(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

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Ok, I had to give this a shot while it was in my head. I hope it doesn’t seem rushed or too ridiculous. I just liked the characters and wanted to follow up. There may be more, there may not.



Wallace House

The Victorian mansion at the top of Oak Street was a marvel of Huntsville. Residents of Oak street often wondered about the mysterious staff that worked the grounds of Wallace House. The grounds keeper Mr. Timmons was a quiet man who appeared to be in his mid sixties. He worked the grounds alone and kept a very tidy garden. Timmons was rarely seen about town; only on the odd occasion would he be seen at the hardware store purchasing unusual items.

The hardware store manager Mr. Brooks was surprised and curious once when Timmons placed a special order for an iron cauldron. Timmons was very particular about the order as well. It couldn’t be just any cauldron; it had to be ordered from a particular shop in Germany. Mr. Brooks had told Timmons that it would take at least a month for the order to arrive and shipping would be extremely expensive. Timmons insisted that Mr. Brooks place the order and gladly paid extra for shipping without a second thought. Mr. Brooks had asked what Timmons needed a cauldron for, yet Timmons explanation was so unusual that Mr. Brooks had strangely forgotten the answer shortly after Timmons had left the store.

Other residents insisted that they had seen Mr. Timmons drinking coffee and smoking a pipe outside the front gate of Wallace House on nights when the moon was full. As odd as Mr. Timmons appeared to be, the house keeper, Jasmine was considered by most to be even more of a mystery. Jasmine hailed from the Caribbean Islands, and spoke with a thick islander’s accent. She could be seen regularly, shopping for groceries at the local markets. The local merchants were often curious about the unusual selections of herbs and spices Jasmine would purchase.

Jasmine had been keeping house for the Banyon’s since Wilfred Banyon had been a small boy. She had helped raise Emily and Lindsey Banyon since their birth and though the twins were now fourteen, Jasmine had just spent the entire weekend changing the girl’s wet and messy diapers during their grounding for breaking their mother’s rules about fighting and improper use of magic in the house. As a punishment, Celeste Banyon had cast a spell to regress her daughters back to the age of two. Emily and Lindsey’s bedroom had been transformed back into a nursery and the two girls had spent the weekend in Pampers.

Jasmine, a powerful witch herself had been amused by the girls predicament, and while she certainly had the powers to magically change the girls diapers, she preferred to do it the old fashioned way. “Ya girls be bringin me back plenty years lookin da ways ya do now” Jasmine laughed as she cleaned up their messy bums, powdered and diapered each girl. “baa baa gacaa” was all that Emily or Lindsey could say in response. Jasmine only giggled and tickled them when they attempted to speak.

At the end of the weekend the girls were restored to their proper ages and the bedroom was restored to its previous state, complete with pictures of Kirk Cameron on the walls. The punishment had been quite an experience for the twins. Emily and Lindsey were both very quiet after they were returned to their teens. They ate dinner with their parents, were both very polite as usual, and then retreated to their bedroom where they completed their homework assignments in silence.

After almost an hour Emily could no longer stand it, she had to break the silence. “I’m sorry Lindsey” she said, putting down her pen and looking across the desk at her sister. Lindsey looked up from her work. “Me too” she replied. Emily smiled back slyly, Lindsey stared across the desk at her wondering what the smile meant. “What?” she asked.

“You certainly did look silly in your diapers” Emily giggled. Lindsey shot her an angry glance. After a moment however, realizing Emily was still smiling, Lindsey cracked a smile herself and both girls giggled loudly. “We’ll you did too stupid!” Lindsey replied. “I can’t believe Jasmine changed us all weekend long!” Emily giggled. “Yeah she must have really missed having babies in the house” Lindsey answered with a smile. The two girls finished their homework and prepared for bed. They were permitted to watch television for an hour before bedtime but tonight they both decided to climb into bed early and read books.

Eventually Emily broke the silence again. “You really did look silly in your diapers you know” she said. Lindsey looked up from her book and gazed across the room at her sister. “In a cute way” Emily added. After a moment Lindsey giggled. “Yeah well widdle baby Emy wooked cute in her pampees too!” Lindsey replied with a snicker. Emily giggled but kept smiling at her sister. “What!” Lindsey asked. “Can I tell you a sister secret?” Emily asked. A sister secret was the deepest of secrets, once shared it was sealed between the two girls, never to be spoken of in the presence of any other creature. If either sister were to reveal the secret to another, that sister would break out in a terrible case of acne which would not subside until the betrayed sister had chosen to forgive her.

Lindsey looked across the room at her sister, realizing Emily had something serious on her mind. “Of course Em” she replied. “I had fun this weekend” Emily said, blushing. Lindsey’s jaw dropped, had her sister really enjoyed being regressed to a two year old and wetting and messing in diapers all weekend long? Had she enjoyed eating toddler food and drinking from a sippy cup? Was this possible? Lindsey’s heart leapt, deep inside she had been thinking the same thing. She had actually giggled a few times while Jasmine had changed her during the weekend. “For real?” Lindsey asked. “For Real” Emily replied. Both girls stared at each other in silence for almost a full minute before Lindsey spoke. “Me too” she said. Emily smiled, “So what do we do now?” she asked. Lindsey thought for a moment. “Well we can’t fight again…I certainly don’t want to be grounded for a whole week…I don’t want to be a two year old everyday after school!” Lindsey said. “Right, me neither” Emily replied, “plus the house would tell mom right away if we tried to regress ourselves” she added. “Yeah, and I don’t think I could pull that spell off without screwing it up…we could end up stuck that way” Lindsey added. Emily agreed nodding her head.

“Well we could just conjure up some diapers again and pretend to be little?” Emily said after a few moments. “Do you think the house would rat us out to mom on that?” Lindsey asked. “I don’t think so, we’ve been conjuring toys and games for over a year now and we’ve never gotten in trouble” Emily answered. This gave Lindsey an idea. “We could conjure a doll…a big doll…and when we conjure the outfit for the doll we just conjure up diapers that will…well fit us.” She said with a sly smile. Emily giggled, “That’s perfect” she replied.

Lindsey leapt out of bed, she raised her hands in the air and spoke “Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall…I would like a big baby doll!” and just as she finished the sentence, a beautiful real sized baby doll appeared on her bed. Emily smiled and clapped her hands, now it was her turn. She jumped out of bed and raised her hands in the air. "Pretty birds! Musical pipers! We need a stack of teen sized diapers! In a flash of light a stack of large Pampers appeared beside the baby doll. Lindsey giggled with excitement “nicely done!” she said.

The girls both stood beside Lindsey’s bed staring at their handiwork. “We should probably get this stuff out of sight for a bit incase the house rats us out” Emily said. “Right” Lindsey answered. They put the doll in their closet where several other toys had been stored over the years. They then divided up the pile of diapers and stuffed them into the bottom drawer of their dressers, behind several other items of clothing. Over the years the girls had learned that in a magical house, the best hiding places were the most obvious ones.

Emily and Lindsey lay in bed for a half hour, pretending to read…both girls were too excited to actually read, but they had to wait it out to see if their magic had been detected. Finally their mother came in to say goodnight. She kissed each of her girls on the forehead and told them that she hoped they had learned their lesson and would obey the rules of the house from now on. Emily and Lindsey both nodded and said goodnight to their mother as she turned out the light and left the room.

After another five minutes both girls leapt out of bed again and dashed to their dressers. Each pulled out one of the conjured Pampers and scampered back to their beds. “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Emily giggled softly. “Shhh don’t be so loud” Lindsey responded. “Are you ready?” Emily asked. “Yeah” Lindsey replied. “Ok, here goes” Emily said as she slid down her pajama bottoms and removed her panties. Lindsey did the same. Each girl opened the bottom half of their diapers and lifted their bums up off the bed to slide the Pampers beneath them. Moments later they had both pulled the diapers up between their legs and taped them securely about their waists.

“Let’s see” Emily said once she had finished. “You too!” Lindsey responded. “Together” Emily said. Both girls got up and stood in between the two beds wearing nothing but pajama tops and Pampers. “They fit great Em” Lindsey said with a giggle as she wiggled her behind causing the Pamper to crinkle loudly. “Nice job” she added.

“Yeah they feel great too!” Emily exclaimed happily as she wiggled her own behind and giggled. Moments later both girls had pulled their pajama bottoms up over their diapers and climbed back into bed. They giggled and spoke baby talk to each other for almost an hour before finally falling asleep. They both slept soundly in their diapers and dreamt of strange and wonderful childish adventures.

Wallace house had a way of granting its occupants certain privileges from time to time. In a dark hall on the third floor, in the north wing…a door appeared. Behind the door a room formed with bright pink walls, two large cribs and a large changing table. None of the adult occupants of Wallace house would be aware of this door, or the room which lay beyond it…

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

Nice going Lizzy, I like the cliffhanger at the end of this part!!

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

I’m not sure whether or not I think everything happened a bit fast.

I like the house though. Especially the way they worry it’ll grass on them.

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

NIce story, Lizzy. I like these characters, too, including the house who seems to be becoming a player in this drama.

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

i love this story. But i think it may be because i like magic and mystery so much. If only they would put harry potter in diapers ah well like i said love it. Also can someone please explain to me how ot get a story on here??? 8)

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

I thought it did seem just a little rushed and might have benefited from more development, but it certainly wasn’t ridiculous and it stands up as an entertaining story in a nicely-realised setting.

DiaperKing - you just need to click on ‘New Topic’ to post a story.

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

Thanks everyone.

Yes I even felt it was a bit rushed while I was posting it. It’s one of those stories where the ideas are just racing in my head and I wanted to get them out before I got too busy. I don’t believe in re-writes so even though I know I could modify this and blend it into a bigger more interesting story I’m going to leave it as is and clean up my mess as I go.

Thanks for reading.


(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

DiaperKing - there’s a story on the old forum called Hermione’s Mistake which is just that.

Lizzy: maybe don’t rewrite, then, but write it out and don’t post immediately. Take time to look - maybe after a break - and then release the chapter later.

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

I’m glad to see you decided to continue the story Lizzy. I don’t think it is rushed at all. Looking forward to reading more.

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

Right Nemo! I miss Hermione’s Mistake, I was really enjoying that one but I don’t think the author every finished it…anyone know?


(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

I’m not sure: I remember it going to quite a far through chapter and I may be making it up, but I think I saw one saying it was the end or penultimate chapter.

(Banyon Sisters 2) Wallace House

Thanks babyjames!