Best ABDL Games?

I have played a couple of PC ABDL games, any suggestions on ones to explore/download?

Perpetual Change by PieceOfSoap is pretty good.

Proxi Rapture, Angels & Demons.

The former isa pretty unique experience, and the latter has its own appeal, XenonVoid is the type wo only has DL interests same as me, if the lack of AB elements don’t bother you then these would do. Also, these games are incomplete.

I agree, Perpetual Change is great. (Admittedly I’m biased because I helped write one of the chapters, but still)

I’ve always wanted to make a game myself. I’ve spent hundreds of hours messing around making tech demos and proofs of concepts in RPG Maker VX Ace myself, and I have many documents full of ideas, but I usually get intimidated by level design and give up there.

As for games I’ve played, my experience is mostly with older RPG Maker games, but here’s my thoughts. Generally speaking, there’s fun to be had with any of them.

Perpetual Change

I think Perpetual Change is the best that the ABDL game genre has to offer. It is the most full in terms of story, and is the closest we have ever come to a completed ABDL game. I’d argue it is perhaps the only ABDL game that is worth paying money for.

Proxi Rapture

This was one of the first that I discovered. I’ve only played the original version, not the remake version by XenonVoid. The original creator’s intent was to create an RPG first, with ABDL elements second. However, the main problem for me is that all the effort was placed on story and hiding the ABDL elements; the gameplay is simply too imbalanced and underdeveloped to be much fun to play as an RPG. It’s also very clear that the original creator’s faith/religion play a significant role in the story, which was challenging for me. I got the most fun out of the game by hacking in debug mode, messing with the party (making all the characters incontinent), and leveling them up to not have to deal with the battles.


This game showed a lot of promise and also included a TG transformation aspect which I really enjoyed. Development stalled very early on, I believe due to spending all energy on developing a potty system (this seems to happen a lot with ABDL RPG Maker developers) and migrating to a newer version of RPG Maker, but what’s there was fun. Otherwise it doesn’t stray too far from a generic RPG.

AKA Lisa and Friends’ Well Intended Regressive Misunderstandings.

This game is the closest influence to Perpetual Change that I can think of. Despite being an RPG Maker game, there aren’t really any RPG elements (levelling up, battles, etc.). Instead, it is an interactive story first. There seem to be a lot of choices that can send the game in different directions. I think all the branching paths was a lot to manage for the original creator, plus the inevitable march of time making RPG Maker 2003 very very out of date.

Other Games and Concluding Thoughs

I’ve played other games like Weston Academy (fairly short incomplete game by the creator of Momsterous) and Allison’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension (fun, but stories based in the DD generally don’t do it for me). In all, I hope the success of Perpetual Change inspires other games to be created, and I hope I can one day put on my big kid diapers and work on my own game ideas.

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Well, for XenonVoid’s newer version of Proxi Rapture, he still has it up on FTT, and as for the original creator’s faith, that’s actually a bonus for me, not becuase I’m Christian but because it makes the game a pretty unique experience. Although I have no clue where the download link is, I think you may have to ask him yourself.

Fair point! A good reminder that everyone’s mileage and perspective may vary. One person’s negative is another person’s positive.

Well, on further consideration, the game WOULD benefit if the “FemDiap” choice word had some more visual differences in the character sprites and the world. Although I think that part would come after the game’s close to being completed.

I like this idea. I’m trying to recall, I think “femdiap” was not only the secret word to enable ABDL content, but also was the name of the variable tracking diaper influence on the world. This was actually one of my favorite concepts in the game, and I think it would be neat to expand it beyond just dialogue. Like at maximum influence, I think it would be cool to see the removal of women’s restrooms entirely, as the assumption being that society expects they are no longer potty trained.

I don’t think it would be THAT extreme, on the other hand, in some places it might. This game is being developed with the choice in mind to not have the diapers and their use take up too much of the center focus, which is one of the biggest resons I like this game so much.