Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 5

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 5

‘What’s the matter, honey,’ asked Tracy, her maternal radar picking up Chris’s body language. ‘Do you need to do a wee wee?’

Chris nodded.

‘Well, there’s the potty,’ Tracy said, walking past Chris rubbing the towel around her head, patting Chris’s rump and guiding him towards the toilet.

Chris quickly slipped down his underpants and sat on the toilet. Tracy left the bathroom without closing the door.

Some time later, showered and dressed, Chris found Tracy, Tenille and Mandy in the kitchen.

‘Do you want a snack, honeybunch?’ asked Tracy as Chris walked in.

Tracy had laid out some finger food on plates on the kitchen bench.

‘I’ve just made something for the others. You two, move over and make some room for Chris, please,’ she said to the toddlers.

Chris was quite hungry. He sat down and ate with the two kids, trying as much as he could not to be drawn into their simple conversation.

After the snack, Chris was helping Tracy clean up the kitchen when Ange arrived home from the test drive with the buyer for Chris’s SUV. The sound of the SUV accelerating away carrying its hulking new owner shook the windows, and made Chris bite his lip. Apart Angela telling Chris the good price she had got, the car was never mentioned again.

A moment later, Angela produced a large, brightly wrapped box.

With Tenille and Candy eagerly looking on, Ange gave the box to Chris.

‘For you, sweetiepie,’ Ange said, planting a kiss on the top of his head. ‘I thought my baby might need cheering up.’

Chris unwrapped the package to reveal a foot long, bright blue plastic model of a generic SUV, with ‘Toytown Ranger’ written on the sides and a red light and siren on top.

He looked up at Angela in confusion.

‘See, honey, you’ve still got your SUV!’ said Ange and the three sisters laughed.

‘The doors open and shut, darling, and the steering works too, and, guess what, the light and siren work as well – I thought you might find that fun. Try it out on the rug,’ said Angela, moving aside so Chris could get to the rug.

‘As long as we don’t have to hear the siren all day,’ said Mandy with a laugh.

Uncertainly, Chris picked up the big truck and took it to the rug. He put the toy on the rug, then leaned down and pushed it along, looking up at Angela.

‘Go on sweetie, push it around properly, it’s all yours,’ she assured him.

Chris glanced at Angela, who was smiling and nodding. He knelt on the rug and pushed the toy along.

‘I wish my mummy would buy me a nice new toy,’ said Tenille. ‘Can I have a play too, mummy?’ she asked Tracy.

Tracy and Angela looked at each other and smiled.

‘Later sweetie, but right now I think someone needs her nappy changed,’ said Tracy, picking up Tenille and patting her sagging nappy.

As Tracy left to change Tenille, Mandy arrived from her bedroom.

She had to step around Chris sitting on the floor pushing the truck along the rug.

‘Oh, Chris! What a lovely truck! Aren’t you a lucky boy!’ she said as she pulled up a chair at the table.

Chris blushed yet again and stood up to take a seat at the table.

‘No, stay there honey,’ said Mandy. ‘You can show your new truck to Candy,’ she added, picking up her daughter and plopping her down next to Chris.

Chris looked to Angela for help.

‘It won’t hurt you to be nice and share with Candy for a while, honey,’ said Angela. ‘We’ve almost finished here then later you can help me unpack some more boxes.’

Chris didn’t have much choice. He settled down to play with Candy, feeling both humiliated and joyful that he was being treated as a child. He wondered if the three women had any idea of how secretly happy his innermost being was to be treated this way. The only thing he needed to make his happiness complete was a thick, warm, wet nappy.

Some time later Tracy returned with Tenille who was now dressed in her bulky night nappy and sleeper, and was clutching two or three of her own toys.

Tracy put the three-year-old on the floor with Candy and Chris, then joined her sisters at the table. No-one said anything to Chris so he stayed on the floor with the two toddlers.

The children’s tea-time, 5pm, arrived surprisingly soon, and the three sisters busied themselves with the preparations. ‘Right, kids, dinnertime!’ announced Angela, picking up Candy from the floor, ignoring her squeals about her toys and hoisting up into her high chair while Tenille clambered onto her chair.

Angela looked down at Chris, sitting forlornly on the floor with his truck and Candy’s abandoned toys, and couldn’t help laughing.

‘Oh, honey, we haven’t forgotten you. Hop up to the table. I’ve set a place for you with the others. We’re going to eat later, and we have some things to discuss. You don’t want to sit and listen to our boring conversation, so as soon as the three of you are fed, you can go off and unpack your computer. OK?’ she said.

Once again, Chris felt he had no alternative. Being classed as one with two toddlers was humiliating, but the treatment was also setting off fireworks deep in his brain and also, it must be said, in his groin. He squeezed his thighs together, enjoying the feeling.

‘Chris?’ asked Angela. ‘Concentrate please, baby. Hop up and eat your dinner with the others please before it gets cold.’

The kids’ dinner of finger food was unavoidably messy, and left food down the fronts of all three diners.

‘Have we unpacked their bibs yet?’ asked Mandy, wiping tomato sauce from the front of her daughter’s sleeper.

‘No,’ replied Tracy, leaning down to do the same to the front of Tenille’s blouse. ‘Look at you, aren’t you just little miss messy!’ she added.

‘L think that goes for you too, baby,’ said Angela with a laugh, wiping dropped food from Chris’s tracksuit top, bringing another blush to Chris’s cheeks. ‘Even though you’re old enough to set an example to the other two, aren’t you?’ she said.

Chris could only nod. He looked jealously at the bulky, nappied bottoms of the two girls while Angela continued cleaning him up.

‘OK littlies, who needs their nappy changed before bed?’ asked Tracy, standing behind the toddlers and Chris, with a hand on Candy’s shoulder on one side and on Chris’s shoulder on the other.

Both girls were wet, and Tenille jumped from her chair and ran to the main bathroom.

‘Wait, darling,’ called Tracy. ‘That’s the grownups’ bathroom. You kids can use the other one. We’ve put all your bath toys in there.’

‘What about you, honey?’ said Angela, looking at Chris.

‘W…what do you mean?’ asked Chris, somewhat spooked by the mention of nappies.

‘I thought you might want an early night tonight,’ said Angela. ‘Anyway, you can use the bathroom after the others have had their nappy changes.’

‘Why can’t I use the other bathroom?’ Chris asked, his voice cracking.

‘You really don’t concentrate, do you baby? Tracy has just said that the big bathroom is for us with all of our makeup and stuff. You’ll be much happier sharing the second bathroom with the others. You don’t have to use it at the same time.’ Angela said.

Chris sat quietly. Angela could see that he was on the verge of tears.

‘Chris, what on earth’s the matter,’ she said, putting a caring arm around his shoulder and looking into his eyes.

‘But I’m not…I’m not…’ Chris managed.

The events and conflicting messages of the day had played havoc with Chris’s self image. No-one knew his secret, but things kept happening to make him feel that it was no secret at all. He just wanted to curl up wearing a nice, thick nappy.

‘You’re not what, sweetie? What aren’t you?’ asked Angela with concern.

‘You keep putting me in with them,’ Chris said, almost crying.

‘In with who, honey? What do you mean?’ asked Angela, conscious of her nipples hardening under her bra.

‘Tenille and Candy, you keep putting…me with them…I’m not…like them,’ Chris replied. ‘I’m not…a baby!’ he wailed and burst into tears.

‘Oh, honey,’ Angela said with a smile. ‘Of course you’re not a baby,’ she said, holding her husband close to her soft breasts. You’re a big boy, aren’t you? But you are my baby, too, aren’t you honey?’ she said softly, alternately stroking his hair and patting his back.

Chris buried his head in Angela’s breasts. She had only deepened his confusion. He so wanted his nappy and plastic pants. He wanted his pacifier and his bottle. He wished his mummy would take him to the babies’ bathroom like the other babies to have his nappy changed. The only thing that stopped him from wetting himself there and then, as his mummy comforted him, was a tiny voice in the back of his head that said “Don’t do it!”.

Chris was still able to obey the tiny voice, and a few minutes later he was in the toy-cluttered, baby powder strewn second bathroom by himself, getting ready for bed.

To be continued…