I did notice that she wasn’t allowed to change without permission but that they could just hand her a clean diaper without changing her themselves.

Sensible, really. All the fun, none of the bother :slight_smile:

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remember that party shes “not invited to”
i bet thats changed since that morning . . . along with something else

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hey good catch!
Wonder if they realize they left that loophole?

Well without too many details, (SPOILER ALERT) she will be attending a party

Darn when i saw the notification i got exited
i thought it was the next part already

let that just be your complement
and omg i cant wait to see what happens there

i sound so awful when i get like this but i hope she cries
Oh i sure have a sense about Matilde

my i DM you? just to chat?

LOL. Tell you what, if you really want and ask nicely I might specify her crying in the next section.

Yeah you can DM me if you want, just nothing kinky or rp or anything

A month and a half later, she found herself in the same position, but this time in her room. She stood facing the corner, one hand on her head, the other balled in front of her face as she sucked her thumb, and nothing below the neck but a bra and a soggy diaper.

There was no one else in the room to see her humiliation. She wished that meant she could stop. However, a cell phone was left recording her “punishment” as her next “babysitter” got ready. If it recorded her moving… She shuddered. After all this time, she couldn’t find a way around the simple threat of those photos being made public. She considered going to get help, perhaps from the school or police, but then… what exactly? If the punishment was less serious, then there was a pile of pictures that would doubt end up part of countless frat boys drinking games, while she got very little justice in return. If the punishment was more serious, they’d all deny nefarious intent, four vs one, and the “innocent” photos they took would still go viral at the university. Once either group was online, there would be no way to prove they were the ones sharing it, or, say, printing them off and posting them around the school. More importantly, there would be no way to remove them all. Her pride and their viciousness all agreed on one point- her pictures getting around would be worse for her then any punishment short of expulsion.

Still, the amount of things they had used the pictures for was getting insane. What she had hoped would just be a single day of embarrassment turned into a week, then two weeks, and now over a month, each time her sunk costs and their mounting pictures made refusing their instructions at any point a bad idea. Meanwhile, they had milked the scenario in a dozen different ways.

The first had occurred the very night they began. Rather then keep her out of the party Matilda had teased her about, they dragged her to it, wearing tight fitting short shorts over her diaper. They had belonged to Matilda’s smallest friend Vanessa, and left little to the imagination. Fortunately, most people were too drunk to notice, even after a few guys tried to grab or spank her at Matilda’s encouragement. She had left the party blushing and prodded, with a few comments about how “thick” she was.

Then there was the actual shopping trip. She remembered standing naked in the change room except for her diaper, which they insisted she leave on. They handed her dozens of outfits, each skimpier then the last, demanding she pose and model them while they watched. Matilda had covered most of it, courtesy of a doctor mother and MBA holding father who loved spoiling their brat of a daughter, and told her she could make it up in favors. The result was a new wardrobe full of tight cloths, cut off shirts, tights, and short skirts, each designed to leave her just at the edge of exposed and safe. When it wasn’t that, it was rompers, pastel colors, and other cutesy designs. Rebecca couldn’t tell which was worse.

Then, of course, she had been required to “help” them with their homework. Thankfully they didn’t want her to do the full assignments, there was no way anyone could do that, but she often found herself running to the library to get sources for them, or filling out short day work.

So far, she couldn’t say for sure that people were noticing. However, every whisper, every giggle or chuckle behind her back sent her head turning and her mind wondering. She constantly expected to one day find an online page of people joking about her problem, or hear some side comment that implied people knew. So far, it had only happened in her dreams and nightmares, but she was never sure her ‘secret’ was safe.

It was better in some respects. The threat to change her messy diapers was worse for them in reality then in theory, and if she was lucky they’d let her use the toilet for that, at least, after changing her out of wet diapers.

On top of that, there was…

Her thought was interrupted as the door swung open. Rebecca heard someone walk in, but didn’t turn her head to look. Another annoying part of the deal was the lack of privacy. They had a key to her room, and came in and left at will.

“You stayed in the corner! What a good girl! And still sucking your thumb like a baby!” the bully said, not even letting the door close before she did. It was Erica, who Rebecca assumed was her “babysitter” for the afternoon. She walked up and smacked Rebecca hard on the back of her diaper.

“So did you learn your lesson? Vanessa told me all about what you did.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Rebecca said, rolling her eyes.

“Then you know better then to leave the classroom without your babysitter next time? You could get hurt sweetie! Its for your own good!”

Rebecca winced. “Yes ma’am,” she said. The reality was the ‘rules’ she broke often changed and didn’t really matter. Erica had wanted her to suck her thumb half naked in the corner, she was going to suck her thumb half naked in the corner.

“Now, turn around baby girl,” she said.

Rebecca sighed and obeyed. Vanessa was dressed in short shorts and a low cut, cropped shirt, even skimpier then her normal outfit. Rebecca had learned that usually meant she was planning on meeting with boys, and if she was Rebecca’s “babysitter”… she shuddered, not wanting to think about what was going to happen.

“So, one of the boy’s frats is holding a bbq to start the Halloween Weekend, and some of them are already wild drunk. So, good times for me,” she smiled, and Rebecca tried not to groan. “I’ve had my eye on one of the guys there, and as luck would have it, one of them is interested in our cute new redheaded friend who is just coming out of her shell in second year. Any guess who that might be?”

Rebecca did groan this time. She felt her face crumble. “No please not again,” she begged. The guy’s Erica always favored were the type that annoyed Rebecca the most- rude, boorish, and worse of all, handsy. They wanted one thing and kept scores of the amount of times they got it. Overall, they disgusted her. However, since being ‘adopted’ into this group she ended up spending a lot of time with them, normally trying to keep away while not being rude enough to evoke her bullies’ anger. So far she had done well, but a frat party with people day drinking could end very badly.

Erica just nodded. "Mhmm, seems you guessed your role. The cute friend I look nice by brining along. Isn’t it so kind of us popular girls to help out someone like you?’

Rebecca glared. Normally Erica was far from that clever, but she had been taking off of Matilda. Rebecca was sure they practiced so they would all come at her with the same condescending phrases.

“Well, is it?” Erica asked.

Rebecca rolled her eyes. Matilda, on the other hand, would have shook her finger and teasingly rebuked her for glaring. Erica just wanted her to agree she was being “nice.” “Yes, Ma’am” she said.

“Good girl. Isn’t it nice too? Everyone thinks your our new friend, and we are just pushing you to come to parties. They all say such wonderful things,” She smiled and hugged herself. She then took her backpack off, reached in, and took out a fresh, white diaper. “Now, first thing first, seems my little baby had an accident. Did you have an accident in your diaper, little baby?”

Rebecca hated how they did this. Of course they could see, but they always had to draw it out. “Yes, Ma’am,” she said.

“Say it all. You know better then that”

“I had an accident in my diaper.”

“Good baby, lets get you changed before you make this room too smelly. Lie down on the bed.”

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Rebecca sighed and obeyed. At this point, though she hated to admit it, the wet diaper change had become routine. She looked away, and followed the commands as they came. Erica untapped the diaper, told her to raise her bottom to pull it away, then dropped it in a plastic grocery bag, tied it up and threw it in her trash can, and hummed the entire time. She then wiped Erica down with a baby wipe, causing her to shudder. She had Rebecca lift her hips again, lay the second diaper on, powdered her and taped it on. She scribbled over the tapes with a marker, and finished by taking a picture. She was far from as efficient as Matilda, and her taping was never as tight or as even, but she got it down.

She pulled the now freshly diapered girl to her feet, then clapped her hands and smiled again. “Now, lets pick your outfit. Oh, I know! Lets play a game. Matilda suggested this to me, said it will help you learn to behave.”

She walked to Rebecca’s closet and took out a plain white tank top. She tossed it at Rebecca, who pulled it on. As many of her new clothes did, it ended well above her waist.

Erica then took out three skirts. One was one of Rebecca’s old ones, almost down to her knees. The second ended at her thighs, and the third was the shortest one there. Finally, she took out a pair of baby pink tights with ruffles on the bottom. They were part of the “cute” sets of clothing picked to make her embarrassed. However, if she was going to wear those skirts, she’d be thankful for the extra cover.

She held up the three skirts and the tights in her hand, longest skirt toward Rebecca, shortest toward herself. “So, two nights ago I asked you to go to the library and get books for my history assignment. Did you do it?”

Rebecca nodded.

“Good, then you won’t go out in just your diaper and shirt,” she smiled. “I was tempted to do that and say it was a Halloween costume, but Matilda… never mind, you’ll see.” She laughed. Rebecca was horrified at what it could mean, but kept quiet as she continued her ‘game.’

“The professor said a “90” on the assignment would need 8 sources or more. Did you get 8 or more?”

“No,” Rebecca said, and the longest skirt dropped to the ground. Rebecca’s stomach dropped with it.

“She said an “80” would be 6 or 7. Did you find 6 or 7?”

Rebecca shook her head, and another skirt dropped. That left the shortest in her wardrobe, a ruffled plaid skirt that managed to both be revealing and fall under the “cute” category by looking like something from a high school uniform. The costume equivalent of one anyway, no high school would use something that skimpy.

“Did you at least manage to find 5 for a 70?”

“Yes, 5, I got 5. They are on my desk,” she said.

Erica looked at the pile of books on her desk, then threw the skirt at her. Rebecca looked down at it with her mouth open. It wasn’t much wider then her diaper, if at all. With her mid riff revealing shirt, she would have a tough time keeping safe.

She looked back up to see Erica looking at her with a massive smile on her face, holding the demeaning tights up in both hands. Ridiculous as they looked, Rebecca prayed she’d be allowed to wear them.

“Now, one last question. Did you make notes for the books and find relevant pages, or just pick them up and leave me to do the work?”

Erica’s eyes widened. She hadn’t expected to do that, they hadn’t asked her too before. That was hours extra work, it would take her…


Erica tried to think of a way out. A way to lie, a way to cheat, to fake the notes.

“Answer the question diaper girl.”

“No,” she finally admitted, and the tights dropped to the ground.

“Clean up, put your skirt on, and lets go.”

“But, but… please dont make me go out like this! There is no way they won’t see it! Please, I’ll get your notes, I’ll…”

Erica shook her head. "We don’t have much time. We both have a class in an hour and a half, if I don’t get what I want you can expect a triple thick diaper under that skirt next time. Try hiding THAT.

Erica cringed at the threat, but gave up. She pulled the mini skirt over the top of her diaper and picked up the clothes off the ground. She put them back in the closet, then looked at herself in the mirror.

The way the skirt was sitting, the bottom of her diaper was plainly visible. It wasn’t even that it became clear when she moved or if it drooped too much, it was just a chunk of white padding sticking out under the skirt.

She pulled the skirt down until the bottom became invisible. However, with her cropped shirt the top of her diaper now stood out like a sore thumb, with even part of the bright blue tapes showing enough to leave any doubt of what it was out. She tried stretching the skirt, then the shirt, but neither worked. Finally, she pulled up her diaper as tight as it would go underneath her legs, folded the top down slightly, and rearranged the skirt again. With some adjusting, she managed to make the diaper almost invisible.

She turned, and immediate saw the back of her diaper show again as the skirt swirled. She groaned and re-arranged it again.

Erica, for her part, seemed to be having the time of her life. She had her hands folded and was grinned, sometimes lifting a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh.

“Please don’t make me do this,” Rebecca said.

Erica only smiled again and shook her head. “Keep trying diaper girl, I think you almost got it.”

Rebecca went back to her skirt. Finally she managed to get it in a place where her diaper was completely covered as long as she was careful.

Erica nodded. “Well, good try anyway. Come on, lets go.” She grabbed Rebecca by the hand.

“Wait!” she said. “Can I, uhhh, go to the bathroom?” She finished quietly. She had tried to determine how much she needed to go “the other way” and considered asking to go to the bathroom before the diaper change but decided against it. Asking while already wet might result in a demand she mess in her diapers then just shower it off, asking right after was more likely to get good results. At this point, she wasn’t desperate, but wanted to delay going to the party.

Erica shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. You’ll have to hold it until you meet Matilda, or use your diapers and ask nicely for a change.” She opened the door and, in the style that she was now accustomed too, lead her like a child through the halls.

Rebecca instinctively brought a hand to her face, covering half of it. She then corrected herself and brought her hand down to her skirt to keep it from swaying too far and showing her diaper.

This was by far the most revealing outfit they had made her wear, and no part of her was confident she could keep her diaper secret all day. She blushed the entire walk, keeping her head down and avoiding eye contact with anyone they passed. She tried to keep her skirt down and took as small steps as possible, but Erica pulled her faster. She heard whispering, and turned to see people looking in her direction, but told herself it was a coincidence.

They got outside and walked through the campus. The smell of barbequing meat hit her, and it was soon accompanied by the sounds of music and chatting. Finally they turned a corner and she saw where Erica was taking her.

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Ha Ha Rad i mainly want to talk psychology
but also do you mean the subject of conversation cant be kinky or do you mean no trying to dom you?

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I meant not trying to dom or sub lol. Otherwise is fine :slight_smile:


One of the campus squares was full of people, most of them in varying costumes, chatting and drinking. There were a few grills set up, with signs advertising cheap hamburgers and hot dogs. Rebecca would have groaned again, but in her embarrassed state it came out as more of a whimper. This was not the place to remain hidden.

As they approached, a tall, dark haired, muscular boy dressed as superman saw them and got up. He had a beer in his hand and staggered as he walked toward them.

“Hi Erica! I was hoping you would come!”

“Mikey, how you been? I was hoping to find you here.”

He smiled a drunken smile and reached toward Erica’s hand, who him take it. “Oh,” she said, “You know Rebecca right?”

He looked her up and down, one eye half open. “Yeah I remember her. Hey, Frankie’s been looking for you. Frankie!” he called out.

Erica smiled. “Isn’t that nice. Well why don’t you find Frankie for Rebecca, and I’ll get us some lunch. I assume its free?” she said, ignoring the blatantly posted price signs. Mikey looked at the bbq and shared a joint thumbs up a shorter blond frat boy in a chef’s had and a apron with a woman in a bikini on it.

“Yeah, its free. Take the beer out of the blue cooler, its mine.”

She smiled again, “Aww, thanks sweetie,” she patted his cheek, and he smiled and left to find Frankie.

Rebecca wanted to get angry and demand if she just flirted with drunk guys whenever she wanted something, but she held her tongue. Her current situation didn’t exactly make her feel courageous.

There was a girl with long black hair dressed as a witch beside the cooler. She took out two beers and handed them to the pair and winked at Rebecca. Erica took them, then walked to the cook. “Hey hot stuff, you have some meat for me?” she winked at him.

“Hmmmm how about nice thick sausage,” he laughed.

“Well, maybe later tonight, but for now I’ll settle for a hot dog.” She winked at the cook and ended up with hot dogs and chips for them both. She made a point of having them eat before going to meet their ‘dates,’ as of course it wouldn’t do for either to be eating when flirting. Rebecca ate as slow as possible, trying to delay the inevitable. However there was only so much she could do, and soon she was back in the middle of the boys.

College kids stumbled all around her, some cheering or laughing, some eating, others making out. Halloween weekend was a big party on the campus, and they were already getting started.

Rebecca’s ‘date’ ended up being a buff, bearded man in a plaid shirt who she assumed was dressed as a lumberjack. He was already drunk, and Rebecca wasn’t sure if she was upset he was more likely to be frisky or happy he probably wouldn’t notice as much.

Her role here was clear, and she had played it a few times. One of the popular girls wanted to get with a guy, and if he thought his friend was also going to ‘score’ with her, then it was more likely to work out. She’d flirt side by side, then get out as soon as she could.

Her date pointed at her skirt, then at his shirt. “Hey, we match!” he said, referring to the plaid.

Rebecca forced a laugh at the bad joke. “Uhhh, yeah… hi I’m Rebecca, nice costume,” she said.

He looked her up and down. “What are you going as?” he said.

Erica chimed in. “Oh don’t worry, we have costumes. You’ll LOVE to see hers tonight, its ADORABLE.” She smiled and winked at Rebecca, who groaned. “Anyway…” she kept talking, but turned to Mikey so they didn’t hear.

Rebecca tried to smile. “So what are you studying?” she said.

“I don’t really have a major, I’m trying to decide, so just general arts for me. For now. For me for now,” he said.

“Uh huh,” Rebecca replied.

“Yeah I think its important to, you know, like, have a good background in different areas to really make a good choice. Its an important choice right, life saving.”"

“Uh huh,” she said again.

He turned to the sounds of kissing behind him. Erica and “Superman” were both on a cement block, her in his lap, and his hands around her and groping wildly. They sat their drinks down and were kissing.

The drunk lumberjack looked back at her. “Do you… do you want to sit down?”

“Oh yeah!” Erica said over her shoulder between kisses. “She was talking about it all day. She really wants to ‘get to know’ you.”

Erica gave her an annoyed look as the lumberjack was distracted, then forced a smile when he turned back to her. He smiled at her, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her into his lap.

Erica tried to sit down gently so her diaper didn’t crinkle. She sat her drink down beside him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, trying to look interested. He went to kiss her, and she gave him a quick peck then backed up. “So, you think you’ll go with arts or sciences? Or engineering?” She said.

He backed up again. “Ummm I don’t know. I’m not too great at math, but I’m not to great at reading either…”

Rebecca sighed.

“Really I’m just trying to find what I’m passionate about…” his hand drifted down to her waist and he grabbed her skirt, then leaned in for a kiss.

Rebecca sat upright. “Oh! That’s interesting,” she said, trying to keep the conversation going. “What do you think you might be passionate about?”

"Ummmm…’ he thought, then smiled. “Chicks. Hot chicks in short skirts,” he said, laughing at his own joke. He went back in for a kiss and began to squeeze her bottom.

Rebecca gasped. A new feeling came into her diaper. It got warm, then damp, and she realized she was wetting herself on his lap. Now, more then ever, she wanted to keep his hands off. There was no way she could even use the “Halloween costume” excuse anymore. She tried to cross her legs tighter, but it did little to slow the flood, and soon she was sitting in a soaked diaper pressed against the lumberjack’s lap as he tried to make out with her.

“Say, do you mind passing me my drink, uhh, hot stuff?” Rebecca tried to imitate the cheerleader’s flirty party girl look. It was normally a demand the frat boys were happy to engage.

“Uhhh ok,” he said, and handed it to her. She lifted herself up and acted like she was chugging from the can, but actually drank as slowly as possible. The liquid was bitter and bubbly, a cheap domestic draught she honestly could have done without.

The trick worked however. The lumberjack smiled. “Hey party girl!” he said. Then, to her horror, he spanked her hard, and kept his hand on her diaper.

Rebecca paused as she looked at him. He looked back at her, still smiling. It took her a moment to confirm that he couldn’t actually tell what she was wearing. Relief washed over her like a… a flood of clean, normal water, she told herself, trying not to think of other things that were just flooded. She ‘finished’ drinking and made an “ah”, sound, then went back to smiling at him.

The relief, however, was short lived. As she relaxed, she felt something else come into her diaper, this time from the other end. “Oh no no no,” she said.

“What?” he asked, confused.

She smiled at him. “I said, uh, go go go.” It was far from her best lie, but it did the trick. While normally she would have rather he stay back, now she wanted anything to distract him from what his hands were feeling as he tried to grab her ass, and worse still, the gas that was coming into it.

It wasn’t that she would normally mess her diapers by mistake. However, something with the hot dogs, chips and beer must not have been sitting well, and she realized she didn’t have too long before she did something much worse then just wet.

She looked at her watchless-wrist and pretended to panic. “Oh no! I’m late for class. I have a test.” She said. If he was too drunk to notice the girl sitting in his lap that he was groping was wearing a diaper and had just soaked it, he would be too drunk to notice she wasn’t wearing a watch and there were no classes starting soon.

“Oh,” he said. “I’ll see you at the party.”

“Yes, I’ll see you then. Erica? I need to go?”

Erica, who at this point was entirely invested in Superman, gave her a thumbs up, and she got up. “Thanks, uhh, hot stuff.” Rebecca turned to run away.

She stopped running right after, realizing the mistake, and looked at her skirt. “SHIT,” she said, and looked down. Her skirt was crooked, half of it raised clear above the bottom of her diaper, another part exposing the tapes. To add to the problem, Erica’s crappy diaper taping skills meant her underwear was loose, and it slid down as she was moving. Anyone behind her would see the white bottom, anyone in front would see the blue tapes. She quickly re-arranged it to cover her diaper. She thought of herself, running through the group, each step lifting the fabric up and exposing the diaper, and cursed at her panicked stupidity.

Her stomach grumbled. There was another problem with running. Her stomach was already turning after dinner, and running made it worse.

She considered her options. Her next diaper change, and normally her next time to use the bathroom, wasn’t for a few hours. As normal, Erica had drawn symbols on her diaper, which made it difficult to take off and replace. That is, if she even had access to them, but they were stored in Matilda’s closet, and the tapes wouldn’t reseal after she tore them off.

Then again, Erica never was great at taping, so she might be able to just pull it down, go to the bathroom, and pull it back. She stopped and thought with a hand on her chin. The toilet wasn’t far, this could work.

“Hey baby girl, sucking your thumb?” Matilda said with a hard spank on her diaper.

“OW!” Rebecca said, and went to rub her bottom. “No! I’m thinking. And do you have to say that out loud!?”

“Oh whats the problem, diaper girl? Don’t want people to know about your diapers, diaper girl?” She walked in front of Rebecca and held her shoulders. “Then probably shouldn’t have picked that outfit. That skirt don’t lose much to imagination. I could tell it was you from way back by the diaper peaking out of your waist band.”

“What!?” the ‘diaper girl’ franticly re-arranged her clothes.

Matilda laughed. “Come on sweetie. Time for class.” She took her hand and began dragging.

She cursed under her breath. She had almost forgotten Matilda was in her class. Well, it WAS a good plan, but no use now.

The next class was all afternoon, three hours of psychology as taught by a stuck up assistant professor. It was the type of class most people would sleep through, except that it was also the type of class where the assistant professor would dole out harsh punishments to anyone who fell asleep. However, there were tons of people, all dead silent while listening to a boring speaker. It might be the worst possible place if she needed to…

“Ug,” she said, as another fart escaped into her diaper. This could NOT get worse.

“Well that’s even worse,” she said, seeing the room entirely full except for two seats, front row center.

“YOU TWO! What are you doing coming in here like this? You’re late!” the professor said.

“Its been thirty seconds!” Rebecca replied.

Matilda put a hand on her chest. “Oh I’m so sorry professor, I’m always trying to hurry my friend here, but she just loses track of time. i had to go back for her! Isn’t that right Rebby?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes.”

The professor folded her arms. “Fine, but I’m making a note of this. Take a seat.”

They both walked through toward the seats, through the rows of people. A few were in costumes, and the witch from earlier winked at her again. Rebecca held her breath and moved as carefully as possible as she passed dozens of people, all at the perfect height to look up her skirt, while all eyes watched them. They sat down, and the professor continued.

The lecture was on a combination of mental health and skin care products, and made very little sense. Rebecca tried to pay attention and take notes, but the lecture droned on, and she had a lot distracting her.

She farted again. Matilda noticed, smiled at her and patted her hand.

Rebecca watched the clock. It seemed to be moving slower then it should, and she swore she saw the hands move backwards. Her stomach got worse and worse.

She farted again, this time loudly, and a few people beside her giggled.

“Something wrong, Ms Rebecca?” the professor asked.

“No Professor Tweedelbow!” she replied.

“Then pay attention,” she went back to the lecture.

Time continued to move at its dead-slow pace, and Rebecca tried her best to hold it in. She realized she was making faces and grunting, and tried to control that too, fearing the professor would notice.

However, others were already noticing. A few people were now laughing at every sound, and others were waving their hands in front of her face. She didn’t blame them, she herself was getting sick of the smell.

She looked at the clock. There were forty minutes left, half an hour if they were let out early for Friday, though that didn’t normally happen with Tweedelbow. If she could make it, she would…

She would be at the mercy of her bully. Hopefully she was feeling nice. Otherwise, it would be a long walk back, either a particularly gross shower or a particularly embarrassing diaper change, and more blackmail material. It was going to be a long day.

The farts, and the laughter, were getting louder. She tried to keep her head down and avoid attention.

“Ms Rebecca!” the professor shouted. So much for avoiding attention. “Can you explain to me what’s going on?”

“Ummm… I’m just, taking notes.”

“Oh yeah? Not telling jokes? Not talking with your friends? Because as unusual, all the noise is stemming from you.”

She tried to deny it just as another noise stemmed from her, and she kept her mouth shut.

“I tried to keep her quiet, but you know how Rebby is,” Matilda said with fake innocence.

“Right! I’ve had enough. Stand up Rebecca.”

Rebecca gulped, then obeyed. The entire class went silent behind her just as she let another sound out.

“Now, why don’t you summarize last weeks readings for us? Your continuation of this course depends on it.”

“Well uhh…” She farted again, and cringed at the laughter.

“Statistically, there is no connection between the use of skin care products and mental health issues. However…”

Rebecca tried her best to summarize the pointless material while clenching her cheeks. She couldn’t believe her bad luck, standing in the shortest skirt yet, in front of the largest class, the most obnoxious professor, and suddenly feeling this way in a dead silent class.

She reached down and smoothed her skirt. She could have sworn there was somehow a breeze constantly lifting it up, just high enough to expose the padding. She felt herself sweating, and continued.

“Dr. Lighraw’s objections were ‘No, what? That’s just stupid.’ However…”

Another fart was pressing, and she held it back. At this point, half the class had clued in, and were staring at her and smiling. She hoped beyond hope not to give them what they wanted.

“When you assume the objections are paid for by the freemasons…”

The fart pushed itself out, and she gasped. She paused her speaking, and thought she would pass out.

It wasn’t just gas. In a panicky, she realized she was filling her diaper in front of the entire class. Worse, she was doing it loudly, and people giggled at the constant sounds. She tried to clench, but nothing worked, and soon her diaper was full of disgusting slime, and more was still coming out.

“Then the really issue is that some rude…”

Another fart.

“people who aren’t as smart as they think they are”


“Are just afraid of being publicly embarrassed”

She closed her eyes. The laughter was mounting.

“And exposed for not being as smart as they think they are.”

The train stopped and her stomach relaxed, but the damage was done. Her diaper was full, everyone had heard it, and the smell was horrid. She hoped they at least counted it all to the gas and didn’t realize what she had really done.

“And should stop bullying people who don’t think the same way. The writer concludes by implying those people probably smell bad, based on their lack of skin care.”

She stopped. That was the end of it.

The professor seemed impressed with her memory, at the very least. “And what do you think of that article,” she said.

“Well professor, I think the author came across as immature, and it didn’t really prove its point. All it did was recite conspiracy theories and insult people who disagree. Also, I’m pretty sure it was really a barely disguised add for Sephora. They even have its logo here.”

The professor scowled. “Actually I think it was highly reputable, and chose it myself for this class. Please sit down, Ms. Rebecca.”

The blushing girl shook her head. “I, uhh, would prefer to stand.” Honestly neither was great. Standing meant her diaper was out in the open and eye height with the row behind her. Worse, with the amount she had just messed and Erica’s bad tape job, she could only imagine how much it was sagging below her skirt. Still, the thought of sitting in it made her stomach turn.

“SIT DOWN NOW!” the professor said, and she quickly obeyed.

The feeling was even worse then she had imagined. She wrinkled her nose and tried to remain as still as possible. It was slimy and warm in the worse way.

Worse, if she had thought people reacting to her farting was bad, the new expressions were horrible. She could have sworn people were gagging. She hung her head and blushed until the end of the class.

Once the professor finished, five minutes late as possible, the class began to pour out. Rebecca and Matilda waited a bit, Rebecca too afraid to move, Matilda smiling and seeming to enjoy the moment.

“Pee yew!” she said loudly. “Anyone smell that? Do you know what that is Rebby?”

She shook her head but didn’t speak. A few people were whispering around her, and she didn’t want to know if anyone had guessed what happened. Not responding seemed the best way to keep attention away.

Once the class was half empty, a giggling Matilda taped Rebecca on the shoulder and had her get up. They walked out, Matilda patting her swollen, diapered bottom the entire time.

Once they were out of the class, Matilda came beside her, put a hand on her bottom and pressed the diaper into her. She cringed at the feel.

“YOU DIDN’T!” Matilda whispered in delight. “Thats so bad! Its embarrassing even for you! What a baby!”

“Please don’t do that,” Rebecca said in near tears.

“Oh I will do that diaper girl!” she pressed it again. She looked back behind her, and seeing no one there, she lifted Rebecca’s skirt and snapped a photo with her phone.

“HEY!” Rebecca said, holding her skirt down. “I don’t know what happened! Something upset my stomach.”

“Uh huh, sure thing potty pants. We all know you’re a baby, no point lying.”

“Please stop.” Tears of embarrassment went down her cheek and she prayed no one noticed. “Can you please just let me get out of this? Do you have a spare diaper?” She begged.

Matilda tilted her head. “Yes but… in a bit. I’m enjoying this for now. The one I brought is one of your normal diapers.”

“What do you mean “normal?” And can you keep your voice down?”

“No, I can’t. And you’ll see. I have a special surprise I want to show you, then, if you’re a good little stinky pants, I’ll let you change and shower for the party tonight so you don’t make anyone sick with your messy bum.”

She dragged her through the halls, out onto the campus, and toward their dorm. Rebecca kept her head down and tried to stay as far as possible from others. Still, she saw more then one group crinkle their noises or common on the smell. If she didn’t get out of it quick, she’d be responsible for a fake gas leak call.

Walking was harder then she expected. The swollen padding forced her legs apart, and she could feel the mess in her diaper slushing around, making her stomach turn. She prayed it didn’t leak.

They made it to their dorm, and Matilda pulled her in to the crowded halls. Students lined the sides in skimpy halloween costumes, already drinking and playing music.

Rebecca shook her head. To her horror, Matilda took her toward the elevator. She didn’t protest as she clicked the button and waited. People lined up behind them. Though Matilda’s room was on the top floor, the building was only four stories high, and the stairs were easy enough. Rebecca knew she was doing this just to antagonize her, but didn’t have the willpower to argue.

They got in, and the doors shut, trapping them in with scent.

“What the hell is that smell?” a student asked. Rebecca didn’t look up to see who it was.

A few people plugged their noises and ewed. Rebecca wished she could disappear into the wall.

“Did someone fart in here?”

Matilda was smiling, clearly loving it. “Maybe someone was sick, or got too drunk and had an accident. You think so Rebby?”

The fragrant girl just shook her head. The doors opened, and people came in while others left, leaving a whole new audience for Matilda’s game. Once agian, they groaned and blocked their noses, and began to ask.

“I heard someone let a stink bomb out on campus,” Matilda said. “Do you know anything about that?”

“No,” she said quietly, and could see the bully holding back laughter.

The doors opened to the top floor, and they got out. They walked toward Matilda’s room. Matilda paused in front of it and took out her phone. “One second,” she said. “I just want to really enjoy this moment. I bet I’m going to LOVE seeing your reaction.”

“My reaction to what?”

She only smiled again and slowly opened the door.

“WHAT. THE HELL. IS THAT!?” Rebecca demanded.

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“What’s wrong stinky girl? You don’t like it?” Matilda said with a smile.

Rebecca merely pointed at it, with a hand over her mouth. “Wha… what is that?”

“Oh you can’t tell? Silly baby, that’s your Halloween costume!”

“YOU CANT MAKE ME WEAR THAT!” Rebecca shouted.

It wasn’t a Halloween costume. She had seen the Halloween costume equivalent. They were cheap, tacky, and nothing like what she saw. This was something different, something far more vicious.

On her bed was the most embarrassing thing Rebecca had seen, and that was after a long string of humiliations under Matilda and her cronies. It was all lain out for her to see. At the bottom was a diaper. However, it was nothing like the ones she had worn, bad enough those wore. Instead of plain white, it was purple on the sides, with colorful hearts, stars and flowers all over it. As if to drive the point home that this was not just an adult diaper but an adult sized baby diaper, it had one thick tape on either side, instead of the regular four. Unlikely everything she had worn before, it seemed to trade practicality for looking as childish as possible.

Laid out on top of it was a onesie, exactly like what a baby would wear but sized for an adult. It was white and pale, baby blue, with cartoon dogs and foxes, themselves wearing diapers, drawn all over it. Next to it was an oversized pink pacifier with a ribbon, and above that, two large, red, hair bows. Below the diaper, there was white and pink stripped stockings, ending in frilled tops. Worse yet, a pair of baby bottles and a teddy bear served as props, lying beside the costume.

Matilda stepped directly in front of Rebecca and looked her in the eye. “Oh no?” She raised an eyebrow and took out her phone. “I can’t? It seems I can do whatever I want stinky pants, or you can spend the next week explaining your little accident to the entire campus.”

Rebecca gulped. She took a step back, and Matilda stepped forward again.

“Think of it this way. Either you go to the Halloween party in my cute little baby costume and diapers I picked for you and everyone things you made an adorable choice, or they all see the diapers you wear every day and realize your problem. Its your choice.”

“I ummm…”

Matilda took her moment of confusion to reach over and pull her skirt down, revealing her packed, soiled diaper, and let the cloth drop to the ground. Rebecca whimpered and nodded.

“What’s that baby girl? You’re giving up? You realize that I’m right and smarter and can make you do whatever you want? You realize your going to go to the party dressed as a baby no matter what you say?”

Rebecca nodded.

“Good baby.” She held up the printed diaper. “Now, we’ve already spent to much time with you stinking up my bedroom. You are going to lie down and let me change you into this baby diaper then take that dirty thing outside, or you can get out and walk through the hall as you are. Your choice.”

Rebecca whimpered again, and hated how it added to the position she was being forced into. “Can’t you just let me shower?” she asked, grasping at straws. “You’ve let me do it befo…”

Matilda shook her head. “No. I’m sick of you arguing and I think its time for you to learn whose really in charge. If you had been a good baby and agreed to the costume I was nice enough to buy for you, then you could showery because you accepted that your a baby. Instead, I’ll be changing you and treating you as my baby all night, and you better play the role or everyone will find out WHY I can make you dress like this. Get used to it and lie down.”

Rebecca sighed and lay down on the bed. Matilda rubbed a hand over her diaper, settling on the massive, brown lump, which she patted. "Whooee stinky girl! You really did a number on your diaper, didn’t you?

“Yes ma’am,” she said. She closed her eyes as Matilda untapped her. She felt the front panel open, and the smell hit her.

“Oh god,” she said, covering her nose with both hands. “Its disgusting!”

Matilda snickered and wrinkled her nose. “It is poopy pants. It really is disgusting that you did this. What a baby.”

“Ohhh” came the only reply, as Rebecca found herself to humiliated to talk. She wished she could avoid looking, but ended up watching through her fingers with one eye open.

Rebecca could tell from Matilda’s face that she found it disgusting as well. However, her enjoyment of Rebecca’s embaressment overoad it, and she watched as the tall blond snickered and joked as she wiped her down.

“What a widdle baby! I really can’t believe you did this. I mean, wetting yourself was one thing, but doing THIS? MESSING? Right in class too, and without anyone making you. You really are a baby.”

Rebecca groaned and shook her head, but the bully smacked her thigh. “Hey? You really are a baby? Say it. Say it properly.”

“I really am a baby ma’am.”

“Good baby. I’m changing your diaper, the least you could do is treat me with a bit of respect.”

There was a good reason why the bullies had initially given up on demanding she mess and changing her. Changing a full grown adult’s messy diaper was no easy, or fast, task. The humiliatingly ordeal seemed to stretch on for hours as Matilda wiped her again and again. Finally, she dropped the evidence into a plastic bag and rubbed her hands with hand santizer, then picked up the fresh, printed diaper.

Rebecca groaned again. She had almost forgotten this part.

“Alright. Now its time to transform my regular own stinky pants- diaper girl into a real adult baby. Lift your bum up!”

“Please don’t,” Rebecca begged, but obeyed the instructions.

Matilda unfolded the diaper, clearly taking pleasure in her victim’s expression. She lay it down, and pushed Rebecca’s hips onto it, then tapped it snugly on. Next she pulled the socks over her feet. Rebecca realized she planned to not only diaper her, but dress her completely like a baby.


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“Ok widdle baby, stand up.”

Rebecca obeyed, and stood with her shoulders slumped. “No whining now,” Matilda said, put the pacifier in her mouth, and took her shirt off. She stood in front of the bully, naked except for a diaper, and suckling like a baby.

“Arms up!” Matilda commanded. Rebecca obeyed, and found the onesie being pulled over her head. She worked her way around the blushing girl, buttoning the back flap of her onesie. “Good baby. Now sit on my lap.”

Rebecca sighed, and sat down. She felt Matilda’s hands running through her hair, collecting it into bunches. She groaned a she realized what was happening. She felt the ribbons being tied on either side of her head, then felt pats on her bottom encouraging her to stand up. Finally, she handed Rebecca her teddy bear.

The transformation was complete, and she was manhandled to face the mirror. Rather then seeing the intelligent, grown woman she liked to think of herself was, she saw an overgrown baby, hair in pigtails with giant bows, pacifier suckled in her pouting mouth, a childish onesie and thick, printed diaper clearly underneath, all over childish stockings.

“Where… why did you even get this?”

Matilda smiled in reply. She leaned in close to Rebecca, one hand on her shoulder, the other patting her diapered behind. “It was all online, honestly not too hard to find. We were going to use one from a costume store, but it just didn’t feel… REAL enough. We wanted you to be the baby you are, not just a girl in a baby costume.”

Rebecca sighed. “Do I really have to do this?”

“Mhmm, I planned our costumes together” she smiled. “It will be so cute! I really can’t wait.”

A few hours later, Rebecca found herself once again waddling, being lead by the hand through the hallway, blushing even deeper then usual. To match her baby costume, Matilda was wearing a “50’s mom” costume, with a yellow pattern skirt and apron, except that it was far shorter and skimpier then anyone from the era would ever have worn. The contrast was obvious. Sexy, mature Matilda, ‘cute’, childish Rebecca, a mommy and her baby, off to a party. In case it wasn’t clear enough, Matilda even carried a diaper bag, with bottles filled with, powder, and spare diapers sticking out, left deliberately visible. For her part, Rebecca just had to hold her teddy bear, suckle her pacifier, and keep quiet until spoken to. Matilda had coached her on a few phrases to match her role, including asking for her teddy bear with grabby hands, begging ‘wan buh buh,’ or telling people she was “mommy’s baby.” Added to it, Matilda drank a cider from a can, while Rebecca’s beer filled baby bottles might as well have been apple juice to anyone watching.

Rebecca’s stomach was twisted in a know of dread. She kept reminding herself that she was going to a costume party where no one would think anything of what she was wearing, but it was hard to convince herself. Matilda handed her a baby bottle full of beer to suckle, but it did little to add dignity or maturity to the ensemble.

The hallways were filled with the sounds, sights, and smells of party. People in costumes staggered around, drinking beer and blasting music, and the smell of alcohol was overwhelming. She wished she could say she fit in with her own costume and beer, but she still saw the glances and giggles her way. Most women tried to dress as provocatively as possible- the exact opposite of what she was doing. Her thick diapers and lose onesie were the polar opposite of the tight shorts she saw. If she wanted to blend in, then the last reaction she should go for is “awww so cute,” but that was all she was getting. A Harley Quinn burst out laughing and shouted “That’s adorable!” and her Joker chuckled, a group of pop star look-alikes pointed and whispered among themselves. She didn’t even look to see who shouted “Can I change her” from behind, getting a chorus of laughs.

Matilda took her out the front door and into the cool night, where she could here parties from other dorms.

“Where are we going?” she asked, mumbling through her pacifier.

Matilda pated her hand. “Don’t worry little one, just follow mommy and drink your bottle so your good and buzzed when we arrive.”

Rebecca sighed and drank. She would have rolled her eyes, but in her humiliated state taking even that slight kind of stand was beyond her. Her experiences always made her think of different school rules, even the legal system. A thousand types of punishments would only encourage rebellion, a tiny bit of embaressment took the edge right out. Being able to roll her eyes took a level of confidence and smugness she didn’t have when dressed like an overgrown infant.

“OH. MY. GOD. Is that her costume?!” The completely inane question come through the air in a high, lilting voice. In Rebecca’s mind, something so stupid could only have come from…

“Hi you guys!” Matilda said to her friends. Erica, Vanessa and Samantha were all smiling and gawking at her, and they hugged each other. The girls then turned their attention toward Rebecca, who blushed and hung her head.

“Where did you even get that? Its SOOO CUTE!” Vanessa said.

“Its so perfect for her! Suits her perfectly,” Erica added. "Don’t you think so baby girl?

Rebecca nodded slowly, getting more laughter.

A black van pulled up, which Rebecca reasoned was an uber. They got in, and the dark haired, bearded driver with an intense smell of cologne chuckled. “Cute costumes,” he said. “You two a pair?”

“Yep! She’s my baby, and I’ll be taking care of her tonight.”

“All right,” he laughed and turned the wheel.

Rebecca concentrated on her bottle. She didn’t bother looking out the window, she really didn’t have any way to change the result. She had been told they were going to a party, and she guess it was at another one of the frat houses around the campus Matilda and her friends liked to visit.

A few minutes later, she was proven right when she got out of the uber in front of a large, three story stone house full of the sounds shouting and “Ghostbusters” blasting into the night.
Uggh," she said as they approached. Another drunken party full of dumb frat boys and sorority girls fighting to get the other’s attention with the one thing they had going for them. Girls making up for a lack of personality with a lack of clothing, guys using big muscles to compensate for small…

“Hey! We’re here!” Matilda screamed at the house, and someone responded with “Whoo!” from inside.

They entered the house, and it was much as Rebecca expected. The building itself was old, with hard wood floors and walls. Years of college student abuse had taken its toll on them, and there were dents and marks everywhere, and most of the furniture was cheap and worn.

The entire building was packed. Each room had a different group- one dancing, another laughing and playing a card game, another standing around chatting, a third relaxing on couches and smoking something that probably wasn’t cigarettes. They worked their way through each room, Matilda waving and smiling and people who returned the friendliness, Rebecca trying to do the same at people who coo’d and awed at her costume.

They walked into the kitchen. Bottles were laid on on a counter beside a keg, and people lined up to make drinks.

“Hey Matilda!” a brown haired girl dressed as a cat said. “Nice costume…” as she saw Rebecca, she gasped and her hands went to her mouth. “Oh. My. God. You’re soooo cute! Where did you get that costume!?”

Rebecca hoped Matilda would answer, but instead she looked at Rebecca with an expecting smile. “Uhhhh… online costume store,” she said finally.

A few other’s noticed and gathered around with gasps and coos. Rebecca blushed as a circle formed around them, each one gawking at the adorable “baby” and her mature, attractive looking “mommy.”

“That is such a cute idea!” the brunette said. “You two are such good friends to pull it off.”

Matilda laughed. “Yes of course! She’s my bestie baby!” she smacked Rebecca on the bottom and pulled her in.

A boy in a wig and maid’s dress leaned over in his chair. He slurred his speech as he pointed at her onesie. “Is that a cu… an actual diaper?” he asked, pointing toward it. “It even looks like its printed.”

Matilda beamed toward him. “Yes, we searched everywhere and were going to go with these cheap store bought ones, but then we found the CUTEST adult diapers online. You want to show them sweetie?”

Rebecca cringed inside but forced a smile. They had gone over the correct response here. “Yes, mommy,” she said, eliciting more awws from the audience. She reached down and undid the bottom of her onesie.

The reaction to her purple printed diapers was even worse. Rebecca smiled and nodded through dozens of comments as Matilda laughed triumphantly and patted her bottom. When they all settled down, Matilda filled Rebecca’s baby bottles with beer and handed her one. She poured herself a mixed drink, then led Rebecca by the hand into a living room full of people in costumes sitting on couches. A few people noticed them and waved. “Well it seems our costumes are a hit babykins, good job” she took a gulp of her drink. “Keep up the work and we might even win.”

“I didn’t know there was a competition,” Rebecca said dryly.

So that was part of her game. Get everyone gushing over her “adorable” costume, and eventually they’ll both stand in front of the entire party as they vote on the costumes.

“Yep! Keep playing your role well and we’ll win too.” Now, for the fun part," she pointed toward the far corner of the room. There sat a pair of boys in matching 'where’s waldo" costumes, with sleeves cut short to show off bulging muscles.

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Rebecca immediately knew what was going on. They were exactly Matilda’s type- strong, athletic, dark haired, all virtually identical. They might even have met them before, Rebecca had lost track of the guys Matilda had hit on with her, they all blended together.

The bully leaned in to whisper into her ear. “Alright. That one is Eric, who plays center on the hockey team. The guy next to him is Mark, his wingman. They are our hookup for the night they’ll be expecting us.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. Yes, she had guessed it.

“I’m going to go up and sit next to Eric. That means YOU have to distract Mark. So, he’s going to be your daddy for the night. Walk right up, sit in his lap like a a good baby, call him daddy and ask nicely if he’ll feed you your buh-buh, look him in the eye and suck on it the “right” way. You know what that means?”

Rebecca nodded. “Yeah, I get it.”

“Good. He’ll be into it because he’ll think its cute, and because it means I get to be with Eric. If you play your role well, pretend to be interested and give him what he wants, then it will go well for me too and I’ll be happy tomorrow. If not, and they find out the real reason you’re in diapers. Got it?”

Rebecca nodded. “Yes mommy,” she said.

“Good baby. Who knows? Do well enough here and we might even leave you alone a bit.”

Her eyes went wide.

“Now get to it diaper girl,” she smacked her bottom to start her on her way, and they both walked over. Rebecca realized she was walking slowly to avoid slowly to avoid what was coming up, and tried to move faster. The boys noticed them approaching, and Mark looked at her right in the eye as she did. She looked at him and tried a seductive smile, then realized how ridiculous it was to try it when there was a pacifier in her mouth. He returned it by widening his eye in amusement.

Did she actually mean that? Play this role, flirt a bit with Eric’s wing man, and they’ll leave her alone? She didn’t know if she believed it or not.

She sat right down in his lap and put an arm around his shoulder. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

“Hello baby girl. Can I help you?” he asked.

Rebecca felt like she was about to die inside, but kept pushing through. They had gone over how she was supposed to talk, and with Matilda right there and getting drunker by the minute, she didn’t want to give her an excuse to push more then was. “Mhhhm,” she said in her best 'cutesy" voice. “Hewwo daddy, want to feed my my buh-buh.”

If everyone in the room had died at that instant, including herself, she would have been fine with it.

He chuckled and took the bottle. “Cute. Sure, I’ll feed you your buh-buh baby girl.”

He took the bottle and wrapped his free arm around her shoulders. She settled deeper into his lap then leaned back into his arm, doing her best impression of a baby being cuddled in her parent’s arms. He put the bottle to her lips. She looked him in the eye, pursed her lips and began sucking.

The cool, bubbly beer hit the back of her throat, and almost wanted to gag. She was never a fan of beer, and only drank it to be social, but she had drank it more and more often since coming under the reign of her bullies. She put on the best show she could as Matilda wanted, and figured it was obvious what she was implying.

Her “daddy” seemed to take the hint and laughed. Once again, Rebecca wished the moment would just end.

A figure appeared in the doorway in front of her, then approached. It was a girl with long black hair dressed as a witch. She had a tall black conical hat, short sleeved and short skirted black dress, spider web stockings and held a broom. She looked down at Rebecca, winked at her, then reached over and ruffled her hair. Rebecca blushed, and the girl walked away.

The bottle was soon finished, and Mark pulled her back up toward him, then patted her back as if burping her, playing the role. As he did, Rebecca felt, and heard, a loud fart escape into her diaper. She gasped and put a hand to her mouth.

Mark laughed and patted her back. “Thats ok sweetie, I’d expect it from a baby. It is a good thing you are in those diapers though, isn’t it?”

She smiled awkwardly. “Yes daddy. Very good.”

More then anything she wanted a way out. Mark was WAY to sober and attentive for her to get away with the same things she did with the other drunken hook ups, and he seemed way too into his role. Dressing as a baby was one thing, spending the entire night being treated as one another.

Still, she had to keep playing. She looked over to Matilda, who was getting felt up by her match. They began kissing and making out on the couch. Realistically it might not be that much longer.

Mark saw where she was looking and smiled at her. “Well, your mommy’s having fun. We can to if you want.”

She made herself giggle. “Yes daddy.”

“You know, this is such a cute costume idea. It looks so good on you too.”

“Thanks daddy, I like your costume too.”

“Would you want to…”

The words were lost on her as she felt his hands move around her, grabbing her bottom. She made herself smile back as she felt her diapered bottom get prodded. He clearly liked what she was wearing, and was pressing the padding right into her…

She gasped. That wasn’t just his hands pressing her diaper into her. She felt the padding around her get warm and damp, then expand, and realized she was wetting herself.

She went into a small panic. Wetting was fine, she had done it countless times and was used to it. However, normally that was with a much thicker diaper, much better covered, and without a roomful of eyes to see or a boy’s lap and hands to feel it.

She looked back at Matilda. They were still grabbing at each other, and she imagined they were just waiting for a room to open up.

She tried to act normal and pay attention to Mark. However, the stream pouring into her diaper wouldn’t stop. She cursed herself and wondered how that beer could have gone through her so quickly. If it kept up, she could have a real problem. She doubted her diaper could hold much more.

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“Umm one second daddy. I need to, uhh… go to the bathroom.”

He looked down at her diaper and patted her. “It looks to me like your all set,” he laughed.

She made herself laugh too and stood up. “I’ll be just one second.” She ran, or more waddled, away and up a flight of stairs.

After some searching she found what she was looking for. A large, quiet bathroom, on the second floor away from the crowd. She walked in, closed and locked the door, and sighed.

She undid her onesie and examined her diaper in the mirror. There was no hiding what she had done. It was soaked, stained yellow and twice its normal size. If she went down with this on, it wouldn’t be too long before someone noticed. If she tried sitting down again… she shuddered, thinking about trying to explain herself after her diaper leaked onto Mark’s pants.

She considered her options. She could run to Matilda and try to beg for a change. However… that would mean going back through the entire house and having to explain to Mark that she was leaving again a second later. She didn’t know how she could subtly ask for a change with everyone around her, and Matilda was drunk enough that she might say it outload anyway. Even if she agreed, then what? Walk through the house with a spare diaper in her hand and come back only wearing one? Or perhaps get lead by Matilda into a bathroom, diaper bag in tow, then hope no one guessed she was being changed? All after telling people she was going to the bathroom?

She couldn’t just throw it out and return without a diaper. Matilda would instantly notice, as would anyone who was paying attention. Plus… what would she do with the soggy diaper? She looked at the open, uncovered diaper pail. She couldn’t leave it there, everyone had seen her wearing it. She couldn’t take it through the house, people would notice.

Much as she hated it, her best bet might be to try to call Matilda, ask her to come to the bathroom, and just hope she’s nice about it. She scoffed. Since when was Matilda nice about anything? Still, it may be her best bet. She reached into her pocket…

And remembered that she didn’t have them, and her cell phone was sealed away in her “mommy’s” diaper bag, as babies didn’t need to worry about such things.

She hung her head and almost sobbed. That left two options. Running away, which would mean the bullies posting her pictures, and having to wait outside in a soggy diaper until they came back with her building keys anyway. The other was to squeeze the wetness out of the diaper and hope for the best, which was disgusting. She sighed, gagged and put a hand to her stomach as it turned in disgust, then walked toward the toilet.

“You don’t need to do that you know,” a voice said.

Rebecca gasped and turned toward the sound. The witch girl from earlier was standing in the bathroom, arms folded, giving a condescending smile and watching her.

“How… how did you get in here?” Rebecca said as she reached to her onesie and tried to cover the soggy diaper.

The girl walked toward her and brushed her hands away, and she was too shocked to fight. “I’m a witch silly. Here, let me see the damage. That’s a good baby.”

Rebecca backed away again and tried to cover it. “No, don’t, and I mean really how did you…”

“And I told you to let me see and that I got in because I’m a witch. Now let me see that diaper, its far from the first soggy diaper on an adult baby I’ve seen.”

“No, get…”

She was about to say “out,” when the pacifier she had dropped earlier reappeared in her mouth and expanded so she couldn’t speak. Her arms went up to her head on their own accord, and her onesie opened.

“I told you I’m a witch, babykins. Its not a good idea to argue with witches, especially ones that might help you, soggy pants.” She knelt down and examined her underwear. She ran a hand under it and pressed it, then giggled. “Yep, you really did a number on your diapers. That’s quite the accident!”

Rebecca finally managed to spit out the pacifier again. “How… how did you…”

“Still not getting it? I’m a witch, and I’m here to help you.”

Rebecca’s mind spun. This really couldn’t be happening. The practical part of her mind told her magic didn’t exist, and yet here she was.

“Wait,” she said. “I know you! I’ve seen you a few times. You’re always winking at me! You were there when… when…”

“When Matilda first noticed you were a diaper girl? Yes, I remember. I was also at that party just before you messed your diapers in front of half the school. And yes, I know that’s what happened, I’m a witch. So?”

“So…” Rebecca’s mind spun. At first she thought there was a point, but it faded into fog. “So, what are you, uhh… going to do?”

She smiled. “Good baby. Coming along nicely. You really are a clever little girl, you know that?”

Rebecca blushed, hating herself for liking the complement. After all the embarrassing moments, it was nice to have something to be proud of.

“I’m going to help you with your bully problem, babykins.”

“YOu are? Why?”

“Why? Maybe I identify with you.” She lifted up her skirt and Rebecca gasped as she saw a thick, white diaper. “Always a bit embarrassing. Sometimes it feels so childish.” She snapped her finger, and the diaper turned into a printed one like Rebecca wore.

“How did you…?”

“I’m a witch, silly babykins. Still learning?” She snapped a finger, and Rebecca gasped as her witch costume turned into a Japanese style school girl dress, something Rebecca would have expected from cosplay. She gasped again when she realized her clothes had made the same change, and they were both in matching costumes. “I know its hard to learn, I myself can feel like such a dunce.” She snapped a finger again, and her witch hat turned into a dunce cap.

The witch laughed. “Getting it now, babykins? Or do you need one too?”

“No no alright I get it!” Rebecca said as a dunce cap appeared on her head.

“Good,” She snapped her fingers, and her costume turned back into the witches’ hat and dress, and Rebecca’s returned to the baby onesie. Rebecca looked down to where the witch still held her skirt up to show her diaper, then she snapped her finger, and it became regular underwear. She let the skirt drop. “Of course, I have more control, so I don’t actually need to wear them. I just wanted to see your face, and let you think you weren’t alone for a second.”

Rebecca nodded. None of it made sense, but she decided to go along with what she saw. “OK, I believe you. What do you want from me?”

“As I said babykins, I have a problem with bullies. Those three girls picking on you for a disability just isn’t right in my books. So, I’m going to help you. First of all…”


short updates I know- next one will be longer!