By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 1

It has been almost a year to the day and I’m back in court. The difference is this time I’m clean, sober, smiling and the judge may allow me to leave the program and live on my own. Oh, I’m also in diapers by court order. Odd as it is, it has worked for myself and most of the women in the program but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I hope the judge is impressed with my accomplishments and renders a favorable decision. I’ve tried to be a model member of the rehab program I was ordered into twelve months ago. I feel better about myself and my job is going well.

It wasn’t that way a year ago. It was a different matter all together. I was mad at the world and busted yet again. My naturally black hair was streaked red and blond. I wore it very short and used lots of makeup to try lightening my complexion. Now it was about to my shoulder blades and naturally black. I wear very little makeup and I’m proud of my heritage.

While I’m waiting for my turn with the judge I’ll try to explain how things work around here. You see, when I was arrested for the fifth time on prostitution and possession of a controlled substance. I was looking at three to five in the state correctional facility and they had me dead to rights. The video of me trying to solicit an undercover officer was pretty damning. When they took me in, I also had quite a bit of cocaine in my purse. My zebra print skirt was barely covering my behind and the stained white halter top left nothing to the imagination.

My lawyer usually had me out and back on the street by morning but this time the judge asked to see me in her chambers before the arraignment. It had never gone like this before. My lawyer protested but I agreed because I thought the judge might go easy on me if I cooperated. Did I mention my lawyer was also my, uhm, agent?

“Miss Littlebear,” said the judge looking up at me, “You’ve been in my court twice before and I see from your record you are in no way going to get help on your own.”

I quietly nodded, “It is hard, your honor. So much money and so easy.”

“I don’t doubt it,” she looked back down at her papers, “The folks in Washington, D.C. have decided to test a new rehabilitation program in our fair city and I’ve been selected as one of the judges to participate. It is my opinion that you would benefit from participating in the program. Should you decline, you will face the charges against you now and proceed as normal.”

“Yes, your honor,” I meekly said.

“However, if you agree to the court ordered rehabilitation program I’m about to describe to you, you will be allowed a second chance to join society as a productive member.”

“What exactly is the court ordered rehabilitation?” I asked, “Will I be in jail?”

“Miss Littlebear,” she looked me straight in the eye as she spoke, “You will be moved to a half way house and after a period of adjustment, you will be helped finding and holding a suitable job. For a period of one year, you will live in the half way house with other such women. You will be fitted with certain things to guarantee your cooperation. You will also be taught a skill, given education opportunities and generally learn to deal with society in a way that does not include seedy motels and HIV tests.”

“What kind of things will be fitted? Like an ankle bracelet?” I wondered.

“Something like that,” answered the judge, “but it will be around your waist and it will make sure you don’t take up any old habits. One year and you’ll back in my court and if you’ve satisfactorily completed the program, your records will be sealed. What do you say?”

One year ago it sounded too good to be true. Little did I know how hard it was going to be and the measures they would resort to in order to keep myself and the other women in the project on track.

As you can already guess, I did agree to it but it wasn’t without some problems. When I was back in open court and my lawyer was present, the bailiff called my name.

“Grace Littlebear,” he said loudly.

My lawyer and I walked to the defendants table and he said, “Your honor, I must protest the manner in which this case has been handled.”

“Silence, Mr Willsworth,” said the judge, “You are well known in the court system and that is why Miss Littlebear was selected. You have far from represented her best interests and she has already agreed to a court ordered rehabilitation plea bargain. Advise her otherwise and I’ll site you for contempt.”

That shut Bobby up in a hurry. He didn’t mind his girls being in jail but he avoided it like the plague. That wasn’t the last time I saw Bobby but I wished it had been. Getting him out of my life and into the program was the best thing the judge ever did for me.

That day I and about a dozen other women left the court room in a white van with tinted windows. We had nothing with us but the clothes we wore and the purse or bag we were arrested with, minus anything like a cell phone or a knife.

The driver was an older lady of about 40. She was blond, stocky and strong but not overweight. It was a quiet ride as none of us had any idea where we were going. Janet, the driver turned the interior lights on so we couldn’t really tell where we were going. She laughed to herself. We had no idea what we were getting into.

I couldn’t help but notice that we were an eclectic mix. I was the only Native American but there were two Asians, three Blacks, two Whites, two Latinos, an Arab and an Indian that I later discovered was actually a Pakistani. We weren’t in handcuffs or anything and the driver seemed unworried about her cargo despite the lack of restraints or separation from her.

She drove the van into an attached basement garage and parked. We exited the van and she pointed toward the steps leading to the door into the house. It looked like a well maintained, older home in a residential area from what little I could see out the open door.

“Ladies,” she boomed like a drill sergeant, “Welcome to your home for the next year unless you screw up so bad that even I can’t fix it. I am Janet and I’m going to be living here with you. I’m a counselor, one of three, you can talk to us about anything. We are here to make you a success. The next three days will be the hardest for you. After that, you’ll be assigned skills to master and your search for a job will begin. Any questions? Good, inside!”

Chapter 2

Well, that was to the point. She didn’t give anyone a chance to even speak, let alone ask a question. We followed her inside like baby ducks in a row and into the great room. This place looked like a frat house I used to party at in my early years, only much cleaner. All bedrooms, we were told, were on the second floor. The counselors and common areas were all downstairs. Janet’s room, we later learned, was right by the only stairs. What they didn’t tell us was where the bathrooms were located.

Next came the real shocker. To a one, none of us in the program had a clue what we were really in for. Janet introduced the other two counselors, Kelly and Diane. Kelly was a woman not much older than most of us, which is to say she was maybe 30. Her hair was long, brunette and her figure was lean. Diane, on the other hand was a redhead, shorter and curvier with prefect teeth.

Kelly addressed us next with a most authoritative tone, “Ladies, and I intend for you all to become ladies over the next year, we are going to teach you how to be able to earn a living without a needle in your arm or spreading your legs. It will not be easy and it will not work for all of you. Statistics show that at least one of you will fail. We hope to beat those odds.”

Diane continued, “Over the next three days you’ll become intimately acquainted with the rules and procedures of the program as well as those of your counselors. It has been designed so that you have no choice but to succeed and virtually guarantees your cooperation.”

Janet called our names and assigned us a room. Each of us had a private room which I thought was pretty nice. Then they told us to wait in the great room as each of us was escorted to our room for the first phase of our orientation. I was not in the first of second group and had time to browse a magazine. None of the girls came back down the stairs so they must still be in their rooms.

When it was my turn, Diane led me up the stairs and listed a few rules on the way, “There will be zero tolerance for alcohol or tobacco in the house under any circumstances so don’t bring any in when you start working. Also, there will be no visitors, ever.”

I quietly nodded as Diane opened the door to my room and motioned me inside. It looked like a dorm room with a built in bed, desk and drawers. There was a window but it did not open and it was frosted security glass. The closet was empty save for a sheet, pillow and blanket on the top shelf. A bible, dictionary, thesaurus and computer were setup on the desk.

“There is no internet service yet. You will have to earn that and that starts now. You can, however, start a journal if you so chose,” said Diane, “Please make your bed and disrobe down to your bra and panties by the time I return which will be in about 30 minutes.”

“Disrobe?” I puzzled, “Why on earth?”

“This is all part of the program, Grace. This is the hard three days mentioned,” she said, “Once we have this preliminary part out of the way, we can begin to make progress. If it helps, just imagine it as only 364 days to go.”

She left and I heard the door lock behind her. I tested the handle to be sure. So, I wasn’t going any where until she returned. I did my best to make the bed. The mattress was covered in some sort of odd plastic material that crinkled when I made the bed. I sat at the desk in my underwear, a pink thong and push up bra, until Diane returned. My legs got clammy on the plastic covered cushion.

Diane returned, opened the door with her key and carried in a box with my first name on it. One year later, I still would never have guessed what was in the box. I’m all too familiar with the contents now but on that day, I was too stunned to speak.

“This is the training belt,” she said as she pulled out a three inch wide, black belt from the box, “It contains a battery powered GPS locater and bluetooth equipment. You must know that you cannot run away and you cannot hide. This belt cannot be removed without the special tool and once it is on the special tool will not reside in this house. If you try to remove it, you will only hurt yourself.”

She called it a training belt but it looked more like an industrial strength garter belt, made of heavy, stiff synthetic material. She fastened it around my pantied waist and latched it from behind, adjusted the tension and sealed it with the previously mentioned tool. It looked like a pair of odd-jawed pliers but I couldn’t figure out how it worked from just a glimpse. She tugged on the belt and it was firmly attached. It wasn’t uncomfortable but I knew it was there.

“This belt won’t be coming off for a year so you’d best pull your panties off now and get ready for the rest of it,” said Diane.

I kicked them off, like I’d done thousands of times for johns, unsure what was in store for me now. Diane fastened leg bands around my upper thighs. When she was done, it was the thick black belt around my waist and one around each leg, joined along my front and back hip by four of the same material detachable straps. It looked kind of kinky until she pulled the next item out of the box. It slowly dawned on me she what she was unfolding. It was an adult diaper and she was intent on me wearing it.

“No way!” I yelled, “I’m not wearing no diaper! HELP! SOMEBODY!”

“Relax,” the rooms are sound proof," she laughed, “You didn’t hear any of the other girls did you? They all screamed, too. And they are all wearing this very same thing or soon will be. Now, lay on the bed and don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

I was determined to resist and started to swing at Diane but she quickly out maneuvered me and had me face down on the bed before I was even aware I’d missed, “That’s one and you only get one. The next one will cost you.”

I reluctantly lay quietly on the bed, shaking, as she put a plain white disposable adult diaper on me. It crinkled as she positioned it and the tapes made a distinct sound. The straps were detached so that when the diaper was on, they were reattached over the outside. I could still get it off easily and the straps would prevent nothing, or so I thought.

Then Diane produced another item from the box, “These are over pants. They are waterproof should anything escape the diaper. They are made of a material that can’t be torn or easily cut. There is a thin wire within the fabric that will break if you attempt to cut or remove them. That wire, once broken, will set off the GPS alarm and you will be caught. It could end your opportunity and you will go to jail. Period.”

I nodded in agreement as she pulled them on over my feet and up my legs. I lifted my behind up as she slipped the panties up over my diaper. The waist belt pulled down and covered the top band while the bottom belts secured over the leg bands. Then she fastened the straps that would keep it all in place. It pretty effectively secured me in the diaper. Next, Diane stood me up and let me look at myself in the mirror. It was a horrifying experience, to see my form secured in a white diaper, held on by a permanent black garter belt.

Chapter 3

“What have you done to me?” I yelled, “What have you done?”

Diane was quiet and calming, “It has been done to all the girls here. We will explain everything once you are all downstairs. You will grow accustomed to it in due time.”

She pulled the last thing from the box and handed it to me. It was pair of scrubs like they wear in hospitals. I put the top on over my bra and the bottom on over my puffier, diapered rear. It made horrific noise with every move. I followed her down stairs, rustling all the way with the telltale sounds of a diaper under my scrubs. I was mortified as I walked down the steps. All the girls already assembled watched me as I shuffled across the floor to an empty chair, crinkling with every step.

I sat in a chair, trying to minimize any undue noise. I was next to one of the Latino girls, her name was Maria. It felt odd to sit on a padded behind with the feeling of such bulk between my legs. I just wanted to forget about it.

Maria, on the other hand, was not shy about discussing the situation. I, however, did not want to admit anything and sat quietly. It was then I noticed that the chairs were covered in plastic, just like the one in my room. It was not just the chairs but the couch and anything a person could sit on was covered in plastic. My head started to swim and I began to hope this was just a bad dream.

“Grace! We are all wearing diapers. Everyone of us,” said Maria, “Don’t be all acting like you ain’t. I had a john that was into this kind of kinky shit once. At least I ain’t getting smacked around any more.”

She had a point. Diapers or a beating. I guess I really had already made my choice at that point. No matter what else happened, surely this was the low point.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, all the girls were down stairs. Everyone after me made the same scrunchy sounds as they walked down the steps behind a counselor. To anyone that was looking, it was obvious we were all sporting well padded behinds. Each one that came down the steps had that dazed and confused look as she found an open seat and crinkled down on to it. The counselors addressed us as a group. They explained the situation in great detail now that we were all unable to protest.

Janet spoke first while Diane and Kelly looked on with smiles, “You have been fitted with a very sophisticated deterrent device. In medieval times, it might have been an iron and leather chastity belt. In our technologically advanced age, this is more humane. Every single one of you has at least one solicitation and one drug charge against you. The absorbent brief and securing panties serve two main purposes. One, you can’t have vaginal or anal sex if you can’t expose your genitals. Two, the fitted briefs will be tested daily for illicit drug use.”

Kelly spoke next, “This program will get you clean, keep you clean and make you proud of the woman you will become. We will enforce the rules to make you successful. The fitted brief…”

“It is a diaper, fool!” said one of the Asian girls, “Call it that!”

Kelly continued, “Very well, the diaper you are wearing is like what can be bought many places on the internet but we mark each one so you cannot remove it and put another one on. Each of you will be permitted four diaper changes a day, one of which is a 20 minute undiapered break inside the bathrooms to shower and use the toilet if you can. You can request a change at any time but there will be only four in any 24 hour period and there must be one hour between changes. The morning shower change is mandatory. The training belt’s electronics will not allow an additional release or any release within an hour of the last one. You may, however, trade them if you find yourself with a spare one at the end of the day. The belt keeps track of them.”

Then Diane addressed us, “Your belt contains a battery powered bluetooth device and a GPS locater. You will be issued a cell phone that is bluetooth enabled. Should the phone and belt be separated by more than 15 feet, you will feel a vibration in your waist. Should the distance increase to greater than 30 feet, you will receive a shock. You will also receive a shock should you attempt to circumvent the overpanty’s purpose. Breaking the fine wire filaments also sets off the GPS locater. The belt and phone are quite sophisticated and flexible. The phone will only dial our preprogrammed numbers and 911 so don’t be thinking you can call your sugar daddy to come pick you up. The phone is how you can send or receive extra diaper changes. We may also award or remove diaper changes as rewards and punishments.”

Janet finished, “If you cooperate and do as your told, life here will be a breeze and a year will pass in no time. If you fight us, you will suffer from your own making. Any questions?”

Maria raised her hand, “Damn, I pee more than four times a day. What’s up with just four changes?”

Kelly replied, “It is a diaper, after all. Use it as such. We have observed that it will hold three to five average wettings before needing a change. In time you will become accustomed to the feeling. That is why there is an adjustment period before we start the main part of the program.”

The Pakistani girl spoke up, we called her Turi because we couldn’t pronounce her full name, “My digestive system is not good. I am afraid I will have worse things to worry about more than the allowable times a day.”

Diane addressed this, “I understand what you are saying but we will be dealing with all aspects of your life. Many of you have had, among other things, poor diets. We will be working with you on proper nutrition as well. Once you have started eating properly, I believe your issues will self resolve.”

I asked my question, “If I’m going to be heavily diapered for a year, how am I going to be able to hold down a job? This seems impossible!”

Kelly answered, “You will be working in a place that is aware of your special needs situation and there will be a facility on-site to accomodate you. Some of you may be permitted to change your own diapers once you have demonstrated your willingness to cooperate in the program. Don’t even ask for the first 90 days.”

Maria asked another question, “So, what about the bulge in my clothes? I’ve already got a lot of junk in my trunk.”

Janet answered, “Nobody will know unless you tell them. I’ll prove it to you with a bit of our own personal information. Which one of us, your three counselors, do you think is wearing a diaper right now?”

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Chapter 4

Some guessed Janet, some, including myself, guessed Diane but nobody guessed the slim Kelly. We were surprised to discover it was a trick question. All three were well diapered just like us, with the exception of the belts and overpants. Each exposed a portion of their waist to impress upon us the truth of the situation.

“You see,” said Kelly, “Most people are not concerned with what you wear. We are all three graduates of the very early versions of this program that was implemented a year ago. It has been refined and improved since then. Be thankful you didn’t go through it when we did. It is much easier now than it was for us.”

Janet laughed, “It certainly was tougher for us. You are wearing a diaper because you have a court order that mandates it. We wear them because the original program used botox injections to render us incontinent. One year later I still dribble, Kelly leaks when she exerts herself and Diane wets before she can get to the bathroom. We have no choice.”

Diane spoke, “So, we know that four changes a day will work for you. None of your counselors change more than four times a day, sometimes only three a day, as in Janet’s case.”

We were all shocked and some even felt sorry for our counselors but they shrugged it off, as Kelly explained, “Look, we agreed to the program, knowing full well we’d have a slow recovery once the injections were stopped. Eventually, we will be able to stop wearing diapers but for now, know that we are in the same situation as you. Understood?”

We all nodded or mumbled under our breath in agreement. It was time for lunch and Kelly asked each of us to set our own place from the cabinet against the wall. The noise of all those diapers at once was quite loud! Janet and Kelly brought out a few trays of food. There were vegetable trays, sandwich meat and several different kinds of bread. I, for one, was quite hungry. The only drinks distributed by Diane were water, lemonade and decaf coffee. No soda and no caffeine! They took their better nutrition and no drugs seriously.

Maria started squirming almost as soon as we sat down, “Damn, I gots to pee already!”

Janet laughed, “Might as well get used to it. I’m dry for about half an hour before my diaper gets wet but it lasts several more hours. These diapers are quite good and maintain excellent skin health.”

Great, we got the good diapers. What a joy. Turi suddenly stood up from the table and her eyes got wide as she crossed her knees and put her hands in her crotch. It didn’t take a genius to know what was happening.

“Oh no!” she whimpered, “I… I have… wet myself!”

Janet sat her back down into her chair as Turi reluctantly settled into her now wet bottomed diaper. Each one of use in the program knew that she was only the first to publicly acknowledge what everyone of use would soon be forced to deal with. I closed my eyes for a moment tried not to think about it.

Janet patted her shoulder, “See, you didn’t die. The first one is the hardest one. Relax and try not to think about it. You won’t even feel wet.”

“I wish to be changed!” stated Turi, “Immediately, I cannot eat my food like this.”

“Dear,” said Kelly, “We will but not until after lunch. You can finish your sandwich and endure it that long. You will see that life does not revolve around the toilet. You might even find it a bit liberating.”

Turi meekly finished her sandwich but drank very little of her water. Diane told her that despite having a wet diaper, she needed to drink. She reluctantly drank a bit more but not the whole bottle.

“Next time,” said Janet, “everyone of you will be required to consume your entire drink, all 16 ounces. Proper hydration is all a part of your regime from now on. I will award one extra diaper change to anyone that empties their bottle or cup.”

Jamie instantly turned hers up and finished the remaining half of it, “Might need that if I get too many damn fiber pills.”

Diane noted on her ever present notepad, “That’s one extra pill and one extra change for Jamie.”

We all looked down at our own bottles of water, lemonade or cups of coffee. It was the realization that we were going to have to use these diapers for the intended purpose eventually whether we wanted to or not.

After lunch, Kelly took Turi to be changed. She was the first of many diaper changes that each of us would have over the next year. They were gone several minutes and the rest of us had cleaned off the table, loaded the dishwasher and put away the left overs. Some were more willing to work than others. Some, like Monique, thought she was too good to do meanial work.

We were just forming a circle of chairs, at Janet’s direction, for our first of many group sessions when Turi and Kelly returned. Janet had posed the topic. She wanted to discuss how we got to this point and some background on each of us.

“Turi,” asked Janet, “Would you like to go first, to explain your circumstances to the group?”

“I was living on the street shortly after we came to this country from Islamabad, Pakistan,” Turi started in her faint accent, “My father saw me holding hands with a white boy and he tried to kill me to protect the family name. I ran away from home, lived for a year in an abandoned bus before I wound up her. This is the only skill I had.”

“Was that one of them honor killing things?” asked Monique, a big black hooker, “I saw that shit on Oprah Once. That’s some fucked up shit!”

Diane spoke up, “Monique, and the rest of you ladies, we don’t talk like that here. From now on, anyone caught using offensive language will be given a fiber pill for each word. They are good for you but will cause larger consequences if you earn very many. Clear?”

Well, I’d better clean up my act was all I could think. I could make a sailor blush on my best behavior. From now on, I needed to watch my mouth.

Chapter 5

Next was Kim’s turn, “Everyone says I’m black but my mother was white. The whites think I’m black and the blacks don’t think I’m black enough. I didn’t have many friends in school. A few years ago, I was walking alone one night and a guy offered me $20 to get in his car to just talk. It seemed easy at the time and I just kept doing it, going further and further until I ended up hooking.”

Kata, an Asian girl we called Katy, told her story, “I was born to Vietnamese mother by Japanese father I never knew. My mother didn’t want me so I lived with an aunt. She only tolerated me. An old hooker befriended me and I was sucked into the life. She taught me how to make a guy shoot in a minute to get it over with. Carlos, her pimp, came around and made me one of his girls. He wasn’t so bad at first.”

“Well, I was the biggest slut in my high school,” said Jamie, a burned out white trash hooker with an oversized boob job and the nastiest bleached blond hair I’d ever seen, “Pretty soon the guys were buying me things to go out with me because word got out that I put out. I did two guys at once before I was 16. I fucked the whole basketball team on graduation night!”

“OK, Jamie has earned one pill,” said Diane.

“Fuck, give me two, Diane,” said Jamie, grinning through her gapped teeth, “As long as I got a clean bed and grub, diapers ain’t no thang. That’s the attitude that got me here.”

Monique took her turn, “People was always telling me I look like that super model with the TV show, Tyra Banks. So, I just sort of went with it. Horny guys pay good money to be seen and be with a celebrity look a like. We wear the same dress size, you know. I got this thyroid problem a few years back and I had to sweeten the deal, if you know what I mean.”

Everyone giggled at the thought of this five foot three inch woman that weighed at least 220 pounds being compared to Tyra Banks. Maybe 10 years ago but certainly not now.

Next a tall, thin, jet black haired early 20 something with ghostly white skin, looked very strange in her scrubs as she introduced herself, “I’m Nikki. I’m a goth in case you can’t tell and I discovered I like it in the rear. A few guys at college turned me onto it when I was stoned. I don’t even remember when I started to get paid for it. Even if I wasn’t getting paid for it, I’d have anal all the time.”

“OK, that’s enough from you,” said Janet, “How about you Grace?”

“I’m a Tsalagi Indian. You would call me a Cherokee Indian. I left the reservation in Oklahoma when I was 16 with a boy I met,” I started, “We ended up here. When the money ran out, he split and I was left with no money and no place to stay. I didn’t want to go back to Oklahoma so I tried to get a job, flipping burgers or anything but nobody wanted to hire the little Indian girl. This paid the bills and I had a nice place in a walk up that had a view of a park. Now I’m in diapers with the bunch of you.”

That got a chuckle out of some of them and even Diane cracked a smile. I was feeling my water from lunch start to make increased pressure on my bladder. It was only a matter of time before I soaked myself. I tried not to think about it.

“Tiesha,” prodded Janet, “Would you like to tell your story?”

“No,” she said, “I’m here, that’s enough. I ain’t gettin touchy feely with nobody.”

“I want to go next,” said Maria with a flair in her exaggerated hand waving, “I’m Puerto Rican and we are the most irresistible women on the planet. Men, especially college boys, couldn’t keep their hands off me, mostly after I had a few beers. They ask for me by name down on campus.”

“Rosa, how did you get here?” asked Janet.

“I come from Honduras to America to make good life,” she said with a heavy accent, “Man who brought me, tell me I pay more. I no have more. He tell me I make work for it. He make me do this. I no want to but he keep me.”

Finally Yin told her tail, “I am Chinese and ran away from home when I was 15. Even though I’m Chinese, everyone thinks I’m Japanese. Japanese school girls were in demand with the dirty old men. I put my plaid skirt and white blouse on and the guys want me all the time. I’m small so it works. Most of them just wanted to pull my panties down and do me from behind while I eat an ice cream or lick a lollipop. They are some sick fucks… Oops! Sorry.”

“That is one for Yin,” said Diane as she made another mark on her sheet.

Yin put her hand over her mouth, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it. I just slipped up.”

“That’s OK,” said Janet, “One fiber pill will not even be noticed. Sahlah, please go next.”

Sahlah was a dark skinned woman with very straight black hair. She was about the same color as I was but not as tall and very thin. When she came in, she wore a long white gown and had her hair up. She looked a little mysterious with all the eye shadow and jewelry. In scrubs, even with the diaper, she had something that made her seductive. Her manner was very subtle and deliberate.

“I am Sahlah but my American johns called me Sally,” she said the dark haired, dark skinned woman as she straightened her clothes, “I’m from Iraq but I do not remember it at all. I wanted to be dancer but I was only good enough to get a job at a gentleman’s club. Gentlemen my rear! It was good money but even better money in the back room. I’d still be there except I was making a bit too much money on the side. One of the other girls turned me in. I doubt anyone would pay to see an exotic dancer in a diaper, especially if I don’t take it off.”

The group talked a bit on the daily chores expected around the house. I, Maria and Katy were responsible for laundry. Kim, Monique and Turi were on dishes. Yin, Rosa and Jamie were vacuum and dusting, while Sally, Tiesha and Nikki were bathrooms. Everyone would switch duties every week so that nobody got a raw deal. Each of us would have 13 weeks of each chore in a years time.

After group, we milled about and some of us gathered into small clusters to discuss mutual interests and previous experiences. Everyone was in some group except Tiesha. She just sat alone, scowl on her face and a blank stare.

In my group was Maria and Katy. We thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other since we’d be working together on the laundry. Maria had worked in the laundry for a stint she did in the correctional facility a few years back. She said it was a good job.

Katy began to fidget a bit until Maria said something to her, “What’s the matter, girl?”

“That lemonade!” Katy blurted, “I can’t hold it much longer.”

Chapter 6

“Girl, just let it go,” said Maria, “I been dribbling in mine ever since lunch.”

Katy’s face contorted for a moment, “EW! Its so warm!”

Then a sense of relief washed over her. She’d wet her diaper. I was not yet that desperate. In my mind, I believed I could wait until morning when we’d be given a bathroom and shower break.

“See, it wasn’t as bad as you thought,” said Maria, “was it? After a minute, the warmth fades a bit and it doesn’t feel wet any more.”

Just then Diane returned with a couple of small cups of water and pill cups, “Jamie, Yin, time for your fiber pill punishment.”

Jamie stood up and downed her pills and water as if it was a whiskey shot without question. Yin, on the other hand, visibly shook as she slowly tipped the pill into her mouth. She only drank half the little Dixie cup of water and made an awful face after she swallowed like she’d be made to suck a lemon.

With that out of the way, Janet brought out a big box and sat on the book shelf where it barely fit. She called a name, Katy. As she did, she pulled out a smaller box and handed it to her. When my name was called, I took my box and looked it over. It a cell phone, nothing fancy but it was small and had a nice large display. It had a camera and a music player, too. After they were all given out she asked us to take a seat in the great room to learn how to use them.

“Here’s how they work,” said Janet, “You need to turn it on and confirm that it displays your name on the screen. Anyone with the wrong name, raise your hand.”

Nobody raised a hand so she continued with the instructions, “Now, press the menu button and scroll down to the belt option. They have already been keyed to your own belt so we don’t need to bother with the registration. Select the display option and press the OK button. It will show your changes left for today and time until the next change. All of you should show four changes and zeroes for time remaining except for Turi. She should have a count down timer and only three changes.”

We all looked intently at our phones and glanced at each others. The girls near Turi nodded as they watched her phone’s display count down to her next opportunity.

Kelly addressed Jamie, “Jamie, you earned an additional change and this is how you would receive one. Sending is the exact same, just one button down. You have a menu of the other girls in our little group. It works just like a text message. If you don’t use them all in a day, you can keep them for one week. They are like rollover minutes. We don’t allow cigarettes so you can use changes to make deals for chores or other things of value. This is not prison and we encourage you to be resourceful and inventive.”

Janet nodded and Diane keyed something into her phone. Everyone one in the room suddenly jumped. Our belts had begun to buzz and vibrate.

“That is the sound and feeling your belt will make when you forget your phone,” she snickered, “Because I know none of you would intentionally try to beat the system.”

Janet then asked for a volunteer, “Who’s still dry?”

Only three of us raised a hand, myself, Tiesha and Nikki. Janet surveyed the room and picked Nikki.

“You look like you might be into pain a bit after your discussion in group,” said Janet, “You up for an experiment?”

“No problem,” said Nikki, all cocky and bold, “I can take a punch.”

She nodded again and Nikki went stiff and her eyes bugged out as she dropped to her knees. She took a deep breath and fell forward onto her palms to rest.

“And you’ve just witnessed what will happen if you try to remove the belt, the panties or you stray too far from your phone,” Janet said as she helped Nikki back up, “You aren’t dry any more are you?”

Nikki hung her head and shook it side to side, “I’m lucky I didn’t shit my pants!”

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 7

Diane was about to make another note when Janet announced, “For being a good sport, I’m going to let that one slide.”

With that out of the way, Diane explained that we had an assignment to complete by dinner, which was in one hour, “You will write me a one page essay on why you believe you will succeed in this program. Spelling doesn’t count today. Now, go to your room and you may use your phone to call or text a counselor for help with your computer or for a change should you require one.”

That didn’t sound so bad. At least if I was going to piss my diaper I wouldn’t have to do it in front of these other girls like Turi, Katy and Nikki had. I also wanted to get a better look at what was under my scrubs without prying eyes.

Our doors were left unlocked and open if we wanted. I closed my door and looked in my full length mirror. My behind was not small any way but now it was very round, wider than usual. I ran my hand over my scrubs, felt the belt and overpanty through the material. With the scrubs pulled down, I could see the black bands that contrasted with the white overpanty against my red skin. The padding was quite thick and the overpant did nothing to muffle the crinkly plastic of the heavy duty diaper as I ran my hands over it.

My hands ran all over the panty and the belt that held it in place. The belt was not tight but it did not yield. The panty felt waterproof like a plastic or rubber but it was thicker than that. If I looked as close as you can at something around your crotch, I could see the metallic threads that we had been warned about.

Just then there was a knock on my door and in walked Diane, “Examining your clothing? Don’t worry, everyone does it the first time.”

I’m sure I was blushing, “I only wanted to see it up close. I wasn’t going to try anything, honest.”

“We would know,” Diane said, “You wouldn’t even get it half way off before we were notified. Now, do you need any help with your computer or do you prefer paper and pen?”

“I’m fine with the computer,” I said, “I learned a lot back home at the reservation school before I came out here.”

She continued with another question, “Are you dry or in need of a change?”

I’m sure I turned a little red, “No, I’m fine there as well.”

“Very well. That, too, shall change in time,” replied Diane, “There is a reward for writing your essay. Good luck.”

I sat down and started to work. A page was too little and I had to pare it down quite a bit. I finally the topics arranged like I wanted it and printed it. I was proud of it. I was going to succeed because I needed to be a success at something, to prove that I am capable of more than being a hooker.

My phone made a pinging sound. I looked at it and the screen displayed, ‘Dinner, bring your essay.’ I checked myself in the mirror to make sure my scrubs were adjusted and walked down to the table. The table was set with plates, silverware and glasses. The girls that took care of the dishes had set everything out to Janet’s specifications. She clapped her hands and we were allowed to sit. I was still dry but only for a little while longer. My knees where quivering while I was seated. The thought of more to drink made me shiver.

I couldn’t be sure but I think Monique was very wet. I think I heard her squish when she sat down next to me. All the girls had probably wet at least once by then. After the demonstration, only Tiesha and myself were still in a dry diaper. I would soon join them, though, probably before dinner was over. Tiesha looked nervous as well. I guess she was close to losing her water as well.

Janet, Diane and Kelly brought out the first of the food. Janet filled everyone’s water glass while Diane put a garden salad before each of us. Kelly had fresh rolls. Janet was definitely the leader and the others followed her lead.

“Ladies,” she said with the clink of a water glass, “The first course is a salad. There are Ranch, French and Thousand Island dressings on the table. We will use the small fork on the far left for the salad. Eat with your mouth closed and no elbows on the table. The small plate to your left with the butter knife is for your roll. Place your napkin in your lap and enjoy.”

I wasn’t much on salads but it look good with a few bacon bits and a sprinkle of cheese. I put Ranch dressing on mine and took the first bite. It was quite good. I finished mine pretty quickly because it was so flavorful.

“Jamie,” said Janet softly, “Elbows off the table. This isn’t a bar.”

Jamie replied, spewing bread crumbs all over her plate, “Sorry, I forgot about that sh…stuff.”

Janet smiled as Jamie caught herself and refrained from using a profane word. I should be so lucky. Diane and Kelly served soup next.

“This is French onion soup,” said Janet, “We will use the spoon, located to the right of your knife. It is hot and I don’t want to see anyone lifting the bowl off the table or hear any slurping. You may proceed.”

The soup was very good. I never ate much soup after I left Oklahoma. I don’t know why but it was better than I remember.

“When you are finished,” Janet demonstrated, “You place your utensils on the plate to indicate you are finished. That way a server knows you are ready to have the setting cleared.”

Janet waited until everyone had finished their soup before she summoned Diane and Kelly to bring the main course. It was a choice of two things, beef sirloin or vegetarian portabello mushroom. I chose the beef, as did most of the girls. Only Sally ate the vegetarian plate.

Someone, Turi I think, startled me with the drop of a fork to the floor and that did me in. I soaked myself but good. I was so shocked by the hissing sound and the spreading wetness down my rear that I froze. Katy did not miss the look. She tapped Maria’s arm and motioned toward me.

Chapter 8

Maria whispered across the table, “It will be OK. Try not to think about it and just eat.”

Despite whispering, she only drew more attention to me. Several of the girls giggled and a few shook their heads but Tiesha had beads of sweat popping out on her forehead. That girl had a cast iron bladder but it was about to blow as well. She was the last one of us to wet since being put in diapers earlier today.

The rest of the meal was hard for me to concentrate on with the soggy bulk between my legs. I’m quite sure it swelled up to make me even more aware of my shameful experience. At the end of the meal, Janet reminded us to finish our drink, per the house rules. We made a toast, to make it seem like we had a choice, to success.

Diane made an announcement about our clothing or rather the lack of it, “Tomorrow, you will pick out clothes. This is a private shopping day at a local store and a modest, conservative wardrobe will be purchased for you. You may make the selection but one of your counselors will have to approve it first. Five outfits on a budget of $500 so this is strictly off the rack. No designer stuff. You can’t wear it with a diaper any way.”

Kelly chimed in, “You have some free time between now and bedtime. Anyone needing a change before lights out should contact one of us or text before bedtime. Once in your room and lights out, you will be locked in and no changes until morning.”

When I stood up from the table, the soggy diaper had clung to my rear like a plaster cast. It was slightly quieter but that was not much comfort in a house full of other diapered women.

I caught Kelly on the way out and asked to get out of my wet diaper. She agreed and followed me to my room. I was quite curious how this was going to work on an ongoing basis. I had only been diapered the one time and that was rather stressful. Now, I was in need of a fresh diaper as I had soaked this one.

Kelly unlocked a closet door with a wave of her phone. The locks must be electronic just like the belts. She retrieved a diaper from a shelf marked with a large “M” for medium. The shelves were full of them. The top shelf was marked “L” for large and the lower shelf was “S” so it must have been for small. I guess I’m a medium girl.

She locked my room door behind her and motioned me to my bed, “Please, pull down your scrubs and lay down on the bed for me.”

I dropped my scrub bottoms to fully expose my retaining belt and overpanties. She touched her phone and my phone beeped, debiting me for the change, no doubt. The belt then automatically popped the clasps for the leg bands. It was a bit of a relief. She pulled the leg bands down, slid the waist belt up and I lifted my behind as she pulled the stiff white panties off of my crotch. My legs felt cool from the humidity that was trapped beneath them.

She looked at the side of the belt, “Good, you’ve got plenty of charge on this battery. If you feel a slight buzzing periodically, that is the low battery indicator. We will change the battery pack at the next change when it is low.”

Kelly pulled the first tape of my diaper. I quivered a bit. The rest of the tapes ripped loose. I closed my eyes, for the first time, embarrassed by my nakedness after all else I’d taken money to do with horny men.

“If, after a time,” started Kelly, “You feel uncomfortable, shaving down there will make it more hygienic.”

I shook my head in agreement, “OK. Do many of the girls do that?”

“Most will in time,” she replied, “I and Diane do. Janet, I’m not sure about.”

I lifted my rear as she slid the old soaked diaper out and the fresh one back under me. It was cool on my body as the slight draft of her movement fanned my previously confined regions. I shivered ever so slightly. My mind raced around the thoughts that I couldn’t form. From Indian girl to hooker to diapered trainee. How did it get this?

“You could have easily held two or even three more wettings in this diaper,” she said as she sealed my diaper into an evidence bag and slipped it into a drop tube by my door.

“It felt dirty,” I said, “I just wanted out of it.”

“You will have to get used to wetting more than once,” she said, “because you won’t have enough changes to always have a dry diaper when you wet.”

I nodded, in agreement. She sprinkled a bit of powder onto my crotch and rubbed it in without being provocative. The front of the diaper was pulled up and she taped the bottom tapes snuggly before moving on to the top tapes. My panties were repositioned and the waist belt was pulled down over the top waistband. The leg elastic bands were covered by the leg belts, which were secured to the waist belt. I was resecured and again trapped inside a diaper belt.

“I heard one of the girls in the program talking at her first change,” said Kelly, “she called the belt a bible belt because it made her pray it was over soon.”

I chuckled with her at that thought. It wasn’t funny but it was either laugh or cry. I, too, prayed that this would be over soon. As she unlocked the door, I pulled my scrubs back up. My first of many diaper changes had just been completed. Little did I know that I’d go through over a 1,000 diapers in a years time.

We were informed some time after that about the actual cost of the program. Even in bulk the diapers were approximately three dollars per day, per person. We each would use approximately $1,000 worth of diapers. Housing, food and clothing combined with the counselor’s salary made the investment in each of us something in excess of $28,000 for the year. If the state would have just given me $28,000 a year, I wouldn’t be on the street in the first place.

Each one of us were chosen because we had a shot at success. Nobody wanted us to fail. I know I didn’t want to fail. I wanted to succeed and get out of here, out of diapers and on with my life.

As our first day drew to a close, we were allowed, six at a time, into the separate private bathrooms to brush our teeth and whatever personal regimes we had. I normally just brushed my hair and use the bathroom but that was now just brushing my hair while in the program. We were locked into our rooms at 9:45PM and the lights out was at 10:30PM. I wrote in my journal, which helped me remember all the details of that first day.

I did not sleep well that first night. The sound proofed room was too quiet. It was almost deafening without the sounds of traffic, sirens, shouting and general city life. I tossed and turned and tried to rest. Some time around 3:00AM I had the urge to pee. No matter how hard I tried to put it out of my mind, the pressure reminded me of my earlier embarrassment at the dinner table.

Chapter 9

By 6:00AM I was desperate. I squatted in the corner of my room and relaxed my bladder. The relief was instant and so was the remorse. How could I have so easily wet myself? An adult just didn’t do these things! Yet, here I lay, back in my bed with a wet diaper between my legs and I was finally able to fall asleep again.

My alarm went off at 6:30AM and a knock came shortly after. I did not get a chance to answer before I heard the door unlock.

Kelly opened the door and said, “Breakfast is in 30 minutes. Get your scrubs on and be ready for breakfast unless you want your shower break before breakfast.”

As much as I was tempted, I declined, “No, I think I can wait until after breakfast. My, uh, diaper is not wet enough.”

“Trust me,” said Kelly, “Some of the girls need a shower break already. Be glad you don’t stink like they do.”

“NO!” I said a little too loudly as I held my stomach with one hand and my other hand slid toward my behind, “I won’t do that. I can hold it.”

Kelly chuckled and said as she left to open the next room, “They all say that! That food has to go somewhere!”

I shudder at the thought. I knew, sooner or later, I’d have to go but I hoped I’d be able to hold on until the bathroom and shower break.

Downstairs, several of the girls were milling about, waiting for the invitation to be seated. Maria and Kim had wet hair so I figured they had taken showers. Several girls were still missing, Katy and Sally, I thought.

When breakfast was ready, it was buffet style. There was a plate each of bacon, bagels, eggs, fruit and cold cereal but none of the good cereals with frosting or chocolate. Orange juice, decaf coffee and milk were in iced pitchers on the table.

I ate a bagel with cream cheese, a few slices of bacon and a glass of orange juice. I would have eaten more but I didn’t want to push my luck.

As I was dumping my plate of scraps and placing my dishes in the sink, I overheard Diane and Janet talking about something. I only caught a part of it but I’m sure Janet had won a bet. I didn’t hear everything but I believe Janet won on the grounds that Maria had soiled her diaper first. It really creeped me out to hear them joking about someone being forced to mess them self. I turned to leave and ran smack into Kelly as I turned.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“Uh, yes, I’m fine,” I replied.

“Well, I’ve been looking for you,” said Kelly, “It is your turn in the bathroom. Time to shower.”

“I need a few more minutes,” I begged, “I’m not ready yet. I wanted another glass of juice.”

She nodded and I got another drink of juice. When I was finished, she escorted me to one of the bathrooms and had me strip off my scrubs.

“Put the dirty clothes in the chute. You and your landry team will pick them up in the basement and do the wash,” said Kelly.

I agreed and she keyed her phone to release my straps. The leg straps fell to the ground and she helped me out of the panties. They had made slight pressure marks around my thighs and waist.

“OK, do you need help with your diaper?” she asked, “If not, you’ve got 20 minutes before someone returns to diaper you.”

I shook my head no as I tore the tapes loose. It felt good to be free and I immediately sat on the toilet to relieve myself. I prayed for a bowel movement and was not disappointed. The shower was hot and I enjoyed the water running down my back. I shaved my legs and the lathered my crotch. Might as well start now, I thought. When I exited the shower, Diane was waiting for me.

“I see you took the advice,” she smiled, “You’ll come to appreciate it.”

Without the black patch of hair between my legs, I looked odd in the mirror. My dark skin, still slightly wet from the shower humidity, cooled as the mist cleared.

“It itches a little bit,” I said, “Is there some lotion or something I can rub on it?”

“Oh, I’ll take care of that,” said Diane, “Did you use the toilet?”

“YES!” I barked, “Thank goodness!”

She smiled as she positioned the fresh diaper under my behind. She squirted a little lotion directly on my bald mound and I shivered. It was cool to the skin and she rubbed it in. The coolness subsided, as did the itching.

She quickly fastened the diaper on me and slid the leg bands back on over the panties. Once the straps were all attached, I put on a fresh set of scrubs as my hair dried.

“Now, go to your room and wait,” she said, “And don’t forget your phone. Today we go shopping!”

Wow, I had completely forgotten about the shopping trip. It was sounding a little weird to go shopping in scrubs and diapers but it was better than being couped up in the house all day!

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 10

I didn’t have any makeup at all. Not any eye liner, not even any lipstick. We didn’t even have any hair spray! I tried as best I could to make my thick black hair presentable. There was just a hint of red at the ends from when I had tried to dye it auburn. I’d just as soon forget that experience. People with my skin and hair should stick to black hair.

The van was loaded with all the women and the counselors. We departed the garage and several of the women chatted with each other on the way. Tiesha was the only one that didn’t mingle with the rest of us.

Maria and Rosa drifted in and out of Spanish. I’m not sure what they were talking about but they were animated, using their hands and laughing. Monique, Katy and Turi compared nails even though I doubted we’d be permitted to buy nail polish. My own nails were short from me biting them constantly. It was a nervous habit I have had since about 14. I would later be broken of it in a most effective way but that is much later.

It didn’t seem like we were only traveling for very long when we slowed, turned into a parking lot and into a covered garage. We disembarked and all 15 of us piled into two service elevators. The signs said we were in the River Walk Mall. The rest of the parking garage was empty so I wasn’t sure what was going on.

We were taken up an access hall into a store. It was a JCPenny’s and the front windows were covered with brown paper. They were closed for an upcoming sale. How convenient for us. At least nobody but the store employees would see our wide, heavily padded bottoms.

“Is this the group?” asked a woman that appeared to be in charge.

“Yes,” replied Janet, “These are the nurses and orderlies we are helping out today.”

So, Janet had a cover story. At least it explained why we were all wearing scrubs. I was beginning to like Janet’s style. I had to admit, her fib was more believable than the truth.

“Always glad to help,” said the manager, “Here’s the store gift cards. It won’t ring up things they are not allowed to buy.”

Each of us was handed a card and pointed in the general direction of the women’s wear area. Nikki and I were looking in the same area. She was a bit smaller than me but only in height. I held a floral dress up to myself and looked for a mirror.

“No, too bright,” said Nikki, “You are more like me. You should go with an earthy solid color.”

She held up a brown dress that came to about my knees. It looked like it would fit me. I accepted the hanger and continued to look around.

“Thanks,” I said to Nikki, “What are you looking for?”

“Black! But I’m sure the counselors will veto it,” she said.

We got two outfits a piece to try on, the one she gave me and another of a navy blue skirt and white blouse. We found two dressing rooms close to each other and tried on our outfits. Nikki’s black outfits actually looked pretty nice if it where not for her orange hair. My outfits met with her approval.

We joked about the clothes and our situation when I asked, “Does this diaper make my ass look big?”

“I laughed so much, I peed myself,” said Nikki.

“It wasn’t that funny and I’m tinkling right now!” I chimed in.

When we had spent what we thought was our limit, Nikki and I went to the closest counselor, Kelly, to get her approval. She gave us the nod of approval so we went to a checkout counter. Nikki had $74 left and I had $85. That got us both three outfits, three bras, two pairs of shoes, belts and other minor accessories. We strolled back to Kelly with the same goal in mind.

“Kelly, we have some money left,” said Nikki, “Can we get some basic makeup items? Just a little lipstick, some foundation and maybe hair spray?”

She furled her brow a bit, “No blush and no eye shadow. Nothing outlandish.”

With great glee, we ventured like school girls to the counter. We were very conservative about our choices. Kelly let us have it all and there was nothing but a few bucks left on our cards. I was over joyed at our success.

We waited and watched as some of the other girls had their selections rejected. For one, no panties were allowed and Jamie’s halter top and mini skirt didn’t make the cut. Yin’s white blouse and plaid skirt didn’t help her former school girl look and was summarily rejected. All in all, it took nearly two hours for everyone to get enough clothes to satisfy the counselors.

There was a bit of a shock on the way back to the house. The chatter stopped and even the counselors were caught a bit off guard.

Jamie announced, “Sorry, girls! I can’t help it.”

No sooner had she said it, her face contorted and the interior began to fill with the horrid odor of her fouled diaper. Janet took pity on us and cracked the electric windows. It helped, but only slightly.

Once back at the house, Diane looked at Jamie and asked, “I expect you will want a change immediately?”

Jamie half giggled, “I’m sitting in my own fucking shit, what the hell do you think, you stupid cunt?”

Diane’s eyes nearly bugged out, “I think you just earned an even heavier dose of fiber a little more time with your own stench!”

Diane escorted Jamie to her room and locked her in. At least the rest of us didn’t have to suffer her noxious punishment. I was grateful I had managed to avoid messing myself this morning.

Chapter 11

Janet broke up the somber mood, “OK, after lunch, we will have a fashion show. Each of you put on your best outfit and show the other girls what you purchased.”

Jamie rejoined us for lunch only a few minutes late. She did not stink any more and was a bit more contrite. Diane handed her a cup full of fiber pills to take after her meal for her foul mouthed outburst. She tossed it back and swallowed the remainder of her water. Once the dishes were cleared, we had our fashion show.

Everyone chose dresses and skirts for their favorite outfit. There wasn’t a pant leg in the place save our scrubs. After all, why advertise our forced underwear selection. I wore my blouse and navy blue skirt with my black flats. It hid my diapered rear very well, indeed. There wasn’t any hiding the sound, though. Every single one of us rustled down the runway.

Several of the girls already had large behinds. Their clothes did not make much difference. Monique was a big girl and her backside was even larger with her pleated dark green dress and extra padding.

You could see nothing of Katy’s diapered bottom. Her small frame and the ample skirt made her the most normal appearing of us all. She looked as if she had worked in an office all her life. If any one of us could pull this off with diapers on, it was going to be Katy.

Jamie, on the other hand, still looked like white trash. I’d still guess her for a $20 street walker, even in her nice pink sweater and shiny yellow shirt. Somehow, she still made them look pitiful and bleak. We all clapped any way. We clapped for everyone when it was all said and done.

Diane informed the laundry team that it was time to learn about our duties. The laundry crew, which consisted of Maria, Katy and myself, where shown the laundry room. We had quite a load of scrubs to wash, dry and fold. Janet made sure we were comfortable with the machines and the procedure. She smiled and left us to the task.

We didn’t have to sort the scrubs, they were all the same color. They had labels sewn in so we knew how to separate them when we folded them. Katy showed me Monique’s scrub bottoms. They were stained heavily in the crotch. We all giggled as we loaded two machines with the scrubs and set them to wash. We hung out and chatted over the machines while we waited for the rinse cycle.

Maria was leaning against the washer when it hit the spin cycle, “Oh! That’s pretty nice feeling.”

Katy asked her what she was talking about, “Have you gone off your rocker?”

“No, feel this machine,” said Maria, “Especially with my wet diaper, the rocking and vibration might even get me off!”

Katy and I both raised our eyebrows. Despite the naughty thing Maria was talking about, we all leaned against it and got the idea.

“Gosh, we’ve replaced men with washing machines!” said Katy.

“What’s the world coming to?” I asked.

“Oh, GOD!” gurgled Maria as she braced against the wall and tossed her head down, “I’m coming!”

I just looked on, stunned. Katy didn’t know what to make of it. We looked at each other and then back to Maria, who mumbled something in Spanish.

“It wasn’t that great, Maria,” I shot at her, “What’s the deal with you?”

Maria grinned at me, “Your diaper isn’t wet enough or you’d know what I mean.”

I was unwilling to continue this line of discussion, which was pretty much over when the spin cycle stopped. We tossed the clothes into the dryers with a dryer sheets and started them up. It started to get warm and we walked up the steps to see what the other girls were doing. Most were off doing their own chores, which we would eventually rotate into as someone else would rotate into doing laundry.

I wandered through the kitchen to find Turi and her crew stacking dishes in the cupboards. Turi was wiggling and shifting in her footsteps. Every now and then, she would tug on her scrubs.

“Something bothering you, Turi,” I inquired, “You look uncomfortable.”

“My stomach is acting up and Janet says I have 42 minutes before I can request another change,” she sighed, “It itches and burns a bit. I can hold out if I don’t have to sit down. I just can’t hold it. My stomach hates me.”

I felt sorry for her but there was nothing any of us could do for the next 42 minutes. At least she didn’t stink like Jamie when she had her accident in the van. I offered her a change from my phone to help out. She thanked me and promised to not forget it.

The counselors gathered us all together just before dinner and announced that we would be working for at least one week in one of several facilities. All of them were assisted living facilities to some degree. One group of four would go to the local retirement village, another group would go to the convalescent home for people recovering and the last group would go to the nursing home. We were to be orderlies and assistants, to do whatever was required from mopping floors to changing diapers.

At these jobs, we could wear our scrubs and our diapers would not be a problem since one counselor would be at each location to supervise. Diaper changes would be taught so that we could master the task, should we be granted the opportunity in the future.

It would be an opportunity, we were told, to interact with the public without the mental baggage we all carried. No price negotiations, no working on our backs. We would not, unfortunately, be paid in money we could use. Our pay would be credited to an account we could access on special occasions, such as our shopping trip. The counselors would help us learn to manage our resources.

I was actually thrilled to know I would be working at a real job, even if I had to empty bed pans. That was all I ever really wanted in the first place. Now I could get out of this life I never really wanted to be in to begin with.

Chapter 12

Some of the other girls were not as lucky. Turi, for one, had digestive issues. She needed five and sometimes six changes in a day and had to trade services for them. Her worst problem was the mandatory hour between changes. In just two days she’d burned through a lot of trades and a few goodwill gifts from myself.

The next morning went without incident for myself but Maria related her trials of the night and morning while we were talking about our impending first day of work, “I got a cramp at 2:00AM. Those tomatoes on the salad really hurt my tummy. I was in pain until 3:30AM. Then, I couldn’t take any more and I doubled over and BOOM! I had a blowout! It was such a relief until I realized I had to stay in my mess for another couple of hours!”

Katy and I both crinkled our noses and made the ‘ew’ sound. Maria just shook her head and continued to run her hands through her long black hair. Her hair had a slight wave where as mine was very straight.

“You know, if you was not so tall, you could pass for Puerto Rican,” said Maria.

“No, I’m Native American and proud of it,” I piped up, “My people welcomed your people off the boat, so to speak.”

Katy, seeing the seeds of an argument, changed the subject, “So, are either of you shaving? One of the counselors told me it makes cleanup easier and rashes less frequent.”

I nodded, “I heard the same thing. It makes me a little tender, though.”

Maria laughed, “Chicas, my money maker hasn’t had hair in years!”

Janet hurried us through Breakfast with the warning, “Today we begin working and any diaper changes away from here may not be as easy so I’d advise anyone to change before we leave.”

We had no idea, at the time, what she was talking about but someone was bound to find out. I just hoped it wasn’t me.

We loaded into the van and headed out. I was in the first group. We unloaded in front of The Springs Nursing Home. It was myself, Rosa, Yin and Kim. Diane was our counselor that got out with us. Diane reminded us to keep our phones close. We walked into the building, following Diane.

“These are the volunteers,” said Diane, “Here’s my ID. Where do you want us?”

The head nurse smiled, winked and said, “Nice batch of beginners. Start on the second floor and show them what they are expected to do.”

Diane walked to the elevator and pushed the up button. We rode up to the second floor and exited. It smelled of stale air and disinfectant.

We followed her into the first room, “This is what we will be doing. Checking the patients hygiene and altering as necessary. That’s a PC way of saying we will be changing diapers.”

Diane looked at the chart of the patient, scanned it a bit, pulled on a pair of blue gloves and gently pulled back the sheet. The little old lady was very frail. She probably weighed 80 pounds. Her diaper was obviously very wet. It was a terrible blue color and the wet area was green.

Diane expertly untaped the diaper, cleaned the woman’s privates and put her into a fresh diaper. She covered her, removed her gloves and marked it on the chart. She fluffed the lady’s pillow and we went to the next room.

“Now, it is your turn, Grace,” said Diane.

I picked up the chart and Diane pointed at the last change. She handed me a pair of gloves and I struggled to put them on. I pulled the cover back on the rather large old man. He looked at me with a wild eyed stare. His hands were strapped down.

I untaped the leaking diaper and cleaned him. He smelled of acrid urine but I finished cleaning him as best I could. The diapers I wore were thick and white. These were nothing like that. They were blue in color and extremely flimsy. They were little more than trash bags and toilet paper. I finished diapering him and changed the underpad as well. Diane reminded me to note the change on the chart.

The next patient was Rosa’s turn. She did the little old woman much faster than I had. She learned quick. We later found out she used to work in a factory where she was paid by the piece.

Yin took her turn and the poor woman she had to change was restless and had nasty diarrhea all over herself. Diane coached her through the extra care with the delicate skin of the aged. A thick, white barrier cream was applied before the new diaper was closed up.

The next diaper change was male patient on an IV and oxygen. He appeared comatose and near death. Just skin and bones. Kim gently cleaned and diapered the man and documented it.

“Well, now you’ve all got one under your belt,” said Diane, “You are on your own for the next hour. If you have a problem, text me and I’ll come find you. If you find a patient with visitors, just tell them it is routine and pull the privacy curtain.”

I was on my own for about ten minutes when Diane passed back by to check on me and I told her, “I’m fine. Nothing I can’t handle.”

After nearly an hour I had to relieve myself. It was still an odd feeling, the warmth and the expanding diaper, but I put it out of my mind and kept working on the current patient. At least their wet diapers were getting changed. Mine was still wet and I had to wear it at least until lunch.

I entered the next patient’s room and noticed she had a visitor. I thought I recognized her but didn’t say a word other than the routine speech. I thought I saw in her eyes that she recognized me but I couldn’t place her. I finished, what I heard her say was her grandmother, and went on to the next one.

Diane rounded us all up for lunch. We ate in the lunch room with the other staff. I had lasagna and garlic bread, as did Kim. Yin had chicken and rice while Rosa had roast beef and potatoes. Diane did not sit with up and told use we could mix with them if we liked but we would only be here for a week, two at tops. Then most of us would be moving on to another job.

“Diane,” I started, “I need a change before I start back to work.”

Chapter 13

Diane looked around, “Anyone else?”

All the girls needed a change. The twist was that Diane took us all to an empty room and had us take turns climbing onto the bed. She released our belts and debited us for the change but made one of the other girls change us. Yin changed my diaper and instead of one of the good diapers we normally used, I was put into one of the terribly thin blue diapers just like I’d been changing all day.

Despite how noisy our regular diapers were, these were louder. They certainly didn’t feel as substantial and were quite rough feeling to the tender areas they rubbed against. This was the worst diaper I could imagine.

After I was finished, I changed Yin. She was much wetter than I and her panties had some wetness in them that I soaked up. For such a small girl she sure could pee. Then Rosa and Kim changed each other. None of us were pleased with the new diaper.

“So, you will probably wait a while longer before asking for a change tomorrow,” chided Diane.

We each silently agreed. Then, again, what choice did we have?

After lunch and changes, we checked more patient diapers but also took some of them outside to the courtyard in wheel chairs for some fresh air. It was good to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Before I knew it, my phone was buzzing. It was a text from Diane to come back to the reception area. The van would be picking us up in 10 minutes. I was surprised that our first day was over so quickly. Just eight hours from start to finish, counting lunch, was a lot less time than I normally worked at my ‘other’ job.

When the van picked us up I was still dry but just barely. I finally had to let a little out on the ride home, what with all the bumps and pot holes. Right away I could tell these diapers sucked. The wetness spread out but not far and it still felt really wet. I couldn’t wait to get back and get out of it and into something more comfortable.

“Maria,” I asked from behind her, “Did your group get changed with the local diaper?”

She nodded, “Yes, why?”

“Well, the ones we got were horribly thin and blue,” I told her.

“The ones we used were white but not like ours,” said Maria, “They are thinner and have three tapes per side. They don’t hold as much but they are OK for a while.”

I shrugged, “Hmm, the ones we got are awful. I wet just once and I’m afraid it is going to overflow. I’m holding it now until we get back.”

She giggled and before I knew it we were back at the house.

I was changed again right before dinner and was glad to be back in something that felt substantial and offered some protection. I know how that sounds, but if you are going to be in diapers, trust me, better pick the best one you can. You may still hate it but at least you will be more comfortable.

Dinner was nice and relaxed. Three kinds of pizza, salad and several different drinks, including some sodas. It was a bit of a celebration for our first day at real jobs. Diane brought out an ice cream cake to top it off. I stuff myself silly!

Poor Jamie! She had an accident, rather loudly, while eating some cake and let loose with a stream of profanity. Diane just shook her head and put her plate down.

“Come with me, Jamie,” said Diane.

“Hell, I want to finish my fucking cake!” said Jamie, “It is too late any way.”

Diane let her finish a few more bites while she went to retrieve a handful of fiber tablets, “You do know this is a vicious circle? The more you curse, the more fiber you get. The more fiber you get, the more and larger your bowel movements are.”

“No shit, Sherlock?” said Jamie.

The whole group of girls were both sad and tickled by Jamie’s actions. I, for one, was glad that I was not the subject of the humor and humiliation. The rest of the evening was much more boring, thank goodness.

The next morning, things were pretty normal. We just had fruit or cold cereals to eat. Nothing fancy and it was a quick morning before we headed off to our second day at work. I was so excited! I was even first into the van!

At work, we again had Diane as our counselor. We jumped right into work and made the morning diaper changing rounds. I didn’t have too many messy ones. Most were just wet and I did my best to make them comfortable again. I actually enjoyed it. I felt a kindred spirit to all of the souls also in diapers.

The morning just flew by. It was noon before I realized it. One of the regular staff, a thin, slightly graying older lady of maybe 50, came to let me know it was time to eat. Lunch was a welcome break and we talked as we walked to the cafeteria.

“So, how long have you worked here?” I asked the nurse, Miss Dana.

“I’ve worked here for about three years. I’ve enjoyed it,” said Dana, “I know you girls will only be here for a week but I like to get to know all of you. We sometimes ask one or two to stay on. With your requirements, it usually works quite well.”

“Our requirements?” I asked, half fearing the answer, “How do you mean?”

“Dear, we know about your… how shall I put it,” said Miss Dana with a knowing look, “You have more in common with your patients than you let on.”

I looked away, “What all do you know?”

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 14

“To be honest,” said Dana, “I know you were arrested for something nonviolent and as terms of your release you have to live in a halfway house and you are confined in diapers. Am I close?”

Reluctantly I nodded my head, “You pretty much nailed it. Wet as charged!”

“Oh! Do you need a change, young lady?” asked Dana sympathetically.

I shook my head, “No, I’m trying to make this one last a bit longer. Diane will put me into one of the awful blue ones.”

“Oh, I see,” said Dana, “Those are all the insurance will pay for in this place. By regulation, they only have to last two hours and they do that.”

We both giggled as we walked into the dining area. I sat with Miss Dana and a few of her coworkers. She introduced me to them. All of them were older and were mostly working to have something to do. None of them seemed worried about a thing except getting the full hour for lunch.

As I finished my lunch, I wondered if all the ladies at the table knew I was in diapers, unable to remove them myself, like all my program coworkers. I thought to myself, in spite of it all, I could work here. If I were allowed to work here after my first week, I was sure I’d jump at the chance.

After lunch, I was summoned to change Yin but I did not take a change myself. She was quite soaked, much wetter than I. Her panties were pretty wet as well. I cleaned them before refastening her into her restraints. She would be getting a freshly laundered pair at her next change at home.

Instead of getting a change at that time, I returned to finish my assigned patients. I was quite wet myself but no where near as wet as Yin. I was hoping to make it hold a bit longer, to avoid the terribly thin nursing home diapers. As long as I didn’t have to sit, I should be OK. Every time I wet, the warmth and dampness tingled down there. I had to admit, it was not entirely as repulsive as I had felt that first day in the program.

Between finishing my round of diaper changing and shuttling the patients to the outside grounds, I finally had to signal for a change. Yin and Diane met me and Yin expertly changed my diaper. She was every bit as good as any of the counselors. She taped a very tight diaper and it felt much better than yesterday. It was, however, still a less than perfect diaper.

So far, if you didn’t count the awful nursing home diapers, I was getting by with three changes a day, one of which was the morning shower. I’d learned to tolerate being wet for a bit and even came to enjoy wettings in certain situations. I still did not like being confined to them. I was always soaked by morning, what with all the fluids they push through us. The morning shower was always my first change. Then, I had all I could take and got another diaper change some time after lunch. With luck, that diaper would hold up until sometime in the evening when I would get my late change that would take me until the morning shower the next day.

On the third day of my work at the nursing home, something happened, something bad. I was completely taken by surprise. I tried not to think about it but I will tell you about it as best I can.

Sometime in the middle of the morning I was hit, out of the blue, on the back of the head. I was dragged groggily into an empty room and forced, face down, onto the bed. I heard a familiar voice and I could not believe it. This could not be happening to me. I made a break with my past and I was moving on.

“Hello, Gracy!” said Bobby, my pimp, in a very smug voice, “Did you miss me?”

I tried to fight back but my body was pinned to the bed with his weight, “Let me up, you scum!”

Bobby just held me there as I heard his zipper go down, “I’ve missed you, Squaw! Time to reaquaint you with your true love.”

“No, Bobby!” I screamed as I felt him yank down my scrub bottoms.

“What the fuck is this shit?” I heard Bobby mumble half to himself.

He was looking at my white overpanties and the thick confinement belts, “None of your business! I’m not that person any more!”

Bobby laughed, “It won’t stop me, bitch!”

I heard his knife click open and he proceeded to slit my panties. I was instantly hit with an excrutiating pain around my waist. I stiffened as the pulses of high voltage jolted my muscles like an electric fence, over and over again. I may have even passed out. I certainly wet myself.

When I came to, Diane was hovering over me, looking down into my eyes along with Miss Dana. Yin, Rosa and Kim were anxiously looking on when I looked around.

I tried to get up but Diane held me down, “Take it easy. You’ve had the entire power of the belt blasted through you. The batteries are drained. When he attacked you and violated the seal of the panties, it set off my alarm.”

They finally let me stand and I could see Bobby, gagged and strapped to the bed. He was seething and sweat poured out of his pores.

I tried to form a sentence, “He… What? And… Thanks!”

Diane told me how it happened, “One of your former coworkers saw you Monday and told your former manager. He ambushed you and I subdued him with Dana’s help. He will be dealt with. I think you are done for the day.”

Dana chimed in, “All I did was help her strap him to the bed. Didn’t Diane tell you? She used to be US Marine hand to hand combat instructor.”

“No, I’m OK,” I begged, “Please let me finish my duties. Just let me have a dry diaper and I’ll be fine. Honest! I just want to get back to work.”

Dana looked at Diane and said, “If she’s up to it, I see no problem. She can have a fresh diaper and take her time.”

Chapter 15

“OK, I’ll call a cleanup team in and have this pile of garbage dealt with,” said Diane, “He will regret his actions for quite some time. I’ll have no problem getting a court order to have him held in contempt of a court order with special circumstances.”

“What will you do to him,” asked Yin, beating me to the question.

“He will be taught a very important lesson,” said Diane, “He will be given a paralytic IV. Every voluntary muscle in his body will be immobilized. It is a derivative of blow fish toxin, depriving him of all motion. He will only be able to breath and swallow. He ability to feel will be acutely preserved but will be completely motionless and unable to utter a sound. He will be in a prison without any bars or guards. A prisoner of his own body.”

Rosa held her hand to her mouth, “Oh my! No moving, no banyo? He be like us?”

Loud enough for Bobby to hear Diane explained, “He will be able to swallow but he won’t be able to chew. He will have to be fed very soft food, easily digestible. Unfortunately, this often causes severe diarrhea. He will be fully diapered for the year he will be in the waking coma. To the outside world he will look completely unresponsive but he will hear and feel every single disgusting bit of it. In a year, when the paralytics are stopped, he won’t be able to lift a finger, literally. He’ll spend another six weeks in rehab. Quite fitting actually.”

Bobby obviously understood what he was in for as he became quiet and then burst into a muffled stream of profanity. It was almost comical now. He was going to experience his own personal hell, in diapers, no less.

“Will I be changing his diapers?” I asked.

“If we allow them to be changed, I suppose you can,” said Diane, "as she injected his arm with something and his eyes grew wider.

Bobby struggled only briefly before he went limp shortly afterwards and Miss Dana said, “Now, I’m going to strip him.”

She pulled out her medical shears and began trimming the garish clothing off of him as if he was in an emergency room. It reminded me of a scene in a TV show where an accident patient is brought in and they have to get to some vital area. She quickly had him naked. He had many tattoos and several scars. Some I had never seen before.

Diane spoke in admiration of Miss Dana, “She used to be an ER nurse. She was quite good at her job, don’t you think?”

Once Bobby was naked, Dana shaved his groin and stepped back away from him when finished, “Grace, ready to diaper this big sissy?”

I pulled on a fresh pair of purple exam gloves and Diane helped me roll Bobby onto his side as I slid the thin, blue diaper under him. I diapered him like I would any other patient, despite my secret desire to hurt him.

Diane patted me on the shoulder, “You did a fine job. Now, let us get you into a fresh diaper yourself. You are starting to leak since your overpanties are torn.”

I looked behind me. My scrubs had a wet spot on the back of my left leg. I was so mortified, to have a leak in my diaper. It was the first but in a years time, it was not the last time I was unable to keep my pants dry.

“I’m so sorry!” I mumbled profusely, “I should have asked for a change. I didn’t…”

Diane cut me off, “Dear! You were assaulted. Attacked by this animal. Don’t worry about it. We just need to get you changed. Now, come along.”

I was changed this time by Diane herself. She must have been feeling extremely generous since she changed me into one of her own, better diapers. I didn’t have to wear the nursing home diaper that day. She helped me back up and gave me a fresh pair of scrub bottoms to wear.

“Thank you,” I said.

“You are very brave. If anyone can make this program work for them,” she smiled and hugged me, “I’d bet my bottom dollar on you, Grace. I trust you since your belt is drained and your panties were torn. Don’t let me down.”

That made me feel good about myself. She seemed to have confidence in me, confidence I wasn’t sure I had in myself. I took that as a compliment, one diaper wearer to another. Now that I thought about it, I had never seen any of the counselors make any mention of wearing diapers or needing changes other than that first day when they revealed the fact. Diane obviously had a very good handle on it. I resolved to be as confident as Diane from now on.

Diane took me back to see Bobby at the end of the day before we were picked up by the van. He looked pitiful. His eyes followed me and he was hooked up to a monitoring device that beeped and flashed on a monitor. His breathing was slow and shallow. An IV was in his arm and a very stern looking man stood by his door when we entered.

“Speak to him,” said Diane, “He can see and hear you. He’s been given the paralytic. He can’t move a muscle but he can still feel your touch.”

Chapter 16

“Bobby,” I said with all my might, “I am never going to work for you again. I’m out. I’m making something of my life, something you should seriously consider. I hope this teaches you a lesson, to change your ways.”

His eyes followed me but there was no indication anything else was happening. I checked his diaper, just like I would any other patient. He was wet. Diane nodded and I changed him. He was very wet and very limp. I almost felt sorry for him except he had brought this all upon himself. If he had just left me alone, this wouldn’t be happening to him. I was not to blame, he was.

That evening, after we’d returned home, Kelly had a talk with me while she was putting a freshly charged battery in my belt then a clean diaper and new overpanties on me, “Diane relayed what happened to Janet and I. You were very brave. I suspect Yin and the rest will have spread it around to the rest of the girls by dinner. Are you OK?”

“Really,” I pleaded, “I’m fine. I’ve been beat worse than that. I just want to finish the program and be normal.”

“I understand,” she said, “I’m glad you feel that way. I’m going to see that you get to take some diapers with you to work. It is the least we can do. You are a strong woman.”

I thanked her and she assured me I would be completing the program if they had anything to do with it. That was the best news I’d heard since being in this place. Diapers seemed like just another rite of passage, like an initiation hazing. I was going to make it!

At dinner, everyone was buzzing about my adventure. The girls on either side of me, Maria and Katy, aka the laundry crew, kept pelting me with questions.

“So, did the shock hurt?” asked Maria, “Did you really pass out?”

“Yes, it hurt. I passed out from the constant shocks,” I told her.

“What about the torn panties? How did he tear them?” asked Katy.

“He cut them, I think,” I replied, “He usually carries a switchblade and I heard it open right before I was knocked out.”

From across the table, Rosa chimed in, “He a bad gringo! He pay mucho. He like us, pee him pañal.”

Diane put her two cents in, “Yes, Mr Willsworth will be in diapers for a year, just like you ladies. Only, in a year he’ll not be able to stop immediately. He was put under an order by the court, similar to each of you. Only his order included complete physical paralysis. This part of the program wasn’t quite ready but Mr Willsworth presented such a great opportunity for a pilot study that the judge felt compelled to approve it. You see, violent offenders are poorly served by prisons. This is rehabilitation by alternative means.”

I asked Diane, somewhat amazed, “So, Bobby is the first of a new program? Coma patients?”

“It is more a persistent vegetative state, really,” said Diane, “The next batch of girls in this nonviolent program will most likely be tending the first batch of the violent program.”

Janet decided the meal was going too slowly, “Girls, please! Less talking and more eating. We will have a chance to talk with Grace at group this evening.”

At the end of the meal, I had no idea why but Jamie was again given a whole pill cup full of fiber pills. She tossed them back with the style we’d come to expect of her. She never complained, just took her medicine, so to speak.

“You know, since I’ve been taking these things,” said Jamie, “I’ve been feeling a lot better!”

At the beginning of the group session, Janet and Jamie were the last to join the circle. Jamie looked like she had been crying but she was a tough gal.

Janet addressed the circle of girls, “Congratulations! Each and everyone of you has passed the first round of drug tests. Some of you had residual levels upon entering but even those showed declines so we will celebrate with a day out.”

That got a round of cheers and applause, not to mention a lot of smiles. Jamie tried to smile but it was forced and not genuine. I was not the only one to notice. Kelly started the discussion by addressing my attack earlier today.

Kelly setup the situation before turning it over to me, “Ladies, Grace, as you know, had a terrible event today. There are rumors and speculation flying so we’ll let Grace tell her story!”

I stood up and cleared my throat, “Well, today has been very interesting. Diane told me I was the only person to ever run the battery on our belts all the way down. My pimp, Bobby, found me because one of his other girls was visiting her mother in the nursing home I was working at. She told him and Bobby attacked me from behind. He cut my overpanties and the whole of the belt shocked me into unconsciousness. The next thing I remembered was everyone looking down on me.”

Monique raised her hand and Janet pointed to her, “Why didn’t you fight back?”

“I tried,” I said, “but he caught me by surprise and I was pinned against the bed. It all happened so fast that I couldn’t do anything.”

Sally had a question, “Why did he cut the panties?”

“He was going to rape me,” I said, “Bobby likes it rough and he was forcing himself upon me. The belt and panties surprised him. Being impulsive, he cut a big gash in them and I don’t know what he thought when he saw the diaper underneath.”

Nikki started talking without raising her hand, “Awesome! How bad did it hurt when you were shocked? Do you think he’d have gotten shocked if he tried to continue his attack?”

“It hurt like h…heck,” I said, catching myself before I earned a pill for my trouble, “And I hope it would have shocked him where the sun don’t shine!”

Tiesha was acknowledged, “Did you really change his diaper?”

Chapter 17

That was a first! Tiesha, for the first time, participated in group discussion freely. Maybe that girl had a crack in her armor after all. She was tough but something like my attack must have struck a raw nerve.

“Twice,” I replied with a wry little grin as I enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame, “Once while he was knocked out and the second time when he was awake but unable to move, soaked to the bone, too!”

Jamie made her usual snide remark while holding up two fingers to indicate she was going to get two more pills, “You should have cut the bastard’s balls off.”

Diane just shook her head. Jamie just didn’t care. She had accidents at work, accidents at the table, accidents in the van. She didn’t seem interested in cleaning up her language or her diaper. She worked hard but still cussed like a sailor.

Tiesha was the other odd bird. She hardly mingled and spoke to almost none of us. Today in group was the first time I could remember her saying anything without the threat of being shocked. She was a real loner and a person that liked being alone. Nobody could get close to her today. I often wondered why she was even picked for the program.

“Jamie, do you want to share with the group?” asked Janet.

“Sure,” she said, standing up and crinkling her diaper to be more comfortable, “Janet told me today that my drug test showed up something more interesting than a lifetime of being a cokehead. I tested positive for HIV. I’ll see a doctor once a week and probably take enough pills to choke a horse.”

Nobody said a thing. Most, myself included, were probably just relieved that Janet didn’t give the news to more of us. It is an occupational hazard in this line of work. One I was glad to be getting away from. It was a lot to take in and the group session soon broke up. Jamie’s test results really killed the mood.

I turned in for the night after my evening diaper change and slept fitfully. I had a nightmare about Bobby, only in the dream I was the one paralyzed and Bobby was abusing me. I awoke, screaming to my alarm, sweaty and cold all at the same time. I just wanted the terror to end.

That day when I saw Bobby and changed his wet and messy diaper, I talked to him, “Just think, Bobby, you’ll be like this for the entire year. Wetting and messing. I may be in diapers but I know that I’m going to get past it. You, you’re just a big sissy man that wears diapers. Worst of all, you won’t get to use your teeny little pecker for a very long time!”

It may have been mean but it gave me a sense of control and power. I was almost sure I saw a tear run down his cheek but I didn’t acknowledge it.

All in all, the week went well if you could ignore the little dramatic episode. That was the only night I had the dream and I was looking forward to our celebration for all being drug free. Janet didn’t tell us what it was but she seemed to smile when anyone mentioned it.

Friday evening, immediately upon arriving home after work, she let it out, “Tonight, we are going to have dinner out. Put on a nice outfit and be back here in 30 minutes!”

We loaded the van quickly and orderly, hoping not to jinx our good fortune. When we arrived at the older, family style buffet place, I was a little let down but it was better than being at home and in scrubs. We could see people, have a little interaction with normal men and women. Women that didn’t look down their noses at us and men that didn’t want to know how much.

Being a family place, they didn’t serve alcohol. None of the counselors gave us any direction on what to eat so Katy and I loaded up on snow crab legs! By the time we were ready to leave, everyone except the counselors was stuffed to the gills. I personally had eaten two plates of crab legs and three pieces of apple pie and ice cream. That darned belt didn’t give an inch and no way to loosen it, either. I was honestly miserable.

When we got home, I wanted nothing more than to be changed out of my sopping wet, tea soaked diaper and to lay down, even if it was only 8:00 PM. In retrospect, that was a bad idea. Having made myself sick from eating so much, it had to go somewhere. I didn’t throw up, though. At 4:00 AM the next morning, I awoke to the worst stabbing pains in my abdomen I’d ever felt. The cramps were terrible. I could hear the grumbling and the sloshing in my guts. Before the program, I’d have just sat on the toilet and waited it out. Now, I was forced to try to cope with keeping my wet diaper just wet. If I couldn’t hold on until the morning shower, I’d join the messy club.

Jamie was the leader of the messy club. Nobody wanted to be a member but five of the girls had already become members. Turi was the other charter member with her digestive issues. Janet, Kelly and Diane kept the names of the girls that had messed themselves in diapers on the white board in permanent marker. Maria was the third girl to become a member along with Monique and Tiesha. Tiesha rarely spoke so nobody knew how she got on it. Monique just was unlucky one day.

So, there I sat, on the edge of my bed, praying for one of the counselors to unlock my door. My butt cheeks were clenched so tight I was quivering. I needed to pee but couldn’t relax enough to pee without fear of dumping my bowels, too. Finally, at 6:00 AM, Kelly opened my door.

“Thank goodness!” I whined, “I need to get to the shower. Can I go now?”

Kelly grinned, “Upset tummy from eating too much? Let’s go, then.”

When I stood up, with the pressure of sitting suddenly removed, I felt the first bit of watery mess sneak into my diaper, “Hurry, PLEASE!”

It was too late for me. With each step, my poor bottom let more and more out. Wet farts and a splash erupted along the way. I instinctively placed my hands at my rear but it was useless.

“Looks like you made the list,” said Kelly, “If it makes you feel any better, you aren’t the only one. We have a few repeats and two new ones. Just remember, what goes in must come out.”

Kelly opened the bathroom door as quickly as she could but it was too late. My bowels could hold it no more and one last cramp finished me off. My bladder spontaneously released as well, exhausted from being clamped so hard for so long. It was a good thing I was ready for a shower!

Kelly made me stand in the shower stall before she would release my belt. The overpanties were OK but the diaper was well used and she didn’t want a mess on the floor. We dropped it slowly to the floor where I balled it up and handed it to her. She left me locked in to enjoy my shower.

Chapter 18

After that experience, I was truly glad to be back in a clean diaper. At least it was the weekend. We could catch up on chores, clean our rooms, use the internet or just hang out and chat. Weekends were good and relaxing if not a little too boring.

The second week, we rotated chores and job sites. I was moved to the retirement village with the girls I’d been working with. We were instructed by our counselors not to identify Bobby to the next crew that went to the nursing home. He was charted as a long term care patient under a different name. That would remove temptation to retaliate and keep the other girls out of trouble.

At the retirement home, things were different. Only about ten percent of the job was changing diapers for the extremely mobility limited. Here we spent most of the day with general housekeeping and assisting with walkers, wheelchairs and the like. Some of these people still drove their own cars and we’d carry their groceries and other shopping in for them.

The provided diapers here were better but not good enough for me to stop bringing my own. I changed Yin into one every day and she changed me into our regulars. I think she was jealous of my diapers!

Our week at the retirement village went without incident. The staff was nice but basically used us like rental cars. We got all the cleanup and nasty jobs. I could work there but I wouldn’t pick it over the nursing home. At least Ms Dana was nice to me.

For the third week we wound up at the convalescent home. As far as I was concerned, nothing happened but at the retirement village, it was a busy week. Nikki was busted for an offense and she was to be made an example of. I’ll get to that later. Yin was with me at the convalescent home and she got into some mischief as well. It just didn’t turn up immediately.

You see, Yin had found some oxycontin on one of the patient’s nightstand and she nicked a couple of them. She didn’t take them right away but kept them for the weekend. She tested positive for drug use the following week when her diaper was tested and she was punished in a most humiliating way. It sent a strong message that zero tolerance was just that.

“As I remember,” pondered Janet, out loud right after dinner so that all could see and hear Yin’s impending predicament, “You were dressed as a little school girl when you were arrested. I think this school girl is going to meet the headmistress for a little discipline. For the next month, instead of scrubs you will wear short skirts that do not cover your diapers, double diapers at that. You will be whipped five strokes at every diaper change with a cane. The pain of that will remind you not to take pain medication that is not yours. You will be changed only twice per day, morning shower and evening meal. You will not earn any rewards, you will take two fiber pills each morning and each evening. In addition, you will do the chores of a different group each day for the duration. This will teach you that your actions can have dire repercussions.”

Yin obviously knew the drill and replied meekly, “Yes, headmistress.”

“Now, time for you first dose of fiber and a caning,” said Janet when she rose and started off, “Come with me.”

Poor Yin followed like a dog that had been beat too much. We were already deep into group discussion when Yin and Janet returned. Her shiny black hair was in pigtails and her bottom was quite round with two diapers. The black straps on her legs had panty hose attached to make them less obvious and appear like garter belt straps. Her skirt was a very short pleated plaid thing with a thick black belt. She very gingerly sat in a chair and kept some weight on her legs.

Her outfit was none too professional looking. If she had to go to work in that, there would be no doubt about her condition. She was kind of cute, though. It also kept her from a regular job. She was kept working at the convalescent home for the entire month where she was to exclusively change diapers the whole day.

Now, for Nikki’s punishment. It seems one of the guys, a janitor, at the retirement village took a liking to Nikki and she did not rebuff him. He didn’t know about the diapers and Nikki didn’t tell him. She was caught in an empty room that was being remodeled with the fellow’s pants down and her servicing him orally. Janet wanted to be sure everyone got the message that this sort relapse in behaviour was not to be tolerated. She, too, was humiliated for her transgressions.

Her teeth were wired together by a doctor, just wide enough to suck on a straw, certainly not enough to allow a repeat of her offense. This set her back in the program and she had to repeat all three weeks at the retirement village with the wired jaw. Her lunch was given to her through a straw. It was some sort of nutritional dietary drink. It gave her the runs and she hated it and mumbled incessantly even though we couldn’t understand her.

She was made to wear a tight pair of scrub bottoms while at work that left the top edge of her overpanties and the belt fully exposed for all to see. It was not hard to imagine what was under the snug cloth of her scrubs from the outline. Needless to say, she never looked at the janitor again. I’m sure he had second thoughts after that as well.

The worst part was her meals at home. Janet fed her the same thing we ate, it just went through a blender first. Pizza looked down right nasty after being liquefied. Did I mention she had to sit in a chair next to Janet? She made Nikki drink her liquids from a large baby-type bottle while she was fed very small spoonfuls and wearing a bib. It sure put the fear into me. I wanted no part of that degrading treatment.

While Yin and Nikki were suffering their own private hells, the rest of us were working on resumes. Janet and Kelly helped us find suitable jobs from a special website that offered various jobs with approved employers. These were carefully screened jobs with low risk and facilities to accommodate our condition.

Diane kept Yin and Nikki busy. She consolidated them into one location to work from and made sure they kept up appearances. Different people at the homes asked about Nikki’s jaw. Diane told them she was in a car accident that broke her jaw and left her incontinent. Yin was a bit harder to explain but she usually whispered something to the effect that she liked it. Most folks would just raise and eyebrow and chuckle as they went on their way.

One by one the rest of us girls got jobs. I was lucky enough to get a job at a firm downtown. I was going to be riding a bus all by myself to a skyscraper where I’d be a receptionist. I was told my supervisor knew about my diaper needs and I would be helped by someone on site. Despite the secret being let out to more strangers, I was delighted to be working an office job.

When it came time for my first trip down town, Janet helped me pack a backpack with my supplies and my cell phone. Couldn’t forget that! I put on my best outfit, a long black cotton skirt and silky white blouse, and headed to the bus stop. The ride was a little long with only one transfer but otherwise uneventful and I arrived at the office a few minutes early.

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 19

I met the other receptionist that was going on maternity leave and she was slated to show me the ropes for two days before she took her leave. Before I started that, though, I was introduced to my supervisor, Elizabeth.

“Grace? Is that right?” said Elizabeth, “You look nice today.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” was all I could get out as I blushed to the beautiful, slim lady dressed in a $1,000 dollar skirt and jacket that was going to be in charge of my diapers.

“Let’s go to my office and speak a bit,” she said as I followed her.

Her office was huge, a corner spot with lots of glass and plants. Awards adorned the wall and pictures of her with people I recognized from TV. She must really be successful. I wondered why she’d be involved in anything like this project. She surely wasn’t doing it for money. Maybe I was her poor little charity case.

“Grace,” she said, “have a seat and tell a bit about why you are here today.”

“Well,” I slowly began, “I am in the program, you know about the program, right? I’m here to learn to be a normal person. I’m through with my old life and want to work like normal people, earn a paycheck and all that. I want a home, maybe a husband. I’m still undecided about kids. I just don’t want to go back to the reservation. No opportunity and no hope.”

“I see,” said Elizabeth, “You are a Native American? It isn’t often I see a person of your heritage. I mix with Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Vietnamese, English, French, Germans, all around the globe but I believe you are the first person I’ve met from an American tribe. Are there any cultural requirements you might need provisions for?”

“No, I’m only Indian by birth,” I said, “I guess I’d be an agnostic. Just treat me like anyone else. That’s all I want. Other than the obvious program restrictions, of course.”

“Fine, we can certainly do that. How have diapers impacted your life?” she asked bluntly.

I gulped at such a direct question, “I, they, it has made life interesting. For one, I have to pack around this backpack. Being wet is something I’ve become used to but I still don’t like it. I try to hold it but in the end, I know I have no choice but to wet in my diaper.”

“So, you want to be out of the program into a normal life?” she asked, “Can’t you have a normal life any way? You are working here. Do diapers really make that big of a difference?”

“Yes, I supposed I can but it limits me. It would hold me back,” I said, “I can’t go out with friends. I need to carry this backpack. My clothing choices are limited.”

“I know how you feel, Grace, I honestly do,” said Elizabeth, “You see I went through the earlier program. I met your counselors at a support meeting for botox recipients. Janet asked me to be a sponsor and I agreed.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather, “You went through the program? But…”

“I was parking in handicapped spots,” said Elizabeth, “I was given a choice between botoxing and diapers by default or jail time. For the first few weeks I thought I’d made the wrong choice. Today, I know your underwear is not who you are.”

“Oh my!” I said, “How long have you been out of diapers?”

She chuckled and pointed to her own large bag, “Not yet! I still dribble a good bit. It is getting better.”

“I’m so sorry!” I apologized, “Here I was feeling sorry for myself and you had it even worse.”

“It is perfectly fine,” she said, “I’ve reconciled with it long ago. And call me Liz.”

She told me I would be changed by her in the private bathroom. She’d been given a phone like the counselors and was fully versed in its operation. I was bluetoothed her cell number for when I needed it. She walked me up to the receptionist station where I was formally introduced to Vicki

“Now, the phones ring all the time, but don’t let it rattle you,” said Vicki, “Some want to speak with the president or vice president. Those go to one of the executive assistants. Pretty much everyone else is a direct transfer.”

“Gosh!” I said as I looked at the extension list, “So many names!”

“You’ll learn them quickly enough,” replied Vicki, “I felt that way, too! Oops! I need a bathroom break! Just answer the phone and hit the hold button, I’ll be right back.”

OH MY GOSH! She left me alone with all those blinking lights. I took a deep breath and punched a flashing light.

“How may I direct your call?” came out of my mouth and I looked up the extension and keyed it in.

That wasn’t so bad. I was getting the hang of it when Vicki waddled back to the desk. I had a smile and she smiled back.

“Looks like you are getting the hang of it,” she said, “Bathroom breaks are hard here since I always needed to get someone to fill in before I could leave. Linda will be your backup but you have to work through lunch. She’ll relieve you at 10:00AM if you need it and from 1:00PM to 2:00PM for lunch with a final break at 3:30PM. Got it?”

I nodded and continued to answer the phone. She had to go to the bathroom three more times before the 10:00AM break. It must be tough on her, being pregnant and not being able to get to the bathroom. I guess that was what made me perfect for the job. No bathroom breaks needed.

Even though I was relieved for the morning break, I obviously didn’t need the bathroom. Liz came to check on me and gave me a wink when I told her I was fine. I got some office gossip from Vicki, just to make sure I didn’t get in trouble with the wrong folks.

She told me about who was sleeping with whom and who was the office tramp. She clued me in on who the office drunk was and which guys were looking for new notches. I didn’t tell her it wasn’t going to be a problem for me. Nobody would want to romance a Cherokee in diapers. Especially diapers that couldn’t be take off.

Chapter 20

“Now,” said Vicki, “I don’t know what your relationship is with Liz but she changed last year. She used to be a major bitch. Then she had…I guess you call it an incident. The word came down she had a condition and nobody was allowed to make any comments about it. There was a big meeting and everything.”

“I don’t think I want to know any more,” I said, fearing where it was leading.

“But, that’s not the best part,” said Vicki with a real gleam in her eye, “Liz has something wrong with her and she needs to wear diapers! Can you imagine how terrible that would be? To look like that, be in her position, drive a Porsche and date a doctor yet still piss yourself? Oh, I need another bathroom break! Back in a minute.”

I nearly chuckled at the prospect of a very pregnant woman, who was going to the bathroom every 10 minutes, poking ridicule at a woman that needed diapers. It was a bit of poetic justice, I thought. She was on the verge of wetting herself yet the thought of a diaper was repugnant to her. Soon enough, she’d be changing more diapers than I or Elizabeth ever would.

When Vicki came back, she picked right up where she left off, “She used to limp, too! Some of the guys said she was in an auto accident but her Porsche is fine, parked in a handicapped spot in the garage. A friend in her department said she was sick with some disease. She doesn’t talk about it and nobody knows for sure.”

“I’m sure it is personal,” I said, knowing my own facts would be ridiculed should they become known, “It is probably covered under the disabilities or equal employment laws.”

That seemed to kill her buzz and we reverted to general shop gossip between bursts of phone calls. Vicki ran off to lunch at noon and left me all alone until I was relieved at 1:00 PM by Linda.

It was about time I text Liz for a change. I sent her the message, “IM red E 41” and waited for the response. It came a minute later, “OK, my office” and I was off.

“Hi, Grace,” giggled Liz, “I had to read your message a few times. I’m not one of those texting people and it took a bit to sink in.”

“Sorry about that,” I said with raised eyebrows as I clutched my diaper bag, “Just a habit we got into at the house with the counselors.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, dismissing the event, “I understand what you want when you text. Now, to protect your dignity, you should go to the bathroom first and I’ll follow in a minute. Keep this passcard with you. It opens the door.”

I nodded and went to the private bathroom. The keycard she had given me changed the indicator on the door from red to green and the latch clicked. I would later learn that it was the executive ladies room, even though Liz was the only one that ever used it on a regular basis.

Inside was a floor to ceiling cabinet. As small padded bench, large enough to change on, was against the wall. I spread out my next diaper on it and was pulling up my skirt when I heard the door click again. I almost freaked out but it was only Liz. She was very discrete and quickly closed the door behind her.

“Quite efficient,” she said, “You are all prepared already. Let’s see. This should do it.”

“Yes,” I stated, “No reason to act like a child.”

I heard the belt release the leg bands. I sat down on the bench and laid back to allow Liz to change me. She was well versed in the process. The leg bands came down, the panties down and the diaper off. She quickly wiped me clean and sprinkled a bit of powder before fastening me all back up.

“These don’t appear to be very absorbent,” said Liz, “I started with something like this. With no control, they just didn’t work out.”

“I can hold it some,” I admitted, “but in the end, I don’t have enough changes in a day and the counselors don’t permit sitting on the toilet during a change.”

“Well,” said Liz with a bit of confusion, “I am not sure which is worse, wetting without control or being confined to them mechanically.”

“I do not know, either. I suspect they are both limiting for different reasons. You can change but have to wear protection,” I continued, “I have control but am not allowed to remove them myself. The only difference is, when I’m finished, I won’t still need diapers.”

“That is so true,” said Liz with a bit of sadness, “I’m still leaky after more than a year. At least I haven’t had a mess in quite some time.”

“Oh, Thank you, Liz,” I said, avoiding the continuation of the messing subject, “I was starting to feel pretty soggy.”

“Girl, I’ve changed several hundred already,” she said as she tossed my old one in the trash, “Let yourself out. I’ve got my own business to take care of.”

“OH!” I gasped, “I completely forgot. You probably need a change, too! Would you like any help? It is the least I could do.”

“Hmm,” pondered Liz, “I’ve actually been doing this myself but I like you. I might as well take you up on your offer.”

Liz opened the cabinet, took out a diaper and handed it to me. It was thicker than mine. She hiked up her skirt and reclined onto the bench. Her diaper was noticeably soaked but still not to capacity. They had a cloth like cover that seemed to be much quieter than my diaper. Her diapers obviously held more than the program diapers, as she had indicated.

“Wow!” I let slip as I unfolded it out for her, “this is a real thick diaper!”

Liz said with smirk, “You haven’t seen my night diapers!”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that comment. I could only assume she was joking. To be thicker than the diaper she was already wearing would have to be immensely thick. I untaped it and observed that she, like most of us diaper girls, shaved. Her used diaper weighed quite a bit.

Chapter 21

“Almost done,” I said as I cleaned and sprinkled powder into her diaper area, “These are quite nice. Are they as quiet as they seem?”

“Yes, they are quiet,” Liz answered, “and they are very absorbent. I used to wear plastic panties, sort of like your overpanties. Since I’ve been using these, I find I don’t need the extra insurance. I can easily go half the day.”

We finished and looked each other over. She looked fine and my skirt was smoothed as well. She went back to work and I was off to find a bite of lunch. Most of the shops were clearing out from the lunch rush so I had my pick of tables at any of them. I picked up a sandwich, chips and a drink at the counter. A little table by the window was the one I liked. Watching people walk by, busy as bees, was entertaining. I used to do it as a way to size up customers. Now it was just a hobby.

I ate my lunch, enjoying the little freedom for the hour before going back to the office. My diaper was still dry at the moment but the soda I had with my sandwich was building pressure in my bladder.

Back at the office, my first day rolled to a close. I said goodbye to Liz and caught my bus back to the house. Diane was curious about my first day.

“So, I’m guessing you met Liz,” said Diane, “She’s great, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is wonderful,” I gushed, “We got along great! I can’t wait to go back to work.”

Each of use went about our appointed duties. Poor Nikki and Yin. I felt so sorry for them. The rest of us were working outside the house, unsupervised by a counselor yet still monitored by our belts, phones and an on-site person. It wasn’t as much freedom as it looked like but it had the illusion and I was willing to live the dream until I could live the life.

That night in group, all anybody could talk about was the work they were doing. Even Tiesha said a few words about her job in the mail room of a legal firm in the city. It would seem work really was a prescription for change.

I went to bed that night and slept deeply. I went to bed slightly damp, having only wet a little, and awoke in the middle of soaking myself. I was both shocked at the involuntary wetting and grateful to be wearing a diaper. Was I getting lazy?

I showered and got ready for work, developing a slightly different routine to what I had done the previous weeks. We were allowed to use our makeup if we worked in an office. Only approved makeup so all I had was a little lipstick and an eyeliner pencil.

I started my second day of work, supposedly with Vicki, but actually quite alone. There was a shower for her that I couldn’t attend. I wouldn’t have wanted to any way. I barely knew her but it would have been nice to meet some of the people at work in a less formal atmosphere. Heaven knows I wouldn’t be going out for drinks at the pub. That wouldn’t go over very well in a tox screen of my urine.

Instead, I just worked as best I could. Liz and Linda were the only real contact I had in the office besides the odd package drop off and visitor. Liz did her best to make me feel wanted and I appreciated her efforts. Our routine was like clock work. That is, it isn’t hard to be on a schedule when bodily functions are controlled by the capacity of your underwear.

Over the course of the first two weeks, Liz and I grew to know each other quite well. She was a driven individual and I looked up to her. At the end of the second week she sent a note home with me.

“Did I do something wrong? Am I in trouble?” I pleaded, “I will try harder.”

Liz just looked at me with a sideways glance, “Has your life been so difficult that you are conditioned to believe everything is negative?”

I hung my head low, “I’m sorry. Just a force of habit. A note from the nun’s at the school on the reservation was never a good thing.”

“Cheer up!” said Liz in an upbeat voice, “This is a good note. A progress report and maybe something else. Now, get home and I expect a reply on Monday.”

In my haste to get home and find out what the note said I forgot my diaper bag. Luckily I wasn’t on the elevator going down when the belt I wear as a reminder of my public incarceration began to buzz. Since I never forget my diaper bag or my phone, it didn’t dawn on me at first. I looked for a beeper like I used to when I was on the street. Then I remembered I didn’t have my diaper bag, which doubled as a purse, nor my phone.

I ran into Liz as I was going back inside to fetch it and she smiled, “Forget something?”

I sheepishly replied, “My bag with my phone. Can’t get too far away from it.”

“Would you like a ride home?” Liz asked, “I’ll call Janet to get the address.”

“You don’t have to do that,” I told her, “I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way.”

“Nonsense,” said Liz indignantly, “I have personal reasons for going. I would like to chat with Janet. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I won’t hear any more of it.”

She called Janet and I heard her giggle a bit and just like that I was riding home with Liz. She didn’t say much else and only alluded to have plans for me. We rode the elevator down to the parking garage levels and I followed her a short ways. She hit the remote and a fire engine red Porsche flashed its lights. Oh my gosh! I also noticed she was parked in a handicapped spot but didn’t say anything.

“This is a beautiful car!” I gushed.

“Thank you,” she replied, “I get the best parking spaces with the tag, too! Parking here illegally was what got me put into diapers. I’m going to hate to give it up when I’m better.”

Liz blew up the ramps and blasted out of the garage when she saw she had a green light, “I just love driving like I stole it.”

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 22

She went through the gears like a pro, “You drive quite well.”

“Track days!” she said calmly, “I take it up to the track when the Porsche club offers a track day to get time on the race track. I’m not the fastest but I get to drive fast and can’t get a ticket. Maybe Janet will let you go next time they have one. I can have a passenger.”

I wasn’t sure if I was up to that but I was positive I’d take the opportunity to get out of the house and experience something new, “Sure, if I’m allowed, I’d go!”

“Great! I’ll ask Janet when I see her,” said Liz enthusiastically.

When we arrived, we went to the front door. Nikki answered the door, tight scrubs showing her diaper bulge and the top of her belt.

“He’o, Gace,” said Nikki through her wired jaw.

“Hi, I’m Liz. Alumni of ‘The Program’ from Grace’s work,” said Liz, “Where’s Janet?”

Nikki pointed over her shoulder and we entered the house. The place was abuzz with a new visitor in the house.

“LIZ!” said Janet with real excitement, “I was so glad when you called to say you were bringing Grace by. How’ve you been?”

Liz and Janet hugged and patted each other’s behinds. It looked odd but neither of them seemed to be put off by it.

“Still protected, I see,” said Liz, “How close are you?”

“Just some dribbling,” replied Janet, “How about you? I see the limp is gone.”

“Yes, about the same here. Slow progress,” answered Liz, “So, I’ve sent a note home, as requested, on Grace’s progress. You’ll see no surprises. She’s been a model candidate.”

“Grace,” said Janet, “Please join the others. Liz and I need to chat.”

I took the hint and left them to talk. It sounded like Liz had given me high marks on my performance. I went to my room and updated my journal with the latest tidbits before dinner. When I returned, Liz was gone and Janet winked at me.

Dinner was a hearty meal of beef stew, fresh bread and salad. I wasn’t very hungry. I knew Janet had something to announce but I was very anxious about it. I did drink all of my lemonade, as was the rule.

The table was cleared by Nikki and Yin, as their extra punishment. Yin smelled a bit. I suspected she was getting the full experience. Nikki looked like she had lost weight. She wasn’t big but she did look to be about 10 pounds lighter. She was the only person that looked like her belt was not completely tight.

“Ladies,” said Janet with a clap of her hands, “We have an announcement. I’ll let Diane give you the details.”

“Thank you, Janet,” Diane said, acknowledging Janet, “We’ve gotten excellent reviews on everyone in the outside jobs. Surprisingly, even Jamie has managed to keep her mouth under control. For this, we are going to a day spa tomorrow. Nikki and Yin will remain here with Janet.”

I was excited and a bit sad for Nikki and Yin. They were still under punishment and were not eligible for rewards. I was not sad enough to turn it down though! You could see the look on Yin’s face especially. Nikki, I don’t think cared. We were ushered off to bed soon after our evening diaper changes. A big day was ahead of us and I wasn’t sure I could sleep but I did any way.

The next morning was a blur as I was so excited about the spa trip. I had never been to a spa but I had high expectations. I wanted a massage and a facial. Anything else was a pure bonus.

I hugged Nikki and Yin on my way out. Janet stayed behind and had them scrubbing the place spotless. Both of them were down on their hands and knees, diapered butts in the air.

The van ride was full of chatter. Everyone was so excited about the day spa trip that we could hardly contain ourselves. I know I didn’t stay dry for the whole drive down to the spa.

When the van stopped and Kelly opened the door, she surveyed us and stated, “This spa is a very nice place. You will not be the only clients today and they have been briefed on your unique circumstances but they have no idea why. If you chose to remain silent on the subject, nothing will be made of it. If you tell the truth or even make up an interesting lie, they won’t say a word. We selected this place because they are discrete. Now, go enjoy yourself!”

When we reached the front desk, there were only two people working. We each had our preselected schedule entered into the system but still had to register and meet our first session attendant. Several went for massages first but I elected to get a manicure and pedicure. They always make me feel so pretty. Maria and I were sitting beside each other, getting facials while another group of women worked on our nails. It was so relaxing.

“Maria,” I lazily questioned, “Do you ever miss the old days?”

Maria sighed, “Only the money, chica. Only the money. Do you?”

“Honestly,” I said, “Not at all. This is the first time in over a month I’ve even had a thought about it. How’s your job going?”

“Pretty good. I’ve learned to make coffee for a dozen people,” she said sadly, “That’s a skill I need on a resume. What about you? Your sponsor brought you home yesterday!”

“Yes, she’s very nice,” I beamed, “She was in the program before us. She met Janet at a support group. She even wants to take me to a racing event some weekend… That is if Janet will allow it.”

“Wow! You’ve really got her snowed!” laughed Maria, “That’s great. Have you seen Monique lately? That girl has lost 50 pounds!”

Chapter 23

“Really?” I gasped, “I’ve been so busy I haven’t noticed. That’s a lot of weight in a very short time. How’d she do it?”

“Apparently,” she continued, “She used to eat a box of cookies and a pint of ice cream every morning. Without that much fat and carbs, she couldn’t support the weight.”

“I’m amazed,” I said, wishing I could lose about 10 pounds, “I’ll have to look her up later.”

“The most amazing thing is,” started Maria, “She really does look like Tyra Banks!”

We both giggled while our feet were worked on. After what seemed like only a few moments, we were sitting up and being offered snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables. There were juice stations all around us as well. I had some carrot juice and Maria had tomato juice.

From there we split up for separate treatments. She went for her massage and I went for a sauna. Diane was with me and Katy for our steam baking. Towels covered our diapers in the sauna but Kelly sprawled out on a bench and unwrapped her towels. Her smooth skin showed some tan lines. Her breasts were small and firm. She had to-die-for abs!

“I just love a good sweat,” said Kelly, “It really gets the impurities out of your skin.”

I could see the wetness indicator on her diaper was quite soaked, probably from all the perspiration. I followed her lead and laid on a bench. Katy smiled and did like wise. Her skin, too was very pale, especially in contrast to my own complexion. Despite the awkwardness of being in the sauna, wearing only in diapers, it was very relaxing.

“Kelly,” asked Katy, “What did you do before becoming a counselor?”

I too was curious to hear but had not been brave enough to ask, “I was in marketing and before that I was in college on a track scholarship.”

“You look like you are still in great shape,” I complimented her.

“Well, I still jog a lot and used to run marathons,” she seemed a bit sad, “I haven’t ran a competitive race since I went in the program. Diapers just seem too much of a hindrance.”

Katy and I mumbled our agreement when she added, “I could have gone to the Olympics but I made a wrong turn that changed my life.”

Katy asked first, “How so?”

“Possibly, not unlike you girls,” said Kelly, “I got mixed up and lost focus. I drank a lot and after my last of four drunk driving convictions that ended in a terrible crash, the judge ordered me into the program. She said I was lucky I could still walk and she gave me a choice. One little six month stint without bladder control seemed like a breeze compared to the year behind bars I was facing as a habitual offender.”

“If it was only six months without bladder control and that was a year ago,” I questioned, “Why are you still in diapers?”

She giggled, “The devil is always in the details, isn’t it. The injections were only for six months. The effects were much longer and are even now still linger. I can hold it a bit and I’m retraining my pelvic floor muscles but the lose of control and the lasting effects of botox are why you girls are merely confined to them. We were guinea pigs.”

For the first time, I realized how lucky I was to just be wearing diapers and having to use them. It could have been so much worse. It was actually a bit of a relief to know that when my diaper came off for the last time, I’d be free from them.

“How much longer will you have to wear diapers?” I asked.

“At my last exam,” she said, “The urologist seemed to think the progress was slowing but I’d be able to hold myself while exercising, my worst problem, within a year. It is so slow I can hardly tell any improvement but the little gauge he uses indicates a 15% improvement since my last six month checkup.”

We were silent for the rest of the sauna until the muffled sound of the gong went off to single we’d shrivelled enough. We stood and wrapped our towels back around us. Kelly retrieved her things from the locker as we prepared to shower. She released Katy’s belt first and then mine.

Katy and I stepped into bathroom stalls to remove our overpanties and diapers. When we exited, we saw Kelly stripping off her own diaper on a locker bench in the middle of the women’s locker room. She tossed the sodden one into the trash. She was very fit looking and smooth shaven down there, just like Katy and I.

We followed her lead, tossed our used diapers and stowed our overpanties before entering the showers. A couple of other women looked at us a bit oddly, seeing our black strapped waists with hanging straps but we continued on with our showers. It wasn’t as noticeable on me as it was on Katy. She was porcelain white and the black straps were stark in contrast to my darker skin.

The shower was revitalizing after the sauna. When we had toweled off, Kelly reached in her bag and pulled out diapers. She handed one to each of us and took one herself. Despite other women being in the locker room, she sat on top of her fresh diaper and taped it on without so much as a care for the stares of the women around her. I know I heard one of the women gasp.

To my horror, she pointed straight at me and said, “Next. Time to get sealed back into a diaper!”

She took my diaper, spread it out on the bench and positioned me on it. I could feel the stares of the women around me, piercing my skin. I must have blushed three shades of red.

Kelly had me spread my legs a bit and taped the diaper very snuggly while I was sitting. Despite watching her put on her own diaper sitting, I had no idea it could be done so efficiently. I could tell by the look in Katy’s eyes that see was mortified to know her turn was next. Her mouth hung open at the prospect.

After being diapered in front of strangers, I saw no need to put my overpanties on in a stall. While Katy was being diapered, I fastened me leg band straps over my panties and was again incarcerated in my mobile prison. We put our robes on and left the locker room. I went for my last treatment, a massage, while Katy and Kelly went off for their last appointment.

Chapter 24

The massage was a solitary one. I did not share the room with anyone. The masseuse greeted me and asked if I needed privacy to disrobe. I did not. After all, a grown woman just diapered me in front of several other women. I dropped my robe and hung it on the hook. To her credit the masseuse kept eye contact. She was a strong looking woman with her sandy brown hair pulled back behind her head in a pony tail. She could have been one of those female gladiators or something. Even her neck looked powerful.

“I’m Toni and I’ll be working with you today,” she introduced herself, “Would you like the hot stones as well?”

“Oh, yes, please,” I gushed, “I want the full treatment.”

Now naked save for my diaper and overpanties, I laid face down on the table. I felt her slick hands rub warm, fragrant oil all over my back and legs. It smelled very nice and started to relax me.

“You are very tense!” She said, “You should be more relaxed by now. Is something wrong?”

“Just an experience a moment ago,” I said, “I’ll be fine.”

“Was it the staff that caused it?” she asked, “We don’t want to make people more stressed.”

“No,” I said through the hole in the table, my face hidden and thankfully avoiding eye contact, “As you can see, I’m with the group of women in diapers. It was a bit humiliating to have my diaper changed in front of others by my counselor. I felt like a helpless child.”

“I think we can fix that,” said Toni, “There is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our crosses to bear. Your underwear is just a bit thicker than most.”

Toni worked down my back, out my arms and down my legs before pausing, “I normally work on the glutes a bit as well. Some of the girls have not wanted me to touch the diaper. One said if something happened, it would hurt. So, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or to harm you.”

“Oh,” I considered her statement and padded it with a little white lie, “Just be careful. If the cover gets torn or pulled to hard, it will be ruined. They are fairly exotic.”

“Don’t worry,” she assured me, “The little Latino girl was brave and every thing was fine.”

She squeezed and knurled my rear in ways that weren’t at all sexual but felt very good. Just when I thought she was done, she had me roll over. She had a warm towel for my face I nearly fell asleep. While the back massage was thorough and firm, the front massage was gently and relaxing.

I awoke to Kelly’s voice, “Grace, we are about ready to leave. I’m guessing you enjoyed yourself.”

I rose slowly, half in a daze, and wrapped my towel around me, “I just need a few minutes to change into my clothes.”

“Oh, so do most of them,” said Kelly, “This is just the early bell, so to speak. I’m heading to the locker room myself.”

I tossed my towels into a hamper and started to dress when I thought about tipping my attendants, “Kelly, can I use some of my debit card to tip the people that helped me?”

“We’ve already thought of that,” winked Kelly, “How many changes do you have banked up? Because we’ll give your attendants $20 for each change you give up.”

“Gee!” I thought as I checked my phone, “I’ve got six on the clock since you didn’t charge me for the sauna diaper. I’d give four of them up if $20 goes to Toni, the masseuse and the rest split equally between the manicure and facial ladies.”

“Deal!” she said with a slap of her hand on the bench, “I felt about the same way. Poor Turi only has two changes and she gave up one for Toni, too!”

“OK,” said I, feeling a little bravado, “If Turi only has one, I’ll give another one to her cause so she can tip the other girls. I know poor Turi has had to struggle with her tummy issues.”

“I’m sure she will appreciate it,” said Kelly, “And I won’t forget it if you ever get in a pinch. I’ll be waiting in the lobby.”

The ride back was pretty quiet. Everyone was quite happy and content. We didn’t want to spoil the mood with any thoughts of reality. That illusion was gently replaced with the facts of life in diapers and in a communal house as we parked in the garage. Nikki was the first one I bumped into, literally. She was behind the door in the kitchen when I barged in. She giggled when she saw that it was me.

“Zo,” she muttered through wired teeth, “Enjoy your pampering in pampers!”

“I’m so sorry you couldn’t come. It was awesome!” I told her.

Nikki whispered, “Janet haz been a slave driver!”

“Where’s Yin?” I questioned as I looked around.

She motioned down the steps, “Doin’ Wash.”

I walked down the steps and, to my surprise, I caught Yin sitting on the washing machine, “Getting your freak on?”

Yin immediately turned crimson red but she didn’t stop, “Shh! With a double diaper, I can’t get much stimulation. I’m going crazy!”

“I know,” I said as I looked around to see who might be listening, “I do know. Gosh, I’ve been dreaming about it a lot! I’ll leave you alone with your new boyfriend.”

As I left, I thought about my own lack of gratification. In my former life, I seldom experienced pleasure. It was a job, just work. I was paid to perform, enjoying it wasn’t required. I had a vibrator that I used when I really wanted to masturbate. I didn’t have one now and I couldn’t even touch myself through the diaper and overpanties. It was just a mild pressure without any real sense of direction or meaning.

Maria was one of the girls I was sure was pleasuring herself on a regular basis. She was the one I first saw use the washing machine spin cycle to get off. It wasn’t very lady like but the thought of it did make me horny. I was suddenly overcome with the desire to have an orgasm.

Chapter 25

That night, after supper, I was changed into a dry diaper before night lock up. When I was alone in bed, I tried to rub in some meaningful way but it was not pleasurable. I worked for an hour and only made myself sweat. I finally gave up and decided maybe in the shower I’d have better luck.

The next morning, my bladder was near bursting. I put my hand between my legs but it was no use. I tried to let it just trickle out but the floodgates were open and my diaper was soaked in seconds. That was the time I realized my hand was feeling my diaper get wet and warm. It was doing so around my most sensitive areas and I could feel my fingers pressing against my lips now. With the wetness and warmth in the padding, it felt very nice. I laid back on the bed and continued to work my hands into my cover, padded and soaked crotch.

The feeling was growing more intense and I was near ecstasy. My mind was racing and my emotions were mixed. Coming in a diaper! I was so tied up with my own pleasure that I didn’t hear the door unlock. I was finally aware of Janet standing near me after my best orgasm ever!

“OH MY GOD!” I said, “How long have you been there?”

Janet laughed, “Long enough. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“I’m sorry!” I nearly whispered, “It has been so long. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. As long as you do not try to violate the seal of the overpanties,” said Janet, brushing it off, “You’re human. I’m fairly sure most of the girls have, at one time or another, done the same thing.”

“I’m just embarrassed,” I said, “Being caught in the act.”

“Honey,” she said with her hands on her hips, “The washing machine is the best ride in the house! Now, ready for a shower or do you want breakfast?”

After gathering my composure, “Breakfast, please. I still have a, uh, other business I’m hoping to complete.”

Janet nodded and sent me on my way to have my breakfast. Sunday mornings were pretty laid back and Sunday papers were available at the breakfast table. I always looked at the funnies first before looking through the rest of the paper. Yin was working the kitchen and Nikki was serving the food. Sunday’s included bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles and fresh fruit.

Monique sat down next to me. I took a good look at her. By goodness, she really did sort of resemble Tyra Banks. I looked at her plate. She was eating just a plate of fruit. I had to commend her on her willpower. My plate was piled high with bacon, eggs and a waffle.

Sunday was lazily squandered away with internet surfing, eating, updating my journal and reading the paper. After dinner, I was changed out of my very soggy, lazy afternoon diaper and into my final diaper for the night. This time I knew what was required to have a wonderful night. I felt a slight pressure in my bladder. Normally, I’d have held it until morning but this night I knew that a wet diaper was key to proper stimulation.

For once in my life, I wanted to soak my diaper. It was more difficult when it wasn’t uncomfortable pressure. I pushed and pushed but just couldn’t get my bladder to cooperate. I was in search of an orgasm and I would not be denied. I suddenly wished I’d drank more before bed. I took a different approach and tried to relax and just let it flow but that, too, did not work.

It was now 10:30PM and I had to go to work tomorrow. I decided to just try one more push to see if I could empty my bladder. It is a bit funny and I’m ashamed to tell it, but I did not wet my diaper. I had tried too hard and had crapped myself. I was horrified then. I had to spend the night in my stinking, poopy diaper. I was not in the mood to pleasure myself after that. Morning could not come early enough for me. Diane was the one that met me at the door to let me out. I immediately requested a shower before breakfast.

“What happened?” asked Diane.

“I had an upset stomach,” I fibbed, “I’ve been miserable all night!”

Diane shook her head, “You poor dear. Be sure to use some cream. I’m sure it is irritated and you don’t want to get diaper rash.”

I wisely took her advice. Sitting all day at the receptionist desk on a sore butt would not be my idea of an enjoyable work day.

Other than that, the next few weeks went easily. I had gotten into a groove and figured out my routine to a perfect time table. Even Liz was impressed with my confidence. I would find out shortly how she really felt about my progress.

Back at the house, things were back to normal. Nikki had her jaws unwired and was able to eat again. She would not make that mistake again. Yin, too, had finished her punishment. She was grateful to not be caned twice a day and only changed then as well. I don’t think the school girl outfit bothered her as much as the inability to change out of a stinky diaper when she needed it.

Both of them were now working at other jobs. Nikki was a delivery girl for a pizza and sub shop. She got to drive a cute little car. Yin worked in the mail room of a legal firm just a block my work. We managed to have lunch together a time or two but our schedules did not make it easy. We did ride the bus downtown and back home each day together.

I got a big surprise after I’d been working for three months. Liz sent another note home with me. I knew it couldn’t have anything bad in it. I had no idea what it said when I gave it to Janet. She smiled at me and sent me on my way.

At dinner that night, Janet hurried us all to the group session. She wanted to announce something. I just thought it was going to be a status report on everyone and another reward day. I could not have been more wrong.

Janet stood and made her announcement, “Ladies, I’ve received a note from Grace’s on-site supervisor, Elizabeth. She has been recommended for a promotion. I believe Grace is a shining example of what you young ladies can achieve. Congratulations, Grace!”

I’m quite sure I blushed. Liz must really like me. I was so glad that someone noticed my dedication. Janet hadn’t revealed any more. She just winked at me and mouthed, “We’ll talk,” before she turned it over to a normal group meeting.

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 26

My mind was running in circles, trying to figure out what Liz could possibly have me doing. I had been a receptionist for only a month or so. Before that I’d been a nurse’s aide, changing diapers. Before that I don’t want to remember. It was something I hadn’t expected. Perhaps I was being promoted to coffee maker or official copier girl. I could hardly concentrate on the group session and didn’t participate much.

We did hear about Yin’s new job in the mail room. She got to meet a lot of high powered lawyers. She and Tiesha had similar jobs but that girl was a tough nut to crack. Yin had a supervisor that had been instrumental in helping start the program. Her supervisor was incontinent from being injured when a drunk driver hit her car head on. Yin went on and on.

“Tammy, my supervisor, still uses a cane but she’s out of the wheelchair,” said Yin, “She is helping draft a law that would force defendants of some crimes to bear much of the same burden their victims are suffering. She personally lobbied to get the guy that put her in diapers to go through physical rehab for a solid year in diapers with botox injections.”

It was interesting to hear how the program had gotten started. I suppose it was just a natural progression of case law to apply it to people like us, girls that make a living by taking their clothes off.

Nikki was very talkative. After all, she’d been forced to eat all of her meals through a straw. She talked about driving and the people she met delivering. She was unique. Her boss did not know about her diapering situation.

Nikki told us how her diaper changes worked, “You see, I have to be changed before I leave the house since I don’t go to work until 11:00 AM. I get off at 6:00 PM so if I can go that long, I don’t even need a change. If I need a change, I call a number and they have me deliver several pizzas to a elderly care facility 10 minutes away. There is a a woman on staff that is my diaper supervisor. She is a nurse and they order a pizza every night for the people there. Any way, while I’m there, she changes my diaper and the boss never knows! I get tips, too!”

Nikki sure sounded like she was having a grand time. Before long it was time to tend to chores and update my journal before preparing for bed. I slept fitfully that night, tossing and turning until the alarm went off.

The next day I was greeted by Janet at my door, “Hon, Elizabeth thinks you are just the thing for a position in her office. Are you interested?”

“Sure!” I said, “What’s the position.”

“Well, Liz needs an assistant. Her current one is going back to school,” stated Janet, “You’d be responsible for typing, filing, copying, maybe some errands and generally helping her do her job. It should be a great opportunity.”

“YES!” I nearly shouted, “When would I start?”

“You can start as soon as you train your replacement at the reception area,” said Janet with a clap, “She reports today!”

I was feeling dizzy and had to sit down. That reminded me that I was soaked to the core and needed to eat, do my business and get in the shower before I could concentrate on anything else. I ate a light breakfast and showered. After that I put on my best clothes, a black skirt and jacket with a white satin blouse, and hurriedly went on my way to the office, eager to get the ball rolling.

As it turned out, today wasn’t that exciting. All I did was meet my replacement, Judy, and get her started on answering the phones. The next day wasn’t too great either. Judy was a bit slow on the uptake. I think she was more of a social animal than a receptionist but I didn’t care if I could just get her trained to the point I could move on. She talked too much.

“So, Gracey,” said Judy, “I need to go to the bathroom. You got this?”

Being diapered and only moderately wet, I nodded as I picked up the next call, “Sure, hurry back.”

Judy, bless her heart, just wasn’t a receptionist and they had to let her go on the fourth day. That ment I had to train another receptionist. That would be at least a few more days chained to a desk in soggy diapers. I hadn’t disliked it so much until I knew I could get out of it. Now it felt like I was really being punished.

It took them three more days to find a suitable receptionist and just two more days for me to train her. Alice was inexperienced but she caught on quickly. After two days, I was finally going to start working for Liz. The bad news was I was the new fill-in receptionist because Linda want out of it. It was a small price to pay for the new position.

I reported to Liz’s office, “Liz, I’m finally ready to start. Where would you like me to start?”

Liz smiled and pulled me in and closed the door, “OK, I hope you are going to like this. It will be challenging and you may work late when there are deadlines. Can you handle it?”

I shook my head in agreement, “I believe I can. I’ve worked long hours before.”

"Great! “I’ve got a surprise for you, too!” said Liz, as she pulled out a small gift box, “This isn’t anything special but I think you’ll like it.”

She gave me the box and I gingerly opened it. Inside was a card. I examined it and read. It was a gift certificate to a very nice shop, good for one outfit.

“That’s not all,” she said, “Look in the bottom.”

At first I didn’t think there was anything there but upon second glance, I saw what I had assumed was tissue paper was really a diaper, “What is this?”

“That’s one of my long-hours diapers,” answered Liz, “If we are going to be out on calls to clients or working late, you can have some of my thirsty diapers to avoid incidents.”

I hugged her, “Liz, you are so thoughtful. Nobody else would have even considered just this kind of issue. Thanks so much!”

Chapter 27

Now, we need to get this brochure mocked up so we can have copies printed for the presentation next week," said Liz, “I need you to go to the art department and bring me the sample pages they’ve worked up.”

I nodded as I answered on my way out, “Yes, Ma’am!”

That was the beginning of my career working with Liz. We worked well together and worked late a few nights that week. The first time we stayed late, I never realized we were alone until the janitors strolled through to empty the rubbish cans. Liz always sent out for food because she knew if I missed the dinner at the house, I wouldn’t get much more than cold left overs.

That first night of burning the midnight oil, she asked me what I wanted and I instantly said, “Pizza sounds good.”

“That’s the way to make decisions!” she said with a smile, “Call the delivery place and order us one. No sausage! And get extra mushrooms.”

I called for a pizza and they promised delivery in 30 minutes. At 20 minutes there was a buzz on the intercom. The guard downstairs was sending our pizza delivery up. I went to meet the pizza guy with the bills Liz handed me.

I was surprised to see Nikki smiling at me in her uniform, “Hey! This is where you work? Nice!”

“NIKKI!” I nearly screamed, “Hey, I want you to meet someone!”

Nikki followed me, carrying the pizza to Liz’s huge office, “Nice ass, Grace!”

Liz looked up just then to see me entering her office with Nikki, “Elizabeth, this is my friend, Nikki. Apparently, she works for the pizza place we use.”

Liz reached out a hand, “Call me Liz. Nikki, do you live with Grace and the others?”

“Yes,” said Nikki without breaking her tone, “And I wear diapers, too! The last time you brought Grace home, I answered the door. Wired teeth.”

Liz giggled, “Now I remember. Not shy. I like that. Would you like to stay a bit?”

“No, I’ve got more pizza to deliver,” said Nikki, “I’m taking the stairs. I’ve gained 10 lbs since I started this job!”

“We’ll have to remember to ask for you, Nikki,” said Liz, “Nice meeting you.”

I walked Nikki back to the elevator, “So, that’s the boss. She seems to like you. See you at home.”

I hugged her and we patted each other on the behind as we’d seen Liz and Janet do before. It was like a secret handshake for girls that were in the program or alumni. Just a quick pat and we knew the other was wearing a crinkly diaper under her clothes.

Back at Liz’s office we stopped for a bit to eat pizza and have some water. Liz wasn’t much on carbonated drinks. She kept some wine and beer in her little dorm fridge but I was good and never drank any. I suspected it might have been a test.

“Grace,” started Liz, “Do you have a boyfriend? I mean, did you? I don’t suppose you’ve had much opportunity lately.”

“Once, I thought I did,” I said with a sigh, “We ran off from the reservation together but as soon as the money ran out and we couldn’t get jobs, he left me. That’s how I ended up here.”

“I see,” she said, feeling me out, “What are you going to do when the program releases you?”

“Can’t I still work here?” I nearly panicked, “For you?”

“Of course,” she tried to calm me down, “This is not charity. You work as hard as any of these college kids they hire and you have street smarts. I was hopeful you would stay here. You are the best assistant I’ve ever had. Besides, diapers are a girl’s best friend.”

“I’d love to!” I gushed, “Janet says I have a lot money saved and I should be able to make a living without, you know, being on my back.”

“Oh, I promise you’ll make enough to have a comfortable life,” said Liz, “Once you are out and on your own, I’ll see to it you get a good review and a nice bump in pay. The benefits are pretty good, too.”

“Thanks, Liz,” I said with a slight pause, “I, uh, need a change. All this water is going right through me.”

Liz looked at her watch, “Oh my gosh! It is 9:30! I’m sure we both need one. I’ve got an idea. You can wear one of my thick diapers and see how you like them. I bet you won’t need changing until morning. I know I won’t.”

“What about the program issued diapers?” I asked, worried I would break some rule.

“Janet will understand,” she said, “Besides, I think she’ll get a kick out of it when she sees it.”

Liz and I went to the private bathroom. I went first as she popped my belt with her phone. I removed my overpanties and laid down with my skirt pulled up high. She undid my diaper and tossed it in the trash. What she pulled out of the cabinet was massively thick. My eyes must have bugged out of my head.

“Scared?” asked Liz, “It is really excellent for overnight… and parties!”

I giggled as I watched her unfold it, “What is that?”

“Oh, they are quite juvenile. It says ‘Baby’ across the front,” she showed me, “They are called ‘Bambinos’ and they hold a lot!”

She slid it under me and dusted a little powder about before taping me snugly into the thickest diaper I’d ever worn. The overpanties seemed quite tight over the new diaper, too. I stood up and felt the true bulk between my thighs. It was incredibly soft and amazingly thick!

“OH MY GOSH!” I gasped, “If this diaper works like it feels, it is one heck of a diaper.”

Chapter 28

“Oh yes!” she agreed as she pulled up her skirt and laid down on the bench, “They hold everything for the whole night!”

Then it was my turn to change Liz. She was very well proportioned. Her legs were strong and well defined.

“What do you do to get calves like that?” I asked her, “Mine are so thick.”

“I work out at the clubhouse every morning,” she said, “And I’m very careful what I eat.”

“You almost had me fooled,” I laughed, “Pizza is eating right!”

“Had you going!” Liz said with a sly smile as I changed her diaper.

“Do you want one like I’m wearing, too?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I think I do. I’m going to bed straight away,” said Liz with a yawn, “James will already be asleep. You will still be home before 10:30.”

“Is James your boyfriend?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t prying.

“Yep, Dr James, my private physician,” she beamed, “He’s a great guy and you’ll get to meet him some day.”

When I finished diapering her in the big diaper, I couldn’t help but notice how much fuller it makes a person’s behind. I wondered if my bottom was as full as hers. Her well shaped legs made the effect even more impressive.

“Well, let’s finish up and head home,” she said.

We threw away the pizza box, straightened her office and left some filing on my desk. Moving around, I would tell there was a lot more diaper between my legs. The width put pressure on my inner thighs. Not much, but enough for me to know it wasn’t my usual diaper. Once everything was cleared away and we locked up, it was down the elevator.

Liz always gave me a ride home after hours. She said it wasn’t fair to have to ride the bus after dark. I was thankful of that. We didn’t talk much on the way to the house. We were both fairly tired. She didn’t even race the car that much. She did walk to the door with me to speak with Janet. I went inside while they chatted. A few minutes later I heard the door close and the little red Porsche pull away.

The next morning Janet unlocked my door, “So, Liz tells me she doesn’t think you’ll need changing until your shower.”

“I don’t know,” I said as I put my hand between my legs, “Feels pretty dry still. I need to go so we’ll see.”

I pulled down the my covers so Janet could see the cute logo on my diaper, “Cute! Looks like your panties are pretty full with the thick diaper!”

She left my door open and I put my scrubs on to go eat breakfast. When I stood up, my morning
full bladder was screaming to get out. I just let it flow as I walked downstairs to the dining room. I had gotten pretty good at wetting while doing other things. I’m sure I was pretty comical when I was first put in diapers. I would try to be alone when I had to pee. If I was around people, I’d just freeze while it happened. We all did in the beginning. Now, I could carry on a conversation and wet at the same time. This morning, I was still peeing when I sat down to eat breakfast. With diapers, there is no hurry to empty and get back to life. Life happens while peeing now.

Normally, I’d have felt very wet by now and wanted to get in the shower but this diaper really soaked it up. I could tell I was wet from the weight of the diaper but it was incredibly absorbent. The belt and overpanties held it in place. With each wetting I could feel it growing wider and forcing my thighs ever so slightly farther apart.

I wanted to see just how much it could hold so I held off taking my shower until the last possible moment. I drank twice as much orange juice at breakfast as normal. I cleaned my room, letting everything I could flow into it. While it did get heavier, it did not feel that wet.

Finally, my experiment had to come to an end. I was going to be late if I didn’t get in the shower and do my business. I needed to do my business and not in my diaper. Janet made me wait even longer because the other girls had taken their turns in the shower and I was bumped down the list. Now I was forced to hold my bowels despite being in a diaper. I’d messed myself enough to know I’m not going to do that again!

One last time I tried to dribble all I could into the diaper. Kelly finally ushered me into a bathroom that was now available. She released my straps and a I stripped off my panties and was out of my diaper faster than even I could have imagined. I barely waited for Kelly to leave before plopping down on the toilet. What a relief!

She laughed upon seeing me fling my clothing every which way. The baby diaper made her smile and shake her head.

I had to run to the bus stop to make my schedule. I discovered something new all the time. This time: Running in diapers is not fun. Diapers are hot and once you sweat in your diaper, it feels wet on the sides where there is nothing to soak it up. It just hangs there, reminding you of what you have on. In my case, it reminded me that I was going to be in this one until lunch when Liz and I changed.

That day we finished a project for a customer and Liz was taking on my first presentation. We were going to take a long lunch to go shopping for just the right outfit for me. I guess that was the polite way of saying I needed something more upscale. Liz put me in another of her overnight baby diapers so that the skirt would fit properly over my enlarged bottom.

After an hour in her favorite shop, we decided on a dark gray pinstripe suit with a pale blue satin blouse. The jacket needed a minor alteration and the skirt needed hemming. Liz wanted it just above the knee, which was fine with me. There was also a slit in one side that ran up about six inches beyond the bottom. It would make it easier to walk as the skirt was rather snug.

After the spa day, I wasn’t as bashful about taking the skirt off in front of the seamstress. She raised an eyebrow when I stepped out of the skirt in my well padded bottom and strapped waist and leg bands. I was grateful for the silence and her inability to discern the condition of my imposed underwear.

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 29

“It accentuates your behind and makes you more shapely,” she said, “I’ve noticed we make more sales when we present our best assets, if you understand my meaning.”

I did indeed, “So, sex sells and I still get to keep my clothes on?”

“Honey,” Liz cocked her head and put her hands on her hips, “If you’ve got it, make it work for you. Trust me, you’ve got it. Tomorrow, wear your hair back but not up. Just behind the ears looks perfect for you. A bit of heel to accentuate your legs and bit of lipstick. Nothing flashy. Do you have a small set of earrings?”

“Just a pair of loops,” I replied.

“I’ll lend you a set of diamond studs,” said Liz, “You’ll be perfect!”

I was appreciative of the tips. I wanted to look pretty and I needed to feel like I was contributing to the overall goal of the company. That was just what I needed to boost my self esteem.

That evening I left work on time and rode the bus home. Liz had given me an extra package to go with my new clothes. It was another overnight diaper for me to wear tomorrow since we’d leave from the lobby immediately upon arriving at work.

My midday diaper change using the thirsty night diaper had two wettings in it already and it was bulking up a bit. After dinner it still hadn’t felt beyond capacity. I could tell the front and rear wings were not even wet yet. In the end, I went to bed in the same diaper Liz had changed me into before lunch. I gave one of my extra changes to Turi since I wouldn’t need it. That was a new record. 10 hours in the same diaper and it looked like I was going to see how it did overnight.

I was so excited about the presentation that I dreamed about it. I dreamed I was helping Liz and smiling in front of the clients, wetting in front of them the whole time. It was such a realistic dream, too! When I heard my alarm, I sat up. I didn’t feel the normal, urgent need to pee. When I stood up, it was obvious why. My diaper was quite full and heavy. The overpanties looked quite snug now, without any wrinkles or sagging. This one had absorbed at least one obvious night wetting, if not two, while I was dreaming. No wonder the dream was so real, it was real!

Janet opened my door and saw me gazing at my rear in the mirror, “Wow! It does hold a lot, doesn’t it!”

“It certainly does,” I said, “Can we get the panties off over it?”

“Oh, yeah! They stretch a good bit,” said Janet, “Are you ready to shower?”

“Not just yet,” I said with a bit of thought, “I think it will hold more and I’m going to eat breakfast first. OK?”

“Fine by me,” said Janet, “It is your bottom that will get the rash.”

This diaper was holding a lot and I wanted to be sure I could trust it in every situation. I sat down to eat and it felt wierd to have this much bulk against my behind. I could tell that my most recent wetting was causing it to feel wet now. I had squeezed the wings through the overpanties and they were feeling squishy, too! Nothing squeezed out and that was comforting.

It was now time to shower. This diaper had held up remarkably well for 18 hours without a whimper. I now had full confidence that I would not embarrass myself, Liz or the company! If I had to wear diapers, these were excellent options!

After my shower, I showed Janet my Liz-provided diaper that she wanted me to wear for the day. Janet grinned as she put me into the big baby diaper. Thankfully, the overpanties covered it quite well. No tell-tale ‘baby’ logo to show through.

“That is one very thick diaper. What’s Liz got in store for you today?” asked Janet.

“We are visiting clients and she says she wears one to avoid leaks and awkward changes in client bathrooms,” I said, repeating what Liz had told me.

“It certainly should do that quite well,” said Janet, “I see you have a new outfit hung up in your room for the occassion. I’m guessing Liz was behind that as well.”

“Yes, we went shopping yesterday for it. She wants me to be succesful and we made sure the big diaper looks OK under my clothes. I really like her,” I said with a smile.

“Well, she’s a great gal and her program experience really changed her and more than just her potty habits,” said Janet, “She is doing you a big favor and I hope you realize it.”

“I do,” I said as she finished hooking my straps to the bands around my legs, “I understand she is doing more than I could have ever hoped.”

As soon as I got to work, Liz looked me over, “Perfect! I see they do let you wear a bit of makeup.”

“My rear isn’t too big?” I asked nervously after becoming paranoid about it.

“No, I’ve got on the same diaper. Can you tell anything?” she said while twisting toward me, “It just makes me look like I have a fuller behind. Now, gather your purse and things. We’ve got a cab downstairs waiting for us.”

As we walked from the office, I could feel the eyes of everyone upon us as we passed them in the hall. Liz just smiled and I followed her. When it was the quietest in the hall, I could hear the tell-tale sounds of very muffled crinkling. Was it me or was it Liz? The elevator we caught was empty except for us.

“Did you notice that?” asked Liz.

“Notice what?” I bounced back to her, fearing it was the diaper rustling, “The noise?”

“No, silly. Only you hear that. I’m talking about all the looks. We are two very good looking women and it was noticed,” she smiled.

Chapter 30

I looked at myself in the mirrored panels of the elevator. Even with low heels on me and stiletto heels on Liz I was a couple of inches taller than her. She was so fair skinned and I was so dark yet we looked complimentary to each other. It was obvious she was in charge but I had a new self image now. I wasn’t the poor Indian girl doing tricks on the corner. I was a business woman on a career path, just in diapers for the next several months.

Upon arrival at the client’s office, Liz spoke to the receptionist. We were shown to a meeting room and provided drinks while we setup for our presentation. I placed handouts around the table while sipping on water to keep from getting dry mouth. It was a copy of Liz’s slides along with a highlighter with our company logo and web address. Liz setup the laptop and projector. We looked at each other, I was quite a bit more nervous than her.

“I’m so nervous! I’ve had to tinkle three times since we got here,” I said sheepishly.

“See, good thing we thought ahead,” said Liz, “Me, I’m fine but I’m glad we are protected. I even wore my plastic panties to help muffle the crinkle and feel a bit more kinky.”

So it was Liz I had heard in the hall. Thankfully, my overpanties greatly silenced my own rustling sounds. I’m sure it was fine. I was hyper aware of how diapers sound so it was no surprise to me. We were going over the slides when the clients entered the room.

Liz introduced me to all four of them as her assistant. I got a lot of smiles and it was nice to meet people who didn’t know my background. I could only shudder to think what they would have thought if the knew of my past or even of my current legal confinement.

Despite my nervousness, we made it through the presentation without a hitch. Liz answered all the hard questions and even directed an easy one or two to me. I don’t think I stammered too much. In the end, we shook hands with everyone and left them with the handouts. I was a little preoccupied with my diaper. I was well soaked but not even close to capacity.

Liz had their receptionist call us a cab and we headed down to the lobby, “You were a hit, girl! The VP on the back right could not take his eyes off of you. I’m not used to that!”

“I didn’t notice,” I said in disbelief, “Are you sure?”

“Definitely,” said Liz with a big smile, “I can tell when someone’s eyes aren’t following my presentation. I think he likes you.”

Dismissing the thoughts of something that could not be, “So, I thought it went well. When will be know if we have the job?”

“Verbally, they told me we are second. That is not all bad. That means the first candidate has an opportunity to blow it. I’ve won second place deals more than half the time. The other company may have been too optimistic. Our projection has enough padding to still come in under budget and early,” said Liz with an air of certain confidence, “Besides, the other company is new and hungry. We’ve done work for the client before and it turned out very well.”

I was stoked but still nervously peeing in my diaper until we hit the street. Liz patted me on the back. We had done very well today.

“Thank goodness for the protection,” I said, “Even with bathroom breaks, I’m afraid I would have wet myself from anxiety!”

“It pays to think ahead. Want to grab an early lunch before we head back?” asked Liz, “There’s a marvelous little cafe six blocks from here that has the best soups.”

I nodded my agreement and we let the cabbie know where to go. Liz, even though she was my boss, treated me like an equal. This was a lot better than having a guy like Bobby to deal with. Liz wouldn’t beat me, either.

Lunch was excellent. The French onion soup was wonderful and so was the turkey sandwich. Liz had a Philly cheese steak and potato soup. We had several glasses of water and I, for one, was glad to have a thirsty diaper on. Between the anxiety of my first presentation, the soup and lots of water, I’d need a change already if it wasn’t for the extra absorbent diaper.

Back at work, I helped Liz finish the things the client wanted altered. Neither of us needed a change for the rest of the day. She offered to change me before I left work for the day but I, like her, really didn’t need it. We both had gone a whole work day without a diaper change! It wasn’t something I’d want to do every day but it was different.

We made, on average, a presentation every two weeks to one client or another. Liz did a few overnight, out of town presentations. To the terms of my program, I was not allowed to travel out of the city nor was I permitted to be out past curfew.

Over the months, things slowly changed for me. It happened little by little and it never dawned on me what was happening. Initially, I was appalled at the thought of wearing a diaper. After just two days I could wet my diaper without completely freaking out about it. After a week, I no longer cared about being in a wet diaper so much. After two months, I could wet any time, any where without stopping what I was doing. At five months, many times I woke up wet without remembering it.

Now, at nine months, I peed without notice. I knew I was peeing but I just let it out. I wet more frequently but not as great a volume. The diapers had become a crutch and I’d used them without hesitation. I might still have had bladder control, I just didn’t use it.

Liz, on the other hand, was going the opposite direction. She was still wearing her big baby diapers at night but during the day, she got by with just a pullup. She even made it to the bathroom once or twice a day.

“Grace,” said Liz upon returning from the ladies room, “Sometimes I think you are better off than me.”

“How so, Liz?” I asked.

“Well, I run to the bathroom like a crazy woman,” said Liz making motions with her hands, “trying not to pee myself. It is a mad dash to get into a stall, get my skirt up, my pullup down and pee in the toilet. Usually, I’m too late by several seconds.”

“I’m so sorry,” I tried to sound sincere, “It must be hard. It is like potty training all over again, isn’t it?”

Chapter 31

“Worse,” said Liz, “Half the time I just get lazy and pee in my pullup or I’d be running to the toilet every 30 minutes! At least I haven’t made a mess in forever.”

“And I thank you for that,” I said, with all honesty, “I haven’t changed a dirty diaper since the nursing home assignment.”

She cracked a smile and laughed so I joined in. Little did I know what awaited me. It was all fun and games now but my time would come.

One full year had come and gone. It seemed like forever when we started and now it seemed like only yesterday that Tiesha wouldn’t even say ‘hi’ and now she was just another girl in the program. Graduation was coming up and despite it being a happy time, we all had to go back to court for one last appearance before the judge.

The last night before our court appearance, Janet asked us all to dress in our best dresses. We were going out to celebrate! The van was loaded and we went to the absolutely nicest place in town. We had a banquet table setup for our party and everything. The hosts held our chairs for us ladies, and we were ladies now, and placed our napkins in our laps.

Anything on the menu was open and I had a bacon-wrapped filet Mignon with steamed asparagus. Janet even allowed us to get pina coladas, virgin of course. The whole meal took two hours and I was quite full. For the final surprise, Kelly and Diane ushered us downstairs to the dance floor. A live band was playing and it was loud.

Kelly reminded us the rules still applied, “No alcohol and nobody leaves the floor. We depart at 11:00 PM.”

Maria was immediately stormed by a guy wanting to dance. Nikki and I were also set upon by guys looking for a partner. Katy found her own guy and asked him to dance! Some of the girls turned guys down while others sat at tables in a group, Turi and Sally among them, and listened to the music.

The guy I was dancing with was nice enough but he was a bit grabby. For such a nice place, some of these guys seemed desperate. His name was Dan and he kept grabbing my ass or should I say my diapered ass. After just one dance I declined to join him at his table. Two numbers later I was approached by another guy. He seemed nice enough and looked like he was confident. His suit was tailored and his hair perfectly trimmed. Tall and sophisticated were words that come to mind to describe him.

“Ladies,” he said as he stood at our table beside me, “May I steal this lovely desert flower away from you for a turn in the breeze?”

Tiesha and Monique looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was quite whimsical sounding. Maria nudged me to go.

“I’d be delighted,” I said, “After such compliment, how could I refuse.”

He lead me to the dance floor, “I cannot lie. Every word was the truth. I’m Mitchell.”

“Grace,” I said.

We danced, first to a latin beat and then to a much slower ballad. Mitchell was a perfect gentleman. His hands were well behaved and we chatted about nothing for a few more songs. When all was said and done, it was quite nice.

Mitchell summoned a waitress, “What will you have to drink?”

“Just a ginger ale for me, thanks,” I said, still being a good and proper lady, “Designated driver.”

When the waitress arrived, “Two ginger ales and a few limes wedges, please.”

She nodded and was off. We talked about his job as a chemical engineer, currently home from a project in the middle east. Whether it was true or not, I went along. In my former line of work, everyone brags about being a CEO or a doctor or pilot. It makes men feel important and I’ll never see him again so what does it hurt?

It ended all too soon, though. Kelly began rounding up the girls at a quarter till 11. I got the sign from her across the room as she pointed to her wrist.

“Mitchell,” I said apologetically, “I’m afraid I have to go.”

Mitchell seemed surprised, “It is still early. The fun has just began. Did I say something?”

“No, you were great company,” I said, delving for a way to let him down easy, “I’ve got a project due and I need to be at the office early to get a jump on it.”

“Can I have your number then?” asked Mitchell with smile, “I’d love to call you and do this again some time.”

“Things are complicated,” I told him, “I’m not really available at the moment.”

He looked heartbroken, “Oh, I see. You’re married.”

“NO!” I instantly responded, “Nothing like that. Just believe me when I say I’d love nothing better but I’ve commitments that are very demanding.”

I didn’t lie. My diaper had absorbed a lot and was pressing on my privates the whole time we were dancing. It was quite stimulating in a very erotic way.

He hugged me and handed me a card, “If you ever get beyond your difficulties, I’d love to take you dancing again.”

We parted and I looked at the card, It was a simple card that read, ‘Mitchell Gray, CChE, PhD’ in raised black letters. On the back was his handwritten cell number. I doubt he’d have been interested in a former hooker currently wearing a soggy diaper. I nearly tossed it on the way out but something told me to hold on to it.

I slept deeply that night and woke up to my alarm, soaked again. I wet more nights than I didn’t after a year in diapers and had no other choice. That was all about to change. Today was court day and all of us would be in front of the judge, hopefully, for the last time ever.

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Re: By Court Order by BoTox

Chapter 32

Janet insisted we all put on a nice outfit make ourselves as presentable as possible. With any luck, this was the last diaper I’d ever wear. Today, the bible belt comes off!

The ride to court was like a funeral. Despite it being a happy time, everyone was a little nervous. Janet, Kelly and Diane would speak to the judge about each of us and based upon their reports, we’d be given a final disposition.

We all sat behind the railing, the only ones in the court room, waiting for the judge to finish speaking with the counselors. It was the same judge I was before one year ago. So, now you know how I came to be in a court room in diapers. The judge just finished with Monique and she was smiling as she walked out of the court room. I couldn’t hear what was said as it was done before the bench with just the counselors and Monique.

“Grace Littlebear,” announced the bailiff, “Please approach the bench.”

I stood and the remaining girls wished me luck. I walked through the gate to meet with the judge, to learn my fate.

“Miss Littlebear,” said the judge, “You look a lot different than the last time you were in my court room. Take that as a compliment.”

“Thank you, your honor,” I said respectfully, “I’m just happy to have made it through the program.”

“Your counselors tell me you have been the top graduate in your class. That is high praise, indeed. How do you feel after completing the program?” asked the judge over her glasses and a folder full of papers.

“While I would not have chosen to wear diapers,” I gulped, “The whole experience has taught me that I can do more, be more and make something of myself.”

The judge actually smiled, “I see your employer has added a letter of recommendation for you. Grace Littlebear, I hereby expunge your record and don’t let me see you in my court again!”

She rapped her gavel once for effect and a bailiff escorted me out of the courtroom. I was a little sad as I hadn’t gotten to say goodbye to the girls. That, as it turns out, was not going to be a problem. I was taken to a waiting area where Monique was waiting. What would happen next was anybodies guess.

Once all the girls were in the waiting area, the counselors came in. Janet, as usual, was the one to address us.

“Ladies! Congratulations,” she said triumphantly, “You all have successfully completed the program. You are free women. We will be returning to the house where you will be released from your belts and over panties. Then I’ll fill you in on what happens next.”

The ride back to the house was noisy and boisterous. Laughing and talking nearly drowned out the thoughts in my head. The trip seemed much shorter. Once inside we gathered around the group area to hear Janet’s details.

“In just a minute,” she said as the room quieted down, “We will be removing your confinement belts. Your overpanties will come off. This may be hard to take but you might want to leave the diaper on for a bit. Some of you may not be used to holding it and will need some time to readjust.”

Well, that wasn’t me. I was going to get out of diapers today and never look back. The general buzz in the room seemed to dismiss Janet’s words to the contrary.

“Those of you that wish, may leave the house as soon as you have another residence,” said Janet, “Your bank cards have been issued and I’ll hand those out in private later. Anyone that wishes may stay here for the next two months. After that, we have another group of girls coming into the program. Just think, one day some of you may be supervisors or even counselors if you believe the program can help at-risk ladies.”

The counselors took us to the bathroom, one at a time, to remove our belts. My time came in the second batch and it was such a relief to finally hear the latches pop one last time. Kelly inserted the special key into the belt and it dropped away like a heavy weight around my soul. I stripped off the panties and placed them in a box with the others that were there.

“Can I take my diaper off?” I asked Kelly.

“If you want but I’d recommend you wear something besides just panties,” she said as she showed the restocked cabinets full of diapers and other absorbent products, “You might be surprised. At least wear a pad for the rest of the day.”

I did not want to but they only provided plain white cotton panties so I figured a pad wouldn’t hurt any. I took the panties with the bladder pad and put them on. It felt weird not to have the belt on any more. The lack of bulk was certainly something I would have to become accustomed to again. When I left the bathroom, I could actually feel my thighs touching when I walked. It was the first time I’d remembered that feeling in a very long time.

Janet and Diane were doing the same for the other girls. When we were all released from our belts and overpanties, we assembled back down in the group circle. I chatted with Maria. She chose to continue to wear a diaper just in case. Turi did as well. The rest of us were either going without anything or wearing a pad like myself.

Maria commented on her choice, “It just feels so weird now to be without the belt. I figure I’ll try a pad tomorrow if I keep this one dry for the day.”

Turi still had tummy issues even if she kept her diaper dry, it might not stay clean. She was the nervous type and it probably helped with her nerves.

“Ladies, this is the first day of the rest of your life,” said Janet, “We are going to work with you, one on one, on your finances and options. So, those not in a conference can go to their room and we’ll text you when you are up.”

I was not one of the first to be called so I went to my room to try on some clothes without diapers. I was afraid they would be too baggy. My fears were unfounded. They were a little less snug but definitely not draped upon me.

After an hour of trying on my clothes and two trips to the bathroom, I got a text, ‘Grace, your turn, Diane’ that told me to come down for my counseling sessions. I went to the bathroom first because I desperately needed a pee again.

“What took you so long, Grace?” asked Diane.

Chapter 33

“I’m so sorry! Had to make a bathroom stop,” I said, “Trying to get used to not just letting go whenever I feel the urge.”

“That is a new feeling after a whole year, isn’t it?” she said.

“That’s a fact!” I replied, “I nearly wet my pad before I remembered I needed to get up, go to the bathroom, do my business, wash up and THEN go back to what I was doing.”

“It is a challenge! Just take your time,” said Diane, “So, let’s go over your accounts. Counting your leftover credit from rewards and the wages from your job with Liz, you have a bit over $22,000 in your account. Liz has made sure you can get a nice place and live without fear of going back to the old life.”

“WOW!” I stammered on, “That’s a lot of money! All mine?”

“Yes,” continued Diane, “What you should do is put the bulk of it in a money market account. I’d also like to see you start contributing 8% of your income to the company 401k at work. Your budget will allow you about $2,000 a month in rent, utilities, food, and necessities.”

“$2,000 a month should get me a nice place and all the good things, right?” I questioned, not really knowing what I could get for my money.

“You should be comfortable. A nice one bedroom apartment, in the city so you don’t have so far to go to work,” explained Diane, “I doubt you’ll need a car for most things which will only complicate your life at this point. If you wanted to have a roommate, two could probably get a very nice, furnished apartment. I could probably match you up with either Nikki or Maria. Both have less money but they are good workers. I think they would contribute to the household chores since you seem to work late and might be out of town now that your situation allows it.”

“Oh, that’s something to think about,” I pondered, “I like having people around. What if Nikki AND Maria shared a place with me?”

“That might be possible. Just remember, the dynamics change with three,” cautioned Diane, “But I think the three of you will get along well. Now, for some other business. Here’s the statement of your accounts. Please initial this and I can give you your debit card.”

I did as she asked, “This is my card with my money? I can spend it when I want on what I want?”

Diane smiled, “Yes, you can. However, you should be careful. The card will allow you to withdraw cash, up to $200 a day, as well as pay for things just like a credit card except it comes out of your account. There is only $1,000 in the debit card account to begin with. The rest is in the savings account to avoid temptation.”

“OK, so when can I leave?” I beamed.

“You can leave any time,” said Diane, “you may also stay here for the entire two months. After that, if you haven’t secured a place, the program will help you find a suitable location to live until you get a place. You will pay rent after two months, though.”

I felt a sudden pressure in my bladder and almost relaxed, but I held it. Diane noticed me crossing my legs. I smiled and looked at the stack of papers she had, trying not to think about it.

“Anything else?” I asked as I felt a slight trickle escape my bladder.

“Yes, you get to keep your phone. You can transfer money from savings to the debit card account as necessary with your phone,” she said, “The next year is paid for by the program. You may call any of the counselors if you are feeling you need to talk. We are here to help, now and in the future. Also, this is a release, stating you will not hold the program or its representatives responsible for anything that has happened in the last year. And the last thing is vouchers for necessities. These should hold you over until you are ready.”

“Ready? Ready for what?” I queried.

“You need to go to the bathroom, don’t you?” asked Diane, “Or is it too late? You’ve quit squirming.”

I blushed, “I still need to go but I did have a slight leak.”

“You cannot wear diapers for a year and not have some latent control issues,” said Diane, “I’ve been in diapers for over two years and I still don’t make it to the bathroom on time. The botox injections have worn off but the retraining is slow. The vouchers allow you to purchase whatever you feel will best solve your issues until you can recover.”

“I guess I should be thankful I’m not dead or beat to hell,” I sighed, “But still being in diapers after the program ends was not something I counted on.”

“Think of it as a reminder of your courage,” said Diane as she offered me a large manila envelope, “Here are your documents and you can start apartment hunting now!”

I stood and immediately felt the gush of wetness escape me as gravity betrayed me. It was loud enough to hear as my urine struck the pad. Diane just looked at me and shook her head.

“That will happen a lot until you realize you need to try to hold it,” she said, “Gravity is not a girl’s friend.”

She hugged me across the table and I left to begin my apartment search. Later that day I approached Maria about moving into an apartment with me and possibly Nikki.

“Sure, I’d love to share a place with you. I can cook and do some cleaning to help out,” said Maria, “You said you wanted something downtown, right?”

Next I went to Nikki with the same proposal, “Me, you and Maria, one really nice, big apartment. What do you think?”

“Hmm, let me think about it a minute, YES!” she said instantly, “It will be great. No need to hide your stuff and we’ve all had the same experiences. I’m definitely in!”

That night I slept with just a pad and woke up in a horrible puddle! I was ashamed of the experience of wetting the bed. I’d soaked my diapers often enough but now that I was out of them, I thought it would be easy. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. I was still on laundry duty and almost all of the sheets were soaked. I guess a lot of girls would be wearing diapers tonight!

“That’s why I decided to keep the diaper on, Chicas!” said Maria, “You don’t stop smoking cold turkey. You don’t stop wetting the bed and wearing diapers all at once.”

As it turned out, most of the girls went back to wearing diapers at night. We’d all become bed wetters in a year. Only Tiesha had managed to kick the diaper habit after only two days. I wanted to know her secret!

Poor Jamie, though, her drug cocktail for her HIV kept her diapered, 24x7, even after the program ended. She looked OK but you could tell she’d lost a lot of weight and was much thinner. She joked about it but it kept her from enjoying her freedom she deserved.

“What the hell,” she said in her generally cocky attitude, “I took the chances and I paid the price. Kelly helped me find a place at the shelter. I give talks to the young girls about what will happen to them if they don’t take care of themselves, complete with a diaper demonstration!”

At least she was in good spirits. I don’t think I could have handled it. She definitely had the worst deal of any of us. She started out ordered into diapers and ended up requiring them to remain active.

Over the next couple of days, Maria, Nikki and I looked at apartments after work. It took us nearly two weeks to finally find one we all liked and was convenient. It was expensive, though. Three bedrooms, two baths and a half bath all within walking distance of mine and Maria’s work. Nikki was only one bus stop away so she was tickled as well. All this for only $2,100 a month with all utilities plus internet access included. Since I got the biggest bedroom and the best view, I paid $900 of it and the other two girls split the remaining part at $600 each.

I signed the lease as the responsible party and put down a deposit. We could move in on Monday! We immediately wanted to have a party for all of the old program house mates and counselors as a celebration of independence.

Over the weekend we boxed up our meager belongings and did a little shopping for furnishings. I got a nice set of linens for my bedroom and curtains to make it more personal. Though I was in pull-ups during the day, I was forced to wear a full diaper at night. I’d noticed no real improvement in my nighttime situation. I was definitely going to need a waterproof sheet for my bed, which was being delivered on Tuesday.

On Monday evening after work, Janet used the van to take Maria, Nikki and myself to our apartment so we would not have to ride the bus with our worldly belongings. I stocked my room with most of my clothes and a bag of extra diapers. As bad as I hated to admit it, I had to wear them at night for some period of time. I think Maria was still in diapers full time while Nikki didn’t offer much information about her situation.

That Monday was the last night I spent at the program halfway house. I dressed that morning and hugged all the girls goodbye before heading to work. My bedroom set was to be delivered at the end of the day and I was staying in the apartment that night. Maria and Nikki would move in over the next few days. I set my bed up and by then it was 11PM. I had my waterproof sheet on the bed and was diapered for my first night alone and in a new home. Things were looking up!

The End… or is it? Look for A Room with a View to begin in a few days.

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THIS PROGRAM would work SO WELL IN REAL LIFE…TOO BAD IT hasn’t happened. the program has alot of good points to it. compared to jail it would help overcrowding too.