Bedwetting Siblings by Sunny

Bedwetting Siblings

Harry was a bed-wetter and had been all his life. He had been potty trained quite easily, but for some reason he couldn’t wake himself up to go to the toilet at night. He was now 16. As he was growing up, he had missed out on sleepovers because of his bed-wetting that had always annoyed him, especially when his friends would come in the next day full of tales of staying up to one in the morning and pranks they had done.

Harry had three sisters and a brother. One of his sisters was 17. The other two were 13 and 8. His brother was 10. He had his own room, which meant that his younger siblings didn’t know about his bed-wetting. He had to wear diapers, which he hated. He was told that he had to wear them until he grew up and stopped pissing himself. Most of the time it was his mum who put his diaper on in the evening and took it off and cleaned him up in the morning, but sometimes especially in the school holidays he would wake up too late and his mum would have already left for work, which meant that his older sister Melissa had to do it. Although she had babysat for babies in the past and was now a part time nanny to a couple with a baby and toddler, so knew how to change a diaper, she always seemed able to draw it out for as long as possible when changing Harry.

One morning in the summer holidays, he had woken up late. Both of his younger sisters had been on sleepovers the night before so weren’t back yet and his brother had already gone to a friend’s house. This meant it was just he and Melissa in the house. He got out of bed and heard the crinkle of the plastic sheet as he moved. He slowly went downstairs in his sodden diaper, hoping that no one else would see. He saw Melissa sitting in the kitchen eating a piece of toast and reading the paper. He grunted and she looked up.

“Oh has the ickle baby filled his diaper?” she said with a laugh before going back to her toast and paper.

“Shut up Mel. Can you change me?” he said taking a step towards his sister.

“Oh my god you stink. I think I’m going to have to change you,” she said getting up. They both went upstairs into Harry’s room. He got out the changing mat from under his bed and put it in the middle of the room before lying on it, whilst Melissa got out a fresh pair of underpants, the baby wipes and some diaper rash lotion.

She put the things at the side of her and knelt down next to Harry. She undid the tabs and watched as Harry got an erection. She always found this funny.

“Oh I think the ickle baby is getting a bit excited” she said. Harry blushed. He never got an erection when his mum was changing him, but it always seemed to happen when Melissa changed him. She took away the old diaper and wiped him clean with some baby wipes before applying the lotion to Harry’s red buttocks. When she had done that she proceeded to watch him squirm. Then she had an idea. No one else was in the house, so she quickly stood up. Harry’s horizontal position meant that he couldn’t see what Melissa was doing. She pulled out another disposable diaper from the pack, and before he knew what was happening, Harry was diapered in a clean fresh diaper. “Come on baby. Stand up” she said.

“Melissa what have you put me in another diaper for? What if someone comes home and sees me like this. I don’t need diapers for the day”

“Most people your age don’t need diapers during the night either, but you do. I don’t want to clean up any of your accidents”

“Melissa, take it off. I need to go to the bathroom”

“What do you think the diaper is for?”

“No Melissa, please. I need to do a poop”

“Go on then. You might as well use the diaper otherwise it’s wasted”

“You will only have to clean me up if I do a poop in the diaper”

“I don’t care”. Melissa went to stand behind her brother. By this time Harry was desperate, so he squatted down and had started to wee in his diaper, when suddenly the tabs were pulled away and the diaper was gone. Harry was pissing himself and he couldn’t stop himself. Just then, he let out a long fart and felt the poop coming out. He couldn’t believe what Melissa had done. No doubt to their parents it would look as if Harry had just decided to go to the bathroom on his floor, which he suspected might result in a diaper punishment. When he had finally finished, Melissa, been careful to avoid the wet and poopy part of the floor, led Harry to the bathroom. He was pushed down on all fours and Melissa began to wipe him clean. She then let him go and get dressed rejoicing in what she had just done.

Harry got dressed, and not knowing what to do about the mess on the floor, decided to just open a window and made sure his door was shut firmly. Their two younger sisters came home mid morning and only stayed to dump their stuff in the room they shared before both went out again. Their little brother Cody rang to say he was having lunch at his friend’s house. At lunchtime when their mum rang to see how they had got on, Melissa picked up the phone in the hall leaving Harry watching TV. When all the usual questions had been asked, Melissa lowered her voice so that Harry wouldn’t hear and told her mum what had happened.

“There was a little accident this morning” she said.

“What do you mean? What sort of accident? Was anything broken?” asked her mum concerned.

“Well, when Harry got up I went to change his diaper, but I had forgotten the wipes. When I went to get them Harry must have stood up and had an accident because when I got back, he was stood with a wet patch between his legs”

“Oh no”

“That’s not all mum, he had also done a poop”

“What did you do?”

“I cleaned him up and told him to try and clean the mess up, but I don’t think he has done too good a job of it. I decided to wait until I had told you before I did anything else” said Melissa acting all sweet and innocent. She was glad the conversation was over the phone, due to the smirks that kept spreading over her face.

“Okay thank you for telling me. I think I need to discuss it with dad before we decide on what to do. In the meanwhile can you put him on the phone”

“Sure” said Melissa. She shouted to her brother and he came on the phone trying to protest his innocence.

“But mum” he said putting the phone down. He picked up his wallet and went outside. Melissa quickly locked the front door. She made herself a drink and went upstairs. Breathing in deeply she entered Harry’s room. Without breathing in, she picked up a diaper. The house had three storeys with the kitchen, dining room, lounge and study been on the ground. Harry’s room along with mum and dad’s and Cody’s was on the first floor. Melissa’s bedroom along with the room that Lisa and Beth the two other sisters shared were on the second floor. Melissa quickly left the room and ran up to her own. She left the door open so she could hear the doorbell or phone. She pulled off her trousers and panties that were slightly wet with anticipation. She undid the diaper and put it on the floor before sitting in it. After she had checked it was comfortable, she fastened the tabs. She had been potty trained relatively quickly and had never been a bed wetter meaning that she had never got the chance to wear diapers when she was old enough to appreciate them. She walked around the room wearing only her top and diaper enjoying the way it felt. She would often sneak a diaper from her brother’s room when everyone was out. She then heard the sound of the doorbell. Not having time to rip off the diaper and not wanting to waste it before it was even wet, she quickly pulled on some sweat pants and ran downstairs. She answered the door, conscious of the rustling when she moved. It was Lisa and Beth. They went straight past her and to the kitchen where they both got themselves a drink.

Melissa followed them. “What did you lock the door for?” Beth asked.

“I was in my room and I didn’t want people walking in the house with me not been able to hear them. Are you two just coming in for a drink or are you staying?”

“I’m going back out to play with my friends now” said Beth, the younger sister.

“My friends have gone into town and I don’t have any money so I’m going to watch TV” announced Lisa. Beth disappeared again and Lisa walked through to the TV room. Melissa followed her. They both sat down and Lisa began flicking through the channels. To her horror, Melissa realised that she needed to wet. Normally she stayed in her room when she was diapered and could wet in private. She enjoyed wetting in a diaper so didn’t want to waste it downstairs with her sister watching. Realising that she was getting more and more desperate, she quickly told Lisa she was going upstairs. She then ran up to her room and shut the door behind her. She closed the curtains and stood in the middle of the room. She then widened her legs and quickly flooded the diaper. She enjoyed the way it sloshed around before it was soaked into the material. She wished that she had the courage to buy her own diapers, but was terrified that someone she knew would see her buying them, or someone would find them in her bedroom. This meant that she had to make do with her younger brothers diapers. She waited until the wetness had soaked into the diaper before she waddled round her room enjoying the way that the wet diaper felt against her skin. She then heard footsteps on the stairs. She suddenly became aware that she was wearing only a diaper and a top. She ran to her bed where the sweat pants had been flung and quickly put them on. The footsteps got closer and then there was a knock on Melissa’s bedroom door.

“It’s me Lisa, can I come in?” came Lisa’s voice through the door. Melissa sat on the bed.

“Come in Lisa” she called out. Lisa came in and sat on the bed.

“There’s a funny smell in here” was the first thing Lisa said. Melissa realised that the smell was coming from her diaper. “Can I open a window?” she asked. Melissa nodded her head and Lisa got up to open the window.

“Did you want to talk about something?”

“No I was just a bit bored downstairs on my own. Where are Harry and Cody anyway?”

“Cody is at a friends house and Harry went out somewhere. I don’t know where. In fact, it is time Cody came home now. He has been at his friends all day now”

“Which friend is it?”

“Rory, who lives on the next street. Do you want to go fetch Cody?” said Melissa thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to dispose of her diaper.

“Cody will never listen to me. You’d have to come as well,” said Lisa.

Melissa had a picture of herself waddling down the street in a wet diaper that she knew would be embarrassing if anyone spotted it. She realised that she needed to wet again and tried to do it as quietly as possible. “Okay” she said whilst wetting herself. “Do you want to go fetch Beth and we will walk round together?”

“Yeah I’ll go do that then,” said Lisa leaving the room just before Melissa let out a little fart and realised that she pooped in her diaper. Melissa was disgusted with herself. She waited until she heard Lisa leaving before getting out some baby wipes that she had bought for herself. She undid the tabs of the diaper and put it on the floor before she wiped herself clean and found her panties to put on. She put on the trousers she had been wearing before she put the diaper on and picked up the diaper and the baby wipes. She fetched a plastic bag and disposed of the soiled diaper in the bin outside. She then set off to fetch Cody with Lisa and Beth. That was easily done and the four of them were soon back home. Melissa fixed the kids a snack and they watched the TV until their mum, Susan came home. Melissa took her aside and showed her the mess in Harry’s room. When Harry came home he was ordered to clean up the stinky mess and was told that his punishment would be discussed when dad Michael was home.

When Susan was making the tea, the phone rang. It was Susan’s sister Helen asking whether the family wanted to go to her house on the coast for a little holiday. It was arranged for the next week when both parents were off work anyway.

Susan waited until all the kids except Melissa were in bed before she spoke to Michael. They discussed Harry’s punishment and the visit to Susan’s sisters. It was eventually decided that Harry wouldn’t be going away. Melissa was going to stay at home with him and keep him diapered all day and night. The next morning Susan explained this to Harry as he was having his diaper changed.

The week carried on as normal and it was soon time for Susan, Michael, Lisa, Beth and Cody to set off. When Melissa and Harry had waved them off, Harry was marched upstairs to be diapered.

“You are going to be in diapers whilst there is no one else here. It is your punishment for your accident last week” said Melissa.

“I do know that, but that was your fault. Telling me a diaper is there to be used, so I use it, but you pull it away in the middle when you know that I won’t be able to stop myself. I don’t know exactly why you did it, but you did and no one will listen to my side of the story so I end up like this where as you get away with it”

“Yeah well, life’s like that isn’t it,” said Melissa finishing the diapering and standing up leaving Harry on the floor wearing on a t-shirt and a diaper. Unless it was cold, that was what he had to wear for the week. He followed his sister downstairs and made himself a drink.

“Are you sure that you wanting to be having so much fluids bearing in mind that you will be carrying them round with you in the diaper for a long time?”

“You can’t leave it that long. If you do then I’m going to get diaper rash, so mum will know” said Harry getting a sudden urge to pee and regretting the drink. He headed off to the bathroom.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To the bathroom” he answered sharply.

“You have a portable bathroom so use that,” said Melissa with a laugh. She wouldn’t let him out of the room so eventually Harry had no choice and he wet his diaper. Melissa wished that she could be wearing one too as she realised that she needed to use the bathroom. “Good boy” she said as she saw the diaper swell up. “Now I’ve got to go use the bathroom so you be good”. She left Harry downstairs and went upstairs. Firstly, she went into Harry’s room and removed five diapers from the packet. The rest of the family would be away for five nights and Melissa intended to be diapered for each of those nights. She then went to the bathroom that she shared with her two sisters.

At lunchtime, she made sandwiches for herself and Harry. By this time, Harry had wet again. Melissa planned to change him after lunch was finished. She did this and changed him once again mid-afternoon because he had pooped.

Harry went to bed an hour before his usual time as Melissa was excited about been diapered through the night. Melissa changed Harry before he went to bed and managed to last an hour and fifteen minutes before she went to bed herself. After checking that the house was all locked up, she went to her room. She quickly diapered herself and got into bed.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” she said to the empty room as she switched off her light and lay back. She couldn’t get to sleep for the first half an hour and ended up flinging her duvet off her as well as the shorts and top she was wearing which meant that she lay there in only the diaper. Eventually she went to sleep. At about half past three she woke up and put her hand down the diaper, which confirmed to her that it was dry. She wet it then went back to sleep, disappointed that she hadn’t slept through.

In the morning, she waddled to the window and peeked out. It was a sunny day. She removed the diaper, cleaned herself before having a shower and getting dressed.

When Melissa went to wake Harry she realised that he must have pooped in his diaper. She woke him up and checked. Melissa removed his diaper and took him to the bathroom where she ran him a bath. He got in and washed himself. Melissa washed his private area to ensure that it was properly clean and Harry got an erection. He went red and tried to hold it down as Melissa finished cleaning his bottom. She then wanted to clean the front area that meant that she saw his erection. She didn’t make a joke over it as she had done before, just noticed how babylike Harry had become. He knew that if he caused trouble for Melissa then he would be in line for a much worse punishment. He got out of the bath and Melissa dried him before they went back to the bedroom and he was re-diapered.

The week went on and within a couple of days Melissa didn’t wake up when she needed to wet her diaper, but instead slept right through and woke up in a wet diaper in the morning. Harry also seemed to be less aware when he was wetting his diaper. They were both worried that this would continue to next week when there were other people in the house. Harry spoke to Melissa about it, but Melissa couldn’t tell Harry she was afraid that she might now be a permanent bed wetter.

“What happens if because of this week I become incontinent and can’t control my bladder at all?” Harry said during a diaper change.

“I don’t know,” said Melissa.

“Even in these few days I only realise I’m going to wet five seconds before I wet. There’s no way I could get to a bathroom in five seconds”

“If you can’t control your bladder at all then I guess you will have to wear diapers all the time”

“I can hardly keep it a secret can I?”

“No I suppose not”

“What happens if I’m with friends and I wet myself or they notice a diaper? They will make fun of me and it will get round and I could be bullied. I’ve still got to stay at school for another two years. How would I get my diaper changed at school?”

“We have the majority of the summer holidays left so maybe you could just be potty-trained again”

“Maybe” said Harry.

“You might not be diaper-dependant anyway”

That night Melissa diapered herself, but only because she was worried that she might wet the bed if she wasn’t diapered. She fell asleep determined that she should wake up when she needed to wet. At half past two whilst Melissa was sleeping soundly dreaming about jumping off a waterfall, she wet her diaper.

When she awoke in the morning, she stuck her hands down the front of the diaper and realised she was wet. She took off the diaper, cleaned her self, and went to change Harry’s diaper.

Harry was kept in diapers until the rest of the family came home. When they got home, Melissa told Susan and Michael about Harry’s concerns and at the first opportunity Susan and Michael spoke to Harry about what he wanted to do and whether he would be able to manage without a diaper. Harry said that he didn’t think he would, but he didn’t want his younger siblings and friends knowing about it. The diapers were very bulky and noticeable especially when wet. It was decided that he would wear pull-ups that weren’t as bulky and could be pulled down easily. Harry was wet and he didn’t want to risk any accidents whilst out so Michael went to tell Melissa what was happening whilst Susan changed Harry’s diaper. Michael stayed at home and Susan took Harry to get some pull-ups from the shop.

They were back after half an hour and the bag was smuggled upstairs without any of the younger children knowing. Harry had wet whilst they were out so he was changed into one straightaway. With trousers over them, it wasn’t obvious what he was wearing which pleased him as he could wet and he wouldn’t end up standing in a puddle, but he could also go to the bathroom if he realised in time.

That afternoon Lisa, Beth, and Cody had gone to catch up with their friends and Michael and Susan were sat in the garden. Harry was watching TV. Melissa took that opportunity to steal another diaper from the packet in Harry’s room. She was afraid that if she weren’t diapered at night then she would wet the bed. She hid it under her mattress so no one else would find it.

That night before she went to bed, Melissa diapered herself. She got into bed and immediately fell asleep. When Susan came in to check that her TV was off an hour later, the duvet had slipped down and her diapered behind was on full view. Susan saw it and was a bit surprised, but was glad that she knew where Harry’s diapers kept disappearing. As Susan was turning to leave, the room Melissa woke up and made a grab for the duvet. Susan saw this and switched on the light. Melissa blinked in confusion.

“I’ve already seen it so it’s a bit late now” she said sitting on Melissa’s bed. Melissa sat up. “Why have you been taking Harry’s diapers?”

“It was only today,” Melissa said.

“No Mel it wasn’t. It’s been going on for a while now. Why?”

“I don’t know. I like diapers and when you went away I decided I would wear one each night, but I stopped waking up to wet it and I guess I was scared that if I didn’t wear one tonight I wouldn’t wake up I would wet the bed”

“So you were going to take a diaper every night?”

“No. I was hoping that I would wake up so I wouldn’t need them”

“Well you can’t go on wearing boys’ diapers as the padding is in the wrong place. We shall have to go out and get you some of your own until you can go through the night”

“Would you have to diaper me?” Melissa asked.

“Yes because I wouldn’t want you putting it on wrong and have it leaking”. Susan stood up, pulled Melissa’s duvet and tucked her in like she was a child.

The next morning Melissa remembered the conversation and felt very embarrassed by it. She was 17 years old and was going back in time to when she wore diapers and her mum changed them. She waited in bed and heard her mum below waking Harry up. She assumed that Susan was changing Harry before she came up to change Melissa. Pretty soon, she heard footsteps on the steps. Susan firstly went to check on Lisa and Beth before entering Melissa’s room.

“Are you wet?” she asked.

“Yep” said Melissa. She got out of bed and lay on the floor. Susan went straight to the cupboard with the baby wipes and talcum power in before she knelt down to clean Melissa up. She opened the tabs and the diaper opened. Melissa lifted her legs so the diaper could be removed. Susan quickly cleaned Melissa up. Melissa was surprised at how good it felt. She was so used to diapering herself that it was a nice change for someone else to do it.

“Come on get ready. You need some proper diapers,” said Susan leaving. Melissa stood up and quickly got dressed. She was downstairs within 20 minutes. Michael was in, but he wasn’t told where the two were going. He was only told that he needed to look after the kids. Melissa wanted as little people as possible to know about it that meant the only people that knew were Melissa and Susan. They went to the same store where they had got Harry’s pull-ups the previous day. It only took them five minutes in the shop before they were on their way home again. “You will wear these every night until you can wake up before wetting three nights in a row. I will of course have no proof as to whether you wake up wet or not, but if you lie to me and I take you out of diapers and then you wet the bed I will make sure the rest of the family know about your accident. I will put you in a diaper in the TV room in front of everyone every night”

“I won’t lie about it mum I promise,” said Melissa thinking about having to be changed before even Beth went to bed in front of everyone. As much as she enjoyed diapers, that was not her idea of fun.

That afternoon Harry for the first time managed to get to the bathroom without wetting his pull-up in the process which he was happy about. He was still in diapers through the night, but didn’t hate it as much as he had used to.

As Melissa was been diapered that evening, she smiled to herself. She had always hated the fact that she had never worn diapers because she had to when she was old enough to appreciate it, now she was old enough and although it was a bit embarrassing to have her mother see her semi naked twice a day, she still enjoyed the comfort and security of the diapers.