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Ka-klunk, ka-klunk, ka-klunk. The boots clomped cross the asphalt. Much too large , they swamped the scrawny legs of the owner. They were at least double the size he normally wore, and went up to the knee caps. They were a good shade of black, blue too. not entirely one or the other, and not necessarily both either. Black, blue, both, black ,blue ,both It was different every time. Never one, and never the same, the colors shifted between the brilliance of the moonlit sky, to the solemn void of the sky of a new moon. Some may say they are the same, the colors, the sky, but I know. Because each time I look they change.

Handles, there are also handles on the sides. Little black, blue handles. Small, ropey, steel-like rubber. They may look flimsy, and a bit weak, but they are as tough as the snow is cold. They seem to have no purpose, and may seem like a blemish to my boot. They are awkward, and a bit embarrassing, but the boots would not be the same without them. Whatever they are for, I have not the slightest idea, but there they are, and there they will stay.

They were bought. Today, this afternoon. Found them at a good size thrift shop, not too shabby either, best part is, the place is run by volunteers, so everything is dirt cheap. Last month I found myself a nice three price suit. Suit, vest, and pants, all dark blue and pinstripe, fifteen bucks for the set, and if I do say so myself, I was quite the dapper man at the dances that weekend. Anyway, ever sense then I’ve been keeping my eyes open. For something, anything. then I saw those boots, and for five bucks… It was still too much, so I brought them down to three.
The best part was that overwhelming satisfaction in finding a good buy.

I got home. first thing I did was take off my right sneaker. then i grabbed ahold of those ropes on the side of my right boot, and slowley seep my awaiting feet into their large chasms. untill my toes had dissipated into empty space. Now for the left one. Bit by bit I loosened the laces and pulled the heel higher , and higher up. Then at that moment, when the aglets no longer touched the ground. I stood up in the shoe that now looked twice my size, then carefully, so as to not loose my balance, lifted my feet out of my shoe and into the deep, dark hole of my new blackish blue boots.

My heartbeat thumped, my blood pumped, and my face flushed red, emotions swirled around inside of me, I could imagine millions of tiny little playful neurotransmitters running and jumping across synaptic gaps all throughout my nervous system, and they were all wearing boots. Just like mine

I remembered the first time I saw snow glisten in the sun, and that one time when I was on the boat with my family, and I saw a entire pod of orcas in the wild. All of my memories… All of my youth… all the times I was wearing my rubber boots.

I sat down for a moment, and rested, feeling that rubbery surface that nothing else seems to have. Then another thought rose up in my head, A memory all but forgotten seeped from the recesses of my mind and awoke in its old nightmarish form. All reminiscence faded gradually into darkness, as my deamon reawoke…

Its dark memories recoursed throughout me…. The day… the day I lost… the day I lost…

Re: Boots

Well that is a hell of a setup! You’ve set yourself a pretty good bar here - will be watching to see if you can hit it with the rest of your tale…

Re: Boots

I must agree with WB DADDY. This looks like a promising story. I hope you bring more soon

Re: Boots

Another chapter….

Section Two, The Farm

It was so long ago, but it still lies vivid in my mind. I was fifteen, or was it sixteen… anyway I was in my Junior year of high school, and winter break had come. I had planned , or rather wished to do lots of skiing, and a bit of ice blocking if I could find a good mountain or hill, but chances were not in my favor. I lived Florida. So I had to endure the torture of nice sunny days, sometimes at the beach, and occasional rain, while everybody else in the country enjoyed the cold harsh winter storms, and sub zero temperatures. One day it got so cold, that I had to put socks on… true story….

… I love Florida.

The previous night it had rained. The whole family planned on an Easter egg hunt in the winter. Because everyone had plans, trips, taxes, meetings, and vacations during the spring, my family had decided to lump the winter holidays with Easter. The commercialized one NOT the traditional one. I think everyone just wanted two weeks of winter in Florida.

That morning I slept in. I never set my alarm clock because I do not like waking up my three year old brother who sleeps on the bottom of our bunk bed . Everyone was so busy that no one had thought to wake me, but I had no complaints. Sleep is gooood! It was 11am when I finally got out of bed. I walked out onto the porch, and most of my family had arrived. uncles, aunts, grandparents and the other adults were conversing and socializing, while the little ones ran about in every which way.

My little brother, Garrett, was running around in his rubber boots that swamped his legs because they were too big for him. They were a light blue rubber with green soles and little orangish-green frogs on the sides, with two useless handles.
Everyone wore boots, big rubber galoshes, after last night’s rain they had to. We lived between 13 kilometers and 9 miles from the beach In a temperate tropical forest area, with some light swamp areas, trees, bamboo, and sandy soil. Pretty much anything grows there.

I remember my mother calling me, “Owen….Owen! Do you hear me?”,

“Yes mom I hear you”

" Good… Now Owen, can you show the kids around the farm?"

“Yes mom”.

She obviously wanted me to distract them so the adults could ‘hide’ the eggs.

I proceeded to take the kids around. In our front yard is a pond, with an island in the middle, and we have a wooden arch bridge to go to it. The bridge always reminded me of the one in Whinny the Pooh, when they played pooh sticks over the little river.

In our pond we have fifteen ducks. Nine of them are white Peking ducks , the other six are Canadian mallards ,or something like that. I can never remember the name. They came and went as they wished, we always gave them food, and they always gave us eggs.

In the back we had a chicken coop
with about twenty three chickens, mostly road island reds. Every now and then we let them out to eat the bugs, but other than that they stayed cooped up. This was because of our neighbors dog , Scrappy. He was a mix between a pit bull, and a black lab. He always gets out and eats the chickens, but whenever I go over to the neighbors, he will just come right up to me and snuggle. He really is a sweet thing.

Further back were the giant bunnies, three big white rabbits, blends of Florida White’s, and New Zealand’s, and they had nine baby rabbits. They are mean and will always bite you if you are not careful. The fur is soooo, soft though.

Now we live with a small farm, and we have six mouthes to feed (Mom, Dad, Me Garret, and my two sisters). Times get tough sometimes, and they are meant for livestock, not pets, so when the time came… we put them down… and ate them… sometimes, you just have to to survive. I don’t feel too good about doing it, and I am ashamed to say it, but… well… they tasted pretty good. Maybe now they are happily romping somewhere in bunny heaven, or wherever they go when they die.

On another note we also have four farm cats, and a Weiner dog.

Farther back we have a pen for our two dwarf goats, they were light gray with a black stripe from the head to tail. The giant rabbits are slightly larger than the dwarf goats.
They love to run around and jump and play. I let the human kids play with the goat kids, for a while. I let them see the bunnies, but no one got too close, because as I said before, they are mean, and have a nasty bite.

I figured, that by then the adults had hidden all the eggs for the Easter egg hunt, so I round up the kids. If you have never done it before, it is about as hard as herding cats, in other words many hands are needed. Once I had gathered the human kids, and goat ones too (the little humans like to follow the goats, and the goats like to follow me) We went to the front yard.

Re: Boots

Sorry only a short bit tonight, but it is action packed,even if it is a half chapter BTW I like constructive criticism, and I am sorry for all the grammatical errors I should really proofread more.

For the next part do you want me to continue with his dream memory, or flashback to the present


Section Three: part 1: The Hunt of Eggs

Once the herd had all arrived in the front yard, the parents arranged the human kids by age, or at least size.
Then the small group got to collect eggs. It was cute as always with some adults taking pictures, and others “guiding” the little ones. Then the bigger ones went out to get some too.

It all ended well and everyone had a basketful. All the kids left to sort through their loot while the adults mingled. As for me, well, I was just “there”. It was around that time I thought about my little brother, Garret. I had not seen him in a while, so I started searching.

I saw his boots on the ground…abandoned. His basket was there too. Then as I


Oh no! I ran as fast as I could towards the source of the scream. This was not an ordinary scream, but one that chilled me. It was a scream of immense pain and danger.

When I reached the… I found… on the…It was Garret. … He was lying down, and his leg was bleeding, and, and, a snake was there. He was bleeding and the snake… the snake…

I stopped myself. I had no time to think. MY BROTHER NEEDED ME!!! I ran to him, completely ignoring the snake, picked him up, and ran back to the adults.

Once there , some adult…

It was all I could do to to set him down slowly, then I couldn’t stop crying, and my head was spinning, and turning…. My glasses were still on ,but I could not see, and, and, and everything got blurry. there was a piercing sound ringing in my ears, and I felt very weak…. I remember falling, then e-everything turned a bright white t-then faded into black.

Re: Boots

Sorry everybody, but no update tonight. My birthday is tomorrow, and I am finally going to the DMV to get my learners permit. Wish me luck!

On another note, I am currently building a real laser, learning Japanese, whittling wood and learning JavaScript.

So now everyone knows a little bit more about this complete stranger. If you want to know more, anyone reading this post can access my IP address, with this post alone, and use it to determine my location within an approximate 10 mile radius. It is simpler than accessing dot onion.

Live life well and be safe and such,


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Sorry for the wait, I went camping with family and no WiFi, but during the trip I was able to write quite a bit. Enough of that, here is the story.

ection 3 part b:

My mind was groggy, the world dark. With effort I slowly ripped my eyelids apart from their concrete-like grasp. Blinding light shot into my retinas, and I immediately retreated back into the safety of darkness, but my eyelids offered no additional protection. A bright yellow orangish pinkish light seeped through my barrier of skin. As I continued this process of opening and closing my eyes, the world gradually came into focus.

White, I was in a white room… and I was in a bed… not my bed. I slowly eased myself out of the bed to stand up. Bad idea. The blood rushed to my head and everything got blurry. I sat down.

I looked down. My bare legs were covered in goosebumps, and all hairs were standing on end. My clothes were gone. In their place was a blue hospital gown. I did not feel too cold, but I went back under the covers anyway.

It was at that time when someone came in.

“Hello Mr.” he paused to look down at his clipboard " Owen Randor. Nice to see that you are up and awake, you were out for quite a while."

I thought back a bit, but couldn’t seem to remember anything…

“What happened?”

“Well Owen,” he looked back down at his clipboard “In simple terms, You experienced some form of trauma, went into shock, passed out, and then someone bright you here….”

“Do you know anything else?”

“I am sorry, but that is all the information I have access to.”

I thought back, then it hit me. Mind spinning,… crying, …Garrett,… snake. Everything went rushing into my head, and


The man, a bit startled replied

" I- I’m sorry, but I didn’t quite get that"

I calmed down a bit, and after a few seconds, I said with a soft, firm, and slightly quavering voice

" Where… is …Garrett? "

He looked down at his clipboard. Not to get information, but to keep from looking at my eyes.

My eyes, they are normally a dark brown with a small ring of amber-gold spikes around my retina, but at this time, the brown retreated to the outermost edge, and my eyes blazed a fierce gold fire.

“Where is Garrett!”

“I am sorry, but I do not have access to that information”

I got out of the covers, Stood up, and step by step I slowly made my way to the man. We were eye to eye. He just smiled.

“Where is Garrett.”

He whispered something, so soft I could barely hear.

" I can’t tell you."

I felt a sharp piercing pain in my side. My eyes darkened brown, and the world went black.

Section 3 part c

The Dreamworld: KEY: “”= Owen ** = subconscious “**”=Owen/sub “”=sub/Owen "" or ""= both

“I know I am asleep, but I am also awake. It is dark, empty, void.”

that is because you restrain yourself from thought

"That voice, no, thought, it just came through my mind, but different. "

Yes, you know this. You are in your mind, and I am you.

“No, this is not how it is supposed to be.”

But it is

“No, I am supposed to view the dream, and everything in it, but my subconscious does the rest.”

  • Yes, but you have left something out… You are the “Dream Walker”. While I have given you the circumstances of each dream, it is ultimately You who decides what to do with them.*

“But are not you and I the same?”

*We both know. *

We are the same ,but different

“When we work together we can accomplish many great things”

“I am going to have fun with this”

Enough for now, you are waking…

Re: Boots

Sorry for the wait. Please comment and give constructive criticism, or tell me how I can improve. I want to become a better writer. Anyway here it is

Section 4: Emerging

I wake up… I am in the same room as before. Except for me, it is devoid of life.

I remember, I remember Garrett. A horrible sickly sour feeling runs down my throat. I feel my emotions rising and my blood coursing through my veins. I spectate as my entire being gradually escalates into panic.

It is my body, and my emotions, but at the same time, I am not there. These feelings, they seem to be something else, another part of me, and they control my body. Then I remember, Garrett , and I am once again rejoined with my emotions.

I start shaking, as everything becomes too much, the emotions too strong to handle. Others come in the room. All sanity is locked away as my true emotions take complete control, and my eyes burst into a blazing gold.

All control and sanity remains with me in a dark corner in the back of my mind. There is no control given to me, no communication. The only thing I can do is watch.

Panic ceases, my emotions gain calm. They are being controlled ,but not by me. It is as if they have chosen to govern themselves, and all instinct given to nature, all instinct that humans continually push away and ignore, the instincts that humanity has lost, those instincts have arisen to the pinnacle of my being. Instinct and emotion are now overseeing and executing each action and thought in my place.

One worry came across my mind

“I am no longer in control”

All around me felt immense relief as my body comes into a stable state. My body takes a few deep breathes, then speaks.

"I am sorry to have startled you, but I assure you, now that I am in control this will not happen again. I also understand as well as any of you, that all of this is related to the predicament of my brother, and because of this you choose to withhold information of his status. Continuing to do so will only prolong
my suffering. Know this, eventually, weather you tell me or I discover for myself, I will find out. This much is inevitable. "

The medical staff, taken aback by the words of my body, briefly checked my vitals, and exited the room.

In the corner of my mind that I now reside in, I contemplate the actions of, my body, my emotions, my instincts, whatever is in control of me right now. It was able to control my emotions. Wait! that means it can not be my emotions. Anyway what matters is, it could keep ahold of my feelings, where I could not.

It was also able to speak, and when it did…Wow. I know that because of it I will get to know about Garrett. I must thank it. The words it used are powerful and bold, but the meaning behind them… the purpose, It must want what I want too, and will do anything to get it.

Time goes by in the empty room. With no control, and nothing to do, I gradually drift into a dormant state.

Section 4 next part
The Dreamworld

So you are finally back

"what? "

Why did you stay awake so long? You were in an empty room with no control

“Wait, you… before, you were my subconscious right?”

I suppose you could say that. We have the same goals, so to speak.

“So, you aren’t my subconscious?”

I think it is more fitting to say that You are My subconscious

“But this is my body”

Oh, is it? It certainly didn’t seem that way last time I was awake

“Wait, you were the one controlling me?”

My my, you are dense. Of course it was me, who else could it be?

“Well, um… I guess, I dunno… Anyway, thanks for what you did back there. It was really great, and I couldn’t have done it.”

Your welcome

“By the way, who are you, I mean… um , what is your name?”

I admire your persistence. I suppose It will do no harm, but listen closely, I am not going to repeat myself. Even for someone as draft as you…… Are you listening

“Yeah, I’m listening”

Good. I am you. Owen Randor, we are the same in emotion, body,and mind, although in personally I am far superior. To define my being, I am the rift between what you are, and what you dream. What you wish, I am, and I will act on every desire you have without hesitation. In comparison to me, you are only a shadow. You gave up your control of the body, so I took it, and I do not plan on giving it back any time soon.

“Um, OK… you can have control for now if you want, but I really need something to call you… How about Rift?”

I will have you know that I intend to stay in control indefinitely, and if you absolutely must call me something, I suppose that name will suffice. After all that name is certainly better than “It”

" Uh, OK, but um could we maybe share the body. I like you and all, I think. I mean, uh you are a big help, but I am not exactly used to it yet, I guess."

*After the many years I have spent locked away in your mind, you expect me to stay there and do nothing? *

“Uh yeah, I mean no, I mean…”

Oh, you are so much fun to play around with. You take everything so seriously. Owen, I understand. We must have time to adapt to our new environments, or we may both ultimately perish.

" Yeah, thank you….Wait, What!!?"

*Owen, I want more control, and you are afraid of losing it, but due to the circumstances you have been placed in, you are unable to handle the accumulation of emotions and stress which now present themselves daily. "

Owen pauses and contemplates the words of Rift.

“Yeah, I guess you are right.”

Good. Now I propose that until I am adjusted to your body, I will limit my time of control to the moments of the day in which you require my skills the most

" That seems okay"

One last thing. Do not stop me, and I will not bother you. If I think you need me I will take over, weather you like it or not. If the same ever happens to me, which I highly doubt, you may do the same. Do you agree?

“Yes, I agree”

Perfect, now prepare yourself. Someone has come into the room

One last thought… I just gave up control of my body, I am allowing him to possess me, willingly…. What has happened to me?

Re: Boots

You sure know how to write. Keep it up. Will their be an abdl element to this? My only suggestion is make the chapters longer. They seem to go by too quick. And so far it lacks character development. We don’t know who anybody is.

Re: Boots

Not a long part, but it is something…
Section 5: A Matter of Stuff

" Hey kid, yeah you. Are you awake?"

‘rub eyes’

“I am now.”

“I saw what you did back there. It was pretty impressive.”


The nurse just stood there. Her hair was long, brown, and straight with red streaks at the end. She also had blue eyes with little black specks. For a nurse she was young. In her early twenties I suspect. She was carrying a tray.

We both realized that we were staring at each other…

" Here is your breakfast, you must be hungry"

“Now that you mention it. I’m Starving!”

I moved my hands up to take the tray, but they wouldn’t move.

" Oh yeah, sorry. you scared the doctors quite a bit, so they strapped you down. I am sorry, but I can’t let you out"

“Hmm, Ok. With all that has happened, It is only natural”

She gave me a weird look

“What’s natural”

She put the tray on top of me and then sat on the bed next to me.

“I dunno, I mean, things have just, I mean… everything is crazy, with all the emotions, and stress, and stuff, and passing out, and the dreams, and Rift, and now this, and … just everything. It is just something else, ya’know.”

" Yeah, pretty much every day for me has been emotion and stress…"

She scooped up whatever food was on the tray and brought it to my mouth. I hesitated a bit, but then took a bite. The taste wasn’t too bad.

“…What is Rift”


“Rift you mentioned it, What is it?”

“Oh, Uh…”

Don’t tell her, you need to keep my identity a secret, or they will lock us both up

“…It’s just another thing.”

She put another spoonful in my mouth. I accepted it. I kept on thinking about what to say ,but I couldn’t think of anything, so I just later there ,taking the food she was feeding me.

The silence was too much, after my last comment, I couldn’t really say anything, and she was just there. Looking at me… wanting me to go on. I felt weird things and emotions inside of my stomach, starting to rise up. I did not know what to do with them.

A new presence grew. My mind became calm, and the emotions surged through me, other emotions and desires swelled up inside of me, but my body was not losing control. I could feel myself breathing, but I was not doing it. The air came in through my nose, filled my lungs and exited my mouth. With each breath there came feelings of peace and power. Everything started to gather and rise ,then there came a release. I was pushed back into my mind. Rift had arrived.

Thank you!

I was surprised, and she was too. Instead of the powerful commanding voice of earlier, this voice sounded soft, sincere, and humble. She gave him an odd look, and after a while asked, “For what?”

For feeding me.

“Um, okay”, with that she fed him another spoonful. He chewed, swallowed , and then smiled.

I really like this

She gave a questioning look, " The food?"

No, just… being with you

At this me and her both blushed. She only a little bit, and me a lot . I was feeling quite small, then she said, " I think I like being with you too"

What else could I say …

…“Thank you”

She fed the rest to me in silence, with our cheeks glowing red, then left the room. I went to bed.


Re: Boots

An element such as that may appear in the future, but to progress, or rather regresss It must be due to the will of Owen. I realize there is little character development as of now, but in due time you will learn more. I have always known that the passages I write are too short to be Chapters, so I called them Sections, with more writing I plan to improve, work hard, and Never Stop Fighting!!