one last look at the pink terror her room was becoming and left for breakfast. She sat down in the chair and grimaced at the oatmeal in her bowl. She wanted to fight, but she knew it wouldn’t do anything. Instead she slowly spooned the warm cereal into her mouth. Her mother stayed silent as she drank her coffee and watched her daughter eat. She had been surprised when Connie had walked into the room with her night shirt and wet diaper still on. And while she didn’t really think it was wrong something in the back of her head bothered her. Finally she spoke, “Ready for the day now? I’d think you’d want to wear a little more then that, there’s not much there to prevent any unfortunate accidents.”

Connie almost jumped at the sound of her voice. “I’m staying home today. Jen is coming by soon and I don’t think I have to worry about mooning her.” She got up and set her dishes in the sink.

“Sure, just make sure you change out of that wet diaper before she gets here.”

“What?!” she yelled, Connie looked down and her body turned beet red when she saw she was still wearing her diaper from the night before. “Dam! I forgot to take it off.” She looked at her mother and tried to tell her something was wrong. That her world was falling apart, being replaced by an impossible dream.

But her mother cut her off, “I’m going shopping this morning, is there anything you need?”

Connie looked up at her with a frown. “No! And I don’t need anymore dam diapers either!”

“Hey don’t get lippy young lady! I’m not the one standing in the kitchen with pee pee pants am I?”

Anger welled up and Connie ripped the tapes open on her diaper. She was about to let it drop when her mother grabbed her and held it up in place. “Don’t do that in here! I don’t need a mess on my floor. Go to your room and do that! Geez…. You’re not a baby Connie.”

Connie ran from her mother straight to her bathroom, she let the diaper drop to the floor, then picked it up and dropped in in the trash. The words from her mother seemed to sting. “I know I’m not a baby!” she angrily said to nobody. She remembered the mound of water soaked diapers she had left in the trash, but they were now gone as well. Connie turned on the shower and let it heat up. Then, when the water was ready she dropped her shirt and climbed in. Once again most of the pleasure she usually felt while showering was lost. She just stood there with water running down her back and imagined it rinsing the smell of piss away. Instead of another short shower she stayed in as long as the water stayed hot. After several minutes in the spray she felt like she was used to the temp of the water and bumped it up till it burned slightly. Connie increased the temperature several times while she showered. Each time she felt better, hoping the scorching water would melt away everything that had happened and would leave her standing, as a normal, non-diaper using woman. Finally the water started to get cold and she couldn’t turn the knob to get it any hotter. Connie opened the glass door and took a towel off her sink, then with a final spray she turned off the water and stepped out. She carefully dried her body, and paid close attention to what she was fast starting to think of as her diaper area. She could see where she had started to get a rash, but thankfully it had stopped at some red splotches on her skin. “I can’t believe I’m, getting a fucking diaper rash! This can’t get any worse!”

She looked towards the mirror and wondered what she would see now if she looked at her reflection. She held the towel up and started wiping the thick condensation off the glass. When it was clear enough to show her a reflection she was shocked to see something unexpected. Instead of sucking her thumb her pig tailed reflection had a pacifier wedged in her mouth and was busy sucking it as fast as she could. Drool ran down her chin and dripped steadily off onto the floor. The grin on her face seemed just as vacant as before, but now her eyes looked different, almost droopy. Nothing intelligent looked out from them. Nothing but innocence. Connie saw the image was now using both hands to motion towards the other mirror. “I don’t think so honey. Once was enough for me.” Though as she turned away and left the bathroom she felt a pang of guilt. She knew it was wrong and stupid. But she really did want to put on a diaper and look in the bigger mirror. Even when she tried to stop thinking about it the urge didn’t stop nagging her from the back of her consciousness. As she stepped into her room she decided she would dress up a bit for Jenny.

She rummaged around in her closet and found a shirt she hadn’t worn yet and a pair of tight pants that would go perfectly with it. She had really wanted to wear big girl panties, but she couldn’t find anything except diapers in her dresser. With a quick spray of deodorant, and a light layer of makeup she decided she looked grown up enough and went downstairs to watch TV while she waited for Jenny. Before she sat down on the couch she grabbed a sports bottle and filled it with water from the tap. She flipped through the channels and found one showing Wall-E. She grinned and laughed while the movie played on. Occasionally sucking water from the plastic stopper on the bottle. She looked up at the clock when the movie ended and wondered what time it was. She stared for several seconds at the clock. It was the type with hands and she was having a hard time reading it. Finally she smiled and said, “It’s eleventy thirty. She’ll be here soon.”

She sat up as she felt herself getting excited. She felt a sudden need to pee and rushed to the toilet. She made it, with only a small spot in the middle of her pants. She dabbed at it with toilet paper while she listened to her “water running”. When she was done she pulled up her pants. It was already to late when she remembered she needed to wipe herself. She smiled at her mistake while she washed her hands in the sink. She was back and channel surfing by the time she heard Jenny knock. Connie jumped up and ran to the door, opening it without even checking to see who was on the other side.

Jenny stood on the porch and look of concern on her face. “Hey Connie. You alright girl?”

Connie nodded her head and grabbed her by the hand, then roughly pulled her inside. “I was so worried you won’t make it Jen. I’ve needed to talk to you for a while now! I know this is going to sound crazy but please listen.” Without even letting Jenny find a seat Connie started telling her what had been happening. From first waking up in a wet diaper, to realizing that every day and night seemed to repeat quite a bit. She finished by telling her about the mirrors in the bathroom. “You’ve known me for years Jen. I know it sounds crazy but I know you’ll help me cause yer my bestest friend.”

Jenny looked at her with concern, “Bestest?”

Connie only nodded, not realizing what was wrong about saying bestest at her age.

Jenny looked at her friend and saw that she seemed seriously afraid of something. “Fine Connie.” she sat down and smiled. “Lets say I believe you. That this isn’t some stupid joke. Why did this happen? Why did you suddenly start wetting your bed. And why diapers?”

Connie sat down with her legs splayed out on the floor in front of Jenny. “I don’t know! I went to bed like normal. And for some reason my mother woke me up in the morning and I was in diapers.”

“A wet diaper.” Jenny corrected her.

Connie blushed, “Yeah. And ever since then it keeps getting worse.”

“Worse? You mean how your room keeps changing every night?”

Connie grabbed one of her feet and started playing with her toes. “No, I mean every day mom says the same stuff. And does the same stuff. Except the diaper sizes keep going lower.”

Jenny watched Connie keep playing with her feet as she talked. She knew it must be a joke, but something about how she was acting made her feel something else was really wrong. “If they keep getting smaller then you don’t have to worry. You won’t fit in them soon enough.”

Connie threw her feet out, and stood up in consternation. “They don’t get smaller. The still fit, but the styles change. My normal diapers fit easy and didn’t push my legs apart. Plus they wore lower on my waist so they didn’t come out over the top of my pants. Now the size 5t bunch up between my legs, and they are to high.”

“Did you just say your normal diapers?” Jenny smiled, “Did you wear them all the time before?”

Connie turned, threw her head up, then stomped her foot. “You know what I meant. They started at size 6t, and now they are 5t. I bet my mom will come home with size 4t today. Will she keep going lower till I’m wearing giant newborn style diapers? And what happens then? What will my room look like then?”

“Why don’t we go look at your room anyways? Let me see what’s changed.”

“Sure Jen, follow me.” Connie led her back to her room and closed the door behind them after they entered. She watched as Jenny started to look slowly around the room, as she looked at the bed she stopped.

“Connie……” Jenny turned back to her. “Connie this is going to far. I don’t know what the joke is, but it isn’t funny. That’s a fucking crib over there. And the room smells like piss. I think you and your mother need some serious help.”

Connie felt her heart drop. “A joke?” she opened her dresser and unfolded one of the diapers inside it, then threw it at her. “Does that look like a joke? They don’t make baby diapers that big. Where the hell did it come from? And why the hell do I keep waking up at exactly midnight with a diaper whether or not I wore one to bed?”

Jenny sat down on the edge of the crib. “Look Connie, there’s no such thing as magic. Whatever is going on here is due to you and your mother. I suggest you two find a shrink and clear this shit up.” she folded the diaper closed in her hands and rubbed the soft outer cover with her thumb. “Look Connie, I really like you. But I can’t be brought into this kind of shit. You guys really need help. Wearing diapers at your age isn’t normal, nor is believing in magic.”

Connie felt like crawling into her bed and dying. “I didn’t believe till this started happening! What would you believe if parts of your life started falling apart and your mother was acting all crazy? Like it was all normal?”

Jenny stood and shook her head at Connie. She walked towards her and softly hugged her. “I love you girl. Get some help.” Then she roughly handed the diaper to her and walked towards the hall.

Connie ran to the door and blocked her. “No! Jenny I need you! I can’t talk to my mother about this. And you’re the only other person I trust enough to tell!”

“Connie, there’s nothing magic here. You’re a confused young lady who needs medical help. I can’t give you that. Now let me out.”

Connie moved out of her way and watched as Jenny opened the door to leave. “Wait! If you saw proof of magic would you believe?”

Jenny sighed and looked at her. “I’d have to wouldn’t I?”

Connie swallowed and pointed to the bathroom. “Okay, follow me in there. I’ll show you something that can’t be anything but magical.” Jenny smirked, but followed her. Connie turned on the light and after making sure the towels were hiding the door mirror she started shutting the door. “Okay Jen, look in the mirror. And tell me what you see.” then she closed the door with a soft click.

“I see my…. Wait, it kind of moved or something. I see… Nothing! What the fuck!” Jenny turned around to make sure what she was looking at was really being reflected then stared into the mirror again. She was confused at what she was looking at. But she didn’t think it was magic. “Okay, maybe this isn’t normal but I’m still not really convinced.”

“Move over then.” Connie said as she walked closer to the mirror. "Okay, now take a look at what’s reflected when I get in front of it. Connie closed her eyes tightly and said a short prayer while she stepped directly in front of it.

“Holy shit! That can’t be real… How are you doing that?”

Connie kept her eyes closed. Fear made her start to sweat, “Please… Please tell me what you see.”

"Connie it’s you. But it’s not. I don’t know how to explain it. Your hair’s up in tails and you’ve got a binky in your mouth. You look kinda off. I don’t know what it is. But you don’t look right. " Jenny said sounded very confused.

“Dam… Anything else?”

“Actually yeah, you seem to be pointing frantically out the door.” Jenny gently pushed her partly to the side, “And no matter what I do I can’t see my reflection in the mirror.” Connie turned away from the mirror and opened her eyes. Jenny saw that her reflection did the same thing. “Okay. I’m ready to admit something odd is going on here. Are you sure you don’t know why this started?” Jenny pointed at the diaper Connie was still holding, “You didn’t steal any diapers, or maim any babies did you?”

“No! I don’t know exactly what’s going on. I told you all I know…” Connie looked down at the diaper in her hands. “Hey Jen let’s try something. I’m going to get up on the sink and you tell me what’s reflected.”

Jenny motioned to the door. “Why not just use the other mirror?”

“Remember I told you earlier. If I uncover that one I lose all control.”

“Oh yeah…” But she didn’t sound convinced. “Okay, up you get then.”

Connie carefully climbed up onto the top of the sink and closed her eyes till she knew her face was above the mirror. She clung onto the mirror’s cabinet and asked what Jenny could see.

“I can see your pants. That’s about it.”

“Shit, can you see a diaper or anything?”

“I told you no. There might be a bulge or something. Wait a second.” She reached up and pulled Connie’s shirt above her pants. “Yeah, there’s a diaper all right, I can see about an inch or so of it coming out of your pants.”

“Can you see the size?”

“Hold on…” Jenny grabbed the top of Connie’s pants and unbuttoned them, then pulled them down slightly. The image in the mirror did the same, allowing the band of white plastic to expand, then she finally saw cute characters, and letters. “I see 5t.”

Connie took a deep breath and closed her eyes, “Okay. Back away. I’m going to get down.”

As she got down Jenny went back to looking in the mirror. “Everything else looks normal though.” She moved her head to see the floor better. 'I think there’s a diaper pail or something down there that isn’t here now. But that’s it." Connie reached for the door. But Jenny stopped her. “I want to see what the big mirror does.”

Connie felt a surge of fear and shame. “I already told you. It isn’t good.”

Jenny smiled, “How bad can it be? As long as I open the door everything will be fine right?”

Connie swallowed, “Yeah. But I… I don’t want to feel that again.”

“Feel what? Does it hurt or something?”

Connie sat down on the closed toilet. “No…”

“Well what’s wrong then?”

Connie stood and put her face right in Jenny’s. “It feels good. The longer I stood there, the more I liked it, the more I wanted it. The more it felt right. The more I wanted to let go and let whatever power it was take me.”

Jenny smiled and stepped closer to the towels covering the mirror. “Then it sounds like it’s a good thing I’ll be here. Other then that-” then Connie cut her off.

“You…” Connie buried her head in her hands, she could feel her face flush red, “You don’t understand. I still want it. Deep down I still want to lose control. It’s nothing like it was. But I don’t want to feel this urge even stronger.”

Jennie gently patted Connie on her back, “There, there hun. I would never do anything that would hurt you.” She cupped Connie’s chin in her hand and tilted it up so she could see into her eyes. But I really want to see it. Please? I’ll open the door real quick. You won’t be left alone in here. And afterwards you would know for sure I believed everything."

Connie blinked back tears. The truth was she wanted to be talked into it. She wanted to have another reason to do it. "O…. Okay. But I should… " she held up the diaper in her hand, “I should put this on.” Jenny nodded and turned around to face away, while Connie stepped completely out of her pants and taped the diaper on. When she heard the second tape open Jenny asked if she was ready. “Yeah. I guess so.”

Jenny turned back around and stared at Connie. She couldn’t believe she was staring at an adult wearing something that looked like it belonged on a baby. “Maybe you should take off the shirt too? So we can see the diaper better?”

Connie didn’t understand why that was needed, but she did it anyways. She pulled it off over her head and handed it to Jenny. “How do I look?”

“I bet nothing like how you feel right now.” Jenny said with a warm smile. “Ready for the main event diaper girl?”

Connie nodded and turned to face the mirror, with a few quick pulls the towels were gone and she was looking at herself in all her diapered glory. As she took herself in, a large silly grin spread over her face. “I look so cute! I so perty! Wite JenJen?”

Jenny didn’t answer, she couldn’t. She had stopped looking at Connie and instead looked at something else. A something else that was sitting exactly where she was standing. She walked closer to the mirror and saw it was some kind of container. Another step closer and she could almost make out writing on it. Finally she had her face almost on the glass as she read it out loud, “Patented ‘Diaper Jeni’ keep your babies mess locked away, and your house fresh!” She backed away from the mirror, “Oh shit! Connie snap out of it! Open the fucking door!”

Connie looked down at her and wetly smiled at her. “Hiya JenJen! Wet!”

Jenny looked down at the diaper around her friend’s waist and saw she was wet. “I don’t care! Connie! You have to- Ahhhh!” she dropped onto her knees on the floor. Something felt wrong to her. “Connie! A diaper pail, I can’t be a fucking Diaper Jeni! Oh God! NO!” Something deep in her mind started to push it’s way out. Jenny could feel a sense of pleasure start to build. She fought to hold it back.

Connie felt confused, Jenny was talking so fast. And now she was talking stupid. She knew she wasn’t really a baby. But it was okay to pretend. She was a big girl, just like Jenny, and now Jenny was trying to confuse her. She looked down at Jenny and patted her head, she wanted to tell her to stop talking so fast. She tried to say something smart, but instead “JenJen what’s Diperrr Jeni?”

Re: Bad Dream By:Long_Rifle (new)

The dam burst and Jenny felt like screaming. She couldn’t stop it, she didn’t want to anymore, she wasn’t a human she was just a dirty plastic thing. The acceptance of the change made it happen instantly. She threw back her head and screamed, “Me!” as she felt her body shift and her head flatten. She lost all sense other then of self as she turned into something to hold used diapers till garbage day.

Connie felt sad. Jenny had left, and now she was alone. She wanted to play. She wanted out of the bathroom. She squatted down onto the floor and started poking at her diaper. It felt different now. Warm and squishy. She knew she was supposed to remember what it was called, but she had forgot. She quickly grew bored of poking her diaper and remembered she had toys in her room. She got to her knees and grabbed at the door knob. She yanked on it, but the door didn’t open. “I big girl! Doors easy open!” she said to herself. She tried again, with some effort, and grabbed the knob with both hands. By mere accident she managed to open the door. In her excitement she didn’t let go and fell backwards when it swung in. She got back up on her knees and started crawling towards her room. As she did she felt something stuck on her leg. Connie started kicking wildly behind her, to make it come free. Finally she felt it slide off and gave a few more kicks in happiness. One of them connected with the door. Causing it to hit the back wall and bounce back, slamming itself closed again.

Connie didn’t care, she felt glad to be free. She clumsily stood on her feet and toddled towards her room. She saw the toy phone on the desk and squealed in delight. She grabbed it and sat on the floor having loud conversations, and pressing the buttons randomly. As she sat playing she started to feel a longing for something. At the same time she started to feel silly playing with a toy phone. She dropped it and stood up again. This time with ease. Connie then started to pace the floor, she knew she wanted something, but she couldn’t really tell what it was. She pulled her sagging diaper up, and sucked on her thumb for several seconds. She finally decided to sit back at her computer desk and do some surfing. Connie smiled and laughed as she read the recent gossip, she reached a hand down her diaper and scratched herself. When she pulled it out she absently sniffed her fingers.

“Ewww! Piss!” The completely gross smell of her pee brought her almost completely out of her fog. She stood up and ripped the diaper free with one hand and kicked it away with a foot. She felt cold. “Where’s my clothes at? Why was I in just a diaper?” Then the rest of her memory came back, and she almost screamed in shock. “Jenny!” She ran to the bathroom still naked and opened the door. There sitting where she had last seen it was a fancy looking diaper pail. She kept one foot outside the door as she picked up the towels and carefully covered the big mirror. Connie openly cried the entire time. Then when she was sure it was safe she grabbed the pail and pulled it out and into her room.

She waited and waited, but nothing happened. “Dammit! How long were we in there?” She looked up at the clock and frowned. She tried as hard as she could, but she couldn’t make sense of the hands and the numbers. “Fuck! I knew it was a bad idea!” Connie hated what she could remember doing, but she felt the deep urge, more powerful then before to do it again. She was still waiting for Jenny to change back when she heard her mother open the front door and start bringing in groceries. Connie started walking towards her door but remembered she still needed her clothes on. She dropped a shirt on, then found a pair of sweat pants to wear. She turned to what was left of her friend and whispered, “Jenny, I’ll be right back.” Her mother had brought in half the bags by the time Connie got down to her. She starting moving them to the kitchen, and once again helped her mother put everything away. Again the diapers seemed to be missing. Connie tried to think of a rational way to ask about them, but she couldn’t think of one so she went with what worked.

“So that was everything mom?” she casually asked.

“Yep, all the food we’ll need for a while I hope. You doing anything tonight?”

Connie grimaced at the question. “Big girls do things.” she thought to herself. “I’m not a big girl anymore.” Then she forced a simple smile to her lips, “Nope. Just hanging around”. She leaned in and kissed her mother then started walking towards her room. She was in the living room waiting when her mother called out to her.

“Hold on Connie.” Her mother walked in and casually tossed a plastic package towards her. Connie almost dropped it, her coordination seemed a bit off, “I thought you would like the more absorbent ones, I hope they aren’t to thick.”

Connie looked down at the pack before she started walking to her room. “Yep, 4t. Almost halfway there…” She wasn’t paying attention as she entered her room. She tossed the diapers in front of her dresser and looked up to see Jenny sitting on her crib looking very scared. “Jenny!” She ran to her and hugged her, but Jenny pushed her away.

“Connie… I was a…. a….”

Connie stared at her friend, she felt just as scared for her. “I know.” She moved in to hug her again.

Jenny pushed her away again. “I can’t believe it. I remember feeling something weird, then I knew what was about to happen. It was….”

“I know. I told you what it was like. Are you okay now?”

Jenny stood up and grabbed her, “Am I okay? I was a fucking diaper pail!” she closed her eyes and leaned into Connie’s tight hug.

Connie started rubbing her back gently. “It’s over now. You’re back.”

Jennie opened her eyes and saw Connie’s wet diaper laying on the floor. The image sent shivers up her spine. “Oh god…. Connie… Oh… I… I wanted it so bad. I actually wanted to be a…. a… a thing.” Connie just kept patting her back and hugging her. Finally after several silent minutes Jenny pulled away and wiped her eyes. “I’ve got to go. I’ll try to come by later tomorrow. Or I’ll call or something.”

Connie nodded her head and watched as she was left alone with whatever was taking over her life. She decided she wouldn’t go easy. “For one thing, I’m going to keep a clean room.” She spent almost an entire hour cleaning up. Throwing out random trash, and even grabbing her wet diaper and tossing it as well. It was during part of her cleanup she learned that her window had changed as well. Now it was nailed closed and she couldn’t just dump her garbage out anymore. “Well dam… I guess I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.” She grabbed the bags of trash and dragged them down and outside to the cans, she stood for several minutes, silently staring at the street letting the cool fresh air clear her sinuses. When she went back into her room she finally smelled how bad it stank of stale piss. “Shit! That’s rank…” she started looking for her box of candles, but decided they must have gone in one of the changes as well. She was forced to grab some air freshener from her mother and hose down her room with it.

She was just about done when she heard her mother call out to her. “Dinner Connie. Come and get something in you.”

She walked down, half expecting to see a highchair, and felt surprise that the table was set, and everything seemed normal. Connie ate quickly. Her mother felt something was wrong, and kept glancing towards her daughter. Still she kept quiet during the whole meal. Connie was busy sucking down her noodles when she reached for her cup and knocked it over. “Shit!”

“Connie! Watch your language!” She watched as her daughter seemed to get upset. “Oh don’t worry sweetie! Mommy will clean that up.” She grabbed a napkin and started rounding up the mess. She decided on trying to lighten the mood. “Honestly, I think you need a sippy cup or a bottle young lady!”

The color drained from Connie’s face, “Mommy! No! No baby!” She tossed her fork and stood up from the table. With food still in her mouth she stuck her tongue out and walked back to her room, slamming the door behind her. She opened up her closet and grabbed the first thing she saw. A large stuffed bear and sat down in her crib. “I’m not a baby! I’m not! Right Mr. Bear?” When the bear didn’t answer she tossed it behind her. “Stupid bear!”, she yelled, then stood and walked back towards her door. She grabbed the knob, trying to get out, but the cover wouldn’t work right, “Dam dowr, Open up!”. Connie grew more frustrated, she hung off the knob trying to get it open, then lost her grip and fell hard on her ass. The sudden pain brought her back to reality. She brought her hands to her face in shock, as she thought back to what had happened.

Connie remembered it all, but it was like she had been in a haze. She slowly got to her feet, and opened the door with ease. She heard her mother working in the kitchen, and decided she didn’t really want to talk to her, she decided on another nice hot shower. First she made sure the bathroom door couldn’t close by jamming a towel under it, then she opened the vanity mirror so it was open to the wall. After making sure there was no way she was going to get stuck in the room again she turned on the shower and stepped in. Connie spent the first part of the shower just trying to enjoy the water. She wanted to forget what had happened, that she was starting to lose herself during the day. Then she started scrubbing. Her rash was a bit worse after being in a wet diaper again, but the shower seemed to make it feel better. She spent extra time cleaning down there and stopped only when the water finally ran cold. She dried off and started to pull on her pants, but as she started to step into them she thought she saw something. She turned them inside out and noticed a small stain on the backside. She stared at it for several seconds till it finally kicked in that it was poop, and that she had put it there. Shame caused her pulse to quicken, she decided to ignore it, “Maybe I didn’t clean up good enough.” she reasoned. “I don’t poop my pants… Only babies….” Her voice trailed off as she just shut down, and instead rolled her pants and shirt into a tight ball. She ran to the washroom and tossed them into a load that had already started being washed. She didn’t care if the colors matched, she just wanted them to be gone. She smiled as the door closed and the washer started chugging and sloshing. She searched through some clothes in a basket next to the drier, and pulled on some shorts, and a t shirt. Connie pushed her latest problem to the back of her mind, and decided to grab a soda before she headed off to bed. She was opening the fridge when her mother walked in and stopped her.

“No drinks just before bed young lady. It’s already bad enough.”

Connie slammed the fridge and shook her head at her. “Fine! I guess I don’t need you changing any more of my diapers anyways!”

Her mother walked over to Connie and gave her a hug. “Do you want any help going to bed?”

Connie hung her head, then returned the hug and shook her head. “No, I’ve got it. I can put on my own diapers mom.”

She got a kiss in return. “Sure thing. But if you ever want help just tell me.”

Connie turned and started walking away. “I guess we’ll see about that…” she said under her breath.

She was still thirsty as she got ready for bed, feeling sneaky she drank heavily from the tap as she brushed her teeth. “Like it matters anyways.” she said. She turned off the light and walked to her room. The door felt heavier to her as she pushed it closed. “Or maybe I’m getting weaker.” she thought darkly. Connie opened the top drawer of her dresser and stared at the neat rows of diapers. They had been 5t, but now she could see they had changed to 4t to match the new pack her mother had bought. She picked one up and let it flop open in her hand. She felt revolted at the idea of wearing them. But inside she felt a tingle of need burning. “Well… I’m going to end up wearing one tonight anyways.” she reasoned. “I might as well put it on myself like a responsible adult.” She pulled her shirt and shorts off since it was a warm night and laid back in her crib.

Connie thought it would be easy to diaper herself, she’d diapered so many others in her past. But putting one on herself was much trickier. In the end she was glad Luvs had switched to Velcro style tapes to fasten diapers. Otherwise she would have went through half the pack getting it just right. Finally she stood up and looked down at herself. She walked back and forth listening to the crinkle of the diaper. She posed playfully several times, imaging herself as the cover model for Luvs, then remembered the picture on the bag of diapers and how much it looked like her already. She stopped strutting and sat down at her computer, then looked from her diaper to the large crib that now seemed to dominate her room. The brief feeling of happiness fled and was replaced by the dread of what was to come. Connie groaned, stood up, and rubbed her diapered ass. She felt like she could cry but no tears would come. She hoped she was wrong and this would end up being a joke. Or maybe she was very sick and this was all a bad hallucination. She grabbed her breasts like they were about to fall off and looked away from the crib to stare blankly at a wall. “I don’t want to wear diapers. I don’t want to be a weirdo.” she moaned.

There was a gentle knock at the door, “Connie you in bed yet?”

“I’m doing it now mom. Night.” Connie expected her mother to leave, instead she opened the door and walked right in. “Mom!” Connie kept her hands over her chest, “What are you doing?”

Her mother seemed to be confused, “I… I thought for a second I should come in and tuck you in for bed.”

“What? Mom! I don’t need that.”

Her mother backed out the door and started to close it. “You’re right Connie. I’m sorry… I just had this weird thought… Well, good night.”

Connie laid down in the crib and pulled a sheet over herself, “Night mom, can you hit the lights for me please?”

“Of course. Night.”

Connie felt her heart skip a beat as the light went out and she was left alone in her room. She curled up on her side, and closed her eyes. “I’m not a baby mommy.” was the last thing she uttered before she fell asleep.

Connie tossed and turned during the night, but it wasn’t as bad as in the past. It seemed her body was being drained of her will to fight. The horrible nightmare filled with dark shadows and diaper wielding monsters was exactly the same. She ran up and down several flights of stairs, and found herself cornered and captured by one of the shapeless shadows. As she fought to get away she felt the warmth running down her legs. Then just as she felt like she was waking up the shadow holding her started to change and take on a defined shape. She stared it at hoping to see what was hunting her. But before it formed the dream finally faded to black.

She knew she was awake, but she kept her eyes closed. Connie rolled over onto her back and squeezed her legs a few times. The diaper she had on was now swollen and starting to cool. Her eyes slowly opened and she turned to look towards the door. But her view was blocked by black bars. “What the fuck?” Even as she said it realization flooded her. “It’s the bars. The side of the crib is up.” She sat up, trying not to squish the diaper much and wondered how she was going to get out of bed this time.

She was still trying to figure it out when her door opened and her mother walked in. “Oh I see Connywony is awake. And I bet she needs a new diapee to.”

Connie had both hands on the crib rail and used every ounce of her will to keep them there and out of her mouth this time. “Mommy I-” she was stopped by something being stuck between her lips.

“I bet baby feels better now with her binky in doesn’t she?” Connie was swearing under the plastic guard, but it was too muffled for her mother to hear. She tried to keep fighting, but she was already losing control. Her hands released from the rail and she dropped onto her wet diaper. “Oh baby be careful, you don’t want to get hurt.” her mother whispered while she dropped the rail. “Let’s get you changed.” As her mother worked Connie tried to look past her at her room. She wanted to know what had changed. But her mother kept moving and blocking her view. Just before the change was done Connie slipped back off to sleep.

“Wake up sleepy head. It’s already morning.”

Connie slowly woke up, “A dream. Let it be one big dream.” she thought. As she opened her eyes she saw she was still looking out through bars. She looked up at her mother and tried to tell her to drop the bars, but it was all muffled. Then Connie remembered the pacifier. She spit it out and asked to be let out again.

“Sure thing baby, and I think that binky is very cute.”

Connie groaned, “Not now mom. I don’t feel very good.”

“Oh, well if you feel up to it I’ve got some breakfast for you. Come down when you’re ready sweetie.”

Connie didn’t reply as her mother left. Instead she stood up and immediately un-taped her diaper. “I’m not wearing this one downstairs this time.” she decided on wearing a pair of pajamas for the day and while she put them on she took stock of her room. “New pink paint on walls, new decorations on the windows, and- Shit!” Her computer was gone. She rushed over to where it used to be and found an empty padded table. The chair looked more like a step stool then anything else now. Connie felt rage build and before she could stop herself she dropped onto the floor and threw a temper tantrum. She kicked and pounded her fists till her body ached and sat up. She wiped snot off her face and tried to bring her emotions under control again. “Fuck this. I’ve got to get out of here.” She went to the kitchen and ate what looked like the exact same cereal again. When her mother asked what she wanted her to get at the store Connie surprised her. “Can I go with you today mommy?”

Her mother seemed shocked, “Really?” She stared down at her coffee for a second, “Well sure you can. I’d like that very much.”

Connie thanked her and went to get ready for the day. As she dressed she was suddenly overcome by a very strong need to pee. She ran for the bathroom as fast as she could and nearly peed her pants. “What the hell was that all about?” she wondered. Deep down she knew it was getting worse. That it had felt worse then the last time. She hung her head down between her knees and tried not to cry. Then she heard something, and looked into the hall to see her mother staring at her. To her embarrassment she realized her mother had seen her run for the bathroom.

“Did you make it to the potty Connie?” she sweetly asked.

Connie felt fresh shame as she listened to her mother, “Yeah. I’m not a child you know.”

“Well maybe you should wear a diaper out today. Just in case you know…”

Connie wanted to scream at her mother for saying that she should be in diapers during the day, but she knew she was trying to help. “I’ll think about it mommy.” But instead of a diaper, Connie grabbed a rather thick maxi pad and carefully stuck it in her panties. "This ought to help. She pulled her panties up and was surprised at how much it felt like she was wearing a diaper.

“Connie! Let’s get a move on girl!”

Connie felt a childish urge to run and she did, straight out the door and into the car. She buckled herself in tightly and waited for her mother to get in. When she did, Connie smiled at her, “Who needs to get a move on again?”

Her mother started the car, “If only I had half your energy.”

The drive to the store was quick. But for Connie it seemed even faster. Watching everything zoom past the car filled her with wonder and joy. She kept her face glued to the window the whole time. When they pulled into the parking lot she unbuckled and almost jumped out of the car. She already had a basket ready before her mother had her feet on the ground.

“Geez Connie. Slow down, this isn’t a race.”

Connie didn’t care she felt so excited to be out and away from the house. She kept pushing the cart ahead of her mother and waiting a few seconds for her to catch up. “Come on slowpoke! Let’s get shopping!” Her mother just shook her head and kept telling her to relax. They were about halfway through the store when Connie needed to get to a bathroom again. She started hopping on one foot, “Mommy! Potty!”

Her mother looked taken aback by the childish outburst, “What?”

“I need to pee! Where’s the potty.” She took off running in the direction her mother pointed. The door slammed open when she hit it with her thigh and she darted towards an open stall. Connie didn’t even take time to check the seat or close the door behind her. She pulled her pants off and dropped on the seat. She moaned in relief as she relaxed and let go in the toilet. After finishing and wiping she stood and yanked her panties back up. “Waa! Cold!” She pulled them back down and checked her pad. It was very obviously wet. “Ah shit.” She peeled the pad out and without thinking about it dropped it in the toilet. “I guess I waited to long.” She said.

Connie heard the door to the room open and quickly pulled her panties and pants back up. Then she heard her mother’s voice. “Is everything okay Connie?”

“Yeah, fine. Just held it to long.”

“Well then let’s go. I don’t want to spend all day here ya know.”

Connie looked back towards the toilet as she followed her mother out, “Yeah. That would be horrible.” she said under her breath.

After finishing off most of the rest of her list her mother stopped and doubled checked what she had left. “All right. Frozen foods and we’re done.”

Connie kept silent as she pushed the nearly full cart. So far her mother hadn’t said anything about diapers. She watched silently as her mother grabbed frozen corn and some fries. Then several TV dinners. After one final check they started walking towards the checkout. Connie started to feel happy, “Maybe I was supposed to break the chain. Maybe everything will be alright now.” She smiled and started pushing the basket faster. Then her mother motioned for her to stop, then pointed towards the left. Connie followed the finger with her eyes. “What?” But then she saw it. The baby section.

“Do you need any protection? Or are you set for a few days?”

Connie looked nervously towards the floor. “I…. Um… I’m set. No need for any. I’m getting better at it now.”

Her mother looked at her suspiciously but nodded anyways. “Fine Connie. Why don’t you go use the restroom while I check out?”

Connie was glad to get away from her mother and any thought of buying more diapers. She also realized she kind of did need to use the bathroom anyways She used the same stall as before, but this time she wasn’t in a hurry and spent extra time wiping the seat and closing the stall door. Connie watched between her legs as the stream came out and splashed into the bowl. She pushed a few times after it ended to make sure she had every drop gone, then wiped. She checked her panties before she pulled her pants up, and was happy to find them dry. “Maybe I was just nervous last time and the stress caused the accident.” she said quietly. “I guess I’ll have to be more careful for a few days till this is over.” She found her mother in lane ten and helped her unload the cart onto the belt. As she unloaded she kept an eye out for anything baby related. Finally the cart was empty and she had seen nothing of the sort. “Awesome. Nothing at all!” she said a little too loudly."

“What do you mean nothing Connie? This is enough for a month if we don’t pig out!”

“Oh…” she stammered. “I was day dreaming about something else. Sorry.”

Her mother looked closely at her, “Well you do look kind of tired. You’ve been acting so odd lately, maybe you should take a nap when we get home. That should make you feel better.”

Connie looked at her mother, she did feel tired now. “I guess. I felt so good coming in here, but now that I think about it I do feel tired. My legs are aching.” By now the clerk was almost done checking them out, Connie really felt like sitting down. Her legs felt like she had run a marathon. “I guess I’ve been sitting around to much lately.” she wondered. But she couldn’t shake the idea that it was related to the diaper thing. And hoped it wasn’t a sign of something worse to come. She was to tired to push the basket to the car, and she barely helped put any of the bags in the car before sitting down in the front seat and closing her eyes.

“Connie dear…. Wake up.”

Connie stirred and told her mother, “Go away. I’ll get up later.”

“Honey. You’re still in the car. You need to get in the house.”

Connie cracked open an eye, and started to stand up, but her mother stopped her before she started to walk to the house. “Errr… Fine.” she yawned sleepily.

Her mother held out a sweater. “I think you should wrap this around your waist before you walk in.” Connie was still half asleep and did as she was told without question. Her mother then grabbed one of her hands and guided her into the house. She stopped her just inside the front door and pulled off her shoes, then pulled her into her room. Connie didn’t complain or tell her mother to stop. She just let her take care of everything. Her mother wouldn’t let her sit on the crib when they got in her room. Instead she stripped her pants and undies off and told her to stand while she got something else. Connie stood silently, and just before she started to get in bed her mother returned and started wiping her vagina and butt with a warm moist towel. “There we go baby. Mommy will make it all better.” Connie smiled as she heard that.

Finally she was allowed to lay down, she immediately fell asleep and started snoring while her mother finished dressing her for bed.

Connie tossed and turned during the day and into the night. The horrible nightmare filled with dark shadows and diaper wielding monsters was exactly the same. As she fought to get away from the shadow that held her she felt warmth running down her legs, then a horrible smell hit her nose. “Nooo! I didn’t shit myself! Noo!” But she could feel a mass pushing against her butt cheeks. And she couldn’t deny what had happened. She felt a need to fight back and swung her arms at the monster. They just passed right through as the dream faded and she awoke.

Connie stayed still and didn’t move. She was lying on her side and she thought her diaper was still dry. She held her breath as she lightly squeezed the diaper between her legs. “Dry!” she yelled. Her voice was muffled by something stuck in her mouth, and without thinking about it she spit out a pacifier. Connie immediately sat up and spread her legs to make sure. She stuck her hand down the front, then gingerly did the same in the back… “Clean and dry!” she yelled as loud as she could. She was hopping on her knees around the crib when her mother came in.

“What’s wrong Connie?” she asked with concern.

“My diapee is clean! No peepee or poopies mommy!” she said excitedly.

Connie’s mother looked very happy as she unlatched the side of the crib and reached in to give her a hug. “That’s great! Now you’re a big girl!”

Connie was holding her mother’s hands and dancing with her in a circle. “Awesome, I guess this whole diaper nightmare is over!” Connie stopped dancing and happily ripped the diaper off her body. She dropped it in the trash and danced over towards her dresser. As she reached in for a pair of panties she happened to glance at her clock. She stopped and looked at it again. “Mom, why does that clock say 11:59pm? Didn’t I just take a little nap after we went shopping?”

“No honey, you fell asleep. And I let you sleep till I heard you yelling just now.”

Connie felt confused for a few seconds. “Why didn’t you wake me up when Jenny called?”

“Jenny? No one called for you honey. Did your little buddy say she would call?”

She looked back at the clock, realization starting to dawn on her face. She lunged for the top drawer of her dresser. Instead of her old panties, she saw 3t Luvs diapers. Connie started to back away from the sweet smelling contents of the drawer. Muttering to herself, “Nooo…. Nooo…. It’s done. I want it done!” She grabbed for the clock. Holding it in her left hand she reached behind it for the cord, she felt it brush past her fingers. Then she had it. She wrapped it around her hand once and got ready to pull. Then in what seemed like slow motion the clock switched forwards to midnight. Connie’s mouth dropped open, her hands and arms suddenly felt heavy. Her entire body seemed to grow heavy and alien to her. She felt the clock slip from her hand to land on the floor with a thud. Her mother easily picked it up and put it up on a higher shelf. “Baby mustn’t play with that! And where’s your diapee little lady?”

Connie looked up at her mother in disgust. “No baabeee moomyy! Noo Diapo!”

Her mother scowled, and pointed at her, “I’m not fighting with you tonight! Get back in your crib, and let me get your diaper back on. Now!”

Fear washed over Connie as she stared at her mother. “Momma! Nooo! Wong!” she had started to feel dizzy and felt her body swaying a bit.

“Wrong? What do you mean wrong? I want your backside up in that crib now!” her mother said as she grabbed a diaper from the dresser and something else from it’s top. Connie wanted to walk to her crib. But she could barely stand. She motioned wildly for her mother who finally noticed. “Oh, sorry baby.” she set the diaper on the crib and grabbed Connie’s hands. “Okay, let’s walkie for momma!” Connie wanted to die as her mother walked her towards the crib. She tried to fight her, but her body wouldn’t do what she wanted it to. As soon as her legs hit the crib she fell forward and landed on her belly.
“Woah there, let’s flip baby over.” her mother said as she rolled her onto her back. “There we go! Now let’s get that diaper on, and you can go night nights!”

Connie closed her eyes as her mother diapered her again. She felt her legs being held up, then the cold of the wipe. Finally she could tell the diaper was on and her legs flopped to the mattress. She looked at her mother one last time for support and help, instead she felt a pacifier jammed into her mouth.

“Now go to bed. I don’t want to be back in here till morning, some of us don’t sleep 14 hours a day you know!”

Connie stared at the ceiling while she tried to remember what had happened before she fell asleep. “I went with mom to the store, and then we came home.” she thought. “No, I fell asleep in the car, and I woke up in here… Why didn’t Jenny call?” She tried to take her mind off Jenny not calling by looking around her room for more changes. Connie knew there was a problem when it took everything she had to just sit up. “Shit, this is getting out of hand. First diapers, and now I can’t even get up on my own.” She felt very tired as she stared out over the bars. She could barely make anything out in the darkness. A sinking feeling started to come over her. “It’s not any darker then normal… What’s going on here?” Everything looked fuzzy to her. She blinked her eyes to try and clear them, but it didn’t go away. She laid back down and started to cry, believing she was now starting to go blind.

“Connie! Connie, wake up dammit!”

Connie blinked as she looked up, something was wrong. “Wha?”

“I said wake up. We need to talk.”

“I want a diapee change mommy.”

“Well then go find your mother. I’m not changing your pissy pants.”

Connie snapped fully awake and found herself staring into the eyes of Jenny. She spit out the pacifier and reached out a hand. “Jenny! I was worried when you didn’t call yesterday. What happened?”

“I had to think.” she slid open the side of the crib so Connie could get out. “That’s why I’m here now.”

Connie stood up and stretched, “I’m glad you’re here. I think there’s something wrong with my eyes now. Everything’s all fuzzy.”

Jenny looked carefully at her eyes, “I don’t see anything. You look fine to me. Except for the diaper.”

Connie looked carefully around. She brought her face close to the crib bars and felt some relief when they came into focus. She looked back to Jenny, “I can see normal as long as it’s really close.”

Jenny shook her head, “We need to talk. Get up.” She motioned down at Connie’s soaked diaper. “And get changed.”

Connie looked down and touched the outside of the blurry thing around her waist. “Okay, but tell me what’s going on.”

She pulled her hands over the diaper till she felt the tabs, then un-taped it, but before it could slide to the floor Jenny grabbed it. She looked carefully at it for several seconds, then muttered, “Connie, I’ll be right back.”

Connie wasn’t paying attention as she looked for something mature to wear with her blurred vision. She heard Jenny leave the room and close the door behind her. She was holding up a pair of pink pants when she felt a pinching feeling in her backside. “What the hell was that?” she wondered. Then the feeling came again. This time it seemed to happen longer, and it started to feel nice. “Ohhh. That’s not bad at all.” she said as she spread her legs and closed her eyes.

Her door opened and she cracked her eyes open to see the outline of her mother staring at her, “Connie! Don’t do that on the floor! Have you gone crazy?” Connie wondered what her problem was, she watched her mother grab a diaper from her dresser and lunge towards her while opening it.

Connie tried to tightly close her legs to stop her. Causing her mother to lightly smack her ass, “Put this on now!” she said, as she forcibly slipped it between her legs. Connie closed her eyes again as the pleasant feeling returned. She could feel and hear her mother taping the diaper on her, but was beyond caring about it anymore. “I can’t believe you’re doing that now!” her mother ranted. “It’s bad enough that you’re pissing the bed. Now you’re doing this during the day. Disgusting! At least have the dignity to wear something.” Connie felt the pleasure start to fade and opened her eyes again, she was surprised to see her mother was gone.

She couldn’t understand why her mother was so angry. She looked down at the diaper around her waist and scowled. “Why did she put this thing on me anyways? I wasn’t touching myself.” She took a step towards the door and stopped. Something felt wrong in her diaper. She took another step and thought she could feel something pressing against her ass. She was touching the back of her diaper when her mother came back with several things in her arms.

“Well are you done? Do you want mommy to change that poopy diaper, or are you still big enough to do it yourself?”

Connie stopped touching her diaper and brought both her hands to her face. Everything seemed to come together, she turned and looked behind her at the floor where her mother was picking something up with some paper towels. “Oh….” she said sheepishly, “Is that……Ewwww!”

“What do you think it is? What the hell were you thinking? Why didn’t you at least keep your diaper on a few more minutes? Or take it off in the bathroom?”

Connie went back to touching the mass in her diaper again, “I didn’t know it was going to happen mommy! I was getting dressed and it just happened! I swear! And there’s something else mommy. My eyes are all funny. Everything looks fuzzy.”

Her mother twisted away from Connie and dropped the dirty paper towels in something she had brought into the room with her. “All fuzzy? Maybe you’re getting sick, I’ll call the doctor and we’ll get that checked out. And if you couldn’t tell it was happening maybe you should be wearing diapers during the day now? I don’t need you pissing and shitting all over the house.”

Connie paled, “I didn’t pee! And why didn’t you want to take me to the doctor about wetting the bed?” Connie yelled back.

“Connie. Stop your back talk!. Honestly honey, sometimes I get the feeling I shouldn’t even leave you home alone anymore. What if I hadn’t been here to clean this up? The floor would have been stained.”

“I would have gotten it after I saw it mommy! I’m not some kind of baby! At least I’m going to a doctor now. Maybe he can help me stop this!” She stepped closer to her mother, the mass in her diaper feeling ten times bigger now that she knew what it was. As she got closer she could see what her mother was throwing the dirty towels in. It looked very familiar. “Where did you get that?” She said as she pointed at it.

Her mother looked up at Connie, “From your bathroom where you left it, leave it in here from now on. It’ll make changes easier for me now that you’ll need them more often.”

Connie ran up to her mother and squatted down next to the container. “It’s Jenny!” she yelled. “Don’t put that stuff in her! She’ll be okay in a few minutes!”

Her mother pushed her back and away, Connie fell roughly on her bum. Mashing the mess in her diaper. “Connie! I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but this is what these are made for. That and used diapers. Are you ready for a clean one now?”

Connie felt like crying. “I can change my own dam diapers mom!”

“I don’t care. I’m in here, I already cleaned shit off your floor, and before I leave I’m going to clean it off your ass. Now, are you done and ready for a clean diaper? Or do you want to sit in it longer?”

Connie blushed, she looked across at Jenny, and back down at her diaper. “I….I….” she stuttered. “I think….” Connie stopped as she felt an odd tingle in the front of her diaper followed by a sudden warming sensation.

Her mother had been looking at Connie’s face, but looked down as she saw a faraway look come to her eyes. “Oh. Well I guess babies done now. Now lay down, let mommy get that nasty dirty diaper off you.”

Connie felt broken as she laid back and let her mother get on with it. She started talking to herself. “I’m not a baby… I don’t need this… I gotta help Jenny…”

Her mother hardly paid attention as her daughter rambled. “Your diaper Jeni doesn’t need to be cleaned right now sweetie.” Connie kicked her feet at her for that. And got swatted in return. “Don’t move Connie. Let mommy get this done first.”

“Mom! Don’t you see what’s going on here? I don’t need diapers. I didn’t even wear them at night a week ago! Something happened and now it’s getting worse.”

“Worse?” her mother asked. “I’m scraping poop off my teenage daughter’s ass. It doesn’t get much worse than that.”

Connie laughed maniacally, “Yeah right. I’ll be size 2’s today. And newborn in 48 hours. I wonder what it’ll be like then? I have trouble seeing and walking now. Maybe I won’t have to worry about that soon enough. At least I’ll still be me. Jenny will be nothing but a fancy diaper pail.”

Her mother was done and lifted Connie into a sitting position. “I don’t know what you’re talking about young lady. I was going to go to the store today, but I think we need to go see a doctor immediately. I think you’re coming down with something.”

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Connie stood up on shaky legs still laughing, “Going down to something more like it. Are you going to dress me too, or can I do that myself?”

Her mother folded up the used diaper onto the wipes she had used and opened the Diaper Jeni, tossing it all inside. “You might be shitting yourself like a baby, but you can dress yourself like a big girl can’t you? Let me go warm up breakfast okay?”

“Sure mom.” Connie said as she looked back to Jenny one last time. “I’ll get something on and come down.” She walked over towards Jenny and tried to open the lid, but it was stuck tight. “Sorry Jen, I’m so sorry you got wrapped up in this.” Connie turned from her friend and started to search her dresser for something to wear. She threw everything out onto the floor as she looked. “I’m not wearing something with snaps.” But no matter how much she looked she couldn’t find any shirts without snap crotches.

She settled on an off white shirt with a snap crotch, and a pair pf shorts that hid the snaps. She found a pair of socks that she could roll down to hide the lace on them and walked down to the kitchen to eat. As she walked down the hall she could tell her legs were being pushed apart by the thick diaper, her lack of balance and coordination really hindered her. She kept close to the wall, and had to keep pushing off it with her hand. As she walked, she found herself growing tired quickly. By the time she entered the kitchen and sat down, she was starting to sweat and breath heavy.

Her mother dropped a re-warmed bowl of oatmeal on the table in front of her and sat down while she drank a cup of coffee. “I called and got an appointment for you today. So don’t take all day eating. Finish that and pack a bag in case there’s an accident.”

Connie choked on a spoonful of cereal, “Are you asking me to pack a fucking diaper bag for myself?”

“Call it what you want to, but it’s better then walking around in wet pants if there’s a problem later. And watch your language.”

Connie crammed the last of her breakfast into her mouth as quickly as she could, “Whatever mom.” Connie picked her bowl up and almost dropped it on the floor as she took it to the sink.

Her mother watched as she barely caught it in time. “Careful butter fingers. I guess I better buy some plastic plates for you now to, huh?”

Connie heavily set the bowl in the sink, “Why don’t we see what the doctor says before you start down that road mom?”

Her mother looked surprised, “Aren’t you the one that keeps saying you’re regressing down the pole to infancy or something? I’m only thinking ahead.”

Connie walked away from her mother, “Well try not to look forward to it okay?” she said under her breath. She almost walked past the bathroom, but the idea that Jenny had used it caused her to peak inside the door. She could see the towels still laying on the floor from in front of the mirror. “It’s not like the door can close on it’s own.” she said to herself as she stepped inside and re-hung the towels over the large mirror. Even though she knew it wouldn’t affect her Connie kept her gaze from either mirror out of fear of what she’d see in them. She was just leaving the bathroom when she bumped into a very confused Jenny. "Jenny! You’re okay! " she grabbed her and dragged her back into her bedroom. She sat her on the edge of her crib and looked at her friends pale face. “Oh Jenny, you look like shit. How do you feel?”

Jenny looked at Connie for a long moment before answering. “Okay…. I guess.”

Connie pulled away from her friend. “Oh man. That’s some bad breath there Jenny.”

Jenny lazily smiled, it made Connie feel very nervous. “Really? And what does it smell like?” She blew gently at her.

Connie felt sick as she was surrounded by the odd smell. “It smells like…. Like….”

Jenny dropped down in front of her and started patting the front of Connie’s shorts. “Like your dirty diaper. And I can’t wait for more Connie.” She looked up at her with a look of pure lust.

Connie jumped off the crib and backed away from her, “Jenny…. That’s just… That’s wrong. Stop thinking about that. That’s not you. You’ve got to fight it.” she stepped back to her and struggled to pick her up. “Come on Jenny I’ve got to get you out of here.”

Jenny pulled herself close to her, “Connie, please let me go back in there. I need it.”

“Jenny, you need to go home. If you want you can come back tomorrow and I’ll let you back in there again, all right?”

Jenny looked dejected, but agreed. “Okay, but if I want to go in you have to let me, okay?”

“Of course. Now go home and relax. And try to think about something else.”

Connie led her to the door and put on her own shoes while she waited for her mother to get ready. Jenny stood next to her watching. She was having a hard time tying the laces when Jenny knelt down and helped.

Jenny still wanted to go back in the room, but she had a clearer head now, and she found it easier to ignore the odd thoughts now, “It’s getting worse for both of us isn’t it?” she softly spoke.

Connie swallowed, and hugged herself tightly, “Jenny I’m so scared. I need diapers all the time now and my sight is getting messed up.”

Jenny swallowed, “I don’t think there’s much we can do now. How long do you think we have?”

Connie checked to make sure her mother wasn’t close then spoke in a whisper, " I’m in 3’s right now. And I go down a size every evening. So tonight I’ll be in a 2, and tomorrow I’ll be in a 1."

Jenny was done tying and stood up, “And then that’s it? You’ll be stuck in diapers again, and I’ll be a fucking diaper genie?”

Connie could hear her mother coming, “No, it’s worse than that.” she said quickly. “I’m losing control of my body.” her mother rounded the corner, and Connie gave Jenny a look of caution, “I’ve got to go to the doctor, I’ll call you later, k?”

Jenny nodded, and followed Connie and her mother out the door. “Talk to ya later.”

Connie remembered that she had forgotten to pack extra diapers as they got to the car. “Mom, I forgot to pack some… Protection.”

Her mother just smiled. “Well I hope you don’t need a change while we’re out. The drive home will be a long cold one then.”

The drive to her appointment was short and quiet. Connie kept wondering what was causing all the changes, and her mother was trying to decide if she should still go shopping after she was done at the doctors. They arrived in the parking lot and Connie had a problem getting out of the car. Her mother came around to help, but as she got around the door Connie managed to stand up.

“I’m fine. Just let’s get this over with.” They walked into the office and down the hall to the suite her doctor worked in, her mother held her hand the entire way. Keeping her from falling. In the silence of the hallway Connie could hear every crinkle of the diaper she was wearing. One of the walls was mirrored and Connie watched herself walk. She could see that she had an obvious waddle now. And her feet looked like they were starting to point inwards as she took careful steps. When they entered the waiting room she finally tripped and her mother barely stopped her fall. But as she stood back up Connie felt a bit of pee leak into her diaper. Connie immediately sat down, she tried to look casual as she checked to make sure the diaper hadn’t leaked. Her mother just smiled as she walked to the counter and signed her in. Before she could even sit down next to Connie they were ushered into an examination room by one of the nurses. She took a quick glance at Connie before checking her temperature and taking her blood pressure. She wrote down the results and turned back to Connie’s mother. “Have her strip down to her diaper. The doctor will be in soon.”

Connie watched as she closed the door behind her, then started taking off her clothes. “She could have told me to do it. What’s her fucking problem?”

“Watch your language young lady. Just do it.”

Connie finished undressing and sat back down on the papered table. She felt very exposed in just a diaper. “Mom, can I put something on till the doctor shows up?”

Her mother wasn’t in a mood to listen to her, “Connie, there’s nothing he hasn’t seen so just relax. This will be over soon.”

Connie was about to respond, but the door opened and the doctor walked in. “Alright, what’s all this then?” he quipped. And then he listened while Connie told him everything that had happened over the past several days, as she talked he poked and prodded her. When she was done talking he had her open her mouth and stick out her tongue. “Well, I don’t see anything wrong with her.” he finished.

Connie’s mouth dropped open. “Weren’t you listening?” she hopped up on her feet and pointed at her diaper. “Is this what you call normal?”

He ignored her and talked to her mother instead, “Everything is fine. She could do with more liquids, how much milk does she get a day?”

As her mother answered, Connie started screaming at the doctor, “More liquids?”, she tore off her diaper and threw it at them. “What about the fucking diapers?” She got close to the doctor so she could see him clearly, “What about my eyes?”

Both the doctor and her mother stared at her, then the doctor bent over and picked up the diaper. He looked at her mother and shook his head while holding up his hand, “It’s best to ignore that kind of language, if you respond to it she’ll just do it more.”

Connie started to cry, “What’s your problem? I’m not a kid! Can’t you see that I don’t need diapers? That I shouldn’t be here right now?” She held her hands over her face and cried. She wanted this to be over, she couldn’t take it anymore. Then as she wiped her face dry with the back of her hand she felt warmth running down her legs.

Her mother immediately sprang up and grabbed a handful of bluish towels off of a counter. “Honestly Connie, I wish you’d stop doing that!”

Connie wanted to scream at her but the doctor cut her off, “You know, if she’s constantly doing that it’s a sign she’s getting ready for potty training.”

Connie lunged for him, but tripped over her own feet and started to fall. Just before she hit the floor her mother caught her. “Woah baby. Be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” She lifted Connie to her feet, then guided her to the table. She felt her wet bum sit down onto the paper, then her mother pushed her down onto her back. “Let’s get your diaper on, I think you’re a little immature yet for potty training.” She reached out to the doctor and grabbed the diaper from him, then carefully checked it. She was about to put it back on her when the doctor stopped her.

“You know, why don’t I get you another one? That one was on the floor and who knows what could have fallen in it.”

Connie felt both pairs of her cheeks burn as her mother nodded and the doctor left to get another diaper. She looked at her mother and pleaded with her, “Mommy! Let’s go! I want to go home! This isn’t right, you know I’m not a baby! I go to highschool, I’m getting ready to go to college!”

Her mother laughed, “Highschool! College! Honey you’re such a good talker! Learning so many big words, do you know all your ABC’s?”

Connie tried to sit up, but her mother stopped her, “Mommy! I’ve known them forever!” Then she started to recite them, “A, B, D, G…… T….” She felt confused. She tried again, “A…. Z…” she felt like screaming. She grabbed her mother, “I’m forgetting stuff! Shit! I’m really turning into a baby!” She jumped up from the examination table before her mother could stop her and started to get dressed. “Fuck this shit. I’m not going that way. I’d rather die then end up a total baby.” She managed to get a leg into her pants, then as she tried to balance to get the other one in she fell.

Her mother was too shocked by Connie’s actions to try and catcher her, she lunged forwards at the last instant but didn’t have enough time. She watched as Connie landed hard on her side and immediately burst into loud tears. She sat down next to her and coddled her gently, “There there, baby. It will be all right! What hurts?”

Connie looked up at her mother then pointed to her right elbow. “Owwie mommy!”

Her mother softly kissed it, “There ya go honey. Mommy made it all better with her kissy.”

Connie knew it was stupid, but after her mother kissed her she did feel better. “Tanks mommy!” she said with a slight lisp.

“No problem sweetie.” her mother was interrupted by a knock at the door. She opened it and a nurse stepped inside with a small bag.

She looked at Connie sitting on the floor, then at her mother. “Here you go miss. These should fit. The bag is a left over promo, you can keep the extra’s in it for later.”

Connie’s mother thanked her then turned back to her daughter. “Alright missy, let’s get you up and changed. I don’t have time for this today. I need to get you home.”

Connie let herself be helped up and sat back down on the table. “Sowwy mommy…” She slurred around her thumb that was now planted in her mouth.

Her mother pulled the twisted pants off her then looked at them closely before rolling them up and setting them next to her chair. “Well, it looks like you leaked a little when you fell. You’ll have to go out in just your onesie.”

Connie looked up at her mother and smiled, something sounded wrong about that, but she didn’t care. “K, mommy.”

She watched as her mother unfolded one of the diapers and lifted her butt as it was slid under her. She felt like she was in a daze as it was taped closed and her shirt was buttoned shut over it. Her mother then pulled her to her feet and asked her, “Honey, do you think you can walk all by yourself to the waiting room with mommy?”

Connie nodded. “Of course mommy, I no baby!” She carefully watched her feet as she toddled out the door and down the hallway next to her mother. She almost tripped several times, but her mother had her hand and was able to catch her easily. She was set down in a child play area while her mother paid for the visit. Connie happily played with the large blocks for several minutes, trying to stack them, but failing to get them more then 3 high before they tumbled to the floor. She was laughing loudly, her chin wet with spit when her mother came and helped her toddle to the car.

“Honestly, sixty dollars just for a second year checkup. It’s highway robbery.” She had opened the backdoor and now looked at Connie, “Isn’t it sweetie?” Connie just smiled dumbly. “Well at least I don’t have to bring you back now for a whole year unless you get hurt.” She lifted her up and helped her sit down in a safety seat. “And I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen.” She said as she clicked the safety harness closed around her.

Connie just kept her thumb in her mouth and babbled at her mother. She felt so happy. She wondered why she had been so afraid before, “This no that bad.” she thought to herself. As the car was started she thought she felt her diaper grow warm for a second. But before she could figure out if she had peed, her mind wandered and she was lost to the visions of the outside world zooming past. Before she was ready for it, the ride was over and she was being helped by her mother back into the house.

Her mother dropped her off in her room and checked her diaper. “Not to wet. You stay in here and play. Mommy will be right back.”

Connie didn’t respond she just sat down on her floor and stared at her dresser. Her mind was filled with hundreds of ideas. She would look at something and want to touch it, then she would notice something else and lose interest. She just kept looking around her room, drooling down the front of her shirt. After several minutes her mother returned.

“Okay sweetie. I think it’s nap time for baby.”

Connie looked up at her and shook her head, “No! No nap! No go sweepy!”

Her mother ignored her and gently picked her up, setting her on her feet. “Let’s go sweetie. I’m not dealing with a cranky baby today.” She gently guided her towards the crib and laid her down. Then after a few seconds searching she found a pacifier and swiftly stuck it in her mouth. Connie briefly fought her mother, but as soon as the side of the crib came up, and the lights went out her eyes started to close and she fell asleep.

Darkness swirled in front of her. She felt odd. Then she realized it was because she could clearly see the swirls. Her vision was back to normal. She wiped her face with her hands, then went back to staring into the swirls. She thought she could she something in the darkness. She moved closer to it, but she didn’t take any steps. She just glided silently forwards. She thought she recognized what it was. She reached out, but as before, her arm just went though it. Then the shadow started to form into an image of a person. Connie watched as legs clearly formed, then the waist, and the chest. "“It’s a woman…” came from her lips as breasts pushed out just under the neck, and finally with an intake of breath she saw a head and long flowing hair appear. But instead of a face, there was just an indistinct blur.

A hollow whisper came from the figure. “Coming along now are we?”

Connie felt confused and angry. “What’s going on? Who are you?”

The figure raised it’s slender arms and a room came up around them, Connie’s room. “Who indeed… Who are you?”

Connie looked around her in disbelief. “I’m…. Connie… I’m just dreaming all this.”

A horrible laugh came from the figure, “Does that mean this is any less real then your last few days?”

All fear left Connie as rage filled her. She lunged towards the dark figure and screamed. “You bitch! What are you doing to me?” This time her hands found purchase, and she grabbed hold tightly. “Why are doing this bitch?”

The voice came from behind her, condescending in tone. “What has she done to you?”

Connie turned to the voice and saw the figure standing behind her, but her hands were stilling holding someone. She turned back and gasped in surprise. “It’s…. It’s…. Me. Wha…. What’s going on here?” She stepped back from her double and stared in confusion.

“Of course I’m you baby. Who’d you think I was?”

Connie’s anger returned. “I’m not a baby!”

Her twin stifled a laugh, “Oh. I don’t know about that.” She pointed towards a mirror to Connie’s right.

Connie looked at her reflection and saw herself, dressed as any normal woman would dress. Then as she watched the image blurred and when it cleared her reflection showed her, but dressed in nothing but a diaper, bib, and bonnet. She wanted to scream. She looked down at herself and saw that she was now dressed in nothing but what the mirror showed. “No! She screamed. I’m not a baby!” She looked back at her doppelganger and fell back in surprise. Now the other her was dressed like a business executive, and smiling like she was looking at a new puppy.

"Awwww… " she cooed at Connie. “You look so cute! How old are you little baby?”

Connie could feel tears building, her fear collapsed under humiliation. “I’m a big girl!” She gently spoke. “I’m not a… a… baby!”

“Not a baby? You can’t even stand up! I bet you can barely even feed yourself.”

Connie shook her head no. But knew she was right. Her body swayed dangerously, she didn’t want to fall, and dropped quickly down onto her hands and knees. Then she sat back and stuck her legs out in front of her. Still, she felt her body growing heavier, she tried to stay sitting up. Then her control failed and she fell back. Now the tears flowed and she couldn’t stop them. “Not a baby! Not a baby!” But no matter how much she said it she knew she was lying. She looked up through her tears and saw herself looking down on her. Then she felt a coolness wash over her as the shadow woman leaned over her.

“So Connie.” it spoke. “Any other questions? Can you still talk baby?”

Connie opened her mouth to reply but as she started to speak she felt her teeth sink into her gums. Terror washed over her as she reached in with her fingers to find nothing but spit. She looked back to her tormentor in time to see her entire body blur as her vision got worse. Connie screamed. Then as she took a breath she heard herself speak.

“Not much left. Maybe some memories, and a few hard stools to pass. Then she’ll be a cute little baby. What happens then?”

Connie stayed silent for the answer.

The whispered reply came quieter then the first time the shadow had spoken. “Then we-”

“Hey, Conni-woni! Wake up baby! The day’s almost over. Wake up for mommy!”

Connie cracked up her eyes. She could see her mother, though her vision was still slightly blurred. “Mommmm! I was doing something. Couldn’t you have waited?”

Her mother stepped away, “Oh… Errr…” she felt confused. How could her baby speak so well, and in only a few hours. She figured she must have imagined it. “Silly mommy, thinking you said that. Now let’s check that diaper.”

Connie thought her mother sounded strange. “Mom, I’m not a baby. Seriously.” She stared at her mother, and saw she seemed to be thinking about something. “Mom?”

Her mother couldn’t understand what was going on. Her baby daughter was talking like she was an adult. But she knew that was impossible. Her mind was racing, she felt like there was something pushing out from the back of her mind. Then suddenly her mind cleared and she was no longer confused. Everything would be okay. “Such a little stinker little Connie wonnie. Now let’s check that diaper.”

Connie pushed herself towards the back corner of the crib trying to keep away from her mother. “Mom! Seriously! Listen to me talk! I’m not really a baby! Remember, I was just having problems at night!”

Her mother smiled and cooed at her, “It’s okay, mommy will make it all better, I bet you had a scary dream, stop moving around and let me get at that diaper before you leak!”

Connie sighed, “You really think I’m a baby don’t you?” A tear slid now her cheek as she stopped struggling and relaxed, her mother grabbed her and carefully moved her so she could get at the diaper. She watched her work silently. Wondering what she should do. “I need to remind her of something from before this….” Connie racked her brain trying to remember what had happened before her nap. She remembered something from the morning, then her mother had taken her to…. “Dam it! Where did we go?”

She watched for a reaction from her mother but she just vacantly smiled down at her while she finished taping on the new diaper. Then with a smack on her bum and a kiss her mother helped her up and onto her feet. “Well now that you have your vaccinations we can start looking for daycares! I bet you’ll have loads of fun! Let’s get you up so mommy can finish getting dinner ready.” Connie waited for her mother to leave, but she didn’t move. “Let’s get moving honey. I’ve got your favorite show on the TV.”

Connie was forced to walk in front of her mother towards the living room. She hated how the diaper felt like it was forcing her legs apart as she walked. And then about halfway to her destination she almost tripped again, she caught herself in time, but her mother insisted on holding her hand the rest of the way. She could see that the TV was already on as she sat down on a soft play mat in front of it. “Okay mom, you can leave now. I think I can handle this.” Some kids show was playing, she grabbed for the remote, but her mother pulled it away and put it in her pocket. Connie shook her head and turned back to the TV, “Whatever mom. Just leave me alone.”

Her mother walked back to the kitchen, and Connie started trying to remember what had gone on earlier. She knew it was simple. She closed her eyes and tried to go through everything that had happened. Then she remembered what her mother had just said in her room. “The Doctors office!” After saying it almost everything came back to her, from the doctor ignoring her, to the horrible mess she had made on the floor. But she didn’t really care about it. Only her odd regression to babyhood bothered her. “And why did the doctor think I was a baby to?” Connie felt the fear that always stayed in the back of her mind come forward again. She really wanted to talk to some of her friends, but knowing what had happened to Jennie stopped her.

In the kitchen her mother was setting the plates down. In front of a large high chair she set a plastic plate with some cheesy pasta. As she worked she talked to herself. “And some nice dinner for my baby girl. I can’t wait for her to go to college. I wonder if she picked one out yet?” She stopped as she realized what she had said. “Well that’s silly. She’s not ready for college yet, she’s still pissing her pants.” But as she ladled dinner onto her own plate she thought there were other things about her daughter that didn’t seem right. She knew Connie was still in diapers, but she seemed to think that she had been driving recently, or that she had been caught wearing a thong only a few weeks ago. She tried to figure out what was going on, it was starting to give her a head ache, she sat down on a chair and massaged her temples. She got up to get a stiff drink and turned to see Connie standing in front of her. She didn’t know exactly what was right any more, she felt odd feelings towards her, “Hey baby.”, she saw Connie look at her. She still saw a baby, but the face had a look of intelligence. She looked down at the floor in front of her. “Connie, honey… Mommy is confused.”

Connie didn’t answer at first. She was looking at the large chair, and the plate with no utensils set in front of it. “Yeah, I guess so. I think you forgot my silverware.”

Her mother’s body stiffened, the idea of her baby being grown up started to come back. “Baby… Connie… Mommy doesn’t know what’s wrong. I know you’re a baby, but you’re a teenager.”

Connie almost screamed, “Mom! You 'member!”

Her mother kept her gaze down, tears splashed on the table. “I hear you. I hear how you sound, but I’m afraid if I look at you I’ll see the baby. And if I see a baby I’m crazy. Cause I’m either seeing things, or hearing things!”

Connie could see tears dripping from her mother to the floor. Childish urges to comfort her started to course through her, she walked towards her mother who slowly looked up. “Mom! It’s okay! I’m not a baby, try to remember what I said before.” She put a hand out to softly touch her mother. “About me being changed every night.”

“I think…” Her mother thought hard, she did remember something about her daughter growing younger. “But it’s impossible. You can’t really grow younger.” She focused of her daughter’s feet and legs. “You don’t look younger.” Then as her view went higher she saw the diaper. She stared, transfixed on the babyish object. She reached out and touched it, the memory of putting it on came back to her. Now thinking clearly she realized what she had done. Her hand still resting on the diaper she looked up into Connie’s eyes. “This is wrong… This… This is evil. What’s doing this? Why is this happening?”

Connie smiled, tears rolling down her face at the hope of having her mother back and sane. “I don’t know mommy.” She looked down at the diaper and tried to read it’s size, she knew it was just upside down, but no matter what, she couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. She hoped it was the blurry vision, but she knew it was worse. “Um, momma? Could you tell me what the size is on the diaper?”

Her mother suddenly looked concerned, “Is your vision worse Connie?”

Connie blushed in shame, “I… Er… I don’t think I can count anymore.”

There was an intake of breath, then her mother leaned forward, “I see 3t. What does the t stand for?”

Connie hugged her mother, “I think teen. But I don’t know. Every night the number goes lower. And the girl on the pack looks dumber.”

“The girl on the pack?”

Connie finished the hug and sat down on the chair, then started picking at the diaper. “The picture on the diaper bags. The girl is a big girl, and she looks dumber every step down. And….” she started to tear up.

Her mother got up and grabbed a tissue, then held it under Connie’s nose as she blew into it. “And?”

Connie looked back into her mother’s face, “The girl looks like me! I tried to 'nore it first, but now I can’t no mow!”

“Connie?” her mother asked gently. “I think you have to relax.”

Connie looked at her mother, a soft grin on her face. “I 'k mommy!”

“Connie?” Her mother gently caressed her daughter’s face. “Connie, you’re acting strange, can you come back to me?”

Connie lazily looked down to the floor, then back at her mother, she had the urge to stick her thumb in her mouth. “Momma?”

“CONNIE! WAKE UP THIS INSTANT!” her mother screamed.

Connie jerked awake. She felt as though a blanket was pulled off of her, leaving her in bright light. Fear was clear in her eyes, “Mom! It happened again! I just slipped away!” She jumped back into her mother’s arms. “It’s getting worse.”

Her mother patted her back. “We have to do something. We have to get your friends here to watch you, to try and stop your regressing.”

“No!” Connie almost screamed. “Remember Jenny?” her mother shook her head. “Well she’s my bestest-”

“Best Connie. There’s no such word as bestest.”

Face red, Connie thanked her mother, “Yeah, good idea. Help me not talk like a little kid.” She took a deep breath, and concentrated on what she wanted to say. “Jenny is my best friend, and after she went into the bathroom with me she changed too.”


Connie stood up and toddled towards the counter, she felt like standing, even though her body didn’t feel like it. “She looked in the mirror and it changed her into my diaper pail.”

Her mother’s jaw dropped, she remembered finding that pail in the bathroom and using it. “But… But… I -used- that pail.”

Connie turned back to her, for some reason she found it funny. “Yeah, you should have smelled her breath when she changed back!”

“Changed back? But what about the…. Diapers? How did she…. What happened?”

Connie kept smiling, “Apparently they didn’t hurt her.” Then her smile faded, “But the mirror screwed her up bad. She actually wants to be changed now.”

Her mother’s face twisted. “What do you mean she wants it? What the hell happens in that room?”

“Like I told you before, it changes how you feel. She wants to be a diaper pail, just like I still have an urge to wear diapers and act like a baby.”

“Connie. You said one of the mirrors is safe, right?”

She looked up at her mother, suspicious at what was coming next. “Yeah.”

Her mother stood up and grabbed her hands, “Connie, I want to see the safe one. Can you do that for me?”

Connie swallowed. Her body tingled at the idea of standing in front of either of the mirrors again. “Mom, I…” She looked up and saw the look on her mother’s face.

“Don’t worry. I promise I won’t let it hurt you.”

A feeling of trust overcame Connie. She started walking towards the bathroom, “Sure, but don’t touch the towels over the big mirror. That’s the one that really messes you up.”

Her mother nodded and followed her daughter. Stunned at the lack of coordination that she had while walking. She felt sad that she hadn’t been able to help her though the entire incident, but felt better when she thought she’d at least be able to help her now. She followed Connie into the bathroom, and stood off to the side while her daughter carefully checked the hanging towels, then opened the small mirror and turned to her.

“Ready mom?” Her mother nodded. “If you feel anything weird, or you see me act funny, or reach for the towels open the door.”

“Deal honey.” She watched as Connie stepped in front of the small mirror over the sink, and swung it closed. The image of her daughter came into view. But it wasn’t her. “Connie! Oh my God!”

Connie decided she wanted to see what the mirror showed this time and looked at the reflection. “Yep. It’s gotten worse.”

Her mother stared at her daughter’s reflection, “That’s WORSE? Then what?”

“Well, I didn’t have the stained bib on last time. And I think I look even less intelligent then before.” She got up on the sink and looked at her diaper’s reflection. “And the diaper wasn’t wet… And apparently messy.” she said as she noticed a dark color staining the backside of the reflected diaper.

Her mother’s face looked more shocked then before. “Why is she waving her arms like that?”

Connie looked away from the mirror, already tired of it, “She’s motioning towards the big mirror. She wants us to uncover it so we can be changed. She used to point at it, but I think she can’t control herself that much any more.”

Her mother looked dejected towards the big mirror, then back at the smaller mirror, “I didn’t even look at my own reflection!”

Connie turned back to her mother, “You can see yourself?”

“Yeah. I don’t really look that different. Maybe longer hair.”

Connie hadn’t looked at her mother’s image either, she turned and stared at it. Knowing something had to be different. Then she saw it. “Your boobs mom. They look bigger, like they’ve gotten implants.”

Her mother stared at herself. “Oh…” Now her face burned. “They aren’t implants. They’re…. Full.”

"Full?’ Connie asked. She kept watching the image. She stared at the larger breasts, wondering what full meant.

“Lactating Connie. My reflection shows that I’m apparently breast feeding you.”

Humiliation at the thought made Connie go numb. The world spun as she dropped to the floor. “Oh goddd!”

Her mother squatted down to comfort her. “I’m sorry Connie. I’ll do everything I can to stop this.”

“It’s not that…” Connie whispered. “Not that at all.”

Her mother was confused, “Then what honey?”

Connie kept whispering. “I want it… Momma. I want it so bad. I know it’s wrong. I know I’ll hate it. But I want it. The smells, the tastes, oh God… I want it so bad!” Connie kept her eyes down, she heard the door open, and the strong urge receded, but didn’t go anyway entirely. She felt her mother grab her hand and start to pull her.

“Connie, get up. We’re getting out of this room right now!”

Connie let herself be pulled to her feet, she barely kept her balance as she was pulled out into the hallway. Just before she was out, her hand darted out and pulled at the towel covering the mirror. She heard it plop to the floor, and tried to pull out of her mother’s grasp to get back inside.

“No! Fight it Connie! You’re not a baby! You don’t need it! Fight!”

Connie started screaming, but her strength was mostly spent. She couldn’t fight the pull of her mother as she yanked her towards her room. “No! You don’t know what it’s like! I’m hardly able to stand! I’m almost a fucking baby already mom!” She let herself fall to the floor, and quickly crawled over to the crib. Where she leaned against it and cried.

“Connie I know it’s bad. But we have to try! There has to be a way!” Her mother pleaded.

Her daughter turned back to face her, the anger in her eyes was gone. Replaced by shame. “It’s to late mommy. I’m as good as gone. There’s nothing to do but get it over with…”

Her mother grabbed her and pulled her to her feet, then hugged her tightly. “No. I won’t give up. I swear! We’ll fight this!”

Connie returned the hug, then felt something familiar from her backside. She pushed her mother away in shame. “Go! Go mom! I don’t…. want… you… ohhh…”

Her mother thought something was wrong, she watched Connie spread her legs, then she started staring off into nothing. She was confused, till the smell hit her. “Oh…. Connie…” She said, worry filling her voice. She stepped back to her and started hugging her again. She felt Connie’s body as it worked to push out another mess. Her mother remembered cleaning up the last BM her daughter had left behind. She didn’t want to believe how far she had lost it then. But swore to herself she’d never fall back into thinking Connie was just a baby again. She kept hugging her daughter telling her it would be okay. After several minutes she thought Connie was done. She was just standing in front of her, with her body almost laying into the hug. “Connie?” she asked her. “Are you done?”

To her surprise Connie stood up, then tried to sit down on the mattress, only to slide down hard onto the floor. She sat silently looking at her mother, then burst into tears. Her mother tried to comfort her.

“It’s not that bad Connie. I swear I’ll never tell anyone.” She pleaded.

Connie looked up at her, snot running from her nose and held her hands out, “Momma!”

Horror dawned on her mother, “No!” She pulled her to her feet and sat her on the crib. “Connie! Wake up! You’re not a baby!”

Connie smiled a wet toothy grin, “Momma, Connie good giwl!”

“No… Connie… Come back!” She was screaming and crying. She brought her back into a tight hug. "Connie! Don’t leave me… " desperately she thought of something else. “Don’t leave Jenny! Connie! Don’t forget Jenny needs you!”

Re: Bad Dream By:Long_Rifle (new)

“Jen-jen?” came a soft whisper. Then Connie’s voice broke, “Jenny!”

Her mother let go of her and looked her square in the eyes, she could see a glimmer of understanding. “Yes! Jenny needs you! I need you.”

Connie blinked, then the stupid grin on her face fell and she looked confused. Suddenly, the lights came back on. “Mom!” She jumped to her feet. “Oh my God! I was gone!” she hugged her mother, then kissed her. She felt like jumping up and down.

Her mother now had tears of joy in her eyes, “But you’re back! I got you back!”, she said as she wiped snot from Connie’s nose. “What happened? What do you remember?”

Connie walked away from the crib and started toddling in circles again. “We were hugging, and then I felt something…” She stopped walking, her hands shot to her bum, she could feel something solid trapped in the diaper. Color drained from her face. She pulled the diaper away from herself, feeling the mess partially peel away from her skin. She felt bile rise in her throat. Connie looked towards her mother. “Mom… I-”

Her mother cut her off, “I know… I know…” She looked down at the floor, embarrassed to say what she was about to, “You messed your diadee.” She felt an off feeling pass through her, She looked back to her daughter, “Do you want mommy to change your diapee Conni-wonnie?”

Connie freaked out, “Mom! You’re doing it again! I’m not a baby!”

Her mother’s smile faltered, then she took a step towards her, “That’s silly. You’re my little baby! Now let’s get that poopy diaper changed.”

Connie felt boxed in, she was afraid that if her mother coddled her she might regress as well. As soon as her mother got close enough Connie slapped her as hard as she could.

Her mother dropped to her knees in pain, “Ow! You little bitch! I can’t believe you’d smack me!”

Connie cowered back, “But do you remember now?”

Her mother stood up and rubbed her face. “Yeah. It worked… I’m sorry I started to slip there, but did you have to hit me so dam hard?”

Connie breathed a sigh of relief, “I didn’t want you to slip and then have me slip while you changed me, there would be no one to help us come back.” Then she stood up and hugged her mother, making it quick. “I’m sorry I had to hurt you mom. I wish I didn’t have to do it.”

Her mother started guiding her towards the changing table. “I guess it’s okay. We’ll just have to try extra hard from now on.”

As Connie laid on the table having her diaper changed she tried not to think about it. She watched as her mother walked to her dresser and opened up the drawer with the diapers in it. “Hey… Mom? Tell me what size they are?”

Her mother looked carefully, “Size… 2t. Is that right?” she asked as she started walking back to Connie with the diaper in her hands.

Connie just closed her eyes, trying to stops the tears that threatened to leak out. She wiped them off, then stared off towards the crib, “It means the spell or curse, or whatever is still working. I’ve been in 3t’s all day. And now just like in the past they’ve gotten one size smaller.” She thought back to her trip in the store. “After 2t, is 1t. Then there’s just the newborn version left.” The tears started just as her mother helped her legs up and tucked the diaper under her bum, “God mom… If it’s this hard now, what’s it going to be like tomorrow?”

Her mother finished taping the diaper closed. She carefully wiped tears from her own eyes and forced a smile, “We do what we can. I’ll still love you, and you’ll still love me. Whatever happens we’re still a family.” Connie smiled back, then sat up and stepped down from the table. Her mother motioned towards the kitchen. “Want some dinner then?”

Connie’s stomach turned at the thought of eating, but even as it did her mouth watered at the idea of a bottle of formula. “Ugh.” she thought. She kissed her mom instead, “Nah, I think I’m going to hit the sack early.”

“No problem, I understand.”

Connie looked at the blurred image of the clock in her room, she couldn’t tell what the numbers shown on it meant anymore. “Listen mom, could you set an alarm for 11:55? I told you every night at midnight this gets worse, maybe if we’re both awake we can fight it?”

Her mother nodded, “That sounds like a good idea. Now try to get some shuteye. I’ll see you before midnight.”

Her mother closed the door behind her, and Connie shut off the light. Her entire room became bathed in gentle blue light from a nightlight. “At least the shades do their job. I can barely tell I’m going to sleep before the sun goes down.” She sat down on the edge of the crib and then laid back. She rubbed her feet as she stared towards the back of her door. “I hope we can break this. I don’t want to be stuck like this forever.” Then she thought about Jenny, and her fate. “And I don’t want Jenny to be stuck as an object either.” She rolled over onto her stomach and cried into her pillow. Slowly her tears soaked into the cotton as she cried herself to sleep.

Connie knew she was dreaming. She could tell because she was walking without any trouble. And she was wearing panties. She looked around herself as the swirling darkness started to fade into a room. One she recognized from the last dream. Connie remembered everything she had heard from before, and was hoping this time she would hear the whole plan. She looked carefully around the room, waiting for her tormentor to arrive. But minutes seemed to go by, maybe even hours. She started to play with some of the toys as she grew bored.

Finally she stepped up to the closed door and tried to open it. When it wouldn’t budge she knocked on it. “Come on! Let’s get this shit over with!” she screamed at the door.

She heard a light hearted laugh in return. “I was wondering when you’d try the door.” it was her own voice again. “Are you so far gone that you didn’t even think about opening it yourself?”

Connie felt her anger rise, “Look, can you stop the bull shit? Just tell me what’s going on here!”

“I don’t know….” her voice said behind her. “Why ruin the fun?” Connie didn’t turn, she let her head drop down to stare at the floor. “And I think you know exactly where this is heading Conni-wonni.”

Connie closed her eyes as she turned slowly towards her tormentor. She lifted her head, and cracked her eyes slowly. She saw herself standing in front of her. In nothing but a thick diaper. She looked for the other person, the shadow. “Where’s your little partner? Is she coming to?”

“No… She’s done here. It’s just you and me now. Ready fo give up yet? I can make this easy. Just say it, and you’ll be a happy gurgling little infant again. No fear or pain. Just a warm cot and all the milk you could ever want!”

Connie shook her head, “But why? Why are you doing this? Is there any way I can get this to stop?”

“Stop?” Her diapered copy walked without waddling towards the locked door. She turned and seemed to regard Connie for a second. “I don’t think so.”

“Please! I don’t want to be a baby! And Jenny doesn’t deserve to be a hunk of plastic!” Her copy beckoned her closer, without pausing Connie walked towards her. Till the diapered copy wrapped her arms warmly around her and drew her in for a long kiss. She whispered in her ear, “It doesn’t matter. You all made the choice.”

Connie swam with the feelings from the kiss, “But… We don’t want…. We didn’t know!”"

The copy pulled her in closer, her diaper crinkled as she rubbed their bodies together. “Oh? You don’t want it?”

Connie tried to answer, but as she opened her mouth she felt her own lips kissing her again. Her body betrayed her as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. She felt warmth from her partner start to rise, then in an instant it surrounded her. Connie didn’t know how long she had been standing with her eyes closed, her body still tingled from, the touch. But she realized she wasn’t being hugged any longer. She opened her eyes, and looked down at her body. Seeing that she was now the one in nothing but a diaper. Connie smiled as she looked at it, she bent her legs out as she felt a tingle become a rush of urine into her diaper. It felt better then anything she had ever felt before.


Connie spun and looked at herself, now dressed as she had been before in panties. “I……”

“I told you, this is what you wanted. You can feel it can’t you? No matter what, it lays just below the surface. You want to look in that mirror again. You want to feel that way all the time.”

She knew it was true. She also knew it wasn’t right. “I didn’t feel like that till you started fucking with me!”

Her copy laughed, “That doesn’t matter. It’s what you want now.” The room around them seemed to grow darker. “Opps, time to go. See you later diaper baby!”

Connie lunged for her, but the room started to spin and with a final scream of rage her vision filled with her mother’s smiling face.

“Honey? Are you back?”

Connie sat up, she could tell her diaper was wet. “Ohh…… Yeah… She looked past the blur of her mother to the clock she could no longer read. Is it already time?”

Her mother nodded, “It took a few minutes to get you up. It’s almost midnight.” She looked down at Connie, and watched her pick at her diaper. “So what now?”

Connie swung her legs over the side of the crib and sat motionless. “This is when the room changes. At midnight you come in, and change my diapers. Then I wake up in the morning and we start the same day over again.”

Her mother hugged her, “I love you honey. No matter what.”

Connie returned the hug, “I know. I love you too.” Then she relaxed, “What time is it exactly?”

Her mother looked, “It’s eleven fifty nine Connie.”

Connie sighed, “Okay. Let’s try to stay focused.” Connie stared at the clock, she might not know how to use it, but she knew when she saw the number change it would be midnight. She stared, without blinking till the numbers changed. She closed her eyes in fear as a familiar feeling came over her. “Mom? Are you okay?”

Her mother was busy looking around the room for any changes. She thought she had felt something, but it didn’t feel special to her. "Yes, I’m here. And the room looks the same to me.

Connie tried to talk but her body felt heavier then normal. She couldn’t fight as she dropped to the mattress. As her body plopped down she managed to get out, “Mommy!”

Her mother turned back to her, She picked her up and held her to her chest. “Are you okay hun?” Connie’s tongue felt to large for her mouth. She tried to talk but nothing clear would come out, instead she nodded, then smiled trying to keep her mother calm. “Okay….” she went back to looking at the room. “I can see your changing table, your toy bin, the dresser with your toys…” She stopped talking as she started to look around the room frantically. “But I think your diaper pail is gone. Where will I put your stinky pants now?” Connie’s eyes popped open as she listened. She used everything her body had to kick her mother in the side. Then opened her mouth and screeched as loud as she could. Her mother rubbed her side. “Dam that hurt!” She stood up and tried to work the pain out. “But I guess it worked, Connie.” She walked towards the door, and flicked the lights on. She squinted in the sudden light. Then looked around the room for any changes. She saw nothing different.

But Connie did. There were different colored blurs all over the walls, after some thought she decided they were pictures of shapes. Her dresser was changed, it looked smaller and there were now toy bins scattered around the room. She also thought the paint looked different, softer then before. She looked above her head and saw a large mobile hanging there. She tried to talk again. At first her tongue felt the same, and she could barely speak. Then with concentration she got her act together. “Momma, da walls different. Der stickers and stuff.”

Her mother looked at the walls, she could have sworn those has been there before. “Are you sure?”

Connie nodded, “I tink you affecteded by da magic… Tink, is dis a teen room?”

Her mother gasped as the past came back. “Sorry, you’re right. Now that you said that I do see the changes.” She flicked the light off and walked back towards Connie. “Look, this is bad enough. We know we can stop this at least partly. Let my get your diaper changed and we can go back to bed. Alright?”

Connie nodded, she lay back, and closed her eyes as her mother changed her diaper.

Connie slowly woke. She yawned, and cracked one of her eyes. The first thing she saw was the large mobile hanging over her head. But instead of shock she just turned her head away and sighed. “Great, another day….” she reached between her legs and felt the sodden padding, “And another diaper.” She threw her blankets off, and sat up, though she barely made it as she strained to bend forward. “Dam…” she mumbled around the pacifier in her mouth. She didn’t even bother looking at herself, instead she looked around the room in the morning light. Even through the blur she could see all the changes. But now there was no fear. The room didn’t matter as much anymore. She was almost certain of what was going to happen to her now, she tried not to think about it though. As she sat in her crib, she felt a tingle, and felt her diaper warming again. She felt a slight blush rise, but the embarrassment was almost gone when she was alone. She was staring off into space when her door opened and her mother stepped in.

“Connie?” she asked lightly when she saw she was awake.

Connie turned towards her, then spit out the pacifier in her mouth. She had to really think about what she wanted to say, even then things slipped out wrong. “Hey momma… I ready to get now. Drop the rails k?”

Her mother stepped towards her daughter, “And my big girl is still big?”

Connie laughed, “Yeah. It’s getting harder to think right doh.” Then she grabbed at the raised rail, “Let me out!”

Her mother quickly stepped forward and dropped the rail, then stepped back as Connie started to get out. She watched as she turned over onto her stomach and slowly slid back and over the edge of the bed. As gravity took over she slid faster, when her feet hit the floor instead of her stopping she gasped as she lost her balance and dropped to her butt on the floor. “Connie!” Her mother yelled as she dropped down trying to grab her before she dropped even farther. She cradled her against her chest. “Connie! Are you okay?”

Connie struggled to control her emotions, she knew she shouldn’t cry, that it really hadn’t hurt. But she could barely keep herself under control. “Momma…. Okay….” She whispered as she tried to slow her breathing. She was starting to feel better when she felt something warm against her cheek, and smelt something sweet fill her nose. She turned her face towards the wetness, and realized it was right near her mother’s nipple. Instantly her mouth watered, and she felt a need to latch on, and suckle. She closed her eyes, and tried to push herself away. “Momma, no! Da milk!”

“Oh! Sorry Connie!” Her mother gently let go and let her drop to the floor. Then she stood and tried to hide the wet stains on her shirt with her hands. “I started to really leak last night. My bed is a mess.”

Connie kept her head down as she tried to forget about being breast fed. “You… Gotta… Stop it!”

“I can’t do that hun. They leak until they dry up. When you were a baby the first time.” she stopped when she saw Connie jerk, “Sorry. When you have a baby this happens. There are special pads you put in your bra that stops it from going all over the place. I used to go through several a day during the first few months.”

Connie groaned from the floor. “We need… Ta get some soon den…” She got up on her hands and knees and tried to stand. But found it was almost impossible.

Her mother saw the problem, “You…. Need to use the wall, or the bed to pull yourself up… Do you want help?”

“Nah ah. I get it.” Connie crawled towards the bed, and with almost everything she had she pulled herself to her feet. She smiled at her mother as she moved her arms back and forth to help keep her balance. “See?”

Her mother smiled on the outside, but on the inside she screamed. “My daughter can barely stand, this is so evil. Why is this happening to her…. She doesn’t deserve this.” But she kept her thoughts to herself, and clapped as Connie took an uneasy step towards her. “So… you think you’re up to going shopping today?”

Connie stopped and frowned, “Why? We shouldn’t go out, we stay here today.” Then she took another step and almost collapsed against her mother.

“Connie, I need to get pads so I’m not leaking everywhere.”

At the mention of leaking Connie looked at the wet stains on her mother’s shirt and started sucking her bottom lip. “I guess.” Then she looked her in the eyes, “But I don’t want to be outside like this. Can’t you stay here with me?”

Her mother gently pushed her down as she motioned towards a pile of dry diapers on her desk. She let her lay down on the floor and grabbed one of them. As she talked she started to change Connie’s diaper. “Look, I need to get them. Every time you look at them you seem to lose yourself. We don’t need that right now do we?” She stopped talking as she gently wiped and cleaned, then started to tape a dry diaper on. When she finished she kept looking down at her. As she did she felt the urge to coddle her rise from the depths of her mind. She smiled as she imagined herself breast feeding her again. Then she caught herself and looked away, “Oh god Connie. You’re right. I just felt it. I really felt it. That feeling that I want this to happen.”

Connie nodded from the floor. “We can’t separate. We need to stay together momma.”

Her mother helped her up into a sitting position and then sat down herself. She kept looking down the hall, past the still open bathroom door, and to the pictures on the walls. Something seemed to be on the tip of her tongue. She was trying to figure out what they could do. “Connie, we really need to go out.”

“No. Use paper towelsez momma. We stay here now.” She crawled towards her, and hugged her. She concentrated as much as she could and looked her mother in the eyes. Then with all the clarity she could muster she said, “Mom we only have a little bit of time left. I want to spend it with you. The real you. Not da momma you’ll be in a few dayses.”

Her mother started to cry as she hugged her back. “You’re right. Let’s do something that we used to do.” She looked down and saw the question in her eyes. “Let’s drink coffee and watch the soaps!”

Connie nodded, and with some help toddled out into the living room. As she passed her bathroom she thought it was odd that she hadn’t used it for so long. The thought that she may never use a toilet again suddenly popped up, and she decided to stop thinking about it. Her mother helped her sit on the couch in front of the TV and then covered her with a blanket. Connie watched as her mother turned on the TV, and then tried to relax as she disappeared to get the coffee.

“Connie? You want a lot of sugar in it?”

Not even thinking about it Connie, shouted back, “Cream, and three sugars mom. And get in here! I need to know what’s been happening on Days of our lives!”

Her mother prepped the cups and brought them into the living room, passed Connie her cup and sat down to watch herself. It took her several minutes to explain every plot that was happening, then she sat back to explain minor points to her.

Connie’s first sip of the coffee had seemed very bitter to her. But instead of stopping, she took a few more sips. As she listened to her mother talk the coffee slowly seemed to get better. Fifteen minutes into the show she was sitting back enjoying the story, not even bothering to make her usual snide comments. She just watched the TV and forgot about the last few days.

Her mother had finished her coffee, and stood, “Want another cup?”

Connie looked down into her cup, “Yeah. I think I will. Thanks mom.”

Her mother grabbed it and took it into the kitchen, just as she sat the cups down she stopped, something was nagging at her. Something seemed wrong. Then she got it. She rushed back into the living room and looked down at her daughter. “Connie! You’re acting like a grown up again!”

Connie looked towards her mother, her face slowly contorted in shock. “Oh my god! You’re right!” She blinked, and realized her eyes were no longer blurry. She tossed the blanket covering her aside and checked her diaper. The “2t” was clearly legible running along the diaper. She bend forward and saw the wetness indicators were unchanged. She jumped up onto her feet and into her mother’s arms. “I can read! And my eyes are better mom!”

Connie’s mother hugged her back, tears of joy ran down her face. “I wonder what happened?” She pulled herself free, and watched as Connie walked back and forth like she was a model. “Was it the coffee?”

Connie thought she knew. “This whole time I’ve been trying to fight it. But when we sat down here, we just acted like we normally would. Like everything was okay! Instead of fighting this we just have to relax, and we’ll be fine!” She ran into her mother’s arms again and they both jumped up and down in happiness.

“Connie! I’m so happy! We should go celebrate!”

Connie nodded, “Sure, but I’m not wearing these.” She motioned towards the diaper on her waist. She knew her panties were gone. “I’m grabbing some of your undies. Then we can hit the town.” She almost skipped as she ran to her mother’s room and untaped the diaper, letting it slide to the floor. She opened her mother’s drawers and pulled out a pair of plain cotton panties, then decided on an entire outfit. She was fully dressed and looking at herself in her mother’s mirror when she felt something.

She grabbed between her legs as she tried to understand what she was feeling. “Shit! I have to piss!” She turned and ran to her mother’s bathroom and pulled down her panties as she sat down. She smiled as she listened to her pee running down into the bowl for the fist time in days. She was wiping when her mother peeked her head in. Connie could see that she was about to say something positive. She grinned, “I know. But remember this is normal. No praise mom.”

Her mother nodded, “Ready to go then?”

Connie pulled her panties and pants back into place. “I am now.” They both walked out into the living room and started to put shoes on. Connie didn’t want to wear Velcro shoes so she slipped her mother’s on instead. They were tight, but livable. “Especially after what I went through.” Connie thought.

Her mother tried to control her urges to congratulate her daughter on everything. “You want anything out of your room?”

She thought back to what her room looked like, “Mom. There’s nothing in there but a bunch of used diapers and infantile shit. I don’t want anything to do with that room till it changes back. If it does.”

“Yeah. I guess I didn’t think about that.”

“It’s okay mom. I haven’t felt this great in a long time! You don’t really know what it’s like to be grown up till your not anymore. Now let’s hit the town!” Connie opened the door and held it open for her mother just because she could. “Let’s hit a coffee shop, I want something exotic!” As she followed her mother out the door she thought she saw something dart behind a tree in her neighbors yard. At first her thought it was nothing, but as she stared she saw some one look towards them from behind the tree. “Hey… Mom… Check it out.” She said as she pointed towards the tree.

Her mother looked concerned, she glanced towards the tree and stared for several seconds before she saw the same thing. “What the hell? Hey! You! What the hell are you doing? Do you want me to call the cops?”

The figure behind the tree stepped out, and walked slowly towards them, after several feet Connie recognized her. “Jenny!” Her friend looked like she hadn’t slept since she had last saw her. She was in the same clothes as the last time they had been together. Connie ran towards her and helped her towards the house. “Get the door ma. We have to help here.”

Jenny weakly smiled at her, “It’s okay. I was just looking.”

Connie almost gagged at the stale smell coming from her friends mouth. “Oh… Dam girl. Why didn’t you brush you teeth or something?”

Jenny laughed, a low and deranged laugh. “Why? I won’t have teeth soon. Who cares?”

Connie looked up at her mother, and saw a look of horror on her face, she almost had Jenny inside when she spoke again, “Jen, we think we may have a way to beat this thing.” Jenny didn’t answer, instead she dropped down onto the floor when she was inside and listened to the door being closed behind her. She squatted down in the middle of the floor and kept sneaking glances towards the bathroom. Connie grabbed her face to get her attention, “I said we may have a cure.”

Jenny laughed again, “Yeah. I don’t care. I just want another five minutes in that room.”

Connie’s mother got down in her face, “Jenny, we need to keep you away from there! Look at Connie, she’s fine right now! Come out to dinner with us!” She stopped talking, then cautiously smelled around her. “But maybe you should change clothes first? You’re a bit ripe.”

Connie started frantically motioning towards her mother to stop talking, “Nothing a bit of perfume and getting out of the house wouldn’t hurt. Let’s just go.”

Jenny popped up off the floor. “Oh?” She tore at her clothes. Pulling things off and tossing them carelessly around the room. As more of her skin was exposed the smell grew worse. “It’s not my clothes. It’s me! I stink! I’m part fucking diaper pail now.” Naked she dropped to Connie’s feet and frantically pawed at her crotch. “I just need the room. And a few more diapers! Come on Connie…. Now…” She finished with a whine.

Connie turned from her and towards her mother. “Grab some clothes, we need to get her out of here!”

Jenny screamed from the floor as she started to stand, and darted towards the hall. Connie tried to grab her, but she was to far away. Her mother managed to grab an arm and tried to pull her back. But Jenny managed to pull herself free. She took off down the hall as Connie’s mother gave close chase. Jenny slowed as she got closer to the bathroom, giving Connie’s mother a chance to grab her again.

Jenny screamed as she grabbed the door frame and tried to pull herself inside. “Let me gooooo!” She managed to thrust an elbow out and knock her captor lose. Just as she turned to slam the door closed she felt herself pushed down hard. She looked up from the floor to see Connie’s mother tackle her.

Connie looked down at her mother and Jenny wrestling on the floor. She was about to go in when her mother yelled out, “Get something to tie her up with! We’ll force her out!”

Connie bounded out of the bathroom, then suddenly remembered something from before. She turned back and started towards the bathroom. “Mom! The towels are off!” She was even with the door and managed to look into her mother’s eyes when Jenny got a leg free and kicked the door closed with a slam.

For a split second Connie stood still and stared. Then she lunged for the knob. She pulled with all her might, but it wouldn’t budge. She twisted and turned, but nothing she would do would cause it to open. “Mom!” She screamed through the door, “Don’t look!” Connie banged on the door, then started to kick it. But it would not move. “Mom!… Please! Answer me!” But there was nothing but silence. Connie slowly slid down the door sobbing as she lost hope for her mother and best friend. After several minutes she thought she heard something. She stood up, “Mom?” she asked quietly. But there was no answer. She gently knocked on the door, to her surprise it opened and she was face to face with her mother. Connie knew what it was like to be under the affects of the mirror. She looked into her mother’s eyes for any sign of hope. “Mom?” she asked.

Her mother looked at her strangely for a second then kissed her on the nose. “Hey sweetie, I was only gone a few minutes. Couldn’t you wait?”

Connie frowned. “Mom? I’m talking. Clearly. Like an adult. Don’t you remember anything from today? Please!”

But her mother acted like she hadn’t even said anything. “I guess my little girl is excited, are you done playing dress up honey?” She reached out and pulled at the shirt Connie was wearing. “Don’t stain up my stuff honey.” Then she stepped past her towards her own bedroom.

Connie felt tears flowing down her cheeks. She looked into the bathroom and saw Jenny, now a plastic diaper pail sitting on the floor. She turned around to make sure her mother was not close, and darted in, one hand on the door to make sure it couldn’t close, and one grabbing at the pail, and sliding it out into the hall. Immediately she opened the lid and grabbed at the diapers inside. She didn’t know what to do with them, she started towards the kitchen when she felt her mother’s arm on her shoulder.

Re: Bad Dream By:Long_Rifle (new)

“And what are you doing with those miss?” Her mother asked. Connie started to answer, but her mother cut her off as she held the dry diaper out that Connie had left in her room from earlier. “And what was this doing in my room?” She grabbed the diapers from arms and started back toward Jenny. “I swear, she can barely walk and she’s already a handful.” she said under her breath.

Connie rushed at her, “No! Mom! I’m not a baby! You know that!” She pulled at her mother’s arms, but they seemed to be stronger now. Connie couldn’t budge them. She tried to grab one of the diapers free but she only managed to trip on her own feet as she reached, and nearly fell. She stood still and watched as her mother dropped everything back into Jenny. “Noooo!!” she cried as she watched.

Her mother grabbed the pail, and then reached back and grabbed Connie’s hand. “I think it’s time for your nap baby.”

Connie tried to stand her ground as her mother pulled her down the hall. “Noooo…… Mom! We won! We found out how to fix it!”

“Honestly, if this is how you act after watching some TV, then I don’t think you’ll be watching anymore for the time being. It’s only a nap. It’s not a big deal. You spend most of the day sleeping anyways girl.” Connie bawled as she was pulled into her room. She was finally let go of as her mother walked Jenny towards the wall next to the changing table and started putting the used diapers from earlier inside her. “I can’t believe it let it get that full!” Then she grabbed a new diaper and turned towards Connie. “Now let’s get you in your crib.”

Connie felt dizzy as her mother approached. “No! Mom! It’s not right! I’m not a baby! No Diapees!” Her hand shot to her mouth as she finished. Her mother handed her the diaper and proceeded to take her clothes off.

“I can’t believe you lasted so long without a diaper on. I guess we’re lucky huh?” her mother said in a sickly sweet tone.

Connie couldn’t even speak, as she stood naked in front of her mother again. She caught herself starting to stare at her leaking nipples. She blinked once, and suddenly everything was blurred. She finally collapsed in a heap, her mother barely catching her in time. Connie moaned as her mother carried her, and set her down on the changing table.

“There there baby… It will be alright. Just a diaper I think today. And in a few hours I’ll get you up, and maybe we can try pizza today.”

Connie reached out and grabbed at the face of her mother, “Momma…. Love you…” came out of her mouth, as a barely audible whisper, but her mother heard her .

“And mommy loves you too…. Oh yes she does.”

Connie closed her eyes and cried as her mother diapered her. “We won… We beat it.” kept repeating through her head. But nothing she could say stopped her mother. She felt herself being picked up, and carried. Then felt her weight being set down in her crib. Connie heard something being wound, and gentle music began to play. She opened her eyes as she felt a light kiss on her forehead.

“Nighty night baby. See you soon. Now go to bed.” She stepped back, and closed the side of the crib with a loud click. Then turned and left the room. Connie closed her eyes and wished she was dead.

Connie woke three hours later when her mother came in and roused her. At first she was confused. She knew she had been dreaming again. But instead of remembering the dream, she had forgotten everything. She watched as her mother checked her diaper. “Momma…” creaked from her mouth. That was when she noticed she had a pacifier back between her lips again.

“Well good morning miss pee pee pants! Good to see you awake. Let’s get that diaper changed and we can get you fed.”

Connie groaned as she was forced to sit up, then slide off the mattress. She turned towards the changing mat and saw something blurred sitting next to it. Something that was not a diaper pail. As she got closer her eyes popped. Through the haze she could tell it was Jenny sitting on her butt, with her arms wrapped around her legs. “Jenny!” She cried as she lunged towards her. She got close enough so she could focus on her face and stopped. “Jenny?” she asked. Her friend didn’t move. Connie reached out and touched her, she could feel heat radiating from her flesh. She poked at her smile, hoping to get a reaction.

Her mother watched as Connie played by the diaper pail, after several seconds she reached down and grabbed her. “Enough games. Let’s get that icky diaper off you.” She let her body go limp as she was hoisted into the air, and set down once again on the table. Like a robot she moved her body and did as she was told. The diaper change was faster then any she had ever had. “Wow. That’s not to bad when you’re not fighting me.” her mother exclaimed. “Now can you stay in here while mommy grabs some clean clothes from the dryer?” Connie ignored her, instead she watched as her mother stepped to Jenny, and without noticing anything wrong jammed the used diaper into her mouth. She twisted, and pushed as hard as she could but the diaper refused to go in further. “Dam. I guess it’s to full.” She turned to Connie. “Now show mommy you are a big girl and leave that alone while I get a fresh liner okay?”

Connie absently nodded. Then waited till her mother left the room to toddle towards her friend. She stopped after the first step. Almost falling over. Then tried another. Again she almost fell. She looked down at the diaper and hoped it was the new size hindering her ability to walk. Not that she was regressing more. She felt her body teeter as she stood still, she threw her arms out to balance herself, and succeeded. Then vertigo took over, and she dropped to her padded butt on the floor. “Fuck it.” She thought as she got on her hands and knees and crawled back to her friend. She knelt down in front of her and grabbed the diaper still hanging from her mouth.

As soon as Connie touched it Jenny clamped down on it tightly. Connie pulled harder, “Jennnn…. Wet go! You giwl!” She gave a final tug and the diaper tore apart. Wet jell scattered across the floor as she fell hard onto her back. Connie screwed up her face and started to bawl like a baby. She rolled over onto her belly and started rubbing her ass through the diaper.

“I guess the baby needs her bottle huh?” a rough voice said near her.

She turned her head towards the sound and saw Jenny crawling towards a piece of fluff laying on the floor. As she watched she brought her face down to the floor, and ate it. “Ewwwww!” Connie moaned. Stooooop!"

Jenny looked towards her and laughed. Then she scuttled closer to her. “I think… Cough! Cough! I think baby needs to keep her mouth shut! Or baby might get in trouble!”

Connie got up on her hands and knees and crawled closer to Jenny. “Nooooo Jen Jen! You be good!” Then she latched onto Jenny’s neck and refused to let go.

Jenny laughed menacingly, “Does baby want a ride?” Jenny moved quickly, she grabbed Connie around the chest and held her tight as she stood up. She put her lips close to Connie’s ear. “I think you need an attitude adjustment baby! And I know exactly how to do it!”

Connie squeezed Jenny as tight as she could, hoping to cause her to pas out. But her strength was gone. If Jenny wasn’t holding her she would slide down to the floor. “Jennn….” she said quietly. “Be goood…”

Jenny moved towards the door, drunkenly. As if she could barely concentrate. Thoughts popped in and out of her mind as she took slow pained steps. She could only do one thing at once now. When she wanted to talk she had to stop, “Don’t worry. In a minute we’ll both be good.” She started walking again. Connie’s body tensed as they got closer to her bathroom. Jenny stopped again, then cleared her throat. “Yep.” The pace started again. Connie struggled against Jenny’s grip. But there was nothing she could do. Her heart started to pound in her chest as she carried into the bathroom. She started to kick her feet wildly, but it was no use. She felt Jenny’s grip loosen, then without warning she dropped to her feet on the floor. She wavered for just a moment as she concentrated on keeping up, then dropped forward and started to crawl towards the hall. She could see Jenny grabbing the door, and stuck one of her arms out as it swung closed. Jenny squatted next to her, “Naughty baby….” She grabbed her roughly and pulled her back, slamming her into the bathtub. Connie looked up in time to see the door close, and hear a click as Jenny locked the door.

Connie screamed in terror even as she started to feel pleasure and release build in her body. She got on her hands and knees to try and make it to the door, then stopped and stared as Jenny changed in front of her eyes. She watched her body twitch and mold into something wrong, something not human. Then she saw something laying on the floor, “My paci!” She yelled, forgetting about Jenny, and awkwardly reaching for it. When she finally got it in she sat down and played with the towels laying on the floor. Then she knocked over the diaper pail and started crawling around it. She looked up at the mirror, and smiled at her reflection. She saw something else and started trying to get at it in the mirror. Everything seemed to be changing to her. Her thoughts became erratic, almost to fast to understand. Then she lost the ability to discern past and present. Everything she saw was instantly lost when she stopped looking at it. Connie lived for the moment now. She felt tired, and the towels felt warm and comfy. She lay herself down, and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Connie woke. Instantly she went from nothing to being fully awake. She refused to open her eyes though, as she tried to decide what was going on. She was sitting up. She could tell that. And as she moved her legs she could tell she wasn’t wearing a diaper. And she felt clothed. Connie moved her head slowly, her neck felt sore from being bent in an unusual position to long. “I’m not a baby.” she cautiously said. Her voice sounded normal to her.

“Yeah. You’re not Connie.” Jenny’s voice said from next to her. There was a loud yawn. “What the hell is going on?”

Connie opened her eyes and looked at her friend, she remembered everything that had happened. But it wasn’t possible. She took in her bearings and saw she was in Jenny’s house. They were both sitting on her couch. She rubbed her neck, “I had the weirdest dream, I was turning into a-”

“Baby…” Jenny cut her off. “And I was a diaper pail.”

Connie shot up onto her feet, “What? We were both sharing the same dream?” Connie tried to think back to what she had dreamt, everything seemed so vivid. But she couldn’t remember how it ended. “What happened at the end of yours?”

Jenny hugged her knees to her chest, “I think I turned completely. I just remember tasting something horrible, then I woke up here. Next to you, on this couch.”

Connie walked towards a window and stared outside thinking. “I was a dream right? How do you feel?”

Jenny stretched out her legs, “I don’t want to eat pissy diapers if that is what you’re asking.”

Connie turned back to her. She didn’t know what to think. She pinched herself, and felt pain, she put her hand in a beam of sunshine and felt heat. " I don’t think we’re dreaming now. But everything felt so real before." She walked back to Jenny, enjoying the feeling of nothing between her legs again.

Jenny stood up, “Well I feel like I haven’t eaten in weeks.” She walked into the kitchen, leaving Connie to her own thoughts.

Connie sat back down, and tried to rethink everything that had happened. “It was to long. It seemed like days. I’ve never had a dream like that before.” Then she thought about Jenny having the same dream. “Dam it. Nothing adds up. This is all wrong.” She decided to try and backtrack further. She tried to remember how she had got to Jenny’s house in the first place. “Dam, I can’t remember!” She stood up and started for the kitchen. She pushed open the door, and walked in, “Hey Jenny, when the hell did I come here anyways?” She had been looking towards the table so she didn’t see Jenny at first. Then she saw movement by the sink, she turned to her left and saw Jenny standing oddly still, with her legs spread apart, leaning against the counter. Connie walked closer to her. “Dam girl! You look like you’re really thinking about something. Did you remember how we got here?”

Jenny turned her head back to her. “Yeah.” she stopped as she closed her eyes, and her face went red. “I think I remembered something.” Connie was about to ask what, when she heard a squeak of a fart from under Jenny’s skirt.

“Dang Jen! Maybe you should have been diapered instead!” She laughed lightly as she started to look for something in the fridge to eat. She tried to move fast so she could get out of the room before she could smell Jenny’s fart. But as she closed the fridge a strong sweet antiseptic smell hit her nose. Instantly she was on guard. “Jenny? When did you get Lysol?”

Jenny groaned as she answered. “I didn’t…” Connie’s world seemed to stop as she turned back to her friend. She could tell Jenny was scared. “Connie…” Tears ran down her face. “Something is wrong… I think I’m pooping and I can’t stop!”

Connie moved closer to her and in one swift motion lifted up Jenny’s skirt, praying she wasn’t wearing a diaper. “No!” she screamed mentally. “It’s not real!” When the cloth was out of her way she saw nothing. Jenny didn’t have on a diaper, she didn’t even have panties on. But as Connie dropped the skirt she thought she heard plastic crinkle.

Jenny heard it to, “What the fuck was thatttt?” She said crying. Then her body tensed as it pushed against her will. She felt something solid move from her body, and cried in shame as she fought to stop herself. The pressure relaxed, and she knew she had just made a mess, but she didn’t smell anything. When she looked, there was nothing on the floor. She turned her eyes to Connie, “What the fuck is going on?” She felt another cramp, and then she felt more poop leave her body. But instead of smelling bad, the air again filled with the sweat antiseptic smell. “Oh god! It won’t stop! What the hell is going on?” she screamed as she grunted again.

“Jenny!” Connie screamed. She didn’t understand what was happening. She could see a bulge under the skirt, but that was impossible. There was nothing there to keep it from falling to the floor. She looked Jenny in the face, and could tell she was pleading to know as well. She decided she would have to look. She lifted the dress, and saw exactly what was causing the bump. Connie screamed. She dropped the skirt and flung herself backwards, slamming into the fridge in the process. She looked at Jenny and tried to tell her what was happening, but in her terror she had lost her voice. Her mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out other then course squeaks and whistles. Her mind worked overtime as she tried to think of a way it could be possible. Her entire body felt feverish as it struggled with fight or flight.

Jenny felt her own fear grow as she watched Connie’s reaction. Her own body kept pushing and now her mess was so heavy that it was pulling at the rest of it still inside her. She could feel it sliding out, faster and faster as more of it pulled away from her. Then suddenly it raced out and she heard something finally hit the floor. At the same instant she felt incredibly empty. Jenny got her breath back, then looked down to see what had scared Connie. She stared at the coil on the floor. Her body seized as she slipped into shock. After several seconds manic laughter filled the room as her mind broke and she grabbed at the limp plastic still hanging from her bottom. “I guess that’s why it didn’t stink huh?” She said, holding it up to Connie. “Can you grab me the scissors?”

Connie shock her head. “This isn’t possible! It was a dream! You can’t….” She looked down at the long bluish bag laying on the floor between Jenny’s legs. And at the large diapers she could see inside. She slid to the floor, crying. “But it was a dream!” she screamed. She was crying on the floor when she heard the door from the backyard open, and listened as light steps entered the Kitchen. She looked up, and her stomach sank again at what she saw.

Her own image looked down at her smiling. “Wow. I could hear you all the way outside!” She walked to Jenny, and grabbed the plastic bag from her hands. “And I don’t think I want my baby playing with scissors.” She opened a drawer, and got them herself, then with a clip she separated the full bag from Jenny, and tied a knot on both ends.

Connie watched, moaning, “It was a dream….” over and over while her twin worked.

“Honestly…” She turned to Connie, “Yes… This is a dream. When you wakeup you’ll be right back where you left off. So I’d try to enjoy this if I were you.” She turned back to Jenny, and Connie kept watching as she stuffed the rest of the empty bag back up inside her bottom, then grabbed the bag of dirty diapers and tossed them near the door.

Jenny stood up straight again. She looked at Connie’s twin, “But I’m still hungry!” She looked at the bag on the floor, her mouth watered. “Please! I feel so empty!”

“I know sweetie. But that’s not up to me. Little Connie over there can help you out. As soon as she finishes filling her diaper.”

Connie looked down in shock, her clothes were gone, instead the diapers were back, and she could feel an urgent need to relieve herself build. “No way!” She yelled as she jumped to her feet and made a run for the bathroom. She screamed as she ran, thinking that at any second something would stop her. But nothing did. She made it into the bathroom, and skidded to a stop when she saw the toilet was missing.

“Connie. This is tiring. You know what you have to do. Just get it over with. Poor Jenny is starving.”

Connie’s anger burst and she swung wildly at her, she felt her hand caught easily, then the other as she tried again. “Let us go!”

Her copy laughed. "No. I think I’ll just hold you here for a few minutes. And let nature take it’s course.

“I beat you! I was done! I was grown up!” Connie yelled as she felt her body betray her.

“Yeah. I was worried there. But Jenny helped out in the end. I almost peed myself when she locked you guys in the bathroom together!”

Connie struggled as she felt the diaper suddenly warm, then without being able to stop she started filling it. Her head drooped, and she softly cried. “We beat you… This isn’t right…”

The young woman relaxed her grip, then let Connie drop to the floor. “You won a battle hun. But after that, I won the war. It’s over. Just let it go and slip away.”

Connie looked up from the floor, tears ran down her face as she kept pushing, “I won’t! I’ll keep fighting!”

“Oh? Well, let me remind you what happened after your little bathroom fun.” She made a movement with her hand and Connie suddenly remembered everything that had happened after her short nap. She remembered her mother coming in and finding her, that she had come out of her own fog, and prayed Connie would as well. She remembered the diaper change, and then her mother’s kiss, as she went inside the room herself. And came out much happier. Connie shivered as she remembered going out to eat, and the patronizing looks she and her mother had gotten when other’s saw them. She cringed at the idea that she had been bottle fed in public, then breast fed in private. They had shopped and had fun till Connie had leaked in her stroller, and her mother had been forced to take her home. And after all the fun, she had conked out an hour early for an already early bed time. “It’s already nighttime!” She looked down at the diaper between her legs. Looking for size.

Her twin laughed. “Don’t bother. You’re in 1’s girl. This is it. You’ll wake up in the morning and the end will come before you go back to sleep for the night!”

Connie stood up. The mess in her diaper feeling more horrible then she had ever felt. “But what is the end? What happens?”

Her copy laughed, then waved an arm. The wall of the bathroom fell away and light illuminated the room beyond. Connie struggled to look inside. Then with a squish she stepped forward into it. She could tell instantly she was in her own room. More perverted and infantile then ever. There was no crib. Just a large cot. She pushed down her fear as she toddled closer. There was something in the cot. She could she it. Then the face became clear. “It’s me.” she whispered. Deep down she had known this would happen, but she had refused to believe. She looked down at herself, and smiled. She looked so peaceful. Not a care in the world. She looked up to see her twin, now leading Jenny over next to the changing table. “This is it?”

“Yes. This is what you’ll be. For now. And forever. A big baby for your mother to dote over. You’ll be happy, and so will she.”

Connie felt the tears start, “And Jenny?”

“Jenny will be. That is all. Plastic doesn’t think. Plastic doesn’t know. She will simply be.” she said as she pushed Jenny down into a squat. Jenny’s insane smile was back.

Connie reached down, and caressed her own face, causing a soft coo to rise in the air. She smiled as she wiped some drool away. “And I won’t remember?”

Her twin smiled, with a clean diaper in one hand she patted the changing table with the other. “Nothing. A clean slate. No fear, no need.”

Connie swallowed, kissed herself gently, then walked towards the table. Her body seemed alien to her as she sat down, no longer caring about the mess. She laid back, as her head spun, and her legs came up automatically.

Her twin laughed, “If we do this here it’s the end you know. You have another several hours in the real world to fight me.”

Connie turned her head away and closed her eyes. “I’m tired of fighting. Get it over with.” She listened as the tapes were opened. Then the diaper was lifted away. Her thoughts and memories seemed to grow faint as it was moved away from her. The wipes were warm as they cleaned the mess off her bottom. She thought something seemed wrong about it, but couldn’t put her finger on it. There was a sudden burst of powder, and as the sweet smell entered her nose Connie slipped further away. She no longer knew her name. But she still knew something bad was happening.

“Last chance Connie wonnie… When I give this to the diaper jeni you’ll never come back.” Connie kept quiet. Her twin rolled the diaper closed, and set it down next to her. Then slipped a clean diaper under her and taped it on.

Connie felt herself being pushed up. Then off of the table. She stood shakily looking at the evil version of herself. “What now? One last game before I’m gone?” She said gruffly.

“Sure.” She handed Connie the used diaper. “Throw it out yourself, baby.”

Connie waddled towards Jenny. Now more plastic diaper pail then human. The lid opened as the diaper neared. Connie tried to smile, she looked back at her tormentor. "This is, my choice… I’m not going to play with you any longer. She relaxed her grip and the diaper dropped from her hands.

Connie woke from dream, slipping seamlessly into the real world. She almost felt normal, she tried to sit up but her body wouldn’t respond. Reality popped into existence as she watched her mother carrying something away from her. Connie heard her talking, she sounded like she was crying.

“I’m sorry Connie. I wasn’t there for you. I love you. And I always will. I just wish we would have had more time.”

Connie’s body tightened against the strap holding her down. “Mom is back!” She screamed in her head. She felt happy, then saw what she was about to do. Connie could see the diaper in her hand, and knew exactly what was about to happen. She tried everything she could to get her attention, her legs started to kick feebly as she tried to get her mother to stop. She had one last chance!

Her mother, looked back to Connie. She seemed to have woken up finally from her nap. She dropped the diaper into the trash, and closed the lid as her daughter seemed to relax on the table. Then walked back to her, smiling softly, “Hey Connie! You’re awake finally.” Connie smiled and mouthed stupidly at her own fingers. Her mother sighed, then unclipped the safety strap, and pulled her off the table and set her down in the cot again. She parted her robe and pulled out a dripping breast. As her hungry daughter took it she smiled down at her. “I love you honey.” She wiped tears from her eyes, “I just wish we had one last chance.”

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Well there it is. The latest opus. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Another excellent story by long rifle, keep up the good work

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…bloody good!

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a classic almost novel length story, thanks for posting, and your stories never get stale with the passing of time.

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I’m always disturbed by your darkness…yet I can never stop from reading your work. As always I enjoyed it.