Banned Stories Policy

As this has come up a few times of late I want to make a policy very clear regarding banned stories.

If a story is banned here there is a reason for it. Generally speaking if it’s not okay to post it publicly a staff member will post a reply stating this and invite others who may be able to help to send you the link via PM if they have one.

There are a few very special exceptions to this, and those exceptions are exceptions for a reason. In these cases your request will be removed and you’ll be sent a PM explaining what is going on. In the past we have allowed the requests to stay up temporarily, and people have abused this fact. This will no longer happen. Please understand that if it were not necessary, we wouldn’t have these exceptions in place.

The most common reason a story isn’t allowed to be posted is you’re asking for a story that violates the board’s rules. Those are the cases where we’re generally okay with you getting a link to it privately. Then there are those that are banned for much stricter administrative or legal reasons. Those stories are the exceptions where we cannot permit the sharing of them even privately.

It sucks for you, it sucks for us. Unfortunately it means we’re both the victims of assholes.

Normally I wouldn’t call out an exception but just this once I will: Potty Law. This story is forbidden primarily because of the behavior of its author prior to his banning when he was called out on the story’s content, his behavior in the face of criticism, and the fact he was caught using sock puppet accounts to increase his story’s views and keep it stuck on page 1 of Board Member Stories.

That story will NEVER be permitted on here again, and the server actively attempts to filter all currently known links to it. Seriously, don’t request it, and if you see a request for it that hasn’t been removed, don’t try to send a link to it.

MS.WOLF, may I ask/suggest a ban… first off I’m a dad of 4 adult kids(i know not enough TV) but are incest related ones banned too. I think that just FUELS the PEDS ILLEGAL FIRE.
I await your thoughts.

MRS. Wolf, actually. She’s my wife.

I await your thoughts.

Well don’t hold your breath. You’ll die from asphyxiation before you get a reply.

I didn’t know if there was a RULE in black/white or red stating yes or no on incest stories,that’s all.

Now see, if you had actually asked that instead of whatever garbage that message you posted originally was, I could have answered it, and pointed out this was not remotely the correct place to ask it. This thread is in the REQUESTS forum for a reason. It applies to people asking about stories that have been explicitly banned.

Has the story by Huggied "6 weeks at happy summers " been banned for further chapters. If not have you or other seasoned members heard from him, I am aware that this is probably not the correct site to post such questions , but for some reason I cannot access the correct forum

This is not the right topic to post that question in. You could have started one on your own. But to answer your question: No, that story isen’t banned neither is the author. We’re not baby sitters for the authors, they come and go as they please.

I’m going to lock this topic now.

You have an unhealthy fondness for asking in the wrong place.

And you were even answered in the very next post in the same topic. Beginning to understand why you were on moderated posting.

EDIT: Oh, you’re an ass just for the sake of being an ass. Here’s the last thing Clawdia or anyone ever said to @Huggied about it @raphil1 (and do note who the person that replied directly after this post was)